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Found 6 results

  1. This story starts the second story arc about Nikki and Sarah (which is the one I'm still working on). It starts in the spring of 2019; a little over three years after the previous story. There will be more tags added as the second and third part of the story is posted, but I don't want to give you spoilers. Like the other stories about Nikki and Sarah, it probably helps to have read the previous ones (although it's not strictly necessary), so I've added the relevant links to the Nikki-and-Sarah-verse index thread ------------------------------------------------ Mary Sue Sophie giggled. The deep, red plush of the carpet tickled her bare skin as she crawled down the hotel hallway behind Natalie. She had to admit that it was hard not to be distracted by Natalie's butt, clad in tight, black latex pants, swaying hypnotically only inches away from her face. The surface was so polished that Sophie could see her own funhouse reflection. Suddenly she felt a tug on her collar. Apparently she had lost focus and slowed down and Natalie had pulled the leash slung over her shoulder to urge her along. They reached the railing of the mezzanine overlooking the crowded lobby and Sophie knelt by Natalie's side. "I still can't believe this is legal," she said, looking at all the people below. Natalie didn't answer. She only bent down to adjust Sophie's outfit. Although calling it an outfit was rather generous. It was really more of a collection of narrow leather straps. "Mistress?" Sophie said quietly. "Yes sweetie?" "May I please go to the bathroom?" "Of course," Natalie said with a smile, "but be quick. You don't want to be late for your spanking down there." She nodded towards the lobby below where somebody was setting up some furniture that would never be seen in an IKEA catalogue. Sophie got to her feet and got a playful little swat across her butt before she hurried off towards the bathrooms. It didn't take her long to find them, but by the time she reached a stall she was close to bursting. Undoing the necessary buckles and sitting down, Sophie relaxed and let go. "I'm curious about one thing." Nikki put the tablet down on the kitchen table. "What?" Sarah looked up from the soup she was stirring. "Well, I've read enough of your stories that it's obvious that Sophie and Natalie are you and me." Nikki got up and walked over to the stove to stand next to Sarah. Sarah said nothing, but stirred the soup more intently. "So why isn't she wearing proper underwear?" Nikki gave Sarah's butt a squeeze through her sweat pants, making her jump. "And for that matter, why aren't you?" Sarah blushed a little. She and Nikki had been living together for more than three years, and Nikki had known how she liked wearing diapers for almost four. But Sarah was still embarrassed when Nikki talked about her diapers like they were the most normal thing in the world. "I mean, you are wearing the other half of the outfit." Nikki hooked a finger through the metal ring of the collar encircling Sarah's neck. Sarah swallowed. Their ground rules had been simple. Whenever she wore her diapers, she would also wear her collar. And whenever she wore her collar, Nikki was in charge. Of course, Sarah had quickly spotted a loophole. The rule said that she had to wear her collar if she wore diapers. It didn't say that she had to wear diapers whenever she wore her collar. Besides, Nikki was bossy even when she wasn't wearing her collar. But they both kept that part of their relationship private. Mostly. Sarah lowered her eyes demurely. "I like wearing it. It reminds me that my mommynatrix loves me." Nikki arched an eyebrow in the way that made Sarah melt. "Aaaaand?" she asked. "What do you mean Ma'am?" Sarah stopped stirring the soup. "You sure you're not fishing for some extra playtime? The grown-up kind?" "Maybe," Sarah admitted with a mischievous smile. "Is it working?" "Maybe." Nikki gave Sarah a quick peck on the cheek before letting go of her collar. "But not before dinner." Sarah returned her attention to the soup while Nikki set the table. Fifteen minutes later, inbetween spoonfuls of soup, Nikki brought the subject up again. "About your story," she said. "What about it?" Sarah reached for another roll and bit into it with an explosion of crumbs. "Is that something you'd, I don't know, maybe want to try?" Nikki asked hesitantly. "What? Public spankings? No thanks." Sarah shook her head, but stopped eating and looked at Nikki, waiting for the other shoe to drop. "No." Nikki paused. "I meant... You know how they say 'write what you know', right?" "Yeah?" "Have you ever been to one of those conventions?" Sarah gave a short, dismissive chuckle. "Riiiiiight." Nikki took a deep breath. "Would you want to?" Sarah sighed. "Nikki, I don't mind too much when you make me wear my diapers when we go out, but then they're hidden and only you and me know about them. There's no way in hell I'm going to have them on display for a bunch of strangers." "That's not really how it works," Nikki mumbled. "How would you... Oh my god! You've been to one, haven't you?" Nikki blushed in a very un-dominatrixy way. "When?" Sarah demanded. "Five years ago. A couple of months after we broke up." Nikki reached for a piece of bread and suddenly found her soup really interesting. There was a scraping sound as Sarah moved her chair next to Nikki's. "So what was it like then?" Sarah slid closer and nudged Nikki with her shoulder. "Teeeelllll meeeeeee." "Cut it out." "But I wanna knoooooow," Sarah said in her best whiny-kid voice. She knew she was pushing it, but she just couldn't help herself. Nikki sighed and rolled her eyes. "Was it full of cute little girls you could boss around?" "I said 'cut it out'." "And they just went crazy when you wiggled your butt in those tight leather pants of yours," Sarah continued. Nikki turned to look at Sarah, raising an eyebrow. "Is this really the way you want to do this?" she asked. "Uh-huh." Sarah grinned and nodded. Nikki hooked a finger through the steel ring on Sarah's collar and pulled her so close that their noses almost touched. "You," Nikki said sternly, "are being a very annoying, little girl. No more kisses and playtime for you." "Aaaww" "It's your own fault," Nikki pointed out and let go of Sarah's collar. Sarah pouted and moved her chair back to where it had been before. A few minutes later they had both finished eating. Sarah began clearing the table. She put the bowls in the sink before wiping off the table. "I just had an idea," Sarah said. She left the cloth on the table and knelt down next to Nikki's chair. "Yes?" "For Halloween this year, how about we dress up as characters from Beauty and the Beast? I could be the feather duster. I bet I'd look good in a French maid's outfit, don't you think?" Sarah rested her arms on Nikki's lap and looked up at her pleadingly. "And you'd look great in that outfit Lumiere has. You could even do your French accent. And maybe we could convince Mike and Amina to let us dress up their terrier as the beast. That'd just be adorable." "I..." Sarah rose and began singing with an exaggerated French accent. "Be ourrr guest. Be ourrr guest. Put ourrr service to ze test. Tie yourrr napkin 'rrround yourrr neck, cherrrie, and we'll prrrovide ze rrrest." She wiggled her butt from side to side in time with the song. Nikki laughed and grabbed Sarah, pulling her onto her lap. "You're such a dork," she said with a smile and leaned in and gave Sarah's nose a little kiss. Sarah made a show of checking her watch. "Six minutes and thirty-five seconds," she said, grinning broadly. "Huh?" "Oh, I just wondered if I could get you to kiss me less than ten minutes after you said 'no smoochies'." "Oh you're such a brat. You're going to regret that," Nikki said. She wasn't lying.
