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Found 4 results

  1. (Image by Rosie BRS, commissioned by PrincessofThemyscria) "MMM MMMPH!!" Ed, muffled by the giant pacifier tied to his mouth, tried to shout as his former wife kissed her new boyfriend directly in front of him. He struggled against his binds. Cuffed, held tight in a kneeling position with his hands behind his back in the giant crib he was told was now his bed, gagged with a pacifier, and locked into a tight dress lifted to keep his diaper on display, he could do nothing but watch in humiliation as Sarah and Dwayne made it clear how little they respected him. Lost in their emotional and sexual attraction for each other, he was a non-entity, just their to witness how a "real" man acted, and to add his embaressment and whining to their joy. If he didn't want to look at them, there were few other places he could look without the same embaressment. The room, formerly his office, had been turned into a full on adult sized nursery, and decorated for his new role as the 'baby girle'. Stacks of adult diapers, dresses, and onsies piled on shelves, all intended for him. Toys stood in each corner, piles of teddy bears, a rocking horse with buckles to keep him in place, and a baby bouncer with more of the same locks. Even the walls reminded him of his positon, painted bright pink, with a line of disney princess around it. Of course, it wasn't entirely true that they didn't think of him at all. Sarah stole a glance into his eyes, giving him a malicious grin between kissing her new boyfriend. She turned around so that Ed could see his hand running up and down her back and gripping her bottom hard. Dwayne then opened his own eyes and watched Ed's raction as he spanked her hard, showing his own control over what used to be Ed's, then lifted a hand under her skirt. Sarah put a hand on Dwayne's chest and backed a way. "Alright honey, I need to get going." He smiled and raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure? I could do this allll day." She laughed. "I know, I've seen it before." They kissed again, and she backed away. "But I do need to go to get something for this little stinker here." She pointed at Ed. "Ah," he nodded. "Of course. Go ahead, I'll take care of your baby girl." "Are you sure? You won't mind babysitting? She's about due for a diaper change." Ed looked down at his diaper. At the moment, it was still clean. Hearing her predict his future 'accidents' was always embaressing, especially since she had so far always been right. He couldn't help but think she was deliberatly feeding something to cause it, but the truth was with other option then his diapers, the result was inevitable. "Not a problem. I've changed diapers before, these ones will just be a bit bigger." He turned to Ed and leaned into him. "Won't they, baby girl?" He said in a cooing, teasing voice and pinched Ed's cheek. "Just a bit bigger baby in a bit bigger diapies for a bit bigger diapie changes?" Ed blushed and groaned, but saw Sarah's look from over Dwayne's shoulder. He nodded, agreeing to the humiliating question. Dwayne smiled. "Don't worry, I'm sure we'll get along just fine. And if the baby girl doesn't want to get along... well, you already showed me how to spank her padded bottom. I bet a good trip over my knee will remove any problems." Ed shuddered. He had strong, horrible memories of all the times Sarah had spanked him, including the time Dwayne had watched. It shamed him to admit how easily she could bring him to tears with the childish punishment, and looking at Dwayne's powerful, muscual arms, he didn't want to know how much worse it would be. "I'm sure they will," Sarah said. "I know she won't cause many problems anyway. You're a full grown man, someone like this little baby girl won't stand a chance." She looked at Ed and winked. "Won't you baby girl? Widdle baby girl can't stand up to a man? Widdle baby girl Olivia need her baby sitter for her widdle diapies?" She turned back to Dwayne. "And either way, you know how to work her straps." Ed cringed at the teasing, and especially at the new name they had slected for him, which deorated the tag on the collar around his neck under the words "Baby Girl." It had seemed like so little time, and yet they had been so throrough so much of anything that had defined him as a man. Ed pulled at the straps again, but they held tight. He was sure this discussion was planned. They LOVED discussing his new life in front of him as his gag kept him from responding. Going over his changes, his spankings, and his straps one after another was just to get a reaction, and unfortunatly it worked. Already, Ed was squirming in shame, and only a bit more might send him over the edge into another tear filled "tantrum" at his new lifestyle, followed by their choice of punishing him for brattiness or an equally humiliating "soothing" session on their laps to calm down the "whiny baby girl." So, he held his emotions in. Dwayne laughed and hugged Sarah, then gave her another firm pat on the behind. Ed was unsure whether it was for her benefit, Dwayne's, or his own. "So the diapers are still in the same place? And her bottles and baby food in the fridge?" "Yep! Have fun you too! I'll be a bit, widdly baby girl Olivia's credit card has a MUCH better rate then mine. Goodbye Dwayne, byebye widdle baby girl Olivia!" "Say byebye to your mommy princess," Dwayne said. "MMMM MMM!" Ed said from behind his pacifier as she left. She turned to give a tiny wave and blow a kiss, and headed out. Ed's heart was racing. Panic, confusion, shame and humiliation all filled him. He swallowed, and turned to look at Dwayne, who was watching Sarah leave. He turned to Ed and smiled. His punishment had been a lot when it was just Sarah. When Dwayne came in to see him, it was worse, but at least it was still his wife controlling everything. Now, solely in the control of the strange man who slept who replaced him with his wife and as man of his house, had had no idea what to expect. Dwayne watched him, seeming to take pleasure in his obvious fear. He leaned in close to Ed, grabbed his nose, and started playfully tweaking it from side to side. "Well well well, look at this little baby girl. What a pathetic, helpless sight you make, Olivia. You were once a big man? Once married and owned a house? Now look at you, sitting in your diaper and in your crib while another man fucks your wife in front of you. You had everything and you threw it all away so you could cheat and play at being a big man. Hows that feel?" Ed whined, but couldn't do anything to stop him. Dwayne was right, he knew how pathetic he looked. He had initialy hoped this would be a short, private agreement between Sarah and himself, a way to avoid losing everyhting in the divorce. Instead, it seemed he now risked losing far, far more. Dwayne ran his hand down his dress and flicked the skirt. "Such a pretty girl in her pretty dress. Bet you never thought you'd wear something like that, eh?" He rested a hand on Ed's diaper. "Much less this. Still dry it seems." "You know, when she told me how she planned to sissify you, I thought it was hilarious on its own. But when she mentioend diapering you and making you her little baby," he pressed harder, and Ed groaned. "I think I laughed for an hour straight. What a fitting punishment for a low, immature cheater like you." Ed glared and pulled at the ropes, but nothing moved. Sarah teasing him had been embaressing, but hearing this man mock him filled him with rage. Every part of him wanted to reach out and swing at him, to re-assert some level of masculinity and strength, but the straps held in place. Dwayne just laughed, then waved a finger in front of Ed's nose. "Ah ah ah, even without the straps, you know how that would go. Either way, you'll just be pinned down, then over my lap for a spanking." He reached to Ed's bicep and pulled at the soft putty of his arm, then flexed his own. Ed watched him and blushed. His rage was quickly replaced with embaressment and despair. He knew it was true. It had been years since he excercised, and the difference between his own arm and Dwayne's powerful, muscular body was clear. If the straps broke, he'd just end up being beaten back down anyway. Dwayne patted his diaper. "Now, your mommy mentioned that you will be filling your diaper soon. My guess is she knows your body better then you, and she is bound to be right. However, I want to emphasize something to you. You see, you still think this is just an agreement with your wife where she gets to humliate you and