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  1. I'm very happy to present the first part of a new commission and a sequel to "Subliminal Baby" (found here: http://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/54377-subliminal-baby/) This is a commission. If you would like a commission feel free to send me a message and we can discuss ideas and see if we can come up with a great story. --- Subliminal Baby 2: Steven’s Regression By Elfy “Please! Mom, please!” Steven pleaded as he was pushed down and held there by Karen. Steven had turned into a babbling mess. His tears and snot mixed together on his face as he breathed deep, shuddering breathes. He watched with fearful eyes as his mom effortlessly held the scrawny boy down whilst reaching over for the supplies that had so often been used on Ritchie. Looking to the side in between tears, Steven could see Ritchie sat on the floor in obvious confusion. His messy diaper was stinking up the whole room now and he looked decidedly uncomfortable, his discomfort was definitely taking second place behind his confusion though as he frowned and watched his brother on the changing table. “It’s a bit too late for pleading, boy.” Karen said dispassionately. Her face had hardened and it showed no emotion as she got all the needed supplies and placed them on the changing table. Steven struggled and pulled against his mother’s strong grip. This had to be a nightmare, he thought, there is no way this could possibly be happening to him. He started hammering his fists and feet against the table. The loud noises and struggling seemed to be upsetting Ritchie who, still very confused, started crying as well. “Oh, for Heaven’s sake…” Karen said in response to her two boy’s wailing, “Steven, you had better settle down right now if you don’t want to stay in this nursery for good. Don’t forget, those files on your computer is enough to tell the police about.” Steven’s eyes flew wide open and he shook his head but immediately stopped trying to fight back. He laid still and got his crying under control, he just sobbed rather than wailed as Steven felt his mom undo his pants and pull them down. She followed that up with Steven’s underpants and left Steven naked from the waist down. The heat in the room seemed to rise as Steven felt himself getting sweaty and red in the face. He felt intense embarrassment at being left exposed on the table like this, the only good part was that Ritchie couldn’t see anything whilst sitting on the floor and his mom had no reaction to seeing her son’s private area. As his mom unfolded one of Ritchie’s disposable diapers, Steven felt himself cringe. The reality of the situation was still dawning on Steven; he couldn’t believe that the diaper he was looking at would be put on him. It seemed impossible that this could possibly happen. Steven felt his legs lifted up and ben over his head. It was uncomfortable but he was only in that position briefly as the diaper was placed underneath him. Once the diaper was in place, Steven’s legs were lowered on to the diaper and Steven immediately noticed the difference between the soft padding of the diaper and the table underneath it. Forcing himself to lay still he felt the front of the diaper pulled up between his legs. Everything about this situation was horrible and made Steven want to run away but he knew that if he moved a muscle it would be very bad for him. As the tapes were placed on the diaper, making sure it was tight around his waist, Steven knew the battle was over. After so much work to get Ritchie into diapers, Steven was now in them through no other reason than he got greedy and wanted to make his brother suffer more. All of a sudden, all that effort and work that Steven had put in to making Ritchie a baby seemed like the worst decision he had ever made. Karma was hitting Steven in the ass extremely hard. Karen lifted her younger son off of the table and placed him on the floor. Steven stumbled slightly, he wasn’t used to being lifted like that, before he tumbled down on to his thickly padded rear. He was still sniffing and sobbing as his mom threw a teddy bear to him to comfort him. Her face still betrayed the negative feelings she felt for Steven at that moment. Steven knew that he had destroyed the trust they once shared, he felt awful but he felt worse for himself. Steven wasn’t sorry for what he had done to Ritchie; he was sorry he had been caught. Despite himself, he took hold of the fluffy teddy bear for comfort. Karen reached down and lifted her older son on to the table. Her hard face softened with sorrow as she laid the messy boy down and started removing his heavily used diaper. Ritchie babbled happily as Karen took a handful of wipes and began to clean her son’s extremely dirty diaper area. “Why Steven in diapie?” Ritchie asked his mother confused as he was thoroughly cleaned. He couldn’t see from the table that his words caused his older brother to noticeably flinch. “Honey…” Karen tried to think how she could explain everything that was happening to his brother in terms Ritchie could understand, “Steven made this happen to you. He made you need diapers, and until you get out of them, he will be in them with you.” “He… made this happen?” Ritchie asked confused. There was a small tremor in his voice that betrayed how hurt he felt. “Yes, sweetie.” Karen said as she continued to deal with Ritchie’s messy rear, “But I promise. We are going to get you better, OK?” Ritchie seemed lost in thought but gave a small nod. Karen flashed a smile that faltered very quickly as she lowered Ritchie’s legs back to the table on top of a new diaper. Her smile had faltered because Ritchie’s overexcited tool had quickly grown to full size. She scowled slightly and looked at Steven who was still sobbing to himself on the floor and staring at his new diaper. Karen knew that these reactions were a result of the messaging. With a sigh Karen covered Ritchie’s manhood with the front of the diaper and taped it on tightly. She smiled as Ritchie sucked his thumb and smiled back. Karen had to admit that she missed these moments, there was an intimacy in a mother changing their baby’s diaper that she wasn’t sorry to be able to have again. The situation was far from ideal of course, but she couldn’t help her motherly feelings flaring up. “Mom, I’m… I’m sorry. Please, I’ve learned my lesson. Don’t make me live like this.” Steven was still tearfully sobbing as he looked up and made his desperate plea. “Don’t make you live like this?” Karen repeated incredulously, “If you didn’t want to live like this, you shouldn’t have made someone else live like this. You may have learned your lesson but your punishment is only just beginning.” Steven shuddered and his sobs got a little harder as his mom rounded on him. “I’m not going to use any kind of subliminal messaging, I’m not going to hypnotise you, I’m not going to use any of the despicable tricks you used…” Karen said with venom in her voice, “But when all this is over you will be in Ritchie’s place. When Ritchie is back to normal… We will revisit your position.” Steven couldn’t respond to this. He just started bawling again whilst Karen shook her head in disgust. She was sure Steven would have plenty to cry about before all this was through. Once Ritchie’s diaper was securely placed, Karen lifted the boy down and pulled a pair of shorts up his legs. The shorts were not particularly concealing but it didn’t seem like Ritchie particularly cared. He seemed more interested in Steven whom he clearly now felt like an equal to. Karen threw Steven a t-shirt and told him to put it on. It was baby blue in colour and looked like a larger replica of something a toddler might wear. “Right, let’s go sort out dinner.” Karen said to her two sons. She reached out her hands, one to each boy. Ritchie eagerly grabbed the hand offered to him with a smile. Steven just looked at his mom without moving. “Aren’t… Aren’t you going to give me something to cover my… My… Oh, you know.” Steven said in exasperation. He really didn’t want this diaper to be on display to the whole world but he couldn’t quite force himself to say the word. “It’s your diaper.” Karen explained to her younger son as if he didn’t know what it was really called, “And no. You don’t need to cover it; it will make it easier for Mommy to see when you need changing.” Steven shuddered about the possibility of both using his diaper and being changed but he accepted his mom’s hand all the same. Together, the three of them traipsed down the stairs and into the dining room. Steven automatically started moving towards his usual seat but was stopped by his mom. Steven turned to look at her in confusion and saw her pointing to the high chair next to her seat. “No way! This is stupid.” Steven decided that enough was enough, he had learned his lesson, it was time to put a stop to this. He put his hands on the tapes of his crinkling underwear. “Stop.” Karen said very quickly, “If you pull that diaper off I will be straight on the phone to the cops. Don’t try me, I have all the evidence of what you did.” Steven removed his hands slowly and, with a bowed head, he walked to and climbed into the high chair. He knew he couldn’t argue, and there was no way he was going to call his mom’s bluff on something like this. With a satisfied smile, Karen walked over and snapped the tray into place. The tray’s release was in the back of the seat and Karen was fairly certain that without someone releasing him, Steven would be stuck. The seats at the table were set up with Karen’s seat in the middle and the two boy’s seats either side of it. “I will be back with dinner shortly, you two play nice.” Karen warned them as she departed into the kitchen. She gave Stephen an extra hard stare before leaving as if to emphasise what she said. Steven couldn’t get over the padding around his crotch. He was despondent to be sat in this baby seat like this. He noticed that Ritchie, someone who was a baby mentally got a regular chair, it said a lot about Steven’s place in the family. He subconsciously stuck his bottom lip out in an annoyed pout. Perhaps even worse than the chair, Steven could feel his bladder starting to ache. The prospect of what that meant made him shudder. Despite everything Steven felt like he still had his dignity, using his diaper would be a quick way of losing it. He hadn’t lost hope that he could talk his mom around, however it was looking increasingly unlikely with every fresh humiliation. Ritchie meanwhile was looking at Steven with a strange look. Steven started to wonder just how long lasting the effects of the messaging would be. Steven hoped it was less effective than he had previously thought, the sooner Ritchie got back to normal the sooner Steven could get out of these diapers. On the other hand, Steven knew his brother would make his life hell when the effects wore off. He didn’t even want to consider the possibility that the effects may be permanent. Steven again wondered why he had got so greedy. Why hadn’t he stopped at bedwetting? Why had he been so stupid!? “Here we go.” Karen re-entered the room with a tray full of plates and glasses. She had been gone for some time and both boys were getting a little restless, especially Steven whose bladder was starting to ache more and more. Karen placed the tray on the table in front of her seat. She picked up a plate full of fries and burgers that made Steven salivate wildly and placed it in front of Ritchie. She took a similar plate for herself which was when Steven realised there was no plate for him. Karen also had a glass of water for herself and a sippy cup full of apple juice for Ritchie. Leaving the room again, Karen returned a couple of minutes later. As soon as she came into view of Steven he felt his stomach drop. Steven watched as his mom placed on the highchair tray a small bowl for of an unappetising mush. Steven didn’t know for sure but he was fairly certain it was baby food. Next to the bowl was a baby’s bottle full of milk. “Come on, Mom…” Steven whined, “You can’t expect me to eat this!” “I can, and I do.” Karen replied. She sat down in her own seat and munched on a few chips. “Ritchie, I want you to be a big boy here, OK?” Karen said with a smile to her older son, “Do you think you can try feeding yourself?” Ritchie looked a little concerned at the task ahead of him but he nodded and smiled. Grabbing a handful of fries and shoving them into his mouth, Ritchie made a bit of a mess as half the fries tumbled out of his mouth. Ritchie gave his mom a big grin. “Good enough…” Karen said to herself as she turned to Steven. Taking the spoon, she had brought in with her, she dipped it into the baby food and raised it to Steven’s lips. “Open up for the choo-choo train!” Karen said excitedly. Steven didn’t move a muscle, instead he just scowled at his mom. Even if he wasn’t getting the same dinner as the others, he didn’t need to be spoon fed. “Come on now, Stephen.” Karen said warningly, “The harder you make this, the harder this will all be for you.” Reluctantly, and against his better instincts, Steven opened his mouth and allowed his mom to shovel in the tasteless mush. He had to fight against gagging as he swallowed it as quickly as possible, the longer it stayed on his tongue the worse the taste got. Ritchie grabbed the sippy cup and with a look of intense concentration he slowly raised it to his face. He managed to successfully drink from the toddler cup even though some of the juice escaped from the side of his mouth. He looked very proud of his accomplishment when he lowered the cup. One spoonful was followed by another, and then another. It just kept going as Steven desperately tried to swallow down the horrible, lumpy food. It was only made worse when his mom paused in the feeding and Steven saw her and his brother eating such a tasty meal. “All done!” Karen eventually said when the bowl was empty, “What a good boy.” Stephen wasn’t listening, he just grabbed the baby bottle and without even hesitating he shoved the teat into his mouth. He didn’t care how much he looked like a baby with the bottle, he just wanted that disgusting taste out of his mouth. About halfway through the bottle, Steven’s aching bladder finally started losing its battle. Steven twitched slightly as he felt a jet of hot liquid squirt out of his body and into the thick padding. Trying to squeeze his bladder muscles proved fruitless and the floodgates opened. With little control, Steven began soaking his diaper. As the milk was sucked in at one end, hot urine was shooting out of him at the other. Blushing a deep red when he saw the others watching him, his primary concern was just to get the horrible taste away. He downed the whole bottle in one go with ease as he really was desperately thirsty. The other two could not see him wetting himself but he still presented quite the sight with the bottle. Finally, Steven’s bladder finished emptying itself and Steven felt the very curious sensation of warm wetness spreading all throughout the diaper. It wasn’t as unpleasant as Steven thought it might have been but it was humiliating in the extreme. Even worse, he knew that his accident would soon be discovered, as soon as his mom and brother saw what he had done he couldn’t hope to convince them he didn’t need this treatment. When all three had finished eating and drinking, Karen lifted Ritchie off of his seat and down to the floor. She slipped a finger inside the waistband of his diaper and felt a little dampness but nothing that needed attention right away. Next, she turned to Steven. She turned the high chair around so that instead of facing the table it was facing her. Immediately she was presented with Steven’s wet diaper directly in her face. She raised her eyebrows and looked up to Steven who couldn’t maintain eye contact. She knew he was wet; couldn’t she just get on with it. Steven looked away from his mom’s knowing smile. It was too humiliating. Being fed was one thing but when he openly flooded his diaper it made it feel like giving up, like proving his mom right. What better way to show you belong in diapers than using them? “Let’s get you both upstairs.” Karen said with a smile, “You two can play together.” Karen unlocked Steven’s tray and lifted him down from the high chair. She didn’t bother checking his diaper since it was clearly wet. Taking both her son’s hands she led them back upstairs and into the nursery. The air was full of crinkles as both boy’s underwear reacted to each and every step. It was music to Karen’s ears as she reminisced over when her sons were still babies and she knew the sound would be embarrassing Steven greatly. Karen couldn’t help but smile when she saw Steven’s forlorn expression. He looked out at the toys on display without interest and then looked at Karen with a look that just begged to be allowed to go back to his bedroom, to forget all this had happened. “You boys play nice.” Karen warned as she let go of her kid’s hands, “Look after each other.” “Wait!” Steven called out as Karen was about to close the door, “Aren’t you going to… Change me?” Karen smiled as Steven winced and looked at the floor. She could tell how hard it was for Steven to ask that question. “I think that diaper can last until bedtime.” Karen answered, “You will be fine.” Karen stepped out and closed the door. Heading downstairs, Karen started to do some cleaning. She suddenly had an idea for the next day, an idea to show Steven his place, an embarrassing punishment to help “break” Steven and regress him. She grabbed the phone, rang a number on her speed dial and held it to her ear with a malicious grin.
  2. Kelly is cruising through life. She doesn't work, doesn't have a social life and is happy to sit at home all day doing absolutely nothing. Beth is Kelly's mother and unfortunately a bit of a push over. However, Beth has found herself a younger boyfriend called Craig. Craig isn't one to allow Kelly to do whatever she wants and after a dinner table announcement that horrifies Kelly the house finds a new dynamic emerging that not everyone is happy with... --- This story has been available on my Patreon page for the last week and with a $5 a month pledge you can see all my updates a week before anyone else. For $10 a month you can get early access plus access to THIRTY-TWO stories that only my patrons get to see. If you are interested please consider giving my Patreon page a look https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- Disciplining Kelly By Elfy “Hurry up and get dressed!” Beth exclaimed as she poked her head around the living room door. Kelly was doing what she always did. She was sitting in front of the television and munching on some snacks, she didn’t move when her mom yelled at her and simply rolled her eyes. She took a big gulp of her soda and then let out a loud belch. Despite her unhealthy snacking choices she was actually quite small in terms of both height and weight. The thirty-year-old woman had spent half her life lying idly on this couch, it was almost permanently indented with her body shape. “It’s just Craig.” Kelly scoffed when Beth’s head appeared around the door again, “It’s not like royalty is visiting. I don‘t know why you waste your time on him anyway…” “That’s not the point!” Beth was almost frantic as she rushed around straightening pictures and clearing dust, “You know this is a big evening for us.” Kelly huffed. She didn’t like Craig at all and the fact he was moving in was a major source of frustration for her. Craig was twenty-years-old, a decade younger than Kelly and yet he was dating her mom! Kelly was unemployed and lived off her mother. She had no aspirations or motivation and that suited her just fine. She was happy living with her fifty-four-year-old mother and didn’t expect to ever move out. Kelly was delighted with the status quo which was why she was so annoyed when Craig came on to the scene. With all of her needs catered for she had no reason to go anywhere else and she wasn’t going to let her mom’s boy toy walk on to the scene and mess it all up for her. Craig was so much younger than her mother and Kelly found it disgusting. The twenty-year-old was very well built and Kelly thought it was such a waste of muscle, he could have his pick of women and he chose Kelly’s mom of all people. The age difference was huge but that wasn’t the only thing that Kelly found distasteful. Craig was always moving or doing things, he always had little projects or jobs to do and he was the antithesis of Kelly. He was like a spinning top, he just never stopped. “Kelly, please!” Beth was practically pleading with her adult daughter, “For me?” Kelly finished her snack and slowly sat up causing crumbs to fall to the floor. She was very light and despite her lack of energy she sprang to her feet and left the room. She was halfway up the stairs when the doorbell rang. She paused and looked over her shoulder as Beth squealed in excitement and hurried out into the hallway. Kelly continued up the stairs without looking over her shoulder even as her mom called her to go back down. She went straight to her bedroom which was at the furthest end of the hallway. She almost tripped over a box on the floor but that was hardly surprising because her room was a mess. Kelly didn’t believe in cleaning up since it would all just get dirty and cluttered again. She dropped on her bed and wished for a different life where her mom wasn’t going out with someone old enough to be her son. After several hours of pretending not to exist Kelly was starting to feel hungry. She could smell cooking wafting up from downstairs and knew dinner was coming. Occasionally she would hear snatched pieces of conversation or laughter coming up and it did nothing to help her mood. She was in the mood where anyone else’s happiness caused her to feel miserable. When Kelly was eventually called down for dinner she hadn’t got changed and was still in the stained clothes her mother had begged for her to change out of earlier. She walked into the dining room with a scowl across her face, there was a plate of food waiting for her and her mom sitting with Craig on the other side. “Hello Kelly.” Craig said, “So good to see you. Was just starting to think you were hiding up there because of me!” “Imagine that…” Kelly muttered sarcastically. Kelly started eating just as it seemed Craig was about to propose a toast. She was keen to get this over with as soon as possible and certainly didn’t want Craig to feel welcome. Her greatest desire was that she would be a roadblock to the relationship. “Your mother tells me there’s been some disciplinary problems.” Craig said halfway through the meal. He looked across at Kelly with a very stern look on his face, “She tells me you’ve been acting up a bit.” Kelly shrugged noncommittally and continued to eat without looking up from the table. She didn’t really care what her mom or Craig thought of her behaviour. It was true, Kelly had always been a handful. When she had been at school it seemed like she spent more time suspended or skipping than actually in the classroom. Whilst she had never been in trouble with the law she was hardly a model citizen either. “You are allowed to talk to me. I don’t bite, well, outside of the bedroom anyway.” Craig said with a little laugh. Beth nudged her boyfriend playfully and joined in the giggling as her face went red. “Gross…” Kelly put her knife and fork down. Her appetite had evaporated. “Oh, she does speak!” Craig acted surprised. “Why don’t you just… go away!?” Kelly’s temper was getting the better of her and as the red mist descended, “Mom and I were fine before you arrived.” “You’re acting like a child.” Craig retorted. The twenty-year-old was full of the confidence of youth. Kelly was getting more and more annoyed. This man ten years her junior was coming in to her life and messing everything up. She couldn’t stand this disrespect for much longer. Her legs were shaking as she did her best to avoid a scene. “Come on! You’re overreacting…” Craig snorted, “You must’ve had boyfriends, right? You know what goes on behind closed doors.” “None of your business…” Kelly growled. “She hasn’t been on a date in years.” Beth said to Craig, “I keep telling her to sign up for a dating app but…” “Mom!” Kelly exclaimed in outrage. Her face flushed red. “You’ve got to find yourself a man… or a woman. I don’t judge.” Craig chuckled, “You don’t want to live under your mom’s nose all your life.” “Stop trying to change things!” Kelly angrily spat out. She knew Craig living with her would be insufferable but she didn’t think things would go this far south so quickly. “Well, Craig wanted to talk to you about that, didn’t you?” Beth had been sitting quietly to the side but now she spoke up to distract her daughter who looked like she was about to lunge across the table. “About what?” Kelly asked. “We’ve been talking and there’s going to be some changes.” Beth said. She looked almost apologetic but stiffened up when she met Craig’s eyes. “You are lacking in discipline.” Craig continued. “What are the changes?” Kelly asked with a hint of concern. She hated change, “What’s going on?” “It’s time for you to act your age.” Craig said, “You can help with the chores, you can get a job, you can start paying rent, you can-” “Mom!?” Kelly turned to her mom in shock, “Are you just going to let him do this?” “I think he’s right.” Beth smiled nervously. “Whatever.” Kelly waved her hand dismissively and stood up. She looked at Craig, “Mom and I are happy with how things are. If you don’t like it you can leave.” “Kelly! Come back!” Beth stood up and reached out but it was already too late. Kelly stomped out of the room and up the stairs. Craig and Beth were left at the table looking at each other. Beth seemed shocked but Craig had a “I told you so” look, Kelly’s behaviour seemed to confirm everything Craig thought. When the sound of a slamming door echoed down the stairs Beth winced. “I’m sorry.” Beth said quietly, “She doesn’t like change…” “She’s thirty-years-old.” Crag replied as he picked at the last bits of food on his plate, “She has to grow up sometime.” --- Kelly huffed and puffed as she flopped on to her bed. She was willing to tolerate Craig marrying her mom despite how weird she found it but she couldn’t stand the idea of him bossing her around. She couldn’t believe he would come into their house and start changing everything. In Kelly’s opinion he had no right to tell her what to do. For the rest of the day Kelly stayed in her room and only left it when she absolutely had to. She made sure to avoid her mother and soon to be step-dad, she was beyond annoyed by the pair of them for trying to make her do anything. When Beth had first said she was marrying Craig she had thought it was a joke but it was now clear they were serious. Kelly could only rest her hopes on the two of them splitting up as soon as possible. When Kelly woke up the next day she resolved to make sure she didn’t change anything. She got dressed in some dirty clothes that were laying on her floor and then went downstairs to sit in front of the television just like she always did. She saw Craig poke his head around the door a couple of times as the hours passed but he didn’t say anything. Kelly smirked victoriously, when push came to shove he wasn’t willing to force her to change. By the time dinner came around Kelly was feeling very confident and cocky. She strolled up to the dinner table feeling like the queen of the house again, she smiled across at Craig who remained silent and stone-faced. When they started eating it was in silence but with Craig and Beth sharing pointed looks. “Did you do any job hunting today, sweetie?” Beth eventually asked. “Nope.” Kelly replied confidently. Kelly looked up from her food when she didn’t hear anyone saying anything. There was an air of tension and she was waiting for both Beth and Craig to capitulate. She had won, she knew and they would know it soon if they didn’t already. “Right, the television is off-limits.” Craig said as he placed his cutlery down, “No more computer in your room either.” “Excuse me?” Kelly’s eyes widened as she looked from Craig to her mom. “If you’re going to live like a teenager you’ll have rules like one.” Craig replied easily, “You’re thirty-years-old for Heaven’s sake.” “That’s ridiculous.” Kelly’s face scrunched up in disgust at the idea, “I refuse.” “You can’t refuse.” Craig shot back, “If you want the computer and television then you’ll have to follow the rules.” “This isn’t fair!” Kelly yelled as she stood up. She looked at her mother, “Tell him!” “Honey, it would be a good time to start spreading your wings…” Beth smiled nervously. “No!” Kelly stamped her feet on the floor, “This is bullshit.” “Don’t swear!” Craig’s voice was full of authority, “You’re acting like a baby. Just do as you’re told and you won’t be punished. All we’re asking you to do is look for a jo-” “I’m not a baby!” Kelly shrieked as she stamped her feet again. “Right, I’m going to get that computer out of your room.” Craig said as he stood up, “You can get it back when-” “No!” Kelly tried to block the door but the muscular and tall Craig had no trouble moving her out of the way. Kelly looked anxiously at her mom who was still sitting at the table. She meekly shrugged her shoulders, she wasn’t a disciplinarian and had gladly handed those duties to Craig when they discussed moving in. Craig had made a point that Kelly had to grow up and although Beth agreed she had been unable to make it happen up till now. When Kelly heard footsteps moving down the landing she suddenly realised what was happening and bolted out of the dining room and towards the stairs. She ran up the stairs two at a time and down the hallway to her bedroom. The door was open and as she turned the corner she saw Craig at her desk pulling the wires out of the computer. “You can’t do this!” Kelly was on the verge of a full blown tantrum. Her eyes were watering her screechy voice was cracking with emotion. “I can and if you ask me this is long overdue.” Craig replied. He may have been ten years younger but he certainly acted more like an adult. Kelly tried to stop him but she wasn’t strong enough to stop him doing whatever he wanted. He simply batted her hands away as she tried to make the man stop. Kelly sat on her bed and started loudly crying, she looked over to the doorway to see her mom standing and watching anxiously. “Here we go.” Craig said as he lifted up the computer tower, “You can have this back when you start acting responsibly.” Kelly lost all control and dropped on to the floor. She felt so persecuted and oppressed and she just couldn’t deal with it. She hit and kicked the floor as she cried loudly. Craig looked down on his future step-daughter and was shocked, he knew she was immature but this surprised even him. “We might need to go even younger. She’s acting like a baby.” Craig said dispassionately as he looked down at the thirty-year-old having a tantrum. “She’s always been immature but I’ve never seen this…” Beth said in shock. Kelly didn’t stop until long after the door had closed. She looked at the empty space where her computer had sat and felt anger coursing through her. The last words of her mother and Craig kept repeating in her head. She heard them calling her a “baby” and “immature.” “They want immature, do they?” Kelly said to herself through clenched teeth, “I’ll show them immature. If they want to treat me like a kid I’ll make them regret it. They’ll beg me to take the computer back to stop me!” Kelly laughed at her own deviousness. She stayed in her room for the rest of the evening and thought about the best way to get her revenge and prove her point.
  3. Sam is a small college student who enjoys the quiet life. Her roommate, Janet, has been determined to get Sam to let her hair down and come out to a party. Eventually Sam gives in whilst still being very nervous and second-guessing her choice. Whatever she was expecting as she left the house, it certainly isn't what she finds. --- This story has been available on my Patreon page for the last week and with a $5 a month pledge you can see all my updates a week before anyone else. For $10 a month you can get early access plus access to THIRTY stories that only my patrons get to see. If you are interested please consider giving my Patreon page a look https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- Sam’s Punishment By Elfy Sam adjusted her backpack straps as she approached her dormitory after a long day of college. She had just got off the bus and had been having to endure the usual looks and comments that she faced nearly every day. She had already been exhausted by a long week on her Business Management course and she just wanted to get home. At just a little over three feet in height the twenty one-year-old Sam didn’t much look like her classmates. Spending a life commonly mistaken for someone much younger than she was had often been tiring for the young woman but college seemed to be a lot better for her than school had been. At school Sam had been teased and bullied and even when she wasn’t being made fun of she found it practically impossible to make friends with the judgmental teenagers. College was much better and the people were much nicer, Sam had even made some good friends especially amongst the others staying in her dormitory. Opening the door to the dormitory Sam smiled as she heard music coming from one of the bedrooms and the smell of someone’s dinner wafting out from the kitchen. She walked down the hallway to her bedroom and opened the door, everything in her room and in the communal areas of the dorm had been adjusted so a smaller person could use them. Sam loved having the independence of being able to do things such as cooking for herself without needing help reaching things. “Is that you, Sam?” Janet’s voice called from the kitchen as Sam dropped her backpack on her bed. Janet was a nice girl and the first friend Sam had made. She sometimes teased Sam about her height but it was just friendly banter and Sam had soon learnt to give as good as she got. She was tall, even for regular sized people, and was roughly twice the height of Sam. She was a bit rowdier than Sam and her bubble-gum pink hair and nose piercing screamed for attention. When the two of them walked down the road together they definitely got some strange looks. “Yeah, I just got in.” Sam called out as she took her shoes off. Sam was about to make her way out of her room when Janet appeared in her doorway with a smile. “How were your classes?” Janet asked as she leaned against the doorway. “Same as ever.” Sam replied, “Dull and boring. I’m just glad it’s Friday.” “I hear that.” Janet said with a chuckle. She lingered in the doorway as a silence fell between the two friends. “Can I help you with something?” Sam asked after a little bit. “Maybe…” Janet kicked her foot on the carpet, “I was wondering if you wanted to go out this evening?” This was a strange offer from Janet because she knew Sam was much more of a homely person. Janet liked to go out clubbing and going to parties whilst Sam stayed at home much more. It had seemed like Janet had made it her goal to get Sam to open up and go out more though, for months Sam was getting these offers and having to find excuses to refuse. Last week Sam had finally said she would consider it for this weekend. “I don’t know…” Sam said hesitantly, “There’s stuff on TV and I have coursework to do.” “You promised!” Janet said with a playful smile. “I did not!” Sam countered, “I said I’d think about it.” “And?” Janet asked. “I’m just not sure I’d enjoy myself at one of your parties.” Sam said honestly, “You know I’m not exactly a party animal.” Janet seemed to pause and consider things. She looked like she was just about to walk away when an idea struck her, she turned to face Sam again who kind of wished Janet would go. Sam liked Janet but she could be quite pushy about this stuff. “What about if I ease you into it?” Janet asked with her eyes lighting up. “In what way?” Sam asked curiously. “You don’t have to come out to the party tonight but I do have to see some friends beforehand. Maybe you could come with me? We would literally only be there ten minutes at the max.” Janet offered, “Meet some of my friends and then I’ll ask nothing else from you… This weekend at least.” Sam thought about it for a few seconds and looked out of the window. Maybe this would be a good compromise, she would get to have the quiet night at home that she wanted and it would get Janet off her back. She weighed up her options and then cautiously nodded her head. “Great!” Janet bounced on the spot, “Get ready. We go in five minutes.” “Five minutes!?” Sam exclaimed. She had expected to be home for at least an hour or so. “No time like the present.” Janet called over her shoulder as she turned away. Sam sighed as Janet bounced away. Sam walked up and closed her bedroom door before walking back into the middle of the room, she could already feel the nerves jangling in her tummy. Sam quickly got herself changed and although her shower was calling out to her she walked out into the hallway. As she walked towards Janet’s room she was nearly knocked over by the much taller girl rushing the other way. “Oh, sorry Sam!” Janet quickly said. “Don’t worry about it.” Sam replied rather bitterly, “It happens all the time.” “Are you ready?” Janet asked as she either missed or ignored Sam’s tone of voice. “I guess so.” Sam replied hesitantly. Janet hurriedly put her shoes on whilst Sam was much more hesitant. One of the biggest disadvantages of Sam’s stature was that she found it really hard to buy clothes. Whenever she went to the shops the only clothes that would fit her were in the children’s aisle and that was very galling for a grown woman. Even her shoes right now were Velcro rather than laces, it made her feel very self-conscious but at least the heels didn’t light up like her previous pair. The two women were soon in the car. Janet waited until they were in the college’s parking lot before asking the smaller woman to drive. Sam had protested but the more forceful personality of Janet meant that, as usual, she got her way. Sam’s car was one of the few adult conveniences she could use, it was specially adapted for someone with limited stature such as herself. “So… There’s something I haven’t told you.” Janet said once they were ten minutes from their dormitory and about halfway through the journey. “Here it comes…” Sam replied cynically. She had been worried that there would be a catch in this journey. “It’s nothing major.” Janet quickly said although the way she wouldn’t look at Sam made the tiny woman worry, “It’s just… This friend I’m seeing is… Tom.” “Janet!” Sam nearly slammed on the brakes there and then, “Now the truth comes out! You don’t want me to meet your friends, you just want me to drive you to get your drugs!” “Calm down!” Janet said loudly, “He is my friend, I wasn’t lying. It’ll be good to get you out of your comfort zone a little bit, bring you out of your shell. Besides, it’s just a little weed, nothing major.” “I’m turning around.” Sam said with a shake of her head. “Come on, Sam.” Janet whined, “Look, come with me for this and I promise I’ll never push for you to come out with me again.” Sam pulled up at a red light and wrapped her fingers against the steering wheel as she considered the options. She knew there was a risk involved but it had to be a minor one since Janet did this sort of thing all the time without any trouble. With a sigh Sam nodded her head and continued towards where Tom was staying. When the car finally pulled up Sam looked out the window sceptically. She had expected many things but not the large detached family home with a “Vacant” sign out front. It looked like a regular family home, a place like the one Sam hoped to one day own. “Are you sure this is the place?” Sam asked. “Yeah.” Janet said as she checked her phone for the address Tom had sent her, “Come on.” Sam watched Janet step out of the car and reluctantly followed a few seconds later. As she walked alongside her friend up the path she started hearing music, it wasn’t loud enough to make neighbours complain but it was certainly audible down the path. Sam could feel herself getting increasingly nervous, she knew Tom as a laidback kind of guy and, apart from the drugs, Sam really didn’t have a problem with him. She had never visited him before though and she was starting to worry about what she would find inside the house. Janet rang the doorbell and after a couple of seconds the music dies down a little. Sam couldn’t see through the frosted window higher up the door but she could hear footsteps coming closer. She looked up at Janet and saw a look of confusion on her face which did little to make Sam feel more confident. The door opened quite rapidly and the man that stood in front of the two women almost made Sam gasp. The man’s face seemed pierced in every available place, he was shirtless but his chest and arms were covered in tattoos. He was smoking and his eyes were only half-opened, he swayed slightly as he tried to focus his eyes on the guests. “Hello?” Janet eventually said when the guy remained silent. “Hey.” The guy said in a gruff voice. “Erm… Is Tom here?” Janet asked. “Tom? Oh, yeah… He’s in the living room. Come on in.” The guy stumbled backwards to make room. Sam looked at Janet with concern but when Janet started walking in she felt she had no choice but to follow. She stepped over the threshold and was surprised that the interior of the house seemed completely normal. The hallways were all painted white and very clean, the juxtaposition with the man who opened the door couldn’t have been more pronounced. “Woah… No kids.” The man said as he blocked Sam. “She’s not a kid.” Janet replied as she looked around at the closed doors, “It’s a long story. Genetic defect stuff. She’s the same age as me.” “If you say so.” The guy said with obvious doubt, “Everyone is through that door.” Janet pushed open the door and stood in the doorway with Sam next to her. They both froze like statues as they looked into the living room, it was as if a bomb had exploded. The room was a wreck with holes in the walls, the lights in the ceiling hanging down or missing, a table was snapped in half, it looked exactly like what it was which was a squat. Tom was sitting on a couch cushion that had been tossed on the floor but he was far from alone. Sam could see eight people in various states of lucidity lying around and she was horrified to see how much alcohol and drug paraphernalia was scattered across the floor and surfaces. Sam and Janet had been expecting a laid out situation with Tom but what they got was a visage of Hell filled with hard drugs. “Yo, Janet.” Tom slurred when he eventually noticed the visitors, “Who’s the dwarf?” “Tom! What the fuck!?” Janet snapped as she stepped into the room, “Who are these people?” “Friends.” Tom said with a shrug. “Tom, there are needles here and… My God, you do this stuff?” Janet looked as shocked as Sam was. Sam suddenly felt even less safe than before and regretted ever leaving her bedroom. She wanted to call Janet back to leave but she couldn’t get her attention. Sam looked over her shoulder and saw a man and a woman stumbling down the stairs whilst only half-dressed. There were more people in the kitchen where the music seemed to be coming from. “Geez, calm down, it’s just a bit of fun.” Tom said as he sat up. Sam noticed he still has a belt tied around his upper arm. “I had no id-” Janet suddenly stopped when something outside the window caught her attention. Sam saw it too, the briefest flash of a blue light. Someone moved the net curtain slightly and Sam saw police cars pulling up outside. “Were you followed here?” Tom suddenly asked as his face drained of colour. “Oh shit…” Janet whispered, “The cops!”
