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Found 4 results

  1. This story is a bit of an odd one as it is the first story i ever made bonus content for. It has two smuttier chapters after the four parts that make up the story. I haven't quite decided whether I'm posting them here. (Oh who am I kidding. Of course they'll be posted.) And for those of you keeping track, we're up to early summer of 2019. The story tags will be updated as the different parts are posted so they won't act as spoilers. And as with my other stories, this series has an entry on my index post. ---------------------------------- Road Trip (Part 1 of 4) "This is booooooring," Nikki gave Sarah one of her patented 'looks'. "I know, I know. I sound like a five-year-old." Sarah held up her hands. "Yes. And let's not forget that this was your suggestion," Nikki said. "Remind me never to make vacation suggestions after binge-watching road movies." Sarah took a sip from the bottle of water sitting in the cup-holder on her side of the dashboard. "I'm not sure if the Mad Max movies count as road movies." Nikki adjusted her sunglasses. "I mean, it's not like they're Easy Rider. Or Thelma and Louise." Sarah looked at Nikki and snickered. "What?" "Oh, I was just wondering what you'd look like wearing a stars-and-stripes motorcycle helmet." Nikki gave the accelerator a little nudge. "Don't make me start singing," she said. Sarah feigned horror. "No; anything but that. Please." "Booooooorn to be wiiiiiiiiiild," Nikki bellowed tunelessly, knowing full well that it would make Sarah cringe. "Get your motor running..." "Stop!" "Head out on the highway..." Nikki continued, despite Sarah's protests. Sarah demonstratively stuck her fingers in her ears. "La-la-la-la-la, I'm not listening, I'm not listening," she said loudly. "Lookin' for adventure, and whatever comes our way..." Nikki stopped there; not because of Sarah's antics, but because she couldn't remember more of the lyrics. Once she stopped singing, Sarah calmed down as well. "You're such a baby," Nikki said with a chuckle. "Says the woman who likes to put me in diapers." Nikki didn't say anything in response. She just reached over and stroked Sarah's cheek briefly. For a while they just drove in silence, Sarah looked at the scenery outside the car. They had long since left the city and its surrounding suburbs, but they still passed clusters of houses or warehouses. They did, however, grow smaller and further apart, giving way to fields. "I spy, with my little eye, something beginning with G," Sarah murmured. "Huh?" "Oh nothing. Just looking at the grass." Sarah stared silently out the window. The road in front of them was straight and empty, and a glance in the mirror revealed an equally straight and empty road behind them. One field looked just like the next and Sarah idly began to wonder if she would even be able to tell if they were actually driving in circles. "So, when are you going to tell me where we're going?" Sarah said after what she was convinced was a long while. "Will you relax? It's barely been two hours since we left. I told you it's a surprise, so just enjoy the trip for now." Sarah sighed and reached behind the driver's seat to open the overnight bag she had put there. She rummaged blindly inside until she found the book she was looking for. After pushing the seat as far back as she could and reclining the seat back until she could barely see over the top of the dashboard, Sarah adjusted her glasses and opened the book. "Won't that make you carsick?" Nikki asked, glancing over at Sarah as she tried to find a comfortable position for her legs. "Relax mom." Sarah rolled her eyes. "I haven't been carsick since I was eight." Twenty minutes later, Sarah was hunched over next to the car, getting a second look at everything she had eaten since breakfast. Nikki walked around the car to hold her hair back. "Don't sa-" Sarah dry-heaved, her stomach completely empty. "Don't say 'I told you so'." "I won't sweetie," Nikki reassured her. Her face told a different story as she struggled to hide a smirk. Sarah steadied herself against the side of the car as she caught her breath. Nikki found Sarah's water bottle and handed it to her. She took a sip, rinsed her mouth and spat. "Feeling better?" Nikki asked. Sarah took another small sip and swallowed, grimacing as the cool water burned her throat. "I hate throwing up," she said. Sarah got back inside the car, taking care where she stepped. She brought the seat back up again and put the book away. When Nikki got back behind the wheel, Sarah rolled down the window, hoping that the cool air would help with the nausea. As they resumed their drive, Sarah kept her eyes on the road, trying to stare a hole in the centre line. Occasionally she would take small sips of water. "This suuuuuuuuucks," Sarah complained. "Being carsick? Yeah." Nikki drank the last of the coffee in her big travel mug and put it back in the cup holder. "Not just that. I'm hungry too, but I can't eat anything. And I made road sandwiches." "What do you mean 'road sandwiches'?" "You know: Cheese, ham, eggs, mustard, peppers... Pretty much anything that won't drip or make your fingers sticky." "OK, that makes sense. But why do I sense there's a 'but' coming?" Sarah smiled sheepishly. "I also made a couple of Nutella and salami sandwiches." "A couple of what?!?" Nikki momentarily swerved across the centre line in surprise as she turned to look at Sarah. "You heard me." "But, Nutella and salami?" Nikki made a face. "Don't knock it. I think it's the perfect food for long trips." Nikki just sighed and rolled her eyes. "I guess that explains your weird breath last Christmas after we went to visit your family." "I didn't eat any... sandwiches before that trip." Sarah looked at Nikki and waited for her to return the glance before wiggling her eyebrows. "Wha... Oh." A blush crept up Nikki's cheeks. Sarah sat back and smiled smugly, her nausea momentarily forgotten. "Yeah," she said. "'Oh' indeed. Mom's horseradish-and-bacon devilled eggs should only be eaten when you're alone." Nikki looked at Sarah while her brain processed what she just heard. "Oooooh, you're bad," she said and smacked Sarah's arm. Sarah only sniggered in reply. "Yeah, I'm a baaaaad girl. What're you gonna do about it?" "Oh, you'd think you'd learned not to ask that question." Nikki grinned toothily.