I just happen to be here. I you to realize the truth is that even though this is your house, you are such a pathetic little loser that anyone who comes in can control you. So, you are going to mess your diaper for me, and you are going to do it soon. Then I'll change you like your mommy does while you lay helpless in your binds, and you'll know how much you've fallen." "MMM MMM! MMM MMM!" Ed shouted from behind the pacifier. He felt his eyes go wide, and he pulled again at the ropes. Dwayne just laughed. "Now now, you know this is going to happen. There is no way around it, little potty pants. So, here's whats going to happen." He took his cell phone out, placed it on record, and faced it toward Ed. He could see himself in it, backward with the focus directly on the seat of his diaper. Dwayne then took out a second cellphone and showed it to Ed. "This video is streaming directly to my phone so I can monitor the state of your diapers. I'm going to go back down through your house, make myself at home, eat your food, watch your tv, and take my rightful place as man of the house which you used to think was yours. You are going to lay there in your pretty widdle pampers and in your crib, helpless while another man takes advantage of you, and struggle not to mess your pampers. When you fail at that too, I'll see it and come to change you like a baby. How's that sound, little cucky?" Ed, filled with rage but unable to respond, could only watch as Dwayne walked out the door. He glared at the phone, and on it, his own image glaring back. He HATED seeing his own reflection dressed in his new 'style.' He always knew how he looked, but at times he could almost pretend it was normal. Seeing himself with the pacifier in his mouth, frilly purple dress with bows, and thick, exposed diaper, only drove home how humiliating his newfound positon was. If that wasn't enough, he could hear Dwayne living out his promise. He heard the cuboard and fridge open, and Dwayne grabbing at drinks and food he had bought. Dwayne then walked through the house, and Ed heard the TV playing. The image of the strange man sitting on his couch, watching his tv, and eating chips and drinking beer where he used to drove him mad. He pulled at his binds, imagining himself running down the stairs, grabbing Dwayne, punching him, kicking him, and... What? Getting beat up, then still having to play out his agreement with Sarah. He opened his eyes and saw his image again, in the outfit locked onto his body. The same plot played out in his head, except this time he waddled down, barely able to walk in his over thick diaper, charged at Dwayne with his skirt flaring behind him, and struggled, barely able to move in the tight clothing. Even he wanted to laugh at the image of a man dressed as he was trying to seem tough, and it ended only one way: himself pulled over Dwayne's lap, skirt pulled up and diaper pulled down as Dwayne spanked him into submission. Fighting back was nice to imagine, but impossible. Worse, he knew Dwayne was right about another thing. He had no idea what Sarah had been feeding him, but she seemed intent to ensure he had multiple diaper changes a day, and his stomach was telling him it was almost time. The presure came suddenly, his stomach grumbled, and he moaned out loud in dread. The phone chimed up. "Seems like SOMEONE is realizing I'm right! Is the widdle baby girl going to soil her pampers soon?" Dwayne said through the phone. Ed groaned out loud and pulled at the straps, but his stomach kept turning and grumbling. ...
  2. This story was created for the 3rd Kasarberang Story Contest. It is currently incomplete, but I do plan on working on it more in the future. --- My first week of college had gone way smoother than I had anticipated it would. All of my professors are nice and haven't assigned an unreasonable amount of homework, the weather was beautiful, and my sorority sisters are all kind! Last week I was more nervous than I had ever been in my life. I was leaving my parents for the first time and about to start a new chapter of my life. But if every week could be as good as this one, then there would be nothing to worry about. My name is Natalia and I'm a freshman at Green Meadow University. Green Meadow had been my first choice of college and thankfully my grades were good enough to get me in. Unfortunately it also meant that I wouldn't be able to stay at home with my parents, as Green Meadow was over 5 hours away. Saying goodbye to my parents after they dropped me off had been one of the hardest things I have had to do. The support from my sorority sisters really helped me get through the first day. My older sister was part of a sorority all throughout her college career and always told me about how much it had helped her. Her stories and testimonies left an impression on me, and it's ultimately what made me decide to apply for one myself. Delta Delta Sigma was one of the most exclusive at Green Meadow and somehow I managed to get accepted in, along with only two other freshman. Delta Delta Sigma only had a total of 14 members. Three freshmen, four sophomores, two juniors, and three seniors. All of them have been super nice to me so far, but it was fairly apparent that some of them had a bit of an ego. I guess that's to be expected when you're a part of such an exclusive group. As long as I stay on their good side it shouldn't be an issue. My fellow freshmen didn't seem to have an ego like our seniors. They seemed like genuinely nice people, just trying to adjust to one of the biggest changes of their lives. Kate had come to Green Meadow from half-way across the country. While I was a lot closer to my family than her, we still managed to form a bond over being so far away from our families. Kate is roughly five-foot-five and has shoulder-length blonde hair. My other freshman sister, Sierra, came from a town only 30 minutes away from Green Meadow. I'll admit that I was a bit envious of her. Having her own car and being only thirty minutes away from her parents meant she could visit home basically whenever she wanted. That wasn't all though. Her height of five-foot-nine was quite contrasting to my short, five-foot-one stature. Her double-D's were also quite lovely when compared to the A-cups that I'm sporting. All of this, combined with her smooth, dark skin and pretty black pony-tail got her a lot of attention from the guys around campus. Sierra was definitely a looker and she knew it. Despite that, she was still very kind, which made me feel a bit guilty. Even though my first week of college had been smooth, I was still glad that it was finally the weekend. Going to four different classes nearly every day sounded easy to me at first, but it was a lot more exhausting than high school. Once I finished my last class for the day I headed back to the sorority house to get a jump-start on my weekend and veg-out a bit. I was glad to find that my roommate was gone when I got to my room. Lisa, my roommate, was nice, but it was very apparent that she thought pretty highly of herself. She was a senior with a drop-dead gorgeous body. At first I thought it was a bit odd that I got paired up with a senior, but that ended up being the case for both Kate and Sierra as well. I guess it's supposed to be some kind of mentorship thing, but it's a bit intimidating to be honest. With her gone I could relax a lot easier. In no time at all I had changed into a pair of sweatpants and booted up an episode of The Office on my laptop. While that played in the background I got started on my weekend homework. By the time Lisa got back I was already finished and on the verge of falling asleep. "Hey Natalia," Lisa said as she entered out room, "how was your day today?" "It was good, but I'm glad it's the weekend." I responded, waking up a bit. "Me too! I don't know if you've heard yet, but tomorrow is our yearly fundraising event." "Oh, no one told me about that. Is there anything I need to do?" I asked. Why didn't anyone tell me sooner? It's not like I had any plans, but a bit more notice would have been nice. "Sorry about that! We always have our fundraiser on the first Saturday of them term. We must have forgot to tell you all. We already have everything ready, so we'll tell you what you have to do tomorrow." "Oh, okay." I thought it was a bit odd that Lisa didn't give me much information about the fundraiser. I didn't want to bother her by asking for more details though so I let it go. It sounds like everything has already been taken care of anyways, so it should be easy. Later in the night, somewhere