  4. Sam is a small and young woman who is finally being given some freedom by her over-protective mother. She is on her way to a job interview on a day like any other when she meets a strange woman on the bus. Before she even knows what's happening her whole life is turned upside down. --- This new story is being posted in instalments like all my other ones with patrons getting early access by one week. For $5 you can also enjoy my stories early and for $10 you can see early updates plus exclusive stories. There are other tiers and rewards available that you can find on my Patreon page. https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- A big and special thank you to all my patrons who allow me to keep writing at the pace I do: DannyDazzler, Jerry J, Daniel O, Brandon M, Aaron D, C Dom, Jack O, Craig G, Anon, Dre, Kent J, Nick C, Brandon G, Jason S, P74_1986, Pat M, LuvsSissy, DreaR, J, Alex B, Malcolm E, Zachary F, Tommie M, Pete W, Tim, Bradley, Frank S, Scott S, Charlie S, John D, Pierre-David G, Daniel, Ak, M, Sophie S, Earnest B, Joshua M, NunyoBC, Txdiapered, Kim, Chris, Mike H, Kei, Dorian G, Persi S, Ceneroz, Jack C, S Miller, Carlota C, Kaiser S, Britnee L, Trenton M, Chris, Tim F, Chris B, WillNotWill, Orion F, John, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Thomas R S, Matthew S, Pierry L, Steven H, Findlay, Rob, James L, Tabbi, Bob S, Nathan, Joe, Calcal, Tomy, Jody, Keeno, Matthew S, Dain R, Kristoffer M B, Timothy A W, Jimmy A, Guilyn, Erik P, Shihouin10, Diapering Daddy, Miguel A, James B, Ben R, Lin J, Ben F --- Sam’s Fate By Elfy As Sam walked down the street towards the bus stop she noticed the looks she was getting from the random people she passed. This was no surprise to the seventeen-year-old who had been getting looks of curiosity for most of her life. It used to affect her a lot but she grew a thicker skin in her early teens, Sam didn’t blame people for staring and knew that if she was one of them that she would probably be curious as well. Sam had been born with an extremely rare genetic disorder that made her stand out among everyone else. Despite being perfectly proportioned, Sam measured at only thirty three inches tall. She wasn’t even three feet high which made her very noticeable among the general population. She was often mistaken for a small child which was very annoying to the independently minded teenager. It was the height of summer and it had taken months and months of convincing for Sam to get her mom to let her stay home. Sam’s mom worked a lot and often her job would keep her away from home for quite a long time, because her daughter was so small Sam’s mom often found it very difficult to leave her alone. Finally, at the age of seventeen, Sam had been able to convince her mom that she should be allowed some independence and even look for a summer job. Sam reached the bus stop a few minutes before the bus was due and there were only a few people around. Sam didn’t recognise most of them but there was one Hispanic lady that Sam seemed to see on the same bus each day. The woman nodded politely at Sam who smiled back. Sam leaned against the plastic backed shelter and tried to ignore the other people looking at her. Sam vaguely knew the woman’s name was Maria from a brief conversation they had a few months ago. Sam pulled out the newspaper ad she was carrying in her pocket. There was a very informal job opening at the mall as a part time shop assistant. It was the low hours and low wages but to Sam it represented a chance for freedom, a chance for some desperately sought after independence. It wasn’t easy for someone like Sam to get a job though. Her stature ruled her out of most manual work and others were simply put off by her tiny size. Being less than three feet tall certainly had a lot of disadvantages. “Looking for work?” A distinct accent broke the otherwise silent bus stop. It was Maria and she had taken the few steps to stand next to Sam “Oh, erm… Yeah.” Sam replied. She looked up briefly to smile at the woman but quickly turned back to the advert. “Cool.” Maria replied, “Looking to make some money?” “Sort of.” Sam replied. She placed the ad back in her pocket, “It’s more just a chance to get out of the house, you know?” “Of course!” Maria replied, “A young girl like yourself must really want some space.” “I’m seventeen.” Maria replied. She got mistaken for a young girl a lot. “Oh, I know.” Maria replied with a little laugh, “But that’s younger than me so you must be a young woman. I’m Maria by the way, I’ve seen you here before but I don’t think I introduced myself.” “Samantha.” Sam replied. She didn’t want to remind the woman that they had spoken some time before, “But everyone calls me Sam.” Sam smiled and laughed along with the Hispanic lady who continued the conversation and was actually quite funny, it made a change from the distant stares Sam was used to. Maria was easy to get along with and Sam enjoyed talking to her for the few minutes they had until the bus arrived. When the bus pulled up and the doors opened Sam saw that there was a new driver. She sighed because she knew that she would have to go through the embarrassing prospect of having to prove she wasn’t a child again. The bus drivers were wary about kids getting on the bus unaccompanied and that always caused a scene for Sam. Maria was the first on to the bus with Sam right behind. Maria pulled out her purse and greeted the bus driver in the same friendly way that she had spoken to Sam moments earlier. “One adult… And one junior.” Maria announced loudly as she indicated Sam. Sam was flabbergasted and quickly went to correct Maria but the driver seemed to accept what Maria had said and took her money. Sam was a little annoyed and embarrassed to be bought a junior ticket but she didn’t want to create a fuss, she was already getting looks from the crowded bus. Predictably, there was only one seat left on the bus and it was the one next to Maria who was still smiling serenely at Sam. “Have you thought about voluntary work?” Maria asked as Sam sat down. “I did but I’m not sure it’s my thing.” Sam replied. She adjusted herself rather uncomfortably since Maria seemed to be taking up a majority of the seat, “Do you think you could move up a bit?” “Volunteer work can often give you even more freedom than a paying job. Can often be a better fit for girls such as yourself.” Maria advised Sam as she ignored the younger girl’s request. “Yeah but…” Sam started. “I know the perfect place.” Maria continued, “If you just-” “I want a paying job.” Sam interrupted, “The independence is the main thing I want but the money would be good too.” “Understood.” Maria said with a warm smile, “Just thought a little girl like yourself would be perfect for the place I had in mind.” “I’m not a little girl.” Sam was trying to be patient but she had a real sore point for being made to feel smaller than she already was, “I would appreciate it if you didn’t refer to me as such. Like with the bus driver…” “Oh I’m sorry.” Maria replied, “I was just trying to save you a little money.” Sam wanted to say that she found Maria to be quite condescending at that moment but the bus moved away from the pavement and there was nowhere else for Sam to go, she didn’t want to make this more awkward than it already was. The bus was packed but Sam didn’t mind too much. There was so little room since so many were standing that Sam was pretty well hidden, she got less stares than normal. As the bus trundled around the city Sam just wished they would reach her stop. She didn’t really want any more conversation and she was nervous for her job interview. It was hard for her to stay calm with so much going on. Sam was getting increasingly annoyed as the bus moved around corners and Maria moved up the seat to push Sam closer to the edge. Every corner made the situation a little worse and it soon seemed like Sam was precariously perched on the edge of the seat whilst Maria had the whole seat. If it wasn’t for Sam’s shyness she would have asked Maria to move and give her more room. The problem for Sam was that she wasn’t keen on reigniting the conversation and getting more advice from the slightly older Hispanic woman. The bus took one particular corner at a high speed and everyone seemed to stumble a little bit. For Sam it meant that she almost completely fell of the seat that she only really was half sitting on to begin with. To stop herself from falling on to the dirty floor of the bus Sam quickly flung out one of her hands. Her small hand and tiny fingers wrapped around Maria’s arm to keep herself sitting on the chair. She looked up to Maria who smiled down at Sam. “Do you think you could move up a little?” Sam asked as she adjusted her feet to stay on the seat and releasing Maria’s arm. “Oh, do you not have enough room?” Maria asked. “Not really.” Sam answered as she tried to keep things friendly. She thought it was a stupid question though, it seemed obvious that Sam didn’t have enough room. “I’m sorry… I’m sorry.” Maria quickly said, “I just thought that because you are so small that you wouldn’t need too much space.” Sam was about to retort that her size had nothing to do with the lack of space that she was being given when she was very surprised to feel Maria’s hands reach over to grab her arms. “Hey, what!?” Sam gasped as she suddenly felt Maria lift her up. “I think this would be nice and comfortable for you.” Maria’s voice was high and happy. The kind of voice used to talk to infants and toddlers. “Get off!” Sam was trying to shake Maria off her but she was so small that she was easily manipulated physically, her little arms and legs were powerless against Maria. Maria was far from a giant herself but next to Sam she might as well have been the strongest woman alive. Sam felt her rear end hit solid ground again and she was almost in complete shock. She looked down and saw that she was now straddling Maria’s legs, her own small legs dangled in the air either side of Maria’s knees. Sam couldn’t believe this stranger had pulled her on to their lap like a toddler would sit. It was humiliating to be treated in such a way, Sam was an adult! “Isn’t this nice?” Maria asked but it was clear she didn’t expect an answer, “Nice and comfortable for both of us.” “Let go of me!” Sam hissed through her teeth. Her first instinct was to yell and scream but she didn’t want other people in the bus to see her in this embarrassing position. Her legs flailed as the bus moved, they were uselessly splayed either side of Maria’s lap. As the bus continued down the street Sam felt herself bouncing on Maria’s knees. She could hear the woman humming a happy little tune and she could feel herself blushing furiously as she continued to quietly ask to be let go. Maria seemed determined to ignore her at all costs. The Hispanic lady even pointed out some dogs that the bus passed as if trying to entertain a bored baby. Sam realised that Maria didn’t plan to let her go on her own initiative so she started trying to physically struggle a lot more. She would have to risk being seen in this predicament if she wanted to get out of it. Sam started straining with her arms and doing her best to break Maria’s grip on her. It seemed that Maria was ready for Sam to struggle as she quickly pulled a small blanket out of her bag and wrapped it around Sam. It was remarkable how quickly the lady moved and she expertly swaddled the smaller woman before Sam could even realise what was going on. “What are you doing!?” Sam couldn’t help but ask loudly now. Her embarrassment was being trumped by fear. Maria continued to hum happily as she smiled down at Sam. She tightly wrapped Sam in her arms as she held the small woman across her chest with Sam unable to see much except what was directly above her. Sam tried to move her arms and legs but the blanket was wrapped around her very tightly and she couldn’t move any limb to create space. She felt almost like an Egyptian mummy having been nearly completed covered in the blanket. This was too much for Sam and she realised she had to forget her worry about being embarrassed to get someone to help her out of this situation. Sam always hated asking for help but Maria had her trapped with no way to save herself. “Help! Someone get me out of this!” Sam started to yell but her high-pitched voice sounded like an infantile wail with panic distorting her words. For half a minute Sam yelled in anger and panic but nobody was coming to her aid. Sam couldn’t understand why no one was helping her but her anxious yells sounded just like loud infantile babble to the people around her. When Sam realised no one was coming she started crying. She tried to keep her emotions under control but this situation was getting out of hand and she was getting really scared. Unfortunately, the crying only made her yelling even more incomprehensible. “Someone shut that brat up!” Someone yelled from the back of the bus. There were murmurs of agreement from other passengers. Maria’s smile didn’t falter but she reached into her bag again and as Sam continued to cry loudly she pulled out a pacifier and quickly plugged Sam’s mouth with it. Sam was shocked again and although her first instinct was to spit they soother out Maria put her finger on the mouth guard to hold it in place. Sam’s eyes were wide open as the latex bulb of the binky filled her mouth. The other people on the bus thought she was just some bratty toddler having a tantrum! Sam thought this was insane. She had gone from looking forward to her first real chance at independence to swaddled in a blanket with a pacifier in her mouth. Sam even gave the binky a couple of sucks, she didn’t want to but it seemed to almost be an automatic thing, the dummy filled so much of her mouth that it was hard to ignore it. When the bus stopped and Maria stood up she realised that the Hispanic woman was about to carry her off the bus. Sam tried to wriggle free but found Maria’s arms holding her in place very effectively. Sam tried to make noise but the pacifier was muffling everything she was saying. Sam was suddenly blinded temporarily when Maria stepped off the bus and into the sun. The bundle of blankets that smothered Sam had slipped down a little and she could see around her but she still found Maria easily keeping the soother in her mouth. As Sam looked around she realised she was at the very mall that she had been trying to go to for her interview.
  5. We meet Tim, a man in management at a supermarket, and his girlfriend Elizabeth. Tim believes he can treat people however he wants and it doesn't seem like he ever gets his comeuppance. Will his luck run out? --- This post has been available on my Patreon page for the last week where you can find all of my stories including ones that aren't posted anywhere else. For $5 a month you can see all my updates a week before everyone else and for $10 you can get access to exclusive stories. There are other tiers and rewards available and you can look at the page if you are interested. 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He grumbled as he looked around his small apartment, the floor was very messy and dishes were piled up in the sink just a few feet away. Tim never worried too much about the cleanliness of his apartment unless he had a woman coming back to his place, he usually preferred to go to the girl’s place though. In his late thirties, Tim lived alone and had done since his last long-term relationship had ended a couple of years ago. It had been a bitter break-up but it didn’t take long for Tim to get over it, in fact he had gone out that very night and found someone to bring home. He found it very easy to forget his girlfriend trouble when he had another woman in his bed. Tim went out most Friday nights and rarely came home without a lady friend. He was a Regional manager of some popular supermarkets and was able to flash the cash to any woman who caught his eye. He rarely called anyone back after he had slept with them, he wasn’t looking for anything more than sex from the women he picked up. As Tim rubbed his eyes to wake himself up he saw his phone on the bedside table was flashing a little light to let him know he had a notification. He picked up the handset as he scratched his stubbly chin and unlocked the screen, he saw a text from his girlfriend. Despite Tim’s womanising he did have a steady girlfriend who he had been seeing for a few months. It had been getting pretty serious recently but Tim saw no reason to stop his other casual encounters, as long as his girlfriend remained in the dark it wasn’t hurting anyone. “Are we still on for tomorrow night?” Elizabeth had texted. Elizabeth was just a couple of years younger than Tim but she had a fourteen-year-old daughter from her first marriage. As much as Tim liked Elizabeth, he knew that her teenage daughter, Rebecca, didn’t like him. She didn’t think Tim was good enough for her mom but Tim thought she should thank her lucky stars that he gave her mom the time of day at all. The mutual dislike of each other often got in the way of things. “Sure.” Tim typed in reply, “See you tomorrow evening, babe.” Tim smiled as he clicked send and put his phone back down. He stood up and stretched before slouching to the bathroom for his shower. By the time he came out of the bathroom freshly clean and dry he could see that he was running late, there was practically no chance he would get to the office on time but he didn’t care. One of the perks of being the boss was that no one could tell him off, he was always in control. Tim got himself dressed before leaving his small apartment and heading down to the car. People often asked Tim why he lived such a small place when he could afford much better but the reasoning was simple, Tim hated spending money. The more money he saved on things like rent the more he could spend on girls and other luxuries. Climbing into his car, Tim drove out of the private parking area and started driving towards work. Tim had been very lucky to get where he was and he would be the first to admit it, he was underqualified for his position but thanks to making some good connections in college he was in a position to rise up the corporate ladder. It turns out that what he lacked in ability he was able to make up for with his innate ability to pass the buck and take the praise. Traffic was pretty busy on this Friday morning but Tim was in no rush. He knew that his co-workers were covering for him until he got to his office and there was no reason to get bent out of shape just because he was ten or fifteen minutes late. If anyone did make a fuss he would find a reason to fire them. Whilst not overweight Tim wasn’t in shape either but he saw himself as an alpha male and a leader of men. He saw most people as beneath him and he wasn’t afraid to step on others to get ahead. The first lesson for his employees was always to learn that he was in charge, their opinions didn’t matter. When Tim finally pulled up at the store where his office was located he parked his car and slowly walked in. He saw members of staff give him courteous smiles when they turned and saw him coming, he didn’t return them and barely even acknowledged most of the staff. Fear created respect and Tim made sure that everyone under him had a reason to fear him. He liked the sense of power it created. “Hello, sir.” Fiona, Tim’s secretary said as he walked past her desk, “Your mail is on your desk.” Tim didn’t reply or break his stride. He walked straight into his office and closed his door, he saw the letters on his desk and flicked through them. He saw nothing important and pushed them all to the side so he could put his feet up on his desk. Being the boss was full of perks and a lot of them were based on delegating all of his work to others. For fifteen minutes Tim didn’t do anything except for turning on his computer and looking at the internet. He would be heading out tonight and picking up a woman as usual then the next day he would be with Elizabeth. He smiled serenely, Tim had it all made and he knew it. Tim closed his eyes and soon found himself drifting off a little bit. He slumped down in his chair a little for a bit of extra sleep and slowly relaxed. Tim was rather rudely brought back to reality a minute later when there was a knock on the door. His eyes shot open and he took his feet off the desk as he straightened out his tie and shirt. He closed his browser window and opened a random spreadsheet to keep up the pretence that he was a hard working manager. “Come in.” Tim yelled as he typed randomly on the keyboard. The door opened and Jessica, a lady who worked in accounts, walked in with some mail and other paperwork. She was quite young, in her early twenties, and very serious about her work. Her hair was tied up in a bun and she wore glasses and smart clothes. Tim had tried hitting on her when she first arrived but she was a woman that wouldn’t be swayed by his advances. It was only when she threatened to go to human resources that Tim gave up hitting on the young lady. “Hello, Sir.” Jessica said cordially, “I’ve got some papers and invoices that need to be taken to the bank and I was just making sure you knew I was leaving.” “The bank?” Tim repeated, “The one in town?” “Yes.” Jessica sounded like she was trying to stop herself saying anything sarcastic or inflammatory, “The one we use every week.” “Oh, right. Well, leave the paperwork here.” Tim said as he patted his desk, “I’ll take it in a few minutes.” “Sir?” Jessica raised her eyebrows in shock, “You’ll take it?” “Of course.” Tim said, “Why’s that so surprising?” “Oh, well… You just don’t volunteer often for… Never mind!” Jessica smiled as she placed the papers on the desk and took a step back. “That’ll be all.” Tim said with a smile as he ordered the paperwork. Jessica left the office and Tim put his feet up on his desk again. This Friday was just getting better and better, now he had the perfect excuse to get out of the office. Tim smiled to himself happily as he lounged around the office for another half an hour or so, until he finally got his things together and picked up what needed taking to the bank. Tim walked out of his office and closed the door behind him. He gave his secretary a nod and let her know where he was going. He walked across to the stairs which led down to the rear of the store and then into the main shopping area. Tim was not a fan of screaming children or large slow moving crowds which is why he hid in his office as much as he could. He walked through the shoppers and out of the main doors into the car park. It was a hot day so Tim opened his car’s windows and backed out of his personal parking space. He drove around the car park’s one-way system and then turned out of the car park and on to the main road. Tim turned the radio up and leaned against the door as he started the journey into town. Traffic was quiet but Tim was in no hurry to get back to work so he drove along slightly under the speed limit and looking at all the passing people. His eyes would linger on the attractive women that he drove past and he couldn’t help but have a good time as he cruised through the streets towards the bank. When Tim had reached the bank he had to dive around a little bit to find a parking spot. He eventually found a nice spot in some shade underneath a tree a couple of streets down from the large bank building. He stepped out and locked his car up before leisurely strolling away from the car. It was a glorious day and it was far too nice to be cooped up inside an office all day. The bank was quite quiet on this late morning and when Tim walked into the air conditioned main lobby he saw just a few people occupying the time of the cashiers as well as a young couple talking to a man in a suit. Tim walked inside with his paperwork and scanned the workers at the bank, he looked at all the employees until his eyes fell on the person he had been looking for. Tim had an ulterior motive to come to the bank. As well as an excuse to get out of work for a while it was a chance to see his girlfriend, Elizabeth. Tim had met Elizabeth at the bank about six months ago. He had started chatting to her as she served him and he found her attractive. The confident and cocky Tim gave her his phone number and she had called him a couple of days later. Tim’s original idea was that Elizabeth would be nothing more than another one night stand. When Elizabeth and Tim had gone out for a couple of drinks they had shared plenty of information about their pasts and where they were now. Elizabeth told Tim about her daughter’s father who had abandoned the family shortly after Rebecca had been born. She told him that she had to work and be a single parent to raise Rebecca alone. Tim wasn’t all that interested and just wanted to get to the sex that always followed his dates. To Tim’s surprise Elizabeth refused Tim’s offer of going back to his place but did say she would like to see him again. Tim had talked about all the money he made and everything and yet Elizabeth hadn’t been taken in by his spell, she just wanted to take things slowly. They had gone out a few more times and before Tim knew it he had found himself in a relatively serious long term relationship, just the sort of thing he hadn’t been looking for. Tim didn’t let this new relationship distract from his weekend activities though. Even when he and Elizabeth did get sexual he still went out on Friday night’s or whenever he got time to pick up women for one night stands. “Hello there, I was wondering if you could help me with some banking. I’d like to make a large deposit…” Tim smiled and winked as he skipped the queue and walked up to Elizabeth’s register. “Tim, what a pleasant surprise.” Elizabeth smiled as she looked up to see Tim. Tim slid the paperwork he had been given under the glass so that Elizabeth could do whatever it was she did. Tim didn’t take much interest in Elizabeth’s work and as far as he knew she just typed on the computer a bunch and then magic happened. “I’m looking forward to seeing you tomorrow evening.” Tim winked at Elizabeth. “God, you only ever have one thing on your mind…” Elizabeth rolled her eyes as she shuffled through the papers and continued adding and subtracting from the companies various accounts. “What!?” Tim acted offended, “I’m a warm blooded male and you are a sexy woman!” “Quiet!” Elizabeth blushed a little but seemed genuinely concerned that someone might overhear them, “I’m at work, no being… You know, like you normally are.” “What’s that supposed to mean?” Tim asked. “I mean you can be a little… Abrasive.” Elizabeth chose her words carefully, “Oh, before I forget to tell you, Rebecca will be home this weekend.” “Come on…” Tim looked up at the ceiling in disappointment. “She’s my daughter.” Elizabeth reminded Tim, “We come as a package. I told you that when all this started.” “I know, I know…” Tim replied, “She’s just… Not a fan of me.” Tim wanted to say that Rebecca was a “bitch” but he knew that he might not get any action the next day if he said that. Tim really didn’t like Rebecca and the feeling was mutual, she always acted like she was better than him and that infuriated Tim. “Be nice.” Elizabeth warned her boyfriend, “If you really want to move in with me then you need to learn to live with her.” Moving in together had been an idea Elizabeth had talked about for the last couple of months. Tim was unsure about it since it would be a lot harder to sleep with other women without his own apartment to go to. He had been prevaricating on the issue as much as possible because he didn’t want to end the relationship or give up his independence. “I’ll see you tomorrow, OK?” Tim said as Elizabeth typed up the last of the reports, “I’ll be over for dinner.” “Alright, dear.” Elizabeth smiled but did note her boyfriend changing the subject abruptly, “I’ll see you then.” Tim winked again as he turned away from the window and swiftly left the bank. He shielded his eyes from the sun and slowly walked back to his car. When he looked at his watch he decided that he had earned himself a nice lunch treat after all of his “hard work” that morning. He smiled to himself at how clever he was, being paid to go see his girlfriend and get lunch, it was this kind of thinking that had made him the manager he was. He knew he was smarter than everyone else, how else would he be able to get away with everything?
  6. Thomas is a college student who is very low on cash. Overhearing a conversation one day provides him with a chance for what seems like easy money. Will the money be as easy as he hoped? What could be inside a supposedly abandoned building? --- This story instalment like all others I post was available one week ago to patrons on my Patreon page. Patrons get access to all story updates one week before everyone else can see it and they also get access to exclusive stories (At least a dozen of them available for $10 and above patrons) they can also get discounts to commissions, short stories written for them, images, a Discord server and more. If you would like to become a patron and help support my writing and allow me to keep up my schedule of posting once every four days then please head to my Patreon page where you can find out more information. https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- Haunted Nursery Ward By Elfy It was a cold winter’s morning as Thomas Jackson left his college and walked down the street towards an independent local coffee shop. Thomas was no coffee connoisseur but they gave out free water and cheap food which for a college student with no money to his name that was a big selling point. It was lunchtime and Thomas pulled his collar up against the bitter wind. The door to the coffee shop opened with the tinkling of a bell. It was quiet inside and combined with the smell of brewing coffee it felt very homely. There was a group of students at a table talking as Thomas walked past and up to the counter. “Hello, what can I get you?” The smiling girl behind the counter asked as Thomas approached. “Could I get a bagel and some of the free water?” Thomas asked as he looked at the display of delicious looking foods on and under the counter. The smell of this shop was enough to make his mouth water. “Of course.” The assistant said. She took a small plate and placed a bagel on it before filling a glass with cold water. She walked over to one of the few tables and placed the lunch down. “Thank you.” Thomas said as he sat down and took his bag off. It had been a tricky morning for the college freshman. His classes were really tough and he was having to work very hard just to keep up. It could be very stressful but this little lunch spot was a great place to unwind. “You are such a baby!” Came a loud male voice from a table nearby. Thomas looked up to see the group of students sitting at the nearby table. They were talking excitedly about something and Thomas couldn’t help but overhear their conversation, they were quite a rowdy group or at least a couple of them were. “Baby? I’m telling you that place is haunted!” Came another of the voices as the group laughed, “It’s creepy as fuck!” “He thinks it’s haunted!” One of the students loudly laughed, “There’s no such thing as ghosts.” “You spend the night there then!” The defensive guy said with a smile, “Sorry if I don’t want to get involved in some freaky shit.” “I’ve already spent a night in there.” The first guy said with some bravado. “Bullshit!” Another of the group replied loudly before they all started laughing again. Thomas was frankly a little annoyed that his quiet lunch spot had been taken over by the rowdy students that he hadn’t met before. He came to this little coffee shop to avoid crowds and noise. If he wasn’t so shy he would have asked them all to keep it down a little bit but he sat quietly and ate his bagel in silence. “Alright, so I haven’t spent the night there but so what?” The guy conceded, “I bet I could offer you $100 and you would still be too scared. In fact, I’ll do just that.” The mention of money got Thomas more interested and he looked up from his food to see one of the group pulling out his wallet. The guy was clearly quite well off since he pulled out $100 in cash and slammed it on the table. “I don’t know…” The scared guy seemed to be swayed a little by the money but he eventually shook his head, “No way, it’s not worth the risk.” “Risk!?” The guy scooped his money up again, “What risk? There’s no such thing as haunted houses!” “I’ll do it.” Thomas had spoken before he even thought about what he was doing. Thomas smiled shyly as all the heads at the table swivelled in his direction. They seemed to be looking at him with interest and Thomas felt even more uncomfortable than usual. “You’ll do it?” The guy holding the money asked. “Sure…” Thomas replied slowly and with a shrug, “I could use the money and like you said, it’ll prove it’s not haunted, right?” The person holding the money looked around at his friends with a smirk on his face. He seemed to be sizing Thomas up a little before nodding his head. “Sure. My name’s Sam by the way.” Sam said as he started scribbling something down on some paper, “Meet us at this address a little before eight this evening, OK?” “I’ll see you there… Oh, and I’m Thomas.” Thomas took the paper with the address and gathered up his things. He had finished his bagel so he drained his water and started making his way towards the exit of the café. “See you tonight.” Sam called after him. Thomas smiled and waved back as he walked away and back towards college. He would have to stop at the library after his classes had finished so that he could search the address and find out where he was supposed to go. This could be two strokes of good fortune for Thomas. This seemed like an easy way to make a little extra money which was something that he always struggled with and he may come out of it with something else he was sorely lacking in. Thomas had never made friends easily but with this group of people he had a chance to make a lot of friends at once. This was an opportunity that Thomas couldn’t afford to give up. --- When Thomas turned up at the address he saw the people from the café already there. He felt butterflies in his tummy but was unsure exactly why. He could see building he would be going into already, through the fence he could see an old and half-dilapidated one storey building that was at the end of quite a long path. The grass either side was overgrown and the old trees were without leaves. To the side of the building was a child’s play area. Once used by happy children it now appeared twisted and rusted. It was undeniably creepy in the darkness but Thomas had to remember that he had money waiting for him. Thomas kept repeating to himself that there was no such thing as ghosts and that it was just an old and empty building. “Thomas?” Sam called when he saw Thomas getting close. “Hi.” Thomas replied with a nervous smile. “All ready to go in?” Sam asked. He pulled the collar of his jacket up, it was starting to get cold now that night was descending. “I think so. When do I get the money?” Thomas asked. He saw Sam chuckle at his question. “Right down to business, eh?” Sam smiled, “How about I give you half now and half in the morning?” “Sure.” Thomas replied as he took fifty dollars from his possible friend. “Cool. Well, this is the building. It’s supposed to be an old nursery or children’s ward. I found some newspaper articles about it that you can read, it’ll be a boring night after all.” Sam chuckled, “Everyone around this area says it’s haunted but that’s bullshit. I want you to prove to everyone that there is nothing over there except an empty and abandoned house.” Thomas nodded and looked through the gate again. He started feeling increasingly nervous of what he was supposed to do and started wondering if he should back out. Maybe this hadn’t been such a good idea after all, it was cold out here, he couldn’t imagine it would be any warmer inside the broken down building. “I’ve got some things for you to take in.” Sam said as he reached into his bag. Thomas turned back and looked at Sam again. He wondered if his increasingly frightful feelings were showing on his face. He looked at the other people in the group and saw their smiling faces, were they just being friendly or did they know something that Thomas didn’t? “This is a wristwatch that doubles as a camera.” Sam said as he handed a small metal watch to Thomas, “It’s so you can record your whole time in there.” Thomas let Sam place the watch around his wrist and saw little holes on the side of the timepiece. He had no idea how a camera was fit in there but it must have been an expensive piece of equipment. “We’ve also got some bottles of water, some snacks and a flashlight.” Sam placed these items into Thomas’ backpack, “Do you have a cell phone?” Thomas reached into his pocket and pulled out an old cell phone. It was so old that it wasn’t even a touchscreen, it was as far from a smart phone as you could find. The sight of it made the group giggle a little bit. “Did you find that in a museum?” Sam asked with a little shake of the head and a laugh, “Can it make calls?” “It receives them but it doesn’t make them.” Thomas blushed as he admitted his own poorness. “That’s perfect.” Sam said. His tone worried Thomas a little. “Maybe this isn’t such a good idea…” Thomas said slowly as he looked at the building, “It might be private property or something.” “You’re not chickening out are you?” Sam’s voice was suddenly much harsher in tone. “N-No…” Thomas slowly stuttered. “Good, because if you’ve wasted our time tonight we won’t be happy about it.” Sam sounded threatening now. The whole feeling in the air was suddenly a lot more hostile, it was like a switch had been flicked. “I-It’s fine.” Thomas said, “It’s just an old building, right?” “Exactly.” Sam replied, “So, in you go and we will see you in twelve hours with the other half of your money.” Sam pushed the gate open and Thomas looked up the dark path with a gulp. Sam gave Thomas some old newspaper clippings and articles and then a little push to send him on his way. Thomas took a couple of steps into the darkened front yard and heard the gate creaking close behind him. He turned to see Sam looking at him. “See you in the morning.” Sam said. He waved and then walked away. Thomas flicked on the flashlight and pointed it up the path in front of him. He started walking slowly towards the old building and every step seemed to send a further shiver down his spine. To distract himself from his fears he held up the newspaper clippings in front of him and scanned the headlines. None of the headlines were very reassuring and Thomas had wished he had seen these before the gate had been closed. “People Missing in Strange Ward”, “Strange Noises Coming From East Wing, Experts Baffled”, “Things That Go Bump in the Night – Is Mystery Nursery Haunted?” The oldest clipping was about how the building had been shut down decades ago when it was found to be unfit to leave children at. It looked like there had been a lot of scandals surrounding what happened in there. Issues of staff cruelty and unfit living conditions. Those were just some of the headlines that Thomas scanned over as he walked up the path and towards the main building. He didn’t like what he read and each article only made him more fearful of what was to come, the building seemed more foreboding the closer he got. Thomas shivered as he reached the front door and gently pushed against it. He hoped that the door would be locked so he would have an excuse to turn back but the old wooden door creaked open on its rusted hinges. It almost felt like a relief to leave the outside behind but it was very much a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire. The inside of the building was a complete wreck. The main foyer had been torn apart over time and graffiti was etched all over the walls. Glass was strewn everywhere and plants had started taking over the building, it was dark but not pitch black and moonlight came in through several holes in the roof. Old plastic seats were cracked and faded, none of them seemed to have been saved from the ravages of time. Insects and spiders seemed to have taken over and there were webs in every corner. Thomas wasn’t fond of spiders but when he shined the flashlight around the room he didn’t see any creepy-crawlies. Thomas walked into the room and shone the light around but there was nothing there that shouldn’t have been. Thomas walked into the centre of the middle of the reception area and saw a hallway to the side, knowing that he was there for twelve hours he decided he should probably have a look around if for no other reason than to make sure there were no homeless people or anything around. “There’s no such thing as ghosts… There’s no such thing as ghosts…” Thomas repeated to himself out loud as he walked down the hallway. Vines twisted overhead and across the walls it partially obscured the hallway but Thomas still saw something interesting. On the walls, in between the vines, Thomas could see pictures that looked like they had been drawn by children. Crayons and bright colours covered white paper haphazardly and were signed by names of the children who had drawn them. Even though the pictures were entirely innocent in their subjects it somehow made the scary building even more foreboding. It was a scary juxtaposition between the spooky building and the seemingly happy drawings. Floorboards were creaking with every step and Thomas stopped a couple of times when he thought he had heard noises from the other end of the building. He spun around and scanned the area with his flashlight but saw nothing untoward. Thomas peered through the windows in the doors and saw old abandoned classrooms offices against one side of the corridor. Blackboards were still against the walls and encircled by vines that now framed them, the chalk writing was cracked and eerie. Desks sat in position as if waiting for the next day’s classes that Thomas knew would never come. It was actually quite sad. Along the other side of the hallway were a different set of doors. There doors had no windows and despite everything else in the building being broken they were still locked. There were clear spaces where signs had obviously been until somewhat recently. They were nowhere to be seen. Just as Thomas was starting to feel a little easier about where he was there was suddenly a loud crashing noise from further down the hallway. Thomas jumped almost out of his shoes and dropped his flashlight. He quickly bent over to pick it up and shone the light to the end of the hallway. Right at the end, the final door seemed to have a light shining out from under it. Thomas frowned, had the light always been there or did it just appear? “H-Hello?” Thomas called out nervously. There was no answer and Thomas wasn’t sure where he should go. Half of him wanted to go and see what was happening and the other half wanted to run away. He remembered the money and how much he needed it, it was the only thing stopping him from turning back and leaving immediately. “There’s no such thing as ghosts… There’s no such thing as ghosts…” Thomas continued to repeat to himself as he felt adrenaline flooding his body. Thomas was about to turn and head back into the main foyer when he suddenly realised what must be happening. Sam and his group of friends must have snuck in behind Thomas to play a prank on him. The crash must have been one of them knocking something over. “I know you’re there.” Thomas called out as he shined his flashlight on the door at the end of the hallway. He was hoping they would give themselves away by laughing or something. There was still no response so Thomas started walking down the corridor towards the mysterious light. As he reached the door he could see the glass was intact and had the words “Nursery – East Wing” stencilled on to it in old black paint. Unlike every other part of the building this door seemed to be functioning and clean. It almost looked new when compared with everything else around it, Thomas wondered how it had escaped the ravages of time when the rest of the building looked on the brink of collapse. Thomas slowly put his ear to the door but could hear nothing from inside. He slowly pulled on the handle and was surprised when the door opened quite freely, the light inside the room flooded the dark hallway and Thomas was left momentarily blinded.
