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Found 2 results

  1. A friend gets shrunk down to doll size by his friend. She decides to humiliate him and punish him in so many humiliating ways. Using him as her new toy.
  2. It was a very dark Sunday evening and fetacular was writing a diaper story. This particular story involved fetacular being kept in diapers since youth. He was sent to the abdl hospital where his life on camera would begin. Arriving at the hospital the nurses talked at the entrance, nurse1 “oooh this one’s gunna bring in the ratings”, nurse2“ who do you think has to change his diaper”, nurse1 “you do”, nurse 2 “so do you”, nurse3 “what smells”, nurse1”omg it’s vennessa she pooped herself” nurse2”you better go change her nobody likes a poopy diaper” nurse 1 “yeah except her” the nurses giggled and gagged a little and went to work. Nurse 2 “hello feta, I here you failed potty training some years ago and have been in diapers ever since” Feta said “yeah but I can do things on my own” nurse2 “like what feta”? “like going out to the movies and stuff” nurse2 “well you know, your 21 now, and it’s legal for you to go to bars and stuff, buuuut the problem is bars don’t like it when people who failed toilet training go in there with there dirty diapers and stink up there bars”. Feta “well I won’t go to bars then” Nurse 2 “yeah, we tried that in the 1990’s, we can’t keep our eye's on all of you”, 1 feta say's “no, please (sob) I don’t want to spend my life in here”! Page2 2feta says “how long do I have to stay here” page 3 Page 2 1 feta say's “no, please (sob) I don’t want to spend my life in here”! Page2 Nurse1“ you don’t have to spend your whole life in here,” “only as long as it takes to potty train you” Nurse 2 got back from cleaning up vennessa, he even stuck his index finger in and stretched her until it snapped, the look on her face was priceless to him. He told her the command (foooootsy) and she put her feet on nurse1s left hand while he fapped open the diaper With his riight, then rolled vennessa back slid the nursery diaper under her, then let her feet go.. her feet naturally spread and nurse 1 taped her in tightly, the diaper was thick, and went up past her pelvic bone up just past her belly button. Vennessa said, “but I don’t want to wear diapers today”, nurse1 said “yes but vennessa you play with yourself when your not in diapers” nurse 3 “and this isn’t a place for fun, sugar baby” 1feta says “how long will it take to potty train me?” go to page 4 2feta says “can I wear a thinner diaper nurse,” go to page 8 Page3 feta say’s “how long do I have to stay here?” nurse1 said, “well, that depends on how well you behave, and of course how long it takes to potty train you.” Feta “the only reason I’m in diapers is because my mom kept me in them, I’ve told her for the past 14 years I was capable of toilet training “ah ah ah” nurse1 tapped her foot with an xyz agitated leg spread,” when she realized she had fetas attention she grabbed him by the lips and squeezed them together to emulate the words “potty training” Nurse2“now say it with me,” “potty training”, “that’s better,” she said playfully. Feta “sobbed” Nurse1 entered the room and said, “why don’t we get that wet diaper off of you?” feta said “yes please”. Nurse1 pulled down fetas pants, making a smiley face at him??? next she untapped the tapes, fapping it open she then put a dry cleansing lotion on him to wipe away the urine and powder finally just in time, nurse3 showed up with a very thick plastic diaper, as she walked by fetas glare she show boated the powder and diaper to him. “feta” said nurse3; “yes” said feta, nurse3 “put your feet on my hand”, feta did so. “upsy daisy” said the nurse and she rolled feta back and slipped a diaper under him. She let go of his feet and his legs spread naturally, then she lifted it between his legs and taped him tightly in. Nurse3 walked in and said “oooo,” as she padded the diaper and said “nice and thick so you can’t Master are,” Page 4 2feta says “how long will it take to potty train me?” “well, let’s start by changing that diaper”, it was 8pm and feta's diaper was changed, he was then put to bed. He woke up with a soaking wet diaper and morning wood, nurse1 went in with a bottle and changed him at 5am next he was