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Found 3 results

  1. The experimental school. We had all been called to a large assembly, not too uncommon since it was the 3rd day of school. Then again what was common in this school? Walking along in the crowded hall, I longed for my days before this school. So simple, hang out with friends, go bowling or to a movie, or just hang out at the park. Things were so much simpler then. And then I signed that stupid contract. I didn't have the money for a good college, I had the grades to get in but not good enough to get a ride on. I never really played sports, what I did have was a head for creativity and original things. That's what they had said got me not only accepted but desired here. Nothing about it added up. Why would you expect more out of middle level students? I'd get my degree but I had to stay at the school until graduating. Oh I got some time off campus but not much. Isolation was key, they said. No outside interference. They even restricted the TV and social media coming in. They had made their own social media platform as well. But now, I have almost graduated from this hell hole, everything I think about it my heart jumps. I was so close, one more year. I could see them trying to control me past graduation though. This place didn't let go of people. Some people had tried to quit or drop out. Each time they tried to leave without permission, they'd just turn up again on campus. Same excuse every time too. "I changed my mind, so I came back." I had asked a friend once, he gave me the same answer but when I asked why he said he wasn't sure why he changed his mind. This school was going to try and reach into my life beyond the gate. I could feel it. Whatever, it wasn't in my contract, I'd figure it out once I was free, that contract only went as far as the gates. I entered the large auditorium which doubled as a theater. It had about 500 seats in it and a stage. Long black curtains that sat at the back of the stage. On a projector screen was a welcome message that cheerily read "A time to change, and a time to be changed!" The picture in the background had students smiling and laughing. Only girls would have had the nerve to use that dumb of a slogan for the year. I knew better than to voice that opinion out loud. A girl might hear and that would definitely invoke her privileges. Probably means something about bettering yourself and others and the school or some such nonsense. Completely stupid. Last year was "Better school, better you, better world." It wasn't getting better… On the stage sat the student council, the ruling body of the school. They enacted all policies, procedures, disciplinary rules and punishments for those enrolled. Get bad grades? Then you ended up cleaning the floors. Get in a fight? Well, let's just say that wasn't happening anymore. The list of rules and consequences was quite extensive, it wasn't something one could memorize. The list was probably so long that it couldn't be memorized on purpose. If you couldn't memorize it, they could get away with whatever they decided was inappropriate. I wasn't much of a stand out, mischief maker so I rarely got into trouble. Though it had happened. I found a seat near a large group of other guys, I wasn't really in the mood to mingle and this school put a huge damper on dating, it was not a rule mind you, just not what most guys wanted to deal with. In the end, the mood for romance was kind of dead when you were not able to really have much of a say in any relationship. At least when the other side had won. Oddly enough when his side had won, I had found a girlfriend relatively easily. I tried a couple times but it just never worked out. Supposedly your "personal life" was exempt from the rules but how did that work when you were a society separated from the world and it was governed by a certain group. We lived and breathed in this school, there was no escaping it while you were in the walls that surrounded the campus. It was filling up in the auditorium and the school student secretary stepped up to the mic. "Hello, everyone!" She started cheerfully. "I know we are all anxious to start so let's hurry and find our seats. We need to start on time or we will be late for the rest of the day." She was in charge of time keeping and she was very passionate about it. She was the quintessential nerdy girl, goggle glasses and all. There were only about 300 people in this school. Its numbers kept small by the sheer fact every student had been hand picked to come here. You had to have the right personality, be willing to take a leap of faith, be creative, the list went on and on. It was more about personality than anything else, or so it seemed. Some of the students here were among the lowest scoring students in their respective high schools. I had a few friends that shouldn't have been able to get into college let alone anything prestigious. Hopefully this will be short and sweet, I thought, we can just get it over with. Boring speeches were not my thing. I waited impatiently fiddling with a pencil, we had not been allowed to bring anything with us including phones. They always cited "we should pay attention instead of playing with a phone." Like we were some kind of kindergarteners. Weren't we supposed to be self governing? That one only went as far as they wanted it to. About 5 minutes later the vice president got up and called the meeting to order. "Welcome to a new year at the Complete School of Forward Thinking." A cheer went up among the students, mostly from the girls. "I am Sarah Glockins, I will be your vice president again this year." Another pause and another shriek from the girls. She was not as bad as the others but she was still on the wrong side of the fence. "On behalf of your returning body of student leadership I'd like to welcome our new students AND our returning students to our great halls again for another year of learning and growing. Well, maybe just learning for some of us." She giggled and I caught the cryptic sense she had something up her sleeve. This wasn't good. Not in this school, surprises tended to leave you in a bad place. It never ended well, especially when the girls were in charge. I had learned the hard way that anything cryptic like that meant trouble for me. I was truly done with this school, if I wasn't so close I'd have found a way out of here. This year was going to be hell, I knew it too. Truth was, things had been getting progressively more intense over the last 2 years that the vote had gone to the girls. I was two seats from the aisle, only a little bit from the door. Girls were standing guard there. They wore something on their hip, it seemed too