  2. Hi all! My first attempt at writing! Hope you enjoy! Chapter 1: Accidents Do Happen Melissa sat in traffic, twirling her hair, looking somewhat aimlessly toward the coast as the highway traffic inched forward. Growing up around a city, she always expected traffic, but today she seemed to have chosen her route poorly, hitting every light and somehow being behind every slow driver in southern California. Currently, she found herself boxed in the center lane of a highway with equally frustrated drivers all around her, each likely wondering why they continued to subject themselves to long commutes. Melissa had just finished lunch with her best friend Abby, where she had recounted in excruciating detail her breakup with her boyfriend of three years. It was good to verbally recount the collapse of this relationship as today was the start of Spring Break, and with nowhere to go, Melissa would have had to spend the week replaying the pain in her head. Still, Mark’s stereotypical breakup line still stung: “With us going away to different colleges… freedom…if it’s meant to be…neither should be tied down, blah blah blah.” Her heart was crushed as so much of her high school identity had been with hime as a couple. Sipping her diet coke, she began reminiscing about the three years, each interrupted by the painful awareness that they were no longer a couple. Melissa was an emotional wreck, and now she had to go home and face the “I told you so” from her mom and sister, neither of whom had approved of Mark. Time slowly ticked by until the slurping sound of the last bit of diet coke stirred Melissa back to her reality of bumper to bumper traffic. She put the drink down, feeling the slightest of alerts from her bladder that she would need to use a bathroom at some point in the near future. With traffic at a standstill, she took up her phone and quickly responded to a number of texts and chats that had popped into her various social media accounts. When every necessary emoji had been sent, Melissa placed her phone back down in the seat. Putting two hands on the wheel, she looked forward and began to realize that she would probably be late picking up her sister from school. While she debated whether she should text her mom or her sister first to let them know she would be late (both of which would be incredibly angry to learn that, once again, Melissa wouldn’t be on time!), Melissa began to shift in the seat of her Toyota Corolla, trying instinctively to quiet the growing pressure in her bladder that was now stimulated and full from the diet coke she had had with lunch and the “free refill” she had just enjoyed in the car. Deciding it was probably best to ping her sister first, Melissa hoped that she could cajole her sister to find another ride from a friend. That way she wouldn’t have to tell her mom that she was late again. Unfortunately, Sarah’s immediate text response was, “WTF! Why do you always do this to me…Mom is going to be pissed!” Her frustration mounting along with her growing need to pee, Melissa quickly tried to voice text her Mom before Sarah could get her fired up. “Mom, I’m really sorry, but I’m sitting in unbelievable traffic and will be late getting Sarah…I let her know but thought I should make sure you knew too!! So sorry!” There was a long awkward pause before she saw the three dots coming back from her mother. “Missy…if this was the first time….” That was all that was texted before Melissa’s phone rang with her mother’s name blinking on the screen. Reluctantly, Melissa answered the phone only to hear her mom explode without even a cursory greeting. “Melissa seriously, you are being so irresponsible! This is the fourth time this week! I can appreciate you are in traffic, but I gave you the car trusting you could be responsible to help, and all it has caused is more stress for all of us because now I need to scramble to help your sister…..” Her mom was going on and on, Melissa pulling the phone away as she made a face of angst listening to the same tirade about how Melissa wasn’t taking the responsibility that should come with her age and that there would be consequences, blah blah blah. What Melissa could not ignore, however was the now constant pulsing of her bladder, and her now strong clenching that was going on to keep her bladder from exploding. She began to realize that the next exit wasn’t for two miles and at this rate, that could be another 45 minutes of inching forward. Squirming in her seat, she began to feel the first bit of panic about what she could do to relieve her need to pee. She pulled into the left lane, hoping it might move slightly faster, only to find that no matter what lane she picked it always seemed to be the one that wouldn’t move forward! Her mother’s voice rose over the worrying thoughts that were beginning to take over Melissa’s mind, “Missy!! Are you listening to me!! Do you understand what I just said?!!!!” Perhaps it was the desperation over her growing bladder pains that prompted Melissa’s response, or maybe it was anger of being yelled at yet again, or maybe the rawness of having been rejected by Mark, or all of the above, but Melissa took the phone in her hand and looked at is as if it was her mother herself and screamed, “YES MOM, I KNOW I’M A LOUSY DAUGHTER, BUT YOU AREN’T A GREAT MOTHER EITHER!” There was a rush of relief that came from the outburst before the first pang of fear and regret filled Melissa. She was the furthest thing from a yeller, but the bomb had been released and now she waited for the explosion and collateral damage that would likely follow. Still looking at the phone, Melissa had seen the car in front of her begin inching forward and she had taken her foot slightly off the break to match the progress. As her mother began to respond, Melissa realized she hadn’t seen the car ahead of her stop abruptly and She instantly felt the “crunch” sound of her bumper hitting the car in front of her. “Oh $#&@!!,” Melissa screamed at the same time her mother began a tirade of response. Melissa momentarily and involuntarily let go of her “clenching” when she heard the devastating sound of fender on fender and a small amount of pee quickly filled her panties, seeping with ease through the flimsy material to her shorts that tightly hugged her nether regions. Her body quickly clenched to hold everything back again, but not before a dark wet spot the size of an orange had marked her shorts. “Mom….I need to call you back, I just had an accident!!” Melissa shouted to her mother, not noticing the double entendre of her statement, and ignoring the fact that her mother was still in the middle of her “irresponsibility” rant. Fear, shock, frustration, sadness, and anxiety all coursed through Melissa as she worked to restrain her bladder. On top of that she would now have to face dealing with her first car accident. She had been working hard to keep it together, but she suddenly felt like everything was falling apart.
