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Found 3 results

  1. I feel like this has been done in a story before but if so, I can’t find it. It’s set in the 80s, which isn’t important, except my inspiration was a vintage huggies ads. Full disclosure - as with my other story, this was written with the assistance of a LLM. Chapter 1 In the heart of a bustling suburb in the early 1980s, a spirited six-year-old girl named Lucy lived in a modest, warmly-lit split-level house adorned with the typical decor of the era. With bright eyes and an ever-present smile, Lucy’s imagination turned the family’s backyard into grand stages and faraway lands. She was an only child, the apple of her parents' eyes, and the center of their world. Peter, Lucy’s father, was the quintessential working man of the '80s, spending long hours in an office filled with the hum of typewriters and the scent of fresh ink. Despite his busy schedule, he never missed one of Lucy's impromptu living room performances, cheering the loudest from the comfort of their floral-patterned couch. Anne, Lucy’s mother, had the air of grace and patience about her. As a stay-at-home mom, she dedicated her days to raising Lucy, who she saw as a bright star just waiting for her chance to shine. Anne’s friends were part of a social circle that buzzed with tales and tips about the entertainment industry, and it was through them she learned the power of child modeling as a stepping stone to acting. The path seemed clear, and Anne, with her resourceful nature, started to gather information on local modeling agencies that worked with children. She transformed their dining table into a strategic planning area, with phone numbers, agency pamphlets, and lists of upcoming auditions. Anne and Peter believed in nurturing Lucy's dream. They saw her not just play pretend, but transform with a conviction that seemed well beyond her years. Lucy’s delight in performing was evident; whether she was reciting lines from popular commercials or mimicking her favorite TV characters, her enthusiasm was infectious. As the neighborhood buzzed with the sound of kids playing and the chirp of crickets, the little family of three began to envision a world beyond their white picket fence—a world where Lucy’s name lit up marquees and her laughter echoed in the applause of adoring audiences. Little did they know, a simple trip to the grocery store would soon open the door to Lucy's first big break, an opportunity hidden within the pages of a magazine lying casually on the checkout counter. — As Anne stood in line, her eyes fell upon the glossy pages of a parenting magazine. Between the tips for toddler meals and the best pre-schools, a small advertisement caught her attention: a casting call from the renowned Kleenex brand, seeking children aged 2 to 4 to model for a new line of diapers. The ad noted that older children were welcome to apply, though it stressed the desire for a child who embodied the brand’s target demographic. Anne’s mind raced. Lucy, with her petite frame and youthful features, often received coos and adoration meant for a toddler. Though she was six, her small stature could be the key to fitting the casting call's unique requirements. Anne purchased the magazine, the pages soon to be adorned with sticky notes and highlighter marks. That evening, she discussed it with Peter over dinner, Lucy animatedly sharing stories from her day in the background. Peter nodded thoughtfully, his features lit by the warm kitchen light as he turned to glance at Lucy, who was blissfully unaware of the budding plan. It was a long shot, but one worth taking. The weekend was spent in a flurry of activity. Anne sorted through the countless snapshots of Lucy, finding those candid moments where her vivacity shone: Lucy grinning with chocolate ice cream smeared across her cheeks, her concentration while drawing, her infectious laughter as she played in the fall leaves. Each photograph was a vignette of Lucy's essence, and together they built a portfolio that captured not just her likeness, but her spirit. Peter wrote a cover letter, concise yet brimming with a father's pride. He described Lucy’s vivacious personality, her love for performance, and her unique situation of being a six-year-old who could pass for three. With hopeful hearts, they mailed the portfolio to the address listed in the magazine. Days passed, the regular rhythm of life resumed, but a current