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Found 5 results

  1. This is my first contribution to the story forum having been a lurker for years. The story is obviously an adaptation of the original and is written with the help of ChatGPT. It is only a short story. Please be kind, I hope it is good enough to grace these walls In all seriousness, feedback and constructive criticism is welcome. Chapter 1: The Mysterious Seeds In the quiet village, nestled at the edge of the dense and sprawling forest, Jack and his widowed mother grappled with the relentless grip of poverty. Their humble cottage, a weather-beaten refuge, seemed to shrink each day, echoing the dwindling hope within their hearts. Seven years had passed since Jack's father met his untimely end, a tragic accident while chopping wood in the forest. The void left by his absence was a constant reminder of the harsh realities they faced. Jack's mother, a resilient woman weathered by time and struggle, had fought valiantly over the years to provide for her son. Her hands, calloused from days of toil, bore witness to the hardships she endured. Battling the elements, she worked tirelessly to put food on the table and keep their modest home in good condition. However, the weight of their circumstances had worn her down, and the strain was evident in the weariness etched across her face. Desperation clung to her like a shadow but with resources depleted and options dwindling, she saw no other choice but to send Jack on a journey that would ultimately alter the course of their lives. One somber afternoon, Jack's mother, lines etched with worry on her weary face, called him to their meager kitchen. "Jack, my dear, our cupboards are bare, and Milky White, our loyal cow, is the last tether to our survival. Take her to the market and fetch a fair price. We cannot endure another day of empty stomachs," she implored, her voice tinged with desperation. Though reluctant to part with their final possession, 16 year old Jack felt the weight of responsibility and agreed to embark on the journey to the market with Milky White. The air, heavy with an impending storm, foreshadowed the uncertainty that awaited him. Little did he know that this seemingly mundane errand would plunge him into a world of enchantment and peril. Along the path, Jack encountered a mysterious old man whose silhouette was veiled in an ancient cloak. As if drawn by an unseen force, Jack engaged in conversation with the enigmatic stranger. The man, with eyes that seemed to hold secrets untold, proposed a peculiar exchange – a handful of magical beans in return for Milky White, promising a future filled with wonders beyond imagination. The bean-seller's voice, hypnotic and compelling, resonated with an otherworldly power. Jack, a mixture of skepticism and curiosity coursing through him, found himself entranced by the promises of a new life. Despite the doubts that lingered in the recesses of his mind, Jack made the fateful decision to accept the magical beans, sealing his destiny in the realm of the unknown. With the magical beans in hand, Jack returned to the cottage, his heart heavy with the weight of his actions. As he entered, he found his mother, her eyes a storm of emotions – a turbulent mix of relief, frustration, and anger. Milky White's absence did not escape her notice, and when Jack hesitantly explained the exchange with the mysterious stranger, her fury erupted like a tempest. "What have you done, Jack?" she exclaimed, her voice echoing through the small cottage. The dire reality of their situation hit her harder than ever. "We needed food, not these worthless beans! How could you trade our last hope for a handful of magical nonsense?" Jack, a tangled mess of remorse and confusion, struggled to articulate his reasoning. Unaware that he had been ensnared by the strange bean-seller's hypnotic words, he faltered in the face of his mother's anger. The beans, clutched in his hands, seemed to mock him, their magical potential overshadowed by the palpable disappointment in his mother's eyes. The air in the small cottage crackled with tension as Jack's mother, fueled by a mixture of despair and anger, opened the door, throwing the worthless beans onto the compost heap before storming to the kitchen cupboard. From its recesses, she retrieved a worn leather belt that once belonged to Jack's late father. With a determined yet heavy heart, Jack's mother approached him, her eyes ablaze with a volatile mixture of disappointment and frustration. Forcefully she threw Jack across the kitchen table and yanked down his trousers to bare his bottom. The leather belt whistled through the air before it met its mark, the sound a harsh punctuation to the silence that has descended. Blow after blow, the belt became a vessel for her anger, each strike echoing the harsh reality of their circumstances. Quivering amidst the physical pain and the shame of what he had done, Jack bore not only the sting of the leather but the weight of his mother's grief and desperation. As the rhythmic beat of the belt lashed against his bare skin leaving welt after welt, it etched into Jack's memory the bitter consequences of a choice that had seemed, at the time, to hold the promise of a better future. Exhausted, both physically and emotionally, Jack stumbled to his room, the echo of the beating and the scolding from his mother still reverberating in his ears. The narrow confines of his small chamber offered no solace, only serving as a witness to the turmoil that had unfolded. Alone in the dim light, his face stained with tears and pain, Jack lay face down on his bed, his backside throbbing and on fire, grappling with the harsh realities of his decisions. His mother's admonishments lingered in the air, and the weight of her disappointment pressed upon him like an unrelenting force. The battered leather belt, a cruel reminder of his lapse in judgment, lay discarded on the floor – a silent testament to the consequences of his decision. As Jack lay in the quiet, the room became a sanctuary of sorrow, and time seemed to stretch into an eternity. His mother had been clear that she couldn’t bear to see his face again that evening. The creaks and groans of the small cottage bore witness to the fractured relationship between a mother at her wit's end and a son ensnared in the consequences of misplaced trust. The night, though young, held no promise of respite for Jack, whose tears painted a portrait of remorse on the canvas of his solitary confinement. Chapter 2: The Enchanted Beanstalk In the dim light of dawn, Jack's eyes fluttered open, his restless sleep haunted by the events of the previous night. The pain in his body mirrored the ache in his heart, a testament to the harsh punishment he had endured. His bottom, marked with red and bruised imprints from his mother's fury, throbbed with every movement, a stark reminder of the consequences of his folly. As Jack gingerly rose from his bed and peered out of the window he spied a world transformed. The beans, discarded in a fit of anger, had burgeoned into a colossal beanstalk that soared high into the heavens. Driven by a potent mix of