  7. Elise is just an old lady living at home with her cat when a bad storm comes through town. She thinks little of it until she sees a younger woman struggling in the adverse elements and decides she must help. This story was commissioned by RoboNarples. --- I'm only able to write as much as I do thanks to the support of all my patrons. For $5 a month you can see every story update I write a week before anyone else and for $10 a month you get the early access plus access to TWENTY-SIX EXCLUSIVE STORIES only available to patrons. There are more rewards and tiers available and all can be seen on my Patreon page. Any and all support is very appreciated https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- Elise’s Guest By Elfy The rain was lashing against the windows. The sky was streaked with lightning and it didn’t look like it was going to let up any time soon. The old house creaked as a strong gust of wind blew against the walls. At a time when modern buildings were popping up everywhere this old building seemed like an oddity. It was small and filled with all the things you would associate with your grandparents. Outdated technology, cosy rugs and furniture and lots of photos. Elise walked down the creaky stairs with her cat at her heels. At sixty-five years old Elise wasn’t as spry as she used to be but she was still able to take care of her house without an issue. Her children had grown up and left home whilst her husband had unfortunately passed away a few years prior. At 5’7” Elise wasn’t particularly tall and she had grown a little plump as she aged. She wouldn’t describe herself as overweight but she certainly wasn’t thin either. The storm had interrupted her quiet reading time and she was now heading downstairs to turn on the old television. “Careful, Trevor.” Elise said with a slightly shaking voice as the cat darted in front of her and threatened to trip her up. Just as Elise reached the bottom of the stairs there was a flash from outside and then a loud crackle of thunder that seemed to be from directly overhead. The cat let out a startled meow before darting into the living room. Elise looked up to the small window at the top of her front door and shivered, the cold weather sent a chill down her body despite the comfort of the room. “Silly thing!” Elise shook her head and chuckled at her cat, “Trevor, it’s just loud noise. It can’t hurt you.” Elise walked across the hallway and into the living room. The fireplace opposite the doorway was more a decorative piece since the central heating had been installed but it was on evenings like this that Elise liked to light it up and sit on the couch doing a puzzle. She turned to face the large window to the outside world and saw Trevor hiding underneath the small table beneath it, his large feline eyes looking out wildly. “You’re OK, Trevor.” Elise said softly as she walked across the room, “Look, it’s just a storm.” Elise reached down and picked up her scared cat. She opened the curtain a little and looked out the window with Trevor in her arms. The rain was driving at the glass and branches were bending with the strong winds that periodically lashed against the building. “See, nothing wro-” Elise stopped mid-sentence. In the stormy darkness Elise could see the silhouette of a woman. The woman’s back was bent against the wind but she didn’t look like she was making much progress as she tried to walk up the road. Elise squinted her eyes just as the shadowed person lurched sideways into her bush. She slowly pulled herself out but something definitely seemed wrong. Elise couldn’t take her eyes off the mysterious person and she was just wondering if she should try to help when they suddenly fell to the ground right in front of the gate. Elise gasped in shock and let go of Trevor who landed on his four paws and scurried back under the table. Elise hurried as fast as she was able to the front door. She opened it up and immediately got hit by a wall of water as the rain blew in towards her. A strong wind rattled down the hallway and blew some papers on a nearby table to the floor. Elise shielded her eyes from the rain and hurried out into the garden without even putting any shoes on. The rain was coming down so hard and the wind howling so loudly that it was difficult to hear anything else. Elise splashed threw the puddles on the short path before opening her small metal gate. The woman came into focus now and the light from the hallway allowed Elise to see who she was dealing with. The collapsed woman looked young. Elise didn’t think she could be beyond her early twenties and she was very pretty, her skin was almost ghostly white and although she was conscious she looked up at Elise silently. Her long golden hair was draped half over her face and half her face was lying in a very shallow puddle. She had a backpack on that looked absolutely soaked through. “Come on, dear.” Elise had to shout to be heard over the weather, “Let’s get you inside.” Elise started trying to get the woman up and after a little bit of effort she found the stranger able to lean on her as they walked towards the house. “What are you doing out here?” Elise asked as they passed under the porch and crossed into the house, “What’s your name?” “Em… Emily…” The woman breathed weakly. Elise helped Emily into the living room and laid her down on the couch. She went back and closed the front door before returning to the living room to find Emily had apparently fallen asleep. She had tried taking her backpack off and it hung loosely from one arm. Now that Elise could get a better look at Emily she was able to make a better assessment of her new guest. Emily looked even prettier in the full light of the living room, her soft features reminded Elise a lot of her own daughter. Elise checked the woman’s pulse and found that her heart was beating quite quickly, it seemed like she was sick in some way. Trevor, unable to ignore his curiosity, walked cautiously towards the couch to nervously sniff the new intruder. “Get away, Trevor. Let the poor girl rest.” Elise shooed the cat away. Elise was strong for her age and she managed to get Emily’s arm over her shoulder and start walking her towards the stairs. Trevor followed them until a fresh clap of thunder caused the feline to dart for his hiding spot under the table again. “W-What are you doing?” Emily’s eyes only half-opened. “You’re sick.” Elise replied as she turned the young woman to the stairs, “I’m taking you to the guest bedroom for some rest.” “No… I shouldn’t…” Emily’s voice was very quiet, “I need to get back to my dorm.” “Where is this dorm?” Elise asked, “Because if it’s any further away than the end of the street I’m not sure you’re going to make it.” Emily seemed to slacken a little in Elise’s arms. The older woman sighed as she continued to manhandle her guest up and towards the spare bedroom. This girl needed some very special care and treatment, Elise was confident that she could help this girl to relax and recover. Elise practically dragged Emily down the landing and to the last door at the end of the hallway. Elise turned the dusty handle and helped Emily inside, she swayed dangerously as Elise let go of her. This wasn’t a room Elise went in often and she hoped Emily would understand what an honour it was for her to be let in here, no other visitor would be allowed in. “What… What is this?” Emily asked as she looked around with her half-closed eyes. “This was my daughter’s room.” Elise replied with a wide smile, “My little princess loved to come in here when she was unwell, even when she got a bit older and had moved to the other bedroom. Zoe spent many weeks in her special room.” “I… I… I can’t…” Emily swayed dramatically and she took a couple of steps to the side to lean against the wall. Elise barely noticed Emily’s trouble staying vertical as she looked around at the room. The walls were a pastel pink with a frieze running around them about a third of the way up. Steam trains were stencilled just above the white frieze and cartoon animals ran below it. The window on the far side of the room was covered by white net curtains, the rain lashing against the window sounded even louder in the otherwise silent room. To the side of the window was a large white make-up desk and chair. The mirror was ringed with lightbulbs as if it was owned by a Hollywood starlet. The top of the desk and the drawers were still filled with make-up from the last time Elise’s daughter had used the room all those years ago. Elise only came in here when she had very special visitors, she never liked to touch anything if she didn’t have to. Along the wall with the door a bed sat. It was very old-fashioned but that fit the décor of the rest of the house. The four-post bed was made of a dark wood but the pillowcases and sheets were all pink. The duvet had a large picture of a fantasy castle and a princess on it. The other things in the room looked a little more expected. There was a bookshelf full of children’s books and a chest of drawers next to the door to the closet. All together the room looked like it would be appropriate for a young girl. “Let’s get you undressed.” Elise said in a kindly manner as she walked over to where Emily was leaning. “I can do it…” Emily said but she offered no resistance as Elise started to remove her soaking jacket. Elise took the jacket from the young woman and dropped it on to the floor. She pulled her shirt over her head leaving her with just a bra on her top half. As Elise stripped Emily down she muttered small platitudes and encouragements. The older woman could see Emily’s cheeks blushing a light shade of pink but she made no effort to stop the undressing. She didn’t seem able to resist the old lady. Emily’s pants came off next leaving the exhausted woman in just her underwear. Elise thought the college student looked a little thin and resolved to fatten her up a bit as she helped her recover from whatever was wrong. Elise decided that Emily hadn’t been looking after herself properly but that was alright because Elise knew just how to help young women like this. It had always worked on her daughter after all and her mother had done the same thing for her when she was a child as well. Elise reached around Emily and unclipped her bra. It slid down her arms and the breasts within drooped ever so slightly as the bra came down. Elise pulled it away and dropped it with the rest of the clothes. “Don’t worry, sweetheart.” Elise said softly as she noticed Emily tremble slightly, “We’re nearly done and you can get into bed. I have some lovely medicine for you. You’ll feel like a new person in no time.” Elise reached down and hooked her thumbs in the waistband of Emily’s panties. The soaked underwear was gently slid down and Elise was soon able to see all of Emily’s most intimate parts. She was unsurprised to see she was completely hairless between her legs, which seemed to be the fashion with young women these days. Once Elise had managed to unhook the panties from Emily’s feet she pulled back the covers on the bed to allow Emily to climb in. Elise smiled warmly as Emily seemed to sink into the soft bedding, her face was red but a smile crossed her lips as her head hit the pillow. “I’ll be right back.” Elise said softly. Elise left the room and hurried down to her kitchen. She opened the drawer which contained all of her medicine and sifted through it looking for one thing in particular. Once she found the small bottle she poured a small about in a glass and then topped it up with some milk, she stirred it in and then carried it back up to the bedroom. She found that Emily was already falling asleep. “Here you go, sweetie.” Elise handed the glass to Elise who sat up a little. “What is it?” Emily asked weakly. She was already feeling a little stronger than when she had first stumbled in. “Just some medicine to help you feel better.” Elise said in a motherly way, “Drink up.” Elise smiled as Emily put the glass to her lips and gave it a smell. Clearly she didn’t find anything offensive about the medicine-laced milk as she quickly downed the whole glass. It worked very quickly and within a few minutes Emily was lying down and drifting off into sleep. “Sweet dreams, baby.” Elise whispered. Elise kissed Emily on the forehead before finally leaving her bedside. She needed to prepare some things if she was going to properly rehabilitate this unfortunate woman. In Elise’s mind there was only one thing a wayward woman like this needed.
  8. Hello everyone, This is the first chapter of my latest story. This is currently being published chapter by chapter on my Patreon and will be available in its entirety later this year. You can find the latest chapters at patreon.com/alex_bridges. All characters are 18+ Chapter 1 It’s not like I did it on purpose. I’m not sorry, but it’s not like I did it on purpose. I babysit three times a week on average, more like five times in the summer. I want to pay for as much of college as I can in cash, and childcare pays better than retail or waiting tables. Especially now that schools keep opening and closing, parents are desperate for a night away. For me, an opportunity to make more money, which I need. I’m not going to risk my reputation as the best sitter in town just because of a little mix up. “Hi, Mrs. Rooney,” I said when she opened the door. “Hi, Sally. Come on in. Thanks for coming over on short notice.” I followed her into her kitchen; the Rooneys always have good stuff in the fridge. I didn’t get where I am as a sitter by abusing fridge privileges, but I don’t pass up the benefit either. She was dressed to the nines. I never asked, but it always seemed like she and Mr. Rooney must be going someplace expensive. Just based on their house alone, they must be one of the richer families I sit for. They’re not wealthy, but they got the upper-middle-class thing down pat. Literally the only people I know whose entryway it an actual room. “Always happy to when I can,” I replied, “I like Jamie and Jackie.” Well behaved kids, easy to get along with. “O, they’re both at friends’ houses tonight. It’ll just be you and Gordy tonight. Is that okay?” Like I couldn’t tell this ‘misunderstanding’ was totally on purpose. She had this guilty, pleading look on her face, but that was so beside the point. “Gordon? Really?” I knew Gordon. More specifically, I’ve known him since kindergarten, which would make fourteen years we’ve known each other. We graduated a little over year ago in the same class; we were even in the same twelfth grade homeroom, and now we’re both sophomores townies at the same college. I’ve sat for the Rooneys more than a few times, and Gordon was, obviously, never one of my charges. I just figured that was because he was the same age as me. Come to think of it, he was never even home when I sat for the kids because if he was, why would they need me to watch the kids? “I wouldn’t ask. Normally he spends the night at my sister’s or a friend’s house when you’re over, but he can’t tonight.” Like, but he’s … “But why does he need a sitter? He’s twenty. He’s, like, a month older than me, right?” And I’m also twenty. “Yes, but I don’t like leaving him alone if it can be helped.” “O … kay. So we’ll just watch a movie, I guess.” Get paid a hundred bucks to watch a movie with one of my peers? Weird, but fine by me. We’re not friends exactly, but we’re friendly. We were sorta friends when we were younger, but less so once we got to middle school. Gordon’s not exactly Mister Popular. Everyone’s nice to him, though, and he seems nice enough too. Just … different crowds. “Not exactly. I can explain fast, but we’re running late.” “That’s fine. I’ll stay.” “O, thank you. We just really need a night out, and since he got in trouble on campus today, he’s not allowed to go to his friend’s house and my sister already had plans and …” Didn’t really need her life story. “Whatever. It’s fine. Just tell me what’s up,” I said with a dab of false cheer to cover my WTF. She’s running late; I’m getting paid whether she tells me all this other stuff or not, so hey, let’s skip to the part I need to know, right? “Gordy,” Mrs. Rooney said, “come sit at the table with us. I want you to hear all of this so you can’t say you didn’t know later.” I followed her eyes, and color me surprised to see Gordon – Gordy at home, apparently; he always hated being called that in school – standing in the corner in his pajamas at six o’clock. I know the difference between lazy around-the-house-clothes and jammies, and those were definitely jammies. He shuffled over blushing all the way to his ears as he kept his eyes pointed at the floor. We all took a seat at the table. I couldn’t tell if he as about to cry, tantrum, or both, and I wouldn’t blame him if he did. If I were him, I’d probably have broken something and peeled out of the driveway while flipping the bird. I mean, we’re not kids. We’re not even teenagers. We’re way too old for a babysitter by about eight years. “First off,” Mrs. Rooney said, “do you know about Gordy’s issue?” “His diapers? Yeah.” Like he could keep that a secret for since literally the entire time I’d known him. No one made fun of him for it, not in a long time. Kindergarten and maybe first grade a little, but even in kindergarten it quickly became normal: our class had a kid in diapers. An adult in diapers now. And he’s not on the spectrum or delayed or anything. I don’t know what the issue is cuz it’s none of my business, but he’s always been in diapers, at least so far as I know. You’d have to be dense to have not figured it out within the first week of kindergarten. And if even if you were dense, when we got to middle school and had to change for gym, I think they let him change in a private stall or something, but you could totally hear him crinkling through those shorts. And no one teased him. Gordon wears diapers, always has; he went to the nurse a couple times a day, and we all knew why. If anything, people in school were kind of protective of him even though he didn’t need it. I even heard a rumor that when a new kid asked about it in tenth grade, the biggest bully in our class hauled off and punched him just to make it perfectly clear no one bullies Gordon. “You’ll need to check and change him tonight.” Just when I thought Gordon – well, when in Rome – Gordy couldn’t bow his head any lower. “Uh, he doesn’t do that himself? Or can’t he?” You don’t get to be the most sought-after babysitter in town by being squeamish about changing diapers, but one fact I do know: toddlers make bigger messes than newborns, and twenty-year-old Gordy has about a hundred and five pounds on the average two-year-old. Though come to think of it, I didn’t know if Gordy needed diapers for that or just for wetting accidents. In the brief second I had to consider that, it occurred to me even a toddler who still has wetting accidents is usually in a pull-up, not a full blown diaper. Our school’s gym shorts covered everything, but there was no mistaking Gordy’s underpants for a pull-up. He wears diapers. “Gordy got a diaper rash last week. If he wants the privilege of changing his own diapers, he needs to be responsible about it, which means no rashes. I’m sorry to even ask you to change him, but I like to be very consistent with the rules, and the rule is if he gets a diaper rash, no changing his own diapers for a month.” Not surprised exactly. She’s one of the stricter parents I sat for. So yeah, she’s his stepmom, but she’s not really an evil stepmom. She’s just a stickler for rules. I was afraid to ask this and very sorry to have to ask it in front of Gordy, poor little guy, but I had to. “Um, does he … both ways?” I guess I could’ve asked him, but he seemed like he’d rather have a hole swallow him than answer any questions. “He doesn’t usually have a dirty diaper in the evening.” “Still …” “Two hundred for the night,” Mrs. Rooney said before I could finish the sentence we both knew I was in the middle of saying. “Two-fifty.” Hey, I’m not one to miss an opportunity. Do you know what books cost for just one semester? “Done.” “Sorry,” I said under my breath to Gordy. I felt bad enough for him that she was making him have a sitter, but how much worse for him to hear what it costs to get someone to look after him, which he doesn’t want anyway, and pretty obvious why anyone would want extra to sit for him. So yes, I felt bad for him, but it’s just … the ‘usually’ in ‘doesn’t usually have a dirty diaper in the evening’ sorta stands out like sore thumb in that sentence, right? It would if you were me, and I am me. “And another thing,” Mrs. Rooney said. “Mommmm,” he whined. A little spark of rebellion flashed in his eyes. I didn’t know about what, but that’s what you expect from someone his age. I guess I understand if life’s circumstances made him a little more likely to give in than lash out even when any of the boys we graduated with most of the girls would’ve told their stepmom where to go by now. “Gordon, last warning.” I looked from her to him, and that little spark turned into a little water, and he looked back down at the table. “As I was saying, Gordon got in trouble on campus today and is grounded, so he’s not spending the night at a friend’s like he normally does. Why don’t you tell the story, Gordy, since you think you’re old enough to say anything you want?” Did I say ‘stepmom’, cuz I meant ‘bitch.’ And Mrs. Rooney is not normally a bitch, so that got me more than a little curious what exactly he’d done to piss her off so mightily. On top of which, it’s not exactly easy to get in trouble on campus. I mean, we’re adults. You can do some seriously stupid stuff on campus without getting in trouble. He sighed and answered, “I called called someone … a name.” “The ‘C’ word,” his stepmom clarified. Or should I say his very reasonable, no more pissed off than she had a right to be (but could still be a whole lot more chill and even more thoughtful) stepmom clarified. “Gordy actually called a woman the ‘C’ word.” “But she …” Gordy tried to defend his actions. “I know what she said, and you had every right to be angry with her, but that is not how you talk to or about women. You know that, and losing your temper is not an excuse for using a slur.” She turned back to me. “I already washed his mouth out, but that language also earned him a bedtime spanking.” “A sp … O … kay.” Of all the ways my day could’ve gone, didn’t see this one coming. Like, at all. I personally never got why some parents get so bent out of shape about bad words (how bad can they be when you can turn on network TV and hear most of them?), and I didn’t really get why she cared given that – did I mention it six times already? – Gordy is twenty years old. On the other hand … now I understood why Mrs. Rooney was taking it so seriously. It’s not that big a deal if you think of the ‘C’ word as a swear, but if you think of it as a slur, yeah, much bigger deal. I guess it depends on how you use it, cuz I could see how it could be a slur, but I’ve always thought of it more as a swear. Not that my opinion meant anything in the circumstances. I’m the babysitter – I literally just work here. “I’m too old,” Gordy interjected probably (more like definitely) more loudly than someone in his position should’ve. I mean, I agree with him, but he still should’ve just kept quiet. There’s standing up for yourself, and then there’s digging the hole deeper. If she had already washed his mouth out (ick!), not let him go out with friends, and hired a sitter for him, I couldn’t imagine any argument, not matter how obviously valid, changing her mind. Mrs. Rooney is a fit woman; I’ve seen her play a heckuva game of tennis at the club, so not a surprise she could be on her feet and have her stepson by the ear so damn fast. Gordy’s not the first kid I’ve gone to babysit and found standing in a timeout; or the first kid I’ve gone to sit and seen spank-marched to the nearest corner for corner time; or even the first kid I’ve sat for who earned a spanking on my watch. But he was the first kid I’ve sat for who wasn’t, ya know, an actual kid. He may have crinkled all the way to the corner; he may have eeped a little when she tugged his ear; he may have tried to get out of the way of her hand as she delivered those underhand spanks; and he may even be kinda cute in a boyish kind of way, but definitely an adult. One whose birthday actually comes before mine. Diapered or not, adult. “Not another word,” Mrs. Rooney warned him, “or I’ll take your pants down right here. You just stand there and listen.” And damn did she mean it, even in evening wear. That tone? Enough to make me almost jump out of my chair to find my own corner and listen. “Are we ready, honey,” Mr. Rooney asked as he appeared from somewhere. Not that I wanna be that babysitter, but Mr. Rooney can take me anywhere so long as he’s wearing his tux. Shawl collar? Makes him seem even taller. No mistaking him for your waiter. And who even goes places that are black tie? “Just a minute,” Mrs. Rooney replied and picked up the pace; they probably had a reservation at one of those places you have to reserve six months ahead of time. Anyway, she continued quickly with, “He takes a bath on Fridays, not a shower. When he gets out of the bath, please give him his spanking. His diaper comes down, and he goes over your knee. He knows where to the hairbrush is. Then it’s straight to bed. Lights out at 9:30. That means no dawdling in the tub, Gordy. Out at 9:15. Understood?” He either understood or he didn’t want to risk saying anything he had every right to say but shouldn’t unless he wanted two spankings in one day. “Any questions,” she asked me. “So … on his … bare?” “Have you ever given a spanking before?” “Yeah … Well, a swat on their reset button,” I said, oddly embarrassed. I mean, most parents don’t even spank anymore, let alone allow – let alone ask! – a sitter to do it. I’ve tapped a tantruming toddler on the bottom before, but that’s not even a spanking. “Are you okay doing it? I wouldn’t ask, but the rule is a bedtime spanking. It’s best for them to get their consequence as soon as possible, and Gordy really needs the structure.” I guess that was all Gordy could take. “But she can’t! She’s the same age as me!” There was silence as Mrs. Rooney turned and looked at him like he was out of his mind. I thought he was in his exact right mind, but if I had to live with her, always strict like she is and and just then downright exuding this weird kind of determined, calm-but-pissed-off vibe she was giving off, I think I’d have kept my mouth shut. I think he realized that too cuz he didn’t say anything else or turn around. So that was two outbursts (justified if unwise) since I’d gotten there plus calling someone the ‘C’ word all in one day. Talk about your verbal incontinence. I don’t feel very strongly about spanking one way or the other. It didn’t do me any harm – though the last one I got was in third or fourth grade, and it was pretty rare before then too – but I’m not one of those crazy people who thinks you can’t possibly raise godly tomatoes (or whatever asinine phrase the bible bunch uses) without it. Still, I was the babysitter. It’s kind of my critical to my job to not let “you’re just the babysitter so you can’t XYZ” slide. On the one hand, pick your battles. On yet another hand, some battles you gotta fight. So I got up and connected that hand hard with Gordy’s butt. “I’m the babysitter. I’m in charge. And if your stepmom says you’re getting a spanking, you’re getting a spanking.” Two bonuses to stepping up like I did. First, and this wasn’t the main thing but was intentional, Mrs. Rooney smiled thinly and stood up, not to follow up on her threat to spank Gordy but to leave. Good riddance. Who needs those vibes around? Second, unintentional bonus: holy crap did I feel more powerful than I ever have in my life. And turned on. My promise ring didn’t make the journey from youth group to my mom’s car, but never I felt the way I did right then without a D or a D-cell battery before. Downside? Gordy finally lost it and started sniffling. I know the two spanks I landed didn’t actually hurt through his diaper, but I’m sure he was feeling about two inches tall having his college classmate spank him on his diaper while telling him she could and would give him a real spanking later that same night. I hated that I made him feel that way, even if I was just his stepmom’s instrument in this case. But also, and I feel guilty for saying this, it kinda added to the whole arousal hearing him sniffle. So … there’s a thing I learned about myself that night. Mrs. Rooney said to me, “I think you’ll do fine, but if you have any questions, Gordy will answer them. Not his first trip over a knee.” “Another fifty.” Did I say that? Good for me! “That’s fair. Edward,” she called out to wherever Mr. Rooney had gone, “ready when you are.” To me she said, “Thank you again and sorry for all the fuss. I didn’t want to call just anyone over. I trust you. He may not want you here, but I told him you’d keep everything between us, won’t you?” “Of course.” Also, ‘may not?’ Try resented the hell out of it, understandably so. And I resented the hell out of her asking me to sit and springing this on me. “We’ll be home very late.” “I know. I’ll probably be asleep on the couch when you get home.” I stood against the doorframe and watched Mr. Rooney count out three hundred dollars and put it next to the pizza money. I told them to have fun. She called me a godsend and barely avoided the door hitting her on the butt on the way out. To my right, Gordy in the corner, no longer sniffling but still staring at the wall on his naughty spot. To my left, three hundred dollars on the counter just for spanking and diapering a grown man. If I’d only known about this cottage industry sooner! Heck, I’d have paid off my car by now. Go to patreon.com/alex_bridges to continue reading
  9. Kaitlin Bennett the Kent State Diaper Girl Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Part ONE Kaitlin Bennett was laying in her bed crying. She wanted to get on her phone, but she couldn't handle that right now. Not that she needed social media to remind her of the nightmare she was living. She could still hear them. They're mocking chants lived rent free in her mind. "WHERE'S YOUR DIAPER!?! WHERE'S YOUR DIAPER!?! WHERES YOUR DIAPER?!! Kaitlin is known as the Kent State Gun Girl. Well she was… Now it seemed like she was best known for shitting her pants at a frat party. Kaitlin was a very avid gun activist, but her last few rallys had been overrun with trolls chanting about her embarrassing accident. She finally worked up the courage to check her phone. The first email she opened was from the NRA, explaining their desire to distance themselves from her till this all blew over. She threw her phone, and started crying harder. How could this be happening? She spent her whole life as an activist for the 2nd amendment, and now because a bunch of liberals are teasing her it's over… It wasn't fair. There was a knock at the door. It startled Kaitlin, almost making her spill her glass of wine. When she opened her front door she saw a UPS driver running back to his truck, and found a large package at her feet. There was a note inside, and a smaller package dressed in childish wrapping paper. The note read, "thought you could use these. ?" She tore the wrapping paper from the mystery delivery. Kaitlin let out an agonized scream after realizing what it was, and threw the package across the room. The pack of diapers hit the wall and fell to the floor with a thud. She started to cry again. Last week she was getting the newest ammo to test from distributors. And now she was opening packages of diapers. After several minutes of absolute hysterics, Kaitlin regained some composure. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. Face red, drenched in tears, snot running from her nose, and drool from her mouth. she couldn't help but to admit her infantile state. "Maybe they're right! Maybe I am a big baby!" She huffed as she fell to the floor, and started balling again. "Just a big dumb baby!" She whimpered, as she stuck her thumb into her mouth. Surprisingly, it calmed her down rather effectively. Kaitlin didn't even bother standing all the way up when she made up her mind. She just rolled over, pulled herself onto her hands and knees, and crawled across the room like the baby she was. Eventually reaching the package of diapers. "Am I really about to do this…" she thought as she ripped into the package of diapers, and took one out to examine it. It wasn't your average depends adult diaper. It was like a giant baby diaper, decorated with a babyish teddy bear pattern. "Well… I better decide soon. This wine is going right through me!" Kaitlin answered herself, as she felt a familiar tingling sensation...
  10. Here is the start of a brand new story! The first part has been available on my Patreon for the last week and anyone who subscribes at the $5 tier get early access to all my work. The people at the $10 tier get early access plus exclusive stories. There are other tiers and rewards available. I'm about to embark on a special Christmas bundle for my patrons. Over the next four days I will post two Patreon exclusive stories and two updates to on-going stories. I couldn't write as much as I do without the support of my wonderful Patrons. 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She rubbed her face as she tried to get her temper under control. At 22-years-old, Charlotte was very new to her job as a journalist and she was eager to make her name for herself. Her impatience was doing her no favours though as she was desperate for a big story. Even though she only worked for a small regional newspaper she knew that she could go all the way to one of the big publications, she just needed the big break. That one story that pushed her over the edge and made her nationally recognised. “Easy, Miss. O’Brien…” The editor said from behind the desk, “This desk would be harder to replace than you.” Charlotte closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She found it hard to swallow her emotions when it seemed like all her male colleagues were getting the breaks whilst she languished at the bottom doing fluff pieces. “I just… I just want a proper story.” Charlotte said with forced calmness. “You get proper stories!” Mr. Bloom replied. “The local beauty pageant? The story of the stolen horse?” Charlotte replied with a shake of the head, “These aren’t stories!” “I don’t know what to tell you.” Mr. Bloom shrugged, “The others work bigger stories because they go and find their leads. If you come up with a bigger story you can write it.” Charlotte held her tongue when she remembered when she had been brand new and sniffed out a story of civic corruption. She had told Mr. Bloom and was shocked a few days later when one of her male colleagues was given the story. “Just be patient.” Mr. Bloom continued, “You are young and when you take things into your own hands it can be dangerous. Just keep chipping away and your time will come.” “I’m going for lunch…” Charlotte replied sulkily. She didn’t want to hear what the old editor had to say, what did he know about being young and ambitious? He was the editor for a tiny newspaper out in the middle of nowhere. Charlotte walked over to her desk in the middle of the newsroom and grabbed her coat and handbag. She wanted to get away to a quiet café where she could calm down and forget about the world. At college her ambition had been praised and encouraged, in the real world she felt like it was a negative and something to be ashamed of. Walking down the road away from her offices, Charlotte felt like something was a bit amiss. She looked behind her as she walked and saw a woman who seemed far too covered up for the warm conditions. Charlotte wondered if she was being followed. Charlotte continued down the road until she encountered her favourite lunch spot, a small café on the edge of the busy part of town. The café was never busy and it was the perfect place to go for some sandwiches, coffee and reflection. “The usual.” Charlotte said with a smile to the young woman behind the counter as she sat down with her newspaper. Charlotte opened the newspaper, held it in front of her and started reading. She shook her head at both her internal frustration and another day filled with bad news. She started reading a story about disappearing people that had the police stumped but she had to stop halfway through, the grammar was just atrocious. How did these people get jobs? “Hello.” Charlotte jumped so hard she nearly knocked the table in front of her over. She dropped the newspaper on to the surface in front of her and with wide eyes realised that the person she had seen earlier was now sat opposite her at the tiny table. A young woman, maybe in her thirties, who looked like she hadn’t slept in days. She was pale and haggard and reminded Charlotte of a wild animal. The stranger’s wide eyes looked around the small café as if scanning for threats. She looked positively crazy. “Do… Do I know you?” Charlotte asked haltingly. One of her hands went to her pocket where she had mace on standby. She knew journalism could be a dangerous job but she didn’t expect trouble at lunch time in the middle of a shop. The mysterious woman didn’t reply. The swivelling eyes had settled on Charlotte and now she was staring a hole through the young journalist, it was as if she was looking into Charlotte’s very soul. She licked her cracked lips but didn’t speak. Charlotte, getting over the shock of this woman’s appearance, lowered her voice and softened her face. If this woman was crazy and dangerous then surely she would have attacked Charlotte by now. That said, this was still a tricky situation to navigate. Charlotte could still sense the possibility of danger and she could feel adrenaline pumping to prepare for any situation. “Is everything OK?” The woman behind the counter making the coffee looked over at the only occupied table. Charlotte looked at the strangers darting eyes and could sense that she was about to run away. Charlotte didn’t want her to leave, there must be a reason this woman followed Charlotte and if she hadn’t attacked her by now Charlotte felt she never would. “Everything’s fine.” Charlotte smiled. She spoke with a confidence that she didn’t feel, “Could I get another coffee for my friend though.” The waitress looked a little confused and suspicious but nodded her head as the coffee making machine whirred into life behind her. “You’ll love the coffee here.” Charlotte said as she folded up the newspaper and put it back in her bag. The stranger stayed silent still but Charlotte could almost feel the woman relaxing a little. If Charlotte wanted to know why this woman had stalked her down the street she needed her to relax. “My name’s Charlotte.” Charlotte said warmly, “What’s your name?” The woman was still voiceless. Just when Charlotte thought she wasn’t going to answer, the stranger muttered something under her breath. It was far too quiet for Charlotte to hear. “I didn’t catch that.” Charlotte replied as she leaned across the table a little. “L… L… Laura.” The woman whispered so quietly that it was almost like she hadn’t spoken it at all. It was as if she had just breathed it across the table. “Nice to meet you Laura.” Charlotte smiled as she leaned back in her seat. A few seconds later, the waitress arrived and left two steaming cups of coffee at the table. Charlotte thanked the lady and assured her that they wouldn’t need anything else. Charlotte sipped her coffee before putting it back down. Laura didn’t move. “You should really try this coffee.” Charlotte said, “Delicious. Authentic too, not any of that chain shop crap.” Charlotte watched as Laura rather robotically picked the coffee up and drank from it. She made no indication that she either liked or disliked what she was drinking. She kept her eyes on Charlotte the whole time. “I’m guessing you didn’t follow me here for no reason…” Charlotte prompted. “You… You’re a journalist?” Laura asked. Again her voice was so low that it took a moment for Charlotte to realise what she had asked. “I am.” Charlotte replied. “Can I trust you?” Laura asked. There was a quiet desperation to her voice. “I’d like to think I’m trustworthy.” Charlotte replied. Laura bit her lip, she was looking increasingly agitated again. Charlotte took another sip from her drink. This didn’t feel like a dangerous situation any more, this felt more like a desperate situation, Laura needed help. Charlotte watched as Laura reached into her pocket and pulled out a photograph. She slid it across to Charlotte who looked down at it. The photo was of two people, an adult and a baby. They were outside in a park somewhere and looked very happy. The woman in the photo was clearly Laura but Laura looked very different now, this photo must have been taken years ago. “Beautiful little girl you’ve got.” Charlotte smiled at Laura as she spoke. Charlotte was surprised when instead of beaming with pride and happiness, her words caused Laura to look heartbroken and incredibly sad. Charlotte immediately realised she had hit a raw nerve. “I’m sorry. I had…” Charlotte began. “No, it’s OK.” Laura said as she took a deep breath and steadied her nerves, “I came to you because I need your help.” “As a journalist?” Charlotte asked quietly. “Yes… I just need someone, anyone, to investigate this before it’s too late.” Laura whispered. She looked out the window as if expecting to see someone watching them. Charlotte had no experience with this level of story. This seemed like either a potentially career making piece of news or this person was completely insane. “Talk to me.” Charlotte replied, “What’s wrong? How can I help?” “My daughter.” Laura closed her eyes and a single tear rolled down her cheek, “She was kidnapped and taken to a secret facility.” She’s crazy, Charlotte thought. Charlotte just nodded to Laura with a sympathetic look on her face. “I have proof.” Laura continued sensing Charlotte’s scepticism. Charlotte watched as Laura looked around again, brought out her phone and opened up a video. When she looked at what was playing it looked like it caused her great pain. “Watch this.” Laura said as she passed the phone over. Charlotte looked down at the video and it took her a minute to work out what was going on. The small screen showed what looked to be a close up of a bush, it took a second for Charlotte to realise that the person was sitting in a bush and breathing hard as they peered through the branches in front of them. They appeared to be deep in a forest and as the hand moved a branch Charlotte could see a large warehouse building. It was oddly placed in the middle of a clearing in a forest and just as Charlotte was trying to work out the scale of this building a van parked outside a large metal shutter which opened. “What’s goi-” Charlotte started. “Just watch.” Laura replied quickly. Two men dressed in black climbed out of the front seats and walked around to the back. They opened the door at the back of the van and started gesticulating wildly. It was too far away to make out what they were actually saying and Charlotte squinted at the little screen to try and see what was going on. Charlotte audibly gasped as she saw a group of people pulled out of the van in chains. Men and women were pushed through the open door and into the factory. The camera was too far away to pick up what they were saying but Charlotte could see that these people were being herded against their will. “Oh my God!” Charlotte exclaimed as once the adults had been moved she saw the men pull out a bunch of cages. The camera zoomed in and Charlotte could see little human beings in the cages, most of them crying. Babies had been caged and were being carried into the warehouse that the chained adults had also been placed in. “What the hell…” Charlotte gasped as the recording ended and Laura took the phone back. “I followed them.” Laura whispered, “That warehouse or whatever must be full of people they have taken.” “But… Why?” Charlotte asked with wide eyes. “I don’t know.” Laura replied, “That’s the closest I can get. My baby is in there, I just know it.” “You have to tell the police!” Charlotte whispered. “I tried but they are either in on it or think I’m crazy. They won’t investigate it, even with the video.” Laura replied sadly, “I need you to get it in the media. They would have to investigate then!” Charlotte’s first thought was to ask if Laura was crazy. Laura wanted her to visit this factory and get a scoop, she was a journalist not a superhero! “Laura, I-” Charlotte began. “I can’t trust anyone with this. I only come to you because bringing attention to this thing is my last hope.” Laura replied, “A young reporter like yourself, surely a story like this would be huge for you.” Charlotte was stopped in her tracks by what the stranger had said. A story like this WOULD be huge for Charlotte, it was exactly the kind of thing she needed to push up to the next level of journalism. Heck, if this thing was legit she could win a Pulitzer Prize or something! “Alright.” Charlotte said, “I’ll see what I can do. Give me your phone number so I can get in contact.” Laura looked relieved that someone was taking her seriously and she quickly scribbled her number down on a napkin and handed it to Charlotte. “Thank you.” Laura said as she stood up, “You have no idea how much this means to me.” Charlotte smiled up at Laura as she stood and left the café. As quickly as Laura had appeared in Charlotte’s life she vanished again, mixed in with the crowds of excited shoppers.
