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Found 4 results

  1. I do not know why I am bothering but If I can get 10 LG's we could have a dolly club
  2. Hello, I was wondering if there is a place or something that has content from the defunct website ClubDiapers.com. I cant find anything anywhere sadly
  3. This a story I started working on around three years ago but eventually abandoned. I haven't worked on it in probably two and half years and don't really see myself finishing it. I figure I might as well publish it for others to read. ----- "Katie! This is the 3rd time you're late this month! Get out of here, you're fired!" My ass hole boss yelled at me inside his office. My name is Katie Williams, and I've just been fired from my minimum wage job at Burger King. Considering the bills that I need to pay, I should be begging for my job. But because of my ass hole boss and the shitty atmosphere I couldn't care less. "Good," I yelled back, "I can't stand another day in this place!" I stormed out of the store and back out to my car. I took a moment to assess my situation as I drove back to my apartment. After I dropped out of college when I was 19, my parents refused to let me live rent free with them. It's been over a year since then, and now I'm jobless, broke, and have to pay rent in a week. Once I got home, I stripped out of my uniform and put my pajamas back on. Laying back down in my bed, I took a look at my phone. I scrolled through Instagram for a little bit before deciding to message my friend Sam on Snapchat. Me: "I just got fired again." Sam: "Seriously? Isn't this like the 3rd time?" Me: "It's only the 2nd!" I had previously gotten fired from Sonic for, surprise surprise, being late. That's also one of the reasons I had to drop out of college. I'm just not a morning person. Sam: "Well what are you going to do?" Me: "Idk yet. Do you know of any openings anywhere?" Sam: "I overheard my room mate talking with someone online about some place called 'The Playpen' here in town. Idk anything about it, but she said they're understaffed right now. Maybe it's worth looking into? If not, then I'm sure the McDonald's on McAlistar is hiring." Me: "I don't think I could stand another fast food job. That PlayPen place sounds interesting, I'll take a look at it." I set my phone aside and pulled out my laptop. Based on the name, I could only assume The Playpen was some kind of daycare facility. I opened Google and searched for "Sacramento Playpen." There were a couple ads about places selling toddler playpens, but none for daycare facilities. I looked a little deeper and eventually found a result that stood out from the others. "Sacramento Playpen Adult BDSM Club," it read. There's no way this could be what Sam had mentioned, but my curiosity got the best of me and I decided to take a look. After clicking on the link and confirming I was over 18, I was greeted to an image of a naked girl wearing a pair of handcuffs, an over sized diaper, a pacifier, and a giant baby bib covering her nipples. This shocked me a little, but only made me more curious. There was a large block of text under the image that gave a description of the club. "The Playpen is the countries leading bondage and adult baby club. Founded in 2004, we have helping to fulfill the bondage and adult baby fantasies of people from all over the country. At the Playpen, we offer dominatrix's that can tame any big baby into submission, submissives for you to punish and babify, or rent-able playrooms for partners. Interested? Fill out the form here and tell us what your biggest adult baby or bondage fantasy is and we'll do what we can to make it come true." First of all: what the fuck? What is an "adult baby" and what the hell happens at this club? I took to Google and searched the term. I found a few websites that explained what it is and what it involves. I could understand BDSM. My ex used to tie my hands together when we would do it, and I loved it. But wearing a diaper? Drinking from a bottle? I've never even thought of doing that sexually. I guess there are some really interesting people out there. I headed back to the Playpen website and scrolled down a little further. There were links to examples of the services they offer. The first one was for the dominatrix services. I clicked on it and it showed a picture of a man wearing only a diaper and ball gag tied down in a giant crib. Towering over him was a woman wearing a leather body suit holding a riding crop. The next image showed a dude wearing a big infantile pink dress and a giant diaper strapped into a spanking bench. The dominatrix from the last image was standing behind him, holding a large paddle. The final image showed a woman, naked except for her diaper, strapped into the large highchair. There was a woman in a motherly dress holding a large baby bottle up to her mouth while she drank it. I was getting kind of curious what it would be like to be locked in a giant piece of furniture like that... I closed the images and clicked on the one for the rent-able playrooms. It popped up with several pictures of a cross between an over sized nursery and a fully stocked BDSM dungeon. There were images of a crib, highchair, a changing table, and a large potty training chair, all fully outfitted with restraints. Another picture showed a closet filled to the brim with different kinds of diapers, infantile dresses, gags, cuffs, harnesses, vibrators, dildos, and what I could only assume to be spanking tools. I could feel myself getting a little excited by this. I always loved getting spanked during sex, and the wall of spanking implements was getting me a little worked up. The next image had a spanking bench, a pillory, and a an X-cross. The final image set was for the submissive section. The first image showed a girl wearing a school girl outfit and a very wet diaper locked in a pillory. There looked to be a pacifier in her mouth, but it was held in place by a strap that reached around her head. Next was an image of a girl tied spread eagle on the changing table. She has an open diaper placed under her, appearing to be in the middle of getting changed into the garment. There was a pacifier gag strapped around her head as well and a vibrator sitting on next to her on the changing table. The final image really got me going. It showed a girl laying across a mans lap. Instead of wearing a diaper, she was wearing a children's pull-up. The pull-up was brought down to her knees, leaving her bottom bare for the spanking she was clearly about to receive. This image really got my privates tingling. I could only imagine myself, placed over a mans lap. My panties being pulled down and my ass rapidly swatted by his firm hands. I tried to imagine a scenario for the image on my screen. Maybe he checked the pull-up she was wearing, saw that it was wet, and decided a spanking was the most suitable punishment? I wasn't sure if I was into this whole adult baby thing, but the bondage part of this club was making me beyond excited. I definitely wanted to know more. I closed the submissive image set and scrolled down to the bottom of the page. The was a dark gray banner with the words "We're always looking for crew members! Think you have what it takes? Come give us a visit!" This pulled me back to reality and the reason I had even found the page. Could this actually be the job opening that Sam has mentioned? Was her roommate into this stuff? I've never thought of being a stripper or anything like that before, but this place genuinely had me interested. I enjoyed being tied up, but diapers? I've never thought of it before, but I guess I wouldn't be opposed to it? Doing this with a lover was one thing, but it would be a lot different with complete strangers being in control. Maybe I could stop by the place and ask a few questions? I've always heard that places like this pay well, and that's exactly what I need right now. The banner listed the clubs address and stated to come in and talk to them if you were even slightly interested. I decided that that was exactly what I was going to do. I hanged around my house until about 6:30, contemplating my decision the entire time. The club opened for business at 7:00, so I thought that now would be a good time to get ready and leave. It was about a 20 minute drive to the club. I parked my car in a half full parking lot near by and started walking towards the building that was mentioned on their website. A tingling feeling started to appear in the bottom of my stomach as I approached the building. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea, I thought. But before I knew it I was already opening the door and walking in. The were a few people waiting to get in, waiting for a bouncer to check their IDs. I got in the back of the line and took my drivers license out of my purse. I heard the bouncer ask the person in front of him which section he was going to. I couldn't hear the mans reply, but the bouncer pointed somewhere through the curtain behind him. When it was finally my turn in line I handed over my ID to him. He took a look at it before saying "I don't recognize you. Do you have an appointment or are you just looking for the bar?" "I-I came here because of the banner saying you were looking for staff on the website." I said, looking down like I had done something bad. "In that case, take a right and go talk to Ms. Juniper in here office at the very end of the hall. Good luck." I thanked him and went behind the curtain. Behind it was an entrance to a large bar, filled with people drinking from both baby bottles and regular glasses. There were many people, both male and female, who who obviously wearing diapers. The majority of the people wearing diapers had a few infantile accessories, such as pacifiers clipped to their shirts or bibs around their neck. The entrance was right in the middle of a long hallway, so once I had finished starring at the bars occupants I headed down the right hall. There were a lot of doors in this hallway. I could only assume that they were the play rooms that were mentioned on the website. As I waked past one the doors, I heard what was definitely someone being spanked. I continued my walk until I reached the door with big white letters writing out "Ms. Juniper." Taking a deep breath, I mustered all of my courage and knocked on the door. "Come in." someone on the other side of the door said. I opened the door and did as they instructed. Inside of the room was a normal office with a woman sitting at a computer. The woman had long brunette hair and appeared to be in her mid to late thirties. She was wearing a normal dress shirt and had her hair down. "How can I help you?" she said, looking up from her computer monitor. "I-I'm here to talk about the j-job posting on your website." I nervously said to her. "Oh! Perfect! Close the door and take a seat." she instructed. I followed her directions and took my place at the seat in front of her desk. I sat down with my legs closed together. I wonder if she was able to hear how hard my heart was beating? "Thank you for taking the time to come in. My name is Patrica Juniper, but you probably know me as Ms. Juniper. Let's start off with some questions. Can you please tell me a little bit about yourself?" Ms. Juniper said. "Well, my name is Katie Williams, and I recently got fired from my job. I stumbled upon your website last night and took a look around. I've never seen a lot of this stuff before, but after taking a look around the website I knew I was interested in learning more." I replied, nervous how she would respond. "Which parts are you new to?" Ms. Juniper asked. "The d-diapers and baby stuff mostly. I've done some BDSM stuff before, but nothing to level of what I saw on the site." I replied, blushing. "I take it you're interested in the submissive portion of the club then. I also assume you've never done any kind of 'adult performance' work before too. Normally I would turn away someone as inexperienced as you are, but we're short staffed and I think you will be quite popular. I want to go over a few things with you and ask a few more questions. Let me start with what all you would be doing if you take the job. First of all, you will likely be wearing a diaper and restrained more often than not. There's also a certain amount of pain you need to be able to endure. A lot of requests will involve you being spanked, and you will need to be able to endure it. Is that something you think you can handle?" The thought of being spanked started to get me a little excited. The thought of being restrained wasn't helping too much either. The diapers were going to be an interesting new experience, but I could probably handle it. I wasn't dispelled and wanted to hear more. "I think I can handle it. It's embarrassing to admit, but I've loved being spanked for a while now. I also like being tied up during sex. I've never thought of wearing a diaper before, but I'm not turned away by the idea." I answered, beet red. "I like to hear that. That also leads into my next question. While not all of the guests are here for sexual reasons, the majority are. I assume by coming here, you already knew this. The guests are not allowed to directly penetrate you, but they will be allowed to use a large range of sex toys on you. Are you okay with doing this, even in front of crowds of people? Since you're not experienced with this, I would like you think it over a little before answering. Take all the time you need." Ms. Juniper continued. I was a little scared now. I'm not a virgin, but getting tied up and having sex toys used on me in front of dozens of people wasn't something I'd thought about or done before. Maybe it wasn't a good idea to come here. But, why am I still as excited as before? Maybe I could try it once and quit if I absolutely hate it? Ms. Juniper would understand, right? It was still sounding better than going back to another fast food job. "I'm a little scared, but I think I can do it. It sounds more appealing than working another fast food job." I responded. "Alright then. If you think you can handle the job, then I welcome you aboard." She said, standing up and reaching out her hand. "Thank you!" I replied, standing up and shaking her hand. "Now that we got that out of the way, let me explain how our system works. You probably read this on the site, but we service peoples custom fantasies. These fantasies are filled out online. You will be given an account for our website and you will be able to see these fantasies. From here, you will be able to read them over and bid on them. The client will be shown a picture of you and the price you're willing to do it for. They can then select who they want to carry out that fantasy. After they're finished with you, you get to keep all of the money." Ms. Juniper explained after we had retaken our seats. "There is also the live performance area, for if you don't have a client that night or are between appointments. You probably saw this area when you walked in. In here, we have actresses up on stage performing various situations together. This are usually pretty similar to what happens in the one-on-one rooms, but in front of a large crowd. Here, take a look." Ms. Juniper said before turning around her computer monitor. On the screen was video from what I assumed was a security camera. The video was showing the stage in the performance area that I saw when I walked in. On the stage were two women. One