small to be a weapon or a stun gun. The fire escape seemed to be unguarded, but it'd probably be locked until an actual fire alarm. State of the art alarm systems would stay locked now until the alarm went off. Everything in this damnable school was state of the art too. Everything was brand new all the time. They really did have a limitless budget around here. I guess if you were doing an experiment you had to do it the best way possible. Plus, if the scope of the experiment was true we were designing a new form of government to implement in the real world, then "no expense spared" was a good slogan. Sarah rambled on about the new year and the slogan, the guy sitting next to me leaned in, "I can't believe they won again, after last year you'd have thought it was a shoe in for them to lose." I nodded. They had incorporated a few punishments that went above and beyond the normal and no one had stopped them. It seemed like the approval rating would have dropped after that. The voting system was complex and required everyone to put in a visible and tangible token. This made cheating literally impossible. It had been a landslide win again. The count wasn't even needed. The girls' tokens had filled the tube while the guys remained half empty. Of Course you never had any idea who voted for what. You were alone when you voted. Granted that had been the terms of the experiment. The students were self governing for the most part. The teachers stayed out of it and allowed those on the winning side to lead as they saw fit. The only real rules were no permanent harm or ejection from the school were allowed. In short, You had to solve issues and not just shove them aside or destroy the problem. My thoughts returned to my escape route. Best option would be to go through the stage, likely the way they wouldn't think anyone would go. Why put guards up there? Everyone would see where you were going. Applause erupted around the room as Sarah finished her monotonous deluge of annoying words. She was not one I cared to be around or listen to talk. The woman had a bad tendency to squawk when she laughed, worse she was an incessant gossip. Apparently she had introduced the lone male on the stage. He was just there to represent the losing party. "Welcome everyone, I'm Blake Townsend," he paused. "Sorry gents, we lost." Holding his hands out in mock surrender. A couple girls whistled and cheered. "But we will make do and make sure we get the better of it next year. Anyway, I'll keep it short. Keep your heads up and make the best of it. I promise it'll get better this year!" Some cheers went up from the boys, they were half hearted but still some guys were still hopeful. "We can still make it a good year. If you feel like there's any unfair treatment just let me know. I'll make sure our voices are still heard." His speech was determined. "With that I give you the devil herself, student body president, Julie Buttkiss. Oops I mean Butterkiss" He was going to pay for that. From across the stage Julie stood up. Her eyes looked amused but in a dangerous way. Her look said it all, she would return the favor and she already knew how. She was the devil though, a picture perfect one, if anyone was honest. She belonged on magazine covers. It was Likely that that was how she got the position in the first place. Too many males with hard ons that would never get anything more than Blake was getting right now. She had enacted all the policies last year that had made life a living hell for anyone who was male. "Thanks Blake, and I'm sure you didn't mean it. After all, we girls have made this experiment incredibly successful." She started, her smooth voice captured everyone's ears. It almost was transe-like. "This school was founded to change the way society works. This experiment was made so that we could develop a new form of government and social structure. Why? The old way is failing, and we have young minds that are not conformed to old ideas, we can generate a new life that is fresh and will reinvigorate our world. In the beginning we were set up clean without entanglements. Given an opportunity to change ourselves, and then change others." There it was, that stupid logo that was on the screen, I zoned out as she launched into the history of this demon infested place. If you'd been here for 3 days you'd have heard this speech 3 times. We were called because we were intelligent, could add to a constructive society, we were the creative ones that could redesign the world. And now that you've signed on the dotted line you belong to us for 4 years. I tuned back into our regularly scheduled broadcast as she went back to recapping the last few years. "In the past 2 years we have raised the average grade to almost 90%. A full ten point increase. We have seen a 60% drop in disciplinary needs." She paused as cheers went up, again mostly girls. "When this school was founded, the idea was to find out who was best at running society, who would produce the best results, and even more so, who society wanted to run society. The first 2 years it was the boys. Boys," her voice dropped to an almost conspiratorial tone, "you failed us all. In those 2 years it was chaos, and not a good learning environment. Drugs, sex, you name it, it was in our halls." I had only come here three years ago, it had been a bit rougher then, even I could admit that, but things had gone the exact opposite direction once the girls took over. "With each year that we ladies have been in charge this school has improved a hundred fold." I wondered how she was measuring that. "Since this school's founding, we have risen up from the ashes quite a bit. Last year was phenomenal, our policies brought the remaining outliers back under control. For that exact reason the polices: Feminine Judgment, Retaliation Restriction, and Corporal Punishment will remain." My jaw dropped, how could the admins not stop this? Feminine Judgment meant a girl could decide a boy or girl was misbehaving. While worded carefully to avoid sex1sm, it was definitely in favor of the girls. The result was always a disciplinary panel. They decided your fate. They were always female. Retaliation Restriction, if you were called out for negatively responding to anything educational or disciplinary you were in for it. The panel was skipped and you were basically hung where you stood. Corporal Punishment spoke for itself. It was the default now. Almost everything ended up with you bent over getting your backside tanned. It had only happened to me once but I was one of the more crafty boys. Julie continued her evidence from the damned, "70% of boys received 2 spankings last year. That's a lot for you math challenged folks." She joked, not