  2. I’m looking for an rp partner willing to play as both a little and big interchangeably with me! In other words: A switch. We would swap roles for each story we do. I could even be the dom/big first as long as we agree to play another one afterwards that involves me as the sub/little. As for plots, I’m thinking anything involving wetting, messing, hypnosis, fantasy elements, and/or forced regression. But above all I like to focus on humiliation! I am open to hearing out your ideas! So if any babies/switches/caregivers are interested please dm me or reply to this message!
  3. Hey there! I'm Thorn (he/him). New member, long time writer and self-published author of queer fiction. I've been looking for somewhere to post some DL stories, and then I found you folks! So I thought I'd share a little something I've been working on lately. It's a work-in-progress with quite a bit written already, so I'll be posting new chapters frequently. I'd love some feedback and I'm not afraid of constructive criticism, so bring it on! lol Summary: Caiden is an eighteen-year-old trans boy about to graduate from high school. He's been a bedwetter all his life, but when he develops Irritable Bowel Syndrome, with explosive diarrhoea as a symptom, he starts wearing his bedtime diapers in the daytime. When his best friend Victor discovers his secret, Caiden is sure he won't want to be friends anymore, but that isn't what happens at all . . . CW: This story contains messing, light BDSM, Dom/sub dynamics, coarse language, and sexual situations between consenting individuals over eighteen. I looked and couldn't find any rules that prohibit any of these things, but if there are some, please let me know and I will edit accordingly. ———————— Chapter 1. ‘Caiden!’ He turned his head as he heard his name and saw Victor running up to him. ‘Hey. Where were you earlier? You missed English.’ Caiden tried his best not to blush. ‘Yeah. Sorry. I . . . wasn’t feeling well.’ He looked down and mumbled, ‘Stomach upset.’ Victor frowned, now caught up and walking alongside him. ‘Again? Didn’t that happen last week too?’ Caiden nodded. ‘Yeah. In Math.’ His friend made a face. ‘Sorry, dude. Was it something you ate?’ Caiden shrugged. ‘Maybe. It’s hard to tell. Mom thinks it might be some IBS shit or something . . . Anyway. Let’s change the subject, you don’t wanna hear about my bowel movements.’ Victor laughed. ‘Maybe I do?’ Caiden stopped, looking at him with an eyebrow raised, and Victor laughed again. ‘Nah, bro, just kidding.’ Caiden laughed as well and they resumed their walk, but then he was quiet, mostly just listening as Victor talked about what they’d gone over in English that afternoon. They parted ways at their usual spot and exchanged fistbumps. Then Caiden set off home. Truth was, he had barely made it to the bathroom in time today. In fact, he hadn’t, a little bit had come out in his shorts before he managed to get them off. He carried a spare pair of underwear in his gym bag that was stashed in his locker, thankfully, so he’d been able to change, but it was still embarrassing. When he got home, no one else was there yet. His parents were both at work and his younger twin brothers still at school. He went to the bathroom, getting his soiled shorts out of a plastic bag in his backpack and rinsing them in the bathtub before throwing them in the laundry basket. Entering his room, he pondered. He knelt next to the bed and pulled out the drawer underneath, where he kept his nighttime diapers. Caiden had been wetting the bed all his life. It was like his body had never quite pulled off that whole subconsciously holding your bladder thing. He’d had a few close calls in the daytime as well, though he hadn’t wet himself when awake since he was in grade school. Now he was eighteen, nearly finished with high school. His stomach troubles had started about half a year ago. Until today, he’d managed to make it to the toilet every time, but this minor accident had made up his mind about something he’d been considering for a while; whether he should wear his diapers in the daytime as well. A couple of weeks ago he’d woken up with a stomach ache and, in his sleepy, groggy state, had let it all out in his diaper instead of rushing to the toilet. Once he woke up properly, he felt ashamed. He’d gone to the bathroom, changed himself, and gotten rid of the evidence. If they found out, his mom would worry, his brothers would tease