  11. So one of the reasons that "Bad Husband, Better Baby" updates slowed down was due to a commissioned piece. Now that I finished writing it I can now post it on here... It will be posted in installments to keep you guys salivating for more If anyone would like a commissioned story from me or have an idea they would like to discuss please send me a message and we can talk about it and see if we can come to an arrangement --- Sam and the Mysterious Nursery By David Morgan (Elfking) Sam Jones was slowly shuffling down a dark and deserted street, he was kicking a small rock along in front of him and was generally annoyed. The 18-year-old had just been at a party hosted by his best friend Taylor Smith whom he had known since childhood, he was also the reason that Sam was annoyed. As Sam scowled and walked down the dark road at just past midnight he felt his pocket vibrating and pulling out the phone saw that Taylor’s name was on the screen. Sam hesitated unsure if he wanted to speak to his friend in his annoyed state. Eventually he decided it could do no harm and he slid his finger across the screen to answer the call. “Hello.” Sam said shortly. “Hi, Sam, dude… I’m sorry I hit on that girl man, I didn’t know you had your eye on her. Come back to the party, man.” Taylor said earnestly and shouting slightly to make himself heard over the top of the music and noise of the party. “You always do this Taylor! You see me eyeing up a girl and then you dive in and try to get her yourself…” Sam started saying. “Dude, I didn’t know! I swear! Please just come back, have a few drinks and we can forget about all this nonsense.” Taylor said sincerely wanting his best friend back at the party. Sam stopped and leant against a big metal gate, facing toward the street he considered going back. It was quite a walk back, he had left 20 minutes ago but in the general noise and commotion of the party his friend had been distracted hosting it until just now. “Taylor, I would but I’m already half way home. I’m just down that long and dark road with all the factories, I don’t really want to walk all the way back now. Besides I already texted mom saying I will be home soon.” Sam said. He gave the rock a kick and it bounced off the curb and into the empty road in front of him. As he watched the little stone bouncing into the darkness he thought for a second he heard a noise on the other side of the gate. “No problem.” Taylor said disappointedly, “We’re still cool though right?” “Yeah… Yeah sure…” Sam said. He was now only paying a little attention to his friend as he had turned to peer through the darkness at where he thought the noise came from. “Cool, I’ll ring you tomorrow OK?” Taylor said. He started turning toward the house and heading back into the living room where most of the party was going on. “Sure.” Sam said still distracted and he hung up and put his phone back into his pocket whilst still looking into the darkness. As he strained his eyes to try and see what was back there he suddenly felt a small impact on his back. Moving his hand to the impact site and turning around he didn’t see anything. Just as he was about to leave he looked down and saw the same small rock he had been kicking back at his feet. “What the-” He said looking up at the still deserted street. It was then that he heard the great gate wrenched suddenly open and a shot rang out. Sam stumbled backwards in shock. He looked down at his arm where he had felt the impact of the shot. Expecting to see a bullet or something he was shocked to find a large needle. He rushed to pull the needle out of his arm and started trying to run down the road away from the gate and towards his home. As Sam ran he felt the terror starting to fade from him, then he felt other more physical sensations starting to fade. His run slowed down and gradually he lost the feeling in his limbs. He had only made it 20 feet when he fell to the floor. He was awake and fully conscious but his arms and legs were no longer responding to his brain. As much as he urged his muscles to move they resolutely refused. He tried calling out but found the sound he produced was just a quiet gasp. After a few seconds he felt something grab his two feet and start dragging him, seemingly effortlessly, back towards the gate. As he was pulled past the threshold of the large gate he saw them close automatically as he desperately tried to scream or move to stop the arm that he couldn’t see. Out of his coat his last hope faded as his phone fell onto the grass a little beyond the gate. Tears fell silently from Sam’s eyes as his last hope faded and he assumed the worst was about to happen. Would he be tortured? Killed? Whether it was from the fright or the drugs coursing through his system he fell into unconsciousness as he was dragged through a door in the side of the warehouse that slammed shut behind him and locked automatically. --- When Sam’s eyes opened again he had no idea how much time had passed. It took a moment for him to even realise his eyes were open in the pitch black. He blinked a few times and it didn’t get any lighter. Feeling panic rising Sam stayed very still, not hard to do since the drugs were still affecting his muscles, and he considered the situation. He had been drugged and kidnapped, it had been just past midnight on the Saturday night when it happened but he had no idea how long he had been unconscious, it could have been five minutes or five days for all he knew. He thought back to the moment he was taken yesterday, he hadn’t seen his captors at all. Whoever they were they had very skilfully taken him without him even getting a glance at them. He assessed the place he was in. He assumed he was inside now because it was warmer in here than it was outside. It wasn’t uncomfortably warm, but it was definitely not the frigid temperature that it was outside. He could also hear a slight humming in the distance, he wasn’t sure if it was electrical or heating or something else but it definitely seemed like he was indoors. “H-Hello.” Sam’s voice came out as a croak. It was an improvement on not being able to speak at all when he was first drugged at least. There was no answer, no change in the noises. Silence still dominated over everything and the stillness in the air remained. It was almost like there was no one else in the building at all. A seed of hope sprouted in the young man as he wondered if it had been a bad prank or something and he had been left in the room and abandoned. It wasn’t a great situation but it was better than being tortured or killed, Sam thought to himself. Sam attempted to move his arms and legs and found that with a lot of effort he was finally able to somewhat control them again. He slowly pushed himself on to all fours and then very slowly rose up to his knees. Then with great effort he forced himself to stand up. Immediately upon getting to his feet lights on the ceiling switched on and filled the room with light. The sudden burst of light was too much for Sam’s eyes and he stumbled backwards shielding his eyes and fell backwards on his still unsteady feet and landed back on the floor. This time though things were different. The lights remained on and instead of silence Sam could hear whirring noises coming from the ceiling above him. Still blinded by the light he couldn’t work out what was going on. Suddenly he felt, what felt like, a hand reach under him and try to lift him up. Sam was in the crawling position and when he felt the hand he tried to bat it away. Whoever was trying to grab him was strong but hitting the hand away loosened its grip for a second. Sam used this second to start crawling as fast as his still numb limbs would allow away from the arm. His vision was still blurry but he thought he could see a door on the far end of the room and he made a break for it. Crawling at first and then rising up to a stumbling walk he fixed his blurry vision on the door and did his best to get there. Just as he thought he was getting away the hand grabbed him again. Only this time its grip on the back of his shirt was firm and not easily shrugged off. Then Sam felt another arm wrap around him, only something was odd about this one. Looking down he screamed as much as his still very raspy voice would allow as he saw a log metal tube about the same width as his arm wrapping around his torso like a boa constrictor. As it slithered around him he saw the “hands” he had been feeling were attached to these tubes. As he looked in horror at the tube wrapping around him another hand came down from the ceiling in front of him and wrapped around his legs. He struggled as much as he could but these mechanical limbs were keeping a firm grip. The hands were big and white on the end of the tubes, they reminded Sam of the gloved hands of some cartoon characters that he had seen. The arms lifted him up effortlessly and carried him back toward where he originally woke up. Eventually they lowered him down on to a table. He wondered if they would loosen their grip now and he could try to escape again. As Sam was thinking this chance more hands came down from the ceiling and the hands clasped his wrists and forced them down on to the table. Sam started shouting for help, the shock and fear becoming overwhelming as the mysterious machine restricted and controlled all his movement. As he shouted he felt two more of the hands grab his ankles and held them down. He was now lying with his arms and legs outstretched seemingly covered in these arms for lack of a better word for them. The arms that had grabbed his shirt and wrapped around his midsection now retreated and quickly went back into the ceiling. All that were left were the arms holding his limbs. Sam wondered what was next. Were they going to harvest his organs? Was this some sick prank? What the hell were those arms!? As these questions whirled through his head some of the arms came back down from the ceiling. Sam started crying now, he was terrified about what these hands were going to do. As they got closer he started begging with his voice now mostly recovered from the effects of the drugs. “Please… Please don’t hurt me…” He sobbed, “My parents have money, they will pay you…” The metal mechanical hands continued down either not able to hear or not able to care about the pleading. They reached Sam’s chest, Sam closed his eyes and tensed up waiting for whatever torture he was sure they would perform. Then after not feeling any pain he slowly opened his eyes and dared to look again. The hands were now delicately undoing the buttons of Sam’s shirt and when they were all undone the arms manipulated Sam so that they could remove the shirt whilst still keeping him restrained. Sam felt like a doll to these machines, unable to move himself in any meaningful way and totally controlled by whatever desires these machines had. The hands now headed southward and Sam watched through the tears as his pants were unzipped and pulled down too, with more arm manipulation they were pulled off leaving Sam lying there in just his pair of purple briefs. Sam felt very helpless, near naked and with these arms holding him, he felt totally vulnerable. He looked at one of the arms holding one of his wrists and marvelled at the technology. It seemed like it was far beyond technology he had ever seen. It moved like a snake in that it seemed extremely flexible but it was also extremely strong. As much as he struggled he couldn’t move it an inch. Despite his terrible predicament, he marvelled at the technology and wondered who could make such a machine. Sam was quickly snapped back into the reality of his situation when he felt the two hands that had been undressing him grab the waistband of his briefs. “No, no, no-” He started saying in vain as the hands dispassionately pulled them down and took the purple underpants away. Sam was now left totally naked on the table, still being held down and still scared at what might come next. He watched as the two hands disappeared into the ceiling with his clothes and then seconds later they re-emerged with something white and plastic looking that Sam couldn’t make out. He quickly realised what it was when the hands began unfolding it though… “A DIAPER!?” He shouted, “Please, whoever is controlling this… STOP!” He begged. Sam was of course powerless to resist. The diaper was unfolded and placed beneath him, then the front was raised up and taped on perfectly and quickly. It was super thick, and as Sam looked down he could see little patterns across the front of it. The arms lifted him up again, this time with no arm around his waist his now padded butt hung low and he was placed into a bed that had really high bars on it. It took a second for Sam to register that he had just been placed in an oversized crib! He opened his mouth in shock as he now looked around the room for the first time with his now fully adjusted eyes. The room was an overgrown nursery! It had the changing table that he had been on, the crib he was now in and was littered with toys and other baby paraphernalia. The hands retreated into the ceiling and left him alone in the crib. Sam was in shock. He looked around the room again and then down at himself, unable to articulate what he was seeing and feeling he just shouted as loud as he could. “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!”
  12. Laura is a powerful woman and executive. She has always been a person who is willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants. She's never been caught and never faced consequences... until now! --- If you enjoy my work and want to help me to pay bills and buy food please consider becoming a patron. For $5 you can see all of my story updates one week before everyone else and for $10 you can get early access PLUS access to 36 Patreon exclusive stories! There are more tiers and rewards available and you can find out all the information at: https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 I want to thank every patron that does support me for making a huge difference to my life and allowing me to spend my days doing something that I love --- Laura’s Comeuppance By Elfy Laura walked purposefully down the hallway with her trademark swagger. With her high heels and tight suit she was on top of her game as the CEO of Johnson’s Stationary, a national stationary chain with hundreds of outlets stretching from coast to coast. Laura was remarkably young to be in her position. At only thirty-one-years-old she had climbed the corporate ladder faster than most people could believe. The reason for her climb was anything but hard work, she learned early on that the corporate game had to be played in the most ruthless way possible. In Laura’s opinion nothing was sacred and you had to use every single advantage you had to get ahead. It had started early on in Laura’s career when she was little more than an intern. She had been up for a promotion with another person who was less experienced than her. She had thought she was the odds on favourite for the job but was passed over for the other candidate. Laura had to swallow her disappointment and continue with her job but it was made all the harder when she was sent an anonymous e-mail from another employee with evidence that the person who got the job had been spreading slander about her. From that moment on Laura became determined to do whatever it took to make it to the top. Laura had always been ruthless when she needed to be. No one had experienced Laura’s bad attitudes more than her younger sister, Jessica. Jessica had always been far more laidback than Laura, something Laura saw as a terrible weakness. Jessica had spent her whole childhood putting up with her sister’s manipulative and vicious behaviour. Whenever Laura did something wrong it would be Jessica that ended up getting blamed and Laura was always able to manipulate Jessica into doing her homework and chores. Taking all her practice with manipulation Laura decided nothing was going to stop her getting to the top of the ladder. She started doing anything to get power and didn’t care about the consequences. She had lied and slandered other employees leading some of them to get fired, she had taken credit for work that wasn’t hers and she had slept with the people in power. There was no boundary to Laura’s ruthless ambition. Laura reaped the rewards of her ruthlessness by being made CEO after sleeping with three members of the five person board and blackmailing them into giving her the position. She could get away with anything she wanted because of all the dirt she had on anyone who was a threat to her. She liked her job but she loved the power and control more, she held the lives of so many people in her hand. This was Laura’s day off but as she strode purposefully through the halls of the offices she had something very particular in mind. People averted their eyes from her as she walked by and she smiled her perfectly made up face as everyone looked away, she felt like a queen. Laura sidestepped into a room on the opposite side of the building to her office. She closed the door behind her and shivered a little in the chilly room. She turned around and scanned the dark room full of towering servers and blinking lights. She checked her watch, the person she was supposed to be meeting was meant to already be there, Laura didn’t like having to wait for anyone. A few minutes later the door buzzed before being opened and a man in his thirties stepped inside. He looked quite frazzled as he closed the door and took a deep breath. “You’re late.” Laura said as soon as the man turned around, “Hugo, I don’t like being made to wait.” “I’m sorry.” Hugo replied, “Security have been watching me like hawks since the last time you and I did “business” and I had to find a way to slip past them.” “You weren’t followed?” Laura asked quickly. “Of course not.” Hugo replied. “Well that last batch of data you acquired fo-” Laura started to say. “The data I stole.” Hugo corrected bitterly, “You mean, the data I stole from the company I work for with no recompense.” “No recompense? I would’ve thought keeping those photographs away from your wife’s eyes would be payment enough.” Laura replied coolly, “The data sold for a lot of money though. My clients want more.” Hugo looked around in bitterness. Despite the cold room he had sweat all over his body, he seemed agitated and antsy. Laura found it amusing to watch him squirming as he was forced to commit corporate espionage for her. “I still don’t know how you got those photos.” Hugo muttered, “And you promised to give them to me after the last time.” “Patience.” Laura replied with a wry smile. Hugo was angry but he had no choice but to comply with the power crazy CEO. He walked over to a computer attached to the side of one of the last servers and pulled a USB stick out of his pocket. He plugged it in to the computer and started typing away. “Is there anything you want in particular?” Hugo asked as the computer logged on. “Customer information.” Laura replied as she leaned against the wall behind the technician, “As much as you can get.” Hugo tapped away on the keyboard in silence as Laura checked her phone. It only took a few minutes but eventually she heard Hugo logging back out of the PC and unplugging his data stick. He turned around with a dark glare in his eyes and turned it over to Laura who smiled at him. “Good boy.” Laura said as she condescendingly tussled Hugo’s hair, “I’ll be in touch.” Laura put the USB stick in her pocket and turned towards the door. She took a moment to compose herself before pulling it open and confidently striding out. As the light from the hallway hit her she froze in her tracks. The entire board was standing in a semi-circle around the doorway along with security and other high ranking corporate officers. “What are you…” Laura started to say as she tried to stay calm. “Don’t start with that.” The oldest member of the board interrupted, “Hand over the data stick.” “I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Laura replied as she tried to project her confident aura like a shield around her. “They already know.” Hugo’s voice came from behind Laura, “I told them what I did before and what you told me to do today. They’re letting me keep my job bearing in mind the circumstances.” “But…” Laura was struggling to come to terms with the fact that she had apparently been outmanoeuvred. “You know what you’ve done is illegal, right?” Said the youngest member of the board. He was wearing a cocky smile and was clearly looking forward to this moment. Laura was starting to sweat now. She had never had the tables turned on her like this and now she was feeling tongue tied. She swallowed hard as she looked around and tried to find a way out of this extremely compromising position. “You… You know I still have…” Laura started. “Yes, yes, yes… You have blackmail material and all the rest of it.” The oldest member of the board said with a wave of his hand, “That’s the only reason you weren’t met out here by the police.” Laura felt a small flicker of her confidence spark up again. Despite what she had been caught doing maybe she hadn’t quite lost the upper hand, maybe there was a way to repair this damage. “So we have come to offer you a deal.” The younger board member said, “It’s simple really. You will leave this company immediately, I’ve already pre-prepared a resignation statement for you. It’s sitting on my desk waiting for a signature.” Laura’s eyes went wide. She couldn’t leave the company after everything she had done to get into her position. She was woefully underqualified for the role she was in and knew that if she left to another company she would be right back near where she started. All her hard work and manipulation was going up in smoke. Her thoughts turned to the large house and expensive car that she still had a lot of payments to make on. Her legs felt weak as she tried to maintain her composure. “And what do I get out of this?” Laura asked trying to sound much calmer than she felt. “You get to keep your freedom.” The older board member replied simply, “We’ll keep the leaks here hush-hush.” “No way.” Laura replied, “I know a terrible deal when I see one. You’ve got to give me more than that, I still have photos and files on most of you.” “You do.” The older board member nodded his head, “And there is no way we can make sure you delete it all without having a hidden backup so we will be in a state of M.A.D.” “M.A.D?” Laura asked. “Mutually Assured Destruction.” The older board member replied, “A cold war term. It was used back then to talk about the nukes the Russians and Americans pointed at each other, they both knew that if one got fired everyone would let off everything and there would be mutually assured destruction of both sides.” “What does that…” Laura started to ask. “If any of those photos see the light of day we will call the police.” The board member continued, “Likewise, if we call the cops I’m sure you’ll be able to leak the files you have. We have a choice of taking each other down or accepting the situation and getting on with our lives.” Laura understood that her blackmail material was useless when the company had even better material on her. She had no negotiating position and no possible way to save her job. She slowly nodded her head as she looked down at the ground. “I’m glad you’re doing the sensible thing.” The younger board member said as he opened his briefcase and pulled out a legal document. Laura took the pen that was offered to her to sign the termination of her employment. It hurt her to do it but she saw no alternative, starting elsewhere from the bottom was better than getting locked away. “Security.” The older board member waved his hand forwards. “That isn’t necessary!” Laura exclaimed as two large security personnel grabbed hold of her arms. “Maybe and maybe not.” The bigger of the security guards said as he grabbed Laura’s arm and started roughly leading her down the hallway.
  13. The band Damage Limitation are on tour and stopping at a festival. Much to their chagrin they have been set up with a PR opportunity that none of them want. The band's manager, John, finds that corralling a rock band is the hardest part of his job. --- This story update, like all my others, is available on my Patreon one week before it gets posted elsewhere. For a $5 monthly pledge you can see every update I post (one every four days) before everyone else. For $10 you get early access plus access to TWENTY-SIX exclusive stories only available on Patreon. Other rewards and tiers are available and can be found on my Patreon page. https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- Damage Limitation By Elfy The tour bus rolled down the highway under the blazing sun. The band Damage Limitation were lounging around as the miles of empty countryside stretched out behind them, the tour was really taking a toll on the three-piece band. The group were on their way to the Upload Festival where they would be headlining that night in support of their new album. It was to be the last show before they were to get a well-earned break. In truth tensions within the band were quite high but that was no surprise considering they had been living together in such cramped confines for so long. James, the vocalist and bass player, was sitting at the back of the bus using the video game console. Matt, the guitarist, was furiously scribbling on a piece of paper. He was already starting work on songs for the next album as well as his side project. The drummer, Brad, was at the front of the bus with his feet up and a baseball cap pulled down over his face. Sitting just across from the driver was the band manager. John was looking back at the guys he managed and was just as interested in some time away. Trying to keep these guys from fighting was a full time job. He was hoping for a quiet final day of the tour before heading home to his family. John consulted his planner and reminded himself of an event that was booked for earlier in the day. He closed his eyes and sighed before leaning across to the driver. “We need to make a detour.” John said quietly, “Go to this address.” John left the piece of paper with the driver who immediately started typing the new address into the satellite navigation equipment. John stood up and took a deep breath, he knew that what he had to say would not go down well with the young men strewn around the bus. “Band meeting!” John called out, “Upstairs.” John walked to the upper level of the bus which was filled with equipment. He walked to the front of the bus and sat down, as he heard people coming up the stairs he looked out at the town that was rapidly approaching. The bus sped past a billboard advertising the festival, a picture of Damage Limitation took up a majority of the space. “What’s up?” James asked as he sat down on one of the chairs and put his feet up. “Let’s wait till everyone’s here.” John replied. “That doesn’t sound good…” James chuckled as he leaned back and pulled out his phone. Matt was the second person up the stairs. He didn’t say anything but sat down on a speaker opposite the singer and continued scribbling notes without looking up. Not long after he sat down he shook his head and scribbled out some lines. “Writing our next hit?” James asked as he glanced up from the phone, “Please no octave changes this time. You’re killing me, dude.” “I’m writing something acoustic for my solo stuff.” Matt replied. “That’s good because John’s kicking you out of the band.” James replied with a snide smile. “He’s… what!?” Matt finally looked up from his paper to see James laughing and John shaking his head. “No one is getting kicked out.” John said quickly, “We just have to make an unexpected stop.” “Asshole.” Matt muttered to James before turning back to his paper. Brad finally trooped up the stairs half a minute later. He was yawning and quickly slumped into the seat nearest him. He leaned his head against the window and motioned for John to get on with it. “Alright, now that everyone’s here…” John started, “I wanted to let you all know there is a publicity event booked before the show tonight.” “More autographs?” Brad sighed, “You know how I feel about that.” “Yes, I know.” John replied, “You think it affects your drumming…” “More like it affects his jerking off.” James interjected with a laugh that no one shared. “Fuck you, James.” Brad replied without missing a beat. “Guys, knock it off.” John said as he briefly put his hand up to his forehead, “There won’t be many autographs. You’re going to be visiting a day care at the festival site for some pictures, maybe you’ll help out a bit and th-” “A day care!?” James scoffed, “Count me out.” “It’s the record labels idea.” John said, “They want you to do it so you’ll have to do it.” “That’s bullshit.” James argued. “You have to admit it’s not very rock and roll.” Matt said as he looked up again, “Like, I thought we were trying to make some hard hitting music that makes a difference.” “More like some hard hitting money.” Brad said lazily, “I’ve got a mortgage to pay off.” “Just get cleaned up.” John said, “We’ll be there in about half an hour and I need you all to be presentable for the press. You know you have to keep the suits happy if you want to get your bonus.” With general murmurs of discontent the three band members left to go back downstairs. John reminded himself it was just one more day before he could get a break, he just had to get the band through this last day of the tour. --- The bus pulled in to the festival car park and finally came to a stop. No one on board seemed particularly eager to get off but the roadies from other vehicles came on to start offloading equipment. James was chewing on some bubble-gum as he looked out of the window at the general hubbub outside the bus. He could hear a band on the main stage playing a song but they didn’t sound very good. James never really socialised with other bands, he didn’t mind doing it but it always seemed like other bands avoided them. He supposed his incessant pranking and joking might be the reason but if they couldn’t handle a little bit of fun that wasn’t his problem. “Yo, wake up.” James said as he threw a guitar pick across the aisle at Brad who was sleeping again. “Wha…” Brad slowly looked up in confusion, “Where are we?” “We’re at the festival.” James said, “John’s just gone off to work out where we’re going.” Brad nodded and stretched but soon leant back against the window. He didn’t fall back to sleep but he wasn’t doing much either. Matt was sat on the seat behind him taking a break from writing but not from work, he was listening to some other music. He called it research to see what other bands were doing but his bandmates called it an excuse to goof off. Matt always thought it was rich for them to say that though since it always seemed to be him that was doing the work for the band. James looked back out of the window to see John jogging back across the car park and on to the bus. He had a bunch of contracts and papers and looked a little rushed. He put his paper down on the vacant driver’s seat and looked around. “Good, you’re all here.” John said slightly breathlessly. “Where else would we be?” James asked sarcastically, “It’s not like we’re allowed to have fun or anything anymore.” “James you knew that when you signed the contract with the label you would have responsibilities and…” John began. “Whatever, dude.” James said with a dismissive wave of the hand, “What’re we doing?” “OK, well you aren’t due out on stage for quite a while and there are one or two things lined up for you beforehand.” James explained, “The nursery is waiting for us as we speak so if you are all ready to go.” “I’ve been so excited to do it.” James jumped to his feet in mock excitement and clapped his hands annoyingly. He couldn’t have been more sarcastic if he tried. “Try to tone the sarcasm down before you see the children.” John sighed with exasperation as the three band members filed past him and off the bus. The three uninterested band members followed John across the car park. The area over the fence was very loud, music intermingled with excited cheers and fairground noises as the classic atmosphere of a rock and roll festival. The backstage area was a lot less hectic although festival workers were hurrying to and fro getting things and people ready. The logistics of a festival must be a nightmare, they all thought as they walked through the area. “Well if it isn’t “Music Limitation.”” Shouted a condescending voice from a chair just in front of a large trailer. The band looked around and collectively groaned in disappointment. James let out a string of expletives under his breath as he saw a familiar but unwanted figure. “No one told me Chad would be here” Matt said with a grimace. Chad stood up and started walking over to the members of Damage Limitation. Chad was very well acquainted with the band having been their original lead singer until the band kicked him out for being too much for them to handle. He was now the singer of a different band that were starting to get some momentum behind them, Rose’s Thorn. “What do you want?” Brad asked rather aggressively. Even the usually laid back drummer was less than happy to see the former singer. “Chill out guys.” Chad said with a smirk as he swaggered forwards drinking from a bottle of beer, “Just happy to see my old friends. I hear you’re on babysitting duty.” “Well… Our label’s making us…” Matt muttered as the others scowled. “Aww, mommy and daddy at the label sending you out to babysit for extra pennies?” Chad laughed, “No shame in that. You like doing what people in suits tell you, I prefer to have freedom to do whatever I like.” “Guys, come on. No point standing around out here…” John rolled his eyes as he tried to move his band away from the potential flashpoint. As the band started following their manager away from Chad and towards the nursery they heard Chad clearing his throat and calling out. “I don’t suppose you’ve had a chance to listen to my group’s new album?” Chad asked, “Tales from a Lifer it’s got great reviews and just went platinum.” None of the band members turned around but James threw up a middle finger over his shoulder to show Chad what he thought of him. The other band members chuckled. “I have heard that album.” Matt admitted when they were out of earshot, “I listened to it for research.” “Was it good?” James asked. “Yeah.” Matt replied with a sigh, “Really good.” “Damn…” James said before swearing some more. The nursery that the band was visiting was in a semi-permanent building in a secluded area that anyone with a ticket could access. It was quiet and away from the stages, a perfect place to leave your kids before going out to spend the day rocking and rolling. John led the way around to the day care making sure to enter the back way so that they didn’t get mobbed by fans. “I need you all to smile and be happy.” John said as they approached the day care door. “That’s great.” James said with the fakest smile he could muster, “Because I’m ecstatic to be here!” “Could you try not being an ass for five minutes?” Matt said as he rolled his eyes, “None of us would choose to do this but we might as well make the most of it.” John opened the door to a colourful room full of little kids ranging in age from just babies to younger kids. There were a few helpers running around trying to keep them out of trouble and a few photographers that had arrived shortly earlier for those publicity shots the label were so desperate for. As the cameras started flashing the band members all did their best to smile. The kids all cheered on command when prompted by their guardians and the person operating the single video camera gave the “OK” symbol with his fingers. “We’re getting some good stuff…” John muttered, “Go mingle with the kids.” The band members would’ve all preferred to turn around and leave now that their pictures were taken but they did as they were told and split up amongst the children. For the next half an hour the band did their best to appear interested as they talked to the children about their games. “Nearly time to go.” John said after checking his watch, “Just one last thing to do.”