many laughed. " 96% received one. While only 10% of the girls received one, you know who you are and we ladies expect better from you this year. In the end the measures have brought this school to being the highest functioning school in all but 2 measured metrics nationwide. Isn't that wonderful?"She never paused for a cheer or acknowledgement. "And so we will be continuing our march to bring this school to the top!" She almost shouted the last words. The top of what? The heap of annoying me? I doubted it could get much worse. The girls went wild. "Ladies calm down now. We have a new policy to enact this year. It'll be the final thing we need to push us over the top on every scale that is measured in this nation. The numbers have shown that our male counterparts are not to be trusted, that they routinely step out of line, have lower test scores and final scores than us ladies. That is to say until they've been put on a better path. Today we announce the Better Boys Behavior Beneficiance.This will allow you Ladies to properly care for and love our boys. They need a good Maternal and nurturing influence to truly thrive. Her tone was serious now, my heart was racing, and I could see a few other male faces echoing my thoughts. "Upon entering, ladies, you were given a bag and told to leave it sealed until the time came. It's not that time yet. However, we need to discuss the contents inside. First you will find a card stock paper that says "your rules" on it. You will need to read it carefully at the end of the commencement. The next is 5 sheets of regular paper, on it says "their rules." My heart was in full fight or flight now. The adrenaline in my system said "GO NOW!" but if I moved I knew nothing good would come of it yet. "These will need to be given to each of your targets today. Now I want you to know, you will not likely have 5 targets. This is just in case." TARGETS!!?! What were they going to throw at us? Bad, bad, bad! "There is a bottle you will need, please use it today. I'm begging you. Not doing so could leave you in violation of your rules and lead to corporal punishment or worse." This was getting crazy, if the girls would be held accountable like this then it had to be massive. I was already gathering myself to run. I wasn't really sure where. The contract guaranteed a free college ride but it also guaranteed you stayed put until you graduated. Once the year started you never left campus. Some families had a home here and lived with students but mostly the students stayed in dorms. The really hard part was the 15 foot wall that ran around the campus. We were told it was security but the barbs on the top were aimed to keep people in not out. Not that anyone tried to get in. "There are some other things in there including a paddle, if you need it today, and a couple other supplies for routine maintenance. The last thing in there is very important. It is the reason we all came together. It's also what you will need most today. Ladies when I say this I want you all to remain calm. Show your maturity. You see, the goal is to give boys a good example to grow into. You need to be that example, this is also not retribution but a lesson. They need to be controlled for both our good and theirs. I know you're excited ladies, but contain yourselves. If you open that bag too early it will ruin the surprise. Boys, I'm begging you, make it easy on us ladies. Please do not fight this. I promise rewards to those that are good boys. BIG rewards." That was not setting me at ease. Some other guys had already given in, just dreading it all, you could see the defeat in their eyes. Heads buried in hands. It didn't take long to be ground down if you didn't go with the flow but they had decided it was better to not be dust. Some girlfriends trying to console boyfriends, the smiles on their faces were not helping. "Those that try to resist will be punished severely." Of course they would, so far that was the only part I believed. "Now ladies, the last item in your bag is five… big… fluffy…white…crinkly… DIAPERS!" Her voice was so excited, she seemed like she was about to jump the podium. Her face was the image of a psychiatric ward patient who had been given the freedom they had wanted since being confined years ago. Everyone in the room went silent except one, his expletive echoed across the room. "What the f@*$?" He wasn't getting the "rewards" for sure. My mind latched on to that last word. She couldn't be implying the girls would be putting boys in diapers. There was no way they were that crazy. No one would allow that. As if she was reading his mind "I know ladies you are confused. I assure you this is for the best. You will be diapering the boys today. The boys have proven to be a large part of the problems here and are in need of a bit of feminine touch. Remember to treat them as well as they are behaved, they are not meat, but they are to be wrapped up today, be as loving but firm as a mother would be. Now in good faith, I will be taking care of our good boy Blake here who chose some inappropriate things to say to me. So," Reaching beneath the podium she pulled out a large rectangular white thing. I immediately assumed it was one of these diapers, "ladies, shall we begin the great diapering? You may open your bags now!" Without another word she whirled on Blake whose face had gone sheet white. I could only hear zippers from bags being opened as he protested from his seat. She went straight to work on his belt and zipper. He gave an attempt at stopping her but he wasn't fighting or running as much as he should have been. Maybe he knew something I didn't, but I wasn't going to find out. I snapped out of the horror show and looked around, girls were reading their cards, most of the guys were in a state of despair, they had just given up and were going to allow whatever happened to them happen. Being grabbed by a girl they just followed orders. A bunch were fighting back, the group around me was backed together trying to stop the feminine onslaught, the girls outnumbered the boys by a good bit and the group was being grabbed one by one and overpowered. One fool just dropped his pants and laid down grinning. Not sure what was with him. No one had even come for him yet. Some cried in defeat. Being in the center of the group of guys I wasn't in any immediate threat. I watched as girls laid boyfriends down and padded rears, each taking time to use powder, some began to administer punishments to ensure obedience, it only took a few swings to start eliciting yelps from some. The process was insane. Even outnumbered, it was taking time to work through them all. It gave me a minute to think. I needed to start my escape plan, I