him, and his step-dad would be a dick about it as usual, like he was about everything else. He’d sworn to himself never to do it in his diaper again, but since then it had begun to occur to him that it might not be so bad to have a safety net of sorts. So if he didn’t make it in time, he’d have an easy fix. It could have come in handy today. The diapers he slept in were designed for heavy urine incontinence, though they worked for bowel incontinence as well. And anyway, it wasn’t like he’d be properly pooping in them, they’d just be there for safety. Caiden undressed, leaving just his chest binder on. Then he took a diaper from the drawer and put it on. He pulled his shorts and his jeans back on and looked in the mirror. The jeans were loose, like most of his clothes, and he inspected himself thoroughly. There was no real noticeable bulge. Caiden had been blessed with slim hips and a small behind. The padding made no noticeable difference. He moved around a bit, listening for any noise. There wasn’t much. A slight occasional crinkle, his waistband sliding against the diaper, but nothing anyone would notice. He stared at his reflection and laughed at himself a little. Was he really going to wear a diaper to school tomorrow? His stomach rumbled. ‘Fuck, not this again,’ he muttered. He made to go to the bathroom, but then the thought occurred to him that he might want to test the diaper, see if it could hold a potential accident. He reached to undo his jeans, take off both them and his shorts so they wouldn’t risk getting messy . . . but there was no time. Caiden farted loudly, and then the poop rushed out of him and into his diaper. It was soft and squishy, not exactly liquid diarrhoea, but far from solid. Then it stopped, though he knew there was more, and, figuring that he might as well get it all out, he squatted down and pushed, groaning with the strain. A more solid clump was blocking the rest of it from coming out, and it took a moment to press it out. When it was over, he was trembling and panting. He stood up, making a face at the feeling of his full diaper. He inspected himself in the full length mirror. There was now a considerable bulge, but his jeans looked fine, and he took them off. His shorts were fine too, though he didn’t want to gamble on the diaper holding this kind of load for long, and so he got a fresh one out of the drawer and went to the bathroom to clean up and change. Standing in the shower, he felt suddenly horny. He reached down, rubbing himself. He thought of Victor. Then he wondered what Victor would think if he knew that Caiden wore diapers now. The thought made him blush. Somehow, the thought of Victor knowing turned him on more, and he rubbed himself yet more vigorously, until he came with shaking thighs. By the time Caiden was finished in the bathroom, his mother had come home. ‘Oh!’ she said, as he came out of the bathroom. ‘There you are, Kayla.’ ‘Mom, it’s Caiden,’ he said, somewhat exasperated. ‘I’m sorry. Caiden.’ She sighed. ‘I’m sorry, it just takes a little getting used to, is all.’ ‘Yeah. It’s okay. Just . . . try?’ ‘I am. I promise. I haven’t referred to you as my daughter in months.’ She smiled. ‘How was school?’ ‘It was okay.’ Caiden hesitated. ‘Mom?’ ‘Mhm?’ ‘I . . . I had another stomach upset today and . . . I kind of had an accident. Just . . . just a little one!’ he hurried to say. ‘I just . . . almost didn’t make it. To the bathroom.’ His face felt hot. ‘Aww, I’m sorry, baby!’ Caiden’s mother hugged him. ‘You okay?’ ‘Yeah. Fine. But . . .’ He licked his lips. ‘I think I should . . . start wearing the . . . you know. In the daytime as well. Like, to school. Just . . . just as a precaution. Until we can figure out what’s wrong with my stomach, you know?’ His mother nodded. ‘Hm, yeah . . . That might actually be a good idea. If you’re having a hard time making it to the bathroom on time. It would be just awful if you pooped your pants in class, wouldn’t it?’ Caiden snorted. ‘“Just awful” doesn’t begin to cover it, Mom. It would be the end of my life.’ ‘All right. I’ll make sure we keep stocked up, all right, baby?’ ‘Yeah. Thanks, Mom.’ Caiden bit his lip. ‘Hey . . . do you think you could maybe not mention this to Brendan and Ryker? Or to Sam? I . . . I’d rather they not know. It’s embarrassing enough wearing diapers at night.’ ‘Of course, sweetie.’ She hugged him. ‘I won’t tell a soul.’
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