around 9:00pm, Lisa told me that it would probably be a good idea to go to bed early. When I questioned her on why, she would only tell me that it was going to be a long day tomorrow and that I'd want to be well-rested for it. I almost never went to bed before 11:00pm and hardly ever had an issue getting through the day. I thought about just ignoring her, but at the same time she actually knew what was going on tomorrow. I decided to compromised and call it a night at 10:00pm. ----- I was jolted awake in the morning due to a bunch of pressure on my arms and legs. I tried to sit up out of surprise but couldn't due to the pressure on my shoulders keeping me pinned against my bed. When I looked around I saw that the people holding me down were other sorority members, who were all sporting malicious grins. "What the hell is going on?!" I demanded with my raspy morning voices. "We're getting you ready for the fundraiser." Lisa stated as she loomed over me at the end of my bed. "What the fuck does this have to do with the fundraiser?" I asked while trying to shake myself free from the grips of my sorority sisters. "You'll see real soon." Lisa said with a giggle. Lisa walked around to my right side and stood next to Janna, the junior sorority member who was pinning down that side of me. I looked over at Lisa and tried to figure out what the hell was going on. I gasped as she bent over and stuck her fingers under my basketball shorts that I had gone to sleep in. She then began forcing them down my legs, exposing my panties. "Hey! Stop! What the fuck!?" I yelled, trying to thrash around even harder to try to free myself. "You've got quite the mouth on you little girl." Janna stated and let out a giggle. "And some cute panties, too." Gabby, the sophomore on my left, added. I peered down my bed and was able to get a glimpse at the panties I had one. They were my pinks ones with a black, lace bow on the center. One of my most embarrassing, yet comfortable ones. "Quiet down Natalia. We'll be done faster if you stop struggling." Lisa suggested as she pulled my shorts down to my ankles. "Done with what?!" Let me go!" I demanded, continuing my struggling. "I told you. We're getting you ready for the fundraiser. Now quiet down and hold still." Lisa commanded, this time with more annoyance in her voice. "Not until you tell me what the fuck you're doing and why you're holding me down!" I continued to demand. "Fine! If it will get you to shut up and stop struggling then I'll show you what we're doing." Lisa said as she removed my shorts and took them out of sight. When she came back she was holding something square and pink in hands. The was some kind of pattern on it as well, but I couldn't make out any details about it. Dread began to envelope me as she unfolded the object and I began to realize what it was. "What the fuck is that for?!" I yelled at Lisa. "It's for you. It's part of your outfit for the fundraiser." Lisa answered, acting like it was a normal piece of clothing. "I'm not wearing a diaper!" I shouted at her. "Oh yes you are. That's why I have Gabby and Janna here to help me. Now settle down and let me put your diaper on." Lisa ordered. "No way! You're not putting me in a diaper!" I yelled at Lisa as I continued trying to free myself. "Alright, I think we've heard enough out of you." Lisa stated as she set the diaper down on top of my stomach and walked away. When she came back a moment later she was holding something else in her hands. As she got closer I began to get a better look at what it was. It appeared to be a pink pacifier that had black, leather straps attached to the sides of it. The pacifier was way bigger than any I'd even seen before though. A new wave of panic kicked in as she grabbed the handle on the pacifier shield and started approaching my face. "Get that away from me!" I demanded as I jerked my head away from her. "So fussy. This is why I told you to go to bed early last night." Lisa commented as she used her free hand to grip my chin and force me to look at her. With my mouth forced open by her she popped the huge rubber nipple of the pacifier into my mouth. With it inside, she quickly took hold of both leather straps and pulled them behind my head. Her large boobs were smothering my face as she secured the two straps together tightly behind my head using the buckle latch. With it secured there was no way for me to get it out without my hands. I tried to yell at them to take the damn pacifier out, but the nipple was so big that it prevent me from forming anything close to comprehensible. The pacifier seriously took up almost all of the room in my mouth and forced my tongue down. I realized now that I wouldn't even be able to call for help. There's no way anyone outside of the room would be able to hear my muffled cries. "There we go, that's much better. You be a good girl and nurse your paci while mommy gets your diaper on." Lisa cooed at me and pinched my cheeks. Now that I was effectively muted she went back to work. She took hold of the thin sides of my panties and pulled them down my legs, exposing my hairless crotch. With little effort on her part she removed it completely and threw it off to the side. "Aww look at that, smooth as a baby." Lisa commented, eliciting laughs from everyone except me. I continued struggling as Lisa picked up the diaper and brought it between my legs. The girls holding me down lifted my bottom up for her so that she could position the diaper below me. As they lowered me I felt my butt make contact with the soft padding, sending another wave of fear through me. Why was this happening to me?! With the diaper now positioned under me, Lisa walked away to grab something else. She came back moments later holding two bottles. She popped the lid off of one and began pouring it out onto her hand. She then began rubbing her hands together and seconds later she was rubbing it into my crotch and bottom. "We wouldn't want our cute little baby to get a rash, would we?" Lisa asked rhetorically as she rubbed the baby oil into me. There was no way she seriously believed I would use this diaper, right? Once she was satisfied with the amount of baby oil she had applied to me Lisa opened the second bottle. She tipped it upside down over me and began dumping baby powder out onto my pelvis. The smell quickly began dominating the room as she poured much more than necessary out and began rubbing it into my butt cheeks, legs, and crotch. Once Lisa deemed me to be sufficiently powdered she grabbed the front of the diaper brought it up and over my pelvis. The tapes sounded like someone scratching a chalk board to me as she pulled them loose. One by one she ripped them off and used them to secure the over-sized diaper. In no time at all she had the diaper securely fastened to me. "There we go! That wasn't so bad, was it baby?" Lisa asked me, knowing that I couldn't tell her what I really thought. Of course it was bad! I am an eighteen year old college student being forced to suck on a pacifier while my upperclassman hold me down and force an over-sized baby diaper on me! "Now let's finish getting you dressed and you can go meet the other babies." Lisa said as she went back to grab something else. Other babies? Were they doing this to Kate and Sierra too? What the hell kind of fundraiser is this? When Lisa came back she was holding something that made me want to puke. She walked in to the room showcasing a small, pink, ruffly dress. When I say small, I mean small. This dress looked like it was for a six year old's princess Halloween costume. If it weren't for the diaper they had just put on me, I would never believe that they would try to make me wear that. I prayed that it would be too small to fit on me. "Get her shirt off girls. We're starting to run late." Lisa commanded. Next thing I knew Lisa was holding my legs down while Gabby and Jana worked my shirt off my body. I tried to fight them off but was no match for their combined strength. In a depressing amount of time they had removed my shirt and exposed my small chest. "You're perfect for this. If you had any boobies at all this dress might not fit." Lisa stated as she picked the dress back up and re-positioned herself to my side. From this close I could see how small the dress really was. There was no way this dress would cover the diaper at all! Without warning Gabby and Jana used their legs to keep mine pinned down. They both took hold of my arms and forced me to sit up. The movement made the diaper crinkle, embarrassing me even further. Gabby and Jana then forced me to raise