  14. This is a sequel to "Out Of Their Depth" which can be found here: https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/60344-out-of-their-depth/ Ben and Jack hope they have put their nightmare behind them but things are rarely that easy. Brick, their tormentor, isn't finished with the young men and before they know it their lives are spiralling out of control again. --- This story has been available on my Patreon page for the last week and with a $5 a month pledge you can see all my updates a week before anyone else. For $10 a month you can get early access plus access to TWENTY-EIGHT EXCLUSIVE stories that only my patrons get to see. If you are interested please consider giving my Patreon page a look https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- Out Of Their Depth 2 By Elfy Ben and Jack ran away from the park with the sounds of laughter chasing them. The messy diapers wrapped around the waists of the two eighteen-year-olds felt like anchors that weighed them down. By the time they got back to their neighbourhood they were covered in sweat and out of breath, it was only as they reached Ben’s house that they finally felt free of Brick and his horrid games. “Oh shit…” Jack gasped as he put his hands on his knees and looked at Ben’s house. It was like a mini-hive of activity outside Ben’s house with a couple of cop cars sitting outside. Jack recognised his mother’s car and realised that both his parents and Ben’s mom must be wondering where they had go to, they had said they wouldn’t be long. “Ben? Oh my God, where have you been!?” Ben’s mom must’ve been anxiously looking out of the window and now she was marching across her front yard with a couple of uniformed police officers following her. Jack’s mom was also hurrying across towards the two young men. “What on Earth are you wearing!?” Jack’s mom gasped as she drew near the two guys. Jack grimaced as all the people that had been hanging around arrived on the scene to stare at the two bizarrely dressed boys. Both of the guys were very hesitant to say what happened, they were both very fearful of the promised repercussions from Brick. Unfortunately for Ben and Jack neither parents nor the cops would accept non-answers. Eventually they felt forced to disclose everything that had happened no matter how embarrassing it had all been. “Oh my God…” Jack’s mom said quietly when the boys had finished their tale, “We can’t let them get away with this!” “I assure you we will be looking into the matter, ma’am.” One of the stunned policemen said, “Might I suggest your son gets cleaned up…” Ben and Jack were only too happy to leave the living room to get showers and regular clothes. Their humiliation was finally over. --- Brick took a deep breath as he sat in the hot cramped interrogation room. It had been hours since he had been woken up and brought in for questioning. He silently seethed that Ben and Jack had gone to the police, he was sure that he had intimidated them into not doing it. He was doing his best to keep his cool whilst questioned and was currently waiting for the two cops who were questioning to come back. He didn’t have to wait long. “Are you telling us that these two guys are making up all these claims?” One of the officers said as the other made notes. “Not at all.” Brick said. He was the image of coolness under questioning. “Good. We went straight to that park of yours and we saw EVERYTHING.” The officer replied as he placed photos of the automated nursery on the table. “What I’m saying is that the two poor guys that got trapped in the nursery are mistaken.” Brick said as he picked up a photo and theatrically shook his head, “It wasn’t me that was responsible. It was Alan.” “Alan?” One of the officers repeated as he started scribbling down details. “Alan Howson.” Brick continued, “He worked security. It would’ve been his responsibility to make sure no guest was stuck anywhere they shouldn’t have been. Look, I was a bully, I’m ashamed but it’s true. Jack and Ben saw me at the park before the unfortunate incident, they probably thought it was me because of our past. I don’t blame them but they’re wrong.” The two police officers paused and looked at each other. The one who had been writing notes tapped his pen on his notebook a couple of times. The other officer nodded his head to the door and both of the cops walked out of the room to discuss things. Brick watched the police officers leave and smiled, he knew exactly what he was doing. Poor Alan, the security guard who was blackmailed by Brick, was always set up to be the bully’s fall guy and now he was sure he would get away with everything. The security cameras had been deleted and all the robot logs had become strangely corrupted, there was no evidence linking Brick to the incident. The cops came in again and tried to put some more pressure on Brick but it was clear that they knew they had nothing on the arrogant young man. Brick was walking out of the police station as a free man just a couple of hours later. As Brick walked down the steps to the street he saw that he had several missed calls from one of the few people he was worried about. It was the general manager of the park he worked at, Mr. Spencer. Brick pressed the re-dial button and heard the other end get answered after barely one ring. “What the Hell is going on!?” Mr. Spencer demanded, “First I hear you’ve been arrested for that little stunt you pulled and then they drag Alan out from work…” Brick was a little surprised. They had already arrested Alan! “Relax, it was a misunderstanding on their part.” Brick said as he walked away from the cop shop. “Was it really?” Mr. Spencer sounded extremely disbelieving, “I know you and I know Alan. That guy wouldn’t hurt a fly but you…” “I don’t know what you are insinuating, sir.” Brick interrupted, “But there was no evidence that I did anything wrong.” “And I say that’s bullshit!” Mr. Spencer practically roared, “You’re fired, Brick. I can’t have this sort of stuff going on. If the public found out it would be a nightmare. I need to protect myself and the company.” “But… Sir!” Brick was actually taken aback that someone was standing up to him. “It’s over, Brick.” Mr. Spencer said calmly, “The contents of your locker will be mailed to you along with your last paycheque.” The phone hung up before Brick could plead his case and he was left shocked on the street. After several minutes of barely comprehending what had happened he slowly collected his wits and made his way home. --- Ben sat up in bed and stretched. He swung his feet sideways off the bed and immediately trod on an old carton of takeout food that was sitting by the mattress. Ben’s usually immaculate room was a mess, ever since he had returned home from the park two months ago he had changed significantly. He rarely left his bedroom let alone the house and he was happiest when isolated from everyone. He would spend most of his days and nights on the computer and only went to bed when he could no longer keep his eyes open. The last time Ben had left his room it was to attend his graduation from high school. The eighteen-year-old had reluctantly got dressed up to go to the ceremony and receive his diploma. The only person he talked to was Jack who seemed to be having a much easier time coping. It wasn’t an easy night for Jack or Ben. Word of the incident had spread and both men noticed others staring or whispering to their friends and pointing their way. As Jack was walking across the stage to collect his certificate he distinctly heard someone in the crowd yell “BABY!” which was followed by hushed laughter from others. Jack and Ben had both become social pariahs. Perhaps the most surprising thing about graduation night was how no one had any news about Brick. The bully hadn’t turned up to the ceremony and from asking around it seemed like no one had seen him for weeks. One of Brick’s best friends was overheard saying that the two of them had been hanging out when Brick was arrested and he hadn’t heard from him since. Ben and Jack knew Brick had been released since they kept up to date with their case so they were surprised that he was missing. Ben stood up and scratched his junk lazily. He made his way across his room making sure not to tread on any of the trash on the floor and got dressed in the same clothes he had been wearing for a week. He went to his computer and once it was booted up he saw that he had a message from Jack. “Hey Ben, come meet me in the park! It’s URGENT!” Jack had typed and sent the message twenty minutes ago. Ben was confused and surprised but since Jack was one of the only people he felt comfortable with and who would speak to him these days he quickly made the decision to go see his friend. He left his room and was quickly on his way out of the door without saying a word to his family. The park wasn’t far away and Ben was walking through the gates less than fifteen minutes later. After so long cooped up at home in his bedroom it felt strange to be out in the bright sunlight, Ben almost felt like some kind of vampire as he shielded his eyes from the sun. “Ben!” Jack yelled from quite some way off. Jack ran over to Ben and the two of them walked over to a bench that was next to the only road that ran through the park. They sat down opposite each other with the road to their side. Despite the hot day the park was very quiet, it was a weekday so it wasn’t any surprise that most people were at work or in school. “What’s so urgent?” Ben asked as he looked around suspiciously. The incident at the theme park had made him paranoid. “I got a message from the owner of Wild Rapids.” Jack replied quietly. “What the Hell!? The park where we…” Ben’s eyes went wide as he suddenly scrambled off the bench and looked around more frantically, “Are you insane!?” “Calm down!” Jack quickly said as he stood up himself, “Listen, he said he wanted to meet us and discuss a “substantial settlement” to stop us publicising what happened or going after the company for compensation.” “And you trust him? How do you even know it was him?” Ben asked with a shake of the head, “These guys kidnapped us! They… They did…” “I know what they did. I was there, remember?” Jack said bitterly and sarcastically, “But if they are willing to give us several suitcases of cash I’m going to listen.” Ben sighed deeply. He had a really bad feeling about this but he sat back down on the bench anyway. His leg shook nervously and he quickly started biting his nails. Jack didn’t look much more comfortable but he managed a weak smile, he hadn’t told his friend about the nightmares he had been having that were more like flashbacks. “When are they supposed to meet us?” Ben asked after a couple of minutes. “Any second now.” Jack replied as he looked at his watch. As if on cue a large van appeared in the distance. The boys watched as it slowly made it’s way down the path towards them. The van was white and in the blazing sun was actually quite hard to look directly at as the light bounced off it. The windows appeared to be tinted because as it drew nearer it was impossible to look through them. On the side of the van was a Wild Rapids logo as well as a list of the locations of their parks. The van only stopped when it was exactly level with the bench. Ben and Jack looked at each other and then to the now stationary van. It wasn’t moving and there was no sound of movement from inside, there was something very unnerving about the way it had crept up to them. Suddenly the still air was broken as the side door to the van slid open very quickly. Robot Nannies just like those from their previous trip to the water park came pouring out. Ben was grabbed before he could even react, a large pair of metallic arms wrapped around his comparatively slender body and started pulling him from the bench. Jack had an extra second and turned to run away, he barely made it a couple of steps before his leg was grabbed and he fell face first into the grass. “No!” Ben shouted as he struggled, “Help! Help!” There was no one around and the robot’s strength easily outmatched Ben’s. The struggling young man was lifted effortlessly and taken to the van, he was passed inside to another of the Nannies who quickly set to work strapping him into an oversized toddler car seat. Ben couldn’t believe what was happening but as the harness holding him to the chair was tightened he saw his best friend getting dragged up and into the van. Ben kept shouting for help until the robot that had strapped him down stuck an oversized pacifier in his mouth. The soother was attached to a strap which went behind his head where it was tightened so that Ben couldn’t remove it. Jack was suffering the same fate in an identical car seat right next to Ben. The nurses strapped Jack down and gagged him with the pacifier in very short order. The terror flowed through Ben and Jack as they watched the van door slide shut. It felt like a horrible case of déjà vu that they were helpless to prevent. A light embedded in the ceiling turned on and after a minute the van started driving forwards and out of the park. All Ben and Jack could do was make muffled screams into their pacifier gags. The robo-nurses clearly weren’t satisfied with how helpless the two men were. Mittens were slipped on to their hands. They were forced to keep their hands in fists as the restrictive gloves were tightly tied at the wrists to prevent them slipping off. Ben felt tears flowing down his face as he struggled uselessly. He could hear the van speeding up as they left the neighbourhood where the boys had always lived. Minutes passed and the nurses stared blankly at the two terrified young men. Jack felt even worse than Ben, he felt personally responsible for this predicament and the worst part was that he had dragged Ben back into it. The van was really speeding and the guys in the back could only guess that they were now on a highway. It was barely audible over the sound of the moving vehicle but after a little while there were some sounds of movement from the front of the van. A little metal shutter was opened up and both Ben and Jack were stunned into stillness as their eyes widened in shock and fear. “Hello boys.” Brick said with a sneer, “Happy to see me?” Ben started crying twice as hard whilst Jack felt rage filling his system. Jack pulled against his restraints without any success. “You guys will be happy to hear that I’ve found a new job.” Brick continued as if this was a group of friends having a good catch up, “At a theme park as well! They have been investing heavily into AI and robotics. The owner called me up to personally offer me a job, I have no idea who he is, just offered me a contract right there and then. Made me assistant manager as well, I’m overseeing all the robotics and technology.” Ben couldn’t believe what he was seeing and hearing. After everything that had happened another theme park owner had handed Brick a job. It didn’t seem right but he had no reason to doubt the bully’s words given the situation. It was peculiar though because he was sure that Brick had no knowledge about robotics. “I can see you’re both lost for words.” Brick let out a harsh laugh, “You should have a nap. We have quite a journey ahead of us.” Ben and Jack watched as Brick lifted up a tablet and flicked his finger across the screen. The Nannies in the back of the van suddenly started moving in unison and they started to unscrew the mouth guard of the pacifiers. The latex teats that had filled the guy’s mouths came loose and were pulled out. Before either of them could make any sound other than a gurgle the Nannies attached a couple of clear tubes to the gag. The tubes went to the back of both men’s mouths, the other ends were attached to the breast area of the robots. After a couple of seconds white milk started flowing down the tubes and straight into Ben and Jack’s mouths. They swallowed as hard and fast as possible to stop the milk from overwhelming them. They could feel their bellies getting filled with the liquid and it proved to be a horrid reminder of what had happened before. Unlike when they were at “Wild Rapids” the milk stopped before it overwhelmed either of them, they thought they were receiving a small piece of good luck until their eyes started drooping heavily. “That’s it.” Brick laughed maniacally, “Just let the milk do it’s job.” Ben and Jack found it incredibly hard to stay awake. Ben’s head kept rolling forwards and then jerking back up again, he tried to keep himself conscious but the milk must’ve been spiked because everything was quickly going dark. Jack’s vision swam as he fought off the sleep that threatened to overwhelm him. He saw Ben’s head droop and stop after a minute and Jack knew he couldn’t hold on forever either. Despite fighting to the last minute his eyelids finally dropped and he could no longer open them again.
  15. No wrestling knowledge or interest is necessary to enjoy this story of humiliation, regression, and babying so don't worry if you don't like wrestling --- Michael Flint is a superstar wrestling bad boy. After one too many scandals he is fired by his company and left searching for work. He finds himself "blackballed" from most of the industry and only one company is ready to take a risk on him. Before he even gets in the door Michael makes an enemy of the new company's star, Alyssa Stanton. She has an interesting idea for settling the score which one of them will end up regretting. --- This story has been available on my Patreon page for the last week and with a $5 a month pledge you can see all my updates a week before anyone else. For $10 a month you can get early access plus access to TWENTY-NINE EXCLUSIVE stories that only my patrons get to see. If you are interested please consider giving my Patreon page a look https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- “This is the final straw!” Vince Turner shouted down the phone. “Boss, I don’t even know why she is complaining!” Michael Flint replied from his couch, “Women thank their lucky stars when I give them attention.” “You slapped her ass in the hallway in front of the rest of the locker room!” Mr. Turner raged, “And she showed me the texts you’ve sent. This could be in a textbook as the perfect definition of sexual harassment!” “Agree to disagree…” Michael said casually. “Do you know what this could mean for my company?” Mr. Turner was practically screaming and the sound of something being thrown against a wall echoed down the line, “This isn’t the territory days. You can’t just do whatever you want no matter how big of a star you are!” “Look, the way she was dressed and-” Michael began. “No, Michael!” Mr. Turner said, “I have no choice but to let you go. You’re fired.” “Fired!?” Michael suddenly sat up and took notice, “But I’m your biggest star! My merchandise sales have made you a billionaire! Hello? Son of a bitch!” It was too late. Mr. Turner had hung up the phone leaving Michael sitting on his couch. The twenty-eight year old professional wrestler threw his phone down next to him on his couch. Despite being young Michael had a lot of experience in the wrestling business and had wrestled all over the world, unfortunately he had also been fired all over the world. He had a reputation for being a guaranteed money maker but also for his bad behaviour. Michael Flint was a notoriously cocky and arrogant man. By itself that made him difficult to work with but when combined with the sexual harassment complaints he attracted it made him a high risk worker for most companies. The only way he had survived in the business as long as he had was his natural charisma which made whichever promoter he worked for a lot of money. “What was all that shouting about?” Sophie walked into the living room of the very large house to find her husband looking furious. “I… I’ve been fired.” Michael finally said. “Again?” Sophie rolled her eyes but seemed otherwise unconcerned, “Oh well, why’s that got you so worked up? You can just get a job a different company.” “There aren’t any left…” Michael said as he put his head in his hands. “What do you mean?” Sophie asked with furrowed brows. “I mean I’ve been to all the major companies.” Michael slipped down the seat as if he were physically deflating, “Japan, Europe, Mexico, here… I’ve been through all of them. There’s nowhere left.” “But… But…” Sophie suddenly looked a lot more concerned as she looked around at the large and extravagant living room, “We have a mortgage! We’re still paying for half of this crap!” “Don’t you think I know that!?” Michael hissed angrily. “You need to find something.” Sophie said simply, “Sooner rather than later.” “Thanks for the pep talk.” Michael muttered as his wife walked out of the room. Michael spent the afternoon on his laptop. He fired off e-mails to every wrestling company that could afford him, he had long since burnt his bridges with his cocky attitude but he was hoping someone would forgive him. He even picked up the phone and got in contact with the few wrestlers in the business who still liked him, he left no stone unturned in his attempts to drum up some interest in himself. By the time the sun set and the smell of dinner drifted into the living room Michael had received nothing in return for all his efforts. He didn’t realise just how much scorched earth he had left behind When Michael walked through to the large dining room he found Sophie already sitting down and starting to eat. He sat in his usual seat and picked up his knife and fork. “Why were you fired?” Sophie asked before Michael could even take a bite. “Oh, you know, backstage politics stuff…” Michael certainly didn’t want his wife to know about the real reasons. In all honesty Michael’s womanising had started before he had ever even met Sophie. He had always been what his friends called a “player” and took pride in the amount of girls he had slept with. Getting into wrestling and travelling around the world only gave him more opportunities to sleep around. After he met Sophie he settled down for a few months but it didn’t last, even after they were married Michael refused to change his ways. Every other night he would be on the road and more often than not he would bring a woman back to his motel room. It was easy to pick up women when you had fame, money and a fantastic body. “What’s the plan?” Sophie asked, “You can’t just sit at home not getting paid.” “Jesus, Sophie, I know!” Michael was feeling stressed enough without this badgering, “I’m trying, alright?” Dinner was eaten in silence that evening. Both Michael and Sophie had a lot on their minds and they separated after dinner without a word. Sophie went straight upstairs whilst Michael went back to the couch. For hours Michael surfed the internet lazily. He laid back and spent half his time reading random forums and the other half watching nostalgic wrestling clips. Every half an hour or so he would go to his e-mail inbox but no one seemed keen to talk to him. Michael started feeling really scared that he had managed to get himself blackballed from the entire wrestling industry. It was as Michael was reading a wrestling forum where a great many people seemed to be taking joy at his misfortune in a thread titled “Michael Flint Fired… AGAIN!” that he found a possible lead. Someone had written a couple of paragraphs of insults and then said the line “Maybe PEW will pick him up.” “Prestige Extreme Wrestling, eh?” Michael said to himself as he searched the name. Michael hadn’t heard of this company before but they seemed to be growing a cult following. They had sprung up very quickly and advertised themselves as “real” wrestling. Anyone who has followed wrestling for any period of time will know that the action is scripted. The athletic feats are tremendous and the stories told can be very entertaining but the results of the matches are predetermined. For a company to advertise itself as having “real wrestling” seemed to suggest that they were different. Michael was intrigued by the promotion but his interest was secondary to his financial needs, he quickly sent off an e-mail to try and set something up. The company was smaller than he was used to but beggars can’t be choosers. Michael fell asleep on the couch not long later. He was worrying about the finances all the way up to the moment he fell into unconsciousness. --- Michael was woken up the next day as the curtains were ripped open. He sat up and rubbed his eyes, he felt stiff from the awkward makeshift bed and as he looked over to the window he could see a distinctly female silhouette. “What time is it?” Michael asked tiredly. “Time you went looking for a job.” Sophie said simply, “It’s already mid-morning. I’m not going to let you use this as an opportunity to be lazy.” Michael stood up and stretched. He felt his bones creak as they complained about the uncomfortable night. As a wrestler he was used to difficult sleeping situations when on the road but since he had become a star he was far more used to exquisite hotel rooms. He stumbled out of the living room and went up to the bathroom. He showered and prepared himself for the day and by the time he had wrapped himself in his dressing gown he was feeling a lot more awake. Sophie was sitting in the living watching television and when Michael walked in she shot him a frustrated look. Michael ignored his wife, it was this sort of stuff that made his eye wander whilst on the road. He turned on the laptop and went straight to his e-mail. His eyes widened and he felt a lurch in his stomach when he saw an e-mail from PEW. “We would be very interested in signing you. Could you give us a call?” The short e-mail was signed by Elliott Page. “Hey, would you look at that.” Michael turned the screen towards his wife triumphantly, “I told you I’d sort something out.” “You don’t know how much they are offering yet.” Sophie said as she looked away, “Once I know we aren’t going to have to sell the house I’ll give you kudos.” Michael sighed. He typed the phone number provided on the e-mail into his phone and walked out of the room. He walked out into the large garden and sat on a deck chair as the phone started to ring. It was answered by a gruff voice. “Hello. This is Prestige Extreme Wrestling.” The voice said. It didn’t sound overly friendly. “Hi, this is Michael Flint. I sent you an e-mail la-” Michael started to say. “Ah yes. Here’s our offer. $250,000 a year plus £75,000 for each win.” Elliott said, “You know our fights aren’t scripted, right?” “I do… but that is only a quarter of what I was making elsewhere.” Michael hoped there was some room for negotiation. “If you don’t like it you can negotiate elsewhere.” Elliott replied sternly, “If you aren’t interested I can just hang up and-” “No. No, I’m… I accept the job.” Michael said with a sigh, “When do you want me to start?” “Come to our show next week.” Elliott said. If he was happy to sign Michael he showed no sign of it, “You can sign the contract and we can show you off to the crowd.” “OK. Tha-” Michael was just about to thank his new boss but the phone had already been hung up. --- Prestige Extreme Wrestling was nowhere near the size of the companies Michael had been used to working for in recent times. The other companies had all had a global reach, PEW was very much a national company. Outside of the USA it seemed like very few people had heard of this new promotion. Despite it’s newness PEW had actually grown extremely quickly and it was clear from the contract they were offering Michael that they had big plans for expansion. They had noticed that fans were tired of the same old shows that many of them had been watching for decades and so they were presenting something new to a rapidly growing cult-like fan base. The fans loved how real it was though Michael wasn’t sure how much of that was just marketing. Michael had hit the gym hard in the last week to try to make up for his laziness in recent times. He was far from his best shape but he had never been the most athletic wrestler in the world. As the venue for the show came into view Michael started to see some of the major differences between this and other companies. To his surprise there were already lots of people queueing outside. The venue wasn’t the huge arenas and stadiums that the global brands inhabited, it was more modest though far from small. Rather than the army of production trucks and personnel Michael could only see a couple of trucks and some much less professional looking people wandering around. Michael Flint drove around to the talent entrance and parked up. He saw some people milling around but nobody he recognised, he smiled confidently to himself as he noticed he had the nicest car by far. He parked up and got his gear out of the trunk, as he walked to the building he saw a woman who was well-built. As she walked in front of Michael he glanced down to check her out, the woman turned to see him staring. “Can I help you?” The woman looked understandably annoyed. “I’m just checking out the view.” Michael said cockily, “You may know me, I’m-” “I don’t give a shit who you are.” The woman shook her head in disgust and walked away. “Bitch…” Michael muttered. Michael was rather taken aback, he wasn’t at all used to being talked to like that. Couldn’t this woman see he was paying her a compliment by ogling her? The woman walked quickly into the building and Michael followed. He looked around and saw a hive of activity as people were bustling around setting up the arena for the matches that would start in a few hours. Michael walked around and saw the dressing rooms as well as catering but the one office he was looking for eluded him. Michael eventually stumbled on Elliott Page’s office. Rather than a big grand room it looked like any other, just one of many that lined the corridor. In other companies Michael had worked at the boss was always located in the biggest and most luxurious room. He knocked the door and was quickly told to enter. The office was as unspectacular as the door had suggested. The room was small and cramped with a cheap desk that was buried under paperwork. Elliott Page was sitting behind the desk smoking a cigarette, his face was gruff and his crooked nose made Michael wonder if he had previously been a wrestler. “Ah, Michael Flint, right?” Elliott said without standing up. “Yes, sir.” Michael said respectfully as he sat on down on the only other chair in the room. Elliott shuffled through some papers without looking up at Michael. Michael waved his hand in front of his face to try and disperse the smoke but it was a forlorn task. He looked around the room but there really was nothing to look at, there was little in terms of decoration. It looked to Michael like a small independent wrestling company office rather than the bigger national promotion it was trying to be. “Sign this.” Elliott said gruffly as he shoved a piece of paper across the desk. Michael looked down to see his contract. Far from the multipage document he had signed at the major companies this was just two sheets of A4 paper. Michael looked over it all but there was one bullet point that stuck out. “”I will promise to abide by stipulations before, during and after matches.“” Michael read before looking up, “I know promoters often put stipulations in matches to make them more interesting but I’ve never seen it in a contract from any of the other promotions.” “This isn’t one of the other promotions.” Michael said gruffly, “He still wasn’t looking up from paper he was writing on.” “I just do-” Michael started. “Are you going to sign the thing or not?” Elliott finally looked up, “Because if you don’t want to work here you can leave. I’m a busy man.” Michael wasn’t used to being talked to this way but knew he had no other options. If he didn’t sign this contract he simply wouldn’t have a job in the wrestling industry. A regular job was very unappealing to a man that had grown used to the spotlight. He picked up his pen and signed the bottom of the contract without further delay. “Great!” Elliot smiled for the first time, “I’ll show you around.” “I thought you were busy.” Michael frowned. “Not too busy that I can’t welcome my newest star.” Elliott stood up and walked towards the office door. Michael thought his new boss was a very strange person but that was hardly unusual in the wrestling industry. He got up and walked out of the office, most of what he was shown was fairly standard for a wrestling promotion and he shook a lot of hands with a lot of wrestlers who often seemed star struck by him. Michael appreciated being the biggest name around and his ego loved all the attention he was getting. As Michael was led out of the dressing room he was listening to Elliott describe how the bonuses work. He wasn’t looking where he was going and he suddenly felt himself bumping into someone. He turned angrily to see the same woman from the car park now leaning against the wall. “Watch where you’re going!” Michael yelled angrily as he dusted down the front of his suit, “Jesus, are you blind? This suit is worth more than your job I’m sure.” “Excuse me?” The woman stood back up straight and walked right up and into the face of Michael. “Mr. Page, who is this nobody?” Michael asked without breaking eye contact with the tall woman. “Erm, Michael Flint, allow me to introduce Alyssa Stanton… Our world champion.” Elliott said slowly. Michael frowned and couldn’t hide his shock whilst Alyssa curled her lips into a self-satisfied smile. Michael looked at Elliott and then pointed at Alyssa, when the promoter slowly nodded Michael looked back to the PEW world champion. He looked her up and down before breaking into a wild smile himself, he started chuckling and took a step back. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” Michael repeated himself through his laughter. He brought a hand up to his mouth as he tried to regain his composure. “We promote equality.” Elliott said, “We have a woman’s division but if women want to compete with men we let them. Our former champion held the belt for a full year before Alyssa came along and beat him.” “Was he a child?” Michael was still laughing, “I’m sorry but there’s no way a woman could compete with a man.” As Michael spoke Alyssa’s hands clenched into fists. She was literally shaking with rage and wanted nothing more than to punch this obnoxious asshole in the mouth. If Elliott hadn’t been standing right there she might even have done it. Growing up Alyssa had always had to fight people who were bigger than her. She was the only girl in a large family. She was the youngest of five siblings and with parents that worked as many hours as they could get it meant she was often left with the boys. She quickly learnt how to scrap and fight, she became good at it and it launched her into her current career. She was proud of who she was and where she had come from, to have a man laugh at her and say she wasn’t capable made her beyond angry. “Now, Michael, come on…” Elliott could see the warning signs flashing in Alyssa’s eyes. “Sorry, I just thought I was joining a legitimate sports organisation.” Michael was practically doubled over with laughter, “Clearly your guys are all just little babies if she can beat them.” “Enough!” Alyssa shouted. Her face was red and she practically had steam coming out of her ears as the taunting became too much. “I’m sorry Aly-” Elliott started to say as he tried to placate his angry champion. “Me and you at the next show.” Alyssa growled through her teeth, “You want to see who’s just a little baby? Me and you for the championship and the loser has to be a baby for the other for a year!” “A baby?” Michael asked. His laughter had stopped, he was intrigued about any opportunity to win gold. “Diapers, bottles, spankings…” Alyssa threw her hands up, “The complete baby.” Michael took a moment to think about the unusual stipulation. It wasn’t unusual for wrestling matches to include interesting or strange stipulations as a way to drum up interest but this one seemed weird even for wrestling. He imagined humiliating this angry woman and it made him smile. He knew how these things work, if you lost the stipulation you would have to play it up on the televisions shows or at events but otherwise they meant nothing, at home you would just be normal. It seemed like there was very little downside to this idea especially because he was one hundred per cent confident he would win. Winning the world title in his first match would be a great way to prove he still had what it took. “You’re on.” Michael smiled confidently, “Just don’t expect any mercy from me.” “Mr. Page? Can you sort that contract out for the next show?” Alyssa said with intensity. “Well, we did need a main event…” Elliott said as he scratched his chin, “Are you sure you want this match, Michael?” “Worried about the value of your new star?” Michael raised his eyebrows, “Don’t think he can beat a little woman?” The words “little woman” showed Michael’s contempt for Alyssa but it didn’t reflect reality all that well since Alyssa was the same height as he was. He was smirking as Alyssa rolled her eyes impatiently, this was just the kind of toxic masculinity she was used to in such a male oriented profession. “If you are both happy I’ll get the contracts drawn up.” Elliott looked from one of his stars to the other. They were both nodding their heads, “Alright then, I’ll go start that process now. Michael, if you’ll excuse me I have some calls to make. Feel free to look around, we have a plan to present you to the crowd tonight.” Michael nodded and shook his new boss’s hand. Once Elliott had walked away he turned back to Alyssa. “I guess I’ll see you next month… baby.” Michael taunted the PEW world champion. “Tell me…” Alyssa started confidently, “Do you prefer baby blue or fire truck red? I’ll have to plan accordingly for your new wardrobe.” Michael let out a bark of a laugh and walked away. He didn’t see any way he could possibly lose a match to a woman. In a legitimate sporting contest he was sure he would crush Alyssa, his only concern was making sure it lasted long enough to be entertaining for the fans. Later that evening Michael Flint stood just to the side of the curtain watching the show. He was quite frankly shocked by what he saw even though he tried to maintain a poker face. The fighting was more intense than he had imagined and the fans seemed to go wild over it. There was nudity, blood, no-holds-barred and everything else in between. This was a long way from the sanitised version of wrestling that existed in the mainstream. “We’re not in Kansas anymore…” Michael muttered to himself shortly after seeing one guy hit the other in the head with a steel chair. Blood immediately ran down the poor victim’s face as the crowd oohed and aahed before baying for more violence. Just before the main event Elliott Page made his way to the ring and introduced their shock new signing. Michael Flint walked out from the entrance and was greeted by a wall of noise. He wasn’t a stranger to loud crowds but there was something extra intense about how rabid the people were. He slapped a few hands and waved as he climbed into the ring. When Elliott announced the main event of the next show it was greeted by a lot of cheering, it seems the match would be hotly anticipated. Walking back through the curtain and meeting some of the other wrestlers Michael was pulled aside by his new boss. Mr. Page was smiling so widely it looked almost painful. “I don’t believe it!” Elliott Page exclaimed, “Next month’s show is already sold-out!” “Already?” Michael was shocked, “But the arena’s still emptying.” “Yeah, and half those people went straight to the box office for tickets and the others ordered online.” Elliott laughed, “It looks like you and Alyssa are going to be great together!” When Michael drove home later that day he felt very happy with his first day. Whilst he had seen more violence in the ring than he expected he was still sure he could win any contest, especially against a woman. He had never lacked for confidence and he knew that in one month he would easily beat Alyssa Stanton and as world champion he could, to a large extent, choose his challengers.
  16. Terry and Sally have been friends for a long time but are known somewhat as troublemakers. Terry is not short of money thanks to a large inheritance and lives a life of pleasure. Whilst taking a horseback ride through a forest Terry knew from his youth the pair find a clearing he rememberes with one very large difference... --- If you like this story or any of my other works please consider visiting my Patreon page where you will find a lot of stories and things For a $5 subscription you will get to see every update I post (one every four days!) a week before everyone else. For $10 you get early access and TWENTY FOUR exclusive stories only posted to my Patreon page! There are other tiers and rewards available and they can all be seen on my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 --- The Cave By Elfy Terry smiled widely as he looked out at the trees that surrounded him on all sides. He was bouncing up and down slightly as he sat in the saddle of a large black stallion that was currently taking him through a small trail in the woods. He reached up to adjust his riding helmet slightly as it slipped down over his eyes. He looked around behind him to see his companion and friend who looked just as happy as her. Sally was a novice rider but she was having a great time riding through the forest. She was a great lover of nature and she was very glad that her friend had talked her into this. She had never thought about riding a horse before but now that she was trying it she was loving it. Her smaller white horse was very calm as it walked along behind Terry’s horse. Both of the riders were 25-years-old and they had known each other since they were children. There were no romantic feelings between them, they felt almost like siblings to each other. They spent a lot of time together and this warm Saturday afternoon was no different to a lot of other days. Not everything was sunshine and roses for Terry and Sally though. The two friends were quite ostracised from the small town they lived in. They were seen as troublemakers by a lot of people and it was a tag that neither of the horse riders would deny. They didn’t like small town life and despite being in their mid-twenties they hadn’t really grown up. Petty vandalism was their favourite pastime when they were bored, never anything to get themselves in a lot of trouble but enough to annoy the other townsfolk. Terry and Sally were able to live such lives of leisure thanks to the windfall Terry had received when his parents had died. Terry’s mom and dad passed away unexpectedly several years before and Terry was the sole beneficiary. They weren’t super rich but enough money passed to Terry to stop him having to worry about money for some time. Sally, as Terry’s best friend, was only too happy to live off the spoils as well. They felt like they could do whatever they liked and then buy their way out afterwards, much to the chagrin of the rest of the town they were usually proven right. “Hey, can we stop for lunch soon?” Sally called from behind Terry, “This horse is really chafing me.” “Sure, there’s a place just up ahead.” Terry replied. The two adults continued on the path with the horses slowly trotting through the small gap in the trees. Terry led his horse round a corner and almost immediately the small path opened up into a big clearing in the middle of the woods. A small stream ran through the middle and wild flowers were growing all over the ground. It was picturesque. “Wow, how did you find this place?” Sally asked with awe. “Mom and dad used to take me here when I was a kid.” Terry replied, “We used to have picnics over…” Terry trailed off slowly as he looked across the thin stream at the other end of the clearing. His brows furrowed and a look of confusion spread across his face. “What’s up?” Sally asked when Terry had stopped. “That cave over there…” Terry was pointing at a large opening semi-hidden by trees and foliage, “I swear it wasn’t here when I was a kid.” “What?” Sally was frowning now. “There were no caves here before. I remember this place well, I’ve got photos at home!” Terry was getting increasingly animated, “That cave is new!” “Caves don’t just spring up places.” Sally said sceptically, “They form over millions of years.” “I know that!” Terry snapped, “What do you want me to say? It’s never been there before.” “Are you sure that it wasn’t just hidden by trees and… Hey! Come back!” Sally reached out as Terry suddenly jumped off his horse and stomped off towards the stream. Sally hurried to keep up with Terry but he seemed determined to investigate what he saw as a new feature on the landscape. He marched straight through the shallow stream, the water came halfway up his riding boots and he was splashing himself but didn’t seem to care. Sally was torn between running after him and sorting out the horses that were watching the scene with the lazy detachment of tamed beasts. She nearly fell as she climbed off the horse and nervously took the reins to lead them to a nearby tree. She was a novice with horses but was thankful that the large animals stayed calm as she tied them to the tree. “Just, erm, wait here…” Sally said as she held her hands out to the horses. As Sally turned away the large stallion moved it’s head and pulled on the material tying it to the tree. The knot slid slightly but held. The beast watched with it’s large half-opened eyes as Sally started jogging away and calling for her friend. “I swear, if I get some disease from this water I’ll… Terry! Wait up!” Sally was splashing through the water but was doing so against her better judgement. She remembered the documentary she had watched about brain eating amoebas that lived in the water. She tried to push the thought from her mind knowing it was ridiculous. Terry stomped across the green space until he was stood right in front of the mystery cave. It’s large opening looked almost like a mouth ready to swallow anyone who stepped inside into the bowels of the Earth. The ground sloped away and downwards into the darkness and it was impossible to see more than a few feet. Terry stared transfixed into the impenetrable blackness. Terry jumped when he felt Sally’s hand on his arm a few seconds later. He turned to see her looking at him with concern. “I’m not crazy!” Terry shouted, “This was never here!” “OK, I believe you.” Sally replied though privately she was still very unsure about the whole thing, “Does it matter though? I mean this place is beautiful and…” “Yes, it matters.” Terry replied sharply, “When I lost my parents… When they died I realised I would never have any new memories with them, I had to cherish those I had. This cave is not in my memories, if I’m wrong about this then what else am I wrong about?” Sally wasn’t used to her best friend talking in such a personal and, dare she say it, emotional way. Terry was the sort of guy who did whatever he wanted and laughed at the consequences no matter what they were or who they hurt, Sally hadn’t seen this more tender side since they were in school together. “Well, what do you want to do?” Sally asked after a small silence, “We could have the picnic or we could go back to town…” “Are you crazy?” Terry asked as he turned back to the darkness, “We should explore it.” “Explore?” Sally scrunched her face up, “Really? It looks dark and I bet it’s full of God-knows-what insects. ” “Yeah.” Terry said, “There’s something about this place. It feels alien and yet… Familiar. We should go in and see what’s in there.” “I don’t know…” Sally was looking at the darkness and thinking about all the bugs and animals that might call it home. Despite what Terry was saying she was sure such a large cave couldn’t just appear in a few years. Terry pulled out his cell phone and turned on the flashlight. He turned and shined it into the cave, the darkness was so thick that the light seemed to disappear into it. He hesitated for a second before stepping forwards and into the giant opening. He walked slowly but steadily into the darkness as Sally begged him to come back. “Come on, Terry!” Sally called out. She heard her voice echo but there was no reply from Terry who had been swallowed by the darkness. Sally felt a breeze in the forest clearing. The leaves laying on the floor blew around a little and Sally saw the horses on the other side of the creek moving nervously. She felt scared, not just about the cave but also about being alone out here. Her head twisted from one direction to the other as she tried to work out what to do. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Sally muttered as she stepped into the cave. Almost immediately Sally felt the air temperature drop. It was a few degrees colder in the cave, enough to make her shiver slightly. The pitch black was oppressive and Sally felt even more alone than before, it felt like all the sounds of forest animals had suddenly been muted. She fumbled in her pockets for her phone and turned on her own flashlight app. Sally scanned the walls but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. She knew that Terry was reckless but this seemed like a situation where something could go wrong and they would never be heard from again. She held the light out in front of her and slowly stepped over the loose rocks on the floor. “Terry… Where are you?” Sally wasn’t shouting now but the echo seemed to amplify her voice. There was still no answer. The cave sloped downwards ever so slightly but there didn’t seem to be an end. Sally could only see a few feet in front of her and she felt like something was about to jump out at her with every step she took. She tried not to think about the creepy-crawlies that must be all over the place. Sally felt herself walk through a spider’s web and she shivered. She thought about turning back but saw that the opening had seemingly disappeared into the darkness. She must’ve turned a corner because she was sure she should be able to see the forest still. Sally carried on heading forwards until she saw the walls either side of her suddenly open up into what must’ve been a large chamber. In the middle of the chamber there was a beam of light coming down from the ceiling, it illuminated a bunch of the room and Sally could see Terry standing in the middle of the room and staring at the ground. “Terry! Finally…” Sally turned off her flashlight and hurried over to her friend, “What’s going on? Can we get out of here?” “I… I don’t…” Terry knelt down with his face a perfect picture of shock. Sally looked down and saw exactly what had caused Terry’s reaction. There was a framed picture of Terry with his parents. Terry was still a baby in the picture, he couldn’t have been more than a couple of years old but and he was being held by both his parents who were beaming towards the camera. Around the photo frame there was a bunch of money. Just random notes laying scattered everywhere illuminated by a couple of small candles. The last thing on the ground was a very important looking legal document, Sally squinted as she crouched closer to it and saw that it was a last will and testament. “We leave all our money and assets to our son, Terry Sinclair.” Sally read the most important lines, “We ask he take what he needs until he is back on his feet and then use the rest for charity and kindness. We know he will make us proud.” “How the Hell did all this stuff get here!?” Terry exclaimed, “These are all things that were back at home. I don’t get it…” “Charity?” Sally asked as she read the will again, “Did you ever actually do that?” “Hell no!” Terry shook his head and even in the dark cave Sally could see that he looked disgusted at the thought, “That money was all mine!” Sally rolled her eyes. She was unsurprised that her friend was greedy but she could see that he had signed the document and essentially promised to give away a lot of the money he had inherited. Sally wasn’t a scrupulous person but even she thought it was a bit much to make a promise to your parents that you didn’t keep. “But you’re missing the point!” Terry snapped, “This is all stuff I keep locked up at home. How did it get here!?” “I… Don’t know.” Sally conceded, “Did someone break in?” “No.” Terry shook his head, “And even if they did these documents were hidden and locked. No one would know to look for them, they were in my parent’s old safe built into the floor.” “Maybe we should go back.” Sally said as a shiver went down her spine, “We should let the police know and…” “There is no way I want anyone to know about this document.” Terry replied quickly, “I know those lawyers and government people will want to take everything I have.” “I’m not sure tha-” Sally started. “We’re not leaving till we sort this out.” Terry’s voice made Sally know this wasn’t up for debate. Sally fell silent as Terry leaned in closer to the small shrine. He reached forwards and slowly moved his fingers towards the agreement. He took a step forward and has his hand touched the paper there was the sound of an explosion. The cave shook and then darkness overtook both of the cave’s intruders.