curiosity and trepidation, Jack stepped outside. Despite the overwhelming sorrow that clung to him from the events of the previous night, Jack now saw an opportunity amidst the chaos. The colossal stalk, reaching towards the heavens, became a symbol of potential, a way to mend the fragments of trust he had shattered. Driven by a newfound determination, Jack envisioned the beanstalk as his path to a fortune that could rescue his family from the clutches of destitution. With his mother still asleep, he embarked on the ascent up the spiraling beanstalk. With each step, the air grew crisper, and the landscape below diminished into a patchwork quilt of fields and forests. The verdant tendrils of the beanstalk led him beyond the clouds to a realm that defied the laws of nature. Unbeknownst to Jack, the giants residing in the colossal castle high above had been watching, their eyes gleaming with intent. The giants, an enigmatic male and female couple, observed Jack's approach with a calculating gaze. Their towering figures, shrouded in mystery, hinted at an ancient wisdom and a cunning that surpassed mere curiosity. The female giant, with eyes that held the secrets of countless ages, exchanged a knowing glance with her male counterpart. Their intentions, while veiled in a deliberate ambiguity, hinted at a deeper purpose that might not align with Jack's best interests. It wasn't malevolence that emanated from them, but rather a cunning awareness of their own desires, which remained concealed in the shadows of their colossal home. As Jack ventured into the realm of the giants, their presence became an intricate dance of secrecy and calculation. The giants, a formidable pair, observed Jack's every move with a level of scrutiny that hinted at a game beyond the bounds of Jack's understanding. Little did Jack realize that his ascent into the clouds had entwined him in a web of mystery, whose true intentions remained as elusive as the whispers of the wind between the towering beanstalk leaves. Chapter 3: The Giants' Lair The beanstalk carried Jack into a realm where the very air crackled with an otherworldly energy. As he approached the towering castle, its colossal form left him breathless. The sheer scale of the structure, reaching into the clouds, filled him with awe and a touch of trepidation. The steps leading up to the entrance seemed to defy gravity, each one an insurmountable obstacle for Jack, who struggled to ascend their towering heights. Despite the daunting climb, Jack persisted, fueled by a curiosity that eclipsed his physical exertion. As he neared the massive wooden door, intricately carved and imposing in its grandeur, he noticed a faint light emanating from within. To his surprise, the door was slightly ajar, inviting him to explore the mysteries hidden beyond its colossal frame. With a mixture of caution and fascination, Jack squeezed through the narrow opening. The vastness of the entrance hallway unfolded before him, its dimensions dwarfing everything he had known. The towering walls and expansive space left him marveling at the grandeur of the giants' abode. It was a cavernous chamber, adorned with colossal tapestries and intricate designs that seemed to tell stories from ancient times. The choice now lay before Jack – the option to retreat, allowing fear to guide him back to the familiar world below, or to press on and unravel the secrets of this gargantuan castle. The allure of the unknown compelled him, and with a determined breath, Jack chose to explore further. Turning to his right, he entered a hallway that stretched into the distance. The muted echoes of his footsteps reverberated through the colossal space as he ventured deeper into the heart of the giants' lair. The air seemed charged with anticipation, and Jack's senses were heightened, absorbing every detail of the alien environment around him. Suddenly, as if materializing out of thin air, a surge of shock and terror gripped Jack. An unseen force clamped down on his upper arm, halting him in his tracks. A booming voice, both stern and thunderous, shattered the stillness of the colossal castle. "Where do you think you are off to, little boy?" Frozen in place, Jack turned to face his captor. Or at least what appeared to be his captor’s knee. The colossal figure loomed above him, easily four times his size. The giant's leg seemed to stretch into the heavens, creating an overwhelming sense of vulnerability for Jack. The features of the giant's face, obscured by the play of light and shadow, remained elusive, leaving Jack to grapple with the magnitude of the encounter. In this vast and mysterious world, Jack stood as a mere fraction of the giant's stature, resembling a small child in the presence of a towering adult. The enormity of the being before him emphasized the stark contrast between their sizes, accentuating Jack's helplessness in this colossal domain. As he gazed up in awe and trepidation, the giant, whose intentions remained cloaked in mystery, stood as a formidable guardian of the secrets hidden within the towering castle. Chapter 4: The Giants' World "You are coming with me, little one," the booming voice of the male giant resonated through the colossal corridor. With a firm grip on Jack's upper arm, the giant ushered him forward, leaving the young adventurer with no choice but to follow. Jack stumbled to keep up, his smaller strides a stark contrast to the giant's measured pace. The giant's grip, unyielding as a vice, prompted Jack to attempt a futile struggle. He tugged against the colossal fingers wrapped around his arm, but there was no budging the giant's powerful hold. In a desperate plea, Jack turned to the giant. "Please, let me go!" he implored, his voice tinged with both fear and frustration. The giant, however, only chuckled in response, his laughter echoing through the corridor. The male giant, undeterred by Jack's pleas, guided him along the seemingly endless passageway. As they reached the end, a colossal doorway loomed ahead, leading into a room where a female giant stood tending to the stove. With an effortless motion, the male giant ushered Jack through the doorway, his booming voice addressing the female giant. "Found this little one skulking down one of the corridors," he explained, a tone of amusement in his words. Jack, now standing in the presence of both giants, felt a sense of vulnerability in this unfamiliar kitchen, surrounded by beings whose motives remained veiled in mystery. Jack found himself in a colossal kitchen that dwarfed any he had known. The wooden table, massive in scale, towered above him, its top reaching the level of his head. The two kitchen chairs appeared more like thrones in their dimensions, and beside them stood a high chair designed for a child, though even this seemed larger than any Jack had ever encountered. Utensils lined the countertops, each one seemingly crafted for a giant's use. The knives, ladles, and spatulas appeared more like weapons of war, their proportions exaggerating the stark contrast between Jack's size and the monumental fittings that surrounded him. The kitchen stove, a colossal structure emitting a warm glow, seemed capable