women was wearing your typical leather dominatrix outfit and the other was locked inside of a pillory with her legs spread wide, wearing only a big blue and white diaper. The diaper was taped up, but pulled down below the womans butt cheeks. Protruding from her butt was a long tube that ran to a red rubber bag. At this point it was evident to me that the restrained girl was receiving an enema. Ms. Juniper clicked something on her computer and I began to hear the sound from the stage. There was a lot of white noise coming from the crowd. The dominatrix on stage then removed the tube from the other womans butt and quickly pulled the diaper back up. "Now you be a good girl and hold that enema until I say to release it, Cindy. We're now going to be taking bid for the person who's going to come up and give this naughty little girl her spanking while she's filling her diaper. Let's start at $20!" The dominatrix said to the crowd. This was just like a normal auction. The girl in the pillory was squirming in place while the dominatrix kept listing off the highest bid. After about a minute the highest bid was $150. The dominatrix instructed the bidder to make his way on stage while she got ready for him. A simple wooden chair was brought on stage by a stage hand. While the man was making his way to the stage, the dominatrix pulled out a leash and walked around to the other side of the pillory. She attached the leash to something on the other woman and released the lock on the pillory. The diapered woman stayed in place after the top half of the pillory was raised. The dominatrix then came back around and used the cuffs that were apparently attached to the womans wrists to restrain her arms behind her back. She then tugged on the leash that was attached to a collar around the womans neck and began to lead her to where the man was now sitting. It took a couple of seconds for the girl to slowly waddle over there. I finally got to see the diapered womans face as she was being lead to the man. Around her neck was a pink dog collar with the leash attached to it. There also appeared to be a giant pacifier strapped around her face, gagging her. For some reason I was expecting her to be sobbing, but she looked like she was more excited than ever before. Once they arrived at the man, who was now sitting in the chair, the dominatrix gently pushed the woman down onto his lap. "All right everyone, it looks like this little girl is all set for her spanking! Once this fine gentleman delivers the first blow on her diapered bottom, she will be allowed to let loose and soil her diaper. Is everyone ready?" The dominatrix said, turning to the audience. The crowd let out a symphony of cheers and approvals as the man brought his hand down on the womans diapered bottom. The man and woman were positioned so that the womans bottom was directly facing the audience and the camera. After a few more swats, the back of the diaper was beginning to expand and change color. The woman was obviously releasing the enema into the diaper all while receiving a spanking in front of dozens of people. The man continued his assault on her diapered bottom for another minute while she finished releasing the enema. When she was done, she went limp on the mans lap. This didn't discourage the man however, as he lost no speed in continuing the spanking. "It looks like our little girl has finished filling her diaper! Since she took her punishment so well, I think she deserves a little treat!" The dominatrix said to the crowd. A stage hand came on stage and handed the man a vibrator. It seems he already knew what to do, as he turned it on a pressed up against the crotch of the diaper. The woman immediately tensed up and began fidgeting. The man held her down with one arm while keeping the vibrator pressed against her diaper with the other. It took less than 30 seconds for the woman to orgasm and go limp on the man's lap once again. The dominatrix moved to the womans face and began removing her gag. Once it was removed, she moved her microphone ear piece close enough to the womans face for her to speak into it. "What do we say to the kind man for helping punish you?" the dominatrix asked the woman, in a voice like she was talking to a toddler. "Thank you for punishing me, sir." The woman said, coming off of her post-orgasm high. "It was no problem, sweetheart." Replied the man, lightly patting the seat of her diaper. "That concludes this show, everyone! If you would like to tip little Cindy for a job well done, please let the lady at the front know! We're going to go get this little girl cleaned up. Our next performance will be at the start of the next hour!" Explained the dominatrix to the crowd. The diapered women then had her leash tugged on and was brought to her feet. The dominatrix then proceeded to guide her behind the stage and they soon vanished. "That was a perfect example of what you will be doing if you take the job. Do you think you would be able to handle something like that or something even more intense?" Ms. Juniper asked me, bringing me back to reality. I was taken aback by what I had just witnessed. It was almost surreal watching that scene while it was happening. The weirdest part about it though, was that it turned me on. I honestly wanted to see more and even take part in it. Thinking about being tied, spanked, and humiliated all while being paid? I definitely think I could handle that. "Yes, I believe I can." I answered. "I like to hear that. Let me explain how you will be paid then. As I mentioned earlier, the guest fantasies will have a price that you bid on. When you're starting out, we can help you with judging good prices. The house takes a fee when they post the guest posts the listing, so all the money shown will go to you. If you're not servicing a fantasy, then you can be up on stage performing for guests like you just saw Cindy doing. When doing this you will be paired up with a dom, who will run the show while you play along. There will be points in the show where guests in the audience can bid on playing a certain role. You and the dom will each get 40% of the bid, while the house gets the remaining 20%. Is this making sense?" Ms. Juniper explained. "Yes, it is." I replied. "Alright. Guests can also book you to go to the one-on-one rooms. They'll describe what they're wanting to do, and you can accept or decline based on how much they're paying. Think of it like a more impromptu fantasy. I should mention that there are cameras in every one-on-one room for safety reasons. I should also mention that guests are not allowed to penetrate you at all. This rule doesn't apply to dildos and other sex toys, however. You can consent to this before hand when you take the commission. There is also a safe word here. If you ever feel unsafe or too uncomfortable, you can say it and the guest or dom will immediately stop whatever they were undoing. I believe that is everything that I need to go over. Do you have any questions?" Ms. Juniper continued. "When do I start?" I asked, nervous and mildly excited that she may say tonight. "You will start tomorrow night. Be here by 6:30 so we can get some things ready before you start. Anything else you would like to ask?" Ms. Juniper answered "No, I can't think of anything." I answered back. "Excellent. Give me a moment to get some paperwork for you to fill out before you come in tomorrow." Ms. Juniper said, opening a filing cabinet behind her. When she was done gathering all the paperwork, put them in a manila folder, and handed it to me. "In there you'll find tax paperwork and the contract. Please fill them out and bring them back when you come in tomorrow. And before you go, please follow me back to our supply room. There are a few things I want to give you." Ms. Juniper requested, standing up from her desk. I also got up and began following her out of the office. We walked through a separate hallway than the one I entered through. Eventually we arrived at an unmarked metal door. Ms. Juniper took a key out of her pocket and opened the door for us. After entering the room, I was shocked at what it contained. Inside was hundreds of packs of diapers, with an awing amount of variety. There were all kinds of colors and designs. There was even actual baby diapers and pull-ups as well. Was the ABDL scene really this big? Diapers weren't the only thing kept in the room though. There was also a large amount of onesies, dresses, baby bottles, pacifiers, bibs, and all kinds of sex toys in the room. "This is our supply room, where we keep spare toys and diapers. Since you have no experience in the ABDL scene, I'm going to also send you home with a variety of diapers and accessories. I want you to use them and try to get used to them before tomorrow. Do you happen to know your waist size?" Ms. Juniper asked. "O-oh. Okay. Last time I checked it was around 32 inches." I answered. "You should be able to fit into a small then. In that case, I'm also going to send you home with some baby diapers and pull-ups. Please try them on and let me know how they fit." She continued, going around the room with an opaque bag. I watched her go around the room, putting various items in the bag. Some of the things I noticed her putting in the bag were an unopened adult sized pacifier, a baby bottle, a bottle of baby powder, a package of wet wipes, 3 baby diapers, 3 pull-ups, and 6 different designs of adult diapers. This was definitely going to be an interesting 24 hours. "Like I said, please take these items home and experiment with them. If possible, I'd like you to be wearing these from the time you get home to when you arrive tomorrow night. Of course, this includes using them as well. You will want to get used to using them and be able to do so with little to no hesitation" Ms. Juniper instructed, handing me the bag. I blushed at her describing my homework. I had to admit that I was little excited to start though. The bag found its way into my hand and I was soon being led to the exit. Ms. Juniper and I said our goodbyes and before I knew it I was back at my car. I sat the diaper bag and folder down on my passenger seat and got into my car. The drive back to my house consisted of me thinking about the stage scene I had witnessed and an occasional glance at the diaper bag to make sure it didn't go anywhere. The scene that occupied my thoughts the most was when the woman was over that mans lap and was having her messy diaper spanked. The thought that tomorrow that could be me wasn't helping my horniness any. I was growing more and more anticipated for tomorrow night. Soon enough, I had arrived back at my apartment and brought my new items inside. I set the folder down on my counter and brought the diaper bag back to my room. I dumped the bag out on my bed and began looking through the contents. The first thing to catch my eye was the pacifier. I decided to start with that, and began removing its packaging. After it was free, I examined it. The rubber part was much bigger then anything a baby would use. The plastic plate also had the Playpen's logo printed on it. There wasn't much left to examine on the pacifier, so I decided to bite the bullet and place the rubber bulb in my mouth. The pacifier filled a large portion of my mouth. I had a ball gag that I would occasionally wear when playing with myself, but this was different. I was able to squish the bulb inside my mouth and move it around. I sucked on it a few times and actually kind of enjoyed it. I left the pacifier in my mouth and began to examine all of the different types of diapers laid out in front of me. The first ones I took a look at were the baby diapers. They were quite small, obviously meant for someone 18 years younger than me. The outside of the diaper had a picture of Tinker Bell printed on the front. Ms. Juniper had asked me to try these on, but I doubt I will be able to even get them on. I set the baby diaper aside, deciding I would try it on first. The next item was the pull-ups. They were purple and had a large red butterfly on the front. The item reminded me of when my sister used to wet the bed and wore something similar at night. I picked one up and put hands through the leg holes of. After the pull-up was decompressed I began to examine the inside. It was pure white and quite soft to the touch. I brought my arms farther apart just to see how much it would expand. Once I got to the point where I was scared of breaking it I examined how big the waist hole was and had no doubt that it would fit on me. I placed the pull-up back down with the other and started to look through the giant adult diapers. There was an all pink one with hearts, a blue and white one that was identical to the one the woman on stage was wearing, a plain white one with an animal pattern, another white one with the word "Baby" written with blocks on the front, a purple and pink one, and a solid black one. I was amazed by how thick some of these were. The largest one was at least two inches thick while still compressed! I picked up the all black diaper and unfolded it. There was a large blue rectangle in the middle of the inside that I wasn't sure the purpose of. I ran my fingers along the inside of the diaper and was surprised by how soft it was. It felt pretty thick as well. I wonder how much this thing could hold at maximum capacity? I doubt I would even be able to use it enough to find out. Another thing that surprised me was how large it was when it was unfolded. I picked it up and set one side against the ground and the other side went up past my legs. I folded the diaper in half and put it next to the baby diaper, deciding to put it on after I'm finished with the baby diaper. Ms. Juniper requested that I wear the diapers up until I come in tomorrow evening, and I was going to try my best to do so. I slid my pants and panties down to my ankles and kicked them off. My heart started beating faster and harder as I grabbed the diaper and began to open it up. I looped it between my legs and began raising it up to its intended position. Soon enough, I felt the soft fabric press up against my vagina. A shiver ran up spine due to the sensation. Once the diaper was correctly position under me I tried to tape it up. It was very awkward due to me trying to do it while standing up. If it is this hard with a baby diaper, then I'm definitely going to have to lie down for the adult diaper. I had to stretch the left tape a little bit, but I was able to get it secured on the front end of the diaper. The next tape was the same. I had to stretch it a bit more than the first one, but soon enough I was standing there, wearing a diaper meant for a baby. I was very surprised that I was able to tape it on. I wouldn't say that it was on too securely, but I could move around in it without too much worry. The diaper was pressed pretty tightly around me due to its size, so I could feel every part of it touching my body in some place. It had a very soft feeling against my butt and vagina that I honestly loved. My only complaint so far is how much the tapes press against my sides. I pressed my hand up against the front of the diaper, sending another shiver through my body. I was beginning to get more and more horny due to the constant sensation against my nether regions and the feeling that I was doing something naughty. I gave the diaper a little rub, causing another shiver. At this point I had to stop myself, as I didn't want to immediately orgasm without