  17. This is a sequel to "Tommy's Tribulations" that can be read here for free: https://www.patreon.com/posts/tommys-complete-26290661 --- Tommy's problems have only just started and after his father finally returns home he realises that his problems with diapers are only just beginning. As bad as the diaper punishment has been it seems to be even worse with his dad back home and witnessing it. In frustration he does something he quickly regrets. --- This and all my other story updates are available one week earlier than here and other places on my Patreon page. It is thanks to my lovely patrons that I am able to write as much as I do. For $5 patrons can see story updates one week earlier than everyone else whilst $10 patrons get the early access plus access to TWENTY exclusive stories! 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His father, George, had finally come home a few hours ago and his hopes had died when George had sided with his mother and step-sister. His diaper was dry and clean after being brought in and changed by Sandra, he had been left in the sandbox for an hour before he was brought in. He had been ushered straight up to his bedroom and showered before a new diaper was taped around his waist. He hadn’t moved from his bed since Sandra had left the room. Shock had taken a hold of Tommy and he was only briefly brought out of his stupor when he heard laughter from downstairs. The rest of the family seemed to be having a great time. It felt like a kick in the face for Tommy. The sun was setting outside the bedroom window and Tommy put on a shirt as the hot summer afternoon grew cooler. He didn’t bother covering the diaper, there just seemed to be no point in trying to keep his dignity anymore. Tommy wondered if he should just give in to the inevitable. His family were determined to see him use his diapers so maybe he should just do it. Tommy thought about his friends whom he had been ignoring for so long and felt so incredibly upset, what would they say if they could see him like this. He quickly wiped the tears away with his shirt. “Busy day, huh?” Erin’s voice came from the open doorway. She was leaning against the door frame and looking pretty happy with herself. Tommy hadn’t even known she had come upstairs. Tommy didn’t reply or try to cover himself up. He looked at his step-sister without expression and wondered what she wanted. If it was to humiliate him he just had nothing left, he was defeated. “What… What do you want?” Tommy croaked through a throat that hadn’t been used in a few hours. “Oh, I was just coming up to use the bathroom.” Erin smirked, “Remember that?” Tommy took a deep breath and stood up from his bed. He walked towards Erin who backed off slightly and warned her step-brother not to touch her or she’d get him in trouble. Tommy just took hold of the door and closed it to block his step-sister from sight before heading back to his bed. His ears had become so desensitised to the crinkling from his waist that he barely registered how loud he was. When Tommy was called down to dinner that evening he was the last one to walk into the dining room. There was an awkward silence amongst everyone and even though Tommy had covered himself up with some pants it was acutely obvious that he was in a diaper. Tommy ate in silence as the rest of the family talked to each other about George’s trip to Japan. The dinner tasted incredibly bland to Tommy who wanted nothing more than to get this whole thing over with so he could retreat upstairs. “It sounds like you had just as much of an adventure back here.” George chuckled as he ate. Tommy looked up at his father for the first time since sitting down for dinner and scowled. Tommy didn’t want the conversation to turn towards himself but he was powerless to stop it from happening. “Well Tommy started…” Sandra began. “May I be excused?” Tommy immediately interrupted. “Tommy, mind your manners.” George replied sternly, “Don’t interrupt your mother.” “She’s not my mother.” Tommy mumbled as he turned back to his food. “As I was saying… Tommy started having trouble and it quickly escalated.” Sandra eyes flicked to Tommy several times and he felt himself blushing, “The doctor said there was nothing wrong and yet he started wetting himself more and more. Then there was the messing which soon followed…” Tommy had finished dinner already and he just sat back in his seat looking down at the floor. He would’ve done anything to just slip away from the table unnoticed. “I think the diapers were a great idea.” George said as he sipped from his drink, “If he was as lazy as you say then he has to learn the consequences.” “I’m not lazy!” Tommy hit the table with his fists causing the cutlery to rattle around on the table. “See what I mean?” Sandra rolled her eyes as she looked at George, “He’s been having tantrums and-” Tommy could listen to no more and he jumped to his feet. He turned away from the table and with a noticeable waddle he headed back upstairs despite the calls from his family to come back and sit down. He stomped up the stairs and slammed his bedroom door, he could stand no more of his family talking as if he wasn’t there. After a couple of hours on the computer where his anger never abated he heard a knock on his door. He ignored it thinking that maybe the person on the other side would assume he had gone to bed but he was frustrated yet again when his door was opened with no care for his privacy. “Get out of-” Tommy stopped talking when he saw that it was his father who was standing in the doorway, “What do you want?” “Your mother says it’s time for bed.” George said after clearing his throat. He was looking at the floor and the bed, pretty much anywhere that wasn’t his son. “I can’t believe you’re taking her side.” Tommy hissed as he stood up and walked noisily to the bed. The fact that his father was embarrassed to look at him made him feel ten times worse. “I’m not taking sides.” George said raising his hands as a sign of peace, “You’ve had a problem and we’re just trying to help you.” “Whatever.” Tommy replied in a surly voice as he dropped into bed whist still wearing his pants. He expected his dad to leave the room but there didn’t seem to be any movement. Tommy rolled over to look at George as if to ask what he was waiting for. “Your mother says you need to be checked before going to bed…” George said slowly. “I’m dry.” Tommy replied as he felt his heart skip a beat. He really didn’t want his father to check him. “I have to check.” George shrugged his shoulders as if to say he was just following orders. Tommy was red in the face again and he pulled his cover back slowly. He closed his eyes and just wished for this all to be over. He could feel the air move as George walked closer to the bed and lean down. A hand pulled forward the waistband of Tommy’s pants and he felt a large hand reach down and pat the diaper. Tommy hadn’t been lying, he was still dry and the padding was completely clean. He wondered how long his dad needed to work out that he didn’t need a change because it felt like much longer than necessary. “Just like when you were a baby.” George chuckled, “The checking I mean. You never liked me or your mom checking you, some things never change I guess.” Tommy felt his face going redder but he didn’t say anything. He looked away from his dad and was happy when he finally removed his hand from Tommy’s diaper. With watering eyes he felt his pants’ waistband rest against his belly again, his cover was pulled up and over him. “I’ll see you in the morning.” George said. “Dad!” Tommy stopped his father just as he was walking out of the room, “This isn’t needed. I don’t need to wear diapers or anything. Please, please, please stop this and let things go back to normal.” “We’ll see.” George eventually said as he closed the door. He didn’t sound very convinced and as the door closed Tommy laid back on his pillows and covered his face in frustration. --- The next day Tommy was woken by the sounds of chirping birds. He felt groggy as he slowly sat up in bed and rubbed his eyes, he fought back a yawn and casually reached under his cover to where his diaper was. He placed his hand on the outside and was unsurprised to feel that it had swollen considerably in the night. Tommy’s first reaction was one of depressed resignation. He was in diapers full time now and seemingly had no control of himself through the night, it was no longer a shock to find out he had wet himself. In fact it was now something everyone expected of him and since the toilet was completely off limits to Tommy he knew it was something he would have to get used to. The thought of getting used to using his diaper completely made a cold shiver run down his spine. “I can’t accept this…” Tommy muttered to himself as he looked down to his diaper. Tommy suddenly felt an anger flare up inside of him. A determination to not just sit back and accept everything flickered to life and he became determined to fight for his rights to use the bathroom. He had no real idea how he would actually do anything to help his position but he knew he had to find a way, the path he was on was not one he wanted. “Mom says it’s time for breakfast.” Erin’s voice shouted through the closed door. Tommy had been waiting for someone to come in and change his diaper but it didn’t look like he could expect that any time soon. Was he supposed to just go downstairs in his diaper? Tommy hated that as time went on it seemed perfectly normal to his family for him to have his embarrassing underpants on display. Tommy stood up and decided that the first part of fighting against this new status quo was to put on some pants and give himself some dignity. Reaching into his closet for a pair of loosely fitting pants Tommy stepped into them and pulled them up. They were quite snug around his diaper and the bulge was noticeable but it was a start. Tommy walked downstairs slowly and heard his diaper crinkle with each step. The wet padding had caused the diaper to expand and Tommy knew he was noticeably waddling. He could hear the rest of his family in the dining room already and when he walked into the room he saw heads swivel his way. There was silence for a few seconds as Tommy stood in the entrance awkwardly. Erin’s face had lit up as soon as she saw Tommy and she could finally contain her giggles no longer. Tommy blushed, he looked down and wondered if the diaper was really that obvious. The giggling spread to the other members of the family as well. “Come on, Tommy.” Sandra said when she had got her giggling under control, “There’s no need for the modesty. Take the pants off so it’s easier to keep an eye on your diaper.” “I’d rather keep them on.” Tommy replied quietly. “Tommy!” It was Tommy’s dad this time and his tone of voice suggested he wasn’t playing games, “Do as your mother asks.” Tommy muttered his oft repeated and always ignored comeback that Sandra wasn’t his mother but he bent over and slowly pulled his pants down anyway. His tiny show of defiance had been laughed at and beaten with ease, he felt even worse now than he did before. “You are soaked!” George exclaimed when he saw the state of the diaper that Tommy was standing in. “This is why he has the thickest diapers I could find.” Sandra said as she drank some of her coffee. Tommy was blushing but took his seat opposite his step-sister and picked up his spoon. His cereal didn’t look appetising but he knew he should try to eat something, he tried to ignore the looks he was getting from each of his family members but it wasn’t easy. Breakfast was a quiet experience which pleased Tommy a lot. Since he had been the last to come down for his cereal he was also the last to finish and although the rest of the family were quietly conversing Tommy got up and made a move to leave the table. “Are you going to be pooping yourself any time soon?” Sandra’s voice called to Tommy’s retreating back. Tommy stopped dead as if he had suddenly stepped in cement. He heard his step-sister snort with laughter as his mother asked him the embarrassing question. He slowly shook his head as his face flushed red. “Then someone will be up to change you in a minute.” Sandra continued. Tommy tried to keep his cool but ended up running out of the room as fast as his legs would take him. He didn’t stop until he was back in his room, he hated being asked questions like that. They won’t let him use the bathroom so of course he will eventually fill his diaper. Everyone knew it would happen but asking a question about it so blatantly was just rubbing salt into the wound. Tommy had only been in his room for a couple of minutes when Sandra invited herself in without bothering to knock. She walked straight over to Tommy who was stood by the window and reached down with her hand to prod and poke Tommy’s diaper. It was completely unnecessary since it was obvious that Tommy was soaked but she seemed determined to do everything by the book and that included the mandatory prodding of the soaked padding. Tommy just stood still and let his step-mother do it, he knew anything he did to hinder the process would just make it take more time. Sandra didn’t bother to tell Tommy to go and lay down on the bed. When her hands stopped checking Tommy he walked to the bed by himself and laid down in the prescribed way. He stared resolutely up at the ceiling as the tapes were pulled off the diaper and the front was lowered. “You really did a number on this one.” Sandra commented unnecessarily as she pulled the wipes out from under the bed and started to wipe her step-son’s crotch. Tommy didn’t reply but he did have one burning question that he didn’t know if he should ask. He let Sandra pull the wet diaper out from under him before unfolding a new one and getting ready to slip it under Tommy’s body. When Tommy didn’t immediately lift his rear end up to let the diaper underneath him Sandra grabbed his legs and unceremoniously lifted them up herself. When Tommy was lowered on to the new diaper he finally found the courage to ask his burning question. “How did you convince dad to let you do all this?” Tommy asked quietly as baby powder was liberally sprinkled on top of his crotch. “How did I convince him?” Sandra repeated with a chuckle, “Tommy, you did all the convincing yourself. Wetting the bed, wetting your pants, pooping yourself and acting like a brat since he left… I just told him the truth and he agreed that you needed to be taught a lesson.” Tommy didn’t say any more. He just let Sandra pull up the front of the diaper and tape it closed. He felt angry that although everything Sandra said was true, it omitted a lot of details that explained some of his actions. He felt himself growing frustrated and just as the third of four tapes was placed he came up with an idea that he thought would be a great way to get one over on his step-mom. Without even giving it a second thought and just giving in to his rash first thought he pushed down with his tummy muscles. He didn’t really feel the need to go to the bathroom but if Sandra was going to humiliate him then the least he could do is make her job harder than it had to be. “What are you… Oh my God!” Sandra suddenly realised what Tommy was doing. Tommy screwed up his face as he pushed and after the loud sound of breaking wind he felt a soft mushy explosion as he filled his diaper. The poop seemed to burst out of him and into the padding, once he started he couldn’t stop it and his bowels decided to take the opportunity to fill the diaper. “What’s all the shouting about?” George asked as he pushed open the door. He looked at the scene in front of him and looked suitably shocked. No one said anything as Tommy pushed again to finish emptying his bowels. Just for good measure his bladder released just as he was finishing and the hot urine poured out of him and pooled around the bottom of the diaper. By the time Tommy was done using the padding he had made the previously pristine diaper even worse than the one that had just been taken off.
  18. Mike is a submissive husband. Laura is his wife and Mistress. Mike lives the life his wife wants him to have and has little say in what he does or where he goes. Laura has a special night planned and she wants Mike to make the place ready then, like a good husband, he would sit meekly in his room and pretend not to exist. ---- Every story update that gets posted publicly appears on my Patreon page one full week beforehand. You can view all of these updates for just $5 a month. Pledging $10 gets you the early access plus access to TWENTY-THREE Patreon exclusive stories. There are more tiers and rewards that can be found on my Patreon page. 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Have you washed my clothes?” Laura called out from the bedroom. “I’m doing it now…” Mike replied from the bottom of the stairs. Mike had just been cleaning the mirror in the entry way with a washcloth. It was the third thing on his list of chores for that Friday evening, he had come home from work to get straight to his duties at home. He hoped he would get it all done in a few hours, he might even get a little time for himself before his bed time. “Hurry up!” Laura sounded exasperated and her voice made Mike tremble a little, “My book club will be here in a few hours and I need my good dress.” “Yes, Laura.” Mike replied with a sigh. As Mike walked across the hallway and placed the cleaning items on the small table next to the phone he felt the thick mass between his legs. His diaper was slightly damp but that was hardly surprising to Mike who was very used to this feeling. It had been over a year since he had put his first diaper on and he had very rarely been without them ever since. Mike made his way down the hallway to the doorway underneath the stairs. He paused for a short time to look at the downstairs bathroom just a little further down the hallway, he hadn’t been in that room except to clean in a long time. He wondered if he could even remember how to use a toilet now, it seemed such a weird thing to think about but it had been a long time since he had used something other than his diaper. Even at work Mike was expected to keep up the diaper wearing routine. He knew he could probably use the toilet if he really wanted but he didn’t want to risk it, he could only imagine what his wife would do if she knew he wasn’t using his diaper like he was supposed to. He was very lucky that he worked alone in an office and he was able to change his diaper without much fuss no matter what the circumstances were. Mike opened the door under the stairs and walked down the stairs into the basement. The washing machine had finished a few minutes ago by the looks of things. He turned the dial to turn the machine off and then opened the door, heat came out from the clothes since the drying process was built in to the wash. Mike stood back for a second as he waited for the heat to dissipate. The fancy dress and other clothes contrasted wildly with his plain white shirt and diaper, his usual clothing for his homely duties. Setting up the ironing board and plugging the iron in made Mike remember when all this had started. His relationship with Laura had always been a good one even if his wife had been a little domineering, if they decided they wanted to eat out she would choose the restaurant and it was the same for everything else. He had been happy to go along with things because he loved her. It only took a few months after their wedding before Laura started taking control more completely. He noticed what little choices he had were slowly being taking away and whenever he broke the rules he would find his wife punishing him in increasingly humiliating ways. Before Mike knew what was happening he was totally under the control of his wife. The day Laura was due to go out to a party with some friends had been the day everything changed. She had asked Mike, although it felt more like an order to the husband, to wash her clothes. Mike had been watching football and had lost track of the time, when Laura walked into the living room asking where her clothes were he was forced to admit he hadn’t done the task. Laura had been furious and she had dragged him out of the living room and down into the basement where Mike now stood. The ironing board was already set up and Mike was forced into a bending position over it. Mike knew better than to try and resist his wife when she was in a bad mood, even when his pants and underwear were pulled down he did little more than ask for leniency. Despite everything Mike had been shocked when Laura suddenly slapped his rear end. His mouth had dropped open and he fell into shocked silence whilst Laura spanked him until his butt had gone bright red. It was the first time Mike remembered there being a physical punishment and it seemed to step everything up to another level. It was a couple of days later that the first diaper was brought out and that was the beginning of the diaper punishment that had so far not finished. At this point Mike wasn’t sure that his punishment would ever end but he still wouldn’t stop doing as he was told. He was beholden to the woman he had married and if she thought this was for the best he wouldn’t stop her. Maybe it was weakness but Mike just wanted his wife to be happy no matter what that meant for him. Back in the present Mike was pulling out the dress that Laura had specifically asked for. It was nice and warm after the drying procedure and it had a strange static feeling. Mike placed the dress on the ironing board and waited for the iron to finish heating up. The dress was long and quite conservative by Laura’s standards, perfect clothing for a book club, the black and white stripes across the chest did a great job of emphasising Laura’s generous figure. Mike ironed the dress until it was perfect and ready for his wife to wear. He carefully folded the clothes and started carrying them back up to the main house for his wife to inspect, he certainly hoped she liked his work since the alternative was more punishments. He was looking forward to sitting upstairs and enjoying some time alone whilst his wife was downstairs having fun, he didn’t want to provoke her ire and end up being tied up or something. Mike knocked before entering his own bedroom and saw his wife sitting at the little make-up desk at the foot of the bed. He walked over and held out the dress for her to inspect. “It looks fine.” Laura said, “Leave it on the bed and wait here in case I have any further need of you.” Mike did as he was told and looked at the back of his wife’s head. Her long blonde hair went just below her shoulders and seemed to flow perfectly like golden waves. Mike glanced at the mirror and saw a reflection of the perfect face he had married. Deep green eyes were above a petite nose and her lips were full and very red with the addition of lipstick for the evening. When Laura stood up Mike could see her whole frame. Her dressing gown hung off her shoulders and although she was slightly shorter than her husband she certainly had more of an aura of power. Mike stared as her dressing gown came off and she stood in front of him perfectly naked. Her breasts were perfect for her size and there didn’t seem to be an ounce of extra fat anywhere on her, she was perfect. Mike could feel himself getting a little excited in his padding, he knew nothing was going to happen but it had been a while since he last had permission for sexual activity either with his wife or alone. “I’ll expect you to stay up here and be quiet.” Laura said, “And obey the usual rules. I’m being very generous in not telling my friends how pathetic you are.” “Yes, Laura.” Mike said quickly, “Thank you, ma’am.” Laura pursed her lips and nodded. She walked forwards and placed a hand underneath her husband’s diaper, she pressed the diaper up and against Mike’s crotch. The submissive man blushed and he was sure Laura could feel his slightly thickened penis. He knew she wasn’t doing anything for his benefit, she was just checking if he needed a change. “I should probably change you before anyone arrives.” Laura said, “I’ll get dressed first.” As soon as Mike felt Laura’s hand leave his diaper he climbed on to the bed and laid down on top of the covers in the prescribed position for a diaper change. He watched as Laura pulled up a pair of scandalously thin pink panties that had a little bow on the front, it was almost too much for Mark to stand. Her ample bosom was soon locked behind a black bra that only seemed to make the breasts look bigger. Finally, the freshly ironed dress was lifted high into the air and pulled down over Laura’s head, somehow she seemed to pull her head through the collar without moving a single hair out of place. It was as if she was magic. “Right, let’s get that dia-” Laura was suddenly interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. She turned to look out of the bedroom, “Never mind. It doesn’t look like we have time.” “But…” Mike looked panicked as Laura stood up straight and pulled her dress into its correct position. “You know the golden rules.” Laura said as she started to leave the room, “No leaking, no changing yourself and no using the toilets. All the other rules apply too… I think I’ll have to make a rulebook for you!” Laughing as she left the room Laura started hurrying downstairs to where her first guests were arriving. Mike was left watching her go with anxiety, he reached down with one hand and found a diaper already wet enough that he would consider asking for a change. These weren’t normal circumstances though, he knew he wasn’t supposed to leave the bedroom for any reason. His only hope was that there would be a break in the discussion and Laura would be able to come up and change his soggy underwear. Mike liked having time alone since it meant he could do whatever he wanted. He chose to pick up a book and start reading, it was a book about history and was something Mike didn’t often get time to indulge in thanks to his numerous chores. An hour passed and Mike was still sitting on the bed. He turned a page uneasily and looked towards the closed bedroom door, there had been no sign of his wife since she had left the room. The only indication that other people were in the house were the occasional laughter which Mike could hear. A couple of times he heard footsteps on the stairs and he held his breath as guests walked past the bedroom and into the bathroom. It was always nerve wracking knowing that an inquisitive visitor could find out about his secret at any moment. Mike reached down with one of his hands and felt the swollen padding that was pushing his thighs apart. He made a little worried noise as he felt how wet he was, the diaper seemed so full and under normal circumstances would’ve been changed a long time ago. His options were very limited by the rules that had been drilled into his head, he couldn’t use the toilet and he couldn’t leak without terrible punishment. He wasn’t supposed to go downstairs either and yet that was where he would find his wife. Mike supposed he could change his own diaper but that would also break the rules, Laura had no time for rule breakers and he knew he would regret it deeply. Mike tried to wait and after another half an hour on the bed he wet the already saturated padding a little more. The diaper dutifully absorbed it but as he felt the back of the disposable underwear he knew it didn’t have much life left in it. He stood up off the bed and felt the diaper sag heavily as he did so, he reached down and pushed the padding up against his own crotch. He couldn’t remember ever being this wet before. Very worryingly for Mike he could feel moisture around the leg bands and on the plastic itself. It was clear this diapers lifespan was at an end and he needed a change immediately, one more wetting would push it over the edge. The diapers were sitting in a drawer nearby and yet they might as well have been on Mars, he wasn’t allowed to change himself unless he was at work. Mike wondered if there was any way he could contact his wife from up here. Laura didn’t have her cell phone with her and he knew she hated to be interrupted. He only had to remember any of the nights she brought a man home and he was left in the other room. She definitely didn’t like him coming in and disturbing them, Mike shuddered at the memories. Mike couldn’t just leak on the floor or in the bed. If he did that he was sure he would be in a lot of trouble, he didn’t even want to think about the punishments that could be heading his way. There was nothing else for it, he would have to head downstairs and ask Laura to come and help him. He prayed she would be discreet but knowing her it could be fifty-fifty as to what she would do. Walking towards the door made Mike realise just how wet he was. He had to waddle quite dramatically when he went across the room. He opened the door a little bit and peeked out, the coast was clear. Mike grabbed some pants from by the side of the bed and quickly slipped them up his legs. It covered his diaper but the padding caused the pants to bulge out in seemingly obvious ways. Mike walked out of the bedroom on shaking legs. He could hardly believe he was going to do this and he wanted more than anything to turn around and go back to the bed, he had to remind himself that that wasn’t an option. As Mike walked down the stairs he heard another rumble of laughter from within the living room. He felt a bolt of anxiety go down his spine as he got closer and closer to his wife’s gathering. He felt like he was gate crashing something even though this was just as much his house as his wife’s. The living room door was closed and Mike stood right behind it for a couple of seconds as he tried to work out what he was going to say. He felt like a child sticking his head in to a party his parents were throwing, he was completely out of place in this situation. A small submissive man just playing at being a grown up. Summoning up all the courage he could muster Mike knocked on the wooden door. The noise inside the living room died down quickly and there was a little muttering from someone. Mike didn’t open the door, he knew he should wait until he was told to do so. “Yes?” Laura’s voice cut through the silence like a knife. Mike pulled on the handle and opened the door just enough to stick his head through. He saw eight people sitting around the room with books open in front of them, on the table in the centre of the group were several bottles of wine and everyone had a glass. It was an all-female group and they looked around at the male who was disturbing them. “Can I help you?” Laura’s voice was the one to break the silence and it focused Mike on what was happening right in front of him. “C-Could I speak to you out here?” Mike asked timidly. He was making sure not to stick any more of his body through the doorway than he had to. Everyone’s eyes was on them. “No, but you can come in here.” Laura said with a smirk. “It’s OK.” Mike said quickly, “I’ll speak to you lat-” “I said come in here.” Laura cut her husband off.
  19. James is driving home through traffic when a horrible but sadly familiar accident occurs. James goes home to face his family but patience seems to be running out. --- This update, like all updates to my stories, has been available on Patreon for one week. It is only thanks to the generosity of patrons that I'm able to post as often as I do. For $5 a month you can see all my public stories in one place as well as getting early access to them, for $10 a month you can get the early access PLUS exclusive stories. 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The eighteen-year-old rested his head against the window and closed his eyes as he waited for the traffic lights to change colour. He couldn’t wait to get home even though he had plenty of homework to get done before he could relax. “Today we are talking punishment and whether using diapers to control…” James turned the radio down without opening his eyes. He had no interest in whatever they were going on about as he felt the sun beating down on his head. There was nothing but the quiet hum of his car’s engine for a minute or so until James was suddenly shocked and forced to open his eyes by the sound of a car horn behind him. Traffic had moved and the impatient drivers wanted to move along. “There… Are you happy? Asshole.” James muttered when he moved his car six feet forward and stopped again. The traffic was not easing up but it was certainly testing people’s patience. It was as he pressed the brake and felt the car stop that he felt something in the back of his underwear. As he slid forward slightly in his seat he felt a slippery mess between his cheeks. “Oh no…” James muttered as he belatedly realised what he had done. James rolled down the window and sighed in frustration. It wasn’t the typical reaction of a person who had just left a mess in their pants but for James this wasn’t an uncommon situation. In fact, it was far too common. James had known he needed to go before he left college. He had stayed an extra hour for football practice but had been distracted and forgot that he should probably visit the bathroom before driving home. By the time he had remembered he was already in his car and he really didn’t want to walk all the way back to his school just to use the toilet. James felt the cool breeze rustle his hair as the smell of his accident started to permeate the car a little bit. There was nothing he could do now but wait until he got home and then try to clean up before his family discovered his most recent accident. He chastised himself mentally for forgetting to use the bathroom, and again for being lazy and not walking back into college. The traffic continued to crawl slowly forwards as James felt the poop smear across him. He winced as the sticky substance invaded more and more skin space and he couldn’t wait to jump in the shower. A feeling of disappointed resignation seemed to hang over him like an invisible blanket. James had been having accidents like this for most of his life. Ever since he had been potty trained he could remember tearfully going to his parents with a load in his underwear. They had assured James that he would grow out of it but the accidents continued. It seemed like once or twice a month he would fill his pants which had caused a lot of embarrassment and humiliation. There had been medical checks and doctor’s appointments but no matter what the medical professionals poked and prodded James with they could find nothing wrong. It was very frustrating for James’ parents who were getting sick of having to excuse themselves from situations because their increasingly older son was pooping himself like a baby. As the traffic finally eased and James was able to make a little progress he thought of the last thing his parents had threatened him with. He was eighteen-years-old but since he was still living with his parents they were determined to make him follow their rules and they said that if James didn’t stop messing his pants that he would… James shook his head, he didn’t want to think about that possibility and instead concentrated on getting home and up to his room before either his parents or sister noticed the damage. When James turned into his own street he felt relief that he was going to soon be getting this tight pair of underwear off. Since this was a relatively common occurrence he had a routine that basically saw him running upstairs and bagging his underwear. James would have a shower and leave the soiled clothes hidden until his family wasn’t around before finding a place to throw out his smelly clothes. As James got close and turned to pull into the driveway he felt his heart sink. He saw Katie washing their parent’s car and she waved as she saw James. With a gulp of fear James turned off his engine and watched as his smiling older sister walked over to him and leant on the open window. “Hey, James.” Katie said as he turned the engine off, “How was college?” “Umm, it was fine.” James tried to act casual but with Katie leaning on his window he was basically stuck in his car. He tried to work out whether the smell was noticeable but after sitting in it for so long he had become desensitised to his own stench. Katie smiled but James thought he saw her nose twitch slightly. Was he being overly sensitive or had his sister caught wind of his latest public pants pooping? “I, umm, I’m pretty tired. I think I’ll go up to bed.” James quickly said. He could already feel his cheeks going red and despite his attempts to keep cool he could feel his heart hammering. Katie didn’t say anything but she nodded and turned off the hose that she had been washing the car with. As James quickly climbed out of my car and locked it James could feel her right behind him, she was like a prison guard as she didn’t take her eyes off James. She was still smiling a little but it seemed more forced than her genuine welcome a minute earlier. James started to exaggerate the size of his accident in his mind. The more he dwelled on the small sticky stain in his underwear the more obvious he felt it must be. He had this absurd picture in his head of a huge lump sticking out from his rear end like a cartoon. When James opened the front door he could immediately smell that dinner was cooking and perhaps almost ready. The massive amount of traffic earlier had meant that he was home later than usual and dinner would be served up soon, he really had no time to waste. “James, is that you?” James’ mom’s voice called through from the kitchen, “You’ve got some mail. Come pick it up before you go upstairs please.” With Katie right behind James he couldn’t pretend he hadn’t heard his mother so with another gulp and some sweat forming on his forehead James walked through to the kitchen where his mom was stirring a pot. At least Katie had seemingly stopped following him. James picked up his mail and turned out of the kitchen before he could be engaged in conversation and he could see victory so close to his grasp. He turned at the bottom of the stairs to go up them but found Katie sitting on the bottom step with a more serious look on her face. “Katie, I…” James began to speak but his sister just closed her eyes and sighed. “Drop ‘em.” Katie said simply. To most people this would be an absurd or nonsensical request but to James it had horrible meaning. He felt as if his blood had turned to ice. “Katie, I can expla-” James was cut-off before he could finish. “You know what mom and dad said.” Katie stood up now. She was a head taller than James and in an old wet t-shirt and bikini bottoms that she had been wearing whilst washing the car, “You have to listen if I want to check for… You know.” James remembered the conversation his parents had with him. He remember being very upset that they were granting Katie the ability to check his underwear whenever she wanted but since the conversation had happened after a particularly messy episode he knew he was in no place to argue with the new rules. “Katie, please…” James begged his sister to let him up the stairs without being checked. “Don’t make me call for mom.” Katie said quietly. James took a deep breath and closed his eyes as he reached down and pulled his pants down around his ankles. He stood with his tight underwear in front of his sister and blushed. When Katie indicated for James to turn around with her finger he reluctantly and slowly turned to show his rear end to his older sister. It must’ve been obvious to Katie that James had messed his pants. James could imagine his white underwear would be stained brown by now but he still felt his sister pull the waistband back and then let it go quickly. “Jesus Christ!” Katie exclaimed loudly as she backed away from James with a look of disgust on her face. “Katie? What’s going on?” Cathy, James’ mom, walked through from the kitchen whilst still in her apron. She was already frowning. James looked up at the ceiling with tears in his eyes as he knew the cat was out of the bag. He still faced away from my family but he could feel all of their eyes on him. “James pooped his pants again!” Katie said loudly causing James to wince. James turned to the side to see that his father, Chris, was looking at him in disappointment from the living room doorway. “Katie, go through to the dining room for dinner. Your father will serve it up.” James’ mom said after a short pause, “James go upstairs, take you messy things off and wash up. You can wait in your bedroom for me and your father to deal with you.” James was hungry but he didn’t dare talk back. He pulled his pants back up and waddled upstairs, he could see everyone’s disappointed faces staring at him as he trooped up and into the bathroom. As James turned at the top of the stairs he heard his father mutter “Unbelievable…” Slowly peeling off his clothes, James left everything in a pile in the middle of the bathroom with the messy underwear on top. He climbed into the shower and was grateful to feel the water washing him clean. James knew the routine by now and after his shower he left his clothes on the floor and walked to his bedroom naked. He sat down on his bed and put his head in his hands as he went over the previous hour in his mind, he couldn’t understand why he kept making messes. There always seemed to be a reason but it couldn’t be coincidence that was causing it. Was there something wrong with him? James sat quietly and naked using his bed cover to give himself a little modesty. He could hear the sound of the meal downstairs and he felt his own stomach pang with hunger, he hoped that whatever happened next would at least see him get some dinner. It was around half an hour later when James heard footsteps on the stairs. He could tell from the heaviness of the steps that it was his father. James’ heart started hammering faster as he prepared himself for whatever was coming next, he felt like a small child waiting to be told off. James heard the door to the bathroom open and the clothes were scooped up. He breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the footsteps going back downstairs. The respite was brief though because just a few minutes there were more footsteps, it still sounded like Chris, James’ dad. There was a brief knock on James’ bedroom door before it was opened. James sat quietly and looked down at the floor as his father stepped inside and closed the door behind him. It was hard to know who was more embarrassed, James was blushing because of what he had done and what would happen next but his father felt embarrassed that he even had to be doing this. “James, when are you going to grow up?” Chris asked. He sounded tired, like he expected nothing more than for his adult son to soil himself. “I’m sorry…” James said quietly, “It was the traffic.” “It’s always something, isn’t it?” James’ dad said with exasperation, “Traffic, a big queue, food poisoning… There’s always a reason. Son, it isn’t normal for you to poop your pants so often.” “I know…” James said but his father wasn’t finished. “Your doctors have all said there is nothing wrong, even the psychiatrist said you were perfectly healthy, so why are we here and doing this?” Chris asked. “I don’t know.” James replied sadly. “It’s not good enough anymore James.” Chris continued, “You remember what mom said would happen the next time this happened…” James did remember what his mom had said three weeks ago when he had come home from the shops in stained underpants. It seemed almost inconceivable that it had come to this, he wondered if there was any way to convince his dad for a second chance but realistically he knew that he had little choice. James watched as his father walked over to the chest of drawers and pulled open the top drawer. His heartbeat quickened again and he could feel a heat rising in his face, he felt so strange even though he knew what was about to happen. Chris reached into James’ underwear drawer and pulled out something that was very different to everything else. James heard it before he saw it, the soft crinkling of plastic as the big white rectangle was lifted out of the drawer.