my arms into the air. Once there, Lisa began forcing the dress onto me. Sadly, it stretched just enough to go down my body. Once it was as low as it could go, Lisa backed off. "Aww don't you look adorable! We're not done yet though!" Lisa said as she went to grab more clothes. The dress felt tight on my body. Not uncomfortable, but noticeable. As I suspected, the frilly three-layer skirt did nothing to cover any of the diaper. The sleeves were very short and barely covered any of my arms. The front of the dress had a purple and pink fairy made out of glitter on it, something that I hadn't noticed until now. The shoulders puffed out into little balls and had ribbons on top of them. There was no way this dress was made for kids older than 8. This was almost as humiliating as the diaper! When Lisa came back she had a bag that I couldn't see the contents of. The first thing she pulled out were pink and white thigh-high socks, which she promptly pulled up my legs. Next were a pair of pink Mary Jane shoes, decorated with rhinestones and butterflies. Like the socks, she quickly attached them to my feet. To my dismay, they fit perfectly. The last thing she pulled out was a large, pink pacifier with a unicorn design on it. Attached to it was a pacifier clip with a strap decorated with the same unicorn as the pacifier. Lisa attached the strap to the left shoulder of the dress and let the pacifier dangle down. "Are you going to be a good girl if I take your binky out? Nod your head for me." Lisa asked me in a voice as if she was talking to a child. There was no way for me to escape at the moment, so I decided the best course of action would be to cooperate. Hopefully I'd have a chance to escape later. Until then I just needed to bide my time. I nodded my head. "Okay, if you're naughty we're going to have to punish you again, okay?" Lisa said as she undid the belt on the gag. She slowly removed it from my mouth, only to quickly replace it with the pacifier that had been clipped onto the dress. Lisa looked me in the eyes and kept her finger on the pacifier until I started sucking on it. Only then did she remove her hand. "There's my good girl. Now you keep that in until someone else takes it out, okay? Stand her up girls." Lisa ordered. Gabby and Jana took hold of my arms and were easily able to lift me onto my feet. I didn't try to fight them as they propped me up and kept hold of my arms. "I think we can let her go now. She's going to be a good girl, right?" Lisa asked me. I responded by nodding my head again. Even if they let go of me I wouldn't be able to escape. Lisa was between me and the door, which was shut and probably locked. Gabby and Jana released me from their grip and I did nothing but let my arms fall to my sides. "Gabby start combing her hair. Jana, go make sure the other babies are ready. I'll start doing her makeup." Lisa commanded. Jana unlocked the door walked out, closing it as she left. Gabby also followed her orders and began combing out my bedhead. Lisa went to her side of the bedroom and grabbed her makeup kit and placed it on my bed next to me. The two girls spent the next 5 minutes performing their respective tasks. I tried to sit as still as possible while keeping the pacifier in my mouth. I had no clue what all Lisa was putting on me, as they had me faced away from the mirror. When Gabby finished brushing my hair she began pulling it into twin-tails and tying ribbons around them. "I think that should just about do it. Why don't you turn around and see how pretty you look, Baby Girl?" Lisa said and she packed up her makeup kit. I slowly turned around and braced myself for what I was about to see. When I saw my reflection I didn't even recognize myself. The childish outfit, hairstyle, and makeup made me look a third my age. With the pacifier and obviously exposed diaper though, it brought it down to a sixth. I felt absolutely humiliated and my red face definitely reflected it. "You're the prettiest baby ever! Now come on, let's go get you set." Lisa said, taking my arm and forcing me to stand. "Wait! I don't want everyone to see me like this!" I protested, letting the pacifier fall out of my mouth. "Don't worry, Baby! They'll take one look at you and die from a cuteness overload! Now, be a good girl for me and keep that binky in until I take it out." Lisa responded as she picked up the dangling pacifier and shoved it back in my mouth. I knew that negotiating wasn't going to change their minds, so I bowed my head and let Lisa drag me out of our bedroom. The thick padding of the diaper forced me to have a bit of waddle in my walk, which only furthered my embarrassment. Thankfully, only a few of our sorority sisters were outside in the living room. All them look at me as we walked out and started cooing at me. "She's so cute!" "I wish she was my baby sister!" "She looks just like a toddler!" Their lack of shock at what was going on all but confirmed to me that they were all in on this too. I tried to ignore them as best as I could as I let Lisa lead me around. That was until we started nearing to front door. There was no way I was letting her take me outside like this! I stopped dead in my tracks and yanked my hand away from Lisa. "I am not going out there like this!" I stated. "Stop being fussy, Nataly. We have a schedule to keep and I know everyone wants to see how cute you are." Lisa responded, grabbing my hand again. "Absolutely not! This has gone far enough already!" I yelled at her. "Ughh, I knew you were going to be fussy about this. Girls, help me out here." Lisa ordered. Out of nowhere, the girls who had previously been cooing at me had taken hold of my limbs. "Let go of me!" I said as I started trying to struggle free. Unfortunately it was in vain though. The girls had me exactly where they wanted me and there was nothing I could do to free myself. "Since you can't be a good girl we're going to have to use your naughty-binky. Lisa said as she forced my mouth open. A second later she had the nipple of the pacifier gag back in my mouth. The belt was then secured behind my head again, effectively silencing me. The girls then began forcing me towards the door. Despite how hard I tried, nothing I could do would stop them. Lisa opened the door for them as they drug me out into the sunlight. What I saw waiting in the front yard began to fill me with dread. Setup in the front yard were three big highchairs. Occupying two of them were Kate and Sierra, who were both dressed up as babyish as myself. Both girls were strapped into the highchairs with tight, black straps that buckled at their stomachs. Their wrists and ankles had leather cuffs around them that attached directly to the highchairs, keeping them from freeing themselves. Kate seemed to be wearing a small, white sundress covered all over in sunflowers. She had a matching pacifier strap attached to her shoulder, which held a dangling, yellow pacifier. Her medium sized breast caused it to ride up though, making sure that the diaper she was wearing was plainly visible. The diaper that she had no doubt been forced into as well matched her sundress, being white and covered with sunflowers. She was also gagged like me, only hers was yellow. Sierra wasn't much better off. Her breasts must have been too big for any actual children clothes to fit her, so instead she was wearing a white shirt with the Pampers logo on it. The shirt was still small and accentuated her breasts, but it seemed like it was actually made for an adult to wear. In addition to that she had a short, blue skirt with suspenders that ran over her shoulders. The skirt was so high up on her that it left the diaper she was also wearing completely exposed. Hers was light blue and decorated with clouds and suns with smiley faces. Like the two of us she also had her own color coded pacifier attached to her suspender with a strap. Also like us, she was gagged. 