began to work towards a weak spot in the line trying to dissect the group around me. "John Belinger!" My name echoed from the mic. "I see you, do not move! You belong to me." That psycho, Tammy Garland. Unfortunately, she was also the treasurer. She likely had already known about this and had planned to make him hers. She'd had a crush on me for a year. My only spanking had come from her, unjustly I might add. She was intent on ruining my life. I thought I'd shaken her off last year by hitting her with a giant water balloon filled with a rancid smelling liquid we had found near a dumpster. Tammy had never given up, asking me out multiple times, I wasn't even being polite about turning her down anymore. Knowing her, She probably had a diaper labeled with my name from the very start. Seriously, the dumb girl labeled everything. I scanned around the door, the guards were still there. They had a device in hand that looked like it was designed for a medical purpose instead of anything else. I hadn't seen it used on anyone so I wasn't completely sure what it was yet. All around me boys were being diapered. Some whose pants were already at their ankles, some protesting and promising, even begging. It saved none of them. A couple girls had already diapered males sitting next to them smiling with joy. Feeling it up and down as they were inspected. Why were they so happy about this? There only seemed to be a few girls who thought this was not a good idea. They sat off to the side judging and pointing, one stifled a laugh as she watched a boy getting a beating. I could even see a woman teacher closing in on a male teacher. She was smiling from ear to ear and beckoning him with one finger and a diaper in hand. When she reached him she didn't hesitate, his pants dropped to the floor as she stripped him. She hooked his leg as he tried to back away, tripping him to the floor. His legs went up and she placed the diaper under him. I could hear a bit of his protests. "I'm a teacher not a student, we are not a part of this experiment." She, oblivious to his objections, went to work. He was powdered thoroughly and properly covered. I watched long enough to see it pulled between his legs. That psycho was probably getting close, the stage was empty aside from Blake and Julie who had finished her work and was inspecting Blake's rather puffy butt. The line of girls around me had thinned to the point where there were gaps. They had snagged enough males I could get to the edge easily. It was that moment I decided I was not going to join Blake. I'd find a new university, who cared. There was no amount of debt I was not willing to go through to get out of this. I bolted to the side of the room breaking through the girls there, and ran toward the stage. Up the stairs and toward the curtains at the back. "JOHN!" The president's voice interrupted my run. "You won't get out. We are in lock down, now be a good boy like Blake here. Tammy is going to take care of you, I promise." Her smooth voice dulled my desire to run for just a moment. She sounded sincere, calm and genuine. Blake took that moment to warn me, "John, get out, she said they will never let us out of these things, GO!" I heard him yelp as Julie leveled a slap to his thighs. "You be quiet." That was all I needed. I took off out the back. I managed to use a door in the back that led to a dressing room. Another guy was on his back here, he seemed to be enjoying the moment, at least from the state of his arousal he was. The girl simply looked me up and down "looks like you won't be getting the rewards promised." I didn't care what that meant. In the hall, I was greeted with 2 girls yelling at me to "wait where I was," yeah right. They held the same devices I'd seen on other guards. I ran on never slowing down until I was sure I was out of sight. I began checking exterior doors, one after another, all locked. I began to despair at the idea I'd get out of the school itself. I'd deal with the fence once I was free of the building. Every door and window was sealed magnetically. I would need to find a window I could break. Most of them had webbing in them that stopped being broken easily. The second floor would probably have the opportunity I needed, no one was concerned about someone breaking in up there. Maybe a fire escape, I could trigger the alarm and get out. As I ran I saw a small outlet with the a fire alarm pull. I half slid half fell and scrambled back down the hall. This had to work. I broke the glass cover and yanked on the alarm…. Nothing. Maybe it was a silent alarm. I shouldn't have been surprised, but the door wouldn't budge. I didn't wait too long to mourn the failure. I shot off like a rocket again. "There!!" A voice rang out behind me. It was male! What the hell? I was already around the corner but my surprise almost tripped me up. I recovered and flew into a stairwell. My lungs were burning as I wound my way up a flight of stairs. Into the hallway, I needed a place to hide. I had to catch my breath and get enough time to form a plan. If they'd just give me 10 seconds…. As I went down the hall I opened all the doors around corners and into new halls. I doubled back about a third of the way down a hall and went into the second to the last door I'd opened, checking to make sure they were not in sight. Hopefully that would throw them off my scent. I ducked into the dark lecture hall, there were chairs and desks in a normal row pattern. I hid myself among them. Hopefully, if they did come in they would still miss me. "He came down this hall, someone stay here, if he makes a break for it we will know. Everyone else, let's start searching classrooms." My heart froze. I could hear the click of women's heels on the hard floor in the hall. They were getting closer and closer. *click* *click* They stopped seemingly at the door. "I'll check the next one." I didn't recognize the voice. "OK, I'll check this one then." A new voice announced, I hadn't heard footsteps of two people. Then There were at least three of them and one was probably a dude. Was I screwed or what? How was I getting out of this? "John?" the new voice asked. "John, if you are in here, I promise if you are a good boy, I'll make sure you get rewarded still." I could barely breathe. My hands felt numb. "John, we want what's best for you. I promise it won't hurt at all." I saw movement, it was the teacher that had pampered another teacher. Her ankle length flowery dress seemed to be taunting me as she moved through the room checking the few hiding places. My hiding spot under the desk should keep me relatively unseen due to it being dark in the room, but she would find me eventually. "John I'll make sure you get taken good