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  1. Liz stood tall in front of the mirror, illuminated by the soft glow of the bedside lamp. Her once male body has been transformed into a more feminine shape, yet she still scrutinizes every inch of herself with a critical eye. Her skin is smooth and supple, the unblemished surface reflecting her inner beauty outward. She admires her face with an intense stare, appreciating the delicate features that betray her true identity. Her eyes are a bright and piercing green that catch the light in a way that draws one in. The harsh angles of her masculine jawline have softened significantly, replaced by a more feminine slope. Her lips are full and luscious, painted in a deep shade of ruby red, accenting her olive skin. As she focuses her attention lower, she runs her hands eagerly up and down her body, relishing in the sensations coursing through her. The curves of her hips and thighs are especially alluring, the very embodiment of femininity. Her hands drift upward towards her ample bosom, running over each breast, cupping them gently with a loving touch. A low moan escapes from her lips as she pinches each erect nipple, reveling in the sensations that ripple through her body. Liz dips her hands down towards her crotch, teasing her cock and balls lightly, her breath quickening as she imagines what's to come. She flashes a coy smile as she runs her fingers up and down her inner thigh, making an S-curve to her pert ass. She eyes the reflection over her shoulder, admiring the round and toned cheeks, running her hands up and down the smooth skin before giving them a light squeeze and a playful slap. But as she steps back from the mirror and looks towards her bed, Liz's apprehension begins to grow, for tonight she will embark on a journey that will lead her down an uncertain path. Liz steps away from her full-length mirror and walks slowly towards her bed, trying to calm her nerves. The soft carpet feels comfortable on her bare feet as she makes her way to the side of the bed. She takes a deep breath and flips the covers up before dropping to her knees and reaching underneath the bed. Her heart is racing as she feels around for the large plastic tub she had hidden there. The nervousness she had tried to ease earlier is now almost overwhelming. But she knows what she has to do, and there's no turning back now. She finally feels the tub and starts to pull it out from underneath the bed. It's heavier than she remembers, but she manages to get it out and sets it on the carpet next to her. With her heart pounding in her chest, she grabs the lid of the tub, and with a pop, she takes it off. Liz closes her eyes for a moment, taking a deep breath before she reaches inside. She can feel her nerves starting to settle as she pulls out what she had hidden away. It's time to face her fears and hope for the best. Liz's hands begin to tremble as one by one the hidden contents are removed from the tub. First came the diapersThey were pastel blue and pink with prints of teddy bears and cartoon animals. She ran her fingers over the soft, padded material, marveling at how they look and feel like real baby diapers. Liz picks one up and studies it closely, noticing the elastic waistband and leg cuffs designed to prevent any leaks. She sets the diaper aside on her bed and moved on to the next item. The next item to be removed from the tub as a ball gag. It was red and made of a firm rubber material. Liz picks it up and examines it, feeling the weight of it in her hand. She wonders how it will feel to wear it and what kind of noises she'll make. Next, Liz picks up the small paddle up out of the tub. It was a small black leather paddle with hole at the bottom of the handle. She examined the smooth leather surface and feeling its weight in her hand. Liz began imagine the sting it will cause on her skin. How she had never used one before and expected to cry out in pain when struck by it. Only time would tell if that would hold true. The flogger was the next item removed from the tub. It is made of soft black leather strands that dangled from a sturdy handle. Liz ran her fingers over the strands, Feeling each one slip through her fingers. She imagined how they'll feel against her skin. It also came to her mind that she wondered if this too would make her cry out in pain. The final item Liz removed from the tub was the nipple clamps. They were small and silver with rubber tips designed to prevent slipping. Liz examined them carefully, wondering how much they'll hurt when she applies them. Liz takes a deep breath and takes one more look at the items laid out before her. She knows she wants to explore these toys and experience new sensations, but the fear of the unknown is overwhelming. She wonders if she'll be brave enough to follow through with her plan or if she'll chicken out at the last moment. With her heart racing, Liz decides to take the plunge. With her hands shaking and her heart racing, Liz takes the diaper in her hands and unfolds it, laying it