  20. This was a commission I wrote for a member here. It was a bit different to most of my other work but was very fun to write, a bit longer than some of my other commissions as well. If you are interested in a commission I am ready and willing to write about a lot of different things. --- Janet & Bobby By Elfy Bobby flicked through the pages of the newspaper desperate to find the advertisements. He had been forced out of his previous rental apartment when he couldn’t afford the rent and as a man alone in a new city it meant he was left with nowhere to go. He had picked up a newspaper that someone left on a bench and he was scanning the adverts looking for a place he could afford with his meagre savings until he could find a better paying job. It looked like every single place advertising was asking for money that was far in excess of what Bobby could afford, he was already desperate but now he was getting angry, how was a 22-year-old supposed to get a place to live these days, he thought to himself. Was there nowhere in the city that offered affordable housing? Just as Bobby was about to throw the newspaper away he spotted a tiny advert on the corner of the page. It offered a room and board at a price that was a fraction of what every other place wanted to take. Bobby tore out the advert, took a look at the address and began walking. He was concerned that there would be a catch or that the house would be in a bad neighbourhood but he had little choice other than checking it out. It took him an hour to reach the house, which was on the edge of the city, but when he arrived he felt like he had to double check the address. He had expected a small and broken down building to explain why the rent was so low but what he saw was a reasonably large semi-detached house in what seemed like a nice neighbourhood. Suspicious of why such a place was being offered out so cheaply Bobby walked up the garden path. He noted the child’s bike laying on the ground near the front door and made a mental note that it seemed there was at least one child living here. That would be a little annoying for Bobby, who preferred peace and quiet, but it wasn’t going to be a deal breaker for him not when he was this desperate. He walked up to the large front door and knocked three times, he heard a commotion inside and footsteps coming towards the door. Bobby was a little nervous as he always was when meeting new people but he steeled his nerves as the door was opened. As the door opened Bobby found himself face to face, or face to chest since this woman was much taller than the 5’3” Bobby, with a kindly older lady who appeared to be in her early fifties. Bobby tried not to stare but he immediately noticed that this woman was very well endowed in the chest department. “Hello?” The older woman said as she peered down at her unexpected visitor. “Oh, hello.” Bobby replied with a smile as he raised his gaze away from the large breasts directly in front of him to the face that was smiling down at him, “I heard about a room you are renting… If it is still available” “Of course!” The woman said and she stepped aside allowing Bobby to come through the doorway. She smiled down at the much shorter guest as he awkwardly walked into the house. “My name is Janet.” She said smiling down at Bobby who was just trying to not stare at the massive breasts thrust almost directly in his face thanks to the height difference, “Let me show you around.” They walked around the house together. Bobby was impressed with what he saw, the house was big and very tidy which was impressive for a single mom with a young daughter. The downstairs was fairly standard with a large, open living room with a big TV in the corner. The edges of the room were taken up with couches and bookshelves whilst, apart from a small table, the middle of the room was strewn with toys for a little girl. “I apologise for the mess.” Janet said with a chuckle, “You know how kids can be!” Bobby just smiled unsure of how else to react. His introverted nature made small talk difficult sometimes. The house seemed quite old fashioned, a lot of the furniture seemed to have been there for a long time even if it was very well maintained. Janet showed Bobby the kitchen which was standard with tiled flooring and shiny surfaces everywhere. The pair then headed upstairs with Janet telling her potential housemate about the local area, she was really trying to sell the house to Bobby. She obviously didn’t know that Bobby had almost no alternatives to this place but he remained quiet and listened. The upstairs was similar to the downstairs. It felt very homely, with nice carpets and a little bit of clutter here and there showing that it had been lived in. Janet showed Bobby the bathroom which was small but had room for the usual bath, sink and toilet. Further down the hall was the master bedroom, the door to that remained closed. Next came Janet’s daughter’s room. Janet knocked on the door and after hearing a couple of light footsteps running closer the door slowly opened. “And this is Emma.” Janet said with a proud smile. Emma seemed to be about 4 years old and shyly half hid behind the door. Bobby wasn’t too good with kids but he waved and said a quick hello which got a little wave back before the door was quickly closed again. Janet laughed and apologised for her daughter’s shyness. Bobby was just about to respond that it was OK before he suddenly froze. Suddenly he felt an intense need to use the bathroom, Janet looked at him with concern after his sudden shift in demeanour. “Bobby? Are you OK?” Janet asked with some concern, she went to touch Bobby’s shoulder but just as she was about to make contact Bobby ran down the landing and flung himself into the bathroom slamming the door closed. Little Emma even opened the door again as she wondered what the noise was. “Oh my…” Janet said pursing her lips. For Bobby time was of the essence, as soon as he closed the door he pulled down his fly and fumbled with his underwear. “Come on, come on…” He muttered as he finally managed to free himself and relieved himself in the toilet. Bobby had long had a problem at times of stress that made controlling his bladder much more difficult than it should be. It had been a problem for him for a long time, normally it was controllable but at times of stress it could get much worse. Bobby assumed that meeting new people and needing somewhere to live had made him much more stressed than he even realised he was. When Bobby finally finished with the toilet he tucked himself away and zipped his pants up. He cringed slightly when he felt a few wet spots on his underwear, he had been only a couple of seconds away from a huge accident in his pants and the evidence was the wet spots he had left. Bobby flushed the toilet, checked to make sure he was OK and opened the door again. He stepped out of the bathroom and saw both Janet and Emma staring at him, he paused and blushed slightly at the attention. Emma quickly ducked back into her room shyly and quickly closed her bedroom door. “Everything OK?” Janet asked with a hint of concern in her voice. “Yeah… Sorry, just needed to go…” Bobby mumbled looking at the floor. Janet nodded slowly as if she were thinking about something and smiled again. She showed Bobby around the rest of the house which mainly just consisted of the room Bobby would be staying in. It was relatively small compared with the rest of the house but it had a bed, cupboard and other furniture which was more than Bobby would get on the streets. “What do you think?” Janet asked having completed the tour. “It is great; would I be able to move in right away?” Bobby asked as he looked out of the window at the quiet street below. “Of course.” Janet replied warmly, “You get yourself settled in. Dinner will be ready at 6pm.” Janet left the room leaving Bobby alone. It felt strange to be in a stranger’s house like this but Bobby guessed that sooner or later he would come to regard this place as home so he didn’t worry too much about it. --- Most of the next week passed without much incident. Bobby spent the time getting used to his new surroundings and getting to know his new housemates, this wasn’t always easy since Emma was so shy that she seemed to rarely stay in the same room as Bobby. However, a few days after arriving Bobby was sitting in his room reading a newspaper and minding his own business when he heard his host and her daughter walk up the hallway and into the bathroom. Bobby assumed Janet was going to be giving her daughter a bath which wasn’t an unusual event in this house. About five minutes after Janet and Emma had locked the door Bobby found himself with a pretty big problem. He started feeling a strong need to empty his bladder, Bobby could hear splashing noises from the bathroom, which wasn’t helping with his problem, and knew that he wouldn’t be able to use the toilet. Bobby cursed himself for not using the bathroom before it was occupied and now he faced a real big dilemma. Bobby started pacing around the room as the urge to let go got stronger and stronger. He prayed for the bathroom to become free but every time he opened the door to check he heard the same voices and splashing noises alerting him to the fact that he still couldn’t use the toilet. It was funny, Bobby thought to himself, it seemed that as soon as knew he couldn’t use a toilet that he wanted to use one more than ever. After a few minutes of pacing he was at a critical point with Bobby having to work incredibly hard to maintain control. He opened the door to look at the bathroom again and still saw no sign of its occupants leaving. With the situation reaching crisis point Bobby looked around the room for something that could help, he spotted the empty trash can in the corner of the room and hurried over to it. With no time for hesitation Bobby pulled his pants and underwear down and proceeded to pee into his makeshift toilet. He felt embarrassed but this was better than any alternative. He realised that yet again a small amount of urine had escaped him before he got to the trash can but he sighed with relief that most was at least contained. When he was done he realised he had to get rid of the evidence, he shuddered to think what Janet would think if she saw this. He wrinkled his nose at what he had done, he felt slightly ashamed that he couldn’t wait to use the toilet but his own body had betrayed him. He couldn’t leave the trash can like this in his room. He took a quick peek out of the door to confirm that the bathroom was still in use, when he saw it was he picked up the trash can and ran downstairs. Bobby opened the door to the back garden and ran over to quickly pour the contents of the can on to the grass before washing the now empty can with water from the hose. He had to go as fast as possible, if he was caught like this how would he ever have explained why he was hosing down his trash can! Bobby felt dirty for what he had done, he worried about why he couldn’t hold his bladder for the second time in just a few days. He knew stress had this effect on him but was he feeling enough stress in these last few days to explain the sudden urges he was getting? Bobby picked up his trash can and ran back upstairs just as quickly as he had run down them. As he closed his bedroom door behind him he heard the bathroom door open at almost the same time. “Typical…” Bobby said quietly as he heard the mother and daughter leave the room and head into Emma’s bedroom. If only he had been able to hold on for a few more minutes… This did give Bobby one opportunity though; he could make himself feel clean again at least. Gathering up a towel Janet had given to him he headed to the bathroom, it was still very warm in the room and he started running the taps to refill the bath with water. He sat down on the toilet as he watched the bath fill. He was deep in thought as to what had happened both today and on his first day in the house, he considered his lack of bladder control on those two occasions and started to wonder if this was something he needed to worry about long term. It seemed he had been lucky on these two occasions but surely that luck couldn’t last forever. Eventually, with the bath filled up, Bobby stripped off his clothes and stepped into the bathtub. He felt his body relaxing as the hot water washed away all his stress and worries. He felt the feelings of shame for his lack of bladder control just wash off him and he closed his eyes. The only sound in the room was of the bubbles popping and he sighed and slipped his head under the water. He stayed under for as long as his breath would allow as he felt every muscle in his body relax. As he slowly moved his head back above the water and got the water out of his ears he wondered if he had ever been as comfortable as right now. “Don’t mind me.” Came a female voice from the side of the tub. Bobby jumped suddenly causing water to splash everywhere. He rubbed the water out of his eyes to look to the side where he saw Janet standing to the side of the bath picking up some towels from her daughter’s bath. She seemed unconcerned with the invasion of privacy and was humming a happy little tune. Bobby, as shocked as he was, made sure his privates were covered by bubbles. He went a deep red colour as Janet bent over next to the bath to pick up another of the towels and, whether inadvertent or not, she gave Bobby a look down her top at those huge breasts that had almost entranced Bobby when he first arrived at the house. Bobby had to fight hard to turn his head away from such a sight, it almost seemed to soothe him despite how embarrassed he felt at that moment. When Janet had placed the towels in the basket that she had brought in with her she stood up and left the room. Bobby breathed a sigh of relief and started wondering what type of person he was staying with. He started to shift in the bath with the intention of getting out when Janet reappeared in the room. Bobby quickly moved back to his original position and covered himself up again, his shifting caused more water to splash out of the bath. “Would you like some help?” Janet asked in a warm motherly tone as she crouched down next to Bobby’s head. She saw the water splashed everywhere and thought that not even her daughter made such a mess of the bathroom when she was in the bath! “I’m… I’m OK…” Bobby quietly stuttered. He was really embarrassed to have Janet with him like this and he wanted her to leave but he seemed to not have the courage to ask for her to go. His timidity made him just stutter and look away. “It’s no trouble.” Janet said ignoring the younger man’s answer. Janet reached over the bath and picked up a small bottle of shampoo, pouring some on her hands she started massaging the slimy gel into Bobby’s hair. She smiled warmly as she made sure every inch of Bobby’s hair was covered. Bobby looked down and felt unable to stop Janet from helping. A part of him wasn’t even sure if he wanted her to stop, he had to admit that having Janet rub his head like this felt very relaxing. Bobby closed his eyes as some shampoo dripped down his face and he couldn’t help but sigh from relaxation as he felt his scalp get massaged very expertly by his host. Bobby felt a small pressure on his shoulders and realised that Janet wanted him to rinse off the soap. He allowed the small pressure to push him down and he took a deep breath as his head became completely submerged. He felt Janet’s hand’s moving across the top of the head making sure all the soap was removed. Bobby felt incredibly relaxed, he wondered if his private area was still covered by the bubbles, he certainly hoped they were. But he received no indication from Janet that she could see anything she shouldn’t be able to see so he continued to go with the flow. When he felt Janet’s hands leave his head he slowly re-emerged from the water. He took a quick look up at Janet who smiled down at him and held up his towel indicating that he should step out of the tub. “I-I can d-do that myself.” Bobby stuttered, even though he was incredibly shy, he was able to object to showing himself completely naked in front of Janet, if she dried him off he certainly wouldn’t have any bubbles to protect his modesty! “Come on Bobby, it’s nothing I haven’t seen before!” Janet chuckled as she held out Bobby’s towel waiting for him to step into it. Bobby was just starting to wonder what he would do. Could he step out of the bath and allow himself to be dried by Janet? It felt like it was a step too far. Bobby wasn’t sure he was comfortable with his host helping him like that. Just as Bobby was reaching a decision there was suddenly the sound of something falling over downstairs followed by the loud crying of a toddler. Both Bobby and Janet looked towards the door. “OK, you will have to dry yourself.” Janet said frowning as she dropped the towel and hurried out of the room, “Try not to make too much of a mess.” After about thirty seconds, when he was sure the coast was clear, Bobby stood up and stepped out of the bath before wrapping himself in his towel and pulling the plug on the bath. He considered what had been a very odd time, he wasn’t sure why Janet wanted to be so involved in his bathing. There didn’t seem to be a sexual motive there and yet she seemed to really want to help Bobby out. As he rubbed himself dry he listened to the crying downstairs subside. He quickly gathered his clothes and headed back to his bedroom, he wasn’t sure what was going on with Janet but he knew he needed more time to work it out. --- The next couple of weeks were pretty uneventful for Bobby. He had started to get settled in with Janet and Emma and he was beginning to feel less stressed. After the incident in the bathroom things appeared to have gone back to normal. Janet continued acting quite motherly towards Bobby but she wasn’t overstepping any boundaries now, since the bath incident she hadn’t intruded on Bobby’s privacy all that much. Bobby appreciated her cooking for him each evening and she even cleaned his clothes and room for him whilst he was out looking for a job. Shortly after the events in the bathroom Bobby received news that he had lost his job, it was very sudden, the company were apparently struggling for money and letting Bobby go was a cost cutting measure. He only worked for minimum wage in a factory but losing that job so suddenly caused him to be deeply upset. He assumed that he would have to leave Janet’s house since he wouldn’t be able to afford the rent. When he tearfully told Janet he was unemployed and couldn’t pay to stay with her anymore something very unexpected happened. “Don’t worry about it. You can stay here rent free till you find something else.” Janet had said after Bobby told her. Bobby remembered Janet’s reassuring hand on his shoulder. “Really?” Bobby replied. He was taken aback by the generosity of the offer. He hadn’t known where he was going to go after he left Janet’s place. He would probably be back on the streets or looking for a hostel. “Of course!” Janet said with a laugh, “You are like a part of this family now. You are a good tenant and I know that when you get another job you will make it up to me.” Bobby didn’t know how to react to that and he just stepped forward and gave his big bosomed landlord a big hug. He had never had much of a family life, even as a child his home life was never great, he wasn’t used to such kindness form people. Other than that Bobby’s time at Janet’s house was pretty monotonous. He would wake up as early as possible and head out of the house with a stack of CV’s and application forms, Bobby would only return shortly before dinner. It kept him busy which was fine and he felt obliged to get a job as soon as possible to repay Janet for her kindness but no matter how many applications he filled in he just couldn’t seem to catch a break. “Don’t worry about it. Something will come up.” Janet would say every time Bobby came home after making little to no progress. Bobby tried to believe her but he had a time keeping up the faith that a job would land his way soon. After dinner each day the three of them would watch a little TV before Emma had to go to bed, Bobby usually followed soon after since he was often left very tired by his daily trips around the city. There had been a few occasions where Bobby had found himself caught a little bit short. A few times where he had to rush to the nearest bathroom, and a few really close calls that nearly resulted in Bobby having to get home in wet pants. But that was all in the last few weeks. Today Bobby had stayed at home, he was allowing himself a day off from job hunting. It had been a quiet day and Bobby spent the majority of it in his room. Just after dinner that evening Bobby was alone in his room when he felt the all too familiar sudden feeling of needing the bathroom in a hurry. He scrambled to his feet and half-ran to the door which he threw open in a rush. Bobby started awkwardly walking down the landing towards the bathroom, his full bladder and his attempts to hold it all in caused him to walk in a strange manner. However, just as he was halfway across the landing the door to the side of him flew open and suddenly Emma burst out and ran straight into the bathroom locking the door behind her. “No… Wait!” Bobby called out but it was too late. It didn’t feel good that he felt like he had less control than a toddler but he really was desperate. Bobby walked up to the door and then started pacing the landing. He could feel his control slipping as his attempts to hold on were swiftly beaten by his need to go. He was about to run back to his bedroom, he figured if he couldn’t use the bathroom that he could try doing what he did last time and use the trash can in his room. Just as he turned around though he found his path back to his room blocked. “What’s all the shouting about?” Janet asked in a concerned manner as she stepped out of her daughter’s bedroom. “I… I…” Bobby stammered. He fell to his knees in front of Janet and with a sudden surge in his desperation he felt the muscles holding the contents of his bladder in give up. With a gasp of shock, he suddenly felt a warm wet sensation spreading around his crotch. “Oh my…” Janet almost whispered as she watched the young man in front of her lose all control. She covered her mouth with her hands but couldn’t take her eyes off of the scene in front of her. Bobby felt like he was on his knees for an eternity but the reality was that after a few seconds the stream of urine trickled to a halt. Bobby blushed a deep red and looking at the ground he slowly climbed to his feet. He didn’t know what to say or do, he felt so embarrassed to have done this in front of someone else. He had experienced close calls before but this was the first time he had wet his pants in front of other people like this.
  21. Julie is a young actress just starting to get a big break in the film industry. She signs a contract for a new adventure film that begins shooting very soon afterwards. Julie's day gets off to a very strange and worrying start but is hopeful things get better as the day goes on. --- This story, like nearly all of my others, gets posted on my Patreon page one week before being posted everywhere else. For just $5 a month you can gain early access to all my work. I make one post every four days which means about eight updates every month (Less than a dollar an update!) For $10 you can get early access PLUS exclusive access to some stories that aren't posted anywhere else. There are currently TWENTY-ONE Patreon exclusive stories that can be read right away with a $10 pledge. 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Julie Matthews, the famous actress, was sitting at her large and heavy wooden desk. In front of her was a bunch of paperwork and waivers for her upcoming action-adventure film Maxine Kraft: Queen of the Jungle which was a sequel to the movie that had originally made her a big name a couple of years ago. “Don’t I pay you guys to do all this?” Julie asked the advisors in front of her. She was mostly directing her complaints to her personal assistant Roger Freeman. “I’m sorry, Julie.” Roger said. He rolled his eyes a little, “These forms require you to sign them though. It’s been a long day for us all…” “Ugh…” Julie stretched her arms and groaned as if she was having to work extra hard. “Just imagine it’s another autograph session.” One of her entourage said. Julie didn’t know whether her friend was being serious or not but as she slowly spun her chair around and balanced her pen on her nose she looked around at her study, the room currently so crowded by everyone. As soon as Julie had signed her first major movie deal she had used that money to buy the large house they were all sitting in. It was something she always wanted to do and she had spent a lot of her time redecorating the large rooms to make it something she considered home. The study was lined with books she had no interest in reading but made her feel smarter, the desk was antique and her laptop sat on top as well as a bunch of other office-like things that she never had use for. Even the drawers were filled with things she didn’t need, the exception being the second drawer from the top which was filled with snacks. Julie stopped spinning her chair again as she looked across the desk to the half dozen people waiting for her to finish the simple task. They were clearly impatient for her to sign the paper so that they could go home. She knew none of them would push her too hard to do it though, except maybe her assistant who she let get away with a little more than everyone else. Julie picked up her pen and could almost sense the sigh of relief from the other side of the desk. She started to check the boxes and sign the bottom of one form after another, after the first couple of sheets she started just signing everything that appeared in front of her. She stopped reading anything as she impatiently worked through all the different forms. “Do you have any plans for tonight?” Julie’s personal stylist asked to break the silence. “Going to the club.” Julie said without looking up, “Filming starts on Monday so I have to enjoy myself whilst I can.” “It’s a hard life being an international celebrity, millionaire and beautiful actress.” Roger said sarcastically with a smile. “Watch it, Roger.” Julie said with a little smirk, “Those millions pay your salary…” Roger put his hands up in mock surrender causing everyone in the room to laugh including Julie. She may have developed a little bit of an ego since she became famous but she had retained her sense of humour. “Finally…” Julie said as she extravagantly signed the last form with a flourish. Roger stood up quickly and picked up the stack of papers. Julie was already getting out of her chair with the intention of going upstairs and getting dressed up for a night out at the hottest nightclubs in town. “See you on Monday.” Roger said as Julie walked away, “Bright and early on set at 6am.” --- In the very early hours of Saturday morning Julie came stumbling back into the house feeling more than a little tipsy. Julie didn’t really understand why she was feeling so drunk since she hadn’t really had that much alcohol. She never drank much when she went out and was all too aware of the paparazzi following her around and waiting for her to slip up so she could be splashed all over the front pages. It had happened to her co-star on her last movie. Julie headed straight up to her bedroom where she collapsed on to the bed without getting undressed. She was asleep before she even touched the pillow. It was a strange night for Julie who had a lot of very strange dreams. It was hard for her to work out everything her mind was seeing but it was like a rush backwards, things sped past her vision too quickly to make out and she felt like she was falling. Julie knew, even in her dreams, that this was strange but she could do nothing to wake herself up until very suddenly her eyes shot open on the bed. Julie immediately felt like something was wrong. She had immediately forgotten the details of her dream but she did remember something weird had happened. It took her a few moments to remember that she had stumbled home last night which explained the dress she was still wearing, strangely she didn’t seem to have any kind of hangover. As Julie sat up she felt a very different sensation and it was one that caused her to wake up fully. She looked down and gasped before scrambling off the bed and covering her mouth with a hand. In front of her on the sheets she had fallen on top of the previous night Julie saw a large wet patch. She tried desperately to remember if she had brought a drink up to bed the previous night but she knew she hadn’t. The hand that wasn’t covering her mouth travelled down to the crotch area on her crumpled dress and she gasped again as she felt soaked cloth. She had wet the bed! Julie wasn’t quite sure what to do but she felt an instinctive need to get rid of the soiled bedsheets and clothes. She stripped the dress off and pulled the sheets off the bed, throwing the discarded items into a pile at the foot of the bed. Julie didn’t stop with her dress though and she pulled off her underwear as well, her panties were of course very wet but even her bra came off and was added to the pile. Julie finally stopped when she was completely naked and she could look down on her body. For whatever reason she felt a lot more comfortable now but she didn’t want to slow down to work out why. She normally had maids who came in to clean things but there was no way she was leaving her piss soaked clothes for others to find. If this got out to the press she could only imagine the damage it would do. Julie grabbed the bundle of wet cloth and hurried down the stairs and into the small annex where her washing machine waited for her. She only allowed herself to slow down and take stock of the situation once the washing machine was turned on. Julie leaned against the vibrating machine and tried to think about what had happened. She couldn’t remember the last time she had ever wet the bed but it can’t have happened since she was a baby. She had no hangover either so she can’t have been so drunk to have had an accident, she had been much more inebriated in the past without wetting herself. Julie shook her head in disbelief and walked away back into the main part of the house, she was still naked but getting clothes was a distant priority. It was strange for Julie to be stood there completely naked but for some reason it felt like it would be even stranger to put clothes on. She wasn’t sure what to do, normally she liked to go out with friends or attend a social function on Sundays but today she didn’t want to leave the house. Julie walked back through to the living room and sat down on her couch, she put her feet up on the table as she switched the television on and flicked through the channels. Julie found herself bored by everything that was on TV and sighed as she continued to flick through in a bored manner. Just as she was about to give up on finding anything she would like she flicked over to a children’s TV channel. She was about to continue through her search when she saw something on the screen that intrigued her. Her head tilted to the side as she saw some people in animal suits jumping around the screen and dancing. Julie couldn’t explain it but the colourful images and happy noises seemed to make her happy as well, she couldn’t help but smile as she watched the infantile adventures. Julie sat on the couch completely naked for a long time and when she was finally able to tear her eyes away from the screen she realised that the morning had quickly become afternoon. She shook her head to try and throw off the cobwebs that seemed to be making her brain foggy. She looked down at her nude body and suddenly became quite annoyed about what she saw. She had always been fine with how she looked but she suddenly found her pubic hair an irritant. Standing up from the couch saw Julie wobbling slightly. Her legs felt a little weak and she made slow progress towards the stairs. Once she had got upstairs she walked straight to the bathroom with only one thing in mind, she sat down on the cold toilet seat and reached over to her shaving cream. She quickly applied the cream all over her crotch and then, deciding she might as well be thorough, she coated her legs in the white substance as well. Julie took the razor she kept on her sink and started the slow process of shaving herself. For whatever reason she had suddenly come to hate the hair that she was removing and knew she would only feel properly clean once it was all gone. When Julie was finally feeling smooth she looked into the mirror and smiled. A small giggle escaped her lips as well although she wasn’t sure why. She turned and left the bathroom to return to the television. Monday rolled around and when Julie woke up she discovered another horrible surprise. As her eyes opened and she rolled over she felt a familiar and horrid feeling. “Not again…” Julie whined as she pulled the covers back and looked at a large wet patch on the bed. Julie climbed out of bed and stamped her foot on the ground in frustration. She couldn’t believe she had wet the bed again and this time there was no alcohol to blame. She felt worried about how she had suddenly become a bed wetter and wondered what she could do to stop it. She was just about to start stripping the bed like the previous day when her phone suddenly rang. Still naked, Julie leaned over to her bedside table and picked her phone up. She could immediately see Roger’s name lighting up the screen. She debated ignoring the call but tapped on accept as she held the phone up to her head. “Hello?” Julie said with a yawn. “Ah, Julie, you haven’t disappeared off the face of the Earth then?” Roger said sarcastically. “What do you mean?” Julie asked as she ran a hand through her hair. “It’s ten o’clock!” Roger said with exasperation, “You’re late!” “Oh, shit…” Julie exclaimed as she looked at the clock. Roger was absolutely correct. “Your car and driver are waiting for you at the gate.” Roger continued, “Get ready and out there as soon as possible.” Julie hung up the phone and with some exclamation she left the bedroom and went into the bathroom. She jumped into the shower before the water had even warmed up and started quickly soaping herself up. As she reached down with her hand and felt her smooth vaginal area it took her a few seconds to remember her sudden shave the previous day. She dried herself off after finishing in the shower and dropped the towels she was using in the hallway on the way to the bedroom. She was never usually this cavalier, she put her change in attitude down to her need to hurry and she burst into her room completely naked again. She hurriedly got some panties and a bra on followed by throwing a dress on. She didn’t really care what she was wearing and in many ways she was a little sad she had to cover herself up at all. She grabbed her things and went downstairs, she barely stopped long enough to grab her coat before leaving the house and practically running to the car. When she finally reached the shooting location she found everyone had been waiting for her and she was quickly taken through to get changed. She stopped being Julie and became Maxine Kraft as she pulled on the hot pants with two pistol holsters and a green tank-top that showed off her midriff. Acting is a tough job and Julie was on her feet for the next six hours shooting and repeating scenes with her other actors and actresses. It was exhausting work and with the shooting going through lunch the only thing that had passed her lips was water which she had drunk quite a lot of. It was as she got on her mark for take twelve of a scene that she suddenly felt the amount of liquid in her system catch up with her. “OK, scene thirty-three, take twelve.” The film director called out, “And act-” “Hold on!” Julie suddenly interrupted. The director put his head in his hands before looking back up in exasperation. These long days weren’t only tough on the actors and he was hoping to wrap shooting sooner rather later. He motioned with his hand for Julie to say what was on her mind. “I… I… Was just wondering how long this was going to take because I rea-” Julie’s stuttering words were cut off. “I don’t know how long it will take.” The director said tersely, “But with each interruption it will take longer.” Julie nodded her head in understanding and was too shy to ask to be allowed off set. She could feel her bladder aching as she turned to face her mark again. She was facing the villain of the movie and he was holding the rare artefact she had come looking for, the scene called for her to run across the set before engaging in some hand-to-hand fighting. “Action!” The director yelled as he leant forwards to study what happened. Julie was startled by the shout but she quickly regained her composure and did what she had been training most of her life to do. She took a deep breath and then, just as the script said, ran forwards towards the handsome actor playing the villain who was laughing maniacally. Julie had barely made it even a few steps before suddenly feeling something she hadn’t felt since she was a toddler. The tension in her lower body suddenly seemed to ease and a warmth started spreading between her legs. She could feel her panties suddenly soak and the tight shorts she wore darkened as they started absorbing her bladder’s contents. Soon the hot urine was running down her legs and into the boots she was wearing. Julie skidded to a halt as her face froze in a picture of shock. The actor she had been charging towards stopped laughing as he saw the dark patch spreading throughout Julie’s clothes. It felt like an age passed but it couldn’t have been more than a few seconds. The normally loud studio was very quiet either from people staring at the embarrassing accident or from people who thought the acting was still happening and hadn’t noticed the wetting. “Cut! Cut! Cut!” The director jumped up from his chair angrily, “Why did you stop!?” Julie was suddenly brought back to the present and a shiver ran down her body. She looked around at all the people staring at her, the director had been positioned behind her and clearly hadn’t seen what happened. Julie wasn’t sure what to do until she suddenly heard a tiny drip, she looked down to see the urine starting to pool beneath her. Instinct took over and Julie turned towards the exit and began running as fast as her legs would carry her. Julie was in tears before she had even left the building but she pushed past people and ran towards her trailer. She had two thoughts in her mind and they both felt overwhelming, she had to get to the safety and privacy of her trailer and she had to get these uncomfortable clothes off. Acting on instinct and outside in front of dozens of people Julie reached down and started pulling down her shorts. She seemed to have no shame and despite knowing people were looking at her she couldn’t help but start to undress. She was still moving towards her trailer as fast as she could as she kicked off the sodden clothing. She didn’t stop there either, to the shock of anyone witnessing this bizarre scene she pulled down her panties and kicked them away as well. “What on Earth…” Roger was standing nearby and looking on in shock at this strange spectacle. He watched as the person paying him ran by crying and half-naked.
  22. David is going around a factory with his college class. He is less than interested in whatever educational value the trip was supposed to have and is easily distracted. When he gets separated from his group he accepts the help of an employee to direct him. Surely the employee wouldn't lead him in the wrong direction... --- If you enjoy my stories please consider subscribing to my Patreon page where I post a 2000+ word update every four days or so. For $5 a month you can read all of my updates a week before everyone else and for $10 you get early access plus exclusive stories only available to my patrons. 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In all honesty the eighteen-year-old David couldn’t be less interested on this tour of a manufacturing plant. When he signed up to the Business Management course at his local college he had done so just as an excuse to put work off for longer. He had very little actual interest in his course and even less interest in walking around a factory making all sorts of boring things. David was slouching along at the back of the group and paying more attention to his phone than anything going on around him. In the absence of paying attention he was planning his evening, he wanted to go to his friend’s house for some video games before they went out later in the evening. It would be pretty much the same evening he always did. “You can learn some really interesting things about managing a company here.” Mr. Healy said loudly as the disinterested students milled around. David rolled his eyes as the tour continued. The group started walking away and David was going to follow until something else grabbed his attention. “Boring tour, eh?” A man in his forties was looking up from some kind of large cutting machine and wiping his hands on the messy shirt in front of him. “Yeah.” David nodded his head and smiled, “Like, Mr. Healy is just the most boring person in the world.” “I can see that.” The man said as he nodded his head. He smirked and walked over to where David was standing, “My name’s Steve.” The man wiped his hand on his pants and held it out. David hesitated before grabbing the hand and shaking it. It seemed like he had found a kindred spirit and David looked at the thing the man was cutting. He seemed really friendly and disarming, even though David was usually quite shy he had no problem talking to this man. “What do you do here?” David asked as he let go of the man’s hand. His fingers hurt a little from Steve’s strong grip. “I cut shit.” Steve let out a loud bark of a laugh, “Metal, mostly aluminium. Cut it into the exact shapes and sizes so the guys down the line can put it all together.” “Sounds interesting.” David was lying but he didn’t know what else to say. “You’re not a good liar.” Steve smirked, “But that’s alright. I enjoy my work and it pays well. Your group are business students, right? Maybe you’ll be my boss.” Steve laughed and slapped David on the back roughly. David smiled uncomfortably in return, he had changed his mind. Steve wasn’t a kindred spirit after all, he was someone who gave David a really weird feeling about everything going on. David looked around and suddenly realised the group he was with had all disappeared. He had no idea where they had gone. He felt very alone. “I’d better get going.” David said as he started walking away, “I don’t want to miss anything.” “Mmhmm.” Steve nodded as he watched David moving away. David looked around to see if he could see any sign of his professor or classmates but they were nowhere in view. He looked around nervously feeling very out of place within the unknown factory. He could see some of the other workers looking his way and he felt vaguely threatened. “Lost?” Steve’s distinctive voice came from behind David. David closed his eyes and nodded his head without turning back around. There were several doors and he wasn’t sure which one his group had gone through. He cursed his lack of attention but blamed his professor for being so boring. “I think they went through that door.” Steve pointed to a door a little off to the side of the others. There was a sign on it that said “No Admittance!” “Really?” David looked doubtful. He knew how factory workers liked to play practical jokes on outsiders and he felt like he was being set up to get in trouble. The door looked different to all of the other ones around the room. It looked stronger and whereas the others were old and wooden, this one seemed very new. It even had a digital lock, it looked very out of place in an otherwise rather uninspiring factory. “Cross my heart.” Steve said. “It says “No Admittance” though.” David tried to see any hint of a smile or some sort of tell that Steve was playing with him. He knew people like this liked to prank outsiders. “That’s just for the general public.” Steve said, “Seriously, I’ve seen a bunch of these things in my time and they all go down there. It’s where we store the raw materials. I’ll even come with you if you don’t believe me, hold on a second…” David watched as Steve lowered the cutting machine and grunted with effort as he pressed it down. Bits of metal fell away to the floor around the cutter as it lifted up again. Steve quickly swept up the fallen metal and indicated for David to follow him. David hesitated but realised he had no other leads to follow in this bustling factory and he was getting in the way of all the workers trying to move around him. He was getting some evil looks from the people he was holding up. Steve walked around his machine and over to the door he had pointed at. It was behind another machine and looked fairly hidden from view, there was an overweight man operating a large drill in front of it. David moved a little closer as Steve unlocked the door and pushed it open, the corridor beyond was very dark. David walked over to stand next to Steve and looked into the darkness. It didn’t look likely that anyone had been down there in a while, David was unsure but when Steve indicated for him to step inside he decided to do so. “Just head down there.” Steve says. “Its pitch black…” David replied sceptically. “Hold on a second…” Steve fiddled with something on the wall and several small lights hanging from the ceiling flickered into life. Their light didn’t reach the floor. “Are you su-” David turned back to the doorway and was about to ask if Steve was sure this was the right way but the door was closed and Steve was gone. David hurried up to the door and tried to push it open but it was locked. Even worse than that the little window was covered by some card. David trying yelling and banging on the door but no one could hear him with all the machinery going on. David didn’t know if this was a prank or not but he turned to look at the dark corridor with worry. This didn’t seem right but he could either walk down there or stay here for who knows how long. “Great…” David’s voice echoed around the walls of the dark and bare corridor. Walking down the hallway rather gingerly David looked around for anything which might show a way out. He slowly walked through the darkness and expected Steve to suddenly yell that he had pranked him but there was nothing, the sound of the factory sounded like it was getting further away and David didn’t understand how he could’ve walked so far and still be in the building. In the almost complete silence of the hallway David felt like he heard some clanging from somewhere ahead. He could hear a low hum of electricity going through the walls. David suddenly found a staircase leading downwards. It seemed impossible that this was where his group had been taken, the guys in the factory must be playing a prank on him. Whatever they were doing David was determined to continue forwards since he was sure it was the only way he would spring their trap and get out of this strange and dark place. He walked down three flights of stairs and then continued down another hallway, he thought he was walking back towards the factory but it was easy to lose your bearings in such a dark place. --- “Hey! Tom! Get over here!” Steve called down the line of machines which were stopping for lunch making the factory an eerily silent place. “It’s lunch time.” Tom replied with his older voice. He was in his mid-fifties and his hair was greying quite dramatically. “It’s an emergency.” Steve said rather pointedly. His eyes shifted to the door he had sent David through a few minutes beforehand. Tom’s whole demeanour changed and he looked around conspiratorially as he put the sandwiches he had begun unwrapping on his work bench and started walking over to Steve. With the factory now silent the two men withdrew away from everyone else and spoke in hushed voices to each other. “I just sent a fresh one down.” Steve whispered. “Did you tell the guys upstairs?” Tom asked as he nodded towards the offices with windows overlooking the shop floor. “I was just about to do it.” Steve said as he hit the button on his machine to power it down, “I know they were looking for someone to send. I might get a nice little bonus for it.” “And I guess you want me to do the dirty work?” Tom looked mildly annoyed at his younger co-worker. “Don’t be like that, man.” Steve said as he clapped his friend on the back, “Help me out here and I’ll split the bonus with you. We need to make sure he gets into the room.” “Fine…” Tom put the tools he was carrying down on Steve’s workbench. “Good luck.” Steve said, “And don’t look so miserable. This is a nice little earner for the pair of us.” Tom nodded his head and stretched. He lifted the card that blocked the small window to make sure the person Steve had sent through had walked away from the factory. He keyed in the code and opened the door. Rather than walking down the hallway where David had gone Tom turned immediately to the right where there was a heavy slab on the floor. As the door closed behind him he pushed the slab out of the way to reveal a hatch with a ladder, he climbed down quickly until his feet hit the floor again. He quickly pushed the ladder up and it went up into a ceiling where it was hidden by a hatch. The hallway Tom was now in was illuminated by light shining through the window in another door. He made sure to give the door a wide berth as he hid behind some boxes nearby. He prepared for action because he was never sure what he would have to do. All he could do now was wait. --- David was thoroughly creeped out by the hallway he was in. At the bottom of the stairs the corridor was much different to one he had previously in. This corridor was much colder and looked like it had been abandoned for a long time, it was pitch black apart from a light at the far end of the corridor. David could see no other doors or anything else so he started walking forwards towards the light, he assumed he would walk through that door and end up in another part of the factory or something. As the door got closer David felt like something was wrong. He couldn’t be sure what exactly was going on and he was starting to feel increasingly fearful of what might be happening. This was all so weird, he should’ve just paid more attention to the tour he was on. He had always had trouble listening to others and he was always described as being off in his own little world. When David was a few feet away from the door the corridor opened up a little bit. He saw some large and heavy looking boxes to the side of the wall and they disappeared into the darkness. It was next to impossible to see anything in that murky darkness. “Is anybody in there?” David called out towards the door in front of him. His voice quivered slightly with the nerves he was feeling. There was no answer. If anyone was in the room in front of David they were staying quiet. The door in front of David looked heavy and was made of steel. Just above the door handle was a frosted glass window, the eighteen-year-old couldn’t see what lay beyond the door but the light was pouring through and almost blinding in the otherwise dark hallway. David reached the door and gently pressed against it. The door, much to David’s surprise, opened with ease. The door swung slowly open and David covered his eyes as they adjusted to the sudden light. He tried to see what was happening in the illuminated room but it was all coming into focus very slowly, he eventually saw a long padded table and in the centre of a large room with other things around the edges. “What the hell!?” David asked to no one in particular as he saw a small cage against the rear wall. What kind of room was this?