experimenting with the other diapers first. There was no way this diaper would hold any liquid if I were to try to use it, so I decided to remove it and put on the large adult diaper instead. I ripped the tapes off of the sides of baby diaper a placed it down on my bed. The diaper did seem to be slightly wet in the middle due to my arousal. After I finished examining the discarded baby diaper, I picked up the big black diaper and the bottle of baby powder. I brought the items out to my living room, as there wasn't enough space in my bedroom for me lay down on the floor. Once I arrived at a suitable spot, I set the diaper and powder on the floor and got down on my hands and knees. I began laying the diaper out on the floor in front of me. Once it was spread out, I spun around and began lowering myself onto the back end of it. Once I was had my bottom against the diaper, I slowly lowered my back until I was laying down. I could feel the soft padding of the diaper all the way from my butt cheeks to my lower back. At this point, the feeling of naughtiness began to arise again. I disregarded my raising horniness and grabbed the bottle of baby powder. I've never changed a diaper before, but it seems like a pretty intuitive process. I flipped the lid off of the bottle and poured some powder onto my hand. The smell was really strong and quickly began to envelope the room. It brought back vague memories of my parents changing my little sister's diapers when I was young. I brought the powder down to my crotch and began sprinkling it around. Once All the powder was released I began rubbing it in, spending a little extra time around my sensitive parts. After I was done up front I began to rub it into my bottom. Once every area was thoroughly powdered, I leaned forward and brought the front of the diaper up to my lower stomach. I scrunched my legs together a little and was able to get a feel for how thick these diapers are. I then adjusted the diaper around a little more to get it in the right position and began removing the tapes. Unlike the baby diaper, this diaper has 4 tapes. I started with the right side first, bringing it as far to the right as I could and sticking the tapes down. I then repeated the process with the right side. After a couple of adjustments, I was soon strapped into a big, thick diaper. I brought my hand to the front of the diaper and applied some pressure to it. The inside wasn't as soft as the baby diaper, but it certainly wasn't bad. There had to be at least an inch of padding in this diaper. I got up onto my feet and began to move around a little. Walking was much different while wearing a diaper. I had to walk with a waddle and there was a crinkle with every movement made I made. I spent a little bit longer examining the big diaper that was strapped around my waist. Once I was done, I waddled over to the folder I was sent home with, deciding I should probably get it done sooner rather than later. I brought it over to my table and set it down. I was about to sit down and get to work on it when I got an idea. I waddled back into my room and picked up the baby bottle that was resting on my bed. I brought it out to the kitchen and grabbed the bottle of apple juice that I had in the fridge. The juice was a little old, but it shouldn't be past the expiration date. I screwed the lid off of the baby bottle and extracted the almost comically long nipple. This nipple was different from that of a normal baby bottle. Is this supposed make it easier for adults? After I filled the bottle up with the apple juice, I put it back in the fridge and screwed the nipple on to it. I sat down at my bar stool in front of my counter, feeling the thick padding press up against my bottom. I felt it condense under my bottom and was reminded again just how soft it was. Once I was comfortable, I lifted the bottle and stuck the nipple into my mouth. It tasted just like the pacifier did. I started sucking on it like I was with the pacifier and soon felt the cold juice flow into my mouth. It required more effort than I was expecting to get the liquid out of the bottle. I sucked the juice out for a minute or so before I set it back down and began to work on the paper in front of me. After filling out the tax and liability forms in front of me and finishing the bottle, I got up and headed back to my living room. It took a lot more work to finish the bottle than I was expecting. There was a lot more liquid inside than I had thought and it took a while to get it out through the nipple. I was tired after filling out boring paperwork for half an hour and decided to just relax and watch a movie. Before sitting down, I went back over to the counter and grabbed the pacifier. I stuck it back in my mouth and went back over to my couch. I had only been using it for an hour, but it was quickly growing on me. Taking a seat, I felt the diaper press into my bottom and lower back again. I decided to put on Up, as it is one of my favorite movies. A kids movie also felt appropriate, based off my current attire. After 45 minutes of watching the movie and occasionally browsing Instagram on my phone, I felt a need to pee. I guess the apple juice had finally made its way through my system. My heart began to speedup at the thought of peeing in the diaper. It has been fifteen years since I peed myself last. How would it feel? Would I like it? After a moment of contemplation, the urge struck again and I resolved to do it. I tried pushing like I normally would, but nothing would come out. I kept trying, to the point of it hurting a little, but I still wasn't able to let anything out. Why is it so hard to pee yourself? I paused the movie and went to the bathroom. I thought that maybe I could trick my body into letting go by being in a place that I usually peed. I took a seat on the toilet and felt the diaper press up against my body where the rims were. Luckily, the diaper didn't dip down into the water. I started to push again and had little issue letting go. The sound of my urine hitting the diaper became audible and soon the padding the was pressed up to my crouch began getting warm and wet. I slowly stood up and was able to keep the stream going. The diaper kept absorbing all my pee and soon I was finished. The diaper has now considerably bulkier than its previous state. Heavier, too. In spite of this, the feeling was absolutely amazing. The warm and wet pressing against my sensitive areas was one of the best feelings I have experienced. I prodded at it for a few moment and pressed the wet part up against my skin. I could feel the urine leak out a little before being suck right back into the padding. I shivered a little at this feeling. I was starting to get turned on again. I probably should have gotten changed out of this diaper after I wet it, but this feeling was way to good to let go of. I teased myself through the diaper a bit longer before going back out to finish my movie. I sat back down on the couch and instantly had another appreciation for the wet diaper. The feeling of the wet padding pressing all over my bottom and crotch was to die for. I resumed my movie and continued to tease myself for the duration. I would rub my clitoris through the diaper and whisper under my breath about how naughty I was. Once the movie was finished, the diaper was losing the warmth that had made it so enjoyable and I was nearing my limit for teasing. I decided it was time that I finish myself off and then get out of this big, wet diaper. I could have just rubbed myself off through or inside the diaper, but where's the fun in that? I waddled to my bedroom and pulled out a shoe box. This is the box where I kept all my 'toys'. From inside, I pulled out a pair of leather cuffs, a ball gag, and a blindfold. I brought the item back into my living room and set them on the coffee table in front of my couch. I pulled my pacifier out and set it next to the items, resolving to look at how much a pacifier gag cost later. For now though, I picked up the ball gag and popped it into my mouth. I let out a moan through the gag and secured it behind my head. Next came the blindfold. After that, I secured my wrists to one another in front of me and stepped through them so that they were behind my back. Once I was setup in my restraints I moved a foot or two over to the arm of my couch. I bent over it and began to feel it press the diaper into my cunt. A shudder ran through my entire body and a moan escaped into the gag. I was in heavy. I began thinking up a scenario in my head about how I was naughty girl who wet her diaper and was being bent over for a spanking. This, combined with the semi-warm diaper grinding against my clitoris quickly caused me to experience one of the greatest orgasms I had ever had. I wasn't done yet though. I continued my humping of the couch arm and imagined someone pulling down my diaper and paddling my ass while berating me for wetting my diaper. I then imagined this happening on stage in front of a whole crowd of people. They all had their eyes trained on me, watching me get my wet diaper pulled down and then get paddled. This made even more excited than I was before and caused me to speed up my humping. After another mind shattering orgasm, I collapsed on the couch arm to catch my breath. It took about a minute or so to bring me back to reality. I slowly stood up and began to undo the restraints I had put myself in. Once it was all taken off, I felt the diaper again. It had gotten even cooler since I started. I thought to myself that I should probably change out of this used diaper and into something else. I waddled back to my room and took a look at the rest of the diapers laid out on my bed. Should I change into another big bulky one or go with a pull-up, or maybe even a baby diaper? It was getting pretty late and I had already tried on the adult and baby diapers, so I decided to go with the pull-ups. I picked up the one I had done the stretch testing on earlier and brought it, the package of wet wipes, and a pair of pajama pants out to the living room. On my way to the bathroom, I noticed my pacifier sitting on the coffee table where I had left it. I went over to it and popped it back into my mouth before continuing my waddle to the bathroom. Once inside the bathroom, I took a look in the mirror and noticed how much my diaper was sagging. It was at least an inch or two lower than it had been when dry, no wonder walking had been so hard. I began undoing the tapes on the diaper and it soon fell to the ground. The pure white padding on the inside had become discolored and had expanded a considerable amount. I was soon hit by the smell of urine and decided it would be a good time to dispose of this diaper. I rolled it up like I had seen my mom do many times when my sister was still a baby. This was a bit harder though due to the large size and bulk. When it was good enough to at least prevent the smell from escaping, I placed it on top of my bathroom counter. A draft came through the bathroom and blew against bottom, causing me to shiver a little. I took the wet wipes out of the package and began to wipe down any area that had previously been covered by the diaper. Once I was done, I picked up the soft purple pull-up and stretched out the sides. I slipped both legs through it and brought it up to my waist. This reminded me more of the baby diaper than the adult one. It was really soft and actually very comfortable. It wasn't very thick, but I could still tell that it wasn't normal panties. I took a look in the mirror at myself and was in love with how cute they looked on me. I was suddenly hit with a memory of helping my little sister put on a pull-up many years ago. She looked just as adorable standing in just a t-shirt and pull-up then as I do now. Of course, I had the added benefit of the pacifier to help me. When I finished admiring myself, I slipped my pajama pants on, did the rest of my bedtime routine and went out to the living room. I took a look at my clock and noticed that it was almost midnight. This pull-up was much easier to walk in than the diaper. It was still noticeable that it was there, but didn't force me to waddle everywhere. A yawn hit me as I deposited the diaper in my trash can and began turning out my lights before heading to bed. As I laid down, I felt the pull-up press up against me again. It's soft insides were really enjoyable and would probably excite me if I hadn't just had two amazing orgasms. After a little adjustment I found a comfortable position and drifted off to sleep. When I awoke in the morning, the first thing I noticed was the feeling of something wrapped around my waist. Soon my memories of yesterday came back to me as I realized the feeling was the pull-up I wore to bed. I also realized the pacifier I had gone to sleep with was no longer in my mouth. I looked on the floor and found it sitting there, nipple-up. Eventually I forced myself to get up and pick up my pacifier. I brought it out to my kitchen and rinsed it off in the sink. When it was thoroughly rinsed off, I placed it back into my mouth and began sucking on it. I made myself some breakfast and drank a little bit more juice from the bottle. After breakfast I was finished eating, the urge to pee hit me. This pull-up wouldn't hold nearly as much as the big adult diaper, but could it hold my full bladder? I made my way into my bathroom and placed myself on the toilet once again. I began pushing and in no time I could hear my pee hit the pull-up. I kept pushing and felt the pull-up grow heavier under me. When I was done, I slowly stood up and felt the pull-up. It didn't feel like it leaked, but it certainly couldn't take much more. The pull-up expanded a lot in almost all areas. It also provided the same nice, warm feeling that the diaper provided last night. I wanted to sit down and play with it a little, but I was scared it would leak. I was about to slip the pull-up off of me when I had an idea. I carefully made my way to my shower and stepped inside. The pull-up was now causing me to waddle a little, but not as bad as the wet diaper did. Once I was safe inside, I pressed the pull-up against my crotch. The warm feeling felt just as good as last night, but this time I could also feel droplets of pee run down my legs. I'm glad I decided not to sit down on any furniture. I teased myself a little bit longer before resolving to save my horniness for tonight. I gave the pull-up a front and back press with both hands, relishing the feeling of the warm padding and pee dripping down my legs. After that, I tore off the sides and removed the pull-up from my body. I folded it up and placed it in the sink to keep it from making a mess while I showered. I took out my pacifier while I was at it and stepped inside the shower. After showering and drying off, I placed my pacifier back in my mouth and made my way back to my bedroom, naked except for the towel. I deposited the pull-up in my garbage on my way. I needed to go shopping today, so I was considering not changing into a new diaper. I considered this for a second before deciding that would go again what Ms. Juniper asked of me. It's not like anyone would know right? I would just wear another pull-up. They're should be discreet enough to not be noticeable. I grabbed another pull-up out of my pile of supplies and worked it up my legs. Once it was in position I gave it a pat on the front, relishing the soft padding against my skin and headed over to my closet