care of, even if I have to do it myself." Her voice was motherly. "John, I know you're scared, that's pretty normal, and that bloodbath in the auditorium didn't help." She seemed for all the world a sheep in wolves clothes. She sounded like the devil, everything sounded good but wrapped up a deadly intent. "But don't worry this can be good. You won't avoid it but you can enjoy it. It's up to you, John." She kept using my name, it was unnerving. If I attacked her who knew what would happen, I'd rather not deal with the aftermath of that. "Come out John, stop hiding, you can't get out. The school is locked down, the doors locked, windows are sealed, John." She was moving between the desks now, I would have to make a break for it soon. "Tammy is here too, John. She is going to be your guardian. John, she is so excited to help you. You don't understand how lucky you are. John, you need to come out." I saw her dress round the corner as far from the door as she was ever going to get again. It was the best chance I had. I chose that moment to bolt. "John stop!" The teacher yelled. She Didn't bother to run after me. It should have been a warning, but my path was already set. I Was almost through the door. I was definitely not stopping. As I passed the door, without warning I was tackled. We went to the floor of the hallway. "Just take it easy man, this'll be over soon." Was all he said. "Who are you? What kind of traitor are you? Get off of me!" I shouted and struggled. I twisted violently; it was enough to get a better view of the traitor. I didn't know him, he was blonde with a chiseled face. He was strong enough to hold me but with effort I could probably get out. "You're not seeing the bigger picture John. We males were ruining this place, they are fixing it. I sided with them to help us get better." His voice strained as he tried to keep me from freeing myself. "John, I'm going to help you accept what we are doing here." It was Tammy, my efforts doubled, the adrenaline coursing through me seemed to double as well. She held one of those devices the guards had in the auditorium. "Leave me the hell alone you b!+(#" I growled at her. I twisted the traitor off of me and sat up. It was at that point I noticed he didn't have pants on, and in full display was one of those diapers they had put on all the other guys. My mind rebelled at the thought, I tried to hurl myself away from him, but that momentary pause was all it took. I felt something pressed to my back and a sharp pain. It only lasted a second and a wave of intense numbness started to form. I didn't wait to figure it out, or atleast I tried not to wait. I made it 3 steps before whatever had been injected into me took effect. My legs stopped working all together. I dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes. What nightmare is this? I began to try and army crawl away. I had to get away. What had she done to me? "Don't worry it's temporary, John." Tammy said coming up behind me, she rubbed my back, shushing me. I was just trying to escape. Not that an army crawl was going to get me out of here. I was never getting away now and I realised it. I collapsed on the floor and rolled away my legs limp and trailing behind me. I batted at Tammy to get her to leave me alone. "John, this won't last long so we need to get you in your diapers before that ends, I don't want to have to inject you twice." I laid my head back and began to sob, never responding to her. She didn't deserve a response. I was hauled back into the lecture hall and onto the professor's desk. "Don't be so intolerant, man, they are actually pretty comfortable, soft and you won't need a toilet anymore." The traitor went on. "Who brainwashed you? Or are you just this pathetic?" I yelled through the tears. "What kind of person just allows themselves to be made into a baby?" Tammy moved between my knees interrupting my tirade. She unbuttoned my pants and grabbed the sides of my underwear and shorts yanked them off. "You're being such a good boy now. John, I'm glad you're letting me do this. It's better this way, you'll see." I realized I wasn't fighting back anymore and my hands had been released. What did it matter? I couldn't run. "John, I'm going to put this on you now." Patting another white rectangle that I had become way too familiar with. "You don't know all the rules yet, and that's ok, but my rules are that your care and schooling are now my responsibility. Once I tape you in, I am your guardian." "Guardian?" I squawked, "what's that supposed to mean?" She sounded crazy.``Remember the day when you signed your paperwork so you could come here free of charge and get a degree. You were promised that degree, in exchange You also promised to follow the rules of the school no matter how they evolved?" I did remember that line but it hadn't been framed that way. "Remember this school is an experiment on how society could be. We are shaping the future of our nation, and maybe the world." For the first time, something touched my mind. They may be crazy but it could follow me wherever I go, it could infect the world. "You're all sick." I spat at her. "John, you boys are dangerous, always in trouble. The only time you are not is when you are in the care of your mothers. When you are under a good motherly love. That is when a boy is at his best behavior. We are going to put you boys back where you belong, at your 'mother's' skirts. Now be a good boy." She sighed, this was the behavior of someone who was insane, but she didn't seem crazy, she was calm and put together. "I know it's no secret that I like you." She leaned down and gave a slight peck on my cheek.``this could be so much better, if only you'd just let me do this one thing" "It's not just one thing, you want to ruin me. You're a wh0r3 like the rest of them." "John, you're so angry. It'll be ok, you'll see. Your perspective is the only thing making this bad." I knew I wasn't getting out of this, in my core I was trapped. Giving up the fight I layed still and just accepted the inevitable. "Whatever." I muttered. Tammy laid her head on my chest as if she was hugging me. I could smell her soap. It was nice. Gentle like a flower but strong enough not to be missed. My legs may be paralyzed but my arms weren't, I pushed with all I had, "Don't touch me." At least I would have this memory, the one of her surprised face falling onto her rear. My hands were immediately held in place by the teacher and the other guy. They weren't letting go anymore. I was effectively immobilized now. It took her a second to recover. "John, I'm going to let that one go, because I know how traumatic this day has been. However, anymore outbursts and I'll give you the second spank