of cooking meals for an entire village. Amidst this vastness, the giantess, though slightly shorter than her male counterpart, still towered over Jack, her figure at least three times his height. Dressed in the attire of a kindly farm wife, she bustled about the kitchen, preparing food with a sense of purpose. Her gaze, while kind, held a stern quality as she addressed Jack. "Where have you come from, little one?" she inquired, her voice resonating with both warmth and authority. The giantess regarded Jack with a mix of curiosity and suspicion as she continued her food preparations. Jack, nervously fidgeting in the colossal kitchen, summoned the courage to explain himself. "I... I climbed the beanstalk in search of adventure and fortune," Jack stammered, his words tinged with both fear and uncertainty. The giantess paused, her towering figure casting a formidable shadow over Jack. "Fortune, you say?" she replied, her voice carrying a tone of skepticism. "Or perhaps you climbed our beanstalk in search of things to steal." Jack's eyes widened in alarm. "No, no, I promise! I didn't come to steal anything. I just wanted an adventure, to find something that would change our lives." The giantess, her eyes narrowing slightly, studied Jack's face for signs of deception. "You expect us to believe that a little human like you climbed our beanstalk without ill intentions? What could a small creature like you possibly seek in a giant's castle?" Tears welled up in Jack's eyes as he vehemently denied any malicious intent. "I swear, I just wanted something to help my mother and me. I didn't mean to intrude or cause any harm." The giantess remained stoic, contemplating Jack's words. "Well, little boy, you have made your bed, now you will have to lie in it... but not until we've eaten lunch." With a sense of finality, she returned to her cooking, leaving Jack to grapple with the uncertain fate that loomed over him in the colossal kitchen. In a swift and unexpected motion, the male giant lifted Jack off the ground, his powerful grip securing him under the armpits as if he were weightless. Before Jack could fully comprehend the situation, he found himself being carried across the colossal kitchen. The giant approached the high chair Jack had previously observed, and with practiced ease, deposited him into its seat. Startled and caught off guard, Jack's protests were cut short as the giant swiftly secured him in place. Leather reins, skillfully manipulated by the giant's massive hands, fastened Jack tightly to the chair. The wooden tray, previously at the side of the chair, was lifted and locked in front of him, effectively confining him to the small seat. Jack's attempts to resist were futile against the sheer strength of the giant, his struggles met with an unwavering grip. As the giant worked to secure Jack, the giantess turned from her cooking, her eyes softening as she observed Jack's distress. Sensing the need for an explanation, she spoke with a mix of understanding and reassurance. "Given your small size, it wouldn't be safe for you to sit at a normal chair. Besides, you wouldn't be able to reach the table," she explained, her voice carrying a maternal tone. Jack, now restrained in the high chair, felt a mix of helplessness and frustration. The leather restraints secured his upper body, the tray confined him from the front, and his ankles were bound by leather straps that fastened his feet to a bar between the legs of the chair. Despite Jack's attempts to free himself, the giant's careful and efficient restraints left him confined. From his elevated perch in the high chair, Jack surveyed the colossal kitchen with a mixture of fascination and trepidation. The massive table, meticulously laid for two, boasted oversized utensils and plates that could easily accommodate a feast fit for giants. The giantess, engrossed in her culinary task, was preparing a goose of such magnitude that Jack had never imagined. Vegetables of a size he could scarcely fathom surrounded the enormous bird. Despite the circumstances that had led him to this surreal dining scene, the aroma of the cooking food wafting through the air stirred a hunger in Jack that even fear couldn't suppress. Taking a moment to inspect his surroundings, Jack examined the high chair that now confined him. The hard wooden seat supported him, while a thick wooden dowel rose from the seat between his legs, attaching to a rail that encircled the chair from front to back. The tray, to which he was firmly fastened, was affixed to this rail. Leather reins, cunningly secured to the back of the seat, ran over each shoulder and around his waist, converging with a larger oval piece of leather across his middle. Jack realized, to his dismay, that he had very little room for maneuver, and the ankle restraints prevented any hope of escape. In a desperate attempt to free himself, Jack squirmed and kicked, but the restraints held him fast. His voice rose in protest as he implored the giant and giantess to release him from his confining seat. The giantess, turning her attention to Jack, chuckled at his futile struggles. "I think our little guest is getting a little fussy," she remarked to the male giant, a note of amusement in her voice. "It's still 10 minutes until the food is ready. Why don't you get him his baba?" As Jack continued his protests, the male giant disappeared from his field of vision, leaving him anxiously awaiting his return. In a matter of minutes, the giant reappeared, holding what appeared to be a giant-sized baby's dummy. Jack's pleas intensified, the desperation in his eyes begging to be released and allowed to return home down the beanstalk. The male giant, however, chuckled in response, finding amusement in Jack's futile attempts at resistance. With a gentle but firm grip, the giant squeezed Jack's cheeks, eliciting a muffled protest from the small captive. Ignoring Jack's pleas, the giant deftly forced the large rubber teat into his mouth. The teat pressed down on Jack's tongue, filling his mouth and preventing him from articulating his objections. Jack struggled to push the dummy out with his tongue, but before he could react, the giant secured another strap behind his head, holding the teat firmly in place. Now rendered voiceless and restrained, Jack found himself compelled to suckle on the oversized dummy. The rubber teat, an alien presence in his mouth, left him feeling vulnerable and powerless. Immediately following this peculiar act, the giant attached a large blue plastic bib around Jack's neck. Reacting instinctively, Jack attempted to rip it away, but the giant, with a patient demeanor, seized hold of his wrists and secured each of them to yet another set of leather restraints on the arms of the chair. Now firmly confined in the high chair, Jack sat helplessly, unable to move, unable to speak, as he awaited the completion of the giantess's meal preparations. The giant's chuckles resonated in the colossal kitchen, leaving Jack to grapple with his newfound dependence in this bizarre world where his every movement and word were subject to the whims of the towering beings that held him captive. To be continued.......