out on her bed. It crinkles softly as she does, and she feels a rush of excitement mixed with apprehension. She knows that what she's about to do is not something most people would understand or accept, but she can't help the way she feels. Taking a deep breath, she climbs onto her bed and lays down on the diaper. It feels soft underneath her butt, and the diaper crinkles more as Liz adjusts the diaper before pulling the front up over her crotch and using the tabs of the diaper to tape it into place. She knows that once she's taped in, she can't take it off, and that makes her feel even more vulnerable. With the diaper on, Liz climbs off her bed. She stands there, feeling the new sensation of putting her first diaper on since she was a baby. There's a sense of freedom and release mixed with the thrill of the taboo. This is something that she was curious about, but never had the courage to try. With her hands, she explores the diaper now taped on her. Running her hands over the soft, smooth plastic, she lets out a soft moan. The diaper feels good against her cock, and she runs her hands over her diapered butt, giving it light squeezes and pats. Liz gathers up the ball gag, paddle, flogger, and nipple clamps in her arms before exiting her bedroom. As she walks down the hallway, her heart is racing. She is really doing this, and it's finally happening. She knows that there's no turning back now. Exiting the hallway, Liz takes a deep breath before stepping into the small den. Her heart was still racing from the nervousness of carrying the kink items, trying not to drop them on the floor. As she set the items down on the computer desk, the crinkling sound of her diaper became deafening in the otherwise silent apartment. With a deep sigh, Liz bent down and turned on the computer tower, listening as it hummed to life. As the computer booted up, she sat down on the comfortable computer chair, feeling the thickness of her diaper between her legs. With a shaky hand, she opened the internet browser and typed in a URL address, hitting enter. The address brings up an adult cam site, and Liz quickly logs in with her credentials. With trembling fingers, she clicks on the tab for rooms and selects her private room. She notices that the room was already filling up with eager viewers, waiting for her to appear on the cam. A wave of nervousness and self-doubt washes over Liz as she realizes the gravity of what she is about to do. She takes a deep breath and clicks the button to enter her Cam room, knowing that there was no going back now. The room of Lesbians was waiting eagerly for her to begin, and Liz's heart raced with anticipation and trepidation. Liz sat there in her private cam room, feeling a mix of excitement and apprehension. It was always nerve-wracking to put herself out there for anyone to see and judge, but she loved the thought of finally getting some attention. As her room loaded up and the notice of her appearance popped up on the chat, she couldn't help but feel a small surge of excitement at the number of messages she was getting. Most of them were the standard compliments on her appearance - how cute, how sexy, blah blah blah. But there were a few that stood out, commenting on the curves of her body and speculating about what she might be willing to do on camera. Liz couldn't help but feel a little flattered, even as she braced herself for the inevitable creepiness that would come with this online interaction. Without warning, Liz reached for something off-screen. She brought it up to the camera slowly, letting her viewers get a good look at what it was before she did anything with it. It was the red ball gag, the kind you might see in a BDSM scene. Suddenly the chat was a flurry of activity, everyone eager to see what Liz was going to do with the gag. Without a word, she opened her mouth wide and fit the ball inside, fastening the strap firmly behind her head. As she did so, the messages in the chat grew increasingly lewd and suggestive. Some complimented her on how cute she looked gagged, while others speculated about what else she might enjoy having in her mouth. For Liz, it was equal parts thrilling and unnerving. She loved this new feeling of desired, but there was always the nagging worry that these wpmen didn't see her as a person so much as an object to be used for their pleasure. And while she found herself loving playing the submissive on camera, there was a part of her that wondered if it was worth the cost to her self-esteem. But for now, Liz put those worries aside and focused on the rush of adrenaline she felt as she started to perform for her viewers, gagged and subservient on camera. For better or for worse, there was no turning back now. The show had barely just begun, and Liz's heart was racing. She was nervous, but also excited to continue her performance. Taking a deep breath, she stood up and stepped back to give the best view of her diaper for all to see. The comments came pouring in, filled with love and lewdness for her appearance. More comments