  3. Mommy and Daniel Standing there, among all his closest relatives, Daniel's embarrassment grew and grew. His mistress had commanded him into humiliating situations before but, none with such dire consequences as this. If any of his family discovered his secret, he wasn't sure he'd ever be able to face them again. He shifted his weight to his right leg and the crinkle from beneath his trousers sounded like a twenty-one gun salute...to him. Three of the women at the gathering had toddlers, either with them or at home. Daniel was determined to avoid these woman at all costs. His mistress however, would not allow that. She immediately headed over to his cousin, Amanda, dragging him along by his shirt collar. As they approached the woman, carrying her 28 month old son in her arms, Mistress whispered into Daniel's ear. "If you leave my side, little boy. I will pull your shirt over your head, exposing your rubbers for everyone to see. Do you understand?" "Yes mistress." he whispered back She kissed him gently on the cheek and said, "Good boy." Amanda greeted them casually, as she moved the toddler from arm to arm. His mistress began the conversation by asking how Amanda's family was doing and what progress there had been in the "toilet training" front. Amanda went into detail how her "little man" was nearly trained and rarely wet his diaper anymore. "It must be a load off your mind to know you won't have to change diapers soon." Mistress said, smiling "Oh my yes. Once Jason is potty trained, I hope not to change another diaper until I have grandkids." Amanda laughed and began bouncing Jason on her hip. "I've got a friend who's son is almost school age and still has no interest in training." Mistress said, patting Daniel's padded rear to emphasize the point "She better get on the ball then." Amanda said, looking shocked "Most kindergartens won't even take kids in diapers anymore." As Mistress nodded in agreement, Daniel thought he saw an evil look cross her face for a second. "What about night-time training" She asked Amanda must have picked up on the vibe as she grinned and said, "Well, the boys of this family have a habit of sleepwetting long after they're day-trained. In fact, I seem to remember a certain young man who wet his bed when he was thirteen years old. Isn't that right, Danny?" Daniel blushed for a moment before retorting, "Yes, and I seem to recall a young lady who couldn't sit down for two days for putting my hand in warm water as I slept and making me wet the bed." Now it was Amanda's turn to blush. "Yea, my parents were not very happy with me when they discovered my little joke." She put on her best sad puppydog face " I just couldn't help myself. I remembered how cute you looked when your mom would diaper you before bed. When you stopped wetting, I was heartbroken." The conversation eased Daniel's nervousness. The continued talking with Amanda until suddenly, she got a surprised look and began patting Jason's bottom. Amanda sighed then looked up at Mistress and Daniel. "I'm afraid you're going to have to excuse me for a few. I seem to have a wet bottom here that's begging to be changed." All three of them looked at the toddler, no asleep on his mother's shoulder. Mistress and Daniel nodded as Amanda wandered off, to find a secluded place to change the sleeping child. Inconspicuously, Mistress slipped a hand down the back of Daniel's pants, rubbers and, diapers. "Hmm, seems MY little boy is still dry...for the moment." Daniel's whole face turned red as his anxiety meter jumped to it's former level. He quickly glanced around the room, hoping that no one had heard the remark. He jumped suddenly as he felt her hand then brush the front of his trousers. She frowned when she felt the tent forming there. Casually, she lead him to the back of the house, to his old bedroom. After he moved out, his parents had turned it into a storage room. She pulled him inside and locked the door before turning to face him. "Little boy? What did I tell you before we came here tonight?" Her voice displaying her anger "Daniel looked at the ground. "Little boys don't make tents in their diapers." He spoke as if he was reading it off a cue card. "And yet, here you are, clearly doing exactly what I told you not to do. What should I do with you? You've obviously disobeyed me so, I have to punish you." She turned toward the door, thinking A second later she turned back to Daniel, "Give me your pants, we're leaving!" Daniel stared at her, shocked. Sure, he'd been out in public in his diapers before but, only where nobody knew them and NEVER around ANY of his family. His eyes started to water as he began unbuckling his belt. Mistress watched Daniel obey without hesitation, even knowing it would probably cost him his family. Tears began forming in her eyes and she regretted being so harsh with him. She pulled Daniel into a gentle hug as she rubbed her baby's back. She spoke soothing tones into his ear as she guided his hand away from his belt. "Oh, you're such a good boy, baby! Mommy is so proud of you. You did just what mommy told you, even knowing what it would cost you." She said softly, still rubbing his back "Now, I think you can keep your pants on sweetie. Mommy would never hurt her baby like that. You still need to be punished for disobeying however." She thought for a moment and then said, "I want you to sit on the floor, suck on your thumb and wet your diaper for mommy, just like any baby does." Daniel's eyes dried almost instantly and he gently kissed Mistress on the cheek. Suddenly, he plopped down onto his padded rear and popped his thumb into his mouth. Mistress watched as he closed his eyes and relaxed. As she looked on, the bulge beneath Daniel's trousers shrunk back to normal size. Seconds later, the pitter-patter sound told her that Daniel was now one very wet baby. He opened his eyes and looked up at her, never removing his thumb from his mouth. She smiled and put her arms under his to help him stand up. She glanced at Daniel's crotch. The now soaked diaper made his condition much more noticeable. Daniel saw this and gave her a worried look. "Don't worry sweetie. Only another mommy would be able to tell that you're diapered. We'll try to avoid them but, we only just got here. We have to stay for a little while more. You don't want your family to think we're snobs. Do you?" "Mo, you wight." He said, the thumb in his mouth garbling his words She giggled as she pulled his thumb out of his mouth. She reached into her purse and removed a tissue then, wiped his face and hands. She put the tissue up to his nose and said, "Blow for me sweetie." Daniel blew his nose and Mistress wiped it for