'What the hell kind of fundraiser is this?!' I thought to myself. I didn't have much time to think though, as I was rapidly being dragged over to the empty highchair. I renewed my efforts to struggle free, but it was pointless. With little effort, the girls were able to shove me into the seat and lock my wrists and ankles away with the cuffs. Lisa then came over and tighted the straps over my waist and shoulders, making sure that I could hardly move in the seat. Finally, she picked up the tray and locked it into place in front of me. "You're even cuter when you're pouting, Baby. You sit tight and be a good girl while your big sisters finish getting ready." Lisa said before patting my head and walking off. I looked over to Kate, who looked back at me with a defeated look in her eyes. I had been too distracted before to notice, but there were a bunch of tables set up on the other side of the front yard. On top of them were several boxes and sitting in front of them were two sophomore girls from the sorority. They appeared to be getting ready to take money. It didn't take long for people to take notice of us. A small group quickly began to form of people gawking and taking pictures. Several of them were starting to make comments about how cute we were and laughing at our giant diapers. The three of us tried to hide or faces and ignore them, but it was futile. "Attention everyone! This years Delta Delta Sigma fundraiser is almost ready to begin!" Lisa yelled into a megaphone from somewhere out of our sight. "This year we're doing a baby feed! Here soon you'll be able to purchase jars of baby food and feed them to our cute little babies! All proceeds will go to funding Delta Delta Sigma for the year! The line starts over there!" Baby food feed? Is that why they did this to us? I don't want to eat baby food! There was no way I am going to let that happen! A lot of the crowd began to head for the tables in front of all of the boxes. A few second later and I could begin to see Lisa approaching us, carrying something in her hand. "Hello babies! As you just heard, we're doing a baby food feed, and as you probably could have guessed, you're the babies! I know you're probably all a bit cranky right now, but we need you to be very good girls for us today. People are paying good money to feed you all some nice, yummy baby food. I expect all of you to behave and eat it all with no fussing. Each of you is going to have babysitter standing by to make sure you're behaving. Remember, bad little girls get punished. Let me show you what you can expect if you're naughty." Lisa explained. Lisa pulled a small remote out of her pocket and showed it to us. She mad a point of making sure we could see her pressing the button. As soon as she did, terrible pain ripped throughout my entire body. I screamed into the pacifier in my mouth and thrashed against my restraints. I couldn't even think until it stopped and I was left panting into my gag. My eyes were watering and I was having trouble collecting myself. "Naughty babies get zappies. Unless you enjoyed that, I suggest you be on your best behavior. Now that we got that out of the way, I'm going to go around and take your binkies out. When I do, I expect you to tell me that you're going to be a good girl and nothing else, okay?" Lisa said as she approached Sierra. "Fuck you, Lisa!" Sierra said as soon as her gag was removed. "You can't force us to do this! Let us out, now!" Suddenly, Sierra yelled out in pain as she began getting shocked. "What a vulgar little girl! If we weren't low on time I would wash that naughty mouth out with soap!" Lisa exclaimed, clearing enjoying watching Sierra suffer. After a few seconds, Lisa stopped zapping Sierra and gave her a moment to catch her breath. "Well?" Lisa asked her. "Fuck you." Sierra said. Lisa then spent the next thirty seconds bursting Sierra with electricity. She would go for a few seconds before stopping and letting Sierra catch her breath. There was little time for her to recover though, as the zapping would start up again soon after. By the end of it, it was obvious that Sierra was crying. "Are you ready to be a good girl now?" Lisa asked the poor girl. "Y-yes." Sierra responded quietly with a defeated tone. "Say it. And apologize for swearing." Lisa commanded. "I'll be a good girl. I'm sorry for swearing." Sierra answered, still trying to recompose herself. "That's what I thought." Lisa said as she picked up the pacifier dangling from Sierra's suspender and placed it in her mouth. "Keep that in until someone takes it out." Lisa finally showed Sierra mercy and left her alone. She walked over to where Kate was confined and began removing her pacifier gag. Kate remained silent as she did so, likely afraid of suffering as Sierra had. "Well Katie, are you going to be a good girl?" Lisa asked her. "I'll be a good girl." Kate said. "See, that wasn't so hard, was it?" Lisa replied, placing the non-gag pacifier in Kate's mouth. Dread filled me as Lisa approached me. Like Sierra, I wanted to tell her off and demand she release us. I was absolutely terrified of getting shocked again though. The brief few seconds of it earlier was the worst pain I had ever felt. I don't know if I could stand it again. As Lisa reached behind me and unsecured my gag I prepared myself to submit. "I'll be a good girl." I told Lisa, not even making her prompt me. "I know you will, sweetie." Lisa said, placing the pacifier attached to my outfit in my mouth and patting my head. Lisa walked off and returned shortly holding something new. When she sat them down on the try of the highchair I was in I was able to determine that they were bibs. Not normal baby bibs though, these had to be custom made. For one, they were sized up and clearly meant to be worn by an adult. Secondly, they each had our names sewn into them. The one clearly designated for me was white with a pink border and "Baby Natalie" sewn in pink cursive. Insead of a dot on the 'i' there was instead a tiara. "Look what your big sisters got you! We wouldn't want to get food all over your pretty clothes, would we?" Lisa said. Lisa picked up the bib with my name on it and placed it over my check. She brought the wings of it behind my neck and secured it using the attached velcro. She then went around and did the same to the other girls. Their bibs were similar to mine, but instead of being pink they were yellow and blue. The 'i' on Kate's, which had 'Katie' instead, had a sunflower for a dot. Sierra's was blue and had a cloud. "There we go. I think we're just about ready to get started. Remember what happens to bad babies." She held up the remote and threatened us. I don't think any of us needed to be reminded. Lisa left us and walked over to the table. She said something to them that we weren't able to hear. She returned again shortly after followed by Janna and the other Junior in our sorority, Hannah. "Me again babies! We're going to be your babysitters for a while. Janna, you're with Katie and Hannah you're with Sierra. Little Natalie here is mine. We'll make sure you're behaving and that anyone who wants to feed you knows what to do. We each have our own remotes in case anyone decides to be naughty. We're just about to start, so I'm going to go over what's expected from you. We're going to take out your binkies and you're going to stay quiet unless spoken to. If someone asks you something you will respond appropriately with a babyish voice. You already know what happens if you don't. When people come up with the babyfood they bought they're going spoon-feed it to you. You're going to eat all of it and then thank them in your cutest baby voice when you're done. Nice and easy." Lisa explained. After hearing that I knew that this was going to get way worse before it got better. What did I do to deserve this? My choices were either let myself get fed baby food while dressed like a baby or get shocked until I'm willing to do so. I have no memory of ever eating baby food, but there is no doubt in my mind that it doesn't taste good. Did I do something in a past life to warrant this? I pray that none of this finds its way to my friends and family back home. "Oh! It looks like our first customers are coming!" Lisa said. All three of us looked over in horror to see a lady and two guys walking towards us from the tables. Each one had a jar of baby food in their hands. Fear enveloped me as it became that the guy and girl were both approaching me. "Oh my god, Lisa. Your baby is so cute!" The lady said after placing the jar on the tray of my highchair. "I know! Isn't she the cutest? Not to say that our other babies aren't cute as well." Lisa responded. "Oh for sure, they're all adorable. This is already the best fundraiser that DDS has done. Do you want some num-nums, sweetie?" She said as she turned and looked at me. Do I respond? Should I just stay silent? The fear of getting shocked again made me nervous to do anything. Lisa told me to keep the pacifier in and I didn't want to disobey her. "Oh I'm sure she does." Lisa answered for me. She proceeded to pull the pacifier out of my mouth and let it fall to my chest. "Ask Ms. Kenzie to feed you, baby". "Pwease feed me Ms. Kenzie" I said in my best little girl voice, humiliated. Having to endure