to pick-out an outfit. I decided on a slightly loose pair of shorts and a thin top. It was expected to be hot out today, and I didn't feel like melting. The shorts will make sure that my embarrassing underwear isn't revealed and a belt will help ensure that. I finished getting dressed, grabbed everything else I would need and headed out to my car. The pull-up became noticeable again when I sat down in my seat. The padding pressed against my bottom and made sure I didn't forget that I am in public in what's essentially a diaper. After a few seconds of embarrassment I started my car and began driving. I decided to go to a store farther way than the one I usually go to, just in case my little secret got revealed. I could get my mind off the pull-up the entire drive. It's soft padding was still too alien to be forgettable. I eventually arrived at the store and headed inside. The pull-up was only becoming more and more noticeable the longer I was walking. The padding rubbed against my legs as I walked, making it impossible to not notice. This only added to my embarrassment as I constantly checked around to make sure no one knew what I had on under my shorts. Towards the end of gathering all my groceries, I walked past the baby and children isle. No one was around and my curiosity was piqued, so I went in and took a look. Everything I saw was what you would expect of a baby isle. A massive amount of different diapers, baby food, toys, etc. A couple seconds later a thought popped into my head. I didn't have everything at home that I needed for a complete baby experience. No one knew me at this store, so what big of a deal would it be anyways? I was going to use self-checkout anyways. I grabbed a few different jars of baby food, pacifier clip, a couple of larger sized bibs, a changing mat and some baby formula and placed them in my cart. I positioned them in a way that wouldn't be obvious at a quick glance. I made my way down the isle more until I arrived at the pull-ups and bed-wetting protection. That's where I found a package of pull-ups identical to the one I was wearing right now. After this current one, I would only have one left, and I really like these. I made the impulsive decision to get the 40 pack and placed it in my cart. There was no way I could fully conceal this, so I hurried up with gathering the rest of my items and getting out of there. I quickly bagged my baby items at the self checkout and got to my car with no issues are weird looks. When I got home I quickly brought my bags into my apartment to avoid anyone seeing what was inside. I set the bags down on my counter and put everything away where it belonged. I saved the bag of baby items for last, setting them together on the counter when I got to them. The first thing I did with them was unwrap the pacifier clip and attached it to my shirt. I went and got my pacifier from my nightstand in my room, attached the clip to it and inserted it back into my mouth. The clip was white with baby ducks covering it. It was getting to be lunch time, so I decided to make some lunch. This would be a perfect time to try out some of the baby food and the formula that I got. First I was going to make my actual lunch, and what better to have in this current state than a PB&J sandwich? I made my sandwich (with the crust cut off of course) and placed it on the counter. Next was to make my bottle. I read the instructions and mixed everything how it said to. After a few minutes I had a baby bottle full of formula, ready for lunch. The final item was a jar of peach flavored baby food. I unscrewed the lid, got a spoon, and set it on my plate. I took my seat, once again feeling the padding press again my bottom. I unwrapped my lips from my pacifier and let it dangle from my shirt. Next, I took one of the bibs I purchased and secured the Velcro around my neck. The bib was a light ping with "Princess" seamed on it in a darker pink. I would probably die if I got caught wearing it. But given the other item that I'm wearing, this was probably preferable. I brought the bottle of formula up to my lips and did a quick taste test. What I was met with was one of the worst tastes of my life. I instantly spit it out all over my counter. I don't think I could stand another taste of that in my life? People actually feed this to their children?! I got up from my chair and cleaner up the mess I just made on my counter. I would have to give myself a spanking later for making a mess and not finishing my bottle. Just with that thought, my horniness was building up again. I resisted the urge to do it now, resolving to do it after my lunch. I dumped the bottle contents in the sink and rinsed it out. I was certainly not going to try that again. The bottle was soon filled back up with apple juice and I continued my lunch. I picked up my spoon and scooped up a small glob of the peach flavored much. It didn't look appealing, but there was no way it was worse than the baby formula. I braced myself and stuck the spoon in my mouth. The consistency of the mush was less than desirable, but the taste wasn't too bad. I could finish this without a problem, so I did just that. Once I finished the jar of baby food I ate my sandwich and finished my bottle. I cleaned up my dishes and stored them away. Now, it was time for my spanking. I've been a naughty girl, making a mess and then not finishing my bottle. My crotch was coming to life once again inside the pull-up. I bent over and opened one of my drawers, pulling out a wooden spoon. I'm pretty sure I've use this spoon for spanking myself more than I have cooking. It was one of my favorite implements to use. The couch arm was usually where I would administer my self spankings, as it's the perfect height to raise my bottom up in the air and make me feel like I'm over someone's knee. I undid my belt, pulled my shorts down and stepped out of them. Next, I began to work the pull-up down until it was just above my knees. The pull-up prevented me from moving my legs too far apart, which made this even better. Now that my bare bottom was exposed, it was time to begin. I bent myself over the couch arm and immediately got to work on my backside. The first one stung just as much as it always does. I continued the assault on my poor bottom for minutes, intensely sucking on the pacifier the entire time. The thought of having my pull-up pulled down and getting a spanking was already making me horny, but the action of doing it made it close to unbearable. This didn't prevent me from noticing the pain that comes with a wooden spoon spanking, though. I could tell my bottom was aching, but I was unable to really feel anything due to how turned on I was. After a little bit more, my arm was getting tired and I could tell my bottom was going to be on fire for at least the next hour. That should be enough to teach me a lesson, hehe. I dropped my arm and let myself rest for a minute. I wanted nothing more than to quench my horniness right now, but I already resolved to wait until tonight. That's when another idea popped into my head. How about add a little bit more humiliation by giving myself a time-out? It would certainly be fitting, given the childish pull-up I had on and the pacifier that was in my mouth. I got up from the couch and got a good idea of how sore my bottom is. I took a look behind me and could tell that my bottom was very red. I had really done a number on myself. I slowly brought the pull-up back up to its intended position and could felt that pain in my bottom go through my body. This was probably the hardest spanking I'd ever given myself. Without putting my shorts back on, I went over to my phone and set an alarm. It was set to go off in ten minutes. I quickly made my way over to the open corner in my living room stuck my nose in the corner. For the first minute of time-out, I thought up some rules. 1. My nose is to not leave the corner for the entire duration. 2. My hands are too stay above my waist line. 3. My pacifier is to stay in my mouth at all times. After the rules were created, I began to get a little bored. I could definitely see why this is a punishment now. I was thinking about just giving up and going on with my life, but I was committed to wait it out. My bottom was hurting now more than before. It was hard to avoid rubbing it. A few moments later I began to notice a new sensation. I needed to poop. Peeing in a diaper was one thing, but pooping in one was a whole new level. I was initially thinking that it would be best to just use the toilet like normal. That would certainly be the most normal and least gross option. There were a few things wrong with that idea though. I told Ms. Juniper that I would wear and use the diapers. I was also currently in time-out and not allowed to leave the corner. I continued the debate in my head for a little longer. Eventually, I decided that I would do it. I would poop myself for the first time in over 15 years. I started pushing, but I was having the same issues as last night when I tried to pee my diaper for the first time. Maybe if I squatted down it would help? I wasn't violating any rules of the timeout as long as my nose didn't leave the corner and my arms were above my waist. I slowly started bending my knees into a squat, going slowly so I didn't fall. Once I was in a good squat, I began pushing once again. A little pee began to come out and absorb into the pull-up, which surprised me a little. Shortly after, I began to feel the poop coming out and into the pull-up. I gave another big push and felt the pull-up being pushed away from my body. I felt even more pee come out a be soaked into the padding. Eventually, I finished pushing out the log of poop and I let out a large exhale. The feeling of the poop being pressed against my bottom and between my legs was a feeling I'd never experienced before. It was very warm and actually felt fairly good. More than anything, it succeeded at making me feel humiliated. The pull-up was slowly forcing it to spread out across my sore bottom, adding even more heat to it. I slowly stood back up, feeling the poop rearrange itself. Once I want standing up straight again, the smell hit me. It was probably one of the worst things I've smelt in my life! It's not even comparable to the smell of using the toilet. People really take for granted how much the water does to muffle the smell. I needed to get out of this thing as fast as possible. I was about to turn around and head to the bathroom, when I remember that I was still in my self-imposed time-out. How long did I even have left? I hadn't been keeping track. The smell was bad, but like I said before, I've committed myself to serving this time-out. I couldn't have much longer left anyways, right? Time slowly dragged on as I waited for the alarm to sound and free me from this corner. I continued to stand there in mild agony. Both from the smell of the soiled pull-up and from my burning bottom. I was staying as still as possible to avoid spreading the mess around even more. This was probably going to be a nightmare to clean up as well. Am I going to have to do this at the club? Probably, eventually. Despite the rancid smell, I was still a little horny. My still sore bottom combined with the humiliation of being required to keep my nose in the corner while wearing a poop filled pull-up was firing up my masochist side. Time continued to slowly creep by as I sucked on the pacifier and tried to ignore the smell. Seriously, how much longer was this going to go on? It's only ten minutes, yet it feel likes hours. While I waited, I let a little bit more urine release into the pull-up. Might as well get as much use out of it as I can, right? Finally, after what felt like an eternity, I heard the alarm go off. I immediately turned around and began waddling towards my phone to silence it. I tried as hard as I could to avoid making an even bigger mess, but I know I was failing. I felt the poop move around with every stride I took, spreading all over my inner legs. I needed a shower ASAP. Not even caring about making a mess anymore, I began to take faster and less careful strikes. I got to my phone, silenced the alarm, and started to make my way to the bathroom. Something terrible happened on my way there though. I tripped on my rug and fell right onto to my butt. The poop in my pull-up quickly spread all over to the rest of my butt and even up into my front. My ass was also aching with renewed vigor once again from the sudden impact. I got up off the ground and did a quick check to make sure no poop leaked onto the floor. I appeared to be in the clear, so I continued my journey to my shower. I soon arrived there and immediately got to work on peeling the sides off the pull-up. Once it was loose, I slowly brought it down and placed it on the ground. Thankfully, I didn't make even more of a mess. The smell hit me again, this time with more intensity than before. This was even worse than before! I stripped out of my top and bra, placing them and the pacifier next to the sink. Finally, I turned on the fan and shower and hopped right in. That was without a doubt the best shower of my life. It took me half an hour until I felt clean and exited the shower. The warm water was not helping my recently punished butt cheeks feel better at all. I caught another whiff of the pull-up as I stepped out of the shower. How was I going to dispose of this thing? It would stink up the entire apartment if I left it in my trashcan. I had a few plastic bags in one of my drawers, so maybe I could wrap it up in them and throw it in the dumpster outside? I left my bathroom and shut the door to prevent the smell from escaping. I was still completely naked, but I wanted to contain the smelly pull-up before I did anything else. The plastic bags took me a little bit to find, but I ended up finding three of them I could use. Hopefully that would be enough to contain the stench. I headed back to the bathroom and began carefully working the pull-up into the bag. Once it was inside I tied it up tight and repeated the process with the rest of the bags. Now that the pull-up was temporarily taken care of, I should probably get dressed. I put my shirt and bra that was sitting on the counter back on and popped the pacifier back into my mouth. I left the bathroom afterwards to finish getting dressed, picking up my shorts on the way. When I got back to my room I set my shorts down and began looking over my options for diapers. I debated just putting on another pull-up, but I decided that it would be best to get more experience wearing the big adult diapers that were more similar to what I would be wearing at the club. Besides, a girl who messes her pull-up clearly isn't ready to be out of diapers. I grabbed the purple and pink diaper from the pile, my shorts and the bottle of baby powder and made my way back out to the living room. Now was a great time to make use of the changing pad I bought earlier. Once I got the packaging all removed and laid it out on the floor I began to examine it. It was a all white with lettered blocks covering the soft material that the baby was meant to lay on. I unfolded the diaper and laid it down on the pad. Next, I laid myself down on top of it, feeling the soft, cool padding press against my lower back. I sprinkled some powder over me repeated the same steps as last night. Shortly after, the diaper was taped nice and secure around my waist. This diaper was a slight bit thinner the