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Found 2 results

  1. Trapped in Diaper Dreams: Prologue I yawned, despite the three cups of coffee I'd already downed this evening. The subject of my testing, a Mr. Franklin Jones, snored next to me at a decibel level high enough that I wondered if I should be wearing ear plugs to prevent any long-term damage. Well, I'd have to remember that for next time. Mr. Jones was had volunteered for a special sleep study in which I, Dr. Hannah Lynton, tested my ingenious invention on him. It was an apparatus designed to allow a conscious person to control the dreams of someone who was asleep by measuring the activity of the awake person and projecting it as theta waves into the brain of the sleeper. On the surface, not many people see the utility of such a device. Why would you want to control someone's dreams? But they don't see the bigger picture. This could be used to allow people to speak to comatose loved ones. Or perhaps it could be used as a rehabilitation method on the criminally insane? The possibilities are as limitless as… Well, as dreams! Unfortunately, I haven't had much success. The test involved myself and the patient wearing special headgear attached to the machine between us. Then once he was asleep, I was to read a novel–in this case Moby Dick–and then when the patient awakes we ask him what he dreamt about and see if it matches the events of the book. This was our 5th time repeating this test and we've seen few positive results. On the 2nd night he did dream about being on a boat, but that's where the similarities ended. If tonight didn't yield any workable results, I'd be back to the drawing board. The door opened to my right and I managed to glance up from my book to see my colleague, Dr. Bethany Avery bringing me another cup of coffee. "Having fun yet?" she whispered. I gave her a quick smile and turned my attention back to my book. Protocol dictated that I keep distractions to a minimum. Although I had to admit, I could find myself very easily distracted by Dr. Avery… She placed the coffee cup on the tray next to me and took my empty one. "I don't know how you manage to drink so much coffee during these tests knowing you can't get up to use the bathroom until morning. Unless you're wearing an adult diaper or something?” I cringed at the thought. A diaper? Me? ”As if I would ever do something so…” Humiliating? Childish? ”Unprofessional.” She shrugged “Is it really all that less-professional than pissing in a bottle?” She glanced under my chair and I felt heat rise up to my cheeks. I know she couldn't see the bottle I'd hidden inside my purse, but I suppose she must have surmised that I was finding some way to relieve myself during these overnight tests. I think she sensed my discomfort with the topic and backed off a bit “Sorry, I'm being weird. Do whatever you think is best, doctor.” The sudden use of an honorific somehow made me feel like I'd messed up. Pushing Bethany away was the last thing I wanted. “N-no, it's fine! I umm… I guess I just… Never thought of it that way?” Perhaps I was just projecting my own desires, but I could've sworn I caught a hint of a smirk in her eyes. Was she… Enjoying watching me get all flustered? “Well, if you decide you wanna try it, I can probably sneak a diaper from the supply closet for you.” she winked, heading out of the room. My gaze lingered on the doorway after she was gone. Damn. She sure does have a way of getting under my skin… And her idea was… Not without merit. Using my “piss bottle” as she called it, was among my least favorite parts of this whole experiment. I'd never considered that there might be an alternative solution. But diapers? Really? How could I, a grown woman, stoop so low as to wear a diaper and pee myself like some kind of… Baby? And why are my cheeks burning so badly at the thought? *ZZZZZZTTT!* The lights overhead suddenly flickered as something on the machine burst and sparks spewed out. But none of that registered to my mind as my body went completely rigid and my head felt like it was on fire! I don't know if it lasted a second or several minutes, but when the Surge of electricity finally subsided I slumped in my seat, my vision darkening as I fell into unconsciousness… \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ (And now, a message from Wannatripbaby): Hi all! So this is the Prologue for a sort of Anthology series Princessdiapergirl and myself have decided to start for any sort of random, crazy story idea we get that isn't quite big or bold enough for a multi-chapter story. This way we can get straight into the good stuff without all the set-up. So far, we have one (1) fully written story for this series which we will likely post sometime within the next few days. After that? Well, that's where you come in! If you can think of any crazy or kinky scenarios you'd like to see us inflict upon our poor Dr. Hannah Lynton, leave a Comment down below and tell us! We might just make it a reality! 😁