led into the public area to watch some TV, baby tv. Around 8am he was changed again with powder by nurse 1 The nurses went into see him at 7am they started a questionable chant “do you want a breaky or do you want to go, do you want a breaky or do you want to go, do you want a breaky or do you want to go..” Finally in a tempertantrum feta said, I want to go! The nurses started chanting “pee, pee,pee,pee,pee,pee!” feta said “no!” The nurses starting chanting again “do you want a breaky, or do you want to go, do you want a breaky or do you want to go, do you want a breaky or do you want to go” the nurses ear pieces; spy gadget type stuff, “the ratings are climbing, if he says breaky make him choose which one of you and your pay cheques will be 6 figures this month and your contracts are up, of course you can always re-sign” Feta said “fine give me breakfast!” the three nurses, nurse1, nurse2, and nurse3 dropped there tips on Camara, and they chanted “boob, boob, boob, boob” feta reached out to touch one, but nurse2 said “you can only touch it with your mouth”, feta opened his mouth and lurched forward,” the respiridone g iven to the nurses prior to this moment caused them all to lactate, as soon as feta’s mouth wrapped around nurse2 she squirt right down the back of feta’s neck. Fetas head flew backwards and her boob squirted him in the face again, feta choked and reflux gagged, saying “what the fuck was that”, nurse1 said “oh we have a potty mouth, don’t we little baby”, nurse 3 said “from now on, you have to keep a binki, in your mouth,” nurse 2 said “otherwise we'll make you wear the thick diapers, the ones that make you waddle like a bwaby”, further she stated “now, drink this nipple until it’s empty, or else you'll go to the play pen until bed time.” “no!” said feta, nurse2 said “drink from my boob or we'll give you shock therapy 1Feta says “No!” Page 5 2feta says “okay.” page6 3feta says “I want her nipples.” Pointing at nurse3 page 7 Page 5 feta yelled “no”! To nurse2, she called out “Jensa” to nurse3 who came into the room with a d volt battery and jumper cables, she zapped feta and he said “ouch, fuck! Holy shit!!” jensa zapped him again holding the jumper cables down he was shocked so bad he Peed himself, nurse3 said, in a matter of fact tone “and now, you get thick diapers just like vennessa” nurse1 and nurse2 held him down while nurse3 diapered and powdered him. She was quick and efficient. Page6 feta say’s “okay,” and takes suck of nurse2 he drank for about 20 minutes a boob as he drank he was quickly flooded by the milk and it came out into his diaper. Nurse1 stuck her hand down into his package and felt it was wet, “now it’s time for a thick diaper,” the nurses changed him and put the binki in his mouth, “now you keep that binki in your mouth until tomorrow morning or we'll put you in the play pen.” Feta nodded. Page7 feta say’s “I want her nipples.” Pointing at nurse3. Nurse 3 said okay but let’s lie down on the couch. Feta sucked and sucked and sucked and sucked and sucked until nurse3 was empty and then filled with milk, milk polyuria set in and he Peed himself, nurse2 poked his diaper and said “he’s wet!” nurse3 said to nurse2, why don’t we let him sleep here while we put on a show for the camera's. They started touching and petting and spreading nurse3 went down nurse2 raised a gay brow, they both got soaked and put there cloths and robes back on, all the while feta had one eye open. Nurse2 said “oh feta you naughty boy, did you watch,” nurse3 “good luck masturbating in that diaper. “its time you took a nap,” said nurse3 “but I’m wet” said feta. Well it’s a big diaper it’ll hold!” Page 8 Feta say’s “can I wear a thinner diaper nurse?” Nurse 3 said “nope, because you will play with yourself and the only action your going to get in here is breast milk boobs,” nurse1 “let’s get you something to eat!” Nurse 2 brought a heaping bowl of egg noodles and peanut butter feta said “where’s the fork?” nurse1 pulled a spork from behind her back, she said “sit down!” feta say. “here comes the boobies” feta swallowed deeply. She sprinkled some all over his face and said “lets get a camera,!” 1Nurse 2 checks fetas diaper go to page 9 2nurse3 checks fetas diaper go to page 10
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