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Found 4 results

  1. Another old commission that I decided that I wanted to reupload here. And yes, it's Homestuck again. Sorry. ---------------------------------------------------- Padded Playdate It was playdate day in the Lalonde household, that meant Rose had company and her mother couldn’t have been more overjoyed. Rose however wasn’t that pleased. She stomped her feet, throwing a tantrum. After a short session over her mothers knee in which she promised to be a good girl, mom got her ready for her guests, replacing her diaper with a fresh one, and putting Rose in the appropriate clothing. Rose was currently wearing nothing more than a pink teeshirt and diaper when the doorbell rang. She ignored it as she continued to play with her new kitten. But Mom picked her up, making her walk to the door with her as she sucked grumpily on her pacifier. The big baby insisted that she did not need a playdate, but it was already too late as her Mom was greeting their guests. “Hello! Thank you so much for stopping by!” Her mother said, giving the man across from her in the doorway a friendly kiss on the cheek. “I see you brought John as well! Please come in!”. She said, leading Rose back to the living room now in the company of a boy with short spiky hair and glasses. John was wearing pretty much the same thing that Rose had on, a shirt and a diaper. “Now you two play nice while mommy and her friend make some snacks!” She said, disappearing into the kitchen with John’s dad, and leaving the pair of big babies alone in the living room. John gave Rose a big hug before sitting down on the floor to play with some building blocks, she reluctantly sat down and joined him, waiting for her mommy to come back from the kitchen. After a few minutes of playing with John, she looked up at hearing the sound of her mom’s voice. She laughing at something’s John’s dad has said. Ignoring the plate of cookies that she was carrying in her hands, Rose rushed over to her mother, wrapping her hands around her body. “Rose dear, if you want a cookie please be patient!”. All Rose really wanted was her mother’s attention, and she felt like she wasn’t giving it to her while she was in the company of another adult. Rose let go of her mother’s waist, taking a cookie as she sat back down on the floor next to John, who was happily eating his own cookie. “Sorry about Rose, she is particularly clingy!” Her mother would say, causing her blush. “Hehe, your face is red!” John commented, causing Rose to stare daggers at the boy. She quietly ate her cookie, looking back at her Mom from time to time. She was currently sat next John’s dad, taking with him quite intently. Rose watched as the man took her mother’s hand, which caused her to stand straight up and shout aloud. “Mommy, Mommy!” She jumped up and down in place, trying to get the woman’s attention. Her mother quickly turned to look at her daughter, her expression one of concern and curiosity. “What is it dear?” She asked, a little annoyed to see that there was nothing of immediate danger or wrong with the young adult. “Mommy I uhh… think I need a new diapee!” She exclaimed, hoping up at down. Her mother stood up and walked over to Rose. She reached her hand down between Rose’s legs as she felt the crotch and back up of her diaper. Her mother shook her head at Rose. “No, you a good dear, no accidents!”. She said, giving her a kiss on the forehead before turning around and sitting back down next to John’s father. Rose felt a little bit better after that kiss, and sat back down to playing with her toys again. Rose continued to play with John for a few more minutes, but found herself once again staring at the pair of parents sitting on the other side of the room. Rose couldn’t help but feel jealous of her mother. She was so protective of Rose that she felt like she was the only one she loved sometimes. Any other time Rose wouldn’t have been bothered to try and keep her mothers attention, but something about now was different. Rose watched as the man leaned into her mothers ear and whispered something into it. Her mother’s response was to laugh. Rose’s response was to cry, ad cry loud. “Rose, dear. What is the matter?”. Her mother said standing up from her seat on the couch. Rose had tears rolling down her eyes as she pounded the floor in front of her. John didn’t seem to pay any attention to the scene that was unfolding right next to him. Her mother picked her up, holding her face again her bosom as she attempted to calm down the infantile woman. “I’m sorry, she has just been very difficult today!” Rose said to John’s dad. He nodded as he understood himself, watching his own offspring on the floor keeping to himself. Roxanne bounced Rose up and down in her arms, giving her hair a stroke as she would shush her gently. “What is wrong dear, come on, you can tell your mommy!”. She said. Rose shook her head, a little calmer than before now that she was being held by her mother. Her hands grabbed needly at her mother’s shirt. “Mommy do you luv m-mee!?” She said, stiflingly her tears back as she buried her head into Roxanne’s shirt. Her mother stroked her head some more, confused about what her daughter meant. Her mother turned her chin up, looking down at Rose with a concerned look on her face. “Of course I do sweetie! What made you think I don’t?” She asked Rose. Rose lip quivered as she talked. “B-but you kissed him!” She said, pointing at John’s father. It suddenly clicked in her mothers mind what was the problem. She gave a smile down at her daughter, looking back at John’s dad with a smirk. “I see, little miss Rosie is a little jealous, huh?” Rose blushed at hearing the man’s words. Her mother nodded her head in agreement. “I think she is indeed!” She replied, giving Rose another kiss on the forehead. “If Mommy gets you another cookie will you promise to behave?” She asked