  2. Author's Note (Read before you read): This is based off of a roleplay between @Nappy_Queen and myself that can be found in the role play section of the forum. I have edited it and updated the descriptions in it to flow well and offer a more detailed view of the story than our rp offers. Please let us know what you think and where you want to see it go. Chapter 1: Janet got home from another day at the office. She worked part time as a secretary in her husband’s company Designated Adventures, a leading company in technology and science. Today her coworker, a young woman in her early twenties, announced she was pregnant. While Janet was happy for the young woman, she was jealous as well. At thirty Janet expected by now she would have started a family. She has been married to her husband for five years now and they had dated since high school. So many times they had argued about starting a family. Her husband always argued it wasn’t the right time, he’s just starting his business, they wouldn’t have time for each other, the excuses went on. She was so tired of arguing with her husband for something that she felt should come easy for them. They were financially stable, had a beautiful home, great friends, a family of their own is all that was missing. Over the last few months Janet had begun to see her husband as selfish. His every concern was what he wanted how changes would affect him. He acted like a child only caring about his wants and needs and her feelings be damned. Janet poured herself a glass of Riesling as she began looking over the current and recently finished projects on her laptop. She flipped through the documents item after item noting progress. She was about to turn off her laptop when she saw a new project was almost complete that she was not aware was on the books. From the looks of it, the device was a gun that could change the size of anything. Suddenly, an idea formed in Janet’s mind. If he won’t give me a baby, maybe he can be one” The project was two weeks from completion giving her plenty of time to prepare and get her plan in motion. Jon was riding high, he had a beautiful wife, great friends, and a company that was driving full steam toward a public stock trade debut in a month. He had planned that after the release of a few of his newest inventions one of which was his most secret project, the size ray. It was just completing animal trials and would be ready for human testing in two weeks. The thirty-one year old was the owner and CEO of the company he had started with his best friend. They stood to make a ton of money when the company went public. He had already made millions while it had been private. Jon drove home in his blue 2021 corvette stingray. He loved having the top down letting the wind whip through his hair . He pulled into the driveway of his beautiful suburban home which was subtle for his wealth. He and his wife liked to keep their extravagance to a minimum. In the back seat he had Asian food for his wife, a token for him being a little later than usual. He knew she would be upset that he stayed late in the office again, but he hoped the takeout would smooth things over. He walked into the kitchen and saw her working on her computer, "working late there my cute secretary?" He spoke in a sexy teasing tone as he walked up to her. The tall six foot one man put down the takeout bag which wafted it alluring smells into the room. "I got you take out from that place you like downtown." Jon smiled as he put his arms around her. "What are you working on?" he asked looking at her computer, but the screen had long since went black as she seemed to want to keep that a secret from her husband. Janet had gone through half the bottle of the sweet white wine before Jon got home. She sighed as he said he got food from the place she liked. She didn't even like Chinese food all that much. He liked it, much like everything these days though that didn't seem to matter to him. She decided once more she would try to talk to him. "Just looking over the projects, everything seems to be on time. There are even a few things ahead of schedule.” She paused choosing her next words carefully. “Did you hear Lynnette, in accounting, is expecting? You'll have to find someone to fill her place when she goes on maternity leave." Janet refilled her glass of wine. “It's exciting don't you think her and her husband are both still young figuring things out but they're going for it full steam ahead. It makes me think about you and I. About us starting a family of our own." "Yea, well that is great for them and I’m so happy that they are going to have a kid. I’m giving both of them leave. I’m sure we can find someone to pick up her hard work, but she did say she wanted to work for about five months into her pregnancy." Jon said sitting next to his wife smiling. "Janet, is this about having kids again?" Jon’s demeanor changed to a more serious one. "You’re being very baby crazy Janet, why is that?" Jon asked, eating some sweet and sour chicken. Janet frowned at his comment. Putting down her glass of wine she stared at him. "Baby crazy? Is it so crazy to want to start a family with the man I've been with since I was a teenager? Is it crazy if I expect you to care about the one thing I care about when I've always prioritized you?!" She stepped away from him infuriated. "Do you not realize we are in our thirties now? While you've got all the time in the world to start a family I don't. I'm on a timer and my biological clock is ticking! How is it you can do so much for everyone else but not me? I always support you in everything." She shook her head, grabbing her wine glass, she finished the contents and put the glass in the sink. "I'm going to bed." Janet didn't even look at him as she left the kitchen to shower and change for bed. She was tired, emotionally and physically drained. He put everything into his business, friends, even his employees. Why can't he just learn he should have put more into their relationship, into hearing and supporting her wants as she did his. Janet thought went into their marble bathroom. Janet had tears rolling down her face as she got into the shower. She cried not out of sadness but frustration. Again he cast aside her feelings about starting a family; he even called her crazy?! Well she'd have to show him just what baby crazy looked like then. She took her shower and changed into a purple satin pajama shorts set. After lotioning her body and brushing her hair Janet shook her head looking at the main door to the master bedroom. In all the time it took her to shower and prepare for bed he still couldn't even bother to come talk to her. She sighed and got into bed. Changes were definitely needed around here. Turns Out she'd lay out her plan to make those changes happen. Janet turned out her bedside lamp leaving their room in pitch dark. Jon sat at the kitchen table, he felt so guilty, “shit, that’s how she feels?” He asked himself as he poked at his orange chicken. He wasn’t hungry anymore, he didn’t want to do anything but be with his beautiful wife. He was worried she would be upset for him coming after her, but he stood up and sighed. Jon walked out of the kitchen, up the stairs, and down the hall toward his and his wife’s bedroom. He slowly opened the door hoping she wouldn’t bite his head off when he opened the door. He braced for the absolute worst. “Janet? Honey?” He asked softly, wary she could be asleep already. He was met with the sound of light snoring from the slightly drunk woman. Jon entered the room before he stood on his wife’s side of the bed looking down at her sleeping. “Honey can we talk?” He whispered at her. It was a Friday night and he was hoping that they would’ve had a nice night drinking wine and beer like they used to a few years ago. He got no reply and he knew that waking his wife up would make things far worse. He just went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and change