of anticipation hummed in the background. Every ring of the phone caused a jump, every trip to the mailbox was filled with a mix of dread and excitement. Anne and Peter tried not to speak too much of it, not wanting to build false hopes. Yet, in the quiet moments after Lucy had been tucked into bed, they allowed themselves to dream, to wonder. The waiting was a gentle ache, the kind that comes from wanting something so fervently for someone you love. And so, they waited for a reply that might change everything. — The letter was thorough, providing dates, times, a location in the city, and contact numbers for any inquiries. It emphasized that wardrobe would be provided, ensuring that Lucy would be outfitted in a way that best represented their brand during the audition. The words seemed to leap from the page, igniting a flicker of excitement and a rush of nerves. That night, after Lucy had been read her favorite bedtime story and had drifted off to sleep, her parents sat at the kitchen table, the letter between them. Anne bit her lip thoughtfully. "I wonder what they’ll have her wear," she mused. "Something comfortable, I hope. She’s at her best when she’s comfortable and can just be herself." Peter nodded, sipping his coffee. "Probably something colorful, to catch the eye. You know how she loves that red dress of hers? Something like that would suit her," he suggested, trying to picture his little girl in the bright lights of a professional photoshoot. Anne smiled softly, her mind painting pictures of Lucy, perhaps in a pastel dress, her hair in soft curls, a playful twinkle in her eyes. "They’ll want her to look angelic, like every parent’s dream of the perfect child," she said. The two of them talked late into the night, discussing logistics and the subtle flurry of what-ifs. But underlying all their practical plans was the shared wonder at the notion of Lucy, their Lucy, possibly becoming the new face for a national brand. — The morning of the audition, the city was abuzz with the kind of energy only a big event could generate. Lucy, clad in her favorite red dress, clutched her mother's hand tightly as they approached the venue, her eyes wide at the sea of families. The queue snaked around the building, a colorful parade of potential stars, each child bubbling with anticipation or fidgeting with impatience. Peter and Anne exchanged supportive smiles, bolstering their spirits against the tide of nerves. When their turn came, the check-in attendant handed them a package of Huggies diapers and a Huggies-branded towel, explaining the somewhat surprising instructions. Around them, the open space had transformed into a makeshift changing area, with parents adeptly preparing their toddlers for the spotlight. Anne's maternal instincts bristled at the idea of changing Lucy in such a public setting. Peter’s brow furrowed in concern, but they understood the reality of the situation — they were one of many, and the audition was a machine with little room for privacy. Finding a relatively quiet corner, Anne laid down the towel with a gentle assurance to Lucy, whose initial bravery wavered. "It's just like getting ready for a swimming lesson," Anne coaxed softly. Lucy, sensing her parents' unease, nodded, a mature understanding flashing in her young eyes. With a privacy shield formed by her parents, Anne quickly changed Lucy into the diaper, her movements as discreet and swift as possible. Once ready, Lucy stood up, the Huggies diaper fitting perfectly on her small frame, her red dress now folded neatly on the towel. Peter draped a light jacket around her shoulders, offering a semblance of privacy, and Lucy managed a small, brave smile. As they waited for Lucy's turn, her parents couldn't help but marvel at her composure, the way she handled the situation with a grace that belied her six years. The air was electric with the murmurs of onlooking parents and the soft cooing directed at the younger children, but Lucy stood out — not just for her age, but for the poise with which she carried herself, her eyes shining with the promise of what was to come. In the bustling atmosphere of the audition, with the murmur of voices and the occasional click of a camera shutter forming a backdrop of anticipation, Lucy felt a growing discomfort that had nothing to do with the nerves of performing. Shifting from one foot to the other, she finally leaned closer to Anne and whispered, "Mom, I need to pee."