this was already terrible. Why did she have to make me beg for it? "You got it, sweetie. Here comes the airplane!" The lady said. Kenzie unscrewed the lid of the jar and used the plastic, pink spoon that Lisa gave her to scoop up the goo. She held it up in front of me and began making airplane sounds as she floated it around my face. Hesitantly, I opened my mouth for her. After another second of airplane noises and Kenzie waving the spoon around she placed it into my mouth. I closed my mouth around the spoon and was immediately assaulted by the taste of Peas. The taste and smell alone almost made me gag, but the texture was what about pushed me over the edge. All of it was awful! I almost spit it out before remembering what would surely happen if I did. As Kenzie retracted the spoon I let the goop stay in my mouth. I swallowed it as soon as I could to try to get it out of my mouth. "What a hungry baby. Here comes another airplane!" Kenzie said, scooping up another spoon full. I opened my mouth for her again in hopes of making this go by as fast as possible. She inserted the spoon into my mouth and I swallowed the baby food as fast as I could. We continued this cycle two more times until she finally ran out of food. I was relieved for all of three seconds, where I got a glimpse at the line that was forming behind Kenzie. There were 6 people waiting to feed me! I look over at Kate and Sierra and lines were forming behind them as well. From the look on their faces it was apparent that they despised the baby food just as much as I did. "Remember to thank Ms. Kenzie, baby." Lisa said. "Tank you Ms. Kenzie." I said with my baby voice. "It was my pleasure sweetheart. If you're lucky maybe I'll visit you again." Kenzie said as she moved to the side. The guy who had walked over with her stepped forward and unscrewed the lid on his jar. Kenzie passed the spoon off to him and started chatting with Lisa. "Are you ready?" He asked me, not caring to pretend I was a baby. "Y-yes." I answered and opened my mouth. I didn't notice before, but he was actually kind of cute. I was too humiliated to look him in the face while he shoveled the nasty, sweet-potato flavored goo into my mouth. Like before I swallowed as quickly as possible. "Tank you for feeding me." I said as he walked away to join Kenzie and Lisa. He didn't even acknowledge me as he did, which was honestly relieving. Next in line was another girl, one that I recognized from my writing class. I prayed that she didn't recognize me. "Hi there Baby Natalie. Are you hungry?" She asked me. I nodded my head in response to her and she began opening the jar she had. "Well I got just the thing for you. Say 'ahh'." "Ahh" I said quietly and opened my mouth for her. She scooped up a big spoonful of food and moved it towards my mouth. She had terrible aim though, which caused some of it to get on my cheek. "Hold still, baby. I don't want to miss." The girl said as she scooped up another spoonful. Once again she 'missed' and got even more on my cheek. "Such a squirmy little girl. It's a good thing you're strapped into your highchair." "Tank you for feeding me." I said when I finally finished her jar. "Oh it was no problem, Baby. But I think you owe me an apology for being so squirmy." She responded. She wanted ME to apologize?! She purposefully got baby food all over my damn face and she wants me to apologize for it? I was about ready to yell at her when I noticed Lisa glaring at me, remote in hand. "Sowwy fo being squirmy." I answered after sighing. Next up was another guy. He seemed a lot more happy to be here than the first guy. "That's a cute diaper! Did you pick it out yourself?" He asked me. I had almost forgotten about the diaper. I had, embarrassingly, grown used to the bulk between my legs and the padding I was sitting on. Him referencing made me take notice of it again though. It also reminded me that it was clearly visible to everyone around. I answered him by shaking my head. "Shy, huh? Well that's okay. Open up for the choo-choo train!" He said. I opened my mouth to accept the latest spoonful of gross mush and he began making train noises. This continued for the whole duration of him feeding me. When he was done I thanked him like everyone else. After being fed by four more people I began to notice a problem: I need to pee. I usually went right after getting out of bed, but today that wasn't possible. I was too distracted by everything happening until now to even notice how badly I needed to go. "Lisa?" I asked out loud after thanking the last person who fed me. "What is it, baby?" Lisa asked, coming closer to me. "I need to pee." I whispered to her. "So?" "So let me out!" "No Natalie. If you need to go potty you can use your diaper." "But Lisa-" "Natalie, if I hear one more peep out of you about this you're getting zappies. Use your diapie and eat your food like a good girl." I screamed internally. Dressing me up like this was already bad enough, but she actually expected me to use the diaper? I should have honestly seen that coming. I resolved to hold it as long as I could, but I knew that it was a losing battle. There was no way I'd be able to hold on for much longer. After two more jars of baby food, it happened. I was clearly doing a potty dance in my seat. It was pretty ineffective though due to how tight the restraints were on me. As I was accepting another spoonful I felt a bit leak out. I gasped and some of the food fell down onto my bib. "Uh oh, is someone having an accident?" The girl feeding me asked. I ignored her and futility tried to stop myself from peeing. Not being able to move my arms made it impossible though. I was forced to accept my fate as I let go and allowed my pee to flood the diaper. The diaper easily absorbed all of it and spread it out. I could feel the warmth touching my butt as it flowed backwards. "Aww, it's okay, baby. That's why you have your diaper." Lisa said, patting my head. I had my eyes and mouth closed while I was peeing. That didn't stop the girl from continuing to try to feed me though. My lips were closed and she still forced the spoon through them, getting baby food all over my upper lip and below my nose. I reacted with surprise and she pulled the spoon out, leaving most of the food in my mouth. Once I was finished releasing my bladder I swallowed it, only to immediately be met with another spoonful. Unlike when it was dry, the diaper was impossible to ignore when wet. The heat from my urine was a constant reminder of what I just did and the now expanded padding squelched as I wiggled around. The padding between my legs had expanded a good amount and forced them apart more than before, giving anyone in front of me an even better view of the diaper. Several more jars of baby food later and I was full. I was beginning to slow down in swallowing the food I was given. The person holding the spoon would be waiting in front of my mouth with another spoonful before I could even finish swallowing the previous one. Most of them would wait for me to accept the next one myself, but some would force the spoon into my mouth before I was ready. This made me even messier and made it even harder for me to catch-up. "Lisa, please, I don't think I can eat anymore." I said after thanking the person who had just finished. Suddenly I felt shocking pain all over my body. I thrashed around and tried to escape it, but couldn't. More pee escaped my body and soaked into the diaper while it was happening. When it finally stopped I had tears in my eyes. "I'm not going to tolerate anymore complaining, Natalie. Good girls eat their baby food." Lisa said sternly. I was too scared to speak up again after that, so I shut my mouth and waited for the next person to get ready.