into his boxers and t-shirt before he got under the covers next to his wife. He wrapped his arms around her and smiled. “Honey I love you, let’s have a kid.” He whispered into her ear. Janet had woken while Jon was moving about the room getting ready for bed. When he whispered that they should have a child she felt happy but also upset. Instead of ignoring him she let out a sigh. "Please, don't just say it to placate me. Then you'll just resent me for it later. I want you to have a child with me because you want to. Because building a family matters to me just as much to you as anything else you've built. Don't just pity me and decide to do it to ease your temporary guilt or as some sort of consolation." Janet loved her husband and wanted to start a family with him more than anything. She'd been in love with him the day they met junior year of high school. Now for him to say let's have a child she knew she should be elated but she felt like it was a sincere gesture but made more to make peace then out of love for her. "Honey, I’m not just trying to placate you. Let's just talk about it. I feel like you're mad at me, don't you like our life together? I promise I’ll be ready to settle down. The company is going public in a few months and we stand to make millions if not billions off of it. That will make our life so comfortable that we can have as many kids as you want." Jon said as he snuggled up to her and felt himself getting turned on by the heat of her body and the smell of her moisturizer. "I will make a baby with you when you feel like it's right." He said as he kissed her shoulder and then her neck. "I love you sweetie. I just want to make our lives comfortable." Jon said even though he knew the company was all set to go public with or without him. He had his best friend on it and he knew he wouldn't screw him. Mason was his best friend since elementary school and they both stood to make tons of money with the public offering. Janet sighed. "I enjoy our life together but I want more. I want to raise a family with you. I want to carry your children and watch our children grow and teach them with you. How much more comfortable does our life need to be? We have a beautiful home, nice cars, our bills are paid, and we have a decent savings. The company goes public within the month. Having more money doesn't make us more prepared for a child than we are now." She moaned softly when he kissed her neck. Thirteen years together he knew just where to kiss her to excite her. "You've given the company of your time and attention for the last nine years. Mason can take care of things for a bit. It's time to put all your energy into us. Into building something here at home." "I will honey, I love you and I want to help raise our child. I just am not sure how I can be ready. You are clearly the more parental parent than I am." He said smiling as he heard her moan when he kissed her just below her ear. Works every time, he thought to himself as he used his hand to slip under her nightgown and massage her breast. He was in the mood and he was going to have sex with his beautiful wife. He knew there was a condom in the top drawer of his night stand but what he didn't know was that Janet had used a pin to poke a few holes in it. He also was not aware that she was off the pill. "Honey, how about we revisit this after we go public? I know it's hard but it's just another month or two. After that I can focus on you, and starting a family together. Then I will also maybe know how to properly raise a kid, that's something you seem to know a lot about." He massaged her nipple, "how about we relax and enjoy each other?" Janet relaxed under his touch as he massaged her breast. She nodded her head. "Mmmm fine one month." She kissed him on the lips as she gently placed a hand to his cheek. "I won't wait even a day longer so you'd better be prepared." She smiled as she slid her other hand into his boxers taking hold of his hard shaft. "Now make love to me." She kissed him as she stroked his shaft up and down slowly. She knew her husband would reach for his condom. Just like she knew he would never think to check it for holes. Janet was done waiting and doing everything on his time. She was off her birth control and currently ovulating. They would start their family tonight whether he knew it or not. Jon grabbed the condom from the drawer in his bedside table not checking for holes he put it on and smiled. “Who’s your daddy?” He asked as he whispered into her ear. Janet smiled for tonight he could be be daddy. Soon enough he'd be calling her mommy and she'd have another baby on the way. Just the thought of the changes to come excited her. Janet was passionate in her lovemaking giving everything to her husband. It would be the last time he had sex for some time so she wanted it to be mind blowing. The sex was passionate, Jon loved having sex with his wife. She was wild and so hot and she loved being filled by him especially when she felt the condom fail to hold back all of the load. Jon didn’t know but she did, soon she would be pregnant and have another baby in diapers. Jon slumped over in bed and fell asleep almost right away. He softly spoke, “I love you my Janney bean.” She cuddled into him as they lay naked. As he drifted off to sleep she smiled and kissed his cheek. "I love you too baby". Two weeks later… Janet smiled as she received a locked briefcase from the labs. One email through her husband's account stating she would be picking up the size ray for him to do testing off-site and it was in her possession. Jon had said they would start a family, but after thirteen years she knew him. He would find excuse after excuse to put off what she wanted. He'd done so multiple times over the years. For the last two weeks she had been getting things ready at home. Jon never inquired or showed interest when she redecorated. She was certain he hoped her home design projects would keep their discussion off her mind. Nothing could be further from the truth. Janet pored over the notes on the ray and its use until she had it memorized. She had redecorated one of the guest bedrooms turning it into a nursery for a baby boy. Now with the ray gun in her possession she had everything in place. As usual Jon worked late. It gave Janet ample time to get everything in place. Jon had been crazy busy at work, he had forgotten about the deal with his wife to start a family. His size ray was about to start human trials as they had successfully shrunk and regrown lab rats. They also had doubled the rat in size safely giving him confidence that it would work well. He and Mason were also going to use the size ray's success to announce their public stock options. They were also getting ready with age freezing serum that was about to enter human trials too. Together they were going to make billions of dollars. With a successful day behind Jon drove home in his red mustang parking it in the garage. He went right to the kitchen to prepare dinner when he saw the bottle of pink perfume he had bought Janet for her birthday with a note next to it. Hey Handsome, you've been working hard. Get undressed and come to the guest room across the hall from our bedroom. Tonight I'm going to take care of you. He smiled as he looked down at the note. He felt himself getting turned on under his pants. Oh Janet, I love you, He thought to himself as he put down the perfume and started to walk back to the front hall before he went up the stairs to their room. He walked into his closet and threw his clothes on the ground and grabbed a condom. So, she has been working on a sex room, my wife has a wild side. He thought to himself as he walked across the hallway completely nude. He flung open the door and said, "daddy's home baby." Then he paused looking around the room. It was not what he expected at all, it was a baby's room. It seemed to be made for a baby boy, but he also saw some girl things sprinkled about. There