came as Liz began running her hands over the soft plastic like fabric of her diaper, Liz felt a wave of pleasure wash over her body. She let out a soft moan as she pressed against the diaper, feeling it crinkle and mold itself to her body. The gag in her mouth made it hard to breathe, but it also added to the eroticism of the experience. Liz turned around to give her viewers a full view of her diapered butt, feeling a hint of embarrassment but also a sense of liberation. She had always been a bit shy about her body, but being in this submissive role made her feel empowered in a different way. After a few minutes of showing off her diaper, Liz sat back down to catch her breath. Liz's heart was pounding in her chest as she continued to stare at the endless stream of comments pouring into her chatroom. It excited her to know that she had such an impact on her audience. She found herself enjoying the power and control she now had over those watching her. Without hesitation, she reached for the nipple clamps laying on the computer desk. She knew what her audience would love to see next, and she was not going to disappoint them. As she held up the clamps for all to see, a rush of comments and reactions flooded the chat. Liz closed her eyes and took a deep breath, knowing what was coming next. She applied the first clamp to her left breast, letting out a moan of pain and pleasure that was muffled by the gag in her mouth. She repeated the process with the second clamp on her right breast, feeling the pressure build up inside of her. After a moment, Liz leant back in her computer chair, showing off the clamps to her audience. The chat went wild, filling up with comments about how much they enjoyed watching her in pain. Liz then took her fingers and began to flick the clamps, sending waves of shocks through her body, causing her to moan louder, and her chat to explode with excitement. She was lost in this new world of pleasure, reveling in the moments of ecstasy that she could give her viewers. Liz found herself not wanting this moment to end, and neither did her audience. Liz took a deep breath, forcing herself to quiet her mind and focus on the task at hand. She closed her eyes, relishing in the cool air blowing from the AC vent against the hot flush of her skin, and took a moment to adjust the clamps on her breasts. The sharp pain of the clamps had begun to dull to a more manageable ache, but Liz knew they would continue to be a source of pleasure throughout the remainder of her show. After a few minutes, she opened her eyes and checked the chat. The messages were still flooding in, with viewers expressing their admiration for her performance. Liz moaned quietly around the ball gag as she stood up from her chair and turned around, giving the audience a full view of her naked, diapered body. She ran her fingers over the surface of the diaper, feeling the crinkling material under her touch. The smell of her arousal was starting to intoxicate her, and she knew she couldn't hold back much longer. Liz leaned back into her chair and closed her eyes as she reached down and grabbed the crotch of the diaper and gave it a firm squeeze. She could feel the warmth of her own arousal against her skin as her throbbing cock pressed hard against the confines of its padded prison. Liz began to rub the crotch of her diaper, slowly at first but soon her pace became quicker and quicker. The sound of rapid crinkling of her diaper becaming deafening and Liz knew that the chat had to be blowing up right about now. She moaned louder now, the sound muffled by the gag, as she brought herself closer and closer to the edge. Liz was momments away from climaxing into her diaper when she stopped her rubbing and pulled her hand away from her diaper. The time for this would come but not right now, there was still much more to show to her auidence. She opened her eyes and looked at the chat, seeing the messages of appreciation and adoration flooding in. Liz smiled from behind the gag, her heart pounding in her chest, as she realized that the rush of emotions and the pleasure of performing for her audience was both intoxicating and arousing at the same time. She leaned forward towards the camera, letting the viewers see the glossy sheen on the ball gag and the drool leaking out from behind the gag. The chat was a buzz with many comments from her viewers about what pretty eyes she had and how hot they found the condition of the ball gag. Liz leaned back in her computer chair and watched the chat for a bit as she caught her breath and slowed her heart rate. Liz took a deep breath as she sat at her desk, staring at the camera before her. She knew her viewers were expecting more from tonight's performance, and she was determined to give it to them. Attempting a sly smile from behind her gag, Liz reached out and grabbed the paddle from her computer desk, holding it up high for all her viewers to see. The moment the paddle came into view, the chat came to life with a flurry of messages, ranging from excitement to pure