him. She tossed the soiled tissue into a nearby trash can. Taking his hand with her own, she guided them both back to the party. They mingled and chatted with Daniel's family, carefully avoiding the mothers of small children and babies, as they might notice Daniel’s diapered condition. Two hours passed and mistress could see that Daniel was uncomfortable. He fidgeted and squirmed but, it wasn't until he stopped suddenly. He looked in pain for a moment, then relieved the next. She was shocked as she saw the back of his pants expand. Daniel has POOPED himself! At that point, she knew it was time to go. Quickly, she and Daniel made their excuses to his parents, gathered their things and, made for the exit. As they reached the door, Amanda passed them. She took one look at Daniel, sniffed the air and, smiled. She turned to Mistress and said quietly, "Take care of your little boy. You don't want to leave a baby in a poppy diaper for too long." Daniel and Mistress both blushed as they hastily retreated through the door, smiling all the way. Amanda, still holding Jason, waved goodbye to them as they walked to their car.
  4. I felt the weight in my belly, and shifted in my seat a little. It was uncomfortable, but not urgent. I could finish the sketch. Besides, everyone was sitting quietly watching a film, and if I moved now I'd disturb them. And lose my seat in the big comfy chair. And everyone would probably move so I'd have to start the drawing all over again. Definitely best to stay put. I looked around the room, and for a moment my headspace slipped a tiny bit and I considered how weird it was. There were twelve of us in total, friends renting an Airbnb for the weekend as a way to catch up and chill out. So far so normal. Except nine of us, myself included, were wearing nappies under our clothes, and most of that nine were in cute onesies, sucking on dummies. I hadn't started out as an age player. I was turned on by nappies, and the sense of humiliation that came with wearing and using them. They were also a way to relax without having to worry about the bother of getting up to use the toilet. Over time, however, I'd fallen further down the 'cute' rabbit hole and at this point in spite of wearing what I'd come to describe as "big kid clothes", I was also sucking on a dummy, with my stuffed sloth and cuddly robot (the world's greatest crime fighting duo) close at hand. My attention came back to the feeling of needing to go, as I felt a pressure in my bottom increase. I relaxed a tiny bit and let out a silent fart. I'd had hang ups about my interest in nappies for a long time, but in recent years, after falling in with a nice crowd in the local ageplay scene, I'd become far more comfortable, and even become OK with wearing them when I was around other people. First on a one to one basis, then under my clothes at kink events. People knew I was wearing, but it was still subtle enough for me that it felt ok. I wasn't being submissive or smoll around strangers, and so I had enough control that I still felt safe. This trip away was about changing that. I was envious of the people who could wander around at events without a care in the world, so this weekend, surrounded by people I trusted, I was going to push myself further than I'd been before. Maybe not do the baby thing, a lot of that bored me, but at the very least give up control completely and let someone else be in charge. "Ew, that stinks" one of the girls cried out as the smell from my fart reached her. I blushed a little, and curled up into my chair, embarrassed. This caught the eye of one of the three 'Bigs' in the room. He came over to me, looked me in the eyes and asked, "Have you had an accident?" I shook my head vigorously. "Stand up please" he said, helping me up out of my chair. With everyone in the room watching, he undid my jeans and let them drop to around my ankles. He put his hand on the front of my nappy, squashing the slightly soggy padding. "Hmmm… someone's telling fibs" he said, "you'll pay for that later on". "I thought you meant a messy accident" I gulped out. "Well as you can't be trusted to tell me when you use your nappy, let's check for that too, shall we?" He turned me around so my back faced the room, then cupped the bottom of my nappy, before bending down and giving it a sniff. "Hmmm…" he mused, as he stood back up. He then pulled back the waistband, and peeked inside. "Nope. Clean." He said, a hint of disappointment in his voice. I smiled as he turned me around, "see!" I said, a smug tone to my voice, "I wasn't lying." "Except about being a soggy pants" he replied. "Its only a little damp!" "Well an accident is an accident as far as I'm concerned" he said, a slightly stern tone to his voice, "and a fib is a fib. Now sit back down please." I did as he told me. He bent down and picked my jean's up off the floor. "I'll be taking these, as you can't be trusted to be honest with me, then you can't be trusted to have your nappy covered." I blushed, and tried to edge back into my seat to hide my nappy as best I could. Embarrassed by how obvious my crinkly, soggy state now was, I picked up my sketchbook again and continued drawing. I managed to finish just as the film ended. A few minutes later everyone moved into the other room to play games. I started to get up, but the weight in my belly had become worse, and I realised I was minutes away from losing control and messing myself. I sat back down and curled back into my chair. Another one of the Bigs came over. "Don't want to play the games?" She asked. I shook my head. "Come on, you'll have fun." "Ok" I said, a little reluctant. I stood up slowly, careful to clench my butt cheeks together to avoid an accident. The Big saw this, "Do you need to sit on the potty?" She gestured over to the plastic potty chair that had been left in the corner of the room. My eyes went wide. It was one thing to have someone take me to the toilet, but to sit on an actual potty in the middle of the room, even an empty room, was too terrifying. I shook my head. "Well I guess you've got your nappy on if you have an accident" she teased, patting my butt and ushering me along. Slowly, carefully, I waddled into the dining room. Everyone was sitting around the table, playing board games. I pulled out a chair and sat down. At first I just watched, but the next round I decided to join in. I was having so much fun I completely forgot about my discomfort. That was until I stood up to take my turn. My stomach lurched. At first I just began to pee, unleashing a flood I was worried was going to cause a leak. Then I felt the hold on my sphincter give out as the poo pushed its way into my nappy. I froze