  2. This story is one of the sequels of the Happy Family. It is Johnny’s story after closing the Happy Family. Part 1: Johnny was sitting in his stroller and his adoptive mother Alice was driving the stroller. They were approaching their house. There was a letter in the post box and Alice read the sender: ‘The district court‘, She was a bit surprised; Alice didn’t pay too much attention to the local news and she enjoyed taking care of Johnny. He was a very good baby due to the fact he often was in his adult mode. Anyway at that moment he was not. Alice entered her house, put the letter onto the table and focused on the small boy. He was smiling at her as usually. Alice checked his diaper and put him onto the changing table. His diaper was soaked and Alice still was a little confused about the changes in his behavior. Nobody told her about the adult mode and Johnny himself couldn’t speak yet. When he was in adult mode he always notified Alice of his urge and she could put him onto the potty in time. He sometimes wished he could be without diapers in these periods. However the adult periods were not regular and Alice didn’t understand why he sometimes notified her and sometimes not: “Johnny, you are all wet,” she pretended being strict, but the small boy laughed at her. Of course, she wasn’t angry, cleaned him and carried him into his room. She put a lot of effort to building a home for her desired child and his nursery was beautiful with a comfortable crib, a small cabinet and many toys. The walls were painted in pastel colors and there were pictures hanging on them. Alice put Johnny on the floor and went back to the kitchen to open the letter. She opened it and a cold chill ran down her spine. Her idyll was over suddenly. The investigators had found her and her husband and they had to give Johnny back to his biological parents. Alice had to read the letter several times until she broke into tears and called Henry, her husband. He was still at work, but he promised her to come home immediately. Johnny didn’t understand what had happened, but he felt that it was something bad. He started crying as well and Alice ran to him and lifted him onto her arms: “My little boy, your mom has to give you away. It shouldn’t have happened.” Henry came half an hour later, read the letter and fear appeared in his eyes: “Oh my God! Hopefully we won’t be charged of kidnapping.” Alice startled; she didn’t think of this possibility. Later in the evening when Johnny was asleep already, Henry hugged his wife: “My dear Alice, what have we done? I don’t regret the money, but imagine the poor mother. We have to try to make up for our deed.” Alice nodded: “I hope his mother will understand us. Henry, I love Johnny and I don’t know what I do if he is away.” --- Johnny was scared when his mom was crying and he didn’t understand why. He was sad and couldn’t fall asleep for a long time. His sleep was restless as well. The next morning he awakened and realized he was in the adult mode. He tried to remember what had happened yesterday. However Alice didn’t read the letter aloud and he didn’t know about it exactly. Johnny could read, but the letter was far from his reach on the kitchen table. His bladder was quite full, but he didn’t want to disturb his mom after yesterday. There was no watch in his room, but it was early in the morning and she was probably asleep. Johnny reached down to his crotch and checked his diaper. It was thick and not very wet. He probably wet only once in the night. Although he often was in adult mode, he wet his diaper every time he was asleep and didn’t like it. Now he was wet and had to pee. The adult in baby body had to decide what to do. He checked his footed sleeper and found out he would be able to unbutton it, but the diaper was taped shut and it was a problem for his tiny fingers. Moreover he couldn’t get out of the crib without risk of an accident. Johnny had to choose between calling his mom and wetting the diaper for the second time.He stood up to call when the pressure in his bladder grew too much and a hot stream of pee soaked into the diaper. Johnny sighed and lied down. Alice woke up about half an hour later and came to check on Johnny. Tears were running down her cheeks when she was lifting him from the crib: “My little Johnny, your true mom has found you and we have to give you back.” This time Johnny realized what had happened yesterday; he smiled at Alice and stroked her cheek. He wished he could tell her some soothing words. Alice stared at him in an utter surprise: “Johnny, do you understand me?” He nodded and Alice almost dropped him. While she was cleaning him on the changing table, Alice asked Johnny: “You sometimes notified me of your urge to pee or poop. Will you do it now?” He nodded again and Alice didn’t put a diaper on him. However she was curious about how long his state lasted: “Johnny, how long can you notify me?” Johnny closed his eyes and pretended a sleep. Alice nodded. At the breakfast Johnny took a small spoon and fed himself easily; his bib was almost clean. He notified his mom of his urge to poop and Alice put him onto the potty in time. The small boy surprised her again when he took a children book and started reading. Suddenly the bell rang and a police officer along with a couple was standing on the porch: “Good morning. Mrs. Dotson; you