lewdness. Liz couldn't help but feel a rush of emotions as she read through the messages. With a confident look in her eyes, Liz began swishing the paddle through the air, letting its whistling sound echo through the room. She could feel her cock pressing hard against the confines of her diaper, as she realized just how much power she held in her hands. And with a deep breath, she started the next part of her show. She leaned back in her computer chair, her bare thighs exposed as she took the paddle and began to smack it against her skin. She moaned softly into her gag, relishing in the small surges of pain that shot through her body. Her viewers watching intently as she alternated between her thighs, the paddle making a satisfying thwack each time it connected with her skin. The chat became a flurry of messages as Liz's thighs began to turn pink from the paddling. Her viewers cheered her on, urging her to spank herself harder and harder. Liz complied, and soon the shade on her thighs was turning into a nice dark shade pink. Taking a few deep breaths, Liz kept the paddle in hand and pressed it against her diapered crotch. The sound of the diaper crinkling was music to her ears, and she began rubbing the paddle harder and harder against her padded crotch. Liz could feel her cock pushing back from inside the diaper, straining against the soft padding.She moaned softly into her gag as more slobber and drool coated and escaped her gag. the combination of pain and pleasure taking her to a place of pure ecstasy, and the chat was a flurry of messages from all her viewers both loving what they were seeing as well as pushing her to do more. As she continued to rub the paddle against her diaper, Liz felt herself getting closer and closer to the edge, but it was still not time for the climax, there was still more to do. She stood up from her computer chair, and turned around to show her viewers her diapered ass. They immediately became excited, and many of them began leaving lewd message as they knew what was to come. Liz couldn't help but feel empowered by the attention. Bending over and using the chair for support, Liz raised the paddle and began to smack her diapered ass with it. The sound echoed throughout her room, and she could feel the vibrations of each strike spreading through her body.Despite the pain, Liz was in ecstasy. She moaned into her gag as she continued to paddle herself, feeling her cock press into her diaper with each strike. It wasn't long before her cock was good and hard and leaking precum into her diaper. Satisfied with this part of her show, Liz sat back into her chair with a satisfied sigh from behind her gag. After breif minute, Liz reached out and picked up the flogger from her desk, she could feel the excitement building within her. She knew that her viewers were still watching her every move and it made her feel powerful. Holding the flogger in her delicate hands, Liz slapped it lightly against her open palm. The falls of the flogger landed gently on her skin, but she knew that with each stroke, the pain would intensify. She slapped it against her hand a few more times, testing its weight and feel. Liz had never used one before and unlike the paddle she had read that some serious damage could be done with a flogger if not used properly. Once satisfied with the flogger, she turned around to show off her backside to the camera. Making sure her diaper was visible, she began to swing the flogger over her shoulder, striking her back. With each strike, Liz moaned loudly into her gag, the pleasure and pain mixing together to create a heady sensation. She switched hands, swinging the flogger over her other shoulder, the falls landing heavily on her back. Liz was lost in her own world now, the sensation of the flogger on her skin and the tightness of her diaper causing her cock to leak more precum. When she was finished, she slumped back down in her computer chair, trying to catch her breath while slobber and drool leaked from her gag. Her back was marked with bright pink welts from the impact of the flogger. It had been a good show, but she knew it was time to bring this show to an end. Liz took a deep breath before reaching down to open one of the drawers of her computer desk. She knew what she was looking for was in there somewhere, but her fingers fumbled as she dug around in the disorganized drawer. Her heart was pounding as she felt the eyes of hundreds of viewers waiting for her next move. The chat was buzzing with anticipation of what Liz would do next. Every move she made was being closely watched and analyzed by the eager audience. Finally, Liz's hand closed around what she was looking for. She pulled out a small pink vibrator and held it up to the camera, the bright light glinting off the smooth surface. Instantly, the viewers began to react, their messages flooding the chat room. Liz couldn't help but smile from behind her gag as she held the vibrator in her hand, knowing full well the effect it was having on her audience. She moved it