  2. Alice's Day in Very Full Diapers Rejoice! For I have once again written a smut. 🤣 But this time I wasn't alone. I co-wrote this story with the lovely PrincessDiaperGirl on Deviantart, whom I shall link to here: https://www.deviantart.com/princessdiapergirl (She doesn't have an account here so we agreed that she'd post the story on DA while I post it here 😅) NOTE: All characters depicted here are 18+ years old. Enjoy! ***** Alice stood rigidly in front of the three members of the House of Azalea Doves who would be deciding her fate. In the center of the group was Jennifer. With her auburn hair pulled back into a ponytail, her round glasses perched perfectly on her face, and the pledge book in her arms, she gave off the impression of being the leader of the trio. To her right was Britney. Though they all wore the same button-up and navy blazer with matching skirt that was the school uniform, Britney's dark makeup, lip piercing, and generally menacing aura gave off a somewhat scary vibe. Like Wednesday Addams, if she were also captain of the Track team and could bend you in half with one arm tied behind her back. And last but not least was Harmony. The red hair and freckles combined with the not-too-subtle southern drawl caused her to stand out from her peers. But the confidence in her emerald eyes seemed to indicate that she wasn't insecure about any of it. "Good Morning, Alice." Jennifer greeted with a smile. "I hope you slept well. You've got a big day ahead of you." Alice yawned, indicating that she may not have had the best night. Must've been the nerves, after all she'd been working up the courage to join for months now. Her long blonde hair was pulled up in a messy bun, hastily done just hours before. Her voice was shaky, again due to nerves. "Y-yes- I'm.. I'm ready." "Good," Jennifer nodded. "We here at the House of Azalea Doves sorority only take in the most-dedicated pledges." "So you can expect today to be hell." Britney added with no visible emotion on her face. "Did you *prepare* yourself for the Initiation like we told ya to?" Harmony asked with a smirk. Alice looked down sheepishly at her skirt. "Y-yes-.. just as you asked-" "Do you honestly expect us to just take your word for it? Show us." Britney ordered, the faint traces of a malicious grin tugging at her lips. "I-I- uhh.. fine.." Alice's face was burning with embarrassment as she turned around and lifted her skirt. Beneath her skirt was a pair of translucent baby blue plastic pants which did very little to conceal the puffy white diaper she was wearing. "Let's see if you got it on right." Harmony said, stepping up to Alice and gently lowering the plastic pants down to mid-thigh before running her fingertips over the crinkly plastic padding. Alice froze up. The feeling of Harmony's fingers rubbing over her diaper was one of best things she'd ever felt. It was all she could do to hold in a yelp of pleasure. "Very good! You even got the tapes straight." she said, slapping the back of Alice's diaper with a dull thud. "Good girl." "Eep!" She couldn't help herself, a quiet yelp escaped Alice's lips. The combination of the rubbing, the quick slap and the "good girl" was too much for her. "th-thank you.." she muttered, face still flaming with embarrassment. Jennifer nodded her head "Good. Then we can begin with phase 1 of the Initiation." she said, setting her book down and going over to a table, retrieving an opaque Tupperware container. Alice peered curiously at the container. "What's the first phase?" Britney stalked around Alice like a lioness circling her prey "Oh, did you think the Initiation was just gonna be wearing a diaper for a day?" Harmony crosses in front of the poor girl, grinning like the Cheshire Cat "No no, you're gonna be wearing a FULL diaper all day, Hon." Alice shrank back, trying to back into a wall but instead tripping clumsily over a chair. "Wh-what? But- b-but this wasn't.. nodody said-" "Oh quit your whining," Britney sneered down at Alice "Just because you're dressed like a baby doesn't mean you have to cry like one!" Harmony leans down and offers her a hand up "Careful, Hon. We don't want you hittin' that pretty little head a' yours, do we?" Alice took Harmony's hand, blushing a deep red as she spoke. "Thanks...". She shot a look at Britney. It was becoming clear who Alice favored out of the group. Jennifer continued on as if nothing had happened "We have each selected a substance or object to put in your diaper at the beginning of each of the 3 phases." "And if you happen to fill your diapers on your own, that's your problem." Britney added. "If you can make it to the end of the day without removing your diaper, you will be welcomed in as an official Azalea Dove!" Harmony said. Alice was taken aback. She'd known that she had to wear a diaper, sure, but nobody had told her that the girls would be filling it with.. "substances" as Jennifer had called them. "I-I-.." She took a deep breath. "Fine. I'll-I'll do it." "Excellent!" Jennifer said, "For your 1st phase, I wanted to pick something that wouldn't be too unpleasant. So I decided on a batch of oatmeal." She opens the container to reveal what looked like a pretty hefty amount of oatmeal, especially for what she intended to do with it. "Harmony, would you please pull the back of her diaper open?" Alice cringed at the thought. A load of oatmeal right down her diaper? Suppose she's doing what has to be done, after all it was basically her dream to join up with these girls. Harmony complied and held the back of Alice's diaper open for Jennifer. What came next was the scraping of a spoon against Tupperware and the sensation of Alice's diaper being filled up with a load of surprisingly-warm mush. Another quiet yelp came from Alice. She squirmed around at the uncomfortable sensation but that only made the mushy oatmeal wriggle around more and settle into the bottom of her diaper, nestling itself right up against her butt. "There we go. All done!" Jennifer's cheery voice exclaimed as Harmony released the back of Alice's diaper, causing it to snap back into place. As the diaper snapped back against Alice's skin, one more yelp came for good measure. She didn't dare move, just in