one I worse last night, but that doesn't mean it wasn't still big. A new problem has surfaced. I need to go outside and dispose of that pull-up. This diaper was a lot less discreet than the pull-up I went to the store in. It forced me to do a slight waddle when I walked and had it made a crinkling sound with every moment. I could take the diaper off of course, but that would be wasteful and go against my promise. I pulled my shorts up and secured my belt. The top of the diaper went higher than my shorts did, so I needed to be careful not to let my top ride up. I grabbed the bag with the pull-up inside and began heading towards the door. Right as I was about to open it, I remember the pacifier that was still in my mouth and attached to my shirt. I took it off, set it on the couch and then headed outside. I tried to be as quick and discreet as possible. The crinkling was quite muffled through the shorts, but it was still noticeable if you were listing closely. There was no way to fully conceal my waddle either. I soon made it to the dumpster outside without any issues. I tossed the bag in and immediately began my journey back to my apartment. I passed a couple people on my way back up, but thankfully they didn't seem to notice anything unusual. I soon arrived back at my apartment and closed the door, breathing a sigh of relief that I wasn't caught. After the sign, I also let out a yawn. Maybe I should take a nap? The last few hours have been filled with new and exhausting experiences that I guess have been wearing me out. I decided to go for it and headed back to my room. I took off my shirt and shorts, leaving myself in my bra and diaper. I wonder if it would be hard to sleep with this big bulky diaper between my legs? I guess I would find out. I laid down on my bed and pulled the covers over me. The diaper spreading my legs apart was a little weird getting used to at first. After a little bit I was able to fall asleep though. I slowly began to come back to reality as I woke up. The first thing I noticed was that I desperately needed to pee. I instinctively began to get out of bed when I felt the padding of the diaper and remembered what I was currently wearing. Once I noticed, I made myself comfortable in my bed and began trying to release my bladder into the diaper. Several seconds passed before I felt a small amount of pee escape and be absorbed into the diaper. It took more pushing, but I was eventually able to get a steady stream going. The diaper readily absorbed everything I gave it, expanding and warming up in the crotch section. I sighed as the pain of my full bladder was relieved. The warm wet padding of the diaper felt just as good as it did last night. When the stream of pee finally came to a stop, I pressed the padding up against my body. The feeling sent me into a state of bliss. I could definitely get used to this feeling. I considered just going back to sleep, but I figured I should probably check the time first. I picked up my phone and took a look a look at the clock. 3:24pm. I guess I slept a bit longer than I was expecting. It would probably be best not to go back to sleep, but that didn't mean I had to get out of bed yet. I was perfectly comfortable laying there under the covers in my nice warm diaper. I unlocked my phone and began scrolling through Instagram. Sometimes I would feel a little bit more pee enter my bladder and I would instantly release it right into my diaper, which still had plenty of room for more liquid. This continued for another twenty minutes before I caught up on everything the app had to offer. I still wasn't ready to leave my bed yet though. Maybe I should do more research on adult babies to prepare myself for tonight, I thought. I opened Google on my phone and typed in "adult baby." A lot of different results popped up. Mostly news articles about people with the fetish and images of people wearing diapers. I noticed that one of them mentioned the acronym "ABDL." I remember Ms. Juniper mentioning this last night when she was explaining stuff to me. I popped the acronym into Google and got a bunch of different results. Apparently it stood for "Adult Baby Diaper Lover." I clicked on a few of the links and got sent to online shops selling adult baby items. They had all kinds of stuff. Bibs, adult sized snap-crotch onesies, pacifiers, bottles and of course, diapers. I remember seeing a lot of these diaper designs in the storeroom at The Playpen. I guess this is where they got them from. Everything that was featured on the site had very babyish designs and images. I browsed a few other sites until I found one that contained loads of stories. These stories ranged from true experiences to erotic fiction. Some were about getting caught wearing a diaper and others were about people being forced to wear diapers and act like babies. I took a look at the "forced" section of the site and started reading a few of the stories. The first one I read was about a girl who wet the bed while drunk and was forced to wear a diaper to bed by her boyfriend. The next was about a boy who made fun of someone who wet themselves and was made to wear diapers at home by his mom. Another one was about a young adult girl who acted like a spoiled brat all of the time and ended up getting spanked and treated like a baby by her family. They made her use diapers, eat in a highchair and sleep in a crib. If she broke any rules, she got bent over her parents knees and spanked until she cried. I couldn't help but imagine myself in a similar situation. I was throwing a fit over my sister getting decide what was for dinner that night and my mom had finally had enough. She grabbed my wrist and threw me over her lap. She pulled down my shorts and panties and began blistering my bottom. Once I was a crying mess, she would go to the garage and get some of my sisters old diapers. She would put me in one of them and take me to the kitchen for dinner. I had to sit in a highchair and be fed baby food by my little sisters while everyone else ate normally. At night, my wet diaper would be changed and I would be put to bed in my sisters old crib. I was once again incredibly horny. I'd fantasized about getting spanked multiple times, but never about being forced to wear a diaper. Maybe this fetish really is for me. Hopefully this means that I will thoroughly enjoy my new job. I've never had a job where I've actually been looking forward to going in. Maybe I will get to perform something similar to this sometime? Based off of what I've seen of the club, it definitely seems like something that could happen. I took a look at a few other stories on different sections of the site. There was one about a girl being coerced into being an adult baby by her boyfriend, a few about people wearing diapers for bed-wetting and ending up liking them, and even a few about alternate realities where wearing diapers was common in society. Some of these people got very creative when designing these fantasy worlds. There was a lot of detail put into building the characters and worlds. This fetish has a very unique and creative following. After more a little more browsing, I noticed it was 4:30. Had I really spent almost an hour doing this? The once warm diaper I was wearing was getting a little cold as well. I could tell this diaper could take at least one more full wetting though, so it would be a waste to change out of it now. I just needed to get more liquid through me and into the diaper. With that thought, I got up out of bed and put my shirt back on. I opted not to put my shorts back on though, choosing to leave my soggy diaper exposed. I did a bit of stretching and headed out to my kitchen. I poured myself a glass of water and began to chug it down. I wanted to see just how much this diaper could hold. After two cups, I was unable to drink anymore and thought that it would be sufficient. It was now less than two hours until I was supposed to be at the Playpen for my first night. I was starting to get butterflies in my stomach thinking about it. What all would I be doing tonight? Are they going to take it slow and easy on me? Or are they going to bring me up on stage and break me in in front of the whole crowd? Only time would tell I guess. For now, I should probably start making dinner though. I decided to go with something simple for tonight: Kraft Mac & Cheese. Once the water was on the boiler I started to get some other things ready. There was a few apples in the fridge, so I decided to slice one up as well. For the final piece, I filled up the baby bottle with apple juice. This meal was just as childish as my lunch, minus the baby food. The water was now boiling, so I threw the noodles in. I patiently sucked juice out of the bottle while I waited for the noodles to finish. After a few more minutes I was able to add in the cheese and begin eating. I brought the food over to the table, tied the bib around my neck and dug in. Half way through my meal, the need to pee hit me. The water must have finally made its way through my body. Finally, I could warm up this cold, soggy diaper. I finished chewing what was in my mouth and opened the floodgates. I didn't even have to force it this time, it just naturally flowed out! The diaper continued sucking up all the urine with no issues. More and more of it began flowing back towards my butt, distributing it along the rest of the diaper. By the time I was finished, the diaper had expanded by a very considerable amount. Whenever I shifted my weight I could feel the pee get squished out of the diaper, just to get sucked right back in. I continued eating my dinner while occasionally playing with and prodding my soaking wet diaper. I don't think it would be able to take another wetting of that caliber, but it wasn't at risk of leaking yet. It was hard to concentrate on my dinner while sitting in this. I would frequently interrupt my meal to squeeze the padding and feel it press into my most sensitive parts. The more I experienced this feeling, the more I was in love with it. It was already 5:40 by the time I finished eating. I would need to leave my house soon in order to get to the club on time. I finished off the juice remaining in the bottle and got up to put it and the dishes in the sink. I would clean them tomorrow. When I stood up, I was shocked by just how much weight the diaper had gained. It was sagging at least an inch lower than it was before. As much as I didn't want to, I should probably change into a new diaper. Given the clubs nature, I'm sure it wouldn't be frowned upon to show up in a soaking wet diaper, but I didn't want to look bad. I took off the bib around my neck and went to my room. I headed over to the diaper pile and began to debate which one I should wear. After a minute of mentally debating with myself, I chose to go with the white one with "Baby" written in blocks on the front. While the purple and pink diaper I'm wearing now only has girly colors to be embarrassed by, this one has about as babyish of a design as possible. I'd probably die of embarrassment if I got caught wearing this, which got me excited "down there." I couldn't stop myself from giving my current diaper (and subsequently my clit) a little rub at the idea. After I was finally able to pry my hands away from my diaper, I grabbed the baby wipes and went out to the changing pad. I laid down and began un-taping the warm, heavy diaper between my legs. I felt the cold air hit me at once. The diaper had been so warm inside and I was already missing it. Regardless, I pulled out the wipes and began to wipe my entire diaper area down, making sure I hit every surface that connected with the old diaper. Once I was confident I had cleaned myself up properly I placed the new diaper under my bottom. I made sure to use plenty of baby powder, rubbing it in all over. When I was thoroughly covered in powder I taped the diaper on. I got back up on my feet and checked how I did. The diaper felt nice and secure, so I guess I did a good job. Now to decide what to wear over the diaper. I waddled back to the the closet in my room and pulled out a knee length black skirt. A skirt and diaper probably wasn't a good idea, but it was the most professional thing I had that wouldn't instantly expose the diaper. I put the skirt on and did a quick check to make sure the diaper wasn't visible. Everything should be fine as long as I don't fall or get my skirt caught. I grabbed my purse and the completed paperwork and made my way to my car. My heart was starting to beat faster and faster as I approached the club. After a day of preparing, it was finally time to do it. My entire drive there was spent thinking about what was gonna happen tonight? Would I be thrown to the wolves right away? Only time would tell I guess. It was 6:15pm when I arrived at the club. It never hurts to be a bit early I guess. I locked my car and made my way to the entrance. I got the same feeling in my stomach as I did last night. After what felt like an eternity I arrived at the door. I gulped and opened the door. I was a little surprised that it was open so early. Inside, the same bouncer from last night was waiting by the curtains. "Welcome back. Ms. Juniper is waiting for you in her office." The bouncer said to me. "T-thank you. I'll head there now." I stumbled out, walking past him towards the office. There was no music playing this time, so it was completely silent as I walked through the hallways. Well, silent besides for the subtle crinkling of the diaper under my skirt. When I finally arrived at Ms. Juniper's office I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. "Come in." I heard from the other side. I opened the door and stepped inside, my face getting a bit red as I heard the diaper crinkle. "Ah, Katie. Welcome back. Ready for your first night? I can take that paperwork" Ms. Juniper asked me, reaching her arm out to me. "As ready as I'll ever be, I guess." I replied, handing her the paperwork. "I notice that you're currently wearing a diaper. How are you liking them so far?" She asked me. My face went red with embarrassment. Was it that obvious that I was wearing a diaper? I guess she's been around people in diapers for over a decade though, so it makes sense. I'm guessing it was either the slight waddle or crinkling that gave it away. "Y-yes I am," I quickly sputtered out "they're very comfortable." "That's good to hear. You'll be wearing a lot of them, so it's good that you're enjoying them. Have you used the baby diapers or pull-ups yet?" Ms. Juniper asked, causing me to remember the incident earlier today. "Yes, I have. I tried on the baby diaper and managed to get it taped up. I didn't try using it though. I wore one of the pull-ups to bed last night and another when I went out this morning." I replied, about to die of embarrassment. "It seems like you enjoyed the pull-ups. They're discreet while still providing a feeling similar to a diaper. Did you use them at all?" She asked. How did she keep finding new ways to embarrass me? I was starting to have trouble making eye contact. I felt like a small child confessing to doing something bad. To make matters worse (or maybe better?), I was starting to get aroused. "Y-yes. I peed in the pull-up when I woke up in the morning. It started leaking afterwards. I ended up p-pooping in the second one." I said, feeling like I was gonna cry. "You pooped in the pull-up? Most people aren't willing to go that far when they're as new as you are. I