slowly, teasingly, holding their attention as she showed it off to the camera, all while stoking their desire for what was to come next and what came next had the full attention of her viewers. She had one hand buried between her legs, directly above her diaper, pressed up against the small pink vibrator she was using to send ripples of pleasure into her body. Her other hand had been slipped down the front of her diaper and was now moving frantically against her throbbing cock. Both efforts were now guiding her pleasure as she bit down on her gag in order to muffle her moans of delight. She could feel the wetness pooling on her breasts from the drool and slobber as she came closer and closer to orgasm. Her body shuddered increasingly with every second as the waves of pleasure grew in intensity. Finally, Liz couldn't take it anymore and let out one last guttural scream as she experienced the powerful orgasm, spilling her cum into her diaper. Liz collapsed back in the chair, panting with pleasure and satisfaction, enjoying the aftermath of her powerful orgasm. She felt relieved and content, knowing that she had left her viewers with something they wouldn't soon forget. Liz sat back in her computer chair, exhausted but elated from the success of her cam show. She glanced over at the room chat, and was blown away by the number of messages that had come in during her performance. She scrolled through them, reading each one carefully. They were all full of praise and compliments, and Liz found herself proud of the show she had just put on for her audience. As she read through the messages, she couldn't shake the feeling of nervousness that had been building up inside her throughout the show. She knew that what she was about to do was risky, but there was no turning back now. Heart racing, Liz reached up and slowly unclipped the nipple clamps from her breasts. She winced in pain as blood began to flow back into her breasts, and let out a soft moan into her gag. With shaking hands, she reached into another drawer of her computer desk and pulled out a piece of white printer paper. Her heart racing, she slowly brought the paper up to view of the camera. The paper read "For Sale, highest offer within next 10 mins." Below was the address for her Venmo account. Liz's heart pounded as she watched the messages flood in. She knew that what she was doing was risky, but she felt compelled to do this. Liz sat there patiently waiting while watching her Venmo account. A few beads of sweat trickled down her forehead as she took note of all the transaction requests that were popping up. Her eyes darted back and forth between her computer screen and her phone, scanning each transaction while double-checking the names with the names of the people in the chat of her cam room. She had only ten minutes to make her decision, and the clock on her computer seemed to tick away at an agonizingly slow pace. Something about this auction had her on edge. Maybe it was the sheer amount of offers she was getting. She knew she had put on a good show, but she did not know this many people would want her. As the clock ticked closer to the ten-minute mark, Liz's heart began to race. She knew she had to make a decision soon. Finally, the ten minutes were up, and Liz tapped accept for the highest offer she received, declining all the others. It was official; she had just sold herself to a lesbian woman that she knew nothing about. Before Liz shut off her computer, she quickly sent a message to the user from the chat who had just bought her. The message provided her new owner with her address and where the spare apartment key was located. Liz knew she was taking a big risk, but from the beginning she had felt the desire to do this. Even if it meant putting herself in a vulnerable position. She could only hope that she had made the right decision.. Exiting the den, Liz walks into the living room with the small pink vibrator clutched tightly in her hand. Her heart races with anticipation, her palms sweaty as she realizes that she is about to embark on a new adventure. Kneeling down by the couch and the coffee table, Liz took a deep breath, feeling her body tremble with excitement. On the coffee table lay a roll of clear packing tape and a breathable bondage hood that had no mouth or eye holes. She reaches for the clear packing tape, feeling the texture of the tape against her fingers. With a sense of urgent need, Liz secures the small pink vibrator to the front of her diapered crotch, the soft silicone a comforting presence against her diaper. Next, she pulls the bondage hood over her head, plunging herself into darkness. The small, rasping sound of her own breath echoes in the confined space, heightening her sense of vulnerability. Fumbling in the dark, Liz uses the clear packing tape to bind her own wrists to the best of her ability. It is a bit tricky, but she manages with practiced ease. With her wrists now bound and the small pink vibrator humming away between her legs, Liz waits on her knees in the darkness. She knows