you've gotten from me." She seemed to consider something for a second. "Maybe reading your rules would help you to understand better. Maybe reading both our rules would help. Hmm? What do you think?" "That's a good boy", she produced 2 pieces of cardstock paper. Holding one up she read it like you would to a small child. "Rule one, you will wear diapers at all times, the only approved time without one is bathtime and when being changed. Rule two, the boys bathrooms are now boys changing stations, until all toilets are removed they are off limits, once they are removed they will be off limits unless you are with your guardian. Rule three, you will use your diaper at all times, if you refuse, the incontinence injection will be used. This will render you without control for a time, after 5 shots it will be permanent. Rule four, your guardian, the one who taped you into your first diaper, is in charge, what she says, goes. Rule five, if you fail in these things there is an acceptable list of punishments she may use. Rule 6, pants are to only be worn when weather requires it, your guardian needs to have access to you at all times, she will also make the decision on pants." Tammy leaned down and looked in my eyes. She did have a prettiness to her. Not like a girl who was just in it to be a "hot chick." It was more subtle, more real. She was a psycho though. So no matter what, she was a no fly zone. Placing a hand on my chest, "I have wanted to reward you for a long time, will you let me now? Will you be my good boy?" Placing the diaper on my thigh she slid her hand to my groin. "I promise this will be worth it" My curiosity never even engaged. Blake's words came back to me, and I just laid there not even sobbing or acknowledging her. My pants around my knees, Tammy turned and grabbed her bag. "These diaper bags are great, so many pockets." Producing a bottle of baby powder she went to work, rubbing it in. Making sure to hit everything, she went on for a long time, trying to get me going. "Nothing huh?" The disappointment in her voice was not very satisfying. At least not as much as I wanted it to be. "You really don't get how much I hate you." She pulled something from her bag that I didn't get to see well. She Never paused, she plunged it into my belly below my belly button. I felt the pressure of the injection, and screamed as the pain hit. I felt it burning my insides. All the sudden it was like a knot I didn't know was there just released. As fast as it started it ended. "What did you do to me?" Tammy smiled, caressing my face, "I'd say there are about 5 seconds before you find out. You're going to be a good boy. Since diapers are not a punishment but me educating you, I have levied a punishment for your negative behavior." I felt the need to pee and tried to clamp down on my muscles. Tammy quickly unfolded a diaper and laid it over me. At that moment I realized she had destroyed my continence. I had about half a second to come to terms with it before I made the first mess of my adult life. "Oh no, I guess you will need me. For at least the time being, the first time should last a week or so. The second injection is about 20 days, the third about 2 months. Number four will last close to a year, and well, number 5 will have you gloriously fluffy for life." She chuckled at that. My depression grew bigger, it was like a void opening below me that I fell into. She wouldn't have time to make it permanent but she could definitely do some damage. "Calm down," Tammy had gone back to that crazy tone where she seemed emotionless. "I have the fix for you too, a nice fluffy diaper. Now let's get you taken care of. "I hate you." I said "But I love you, and I'll make you a good boy." She smiled an almost sad smile. "I understand your anger but for now, before you make another mess, let's diaper you, my good boy." The diaper was raised between my legs as I felt a final dribble escape and trickle into the padding. It was gone as fast as it leaked out. She slowly taped me in. Chatting about her rules the whole time, I wasn't listening, I was mourning my life, I would never survive this no matter how I struggled, I'd be ground to dust if I tried… _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_ I had not planned on continuing this but I have a few ideas, if it gets enough support to keep it going, I'll be motivated if not it'll die here lol. BB
  2. Chapter 1 This is the story of a red panda with pink fur. Her name is Alice. She was not supposed to live past the age of 2. Her parents are both also red pandas but with normal fur. Her mom's name is Jane and she is 5 foot 6. Her dad's name is Cree. He is about 5 foot 9. They were both normal in height and both lived normal lives. They quickly fall in love after meeting at an archery contest. Jane and Cree made it to the semi-finals. Both of them have hit all their shots right on the bullseye, all they had to do was not miss or get distracted. Jane smirks at Cree giving him a cheeky wink. She yells over to him. "Hey, tell you what you beat me and I might let you get to know me better. But if I win you are going to buy me lunch." Jane says and blows a kiss at him. His mind was racing. He was never much of a lady's man. He just liked archery and kept to himself he never had a girl come on to him like this. He took a deep breath In and out. He shook his head and took aim. She might be hot and a girl but she wasn't going to take it easy on her. "Don't miss cutie~" Jane yells at him giggling. This makes the man panic and let go of his arrow pointing straight up. The arrow comes back down, landing right through his foot. Cree screams as Jane runs over to him. "Oh no! I didn't mean for that to happen! Just relax, this might hurt a bit sweetie." She says yanking the arrow right out. This causes Cree to scream trying not to cry in pain. He didn't want to look weak in front of someone so cute. He watched as she took off her sleeved shirt leaving her only in an undershirt and rips it up and ties it tight around his foot. "Let's get you to the hospital, I think I owe you that at least. Then maybe you can buy me that lunch." She says smiling at him. His voice cracks as he goes to speak. "Cree…" He says blushing but still in a lot of pain. She giggled but looked confused. "M-my name that is…" Cree says in a panic. Jane smiles and hugs him. "My name’s Jane, nice to meet you cutie. Though I wish it was better circumstances." This was their first time meeting; they were both about 22 years old at this point. They grew closer and closer before eventually getting married a few years later. Though it had to be said Jane never let Cree play the dominant one. She loved him but also loved to be on