for a moment, but realised that would give the game away to everyone, and stupid as it sounds, I wasn't quite ready for that. I finished my turn, trying to draw as little attention to myself as possible, then sat down. I winced a little as the mess squished against my backside and spread throughout my nappy. I wasn't sure if anyone had realised what was happening when I messed myself, but between the smell, the lack of trousers, and the obviously used padding, it wouldn't be long before they worked it out. I tried to concentrate on the game, but all I could focus on was the twitching of people's noses, the sound of them sniffing. Other littles had wet themselves so far, but no one had been messy. I wasn't even certain other people did that sort of thing, although we'd all agreed beforehand it would be ok if people wanted to. One thing I was certain of, after the moment earlier while watching the film, was that once it was noticed there would be no keeping it a secret. Suddenly all eyes fell on me, and for a moment I thought I'd been rumbled, until I realised it was my turn in the game. Reluctantly I stood up, and as I did the smell from my nappy wafted through the room. "Someone's a stinky butt" the girl who smelled me earlier announced. I blushed, as I muttered a weak "no I'm not" from behind my dummy. I don't know why I lied at that point, but it seemed to fit the role I'd fallen into, the kid who still has accidents, but doesn't like to admit it. "Are you sure about that? " asked the Big who had led me into the room, "liars get a smacked bottom and corner time". I considered this for a moment, "I haven't had an accident", I said petulantly, "I'm not a baby". "Oh really?" Miss Big countered, taking my hand and leading me away from the table so there was absolutely no way of hiding the state of my nappy from anyone. She squished the front of the padding, sending a shiver through my body, "well that's definitely a lie" she announced, "you're absolutely soaking". I felt her other hand on the back of my nappy, "As you haven't made a mess, I guess you won't mind if I do this" she pressed her hand firmly against my butt, forcing the mess against my skin. I shuddered again, from humiliation and pleasure. Her hand moved up to the waistband, and she tugged it back. I felt a slight rush of cold air against my butt and a waft of smell escaped the nappy. "Someone's a stinky little fiber, aren't they?" She teased. I whimpered, as the state I was in was confirmed for everyone. "Well, you were warned about not telling the truth" she continued. She pulled my chair out from the table and sat down, then took my hand and tugged it, leading me to lay down across her lap."I want you to count along each of the times I spank you, please." Her hand came down on my nappy. Between the padding and the mess it wasn't painful, I could barely feel anything beyond the impact, but the sensation of the mess being spread throughout my nappy, while everyone watched me being punished was overwhelming. I began to sob. Quietly at first, then full blown floods of tears. When the spanking was over the Big helped me up off her lap, then pulled me into a hug. She stroked my hair while I calmed down. Eventually she helped me up and led me into the adjacent room. I assumed this was for a change, but instead she walked me over to a corner. "You're going to stay here for five minutes please" she told me, "while you think about what you should have done when I asked you if you'd made a mess". I put my nose into the corner, and stood still sucking on my dummy. I tried to do as she had told me and consider what I ought to have done, but all I could really think about was how horny I was. My hand moved towards the front of my nappy… "What do you think you're doing?!" Miss Big asked, a loud and sharp tone to her voice. "Nothing." I replied. "Then keep your hands where I can see them, please. Put them on the back of your nappy, and push the mess up to remind you what you've done." I did as she asked and continued to stare at the wall, my eyes filling with tears once again. When the five minutes were up I was led back out of the corner. "Well done for being in the corner," Miss Big congratulated me "now what should you have done when I asked if you'd had an accident?" "Told you" I replied, still sobbing a little. "But i wasn't sure". "Really?" She asked, a hint of incredulity to her tone, "you didn't feel it when you messed your nappy? Or when you sat down in your mess? You couldn't smell it?" I shook my head. "I thought the smell was someone else" I said, meekly. "Then you should have told me that you weren't sure, and I would have checked." She explained, "it's ok that you have accidents in your nappy, that's why you're wearing them, and I don't mind you not being sure if you have, but that means I need to check to see." I nodded, stuttering out "ok. I'm sorry" from around my dummy. "I think it's just because you like being stinky and didn't want a clean nappy" she said, a grin on her face. I smiled, she'd definitely got that right. "Have you gone as much as you need to, or do you think you need to go more?" She asked. I shrugged. "Well let's keep you in that nappy a little while longer then". With that she took me by the hand and led me back into the dining room. She pulled out a chair and sat me down next to the girl who had smelled me before, who greeted me with a "hello, stinky butt." I smiled at her, gave her a big hug, and rejoined the game. After about half an hour Miss Big glanced across the table at me, "have you pooped your nappy any more?" "I don't think so" I said, blushing. "I think I'd like you to try for me" she said, "you can either sit on my lap and try here, or we can go in the other room and you can sit on the potty." I didn't know it was possible, but my face became even more red. "Potty" I requested. At least I'd get a little privacy. With that she took me into the living room and sat me, still in my nappy, on the potty. Then she rubbed my back while I tried to push out more mess. "Having any luck?" She asked as she watched me straining. I shook my head. "I'm going to be changing another messy nappy later on, aren't I?" I smiled behind my dummy, "maybe". "Well you've been very good trying to go more for me. And mostly good all day, so how about we give you a reward?" I grinned at that prospect. Miss Big led me into one of the bedrooms, where a mattress protector had been set out on the bed. "Lay down for me please" she requested, and I did as she asked. She grabbed several bundles of rope, and moved round the bed tying each of my limbs to a bed post. Then she took a blindfold and tied it around my eyes. I