that she is now at the mercy of whoever her new owner might be. But the anticipation of what is to come is almost unbearable, sending shivers of desire down her spine. She knows that she is ready for anything and everything, ready to be taken to the limits of her pleasure and beyond. And with that thought, Liz closes her eyes and surrenders herself to the unknown. It seemed like an eternity that Liz had been waiting in her living room like this. Self bound, hooded, and with a vibrator taped to the crotch of her diaper. The room was silent except for the buzzing of the vibrator and its vibrations against her diaper. Liz found herself moaning into her gag, lost in the sensations. Thoughts of her new owner raced through her head. What would she look like? How would she treat her? Liz had never been auctioned off before, never been a submissive. But the thrill of it all had enticed her, and now she was eagerly waiting for her new mistress to claim her. Lost in thought, she didn't hear her front door open. Not until she felt the presence of someone in the room with her. Liz felt herself being lifted up from the floor by this person. She could tell that it was a woman. So her self-auction had worked, her new owner was indeed a woman, a lesbian at that. This woman led Liz down the hall towards her bedroom, and as they walked, the woman uttered one simple sentence, "Are you ready to be a good slut for your new mistress." In shock, Liz realized the woman who had bought her, one of the many women who had watched her cam show tonight, was the manager of her apartment building. All Liz could do was let out a muffled reply of compliance and excitement. She was now entirely at her new mistress's mercy, eager to please and explore. The night was just beginning for her.
  2. Hey there! I'm Thorn (he/him). New member, long time writer and self-published author of queer fiction. I've been looking for somewhere to post some DL stories, and then I found you folks! So I thought I'd share a little something I've been working on lately. It's a work-in-progress with quite a bit written already, so I'll be posting new chapters frequently. I'd love some feedback and I'm not afraid of constructive criticism, so bring it on! lol Summary: Caiden is an eighteen-year-old trans boy about to graduate from high school. He's been a bedwetter all his life, but when he develops Irritable Bowel Syndrome, with explosive diarrhoea as a symptom, he starts wearing his bedtime diapers in the daytime. When his best friend Victor discovers his secret, Caiden is sure he won't want to be friends anymore, but that isn't what happens at all . . . CW: This story contains messing, light BDSM, Dom/sub dynamics, coarse language, and sexual situations between consenting individuals over eighteen. I looked and couldn't find any rules that prohibit any of these things, but if there are some, please let me know and I will edit accordingly. ———————— Chapter 1. ‘Caiden!’ He turned his head as he heard his name and saw Victor running up to him. ‘Hey. Where were you earlier? You missed English.’ Caiden tried his best not to blush. ‘Yeah. Sorry. I . . . wasn’t feeling well.’ He looked down and mumbled, ‘Stomach upset.’ Victor frowned, now caught up and walking alongside him. ‘Again? Didn’t that happen last week too?’ Caiden nodded. ‘Yeah. In Math.’ His friend made a face. ‘Sorry, dude. Was it something you ate?’ Caiden shrugged. ‘Maybe. It’s hard to tell. Mom thinks it might be some IBS shit or something . . . Anyway. Let’s change the subject, you don’t wanna hear about my bowel movements.’ Victor laughed. ‘Maybe I do?’ Caiden stopped, looking at him with an eyebrow raised, and Victor laughed again. ‘Nah, bro, just kidding.’ Caiden laughed as well and they resumed their walk, but then he was quiet, mostly just listening as Victor talked about what they’d gone over in English that afternoon. They parted ways at their usual spot and exchanged fistbumps. Then Caiden set off home. Truth was, he had barely made it to the bathroom in time today. In fact, he hadn’t, a little bit had come out in his shorts before he managed to get them off. He carried a spare pair of underwear in his gym bag that was stashed in his locker, thankfully, so he’d been able to change, but it was still embarrassing. When he got home, no one else was there yet. His parents were both at work and his younger twin brothers still at school. He went to the bathroom, getting his soiled shorts out of a plastic bag in his backpack and rinsing them in the bathtub before throwing them in the laundry basket. Entering his room, he pondered. He knelt next to the bed and pulled out the drawer underneath, where he kept his nighttime diapers. Caiden had been wetting the bed all his life. It was like his body had never quite pulled off that whole subconsciously holding your bladder thing. He’d had a few close calls in the daytime as well, though he hadn’t wet himself when awake since he was in grade school. Now he was eighteen, nearly finished with high school. His stomach troubles