was a crib with a mobile of trains swinging around in a circle. There was a changing table with pampers cruisers diapers packs that has Sesame Street prints. There were toys on the floor and the walls were pictures of trains, he loved trains. Next to the changing table holding a diaper and his size gun was Janet and she seemed to look a little taller than her normal five foot frame too. "Honey? What is this?" He asked his mouth going dry as little beads of sweat formed on his neck. He also felt his member begin to harden a little seeing his taller wife. Rather than give him time to run or ask questions she pulled the trigger. A bright ray pf light emitted from the gun and flew across the room at Jon. The ray hit Jon as he looked shocked and confused asking about the nursery. Before her eyes Jon began to shrink inch by inch. Her once six foot tall husband shrunk down to her height. Then the height of the crib. Still she kept the ray trained on him. Down he went getting smaller and smaller. Finally she released the trigger and turned off the ray gun. There before her eyes naked was her husband the size of an infant. Janet smiled as she walked over to Jon and picked him up. Jon was in shock, he had not moved the entire time she was shrinking him and he forgot that she seemed taller than before. He had watched as she and the world around him grew bigger and bigger until he was maybe two feet tall, maybe smaller. He was scared. He could now be manhandled by his nieces and nephews and they weren't even out of pull-ups. He had no clue but when Janet walked over and picked him up he almost peed himself. "It's okay baby mommies got you. This is your new room mommy worked very hard on." She carried him to the changing table. Moving the shrink ray to one of the drawers she laid him on the changing table fastening the safety belt over his chest. Jon’s shock wore off when the restraining buckle on the changing table was fastened. His arms were pinned to his sides which was exactly what Janet wanted. . "Now let's get you changed and ready for dinner." Janet raised Jon's legs and he'd feel the cool baby wipes as she wiped his bottom and little pee pee. Janet hummed as she set about getting Jon into his first diaper. "My new room? Mommy? What are you talking about? Janet Megan Smith you change me back right now!" He yelled using her maiden name. He was red with embarrassment and anger and jumped as the first cold wipe hit his penis which seemed to be smaller than normal even given his smaller size. He looked down as his wife's massive hands moved so easily over his body wiping it down. He then watched as a giant razor was used to clean his hair off before she cooed and got a diaper. The diaper looked huge to him and on the front of it was a smiling Elmo that seemed to be mocking him as she held it close to his face. "I’m not wearing a diaper Janet. I am your husband not a baby!" Jon said as he looked into the eyes of Elmo and then up at his giant wife who seemed to take up the entire space above the changing table. She looked like a heavenly angel from this angle. Her blonde hair was pulled back into a bun and her blue eyes were soft but determined. Despite her looks he was scared of her even with her light smile he was still shrunk being put in a pampers diaper on a giant changing table. Janet couldn't help but chuckle add he fussed on the changing table. She couldn't take him seriously even calling hey by her full maiden name. "My aren't you cranky my little prince. I think sometime is ready for din din and off to bed." Janet laid the diaper under his bottom and sprinkled his bottom with baby powder she gently rubbed it into his skin. Lowering his legs Jon would feel the padding of the diaper under his bum as she powdered his crotch. Satisfied he was well powdered she pulled the diaper up between her fussy babies legs and fastened the tapes closed around him. "There we go isn't that better pumpkin?" The diaper was soft and comforting as it was wrapped up covering his smaller penis. He had watched the slightly hard penis disappear behind Elmo's smiling face. Jon continued to squirm and fuss on the changing table. Janet looked at him, her tone was gentle but firm. "Now Jon that's quite enough of that. If you continue all this fussing mommy will give you a warm bottom so you have a reason to be so fussy". He instantly stopped squirming at her threat. He looked up at her as she unbuckled him from the changing table. "Janet, you have to stop this now, please I am your husband not a baby who needs to have a pampers diaper." He said pointing to the diaper. Janet took out a blue onesie with a firetruck on it after getting his head through she released the strap so she could get his arms in and pull the onesie down snapping it closed at his crotch, the pamper crinkling in response. Janet picked Jon up and cradled him in her arms unhappy with the firetruck as he preferred a train. He hoped his wife didn't see his reaction as she picked him up. "Is my little prince ready for dinner?" She cooed to him as she carried him out of the nursery toward the kitchen. "I ate coming home," he lied as she looked at him holding him close to her ample breasts. He was again looking up at her gentle face feeling himself getting hard in the diaper as she walked toward the kitchen. Janet sighed as she got to the kitchen and set Jon into a blue and red highchair. "It's not good to lie to mommy. You and I both know you came straight home from work." Janet took a white bib with a teddy bear on it from the counter drawer and fastened it around his neck. He blushed as he was caught in the lie, it was like she was a mom and he was a kid who had been caught. He could not believe he didn’t even notice the high chair when he walked in from the garage. He shook his head and spoke. "Sweetie is this because I didn't want to give you a baby? I will be happy to put one in you right now please just make me big again. I can't be seen like this!" He said as he moved around in the highchair trying to escape. He watched his giant wife move around the kitchen. She took out two jars of Gerber baby food and emptied them into a plastic bowl and warmed it in the microwave. Jon’s mouth dropped open as she did this. He couldn’t believe this was real. He felt himself feel sick as she warmed them looking over at him. To make things worse he felt his bladder ask to be released. When the food was at the right temperature she sat down in a chair in front of him stirring the food. He watched her as she approached sitting in a chair and was still taller than him in the high chair sitting down. "I know you're feeling very confused right now so mommy will talk and you will be a good baby, eat your food, and listen okay?" “Talk? Janet, let’s talk when I am bigger and not in a dia..” he tried to finish his sentence when the first scoop of baby mush was put into his mouth by his wife/mommy. It tasted like the food after he had chewed it chicken, carrots, and peas all in one scoop with the plastic blue spoon with a steam engine on it. He wanted to close his mouth but she just kept shoving food in. He tried to keep up but it started to dribble down his chin onto the teddy bib. "For a long time you have been putting all your focus into the company. So much so that you neglected to put any of your attention here at home unless it directly affected your concerns." Janet sighed and continued feeding him the baby food. "For a long time I went along with everything putting my wants aside. You kept taking what I give you for granted. You felt you could make all the decisions for our future and I should be happy and go along. In a relationship, a healthy relationship, the wants and needs of both people are taken into account. Both people plan their future together. For all your smarts you couldn't seem to work that bit out hmm?" She was talking about how he wasn’t listening to her and how he was not being a good husband. She had a