had a good idea of what was coming next, and the loud buzzing sound confirmed it. The next thing I knew a high powered vibrator was being held against the front of my nappy, and gently massaged around. I was already incredibly aroused, and this very quickly sent me straight to the edge. "Are you going to cum for me in that disgusting, stinky, messy nappy?" Miss Big asked. Words were lost to me now, but I forced out an affirmatory grunt. "Ask me for permission to cum then?" She instructed. I fought the waves of pleasure just enough to ask, "May I please cum?" "And what are you going to cum into?" She teased. It was almost impossible to think, but somehow I managed to say the words, "My disgusting, stinky, messy nappy". "And why are you cumming into a soggy, messy nappy?" She knew how to humiliate and torture me. "B… because I'm not big enough to use the toilet and I have accidents". "Good." She said, taking a pause that seemed to last forever, "then yes, you may cum" I stopped fighting, and waves of pleasure overcame me. As I did, Miss Big continued to hold the vibrator against the nappy, making the sensation last for so long that I thought I might pass out. Eventually she took the vibrator off, and I relaxed into a puddle of goo on the bed. She untied my arms and legs, then climbed onto the bed, pulling me into a hug. "Did you enjoy that?" She asked as she removed my blindfold. I just about yelped out a "yes". "Good". She held me, sharing her body heat with me and stroking me, letting me slowly come back down to earth. Eventually she glanced down at the nappy, which was starting to leak a little. "Best we get you changed, eh?" She suggested. I was in no state to argue. "One sec," she said, as she darted out of the room. When she returned, she had both my stuffies in her hands, as well as the wipes, cream and a fresh nappy. There also seemed to be something else, but I couldn't quite make out what. She handed me my stuffies, and I snuggled them tight and closed my eyes as she untapped the front of the nappy. "Wow" she declared, "you really did use this to its fullest extent, didn't you?" I was too spaced to give an answer, and instead just whimpered. I felt the wipes on my skin, as she cleaned me, wiping off the mess from my inner thighs and my bottom cheeks. she had me hold my legs up so she could clean my lower back and pull the nappy out from under me, then I felt a wipe inserted into my bottom. "Just making sure you're all clean" she told me, then followed with "stay like that for a second". I did as I was told. It was then she revealed the other thing she had brought into the room - a tunnel butt plug. "As you don't seem to care if you're messy or not, we may as well take your control away from you entirely. She covered the plug in lube, and gently eased it into my hole. It took a while, as I expanded to take the toy, but eventually she pushed it home. With the plug in, she slipped my clean nappy under me, then produced a fleet enema from her pocket and squirted it into my hole. She had me stay like that as the liquid trickled down past my now powerless sphincter and into my colon. After about a minute and a half she decided it was time to act. "Ok, legs down. Quickly." She instructed. I did as I was told, and she taped me into the nappy. "There you go" she said, "clean and dry. For about five minutes." A sadistic smile on her face. She helped me up and we headed back into the living room, where everyone was gathered around the TV, taking turns to play video games. I sat down and waited patiently for my go. Every so often I'd notice a smell, but it was brief so I ignored it. Then one of the Bigs went over to the girl who had called me a stinky butt. She was lying on the floor, colouring, and didn't even acknowledge him when he undid the bottom of her onesie. He pulled back the waistband of her nappy, then declared, "I thought as much", before doing the onesie back up. I scooted over to her and gave her a hug, telling her, "I'm glad I'm not the only one who has messy accidents". She giggled at that. Then it was my turn on the game. I got in close to the TV, and raised myself up on my knees so that I could see properly. It was a fighting game, best of three rounds. I won the first, lost the second. I was really getting into the game in the final round, when I suddenly noticed the smell again, but this time much worse, and it wasn't going away. I was having lots of fun though, and was close to winning, so I ignored it. I kept blocking every attack, dropping the block and getting a punch or a kick in here and there. It was tight. Finally I saw my chance. I moved the joystick left, then right, then left again. Then hit the buttons just right. A fireball launched across the screen, my opponent went down. I won. Delighted, I sat down on the floor hard. And that was when I realised why the smell was so strong. Miss Big had been right about my nappy only being clean for five minutes. Once again, I was a stinky butt. If anything I was stinker than before. I put the controller down and toddled over to Miss Big. "I think I've had an accident" I whispered to her. She smiled, "Are you sure?" "Yes" i said, nervously. Not wanting to draw attention to the fact that I had pooped my pants for a second time in under an hour. "Ok, well done for telling me." Miss Big said with that sadistic smile forming once again, "you go back and play, and I might think about checking you later to see if you need a change." My eyes went wide. "But everyone will find out" I begged. Miss Big hugged me, and put her hand on my butt, patting it in a way that was both very reassuring and also deeply humiliating. "Honey," she said, a soothing tone to her voice, "You're in a room filled with people who love you. You're also not wearing anything over your nappy. They knew as soon as you pooped yourself the first time. It was pretty obvious that it was happening while you leaned over the table, and they knew when you did it now, because they saw the back of your nappy fill up and the brown stain developing on your butt. They also all have a sense of smell, and that alone means theres no hiding what you've just done." She began to stroke my hair as I sucked harder on my dummy and tears welled up in my eyes, "and you know what? No one cares. Everyone thinks it's cute, and that you're cute." She kissed my head, and patted the seat next to her on the sofa. I sat beside her and cuddled close, "Now rest here a while", she said, picking up a bottle of milk from a table beside her and slipping it between my lips as she guided my head down into her lap, "you've had an exciting time so far, and I think you could probably use a nap".