had started about half a year ago. Until today, he’d managed to make it to the toilet every time, but this minor accident had made up his mind about something he’d been considering for a while; whether he should wear his diapers in the daytime as well. A couple of weeks ago he’d woken up with a stomach ache and, in his sleepy, groggy state, had let it all out in his diaper instead of rushing to the toilet. Once he woke up properly, he felt ashamed. He’d gone to the bathroom, changed himself, and gotten rid of the evidence. If they found out, his mom would worry, his brothers would tease him, and his step-dad would be a dick about it as usual, like he was about everything else. He’d sworn to himself never to do it in his diaper again, but since then it had begun to occur to him that it might not be so bad to have a safety net of sorts. So if he didn’t make it in time, he’d have an easy fix. It could have come in handy today. The diapers he slept in were designed for heavy urine incontinence, though they worked for bowel incontinence as well. And anyway, it wasn’t like he’d be properly pooping in them, they’d just be there for safety. Caiden undressed, leaving just his chest binder on. Then he took a diaper from the drawer and put it on. He pulled his shorts and his jeans back on and looked in the mirror. The jeans were loose, like most of his clothes, and he inspected himself thoroughly. There was no real noticeable bulge. Caiden had been blessed with slim hips and a small behind. The padding made no noticeable difference. He moved around a bit, listening for any noise. There wasn’t much. A slight occasional crinkle, his waistband sliding against the diaper, but nothing anyone would notice. He stared at his reflection and laughed at himself a little. Was he really going to wear a diaper to school tomorrow? His stomach rumbled. ‘Fuck, not this again,’ he muttered. He made to go to the bathroom, but then the thought occurred to him that he might want to test the diaper, see if it could hold a potential accident. He reached to undo his jeans, take off both them and his shorts so they wouldn’t risk getting messy . . . but there was no time. Caiden farted loudly, and then the poop rushed out of him and into his diaper. It was soft and squishy, not exactly liquid diarrhoea, but far from solid. Then it stopped, though he knew there was more, and, figuring that he might as well get it all out, he squatted down and pushed, groaning with the strain. A more solid clump was blocking the rest of it from coming out, and it took a moment to press it out. When it was over, he was trembling and panting. He stood up, making a face at the feeling of his full diaper. He inspected himself in the full length mirror. There was now a considerable bulge, but his jeans looked fine, and he took them off. His shorts were fine too, though he didn’t want to gamble on the diaper holding this kind of load for long, and so he got a fresh one out of the drawer and went to the bathroom to clean up and change. Standing in the shower, he felt suddenly horny. He reached down, rubbing himself. He thought of Victor. Then he wondered what Victor would think if he knew that Caiden wore diapers now. The thought made him blush. Somehow, the thought of Victor knowing turned him on more, and he rubbed himself yet more vigorously, until he came with shaking thighs. By the time Caiden was finished in the bathroom, his mother had come home. ‘Oh!’ she said, as he came out of the bathroom. ‘There you are, Kayla.’ ‘Mom, it’s Caiden,’ he said, somewhat exasperated. ‘I’m sorry. Caiden.’ She sighed. ‘I’m sorry, it just takes a little getting used to, is all.’ ‘Yeah. It’s okay. Just . . . try?’ ‘I am. I promise. I haven’t referred to you as my daughter in months.’ She smiled. ‘How was school?’ ‘It was okay.’ Caiden hesitated. ‘Mom?’ ‘Mhm?’ ‘I . . . I had another stomach upset today and . . . I kind of had an accident. Just . . . just a little one!’ he hurried to say. ‘I just . . . almost didn’t make it. To the bathroom.’ His face felt hot. ‘Aww, I’m sorry, baby!’ Caiden’s mother hugged him. ‘You okay?’ ‘Yeah. Fine. But . . .’ He licked his lips. ‘I think I should . . . start wearing the . . . you know. In the daytime as well. Like, to school. Just . . . just as a precaution. Until we can figure out what’s wrong with my stomach, you know?’ His mother nodded. ‘Hm, yeah . . . That might actually be a good idea. If you’re having a hard time making it to the bathroom on time. It would be just awful if you pooped your pants in class, wouldn’t it?’ Caiden snorted. ‘“Just awful” doesn’t begin to cover it, Mom. It would be the end of my life.’ ‘All right. I’ll make sure we keep stocked up, all right, baby?’ ‘Yeah. Thanks, Mom.’ Caiden bit his lip. ‘Hey . . . do you think you could maybe not mention this to Brendan and Ryker? Or to Sam? I . . . I’d rather they not know. It’s embarrassing enough wearing diapers at night.’ ‘Of course, sweetie.’ She hugged him. ‘I won’t tell a soul.’
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