commend you. Did you enjoy it?" She asked "T-the feeling was kind of nice I guess. I really didn't enjoy the smell or cleanup afterwards though." I replied, remembering again what happened this afternoon. "I bet. The pull-ups aren't designed with messing in mind, so they don't do much to mask the smell. Those adult baby diapers are a lot better for that. Speaking of those, how many have you gone through?" Ms. Juniper asked. "I used one last night, another one this afternoon and then there's the one I'm wearing now." I replied. "So you're on number three then? Hopefully that's enough to get you a bit used to them. That's probably enough questions for now. Let's go over a few more things that I didn't mention last night. Since you're going to be a submissive, there's a few additional rules you will need to follow. Feel free to interrupt me at any point if you have questions." Ms. Juniper began explaining. "Rule one: while you're working, you're to be wearing your name tag at all times. I've made one for you already and will give it to you in a few minutes. Rule two: while you're on the premises, you're expected to be wearing a diaper and to use it when you feel the need to. Of course, this doesn't apply if the show or job you're doing requires otherwise. If you're going to show up without a diaper, please arrive a bit early so you have time to get ready. Rule three: While working, your diaper is to be on display at all times. The only exception to this is if you're wearing one of the snap-crotch onesies. Rule four: If you're visible to customers, please be using a pacifier when ever possible. Do you have any questions?" Ms. Juniper asked. I was expecting a rule-set similar to this, but I was still caught off guard at the idea of my diaper being on full display to everyone at all times. I really shouldn't have been, though. This was exactly what I signed up for. Was I technically violating rule three by having a skirt on? "D-Does that mean I should take my skirt off?" I asked, embarrassed but not wanting to get off to a bad start. "You don't technically start until 6:30 and it's currently 6:27, so you don't need to yet. How about I take you to the dressing room now and show you around afterwards. By the time we get there, it should be about 6:30." Ms. Juniper explained while getting out of her seat. I gave her a simple "Okay" and followed her out of her office. We walked back towards the entrance and the down the other set of hallways. A few turns later and we reached a door that read "Staff Only." Ms. Juniper opened the door for me and ushered me through. On the other side of the door was a room filled with mirrors, lockers, racks of cloths, and even a changing table with a two shelves full of different diapers next to it. "This is the submissive dressing room. This is where you'll get ready for shows and get your diapers changed if you're not having a customer do it. We have a staff member dedicated to changing the subs diapers if they want it, but you are free to change it yourself if you wish. Follow me over her for a second." Ms. Juniper instructed. I stopped looking around and made my way over to where she was standing. There were several racks of cloths hanging down. There were all kinds of outfits. Pastel colored shirts with childish designs and images, different types of uniforms and a shocking amount of snap-crotch onesies. "Go ahead and pick out a onesie to wear." She instructed me. I began surveying my options, which there were plenty of. I kept looking for over a minute, trying to decide which one would be best for me. No matter what I picked, it was probably going to be embarrassing. Isn't that what I wanted though? Being humiliated and embarrassed like this turned me on, so shouldn't I just go along with it? I decided to do just that and picked out the most embarrassing one I could. It was pastel pink with white text that read "Mommy's Little Girl." I blushed a deep red and looked towards the ground as I turned around and showed Ms. Juniper my choice. "Very girly and babyish. I think you'll look great in it. Bring it over to the lockers and get changed. The one on the right end is yours. I put a sticky note with the code on the door." Ms. Juniper told me. I did as I was told and brought the onesie over. The code on the note was "7838." That's easy to memorize, so that's good. I punched the code into the keypad and opened the door. I was expecting it to be empty inside, but there were a few hangers inside along with something inside. I took the mysterious item out and realized it was a collar! There was a tag with some writing on it as well. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the writing was my name! "That's your name tag. Please put it on." Ms. Juniper instructed. I was expecting something like a clip-on or magnetic name plate, but I guess this fits the theme of the club better. The collar was pink with purple seams. It secured with a belt-like buckle. The pin that goes through the hole was little different from what I've seen though. There was a small hole at the top of it. The slits in the leather were a bit longer than normal to accommodate it. A second later, something clicked inside my head and I realized it was meant for a lock. This collar was meant to be locked on! I was starting to get a bit aroused just thinking about wearing it. I brought it up to my neck and put it into position. I reached behind my head and was able to quickly get the piece oh leather through the buckle. I pulled it back until it was tight enough to stay in place, but not to where it was choking me. I tucked the spare leather into the little loop that held it and turned around to show Ms. Juniper. "It looks nice on you. I'm sure you noticed that collar is lockable. I have the lock right here. Turn around so I can put it on." Ms. Juniper instructed. I turned around and moved my hair out of the way for her. Seconds later, I felt a little pressure and heard a faint click. I was now locked in a collar that was made just for me. My excitement just kept growing and growing. "There we go. Nice and secure. The lock serves a few purposes. The first is to help keep you in a submissive head space. The second is to make sure you're following rule number one. The third is just because the clients love it. Here is one of the keys. I suggest keeping it in your locker. If for some reason you misplace it, I have a couple of spares in my office." Ms. Juniper explained. She handed me the key and I placed it on the top shelf of the locker. "Now that that's taken care of, please get changed into the onesie." She instructed. I did as instructed and began to slowly raise my shirt up over my head. I attached it to one of the hangers and slowly began to start undoing my skirt. This was it. I was about to expose my diaper to someone other than myself. I gulped and began to lover it, feeling it brush against the front of the plastic diaper on its way down. I was now standing in just a diaper and my bra in front of my new boss. I hung the skirt up with one of the other hangers and began to slip the bottom of the onesie over my head before being stopped by Ms. Juniper. "Take off your bra as well." She said. I blushed a deep shade of red as I began unhooking my bra. She didn't have a commanding tone, but being ordered around like this was still arousing me. A few seconds later, my barely b-cup breasts were exposed. Now I was standing in front of my boss in only a big babyish diaper. The only way this could get more embarrassing is if I actually used the diaper. I placed my bra in the locker and quickly began pulling the onesie over my head. I let out a little moan as it brushes over my bare nipples. The inside was really soft. It felt exactly like a nice set of pajamas. I guess that's what it is though. My arms when through the short sleeves and my head soon popped through the hole. Next up was the snaps at the bottom. I reached for both sides and began to secure them together. There were four snaps in total. When I was finished, the diaper was pressing firmly into my butt, taint, and crotch. "You look adorable. I really like your choice of diaper for tonight. It really compliments your onesie choice. The crowds always love babyish and girly outfits like what you got on. I'm sure you're going to be very popular tonight." Ms. Juniper said, making me both embarrassed and happy. "T-thank you. Does that mean I'm going to be on stage tonight?" I asked, my heart beating fast. "Yes, you will. Later into tonight, when the crowds pick up, we'll bring you on stage and introduce you. The dom that escorts you will tell you about the plan before you go up." She explained. My heart was beating even faster now. My first night and I was already going to be shown off to a full crowd. What all would I be doing? Were they going to have someone come up and spank me like the girl last night? My mind was racing with different thoughts, all of which were plenty humiliating and arousing. "Let's go see if any of the doms have arrived. I asked Sarah to show up early to train you and show you around. Follow me." Ms. Juniper said. Train me, huh? I'm sure she meant tell me more about the club and teach me a few things, but given the clubs nature I could only think about a commanding dominatrix sporting a riding crop, ready to punish me for the slightest infraction. I was starting to get wet, and not in the way one usually would in a diaper. We made our way to a door on the other side of the room. Ms. Juniper opened the door to reveal a room that was pretty much identical to the submissive dressing room. There was a woman inside, sitting down and looking at her phone. "Oh my god! Is this Katie? She looks so adorable!" The woman said, rushing over to come admire me. "Good evening, Sarah. Yes, this is Katie. Katie, this is Sarah. She's going to be looking after you tonight." Ms. Juniper said. "Hi Sarah, it's nice to meet you." I said, blushing at being called "adorable" and the thought of someone having to "look after" me. "It's nice to meet you too! Ms. Juniper told me that you're new to all this! I'll make sure you fit right in!" Sarah said in a very cheery voice. Sarah was an interesting person. Her personality so far is not what you'd expect from a BDSM club dominatrix. She seemed more like a big sister who fauns over anything she deems cute. Sarah was pretty tall though. She also had a very large pair of breasts. I could certainly see her being very menacing if she was in the mood. "Thank you. I'm looking forward to it." I replied. "Sarah, please show Katie around and train her on everything you think she needs to know. If you need anything, I will be in my office. Good luck Katie, and enjoy your first night." Ms. Juniper said, turning to me at the end. "Thank you ma'am, I will." I responded. With that, Ms. Juniper turned around and went back the way she came. As she walked out, I took a closer look at the room. It was mostly the same as the other room. The main differences were the placement of doors and the outfit racks, which had a mix of leather and latex bondage clothing, lingerie and some seemingly normal clothes. "Alright, let's get started! Do you need a change before we go?" Sarah asked me. Did she just ask if my diaper needed changed? That was probably the most embarrassing thing that's happened to me tonight. I could feel my face heating up and turning red. Did she think I was an actual baby? "N-no, I don't." I timidly replied. "Such a good girl! Just let me know when you do, and I'll get you taken care of. You wait right here while I get dressed, and then I'll show you around, okay sweetie?" She asked me in a voice that you would use on a small child. "O-oh, okay." I said, even more timidly than before. She was treating me like a child. I guess it makes sense, given my current outfit. It was very humiliating though. In just a couple of seconds, she referred to me as "a good girl," "sweetie," and even promised to change my diaper when, not if, I use it. I was expecting to be degraded, but not like this. I expected to be commanded and ordered around, not treated like a child at daycare. Even if it wasn't was I was expecting, it was still turning me on. Sarah returned a few minutes later, now wearing a pair of black leggings and a sweater that highlighted her big breasts. She was definitely going for a "mommy" look. I also noticed that she was wearing a name tag with the clubs logo and her name on it. I guess the doms get regular name tags while the subs get to wear a collar. "Come on sweetheart, let's go!" Sarah said, taking hold of my hand. I let Sarah take my hand and lead me back over to the submissive dressing room. We journeyed across the empty room until we reached one of the closed doors. Inside, there was a room very similar to the store room I was brought to yesterday. Every wall inside was stocked with all kinds of bondage and baby items. There were several types and colors of arm cuffs, different kinds of gags, loads of different designs of pacifiers, bibs, mittens, vibrators, harnesses, rope, butt plugs, blind folds and so much more. "This is the room where we keep all the accessories you might need for a performance or just for adding to your appearance. I know just what you need, follow me." Sarah explained, dragging me along. Sarah lead me over to the shelf containing the pacifiers. She picked up a large pink pacifier, unwrapped it and wasted no time putting it into my mouth. I accepted it without a fight and began sucking on it like I had been so accustomed to in the last twenty-four hours. This pacifier felt bigger than the one I was given last night, but not by much. "Such a good girl! You look even more adorable! I know what else you need! Wait here." Sarah said, leaving me standing with my new pacifier. Sarah walked over to a table in the center of the room and grabbed something. When she came back, I noticed that it was a pacifier clip. This one had a white background with pink baby bottles and pacifiers scattered all over. It was also a bit shorter than the one I got at the store earlier today. Without asking my permission, Sarah attached the clip to the pacifier in my mouth. I was expecting the other end to be attached to the onesie right after, but instead I heard metal clicking. I looked down and realized that this one attached to my collar like a dog leash. "So cute! Now, what do we say?" Sarah said to me, plucking the pacifier out of my mouth. "Umm, th-thank you?" I responded, timidly. "Very good!" Sarah said, putting the pacifier backing in my mouth and pulling me into a hug. Getting hugged by Sarah was like getting squeezed by a bear, if the bear has two giant boobs on it's chest. Sarah put one of her hand one the backs of head, forcing one my face right into her ample bosom. I was having trouble even breathing. When I was finally let free, I had to gasp for air. I felt the pacifier fall out of my mouth and bounce off my upper stomach. "Careful there, sweetie. I don't want to punish you just yet." Sarah said, picking up the pacifier and inserting it back into my mouth. I was starting to get wet. The way she was treating me was the perfect amount of humiliation for me. The threat of being punished was certainly helping as well. How would she punish me? The only thing I could think about was being draped across Sarah's lap and spanked silly. "Sowwy." I slurred out behind the pacifier. "Not a problem, baby. Just keep your paci right there until Mommy takes it