top. This might have caused the problem where Jane got pregnant. It was another year later but after some casual sex and wearing out the red panda boy Jane found out she was pregnant. She screamed from the bathroom. She had no intention of having kids. At least not yet. She couldn't believe how badly she wanted him the other day and didn't get off him letting him go full load in her. Cree runs into the bathroom. "What's wrong?!" He asks. She just sighs again. "Looks like we are going to have a kid…" Cree was overly excited but Jane not as much. Maybe secretly, over the next few months, she got more and more excited about the idea. Then after finding out it was a girl she was even more excited. She couldn't wait. Her belly grew more and more. Before one night they laid down to go to sleep her water broke just before she was out. They rushed her to the hospital where she screamed and cried as she gave birth to their new daughter. They named Alice this was Jane's idea she was named after her grandma. But something was off her fur was not red like her mom and dad but pinker. She was taken away by the doctors to get the normal check-up and cleaned up. Cree held Jane's hand. "Pink fur huh? What could cause that? My whole family was red I believe?" Cree says. Jane looks down thinking then looks up nervously. "I remember my grandma telling me of a story that she had a boy with pink fur but…" She says then covers her mouth beginning to cry. "B-but he didn't make it…" She continued. Cree tears up. "Surely not! She will be fine… I-" Just then the doctors walk into the room and hand Jane the baby. Alice just cries till she sees her mom before she just smiles reaching up at her. Jane smiles letting the newborn play with her fingers. The doctor then sighs. "I have something important to say. I'm sorry but she… will be lucky to make it past the age of 2. She has a very rare sickness, it has to do with a rare mutation that causes her fur to turn pink. I have never seen a child live past the ages of two but I hope I'm wrong, I'm sorry." They both broke into tears hugging her tight. They wanted to give her the best life they could before she could leave them. They took her on trip after trip, almost never spending time at home. They took her to theme parks and just all over the world, they spent all the money they had on her. But one day on Alice's first birthday all this stress and going out every day for so long put Jane into a heart attack. Cree rushes her to a hospital straight to the emergency room. She was lucky she made it through but she will have to stay at home and try not to push herself. Anything crazy, exciting or stressing on her heart again might kill her. Alice was about a year old now and the family was celebrating her first birthday. Alice was sitting In her high chair looking up at her mom and dad. "Happy birthday princess!" Cree and Jane yell. As they cheer and laugh. This makes Alice laugh and hits her tray with her hands excitedly. Jane and Cree both give her a big cake saying we love you on it. Suddenly Jane begins crying. "Eat all you want baby girl… w-we might not get to do this next year." Cree Hugs her and she begins to bawl. Alice looks excited by the cake and begins to make a mess while eating some of the cake. After a while of playing she looks up at her mom and dad crying then also begins to bawl not knowing what's wrong but knowing something is wrong. The rest of the year was spent as peacefully as possible to make sure Jane didn't go through another heart attack. This was rough on the family after the last year but they made it through. It's been a decent year but no changes are seen by Alice, no worse condition or anything. They ended up taking her to the hospital to be re-tested after hours and hours of waiting as the doctor walked in. Alice was playing with some toys in a small playpen while Cree and Jane watched. "We got good news! We don't understand how but she doesn't appear to have any of the symptoms anymore but there's still some strange things going on. She might be ok if only a few defects later on in life, But keep a very close eye on her." They both looked excited and hugged laughing and crying. But suddenly the strain of this excitement hit Jane as she screamed and held her chest. She was quickly rushed to the hospital. Cree grabbed Alice. He was crying and hugging her so worried about his wife as she was rushed to a different room. Alice was worried about her dad just playing with his shirt and chewing on it looking up at him. They sat out in the waiting room for nearly 8 hours then the doctors walked in looking down. "Cree… we are so sorry but Jane has passed from a heart attack. We did everything we could, we are deeply sorry." Cree hugs Alice tight and cries like crazy. Alice also begins to cry because her dad was crying. Cree knew he was losing someone this year but his wife was not what he expected. Many years pass after this. Alice is now about 10 years old and 4 feet tall. She was oddly short for her age but it wasn't crazy. Cree comes into her room while she sleeps and shakes her awake. "Time to wake up princess and get ready for school. I got to work too. I probably won't be home when you get home so I'll have a babysitter for you when you get home." Cree says. Alice grones and sits up. "But daddy I don't want a babysitter. I'm 10 years old now and I'm not a little girl anymore…" She says rubbing her eyes. Cree smiles and hugs her. "I know sweetie. But I just don't want anything bad to happen to you. I couldn't stand losing you after losing your mom about 8 years ago today." Alice hugs her dad. "I'm sorry dad… I wish I remembered mom. What was mom like daddy?" He smiled and rubbed her head. "Honestly she was a lot like you. Stubborn and going to have it her way. But she was loving and caring. She loved you so much. I miss her so much." Cree says. Alice frowns looking down. “But I'm just happy to have my little girl!” He said as he tickled her. Both him and Alice laughed and she smiled at him after he stopped. "Now get in the shower. Make sure you get clean this time." Cree says as he walks out of her room. She giggled. “Ok, daddy!” She jumped up and grabbed some clothes that were normal for her age. They looked about normal, maybe a little more childish than she wanted but it wasn't crazy for a 10-year-old. She goes to the bathroom and takes a shower and puts on some blue shortalls on then puts on a cute blue hat heading down to the kitchen. Her dad was already gone but had a pb&J sandwich sitting out for her. Alice smiles and takes walks outside and sits on the porch waiting for the school bus. She swings her legs happily and eats her pb&J. She had a pretty decent life. They might