  3. (This story is part of an art trade with Patricktricks on DA, so credit to them for the base idea. I don't normally do furry stuff so it was a bit of a challenge. I hope it works well for you anyway)"I don't belong in here, I don't belong in here," the former assistant mayor said as she hugged her legs and rocked back and forth. "They are the savages, not me. I don't belong here..."It was a mantra that had become common to her since she was first put into the small, grey cell that was now her home. "I was in the right, it was the right thing to do, better for all of us..." she continued as she began to suck at the end of her own hoof.It was a train of thought she knew she shouldn't go down. It never ended well when she went there, and she knew soon she'd be sniffling and crying on her bed, looking as pathetic as they all thought she was from the beginning. However, she also told herself it was right, and when her mood was in the wrong place, she couldn't help."I don't belong here, they do. I..."A loud clang came from the door to her cell. She jumped up and looked at a tall feline in a guard's uniform. "Miss Bellwether, talking to ourselves again, are we?"Bellwether snarled. "That's MAYOR Bellwether to you."The guard laughed. "Not anymore. It's prisoner Dawn Bellwether to me, and you don't make much of an impressive mayor crying in your bed like that."The sheep kept glaring at her. "I still got further then you. I was at the top- second in the city! And that was with all the hurdles that comes with being a sheep in a city run by predators." She made a look of disgust. "Unlike you. All the advantages, and here you are, a prison guard! Seems fitting for a savage creature.""Mhmmm," the guard replied. "You know we aren't all just mindlessly violent. We can be kind and caring as well.""As if! No savage predator could take care of anything. They are all just destroy, destroy, destroy. Dumb beasts. That is why I was right to try to take control."She smiled. "Ohhh I think you'd be surprised about that." She cocked her head to the side and hit the bars with her baton again. "Anyway, once again I came to offer to take you out of solitary. You've been in here long enough, and are able to go back into general."Bellwether's look of superiority turned to one of fear. "Out there... with them!? No! Are you insane! You don't know how cruely they would treat me! They just hate anyone like me no matter what I do!"The guard leaned in closer. "Oh do they? You mean all those animals you called violent savages and looked down on? Those are the ones who are mean to you no matter what."Bellwether gulped and nodded.The guard continued. "You know, maybe I should bring you out anyway. We are basically doing you a favor by letting you stay in here. We don't have to, this isn't your assigned cell. We could just put you back in with the rest of them, see what they think of your opinions. Perhaps we could even tell them about all the things you've been saying...""No! No! Please no! I.. AAA!" Bellwether looked down at her prison jumper, and noticed a damp spot. "No no no," she said again for an entirely different reason. She put both hands to her waist as she wet herself out of fear. She looked up pleadingly at the guard. "Please don't do that. Please let me stay here where its safe from those beasts. You have no idea how savage..." she stopped, remembering the person she was speaking to was one of the "predators" as well. "Please don't," she whimpered, and finished.The guard laughed again. "Awww I'm sorry little sheep, didn't mean to scare you that much. Tell you what, I'll go get you a clean jumper, and we will let you stay in here a bit longer, ok? Nice and safe. A poor cute widdle lamb like you can't handle it out there with the mean savages." She turned to walk away."Don't talk to me like...!" She began, then stopped herself. "Alright, thank you."...Bellwether woke up slowly, feeling the family softness of her blanket and footed pajamas."Mph," she said and rolled over to her side, feeling her diaper crinkle as she did. It sloshed a bit, she could feel that she had wet herself overnight, but it didn't feel like it had leaked.There was a stuffed sheep doll beside her. She grabbed a hold of it and pulled it close, then suckled a bit on her pacifier. Though she was awake, her mommy wasn't there yet, so she knew it wasn't time to get up. No issue as she was still relaxing, and there was no way out of the crib anyway."Hi there sweetie! What a good little lamb, sleeping all through the night!" Her mommy said, filling Bellwether's heart with glee.Her mommy turned on her light and came to the crib. Bellwether felt hands grabbing her on either side. "Lets check that diaper of yours sweetie, to see if you had an accident! Then we can have breakfast, ok?""Yes mommy," she said through her pacifier. She nodded enthusiastically, then looked up.She started back. The face staring back at her wasn't what she expected. It didn't look like her mommy. In fact, it wasn't a sheep at all. Instead, it was a giant cat. Was it a lynx? A tiger? Bellwether hadn't learned all the animals yet, but she knew it was a predator, and those were to be feared.Except... she wasn't scared. Not at all. Instead, she felt the same comforting feeling she always wanted to feel with her parents. She tried to think, and couldn't put any other face to the name "mommy," all the kept coming up was this same cat. She knew she recognized the cat, but couldn't think of any other name then that. Of course she told herself, that is my mommy. She smiled, and let herself be lifted."Uh oh, looks like someone wet her diaper! Well, we can get you changed, but I don't think you are quite ready to try pull ups yet anyway, are you?"She shook her head. "No mommy," she said. Of course not, she thought, I'm just a little baby, and this is my mommy, here to take care of me. This cat, my mommy... she is my mommy... she is my mommy... Strange colors swirled at the edge of her vision.
  4. So while I was working on Chapter 4 of my other story "Babied By The Sitter" (still being worked on by the way) I had this idea and it was so good I thought it deserved it's own story. This story will serve as sorta an easier to write faster-paced story with a lot more sexual content right out the gate. It'll also help me have something to write for when "Babied By The Sitter" is giving me writers block. I hope you enjoy this story and as with all my stories feel free to download, modify, redistribute this story however you like. ====Chapter 1==== I was walking through the forest trying to find my way back to the lodge. I got distracted and accidentally went off course while hiking and I'm worried I might not make it back in time, especially since it's starting to get dark. I don't have the slightest clue where I'm going, everything looks the same. Trees to the left, trees to the right, trees everywhere. And they're all the same exact type of tree, Maybe if mother nature would mix it up a bit once and awhile I wouldn't be in this situation. Eventually I just picked a random direction and started walking, hoping I'd either make it back to the lodge or find a road that would lead somewhere. After what felt like hours of walking I broke down, sat by a near by tree and started quietly sobbing to myself.. I had no way to get back home and these woods were so large the chances of someone actually finding me would be very unlikely. "What's wrong little one? Are you lost?" An unfamiliar voice asked. I looked up and it was a women, she had long light brown hair, huge breasts and she was certainly the tallest women I ever saw, she was a regular giantess. I must've looked like a literal child to her. "I have no idea where I am or how to get home, I got distracted and got off course. I have no idea where the lodge is." I replied, wiping the tears off my face. "Aww you poor thing! Come here, you can stay with me for the night." The women picked me up and draped me over her shoulder like you would an infant. "Uhm, I can actually walk myself.... miss....." I said awkwardly "Emily, and I figured as much, but you're so little it'd probably take you forever to catch up with me and I'd rather not have to keep stopping just so you could catch up, it's easier this way." Emily said to me, bouncing me up and down like you would a cranky baby. After a few minutes of walking we reached Emily's cabin in the woods. Once we were inside Emily took me to the guest room and put me down on the floor. "You must be tired, so I'll leave you here to rest for the night. I'll help you get to the hiking lodge in the morning." Emily smiled handing me a glass of milk before walking out of the room, closing the door behind her. The guest room was nothing special, just a small room with a bed, nightstand and a dresser, more than enough to suite the average guest. I dropped my backpack on the floor, drank the glass of milk, placing the empty glass on the nightstand and passed out on the bed. I woke up to find Emily at the foot of the bed putting a diaper on me. "What's going on here?" I said confused and slightly startled. I tried to squirm away but my body was strapped to the bed. "Aw did I wake you up sweetheart? Mommy was just putting a diaper on you. I thought you already had one on, but when I came to check on you, you didn't." Emily said putting on the last pieces of tape. "I'm not a baby! I don't need a diaper." I said, still trying