case she agitated the mush further. Unfortunately for Alice, Harmony had other plans. She smacks the padded girl's butt again, squishing the mess thoroughly "How's that feel, darlin'?" she asks teasingly. Alice immediately clasped her hands to her mouth to stifle a moan of pure pleasure. "W-well- it.. it's-.. probably the worst thing I've ever felt.. who even came up with this?" "Let's just say it was a... Collaborative effort." Harmony explains. "I still think it's f***ing weird, but whatever." "Britney! Language!" "Oh go to hell, Jen! We're all adults. Well... Most of us." she responds, glancing at Alice. At Britney's comment, Alice gazed at the floor shamefully. Jennifer straightens her glasses "now then, I believe your next class starts soon so you better get going." "And remember," Britney began, "you can quit and take the diaper off at any time. But you know what *that* will mean." "Nah, I think she's gonna make it through the day." Harmony winked at the diapered girl. "She seems like Azalea Dove material." At Harmony's compliment, Alice squared her shoulders as best she could "I-I can do it! I'll make it through the whole day-" "Wonderful." Jennifer smiles "Now run along and we will save you a seat at lunch time so we can check on how you're doing." "And start phase 2." Britney added, knowing it would make Alice squirm. Alice looked back at the girls before she left, giving Harmony a quick smile. Making her way across campus to get to class turned out to be a lot more-challenging than Alice expected. Each step she took caused the oatmeal in her diaper to shift and squish against her, and the added bulk forced her to concentrate on not waddling to avoid drawing suspicion. Alice had to keep her mouth firmly shut to avoid yelping at the feeling of her mushy diaper. Eventually, she made it to class, and was even a few minutes early and was the first person there. Her relief, however, was cut short when she had the horrific realization that she was going to have to sit down in the mush-filled diaper clinging to her butt. She slowly lowered herself down to the chair, anticipating the squishing that was about to come. In hindsight, this was a terrible idea. The mushy oatmeal slowly squishing against the seat of her diaper as it made contact with the chair was agonizing. Students slowly started filtering into the classroom followed by the professor as class was getting started. The old man's droning voice was hard enough to pay attention to on a good day, and Alice's thoughts were already too fixated on the squishy feeling of the diaper beneath her skirt. She could barely concentrate. Maybe it was all the concentrating on the mushy oatmeal feeling, or maybe it was the slightly comforting feeling of the diaper, but she was slowly drifting off to sleep. The next thing she knew, the Professor was tapping on her desk with a ruler, startling her awake "I hope I'm not interrupting your nap time?" he said with a slight smirk, indicating that he wasn't mad. A quick glance around the room revealed no other students. She'd slept through the whole class! "H-huh?? I-I-.. uhm.. s-sorry sir.. didn't sleep well last night.." An embarrassing apology to be sure, but nothing bad could come from it... Right? Then it hit her. Alice had to stand up. Stand up.. in her mushy, oatmeal filled diaper. This was going to be a problem. A warm chuckle escaped his lips "It's quite alright, dear. You can find the material we covered today in chapter 4 before my next class tomorrow. Just try not to make a habit of it, alright?" Without waiting for an answer he heads back towards his desk at the front of the classroom. "I-I'll look at that tonight sir.." Now comes the trouble of standing up. She had to yet again hold back her whimpers of pleasure as the mushy oatmeal slowly unstuck itself from both her ass and her diaper. Once she'd slowly risen from the chair, she made her way out of the room and to her next class. The next class was much more of the same--another boring lesson she couldn't be bothered to pay attention to, when her thoughts were so preoccupied with her diaper. Thoughts which, unfortunately, were cut short when she felt a twinge in her bladder about halfway through Class and remembered what Britney said about "filling" her diaper throughout the day. She tried to fight the urge, and almost saved herself by thinking about asking to leave to use the bathroom... Not remembering that it wasn't permitted unless you had a medical reason. This was certainly not one of those reasons for not using the toilet. She would've gone before her last class but she was too preoccupied with the Azalea Doves initiation. She couldn't stop herself any longer, and a warm feeling spread into her diaper, accompanied by a quiet sound of her piss hitting both the diaper and the oatmeal. As the liquid mixed with the mush inside, the feeling only worsened… Alice couldn't resist the urge to carefully reach down between her legs and lightly prod the diaper. It felt so warm! And it could be her imagination, but it seemed like it had swelled quite a bit from her pee. A shiver ran up her spine at the thought of being stuck wearing this diaper all day--continuing to "fill" it, on top of whatever Britney and Harmony had planned for her. Just how far were they expecting her to go? What would they make her do next? She was hit by a crushing feeling that this was only the beginning… Luckily for most, though very unlucky for Alice, it was lunch, so she set off to find the table with the Azalea Doves.. to start the second phase.
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