not have tons of money or a perfect house but it was a better life than living on the street or something. Suddenly the bus honks. Alice jumps down off the porch and runs off to the bus with her backpack on, She gets on the bus and looks around. There were a few people that stuck out to her. One was a young boy in the front; he always sat up straight holding his books and smiled at Alice. She gives an awkward smile and waves back. He was a human that wore a shirt with Eevee on it. They were playing tug of War and wore some aqua shorts. He was always super nice to her and she pretended to be nice to him. She didn't hate him, he was just a little weird and always talked about protecting her and stuff. It was kinda creepy to her. The next was a little lion, his mane hasn't grown in yet but he always teased Alice. He wore a camo shirt and jeans. He smirks as Alice passes. "Hey Alice and here I thought you wore pants to school, not just underwear!" She jumps and quickly looks down but she did put on clothing. Why was she tricked by that? She stomps her foot. "Dang it, Ram! I hate you so much, you are such a jerk!" She yells going to the back of the bus and sitting embarrassed. Suddenly the bus driver yells. "Stop fighting back there!" A few people around ram laugh just mocking Alice. Alice sits thinking to herself. "I hate this stupid school… Why can't daddy just get me out of it? They told me I technically don't have to go. Something about… my symptoms might come back eventually, that when I'm grown up I'm going to be set for life apparently?" She sighs and looks out the window watching as they drive away from her home and slowly to the school. Later she's in class, and the bell was about to ring for the next class. The teacher is talking to the class. It's a Female Cow in a long blue dress. "Ok class, tomorrow is bring your mother to school day! So don't forget to have her sign that paper so she can come in to talk about her work and other activities." The class cheered excitedly. Alice just frowns and lays her head on the table the teacher looks worried and as the class was leaving she stopped Alice. "Hey, Alice? Can we talk?" She gulps and panics. "I didn't shoot the spit wad at Ram! He started it!" The teacher looked confused and sighs. "That's not what I was talking about, but good job incriminating yourself." She said giggling. Alice looked surprised then puffed out her cheeks and crossed her arms. "Not fair…" She smiles and rubs Alice's head but she smacks it off. "So what do you want?" Alice asks, the teacher leans down, getting face to face. "Is something wrong with your mom? You seem to get upset when I talk about it?" The teacher asks. She looks down. "My mom died when I was young… i-i wish I knew her…" She tries to keep talking but she begins crying as the teacher hugs her, Feeling awful. They gave her off mom's day to stay home with her dad. Unfortunately, her dad got called into work too so she had to be with a babysitter. She loved her dad but she wished he could stay home more and be with her. Many more years later Alice is now 16 years old. She has not grown one-inch thanks to her strange illness. She's still 4 feet tall. Just like a normal day her dad walks into her room. "Alice, time to wake up. You're going to miss the bus." She sits up quickly only wearing a bra and panties and jumps out of bed. "Shit! Why did you let me sleep in so late?!" Her dad sighs. "Alice, please watch your mouth. You know I don't like that language." She shakes her head and shrugs. "Dad, I'm 16! I might be small and only 4 feet tall but I'm still 16! You got to let me grow up!" He laughs looking down. "Sorry, I know I know. You are just so cute. I'm happy to know you won’t die. Your mother's probably so happy. But being so small forever is a shame. I know it's been hard with school." Alice got dressed in a similar outfit when she was 10 years old. "I wish normal clothing would fit me at least… I hate wearing such childish clothing. Can’t we order special order clothing?" Her dad sighs. “You know I don't have that kinda money. As much as I would love to.” Suddenly there's a honk. "Shit the bus! Got to go, dad, love you! We can talk later!" She hugs him and runs out of the house just catching the bus. In the front there sat the same boy but definitely more Older. Everyone on the bus was 16 now. Even ram he had a bit of a mane now looked like a mean lion now. But oddly she sits right beside him. He throws his arms around her and she smiles. "Wow, cut it close huh? You didn't even comb your hair." She blushes and puts her hair down with her hands. "Oh shut up ram. My dad woke me up late." She sighs and lays against him. "You are nice and comfortable." Alice says, he smirks and leans down, and kisses her. She blushed and covered her face. "Love you." Ram said. Alice smiled back. "Love you too." Turned out Ram used to tease her because he liked her. It took her a while to fall for him but he was the only boy that seemed to like her. He was still kinda a dick but she was loved, right? After the bus ride, they got off and waved as they went to their classes. She was suddenly stopped by her three girlfriends. One was a squirrel she only wore skirts and dresses. Today it was a yellow summer dress. She was a foot and a half taller than Alice. Next was a mouse. She was white-furred and kinda a bitch but she was kinda nice to Alice. Then last was a cat she was striped with black and orange. "Hey, Alice! Are you still coming over today after school?" The mouse asks. "Hey Brittany, uhh ya I think so? We are staying all night right? I might need to get some clothes to sleep in but definitely." The squirrel smirks. "Oh ya, she needs clothing for a toddler because she is so small." Alice blushes and glares. "I'm not that small Cali!" The cat speaks up next. "Oh, Cali don't tease her. She can't help it if she still needs to wear diapers." The group laughs and Alice blushes like Crazy. "Sam! Ahhh! I'm going to class. I'll see you all after school! Or maybe I won’t, it might be nice." She goes to her class and the group laughs more before smirking at each other. It seemed the group had a plan for her. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoying this? Join my patreon to read the next 10 chapters! https://www.patreon.com/Little_Rie
  3. Hello people as I don't have the same "desire" as everyone else here I would still like to post a link to a blog that I started. I'm 4 days into it well anyways it's a blog about 30 days in diapers. Blog: http://30daysindiapers.blogspot.com Feel free to follow and make comments or questions on my blog, I'll respond to them when I get the chance.
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