  23. THE PERFECT WIFE INTRODUCTION I JESS Jess was a kindergarten teacher. She was the physical embodiment of Grace. Her poise was only ever bested by the mercy of her own divine beauty, and angelic stature. She was shapely, and refined. Standing a hair over six foot. Legs for days - as they say. Beside curves in all the right places. Busty, and blonde. She wore piercing blue eyes. And skin as delicate, and smooth as porcelain. It wasn’t all handed to her by the Gods, though. She stayed, very, active outside of the classroom. Protein shakes, and a balanced breakfast every morning. Superseded by a cascade of various workouts. CHRIS Chris was a Doctor. He was the physical embodiment of Ego. His blundering pride was only ever bested, by the lenity of his incontestable charm, and magnetism. He was, ironically, a man of small stature. Even so, retaining a strapping physique. Abs of steel - as they say. Cheek by jowl to a brilliant beard. One that would put, the great, Chuck Norris to shame. They were his gifts from the Gods. He had to do very little to maintain his debonair ambiance. He fancied a few fingers fine cognac, and a cigar after a long day. Over and above that - he enjoyed to cook. INTRODUCTION II They met during college. Jess was graduating from community college, and Chris was enrolling in grad school. She was a few years older than him. And. by societies standards, she was light years out of his league. Though - even then, Chris had a charisma score of over twenty. She succumbed to his boyish charm, and chivalrous nature - right away… beside the prospect of an affluent doctor, as a husband. She was his queen. Shortly after Chris Graduated, the two of them eloped, in Holy Matrimony. It was a fairy-tale wedding. Befit to royalty. He spared no expense. Money was never a presentiment Chris had to think about. He came from it. Him and his mother lived a lavish life. Behind the several remunerative investments Chris’s father made before he passed. His mother spoiled, and encouraged him his whole life. He was destined for greatness. No matter what path he chose to walk. Jess was not as fortunate… Her father ran off to New Orleans with some tramp, when she was young. He left her mother, and her with nothing. Nothing, but a pile of debt - that is. Jess’s mom turned to drugs, and started stripping to make ends meet. Jess was often left to fend for herself. For days. She worked tirelessly to care for her mother, and eventually put herself through school. CHAPTER ONE I It was a slow day at the office. With little to do to occupy his time, Chris indulged a Pharmaceutics Representative, that had been hounding him for a meeting. He hated meetings like this. But had a quota to fill, VIA Hospital protocols. This one was especially painful. The man could talk. and talk, and talk. And, he did. “I tell you what. I don’t even know how some of these pills make it human trials…” he admitted, at one point. “The last batch got it real bad.” he continued, shaking his head disdainfully. “Oh yeah. How so?” Chris questioned. Uninterested, and obviously just going through the the motions. For conversations sake. “It was a new birth control. Everything was going fine. Then one week. BAM! Totally incontinent.” He slapped his hands together as he said it. “The whole lot of them. Something like fifty or sixty college girls. Pissing, and shitting in diapers. STILL! - to this day. And that was months ago.” He continued, “It’s a damn shame, too. A lot of them were real pretty. Cheerleaders, and Volleyball players from the University.” Chris was intrigued now. But, didn’t want to seem so. “Any other symptoms?” he nonchalantly questioned. “Oh yeah! That’s just the tip of the ice burg… It was all from nerve damage. Let me just say this… Those girls aren’t gonna be playing sports anytime soon.” the rep was shaking his head. “Some of them will be lucky if they walk right, ever again. It really jumbled up their motor skills. Poor girls just didn’t want to have babies. Now they ,pretty much, are babies. Ain’t that a bitch.” “Sure is.” Chris said agreeably. “I’ve never heard about this, though. What was the pill again?” Probing the validity of the man’s story. While maintaining aloofness. “Oh, the company payed out the ass to keep this one under raps.” he rebutted. “I probably shouldn't have even said what I did.” “Bullshit, man. Come on.” Chris pressed. “I don’t want my wife ever taking something like that.” he pleaded - in opposition of the truth. Chris would in fact, want his wife to take a pill like that. Very much. Not that he wanted her to suffer. He loved her dearly. It was just… He found it erotically stimulating when women had accidents. He had a diaper fetish. That he, desperately, hid from the world. If Jess were to become incontinent, then he could live out his wildest dreams. All day, every day. He had fantasized - time, and time again - about Jess wearing diapers, and acting like a baby. But, never had the gumption to act. ”I can’t. I could loose my job.” the man replied, apologetically. “Tell you what. I will order a few dozen cases of that allergy bull shit your pawning off… If you tell me what trial it was. How’s that for a deal?” “Hot damn!” he shouted. “You got yourself a deal, Doc!… But, I never told you. Right?” “My lips are sealed.” It took Chris most of that afternoon, and several big favors to track down an existing case of the pills. Most of them were destroyed after the trials. A few labs were granted access to them, though. strictly for research, and development. By chance, one of those labs was local. Only thirty minutes from his Hospital. And, not far out of the way, from his commute home. By the end of the day, he was heading to pick a case up. It was, honestly, easier than he thought it would be. At the lab It was quick exchange of etiquette, and academisms. Rather informal. On the drive home, Chris questioned if he could really go through with it. To his beautiful, loving wife. “Pfft…Loving…” he scoffed. In all honesty the marriage wasn’t doing well. It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t love. Not anymore. As the years went by, Jess became more and more comfortable with her plush life. Forgetting where she came from. Chris recommend her to the most esteemed private school in the Tri-State Area. Which only fueled her la-di-da lifestyle. Chris, worked so much. They drifted apart. By the time he noticed there was a rift, he didn’t know how to fix it. At this point, there wasn’t much Chris had to offer, that she couldn’t get on her own. She was already dazzlingly beautiful, and educated. She would still get half his money, if she left him. And, now thanks to the boujee teaching job, she had the social standing, and networks to make it on her own. It was only a matter of time. “If she is going to leave me. She’s going to do it in a diaper.” Chris said allowed, to himself, as he pulled up the drive. He stashed the pills in the garage. Among a sea of similar boxes. Making sure to grab a few, for dinner…
  24. Another commissioned story from me Had good fun writing it and the customer was happy with what they received which is the main thing! This will be posted in 3-4 parts. Please comment to say what you like, dislike and any suggestions or any other comments you may have If you would like a commission from me send me a message. I am open to a lot of ideas and we can discuss them with no obligation of buying if you decide you don't want to. --- Back to Day Care “Mom this is so stupid.” Chris said as he sat back in his car seat. He was currently sat back in the passenger seat with his arms folded in front of him. He was scowling as he and his mom were driving down the road towards the building where his aunt worked. Chris sighed, he rested his head on the side window and looked out of it with a forlorn expression, the kind of expression only an 18-year-old mad at the world could make. “It isn’t stupid Chris.” Allison, Chris’ mom, responded, “You have managed to get yourself fired from your job… Again. So you need another one, and your aunt Diane has kindly let you help her out till you find new work.” Chris let out an annoyed snort. He had dropped out of school at the earliest opportunity, he had never been particularly good academically and had hated being forced to go to the school every day. Unfortunately, as Chris found out, leaving school only meant he had to find work and he was no better at that than he was in school. He had bounced around a few part time jobs but never lasted anywhere for longer than a few months. Finally, after losing his latest job for turning up late, his mom had decided enough was enough and decided to make him work with his aunt. “But a day care? I hate kids…” Chris said with a pout. “It will be good for you. You can learn some responsibility.” Allison responded as she steered the car round a corner and the day care loomed up at the end of the road. Diane had worked at the day care for quite a while, long enough to have been promoted to manager and she had the ability to hire volunteers. Chris never really cared about how his aunt was doing and tended to tune out when she talked so he really didn’t know all that much about her. She was his mom’s sister, she was tall and had long black hair, by many metrics she would be considered attractive but as far as Chris knew she had never been in a serious relationship. Chris yawned as they pulled into the day care’s car park. Looking at his watch he saw that it was still only 8am, much too early to be waking up, Chris thought. But he had to be there early for the duel reasons that his mom had to get to work after dropping him off and the kids themselves would be dropped off soon as well. As the car came to a halt Chris opened the door and stepped out as he surveyed the building in front of him. It was his first visit since he himself had attended as a baby, the building was much like he remembered it, a large central hall with a small playing field to the side. The building was starting to show signs of its age with the paint peeling and some rust appearing on the metalwork. Chris followed his mom into the building and through a door on the inside marked “Staff Only.” “Ally! Nice to see you.” My aunt stood up from the couch she had been sitting on whilst reading the newspaper and ran over to give mom a hug. “Hello Di.” Mom replied with a smile, “Thank you so much for doing this.” “My pleasure! Sit down, you have time for a quick cup of coffee before you go don’t you?” Diane asked as she hurried into the kitchen portion of the staff room. “Oh I should think so.” Mom said as she sat down on the couch and indicated Chris should do the same. Mom and Diane exchanged small talk whilst Chris slowly drifted off. It was an early start and Chris had stayed up late the night before, as usual, which had left him feeling a little sleep deprived. He decided to close his eyes for a few moments whilst he still had the chance. Diane turned around from the kitchen as she conversed with Allison and saw that Chris had closed his eyes. Without a moment’s hesitation she pulled out one of the drawers and quickly grabbed a foil sheet of pills, popping two of the pills out and dropping them into one of the three cups of coffee. They started dissolving as soon as they hit the hot liquid and Diane helped the process along with some vigorous stirring. She grinned evilly as she watched the last of the pills disappear. Picking up the three cups of coffee she carried them over to the couch and placed them on the table. She sat in a chair the other side of the table and watched as Chris stirred from his brief slumber. “Not a morning person? Drink this it will help wake you up.” Diane said with a smile. Chris yawned and pulled the cup towards him before drinking the whole thing in one go. It had a bit of an odd taste but it was definitely coffee and Chris did feel a little bit more awake after draining the cup. As Chris put down the cup he heard a door opening and closing before a fourth person entered the room. Chris’ mouth dropped open as a stunningly beautiful young woman entered the room, quickly realising he was staring he looked away and closed his mouth hoping no one had noticed his reaction. “Hello Chloe.” Diane said as she stood up to clean away the cups, “This here is Chris, he is going to be helping us for a while.” Diane checked her watch. The children should be arriving soon and the high powered, long lasting laxative pills Diane had fed Chris should also be taking effect in a short while. Diane smiled another evil smile as she placed the cups in the sink and turned on the tap. Diane knew that many would think it was cruel to feed someone unsuspecting some laxative pills but Diane believed in this case it was deserved. She remembered all the nights she had got phone calls from her sister who was in tears of frustration and worry about how Chris had messed up with school or work and was at home having been suspended or fired. She had a plan designed to humble Chris and to change who he was. Meanwhile, Chloe had walked over to the couch and sat down next to Chris. She bent forward to pull a bottle of orange juice out of her bag. When she leant forward Chris noticed her perfume, a wonderful smell that seemed to make Chloe even more enticing to him. He couldn’t believe such a pretty girl would be working here, he just hoped it wasn’t too obvious how entranced he was by her beauty. “Gah, Monday mornings suck!” Chloe said to herself as she sat back up with her drink. “Tell me about it.” Chris replied as he yawned again and smiled, “Nice to meet you.” “You too.” Chloe responded with a little smile. Maybe it was just Chris’ imagination but he thought she was perhaps as interested in him as he was in her. “Well… I better be off. Need to go if I want to get to work on time, you’ll let me know if there are any problems won’t you, sis?” Chris’ mom said as she stood up and gathered her bags. “Of course, don’t worry about it, I’m sure Chris will be having an interesting day.” Diane said with a smile. Chris’ mom and aunt hugged, then his mom kissed his forehead and she swiftly departed. Almost as soon as the door closed Chris heard the front door open again. Chloe stood up and hurried out of the room, evidently the first kids had started to arrive. “Come on then Chris. Come into the main room with me and I will show you the ropes.” Diane said as she briskly left the room. Reluctantly Chris stood up to follow her but as soon as he stood up straight and went to take his first step he felt his tummy rumble ominously. He assumed he was just hungry and ignored it as he followed his aunt out of the break room and into the main hall. He had been hearing the voices and footsteps of children heading into the hall and now as he stepped into the main hall himself he saw all the kid running around and playing with the toys that were already strewn across the floor. Chris shuddered, he was not a fan of kids, he hated the way they were so full of energy and constantly needing attention and stimulation. The kids seemed to range in age from some who had just started to walk to others who were clearly going to be starting school soon, altogether there was about twenty kids in all, twenty screaming, snotty little brats that Chris would have to be around all day. Chris looked around the room and took in his surroundings. To one side he saw a door that led to the outside and the playing field. Next to the door and stacked up in the corner was a bunch of folded up beds, evidently they were brought out for nap time, Chris noticed some had sides which he assumed was for the youngest kids. The walls were strewn with the “art” that the kids had drawn, most were just barely comprehensible scribbles. On the opposite wall to the door to the playing field was another door with a sign hanging on it that said “potty” which was pretty self-explanatory to Chris. Next to the door in the corner was a long table with shelves underneath that were filled with supplies that Chris recognised as being for diaper changes. He scrunched up his face a bit at the thought of being asked to change diapers, no way he wanted anything to do with those. The rest of the room was taken up mostly with toys. There were some kids books as well but mostly it was empty space that the children were charging around in like headless chickens. “So Chris…” Diane said as she walked up next to Chris, “What we will need you to do is help organise things. Nothing too difficult, just bring some order to the chaos. We will be sending the kids outside in a minute since it is such a nice day, we will let them run themselves out, when that happens you will basically just need to make sure the kids are safe OK?” Chris just nodded, he felt another rumble in his tummy and he was trying to work out if it was because he was hungry or something more sinister. As Diane started rounding up the kids for the register Chloe sidled up to Chris. “So how did you get roped into this?” Chloe asked quietly with a sly smile. Chris wondered if he should pretend he was enthusiastic about helping to get this girl interested before deciding that honesty was probably the best policy. “That’s my aunt.” Chris replied pointing at Diane, “I’m between jobs right now so my aunt decided I could help out here.” “So you don’t want to be here then?” Chloe asked. “To be honest it isn’t really my thing.” Chris admitted, “But at least it will look good on a CV and judging by these kids, if I can deal with this I can deal with anything!” Chloe laughed and put her hand on Chris’ shoulder. Chris smiled as well, he certainly wasn’t going to complain at the contact, he was becoming increasingly sure this girl was into him! The kids were now starting to head out of the door with Diane stewarding them out into the grassy area. She looked over to Chris and Chloe and signalled for them to follow her outside. “You will do fine, just remember safety first and if you aren’t sure about something just come and ask me or your aunt.” Chloe removed her hand from Chris’ shoulder and indicated that he should follow her outside. The warm sunlight hit Chris as soon as he stepped outside, it was a beautiful day and the kids were already running around screaming. Shielding his eyes, he saw his aunt beckoning him over to her. He walked over as his eyes slowly adjusted to the bright surroundings. “I need you over on the far side of the field by the fence OK? Need you to make sure no kids cross the line and get too close to it.” Diane instructed. “OK.” Chris said. Without waiting for anything else to be said he trudged over to the far side of the field and leant against the fence watching the kids running around. It was a pretty big field for the amount of kids running around in it and it was rare that a child even got close to the line let alone crossed it. A few minutes passed by and Chris was starting to think this was pointless. None of the kids were coming near the fence and he was basically stood in the middle of a field in the blazing sun for no reason. This was made even more irksome when he looked over to his aunt and Chloe to see that they had ample shade to stand under either side of the field. He was just starting to wonder if there was any point to being out there when he suddenly felt a very strong cramp hit him, Chris doubled over and clutched his tummy. After a few seconds the pain abated and he stood up straight again. Diane was stood under a tree on the side of the field, quite near the entrance to the day care. As she glanced over and saw the young man bend over she smiled to herself. The show was about to begin, she thought wickedly. Chris was still feeling wrong; the pain had left him but he felt an urgent need for the bathroom, an urge that was strong and not weakening. Chris started hobbling across the field, he tried to run but his need to clench was forcing him into an awkward half run, half walk. He could see the kids look up at him oddly as he shambled past them and he knew he must look very odd. None of that mattered though, the only thing that mattered was making it to the bathroom. As Chris went through the doorway Chloe, with a worried look on her face, started moving towards the door herself to see what was wrong. She stopped in her tracks when she looked across to Diane who motioned for her to stay out with the children whilst she went back there. Chris was reaching the critical point; he could now barely move forward. He fell to his hands and knees and started crawling towards the promised land which was the bathroom. Another sudden urge forced him to place one of his hands over his butt as he tried to keep it together, the sweat from the hot day was now mingled by the sweat of the effort to keep everything in. Suddenly Chris experienced an even stronger cramp, a cramp that signalled that his body was no longer waiting. “Oh no.” Chris muttered as he felt his body give up and without being able to stop it the hot mess his body had been holding in broke through the gates. Chris couldn’t believe what had happened, but despite everything this wasn’t a disaster. Chris pooped his pants, but it was only a little bit. Despite all the cramps only a little came out. He should be able to clean up, find somewhere to dispose of his underwear and no one will be any the wiser. He certainly couldn’t admit what just happened. “What’s going on?” Came a distinct voice behind Chris. Chris’ heart stopped as he looked around and saw his aunt standing in the doorway. Had she seen everything? “N-Nothing…” Chris said lamely. “Nothing? You don’t think that after working in this day care for so many years that I don’t recognise that position?” Diane said as she strode into the room and straight up to Chris who was still on his knees. Chris remained paralyzed to the spot as his aunt strode over to him. He watched in horror as without hesitation his aunt reached down and felt the seat of his pants. She pushed her palm against the mess that Chris had made and he felt it spread out with the pressure covering new parts of his body and making a relatively salvageable situation into a much worse one. “Diane please, don’t tell anyone, I don’t know what happened! It just came on so suddenly!” Chris pleaded as his aunt continued to probe the lower reaches of his body and assessing the damage that Chris’ accident had caused. “You think I would tell anyone?” Diane asked in mock surprise, “It will be our little secret. But, you will have to do something…” “What do I have to do?” Chris asked hesitantly. “Well… We have rules here. If one of the children has an accident in their pants, then they have to wear… Protective underwear.” Diane said casually as she helped Chris to his feet, “I mean, we don’t have spare underwear here, so you don’t really have a choice.” Chris didn’t respond as he was helped to his feet by his aunt and gingerly he followed her to the corner of the room, if this was the only choice he had then it was pointless complaining about it. He thought they were heading for the toilets but at the last minute his aunt directed him to the changing table. “Come on… I can clean up myself, in private right?” Chris asked aghast at what his aunt was suggesting. “The kids will be heading back in soon.” Diane looked at her watch, “about five minutes from now in fact. You can either get on the table and we get this taken care of or you keep delaying and you get changed on the table anyway, only this time there will be a bunch of curious kids here.” Chris hesitated. “Would you prefer I get Chloe to come in and do this?” Diane asked knowing already that Chris seemed to be crushing on her. Chris bit his lip, he knew he didn’t want the second option to happen but the idea of getting cleaned up by his aunt on a changing table meant for toddlers was not a pleasant thought. Still, with not a lot of options, Chris awkwardly climbed on to the table and laid down. Despite this table being meant for kids it was still big enough for Chris to lie on it relatively comfortably. A part of Chris that wasn’t distracted with this horrible situation wondered why the table was so big. Without wasting any time Diane, who had pulled on some disposable gloves, pulled off Chris’ pants and just as Chris wondered how she was going to pull his underwear off without making a large mess Diane took a pair of scissors and cut the sides of his y-fronts. Chris was a little shocked at first but soon realised that he would never want to wear these again so cutting them off wasn’t too bad. Chris just looked at the ceiling and wished this would all hurry up and be over with. He went a deep shade of red when he felt his aunt lower the front of the cut up underwear and expose him. Without a word she grabbed Chris’ legs and lifted them over his head and begun taking some cold wet wipes to the mess that was stuck to Chris’ bottom. “Don’t be embarrassed I’ve done this to plenty of people before. Though they aren’t usually so big!” Diane joked as she cleaned up the relatively small mess. Diane was happy to see that not much had come out because she knew that the laxatives she had given Chris earlier were far from done working their magic. Chris pleaded with every God he could think of that none of the kids came in right now, and he was especially keen that Chloe didn’t walk in to see him like this. When, after what felt like an age, his aunt had finished wiping him clean she instructed him to get off of the table and stand up. When he did so he saw that Diane was holding out a pair of pull ups. Chris didn’t hesitate, even wearing the pull ups right now would be better than being naked in front of his aunt. He took the pull ups and stepped into them, pulling them up until they fit snuggly around his waist. For a minute Chris wondered why this day care had pull ups big enough to fit him but he was just grateful that they were there. Diane gave Chris a pair of shorts as well, his pants had been soiled by the accident and Diane had bagged them up with his underwear ready to throw out. Chris stepped into the shorts and pulled them up. He was actually quite happy with them, they went down to his knees and it wasn’t at all obvious what he was wearing underneath them. Just as his aunt left the room to dispose of his soiled clothes to the trash, Chloe came back in with the horde of children who immediately started running around the room again. Chloe walked straight over to Chris with a confused look on her face. “What happened to you?” She asked noting the change in clothing. “Oh, erm, I wasn’t feeling well. Had to run in to use the bathroom.” Chris said explaining his sudden disappearance from the field, “Oh and I changed into these because… It is so hot, wanted something that wouldn’t get me so warm!” Chloe looked at him a little suspiciously but nodded her head and turned to round up the kids for some organised games. Chris sighed in relief that he had managed to hide his embarrassing accident from Chloe but just as he thought he was in the clear he felt a small cramp hit him again.
  25. Before reading this it is strongly recommended that you read both: Subliminal Baby: https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/54377-subliminal-baby/ Subliminal Baby 2: Steven's Regression: https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/55332-subliminal-baby-2-stevens-regression-finished/ --- This has been available on my Patreon for the past week and for a pledge of $5 a month you can see all my public stories posted one week before the rest of the world. For $10 there are exclusive stories as well! For more information on different tiers and rewards please visit: https://www.patreon.com/Elfy88 A big thank you to all of my supporters and an especially big thank you to: A big thank you to everyone who supports me: DannyDazzler, Daniel O, Sophie S, Cole, Kyle L, Guilyn, Akithor, Keen Lover, Dre, Darrell, Jack C, Frank Sz, S Millard, Cheryl C, Carlota C, Alex W, Snazzycool, Ron M, M, Tsidt, Britnee L, Trenton M, Geoffrey J, Robert J, Chris, Cole T, Dorian G, BabyBB, J Land, Tim F, Cvsflip105, Chris B, WillNotWill, Jerry J, Charlie S, P, Orion F, John, Kevin H, Tom H, Sterling W, Ryan, Jens B, Thomas R S, Matthew S, Pierry L, Matthew, John D, Bojack D, Shihouin10, Scott S, Diapering Daddy, Miguel A, James B, A Random Patreon, Eric C, Ben R, C Dom, Lin John, Ben F, Henry C, Bob, Michelle G and Kent J --- Subliminal Baby 3 By Elfy Steven stared up from his crib at the mobile that was spinning slowly and playing it’s tune. He knew that he couldn’t hear his own voice reading out instructions but it felt like, if he really concentrated, he could hear a word or two every now and then. It was rather spooky to think that this mobile was going to have a profound impact on his life. Half of him hoped it wouldn’t work and the other half, remembering he could be left like this for a long time to come, thought it couldn’t start working soon enough. It had been a few days since Steven had begged his mother to start playing the tape for him but he couldn’t say he noticed much difference. His control had been slipping before the subliminal stuff had started and it didn’t seem to have become much worse in the last few days. Arguably the worst part of the next few days was the way his mom and brother looked at him. They seemed to be just as expectant as he was regarding the changes and he got annoyed about the way they looked at him and the way they were talking about him when they thought he couldn’t hear them. The first hint that something had changed was very subtle. One day, after being taken out of his crib following his afternoon nap, Karen, Steven’s mom, had left him on the floor of the bedroom as she went to start running a bath for him. Steven had looked to the side and seen some small toy racing cars. Without really giving any thought to what he was doing, Steven crawled sideways and sat on his wet rear. He reached down and began moving the cars. In just a minute or two he had become totally immersed in his game, he had devised ideas for racing tracks, he wanted to have a championship for all his cars, Steven of course would drive the fastest one! As Steven looked at the little cars he smiled and imagined himself on the winner’s podium in front of a huge crowd of cheering fans. He pictured himself holding up a trophy and… Steven was suddenly brought back to reality when he heard his mom clear her throat. He looked up as the crowds melted away to see Karen looking at him with a slightly perplexed look. Steven quickly stood up and followed his mother out of the room and into the bath where he was thoroughly cleaned. It was rather scary to be brainwashed like this. Steven felt like maybe his brain was resisting a little harder than Ritchie’s had and that was why it was taking longer. He liked to believe that at least, with his battered pride being assaulted on all sides it was nice to think that at least his mind had been a little stronger. “Please, Ritchie…” Steven said to his brother one morning after breakfast, “I’m sorry. Please!” “No.” Ritchie replied quickly and simply. He simply didn’t believe that his younger brother had learnt his lesson yet. Steven knew the only way to stop this subliminal messaging from happening was if his brother stopped it. He felt his heart drop when Ritchie turned him down but he wasn’t surprised by it. After what he had done to Ritchie he didn’t expect to be allowed out of this hell for a while. Ritchie’s girlfriend, Linda, seemed to take particular joy in the new status quo and obviously enjoyed Ritchie’s revenge on Steven. Most of the work of looking after Steven was done my Karen, Steven and Ritchie’s mother, but it really didn’t seem like she minded looking after Steven at all. Steven was a little worried and suspicious that if it were up to her he would never be allowed to be an adult again. “Hey, Mom?” Ritchie asked just as Karen started gathering the cutlery up. “Yeah?” Karen replied. “Linda’s been bugging me…” Ritchie started as he looked at Steven, “Could we take the baby out to the park or something?” Steven’s eyes flew wide and he uselessly shook his head. He had only been taken out twice since this whole mess had started. The disastrous shopping trip and the moment his friends all found out what was happening to him. The last thing he ever wanted to do was leave the house. “That sounds lovely!” Karen replied with a smile a she walked out to the kitchen. “Cool.” Ritchie smiled a cold smile that didn’t seem to reach his eyes. He looked at Steven with some satisfaction. Steven was taken out of his chair and allowed to play in his nursery for a while. He didn’t know when this planned trip was going to be, one of the worst parts about this whole thing was how little control he had of his own life. He had no say on where he went or when he did anything, it didn’t take long for the mind to start getting used to this type of life. It soon became entirely normal for Steven to just not think or plan anything out, all he could do was react to circumstances. As he sat down with his toys, Steven felt his diaper suddenly warm around him. His control had been slipping since even before the subliminal messaging had started but it had got much worse recently. Steven looked down as he felt the diaper warming but had no real way of stopping himself. It was like his brain had forgotten how to control his bladder. As much as Steven had expected this to happen, it was still very scary. Ritchie burst into the room without knocking about an hour after Steven had started playing. He smiled down at Steven who looked up from the floor in shock and with a little fear. “Looking forward to your day out?” Ritchie asked sarcastically as he walked into the room. Steven shook his head. He hadn’t really lost his verbal skills but he found it a lot easier to just not talk these days. Like making himself speak would take a huge effort. He knew this was another symptom of the tape he was listening to every night but knowing about it didn’t help fight it when it seeped into your brain whilst asleep. “Don’t be like that!” Ritchie continued. He walked forward and pressed the warm padding against his brother’s crotch, “Some fresh air will be great for you.” Steven shuddered slightly. It was only more recently that he remembered the part of the messaging that made the diapers exciting. Even little touches like this made him tingle down between his legs. “I guess I better change you before Linda gets here.” Ritchie said as he felt the wet padding. “Mommy?” Steven asked. He blushed a little but he was trying to ask if Karen could change him. He felt even more embarrassed when it was Ritchie that changed him. “Come on, Little Bro.” Ritchie said as he ignored Steven’s childish request. Ritchie pulled Steven over to the changing table and Steven sighed as he climbed up with Ritchie’s help. Steven’s diaper crinkled loudly and was a constant reminder of his humiliating status. Ritchie started pulling the tapes off of Steven’s diaper as soon as was laying on his back. He lowered the front of the wet padding and pulled the diaper out from underneath his brother. He smiled snidely as Steven’s penis twitched slightly. Ritchie remembered this well, he remembered the uncontrollable sexual arousal that came with the diapers thanks to the messaging. He didn’t do anything to help his brother out though. Pulling out a clean and fresh diaper. A big and thick disposable diaper, white with little pictures on them, was unfolded. Ritchie lifted up his younger brother’s legs and slipped the diaper underneath him. When Steven’s legs were lowered again it was on to fresh and fluffy padding. It almost felt pleasant but Steven tried to hide that, he didn’t want to start appreciating this new type of underwear. The diaper was rapidly pulled up between Steven’s legs and taped closed. Steven sighed sadly and quickly climbed off of the table after he felt the new diaper tightly taped together. Steven stood very still as his brother started going through the drawers full of their “little” clothes. The clothes that were big enough for adults but styled like a baby. Steven shuddered at the thought of not only being taken out but also being taken out whilst dressed in any way like a baby. He could feel tears threatening to overwhelm him but he did his best to hide his emotions, he knew that it was the subliminal messaging making him overly upset. “This looks good.” Ritchie eventually said as he turned around with an outfit picked out. Steven felt his heart drop when he saw a bright yellow shirt with a popular children’s television show printed on the front and a pair of white shorts that looked like they would be too small even without the diaper underneath them. “Lift your arms up.” Ritchie ordered. Just as Steven did so there was a sudden noise downstairs. The doorbell rang and Ritchie immediately perked up. He dropped the clothes on the floor at Steven’s feet as his younger brother scowled at him. “You can get yourself dressed, right?” Ritchie said as he walked towards the door, “I’ll be back in a minute.” Steven watched Ritchie walk out of the door and was thankful for some time alone, even if it was just a minute or so. Being able to dress himself was a very small victory, but a victory nonetheless. A good chance to prove that he was still an adult, a chance to do something for himself. Picking up the infantile shirt, Steven lifted it up and suddenly paused. He looked at it quizzically, he turned it around, he turned it upside down and he frowned as he tried to work out how these things work. Steven felt his stomach drop and heat rising in his face as he realised he couldn’t remember how to put on the shirt. It was the simplest thing in the world, something he learned to do as a very young child… So why was he staring at this piece of clothing like it was one of the most complex things he had ever seen. “Come on…” Steven said to himself in a panic, “This is easy.” Steven’s memory was taken back to when he was regressing Ritchie and his brother came to him when he needed help with his diaper. Despite it being easy and something he had done countless times before, the subliminal messaging was forcing him to forget simple things. Panic began to set in as Steven couldn’t sort this simple task out. He felt tears welling up in his eyes and as he tried to sniff them back they started to roll down his cheeks. He felt so useless, so helpless and he just wanted his Mommy to come and help him. Steven threw the shirt on the floor in a fit of anger. He was frustrated with the whole world and he dropped to the floor. He sat down with his arms folded across his chest and started sobbing softly. He didn’t want any of this, he didn’t want to go out, he didn’t want to cry. All he wanted to do was stay at home forever. “… and I said we could take him out an-” Ritchie stopped talking as he opened the door and looked at the scene in front of him. His younger brother was quietly crying next to the pile of clothes. “Oh God.” Linda said as she followed Ritchie into the room, “What’s going on?” “I have no idea…” Ritchie said to his girlfriend. He turned to his brother, “Steven? What’s wrong? Why aren’t you dressed?” Steven took a few moments to catch his breath. He tried to calm himself now, he knew he was stupid to be this upset but his emotions were out of control. He tried to regain control of his breathing but it was incredibly difficult. “I… I… Can’t remember…” Steven sobbed as he picked up the shirt again. “You don’t remember how to get dressed?” Ritchie asked with furrowed brows. Steven shook his head as he blushed. It didn’t help when Linda covered her mouth and started giggling. “I remember that…” Ritchie said quietly to Steven, “Scary, isn’t it?” Steven nodded his head quickly. Ritchie helped Steven back to his feet and picked up the shirt. He fed it over Steven’s head and pulled it down. It stopped just below the waistband of the diaper he was wearing. Next, Ritchie held the shorts out and allowed his brother to step into them. Once the shorts were around Steven’s ankles, Ritchie began pulling them up. It was a real stretch to get them over the thick diaper but eventually they got it over the top. Not that this was much of a relief for Steven, when he looked in the mirror it was very obvious how padded he was. The material of the shorts was pulled so tight that you could see bits of the diaper through it. The shirt was no help. It barely covered anything and any slight movement pulled it up to show the waistband underneath. To put it bluntly, no one that saw Steven would be under any illusion as to what he was wearing. The colour drained from his face when he realised that he could be seen by a lot of people. “Cute as a button.” Linda smiled. Ritchie snickered beside her and nodded his head. He gave her a little kiss on the cheek and smiled. He grabbed Steven’s hand and pulled him, a little roughly, from the room and towards the stairs. He laughed when he heard Steven’s whimpers mixed with the obvious crinkling noises. Ritchie put Steven’s shoes on for him whilst Linda headed into the kitchen and soon returned with a picnic selection of sandwiches and snacks to take with them. The fact that they seemed to be making this into a real day out was no comfort to Steven who watched with mounting trepidation. He was still preoccupied with the fact that he couldn’t remember how to dress himself and he was on the verge of panic when Ritchie pulled him to his feet, took him by the hand and led him out towards Linda’s car.
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