  5. Chapter 01 The Dark Lord had been defeated, those that were at the battle of Hogwarts seldom talk about what took place that day but everyone knew that Lord Voldemort was no more and that Harry Potter had saved the wizarding world. Harry, Ron and Hermione had sacrificed a year of there lives to destroy all the Horcruxes and finally put a stop to Voldemort once and for all but once the next year had rolled along only one of the good friends was on the train back to Hogwarts. Harry and Ron had decided not to return to Hogwarts and instead believed they had enough knowledge and experience to become Auror’s, Hermione, on the other hand, wanted to learn more and even after having a three hour debate trying to convince Harry and Ron to return with her she was the only one on the Hogwarts Express. Hermione’s first lesson of the year was the defence against the dark arts, she had made her way down to the dungeon where the class was now held out of memory for Professor Snape. The room was colder than up in the main castle and would have been quite creepy enough without the pickled animals floating in glass jars all around the walls. Hermione entered after all her fellow classmates had seated but she saw an open seat at the front and sat down next to Ginny Weasley, Ron’s younger sister. “Did you see who the new professor is?” Ginny said to Hermione “No, McGonagall didn’t announce who the new professor would be, after all the teachers we have had it could be anyone now” Hermione was thinking back to all the professors they had through her years at Hogwarts. Professor Quirrell, Professor Lockhart, Professor Lupin, Professor Moody, Professor Umbridge and Professor Snape. Out of all the Professor’s Lockhart and Lupin were the only ones that didn’t have a connection to Voldemort, Lockhart was a fraud who stole the adventures and stories of other wizards and Lupin was a werewolf which when revealed caused him to be practically chased out of the school by the scared parents of students. Hermione, Ginny and the rest of the class jumped as the door to the dungeon closed hard, they all turned around and saw a tall man standing at the back of the class, he slowly examined the room then smiled and walked to the front of the class. He wasn’t wearing a robe like all the other Professors or students but was wearing a long brown coat, under the coat was a blue suit and a red tie, but to Hermione the thing that stood out the most was the converse sneakers that he wore on his feet “How is he getting away with wearing them” Hermione whispered to Ginny, Ginny shrugged and was about to respond when the man announced “Well Defence against the dark arts, dark arts, arts” he clicked his tongue as he walked back and forth “So I guess we could get started, just call me the Professor” he smiled and all the tension was lifted from the room and students suddenly relaxed. He stood still for the first time and looked at the class “I know a lot of you were part of the battle last year, I wasn’t, was dealing with a creature in a metal box” he broke off and looked out the window “Anyway so a lot of you know about the arts and how to defend yourself, but there are a few little things I could still teach you, I need a volunteer” another big smile beamed from his face and half the room had their hands up instantly, including Hermione and Ginny. The professor scanned the room and finally lifted his hand and pointed “You there, come up here” Hermione got up from her seat and practically skipped to the front of the class. The Professor put out his hand and smiled “Hello there and who might you be?” Hermione blushed “I’m Hermione Granger,” she said as she shook his hand. “Of course you are, Well this should be easy for you” he turned to the class “Now there are some curses that can be defended by simply rebounding them back to the one that cursed you, the curse can change with the rebound, however, depending on how much power is used to rebound it”. The Professor took five paces back from Hermione “Now Hermione if you can give me a curse I will rebound it back and if you feel up to it try and rebound it back to me” Hermione was feeling nervous “A curse? What type of curse?”. “Oh yeah, how about a simple transformation curse, turn my lovely red tie into a long scarf, I haven’t worn a scarf for years” he smiled, Hermione put her wand up “Whoa whoa not just yet, a little more teaching first” Hermione put down her wand embarrassed “Sorry” she said sheepishly, “Ok so the spell to rebound is Resiliant, you focus on the curse coming towards you and you picture it flying back and say Resiliant, sounds easy doesn’t it. Now if I put more power into the curse as it goes back it will change so it might not change your tie colour but might change your robes or something, it’s tricky as the outcome isn’t really known”. The Professor put his hand into one of his suit pockets and pulled out a strange wand, the handle was made of a silver metal, it had ridges and buttons and a blue crystal at the base, Hermione and the rest of the class had never seen a wand like that and The Professor looked down at it “What’s wrong” he said, Hermione quickly said “Nothing, just never seen a wand like that before” “Oh yeah it’s my own design, want to be different you know how it is” Hermione smiled “Ok you ready?” the professor put the wand at his side “Yep allons-y”. Hermione raised her wand “Colovaria” she pointed her wand toward The Professor who quickly lifted his wand “Resiliant” a blue light appeared out of the wand and made its way towards Hermione, Hermione only managed to say “Resi” when the light hit her, she stood there for a moment and looked down at her tie, it hadn’t changed colour. Hermione was standing at the front of the class looking down at her clothing, nothing had appeared to change “Odd” The Professor said “Maybe it changed something else, well thank you for the demonstration Hermione you can sit