out." Sarah instructed. I guess Sarah is my mommy now. I am just her baby, who needs to do everything commanded of me. Sarah took my hand once again and lead be out of the room. We kept walking until we reached an open door in the hallway. She turned the light on and I realized that it was one of the playrooms I had seen on the site. The furniture in here was exactly what I saw on the site. Lots of baby furniture combined with a bunch of bondage furniture. "It sounds like you've never used any of this stuff before. We're going to fix that! Let's start over here." Sarah said, giving me no time to respond as she led me over to the giant potty chair. The potty itself was like largely upscaled version of one you would see a two year old girl use. It was made to accommodate an adult, though. It was made out of pink plastic and had a white cushion on the seat. There was also a large piece of plastic extruding forward that had handles on it. The handles were also accompanied by a pair of wrist cuffs that attached directly to the chair. "I don't think you're ready for potty training yet, but you should know what it's like in case someone seems to thinks you are. Take a seat, sweetheart." Sarah instructed. I guess she didn't want me to take the diaper off first. I grabbed the handles and slowly lowered myself down onto the seat. The seat was much bigger than one a child would use, but it was still closer to the ground than a normal toilet. This forced me to sit with my legs extended forward. Sarah came over once I was seated and began to secure my wrists with the cuffs. I gave no resistance and sat there sucking on the pacifier. "Nice and secure. Your diaper was still dry a few minutes ago, which means you must have something in there you can let out. You stay here and try to use the potty like a big girl. I'm going to go fetch a few things." Sarah said as she secured my other hand. Sarah stood back up and walked out the door, leaving me alone. It was clear that she wanted me to use the diaper while she was gone. I had just peed a bunch an hour ago though, so I didn't really have much in me. I tried to force something out, but the most I got was maybe a few drops. Being instructed to "use the potty" was humiliating enough, but being unable to just added to that. Was Sarah going to be mad? I eventually gave up and waited for Sarah to come back. "I'm back baby! Were you able to use the potty like a big girl?" She asked me. I just stared at the ground and sucked on the pacifier, my face red with embarrassment. I doubt she was expecting an answer anyways. Sarah came over to me and began undoing the wrist restraints. Once I was free she put her hands under my armpits and began lifting up. I stood up for her and patiently waited for whatever came next. "Let's see how you did." Sarah said, undoing the crotch of the onesie and pressing her hand into my diaper. "This diaper is still dry. It's been at least 45 minutes since your last change. This diaper should at least have some tinkles in it. Are you purposely disobeying mommy, baby?" "No, Mommy." I shamefully responded. "Hmm, I think you are. You should have been able to let even a little bit of tinkles out after that long. I was gonna give you a snack in the highchair next, but I think you need a little lesson in obedience first. Come here." Sarah said, pulling me over towards the spanking bench. My heart started to speed up. There was a pretty limited number of things a spanking bench was used for. I obediently let Sarah push me down and secure me on the bench. My wrists, legs and waist were soon bound to the bench. I was getting even wetter as I waited for what was about to happen. The only part of my body I could move was my head, and even then I was unable to see Sarah. From what it sounded like, she was grabbing stuff out of the closet. I eventually heard footsteps approaching me and seconds later saw Sarah enter my view. "Do you know what this piece of furniture is, baby?" Sarah asked, plucking the pacifier out of my mouth. "It's a spanking bench." I responded, not wanting or able to make eye contact. "Very good. Now, why are you strapped to the spanking bench?" Sarah continued, telling me off like a small child. "For not wetting my diaper when I was told to." I timidly responded, feeling mores of my juices seep out into the diaper. "Very good. You see this baby? This is what mommy's going to spank you with." Sarah said, dangling a ping pong paddle in front of my face. The only thing I wanted as much as a spanking right now was to stick my fingers down my diaper a relieve myself. Sarah was doing a perfect job of making me feel like a naught child. It didn't help that this scenario was almost identical to the fantasy I had last night. I stared at the ping pong paddle and began fantasizing what it will feel like when it strikes my naughty bottom. A second later, I noticed Sarah had something in her other hand as well. "This is what's going to make sure your binky stays in during your spanking. Open up baby." Sarah said, revealing the pacifier gag to me. I happily complied and let her put the pacifier in my mouth. She brought the leather straps around the back of my head and securing it in place. The nipple of the pacifier was a bit bigger than the one I was using at home. It was strapped tightly enough that I wouldn't be able to spit it out, but it wasn't painful. "The safe word is 'pineapple', baby." Sarah whispered into my ear. With that, she walked around me and began undoing my onesie. It felt like an eternity as she undid each button and pulled the onesie back. I felt the air hit my lower back and soon heard the sounds of the diaper's tapes being undone. Moments later, I felt the back of the diaper falling back, exposing my wet crotch and vulnerable butt cheeks to Sarah. The front of the diaper was still held in place under my waist, while the back side held freely. "My my, what do we have here? It looks like this little girl has already gotten a spanking today. You must be one naughty baby. It's a good thing Mommy knows exactly how to take care of naughty little babies. And what is this? If I didn't know any better, I may think this little girl is looking forward to her spanking." Sarah said, running her fingers along my soaked pussy. I squirmed in place due to the intense pleasure her fingers provided me. I really wanted her to stick them inside, but I wasn't granted that privilege. I was so distracted by the pleasure that I almost forgot about mentioning my already spanked bottom. I guess my bottom was still showing the after effects of my self-spanking at lunch. The humiliation of that only made me wish for more pleasure. "Such a naughty, naughty baby. I'll make sure to give you the nice, hard spanking that you need." Sarah said, swinging the paddle down onto my right butt cheek. I moaned into the pacifier as I felt the pain and pleasure rush through my body. The pain was much more prominent though. The sting was a lot more painful than anything that I had ever given to myself. Moments later, another swat hit my other cheek. This pain was something I couldn't have foreseen. If I wasn't so horny, I probably wouldn't be enjoying this. Sarah continued her assault on my bottom for what felt like an eternity. Each smack filled the room with noise and excited me further. The only thoughts going through my mind were the pain and me calling myself a bad girl who deserves this. Eventually, the pain became more intense and tears were starting to form in my eyes. My bottom was aching really bad. This is by far the most intense spanking I'd ever received, surpassing the one I gave myself earlier today by miles. I contemplated yelling out the safe word, but that wouldn't look good on me at all. Besides, I was still incredibly horny. "There we go! I think this little girl has learned her lesson. Is that right?" Sarah said as I sobbed to myself. I nodded my head as best I could as the tears continued to well up and flow down my face. My ass was on fire, much more so than this afternoon. Sarah began rubbing my bottom, helping alleviate a bit of the pain. "There, there baby, calm down. Mommy's sorry that she had to punish you. Let's get you cleaned up and then you can have your snack. Before that though, have you made any poopies yet today?" Sarah asked. I nodded my head yes and tried to hold back my tears. I was unbearably horny right now. I had just been spanked like a bad girl and was still being babied. Sarah did a perfect job of making me feel like a naughty baby whose mommy just had to punish her. "What a good girl. Let's get you up and into your highchair." Sarah said, bringing the diaper up and securing it back around my punished bottom. I was soon released from the belts of the spanking bench and allowed to stand up. Sarah grabbed my hands as soon as I was free and brought me over to 'my' highchair. When we arrived, she grabbed my shoulders, turned me around, and guided me into the cushioned seat of the chair. Even with two layers of cushioning, my ass still hurt terribly bad. I watched Sarah as she secured the tray onto the highchair. I thought that would be it, but she instead used the cuffs on the highchair to secure my arms and legs, leaving me with no escape. I almost felt like protesting, but between my horniness and the pacifier still strapped into my mouth, I decided not to. "Nice and secure. You wait here and suck on your paci while mommy gets you a snack and a bottle, okay sweetheart?" Sarah said, turning her back and leaving the room once again. I rubbed my tongue along the pacifier's large bulb, trying to suck on it but failing due to how secure it was. For now, I was left alone with my thoughts and sore butt. If my hands we're restrained, I would definitely have them down my diaper, furiously masturbating. How much longer was she going to tease me like this? Hopefully she would relieve me soon, but at the same time I hoped she wouldn't. The humiliation of being treated like this was insanely pleasurable and I didn't want it to end. My butt was still hurting bad, but the pain forced me to constantly recall what had just happened. Sarah came back a few minutes later carrying a big pink bib, a big baby bottle filled with what looked like apple juice, and a bowl with a spoon. I noticed she was also wearing a white apron now as well. "Sorry for the wait, baby! I promise it will be worth it. Let's get these num nums into your cute little tummy." Sarah said, speaking to me like I was an actual baby. Sarah set the bowl down on the tray in front of me, revealing that it was filled with oatmeal. Not exactly my favorite, but I didn't despise it. There was a bit more than I would consider to be a snack though. She made her way behind me and secured the bib around my neck. I looked down and saw the words "Mommy's messy girl" embroidered on it. Next, she unstrapped the pacifier gag and removed it from my mouth. She set it down on the tray next to the bowl as I began moving my jaw around, now free from the big bulb. "Why did you get a spanking earlier, sweetheart?" Sarah asked, scooping up some oatmeal. "I-I didn't finish my lunch." I said, embarrassed and aroused at memories of the self spanking. "That was pretty naughty of you, sweetheart. I'll make sure you finish your snack so you don't need another trip to the bench. Now, open wide, baby." Sarah replied. I did as instructed and embarrassingly opened my mouth for Sarah. She put the spoon of oatmeal in my mouth and I closed around it. It didn't really taste bad, but I wasn't enjoying it too much. I swallowed the oatmeal and opened my mouth for Sarah, who was patiently waiting with another spoonful of oatmeal. This cycle continued for about 5 minutes, with Sarah repeatedly telling me "what a good girl I was" and making airplane noises. The bowl was eventually empty and Sarah used the bib to wipe off the oatmeal that had ended up on my face through no fault of my own. "There we go, all done. Did you enjoy your snack, sweetheart?" Sarah asked. "Yes, Mommy." I replied, looking away out of embarrassment. I doubt I could ever get used to calling someone this close to my own age "mommy". "I'm glad you enjoyed it, baby. Now, let's finish your baba." Sarah said, raising the bottle and bringing the rubber nipple to my mouth. I began sucking on the bottle and felt the apple juice flow into my mouth. This continued for a minute or two until Sarah removed it from my mouth. "My arm is getting tired, baby. If I release your arm, do you promise to be a good girl and feed yourself?" Sarah asked me. I nodded yes and she released my right arm from the cuff securing it to the highchair. I grabbed the bottle and began drinking from it again. The bottle was completely full when Sarah brought it in, so it was going to take a few minutes to drink it all. Sarah stood by patiently as I continued drinking. Eventually, she went to the closet in the room and came back out holding an arm cuff and a short chain. "Mommy needs to go check in on something, baby. I want you to finish your bottle, but I don't trust you alone with your hand. That's what this is for." Sarah said, showing me the short chain and cuff. Sarah attached the cuff to my wrist and then attached the chain to my collar with a small padlock. The chain couldn't have been more than a foot long. I could still hold the bottle up to my mouth and reach the tray, but that was about it. Why didn't she trust me? Was it because she knew how horny I was? It had to be. The thought that I couldn't be trusted not to touch myself was very arousing. It was amplified even more by the fact that it was probably true. The bottle was slowly getting closer to empty and Sarah was not back yet. What was she doing? I'm sure it was something that would humiliate me even more. I soon began to feel pressure building in my bladder. I could already hear Sarah's voice in my head if she came in and noticed I had wet my diaper. Nevertheless, there was no reason to hold it in. There was no way Sarah would let me pee anywhere but this diaper. Even though there was no one watching, it was still hard to start peeing. It was probably due to the unfamiliar environment I was in. Finally, after a minute of pushing and bottle sucking, I was able to get something going. My mind began to fill with horny thoughts as I imagined how humiliating it would be when Sarah noticed my wet diaper. Sure, I had peed in diapers multiple times now, but never in front of anyone. The stream stopped not too long after and I could feel the soggy, warm padding pressing against my agitated pussy and bruised butt. I wish I could press that warm padding right into my pussy and rub it senseless, but my arms were both bound. Shortly after I finished the bottle, I heard the door open. I was expecting to see Sarah come through, but instead it was a tall blond women in a very short latex dress. My heart began to race as she shut the door and began approaching me. I noticed that in one her hands she had a riding crop and in the other was a big canvas bag. This is more like what I had expected when I came here. How was this going to play out? Was she here to take Sarah's place? "You must be the new slut that Sarah told me about. You're quite cute. I can't wait to break you." The woman said, the clacking of her heels on the floor adding to her intimidating aura as she continued her approach. "I-I'm Ka-" I tried to get out before being interrupted. "SILENCE!" She yelled, "You will speak only when spoken