point, but shrinking him and making him wear diapers was too far. Therapy would have seemed more logical in his mind. “I did know that, I thought you liked it when I took control.” He tried to respond to her last sentence but it sounded like it was garbled from all the food in his mouth. She probably had understood him but he looked silly for sure. He looked up at his wife as he swallowed then was about to repeat himself when he felt his bladder as again. "Okay, Janet lets talk about this later. I need to pee." He said looking at her expecting her to react or let him out. Janet chuckled, he looked like quite the messy baby. He had food on his bib dribbling from his mouth. "Yes, you have your diaper on sweetie so you can go pee pee while you finish your dinner." She cooed to him as she fed him another mouthful of the baby food. "There is a difference between taking control, making things happen for both parties to be happy, and taking control to ensure that your specific wants and needs are met and your partner just having to go with it." She smiled as he squirmed in the highchair fighting his bladder. "I tried many times to talk to you but you just cast my concerns aside. Then two weeks ago you had the audacity to call me baby crazy," She chuckled. "That's when I realized you weren't going to learn. Sure you said we'd start a family but you didn't mean it. I bet you haven't given it a single thought since that night right? You said you aren't ready to be a dad. So now instead you can be a brother." She smiled placing a hand to her flat belly. "You see, I took your feelings into consideration. I wanted to start a family you don't want to be a dad so I'll raise our family and you can be a good sibling instead of a daddy." Her last words hit like a pile of bricks. Forget the diaper, forget the mushy food in his mouth; his wife was pregnant and he was going to have to be the brother instead of dad. He looked up at her and felt tears forming in his eyes. He was now struggling against his bladder and his eyes. Jon lost the battle against both. A hissing sound was heard as she let her final words hang in the air. She knew what was happening in his mind and in his pamper. The diaper under his onesie started to get warm as his penis released its full bladder. Tears rolled down his eyes as she used the words he used to weasel out of having a kid against him. There he was crying in a wet pamper in a high chair with baby food in his mouth and down his chin. He felt helpless and that was exactly what Janet wanted. "But mommy... I want to be a daddy not a baby brother." He said sniffling as the tears kept flowing as did the pee. She used his bib to wipe his face clear of baby food. "Goodness your fussy tonight. My baby boy needs milk and beddy bye." Taking the dirty bib off him Janet picked up her crying baby. "You’re much too little to be a daddy pumpkin. Mommy wants you to be a good baby brother and maybe when you're grown up you can be a daddy". She carried him to the nursery and laid a baby blanket on the changing table. Janet made quick work of changing Jon's wet diaper and getting him powdered and into a dry one. His diaper changed, Janet used the baby blanket he was on to swaddle him. She held him in her arms as she sat in the rocking chair. "Hush now baby time for milk". He began to calm down as she sat down in the rocking chair. "Janet I am sorry please let me be the daddy to my kid, please I am sorry I learned my lesson." He said as he watched his wife pull out her breasts which were dripping with none other than breast milk. Janet had been taking another invention of the company, a supplement to encourage milk production in the breast for wet nurses. She opened her top and unclipped the cup of her nursing bra. Jon’s mouth went dry and hung open as she smiled. He had always been a boob man even if her ass was fine her breasts were amazing not to mention that now they had grown because of the milk production. Jon let the massive nipple go in his mouth. Instantly, milk started to flow and to not drown he had to swallow the sweet milk that tasted amazing. It was more fatty than he imagined but it tasted so good. Janet smiled gently rocking as her baby husband nursed from her. He seemed to settle down almost immediately when presented with her full milky breast. He kept drinking but in the middle Janet popped him off her left boob and to her right where he kept drinking. He felt his belly fill and he got a small gut from it. He felt safe and warm and had calmed down. He looked up at her as he unlatched full. "Honey, I am sorry." He said as milk dribbled out of his mouth. He had an erection in his diaper which was hidden by the diaper and the blanket. He felt lethargic like one feels after eating too much turkey at thanksgiving dinner. He let out a small burp and a yawn. He tried to think straight and tried to say something to his wife but it all came out as what Janet could best describe as a toddler's ramblings or a drunk man's slurred speech. There was something in there about him wanting to be a daddy and him being a grown up. He didn't say any bad words but he was not happy about being small. That was obvious. At the end of his rant as Janet was putting back in her bra he felt himself get another small boner in the diaper. He also said something that surprised Janet, her shrunken baby husband said something about his pampers being comfy. He looked up at her and smiled. Janet smiled back at him, she could tell he was in a losing battle wanting to talk but being full and warm making him sleepy. Janet was surprised when Jon stated his diaper was comfy. She smiled kissing his forehead as she lay him in his crib snugly wrapped in the soft warm baby blanket. To Janet it seemed maybe this transition wouldn't be so hard for him after all. Jon wanted to fight, he wanted to stop his wife from stripping away everything, but he just simply couldn’t. The crib’s mattress felt like it was made out of memory foam. Janet turned on the train mobile above his crib which played a soft lullaby as the plush steam trains rotated above him. As the trains started to rotate above him he drifted off to sleep like a baby. He didn’t even hear her turn on the baby monitor and night light before turning off the lights to the nursery. "Goodnight baby boy sweet dreams". Janet closed the nursery door and hummed as she went to her bedroom to relax for the evening. Janet could hardly believe how well everything went. She picked up her iPhone and called Mason. "Everything went as expected. Effective tomorrow you will be the face of the company. You were right about the breast feeding he settled down quickly when I left him to nurse and went right to sleep". She laughed pleased with how everything was going. "I'll wait a few days, let him adjust, then we'll come by the office so you and I can iron out the finer details." She ended the call and ran herself a hot bath relaxing thinking about the wonderful future she had before her. -End of Chapter 1
  3. Fred was in his senior year of high school and he was about to ask the hottest chick in school to homecoming. Amber was the cheerleading captain and he was the captain of the swim team. He smiled as he walked down the hallway toward the parking lot. There he saw her by her car and started to head towards her to ask her. The six foot two muscular man smiled as he walked his brown hair parted to one side revealing his sculpted face and bright blue-green eyes. Before Fred could walk up to Amber, a different girl walked into Fred's path. He did not know who she was, but he'd seen her around. She was shorter, her hair was dirty blonde and a bit greasy. She had a very obvious body odor that hung off of her. She was smiling up to him, her teeth were white and actually well kept He stopped and looked down on the five foot nothing girl. “Uhhh yes?” He asked with a confused look on his face. “You’re that transfer student right? What do you want?"