back down, now that is one way to repel curses I want you all to look up other ways, I will give you 20 minutes”. Hermione sat back down at her desk and The Professor sat behind his desk at the front of the class. Hermione had just opened her book when she felt something strange, she first noticed a warmth coming from her waist, she then felt it around her groin and then her bum, then suddenly she felt something thick appear. She looked down and could see that her skirt had become tighter and slightly inflated, she looked up at The Professor who had his eyes fixed on his desk as he was writing something. Hermione tried to put her legs together but there was a now a bulge between her legs that prevented her from doing so “Ginny” she whispered, Ginny turned her head and looked at her “What?” she whispered back, Hermione didn’t know what to say she knew something had appeared around her groin but hadn’t thought about what it was until now. Hermione’s jaw dropped when she realised what had happened to her underwear, her red underwear had changed into a nappy. “What is it?” Ginny asked, but Hermione just shook her head “Nothing, it’s nothing”. Ginny went back to reading from her book and taking notes as Hermione sat in her new padded underwear. Chapter 02 Hermione looked around the room, everyone had their eyes down concentrating on the task The Professor had assigned them but Hermione couldn’t think of anything else but the nappy between her legs, as she shifted in her seat she turned three shades of red as she heard the rustle of the nappy. “Should I tell The Professor what has happened? If anyone finds out I will be known as Nappy girl for the rest of the year, If I get his attention I could tell him quietly and then be excused from class, would anyone be able to tell though? My skirt has got tighter I bet my bum looks so much bigger”. Suddenly a strange noise rang out from behind the professor, all the students looked up including Hermione, Ginny looked at her “Is that a new bell?” she asked, Hermione shook her head “No it’s coming from the office” The Professor stood up with a worried expression on his face “Class is finished for today, all of you go” the students looked at each other confused when the Professor shouted “Now” the students quickly stood and began to leave the room as the Professor went into the office and closed the door quickly. Hermione continued to sit waiting for the class to leave, Ginny had finished packing her books and stood up “You coming?” she asked, “Yes, I will catch you up” Hermione said which satisfied Ginny who followed her fellow students out of the class. Hermione blew a sigh of relief as the last student left and she began to fill her bags with her books, she slowly stood up and turned bright red again as she took a step forward and heard the nappy rustle. Hermione slowly left the classroom and made her way down the corridor behind all the other students, hoping that nobody noticed her, she felt like her bum was swinging side to side as she walked and she had to contentiously stop her self from waddling as she made her way down the corridor. She turned a corner and saw the door to the girl's toilets “Perfect I will go in there and remove this nappy and nobody will know” she thought. It was gloomy, depressing bathroom, under a large, cracked, and spotted mirror was a row of chipped sinks. The floor was damp and reflected the dull light given off by the stubs of a few candles, burning low in their holders; the wooden doors to the stalls were flaking and scratched and one of them was dangling off its hinges. Hermione looked around the empty room “Thank god it’s empty” she thought as she took a step forward she realised why it was empty “No, this is Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom, I hope she isn’t in here” she said to herself as she walked into a cubicle. Quickly she closed and locked the door of the cubicle and just stood looking down at her waist “How could a simple spell turn my red panties into a nappy?” Hermione wondered, she slowly unclasped her skirt and watched in amazement as she pulled it down over the bulging nappy. It was white with a blue line going down the middle and two tabs on either side, in stunned silence she turned her head to look at her rear and was amazed at how much the nappy was sticking out “Wow, it looks just like a proper nappy, How did it happen?” she thought “Anyway time to take it off” she said and she put her hands around the tabs and pulled. The tabs didn’t move and suddenly Hermione could see the nappy get bigger, Hermione’s eyes went wide as she looked down and saw it was sticking further out at the front than before, the thickness between her legs had grown bigger and as she looked behind her she saw that the back had also expanded. “What is happening?” she thought as panic ran through her, she gave a big tug on the tabs again and once again the nappy expanded, Hermione had to move her legs apart as the thickness between her crotch got larger, she looked down and could only see the tips of her toes now the nappy was protruding 10cm out from her body all the way around “What can I do, I should go back to The Professors class and see if he could help” she said but she then looked down at her skirt “That’s never going to fit over now” she said glumly. Hermione continued to stand in the cubicle with the huge diaper around her crotch when she heard a little giggle coming from the toilet, Hermione turned and saw moaning Myrtle slowly appearing up from the toilet, her hand over her mouth giggling.
  6. My name's Scout & i'm a 12 year old boy (25 irl) currently living in the Seattle area who really wants to go on a vacation, and have a chance to just relax & be a little boy. So for what it's worth I thought i'd see if there is anyone that might wanna take a little diaper boy with them on their next trip?
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