probably know why we are here,” the officer started the talk: “Let me introduce Sean’s parents Mr. and Mrs. Swanson. Their son has been captured by the Happy Family and you bought him. His true name is Sean Swanson.” Alice almost collapsed and tears were running down her cheeks. Johnny/Sean crawled to her and hugged her legs. Mrs. Swanson caught Alice and turned to the officer: “Would you be so kind and wait outside until we get our Sean. I think your assistance isn’t necessary just now.” He nodded and went back to his car. Mrs. Swanson turned to Alice: “Can we go in and do everything in a friendly way?” Alice nodded and invited them to the living room. Sean was following them. Mrs. Swanson lifted him on her arms: “Sean, do you remember me? I’m your mom Helen and you have a sister Susan.” At that moment Sean recalled everything. The names of his mom and sister were enough to give him his memories back. He nodded and hugged his mom. All of sudden he realized he considered Alice his mom seconds before. Alice was a good and loving mom during the few days. He tried to speak: “M-m”, he pointed at Helen: “M-m” he pointed at Alice. Helen smiled at him: “Sean, can you have two moms?” and he nodded. His adult mind wanted to find an optimal solution. If his mom did an agreement with Alice, they wouldn’t hurt Alice that much. “Sean, do you really want we both be your moms?” The small boy nodded and smiled happily. Alice cried: “I … I … love him truly. I’m barren and we considered the Happy Family a legal institution. They promised us to perform everything necessary and provided us all documents. Sorry for being that naïve. I really didn’t want to steal a child from his parents. I’ll do everything and I give you all you need for the small Jo … Sean. Can I see him once a month at least?” They sat down at the table and Helen turned to her husband: “Adam, what do you think?” He nodded: “Helen, this lady seems to be sincere and Sean probably loves her too,” Sean smiled and nodded immediately. Helen realized Alice was really a desperate woman who couldn’t have her own children and did a mistake instead of a regular adoption. She loved Sean and Sean loved her: “Mrs. Dotson, I don’t mind if you come to see Sean whenever you want to. However I don’t know if I can ask you for a favor. Do you know anybody who can babysit Sean while we are at work?” Alice’s heart jumped: “Mrs. Swanson, I’m willing to do it personally and for free; it would be a pleasure for me to be with him every day. I gave up my job when we adopted Jo … Sean and my husband is a manager in a big company; so he is able to earn our living without problems.” Helen smiled: “It is a good idea for you as well. Let’s take Sean home now. Would you be so kind and give him some clothing?” “Of course, you can have everything,” Alice stood up and left for packing Sean’s clothing and toys. Sean poked Helen: “E -e,” he pointed at his crotch. Helen realized he wasn’t wearing any diaper and turned to Alice: “Is Sean potty-trained already?” “Not exactly. He seems to have periods when he understands me and he is just in this state.” Helen remembered the news articles about Happy Family experiment and the adult mode. Alice showed her the bathroom and Helen sat Sean on a potty. Half an hour later they were ready to leave and Alice gave them the car seat for Sean. Before leaving Helen turned to Sean: “Sweetheart, we have a longer way ahead. I should put a diaper on you.” Sean sighed, but he nodded; his bladder was small and he wasn’t able to hold his pee long; he also could fall asleep and get back to the toddler mode. Helen lifted him onto a couch and put a diaper on him again. Alice was standing in the doorframe and waving at Sean while Helen put him into the car seat and Adam sent the police officer away. He didn’t want to do any accusation against the poor woman.
  3. This story is a sequel of A.H.C. and it refers to the former story Happy Family Part 1: “Elna, look at this article,” Amanda passed the news to Elna. Elna just returned from her afternoon lessons. She also read and stared at the article wide-eyed: An unusual daycare. A big criminal plot took place in Willingcester. Teenagers were captured and turned into toddlers by means of a strange regression machine. Babysitters were hired to take care of the regressed children in a luxurious villa. A brave babysitter found out about the plot; unfortunately, she also became a victim of the regression. Unfortunately, the villa owners managed to flee before the police arrived, but the regression machine was secured and transported into the local university. The villa was confiscated by the county and turned into a daycare for the regressed children. Several of the children live in that villa and run the daycare; their minds are adult, and they were declared of age despite their body size and condition. The whole article was longer, and there was even an internet link happy.children.us on its end. “I can’t believe my eyes. There was another criminal company like the A.H.C! It is terrible though,” Elna sighed and shook her head, “fortunately, the criminal activity was stopped at least.” “Elna, look at the daycare idea. It would be great to have such place here. I’m not the only A.H.C victim and we could meet there and have fun together. Let’s look at the daycare” Both Elna and