to keep my composure, since this giantess did let me stay at her place and she might just genuinely be confused, since from her point of view I probably do look pretty infantile. "It's okay Honey you don't need to pretend to be a big boy for Mommy." Emily reached into her bra and took out a Baby's Pacifier. "Now open wide. Mommy has something yummy for you." Emily moved the Pacifier towards my lips. Instantly I clamped my mouth shut, turned my head away "I wish you wouldn't fuss so. I'm just doing what's best for you." Emily started rubbing the front of my diaper. I couldn't help but moan from the stimulation Emily was putting on my penis, which caused my mouth to open uncontrollably just enough for Emily to shove in the Pacifier and tie the straps around my head. "There's a good boy. Don't you feel much better now that you have your paci? I bet you do. Now give it a good suck." Emily instructed still stimulating my penis through my diaper. "Nuhuh" I said muffled through the pacifier shaking my head in refusal. "Okay sweetie, I tried being nice, but if you're going to continue being fussy you're going to have to be punished." Emily untapped two pieces of tape at the very front of my diaper, revealing a crotch hole. Emily fished my penis out through the crotch hole and slipped a cylindrical device onto it, placing two sticker-probes to my balls which attached to the cylindrical device via wires. I tried to let out a yell but all that could be heard was a muffled "MMMMMMMM." Pressing a few buttons on the device Emily made the small LCD screen on the front of the device go from 000 to 024. Instantly the machine started to stimulate my penis, causing me to moan and squirm uncontrollably. "I'll leave baby to his new toy for a little while." Emily said before walking out of the room. I don't understand it, 'what exactly is the punishment here?' I thought to myself. This machine just keeps stimulating my penis, which will just lead to a pleasurable climax. what's the punishment in that? Well just as I was about to reach climax.... the machine stopped. I just sat there strapped to the bed moaning and squirming, both because I wanted out of this situation and because I wanted some release. After my penis got a little softer the machine turned back on and started stimulating me again. After the 3rd time the machine restarted I started sucking on the pacifier in my mouth to distract me from the absolute misery of not being able to reach orgasm. The pacifier did actually help comfort me, it didn't completely remove the sexual frustration induced by the machine, but it certainly helped reduce it. Several minutes later Emily walked back into the room. The machine had started and stopped about 12 times at this point. "Is baby enjoying his special toy?" Emily walked over to me. As soon as Emily saw that I was sucking on the Pacifier her stern facial expression turned into a happy loving smile "Oh good, baby is sucking his paci like a good boy! Well in that case I think the machine has done it's job." Emily turned off the machine and disconnected it. "That's just one of the many punishments I have for little boys who don't do as their told. So if I were you I'd start being a little more cooperative." Emily patted my diapered butt. "Now I'm going to go back to bed. Goodnight baby." Emily left the room, shutting the door and turning off the light on her way out. I furiously started jerking my body against the restraints shortly after Emily left the room, hoping that I could either squirm out of the straps that kept me tied to the bed or that I could rip the straps somehow and manage to escape. I just kept thrashing and jerking my body trying my absolute best to escape the situation I was in nomatter how tired I got I persisted. Until I heard a snap. The straps restraining me to the bed finally snapped, allowing me to take the Pacifier out of my mouth and take off the diaper that Emily put on me against my will while I was sleeping. Everything was working according to plan up until I tried to take the diaper off, not only could I not take it off, but when I tried a loud beeping sound started going off. I could hear footsteps approaching the guest room, I began sweating profusely. I don't know this women or what she's capable of, from her size alone she could probably snap me like a twig without even breaking a sweat. As the door creaked open the sound coming from the diaper got even louder *BEEP BEEP BEEP*. "Did baby try to mess with his diaper?" Emily asked slowly moving towards me as I backed myself into a wall. "Don't be scared baby, I wont hurt you and neither will the alarm. I can see I wont be able to keep you in the guest room, there's way too much you could hurt yourself on in here." Emily scooped me up and started rubbing the front of my diaper slowly, causing the alarm to turn off and me to get an erection. "It's okay baby, Mommy knows you didn't mean to be naughty, but don't worry, Mommy is going to move you into a room that's far safer." Emily stuck her finger in my mouth, preventing me from talking as she took me down the hall into a room with a sign saying "Nursery" on the door. Instantly I was greeted with baby stuff as far as the eye could see, there was a shelf full of various baby things, bottles, pacifiers, diapers and even a bunch of items I had never seen or heard of before. "Okay baby, this will be your new room." Emily placed me in a large metal baby crib replacing her finger with a pacifier, which she strapped around my head. "That'll keep you quiet while I prepare your nighttime paci." Emily said picking up a baby bottle full of a milk-like substance. Emily then took another pacifier off the shelf unscrewed the end cap and screwed in the baby bottle into it. Not really a fan of the idea of drinking whatever it is that liquid in the bottle was I looked around to see if there was any possible way out of the crib I was in. The crib had a roof so I couldn't climb it and the metal bars made breaking it almost impossible, it looks like If I want to get out of here I need to be out of this crib first. Emily walked over to me with the milk filled pacifier in hand. With ease she held me still, took the pacifier out of my mouth and replaced it with the milk filled pacifier, strapping it to my head so I couldn't spit it out. "That's it baby give your nighttime paci a nice suckle." Emily tied my body to the crib making the possibility of escaping that much more difficult. Milk slowly dripped into my mouth even without me sucking on the pacifier due to small holes allowing a slow drip feed of milk to continuously flow into my mouth. "Be sure to drink it all, it's good for you. I'll see you in the morning and when I do all that milk better be gone." Emily walked out of the room turning off the light and closing the door behind her. There I was, alone, strapped to this huge metal crib with a pacifier strapped to my head, slowly drip-feeding me milk whether I sucked on it or not and to make things worse my body was tied to the crib so there was no way I could escape. Without even noticing it I had started sucking on the pacifier in my mouth for comfort, which caused the steady drip of milk to turn into a steady stream instead. I wasn't even half-way finished with the liquid in the pacifier before my eyes started to feel very heavy all of a sudden. I tried with all my might to keep my eyes open and to keep myself awake, but my sudden urge to sleep got the better of me and I passed out in the crib still sucking on the pacifier. ******* Emily was watching Daniel from the comfort of her computer desk. She had over thirty surveillance cameras scattered across the whole house, five of which were in the nursery. "Aww baby's all tuckered out, I don't blame him he's had a big day and it way past his bed time. The poor thing needs some sleep. Good thing Mommy Emily gave him some milk to help relax him. Hopefully he finishes all of it by the time I check on him tomorrow morning, otherwise I'll have to punish him again and I'd sure hate to have to do that." Emily giggled. ====End Of Chapter 1==== Well there's chapter 1 of Emily's Cabin. I hope you enjoyed it. I'd absolutely love to see what you guys have to say! Chapter 4 of "Babied By The Sitter" is in the works as well as Chapter 2 of this story. I've also attached the unreleased 4th chapter of Babied By The Sitter which eventually turned into this story for you to read, kinda as a special treat Babied By The Sitter Unreleased Chapter 4 Emily's Cabin ~ A Kasarberang Story
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