  4. A/N: Another story that probably won’t have diapers, but will reference them, and talk about them, due to the context of the world this is set in. Please let me know what you think. Chapter 1: I finished high school with one of the highest scores in the state, and was in the top 100 in the country. If I were an Amazon, my school would’ve put my picture on the wall, because I was a little, it was an embarrassment. I was the best their school had to offer. I didn’t even attend graduation, they sent me my certificate in the mail. I was however offered scholarships, I took the least prestigious offer. Janet’s Academy. It’s well known for being a non-diaper University, and the best out of all of them. Their littles went on to go into all sorts of fields, form science to engineering. Even a few well known artists came out of there. We never left our country of Zanton though. It was strict about not forcing things, it was known as an equal opportunity nation. We even have littles member of parliament. They pushed for diapers no longer being mandatory in public, or in public buildings. I loved it, but progress was slow. Yes, you can’t just grab a little without facing jail time, but that didn’t mean people stopped looking down at you (I need some humour in there). Janet’s Academy is nicknamed dollhouse by Amazons, because it has facilities that actually suit the requirements of a little, I was so happy to find a toilet I could actually use my first night there...I wanted to cry. I know, that’s so fucking sad. Even some workplaces now have little offices in their buildings, probably helped by ‘little only’ businesses that are doing so well. They had to poach the competition somehow. It all worked in our favour, it took thirty years before littles actually took advantage of the law, and started their own businesses, and little bankers gave loans to right people ect. It took time, but out country was the best one if you wanted to be a little. Yes some people still wanted to be adopted, and stink in a diaper. I didn’t understand it, but in our country, that was niche, and highly regulated. Little trafficking is illegal, and adoption centres are actually pretty high class and they don’t accept any little. It’s actually become a complex process. Some people post online to ‘meet’ an Amazon for that kind of thing, but some people also saw fit to go to glory holes. It’s not my business. I couldn’t wait for class that next day. I had a desk, and a chair I could sit on. A far cry from my high school at home, where I had to sit on the floor. I was in an elevated desk, like my other little members. So we sat shoulder to shoulder with the other Amazon students. This University had was almost 50/50 in Amazon to little distribution. It was great. My teacher was doing math on the board. I had chosen engineering, if things went to plan, I’d be building hospitals soon. I was writing away, when the door opened. An Amazon was late, a beautiful one at that. Her hair was blonde, her eyes a shining blue. And she wore a white dress with ankle high boots. She didn’t just make my head turn, everyone was staring. She smiled rather awkwardly, before making her way across the room, finding a seat next to mine. I think I screwed up the lesson. I couldn’t un-notice her. She was right there, and my heart was going to beat out of my chest. It wasn’t long before she turned to me, with an odd look on her face. “Is there a problem? Because look, being against Amazons is just as bad as shitting on littles.” My eyebrows rose. “What? Wait, no! I just, have you seen yourself, you’re gorgeous”. Boy was I smooth. Her mouth went slack jawed. Yeah, this was very taboo. Amazons don’t date littles. That’s one thing that’ll never change. I mean, I couldn’t exactly have sex with her, I was barely tall enough to reach her knees. “You think I’m...God, I...don’t know what to say.” I think that’s one way to make an impression. I shrugged. “Don’t say anything. My name is Jane, I’m not plain. And I didn’t quite catch yours.” ”I’m Samantha.” She took out her hand. I put mind in hers, now I just felt like a dwarf. “Nice to meet you, would you like to have coffee with me.” She gently shook mine. “I’ve got a study session on, but I can give you my number. If you want.” Wait, what? She actually... I smiled. “That’d be lovely.” Just like that, I her contact on my phone. And she walked off, glancing back at me with a grin. When she was out of sight, I heard a: ”You have to tell me how you did that!” I turned to find another little looking right at me. He was pretty tall, probably a few inches from being a Mid, he was a whole head taller than me. But he was grinning wildly. “Do what?” I didn’t get it. He looked at me flabbergasted. “I need to know how to pick up chicks, you just did it, give me pointers.” ”I...be a confident and nice person?” Now I was even more confused. He just laughed. “You’re a riot. I do that all the time, I just end up rejected. Amazons don’t want me, other littles think I’m too tall and Mids think I’m too short. Everyone’s a critic you know. What about you? Only interested in giant girls?’ I almost stammered. “No, no, just that one. She was, I mean, did you see her.” He smirked. “Hell yeah I did, good on you. She was so much woman, maybe too much for me to handle, but obviously just enough for you.” He winked, I was mildly grossed out, but then he paused, handing out a card? “Call me if you ever want to hang out, it’s not just giants who have to study.” I watched him walk off, with more questions than answers. I get the feeling he often had that effect on people. The card read Jason Mason. What a name.
  5. I am very large sissy adult baby looking for a daddy by "very large" I mean height and weight. I'm on disability and hoping to be 24/7 sissy baby anyone out there? please respond or shoot me a message.
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