Amanda were surprised by the site. It was created by pros, and there were many details about the villa. Besides of the rooms and equipment photos, a very important information was included. The operating costs were covered by the parents and several relatives worked as babysitters or staff. Nevertheless, two regressed girls did all administrative work and accounting. Amanda spent almost an hour browsing the site when she heard the entrance door opening. “Daddy is coming,” she smiled and stood up, “Elna, could you change me please? I’m all wet.” “Okay, let’s go to your bedroom,” Elna stepped forward. Amanda followed her, pulled down her tights, and jumped up onto the changing table. “I will meet more friends and we would have a great place to have fun together,” Amanda turned to Elna while relaxing on the changing table. “I don’t think about fun only. You could have school and possible job there just like those at the Happy Children daycare. Everything would be adapted to your condition,” Elna replied and cleaned Amanda’s wet crotch, “but where do we find a building and who will pay for it?” “Elna, the parents of the A.H.C children are wealthy persons and maybe they would welcome this idea. Let’s ask dad first,” Amanda jumped down and pulled up her tights when Elna diapered her. They hurried up to the kitchen and sat down to the table. “Well, an interesting idea, sweetheart,” Nils nodded when Amanda showed him the article and explained her idea, “however, I’m taken aback by the second criminal company.” “Do you know about a building, daddy?” “No, I don’t, but we could ask more parents of the A.H.C. children if we find them. However, how do you want to find them?” “What about Facebook? I will establish a group. Maybe somebody joins my group. What can I lose?” “Okay, let’s have our dinner first,” Nils smiled and put away the news. Helga brought the plates with food and Amanda did her best to eat her portion as quicky as possible. She didn’t need any help. After dinner, Amanda crawled down from the chair and ran to the living room to create the Facebook group. A.H.Club – the group for the A.H.C children, their parents and friends. Join our group and let’s build a center where we can meet, learn, work, and have fun. Have a look at the happy.children.us Amanda finished her session and yawned; she was getting tired. At the same moment she felt her stomach growling and a mass of poop filled the back of her diaper. “Elna, I need a bath and clean diaper, please,” she walked over to Elna’s room. “Okay, sweetheart,” Elna lifted the little girl in her arms and carried her to the bathroom. Amanda almost fell asleep while Elna was giving her the warm bath. Ten minutes later, Amanda was sound asleep. -- -- -- -- The next day, Amanda took her homeschooling lessons before logging on to Facebook. However, she was surprised when more than ten people had joined the group – A.H.C. children and their parents. That was definitely a good start. The discussion in the group included several topics. All group members welcomed the basic idea of a place to meet. Besides the virtual meeting on Facebook, they supported the actual center like the Happy Children daycare. Most of the parents promised financial support of the project, and a mother even knew about an appropriate building. It was a former kindergarten. The building was owned by the county, and it was in a good condition. After a small maintenance and furnishing it could be used as a daycare. “Elna, we can start. Look at the replies,” Amanda turned to Elna when she returned from her morning lessons, “let’s go to the playground and find Sigrun and Kirsti. I’d like to tell them the news.” “Okay, let’s check your diapee,” Elna poked Amanda’s nose and reached down to her crotch, “of course, wet. Up to your room.” Sirgrun was enthusiastic about the project, and she even promised to help with babysitting or cooking. “What if we asked Mia’s mom?” an idea hit her, ”Mia also could spend her time at the center, and her condition could improve.” “Well, what can we lose if we ask her?” Elna nodded and they headed to Olsens’ house. Mrs. Olsen was a bit friendlier even if she shook her head, hearing about the project. “How can it help my Mia?” she sighed heavily. “At least, she won’t be alone. What if the little children improve her mood, if not her condition?” Amanda objected, “You also could work there, Mrs. Olsen” “Okay, it’ an attempt worth,” she finally nodded, “Amanda, you surprise me by your maturity.” “Yeah, an almost adult teenager in a two years old body and with a wet diaper between my legs,” Amanda grinned and suddenly realized that the poor Mia was in an opposite condition – a teenager girl with a baby mind. “Thanks, Mrs. Olsen, we will,” Amanda added and said goodbye. She and Elna headed home. “Daddy, I’ve had success with the Facebook group,” Amanda reported her father at the dinner. “Okay, sweetheart, but we have a lot of work ahead. It is not easy to build a center like the Happy Children. Do you know what we have to arrange?” “I know, daddy, but I also rely on you and your help.” “Of course; it is really a good project and I’m proud of my smart daughter,” he smiled and kissed her forehead. That evening, Amanda fell asleep and had wonderful dreams about the center and her new friends.
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