to! That is your only warning!" I immediately shut my mouth and felt my pussy tingle. What was she going to do to me? What was in the bag? While being babied by Sarah was humiliating in its own way, the things I imagined this woman will do to me were even better. She seemed like a typical BDSM mistress and was already acting like one. Once she got to me, she dropped her bag and shoved her hand right against my wet diaper. She grabbed my chin with her other hand, forced me to look right at her face, and stared right into my eyes. "Playtime is over, potty pants. I'm here to treat you like the diaper filling little slut you actually are. My name is Mistress Hazel, and you will refer to me as such. Any disobedience, and you'll be punished extensively. Understand?" "Y-Yes, Mistress Hazel." I squeaked out. "Good little slut. I'm going to release your restraints, and you're not going to move a muscle. Understand?" She command. "Yes, Mistress Hazel." I said timidly, trying not to make any movements at all. Hazel removed her hands from my jaw and diaper and began undoing the restraints on my legs and left arm. I kept them exactly as they were though out of fear of what might happen if I moved them. She next removed the cuff from my wrist and unlocked the lock attaching the chain to my collar. She took the bottle out of my hand and put it on the highchair tray along with the pacifier gag and wrist cuff. Finally, she removed the tray, freeing me if I was allowed to move. "Get on all fours, and don't make me wait." Hazel commanded. As fast as I could, I got out of the highchair and got down on my hands and knees. Sarah, was super nice to me and she still gave me a very painful spanking. I'm sure whatever Hazel did to punish me would be much worse. I was legitimately scared and also aroused at the thought of what she might do. I heard her reach into the bag, but I couldn't see what she was grabbing. I found out moment later when she clipped a dog leash onto my collar. "Walk," Hazel commanded while pulling on the leash, "and don't even think about turning your head." I did as instructed and let myself be led to an unknown destination. Being forced to crawl on all fours like a baby very humiliating. The floor kind of hurt my knees, but I'm sure it hurt less than the riding crop that Hazel carries around. She led me over to a wall on the other side of the room and commanded me to stop. I obeyed and stared at the wall, waiting for whatever Hazel had in store for me next. I stayed as still as possible as I heard her go towards the closet. "Okay pissy pants, it's time to show your mistress how much of a slut you really are." Hazel said, walking to the wall in front of me and attaching a long, thick, black dildo to it. "Start sucking." My eyes went wide as I stared at the phallic object that was right in front of my face. I've given a few blowjobs before, but not to anything as big or thick as this. I felt my pussy tingle again as I reflected on my situation. I couldn't reflect long though, as I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my right leg. "Did I stutter, pissy pants? Get sucking!" Hazel yelled at me. I immediately spurred into action and wrapped my lips around the head of the dildo. I slowly brought my closer to the wall until I couldn't fit anymore. I started pulling back and then felt another sting of pain from my right leg. "Faster! Suck like you mean it!" Hazel screamed at me. I screamed into the dildo, both out of shock and the pain. I did as commanded though and picked up my pace. The thick dildo was rapidly sliding in and out of my mouth as I tried to give the best blowjob I could to the silicon object. I closed my eyes as I did this and began to lose myself in thought. I wished I could be penetrated through my vagina instead. I have been holding back orgasms all day in anticipation for tonight and have been teased beyond belief for what feels like an eternity now. My thoughts were interrupted by a tug on the back of my onesie. I heard the snaps at the crotch being undone and soon felt the onesie being pulled up to my stomach. I was curious what was going on, but didn't want another hit from the riding crop, so I kept sucking. I became even more nervous when I felt my diaper being untaped and removed. I was too curious now. I removed the dildo from my mouth and began to turn around. I wasn't able to make out anything before I felt the riding crop come down on my already sore ass. It came down on both cheeks several more times while I hurried to resume sucking on the dildo. "Did I give you permission to stop sucking and turn around, pissy pants? No, I didn't. So don't even think about taking that dildo out of your mouth until I do." Hazel yelled at me. I felt tears well up in my eyes from the pain of the riding crop. That thing stung really bad! I didn't even find out what she was doing back there. I guess all I could do was keep sucking and wait. "Look at the state of this diaper. Do you enjoy pissing yourself, pissy pants? Well, you better not piss on the floor, or you're licking it up, got it?" Hazel said. I should have been disgusted by that, but with how horny I was, she could probably make me do just about anything. My entire body shook and a wave of pleasure ran through my body as Hazel drug her fingers across my sopping wet pussy lips. I stopped sucking for a brief second while I tried to recover. This was quickly met with another hit of the riding crop on my ass. I had to force myself to continue pleasuring the dildo due to my body being exhausted from all the pleasure and pain. I really hope I was allowed to cum soon. "Look at how sopping wet your cunt is. There's no doubt in my mind that you're nothing more than a pathetic, diaper loving slut. Stop sucking." Hazel commanded. I did as I was told and removed the dildo from my mouth, finally letting my tired jaw recover. "Did you enjoy your blowjob practice, slut?" Hazel asked me. "Yes, Mistress Hazel." I replied, not wanting to give her a reason to make me start again. "Good little slut." Hazel responded. "Have you ever had an enema before?" "N-no, Mistress Hazel." I replied, a knot forming in my stomach. "Prefect. Get to the pillory." She commanded, pulling on the leash again. I gulped as I started crawling to the pillory. My bare ass and vagina on display to anyone that could be watching. I'd never had an enema before, but I knew what it was. Normally, it's not something I would really fantasize about, but with how horny I was, I would do probably anything that would humiliate or degrade me further. I soon reached the pillory and remained still while I waited for instructions on what to do next. "Position yourself, slut." Hazel commanded. I got up off my hands and knees and positioned myself inside the device. Hazel brought down the top half right after and secured it, locking me inside. The pillory was only upto about my stomach, so my back was at about a ninety degree angle. This wasn't exactly a very comfortable position. Especially because I didn't have a whole lot to rest my weight on. I heard Hazel moving around for a bit behind me and grabbing stuff. Eventually, her waist entered my limited field of view. "Open up slut. Sarah told me how much you love your pacifier, so I thought I would reward you with something to suck on." Hazel commanded. I was expecting the pacifier gag from before to be placed in my mouth, but instead what I got was a gag with a short, thick dildo. The gag slid into my mouth, feeling exactly like the one I was forced to 'practice' on mere minutes ago. Hazel secured the gag behind my head, making sure I was unable to take it out. She then vanished from my view and walked around behind me again. I heard a few more sounds I couldn't make out before feeling something press up against my butt hole. My breathing picked up and grew heavier as the object penetrated me. Hazel pushed it farther in and I soon felt a warm liquid begin to flow into my body. I began to squirm a lot due the weird feeling, which caused Hazel to strike my ass with the crop again. "Stop squirming, slut. If you take your enema like a good little baby, maybe I'll reward you." Hazel said. I really hoped that the reward would be better than the last one. Either way, I hoped the reward would be an orgasm and was willing to take the risk of it not being that. I tried as hard as I could to stay still and not clench my butt. I relied fairly heavily on the penis that gagged my mouth to distract me from the feeling. The warm liquid continued to flow into me with no indication of it being close to over. I could feel it pooling inside of me and occupying more and more of my insides. I was moaning into the dildo constantly and biting down on it. I'm not sure how much more I could take. My stomach was starting to feel bloated and was cramping a bit. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, I felt the flow of liquid slow to a stop. "Okay, slut. I'm going to pull the nozzel out. Don't you dare spill anything, or I'll give you another one." Hazel threatened. I knew I could not handle another enema, so when Hazel pulled the nozzel out of my ass I clenched down with all my strength. Holding the liquid was surprisingly hard. The liquid was trying its hardest to escape from my body. I was taken by surprise when I felt something cold and metallic press against my butt hole. "I'm putting in a butt plug slut. I figure a diaper dependent little slut like you won't be able to hold anything in for long." Hazel said, sliding the thick metal plug into place. I moaned loudly into the dildo. I'd never done anal before, and this was much thicker than the enema nozzel. At least it would help me keep the enema in. "Alright pissy pants, we better get another diaper on you before you piddle all over the floor. Get over to the changing table." Hazel instructed, undoing the restraints of the pillory but leaving the gag on. I instinctively got down on my hands and knees once I was free. The implication of me 'piddling' on the floor made my pussy tingle again. I had to go slow due to the amount of liquid occupying my colon. Hazel seemed to be forgiving of it though, as she didn't hit me with the riding crop. Hazel took the leash again and slowly led me over to the changing table. Thankfully, it wasn't too far of a crawl. "Get up on the table, pissy pants." Hazel commanded. The table was a good distance off the ground, but thankfully there was a stepping stool. I positioned myself on the changing table and let Hazel restrain my arms and midsection to the table. Laying down on my back made the pressure of the enema even more apparent. "Legs up, pissy pants." Hazel instructed. I complied and slowly raised my legs up. I soon felt another diaper being placed under me. Hazel wasted no time in covering me with baby powder and taping the diaper up. She did a much better job than I had ever done on myself. The diaper felt very secure and positioned perfectly. She redid the the snaps at the crotch of the onesie and gave the front of my now covered diaper a pat. "Alright pissy pants, get to the crib and you can release your enema. Since you've been relatively obedient, I'll let you make cummies in your diapie." Hazel said, releasing me from the changing table. I was finally going to be allowed to cum! I got down on the floor and crawled to the crib as quickly as possible. I climbed into the giant crib, almost forgetting about the belly full of liquid that I had. Hazel grabbed my arms and legs once I was inside and secured them to the straps attached to the crib. "Alright potty pants, are you ready to release that enema?" Hazel asked me. "Mmmph!" I yelled through the gag, trying to make it clear to her that I was. "Then roll over on your side, away from me." Hazel commanded. I rolled over away from her. The crib restraints had a little bit of slack, but not too much. I felt Hazel reach through the leg holes of my diaper and reach for my butt. She gripped onto the butt plug and ripped it out of my butt and diaper in a quick motion. I moaned into the dildo again from the sensation and instantly felt the liquid flood into the diaper. The feeling left me in a trance, making it take a few seconds to notice Hazel had pulled onto my back. The liquid kept pouring into the diaper as I laid there in pleasure. It was very warm and was get absorbed into every part of the diaper. After only a few seconds, the liquid stopped flowing and I could tell the diaper was close to its limit. "Do you enjoy filling your diaper, potty pants?" Hazel asked me, digging her hand right into my crotch through the diaper. "Mmph!" I yelled in pleasure. "Are you ready to fill that diaper with your cummies?" Hazel asked, now rubbing the sopping wet diaper into my also sopping wet pussy. "Mmph!" I yelled again, being overcome with pleasure. "Then go ahead, slut. Cum in your messy diaper for your mistress." Hazel commanded. I did exactly as she command, my body seizing up from the most intense orgasm I'd ever experienced. My mind filled with the memories of my spanking and all of the humiliation I'd been subjected to since arriving here. All I could do was lay there helplessly, lost in all the pleasure that was running through my body. The only other sensations I could feel were the warm, soggy diaper stuck to my body and the large dildo stuck in my mouth. When I came down off my post-orgasm high, I noticed that Hazel had left, leaving me tied up alone in the crib. I also noticed that she also raised the side of the crib, making me feel even more helpless. Was she going to come back soon? Now that my horniness had drained out of me, I was really starting to notice how uncomfortable this dildo was. My face was getting covered in drool due to it as well. The diaper was still very warm and felt good, but I doubted it would stay that way for long. After what felt like 5 minutes or so of reflecting on everything that's happened so far and trying to ignore the large penis in my mouth, I heard the door open. I looked over and saw that Sarah had come back. Hazel wasn't with her though, which kind of made me relieved. Sarah went over the changing table and grabbed everything you'd need to change a diaper. She next went over to the high chair and grabbed something that I couldn't see. Finally, she approached me and lowered the side of the crib. "Hello, sweetheart! Sorry that I had to step out for a little bit. Did you have fun playing with Hazel?" Sarah asked me in a cheery voice. I nodded my head yes, not being able to make much noise due to the dildo. "That's good. Let's get off of you." Sarah said, reaching for the back of my neck. Sarah undid the buckle of the gag and released me. I had to take a moment to stretch out my jaw and get used to not having something inside of it. While I was doing this, Sarah used the bib that was still strapped around my neck to clean up the drool. "It looks like Hazel must have accidentally given you a big girl pacifier. I'm sure she didn't mean to." Sarah said, putting the dildo gag down by my feet. There was no doubt in my mind that Hazel made a mistake by giving me that, and I'm sure Sarah knew that as well.
  4. Hi all, Im a dutch guy 27 years old and am an dl for about 8 years now, i wonder if there are more dutch people still active these days, i started a club for abdl in holland called dutchdiapers, if you read this and you are dutch feel free to join, hope to hear something
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