Rose, giving her nose a touch with the tip of her index finger. Rose thought about it, in fact you could say that she thought a little too hard because before she could say anything the sound of something hissing filled the air. Looking down at her daughter’s diaper, she felt it become soggy and damp. “Well, let’s get you a new diaper first dear…” She said with a giggle. “You don’t mind, I’ll be right back” She said to John’s father. He waved her off with a thumbs up, letting the pair move upstairs to the bathroom so that Rose could get a new diaper and hopefully her mom could have a talk with her about behaving while there was guests around. After a few minutes had past, John’s father took up the newspaper, knowing that his son wouldn’t get into any trouble while he was sitting in the same room. He was just turning to the comics page when he heard Roxanne shout out from up the stairs, followed by the pattering of feet coming towards them. Rose rounded the corner, only wearing her teeshirt as her diaper was missing from her lower half. She came up to John’s dad, looking at him with a grumpy expression. “Is there something I can help you with, young lady?” He asked Rose. The young adult was just about to respond but was cut off by Mom quickly coming down the stairs to stand behind her. “Right, that is it!” She said, scooping up her daughter. “You have been very bad today!” Her mother said in a stern voice. Rose gave a struggle, crying out as she picked up and placed over her mothers knee. “Mommy no!” She exclaimed. But there was nothing that she could do to stop Roxanne delivering a hard smack to her bottom, to which she gave a loud yelp. “I’m going to have to cut this playdate short, I’m sorry.” She said to John’s father. He was already helping John up as she was speaking. He gave a tip of his hat, walking John towards to the door. “Goodbye Rose!” John said, waving his hand at her as they left. Rose gave a humph, sticking out her tongue at him behind his back. She received another smack to her bottom, to which she out another cry.“I hope you are happy Rose!”. Her mother said, not realizing that in fact, yes Rose was happy. She had gotten what she wanted after all and that was her mother’s attention.
  2. As with my previous stories, this one contains several elements inherent to the pre-established 'Diaper Dimension.' These include, but are not limited to: Diapers and their usage for their intended purpose Breastfeeding Non-consensual mental regression through various means (Including possible drugs, hypnosis, and/or surgery) References to surgery to achieve various nefarious goals Humiliation Giants, aka, Amazons or Bigs Predominantly female domination (some male) Babying of adults (perceived or otherwise) Experimentation on humans Kidnapping Coerced or manipulated actions through possible means of white lies, gas lighting, or incentives Mild language or use of explitives Depictions of death, illness, or handicaps Graphic imagery associated with any of these warnings This story has not been labeled as mature, due to a lack of specific references to anything overtly sexual, but this warning serves as a 'turn back' point for any readers who do not wish to read about the previous warnings. Lastly, this list is subject to change during the course of writing this story. While most of the plot is ironed out, more warnings may be added if needed. For those readers interested or do not care about the warnings listed, please enjoy the following story. Welcome back everyone! This tale will definitely be more of a traditional DD story (with this one actually being in the other dimension rather than a con), but I also made the decision to modify a few bits of my original plan since last year based on the feedback that I got with a few of my other stories. As such, some of this might feel a little reversing of time or the plot in some ways, but I promise that it will all add up in the end to a better story than I originally had. Also, as a warning, like the last one, some of this could be a bit meta, and while I think it works well, I thought I would at least point it out to you all here in the first chapter. Looking ahead, so far this story is about 16 chapters, but there may be more as I continue to write it all down and figure out a few later plot details more in depth. Additionally, I was originally debating on if I should start posting this story before or after my upcoming trip, but I decided to just post it beforehand. Therefore, next week, I will be leaving this story on a cliffhanger of sorts. When it comes, I will remind you all again of this planned pause. Also, just in case there is anyone reading this story who has not read my others, I would highly encourage you to check out the following link to the first story (The CONvention) in this planned trilogy. I explain a few things in the beginning of this story when they come up as a reminder, but reading my previous work would likely help explain a few things going on here a little better at the start. Link: https://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?/topic/86499-the-convention-a-diaper-dimension-story-chapter-15-complete/ Next, speaking of sequels, in my last big post at the end of The Opening story, I mentioned that this would be the year of sequels, but since then, I have been looking over the myriad of stories that I could be writing and realized that some stories could be more desired by you all than others. While I absolutely want to write this one and the Tell Me More sequel at some point this year, I think I am going to give you all a chance for some feedback for what I do next. At the end of this story, I will lay out at least three new stories that I could work on next. Each will be something that I want to work on, so I can still be happy in all this, so no need to fret there, but I know some of my stories have been more popular than others, so if anyone has any strong feelings about the next story at that point, please just let me know then. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the first chapter of my new story! Chapter 1: Welcome To Another World Falling. Tumbling. All at once, I could feel the void before me. I could see the pure nothingness below and all around me! Dropping. Plummeting. There was an emptiness in my stomach, a dryness in my throat, and itching over my skin. I was so scared. I wanted to cry but no tears would come. ‘Where was mommy?’ I tried to hold onto her hand, but it was no use. She slipped away from me, and I was all alone. Vulnerable. Terrified. More falling, tumbling, and hurtling through the void of space. ‘I’m so scared! I’m going to be lost to this nothingness without mommy. Where is she? Where’s my mommy? Why has she left me? Why… wait…’ In all the confusion and chaos surrounding me completely, one thing actually started to become oddly clearer: my mind. It was as if I had been dunked into the icy waters of Maine for a polar bear swim in the early mornings like I did at camp one summer, but I wasn’t in pain… at least not in the typical sense. I still felt very alone and frightened, but I just felt suddenly clearer. I didn’t even need to push myself to get there. It was just… there like it was oddly the most natural thing in the world. Almost like the sediment settling into a glass… ‘But mommy…’ I shook my head as the universe of colors swarmed around me. ‘No… not mommy… her… Samantha… we were at the convention and then… oh god!’ I panicked as I saw the emptiness around me once more with my now clearer head and felt the magnitude of what I had just done. This woman that I had just met… I had followed her and had clearly left Earth, and right then, I felt like my senses as well. Now, I was tumbling through whatever all this murky darkness and swirls of colors was. It was all blinding and all nothingness at the same time, but ahead of me, just out of reach, something was clear. It took a moment for my eyes to make sense of it, but I realized it was an opening in all this. No. Not an opening. More like a tear, but still… it seemed the way out of all this mess. Fortunately, whether I willed it or not, the sucking and plummeting happening all around my body were pulling me towards that one direction. Still, in utter panic, I shut my eyes for fear of being eviscerated or atomized into nothingness. Then, all at once, the plummeting stopped. My feet touched solid ground. I opened my eyes, but I wished I had kept them closed. After all that, I never would have believed that thought would have ever entered my head, but there it was. When I first opened my eyes, I thought I was dreaming… hallucinating… something, but every time I tried to rub my eyes, the sight before me just wouldn’t vanish. There, only a few feet away, was still Samantha, Chelsea, Ditzy, Derek, and Luna, but something was massively different about at least a few of them. As I stepped back slightly to the now solid wall at my back, I tilted my head up toward Samantha and my pacifier just dropped out of my mouth. Now, she had been maybe a little taller than me before, but now… she easily was almost double my height. I felt nauseous. I wanted to pass out… or to wake up from this whole odd nightmare or fever dream, but my body wasn’t allowing me. Samantha’s hand, now clutching onto mine once more, wasn’t allowing me to. “Easy, there, sweetie,” she cooed from above. I awed in her presence before, but now, I felt like an ant… a child… Chelsea chuckled from nearby. “I think you might need to help him out there a bit, Sam. Some Littles lose some or all of their mental blocks coming through from the meds… though, I don’t think I can say exactly the same for these two, huh?” She then bent over herself to the smaller figures of Ditzy and Derek before her and smiled widely. “Isn’t that right?” she babyishly cooed at the two. “I think mommy very much still has her two little toe munchers!” With my now more alert brain, I could only stare in shock as the two just giggled along right along with her demeanor normally reserved for children. Of course, we had all just come from a con where one of the main goals was to be treated younger, but this just felt different. Maybe it was the size difference now and the real sense of power that Chelsea and Samantha now exuded in their significantly taller bodies, but all I knew was that it downright unnerved me to my core. Terrified, I turned around to face the tear where I had just come from. Despite backing up into a solid wall moments ago, I still hoped that somehow, I was wrong. As I turned though, a lump formed in my throat as whatever had pulled me into this world was now gone. Now, it was just a large and firm white concrete wall that stretched up at least 50 feet to the ceiling overhead, only being interrupted by a few outlying thick metal cables that similarly wrapped around most of the rest of the large room we were in. The shadows on the wall before me then shifted, and I was worried that something was about to eat me in this strange new world. I mean, after all, I had just come through some void portal type thing and three people I had come to know pretty well were suddenly at least two feet or more taller. Horrifyingly, the thought of some alien monster eating me whole right then didn’t seem so farfetched. When I spun back around to see who or what it was, ready for the worst though, I saw that it was just Samantha crouching down from her high-up position to look at me more directly now as a comforting parent might do to their child. “Hey there, honey. I know this all must be a lot all at once but let me explain a few things. You…” I crossed my arms and glared at her. “Forget it.” I felt like my trust had been betrayed by this woman now before me. Maybe it was whatever she had given me, but I thought I knew her well enough to embarrassingly call her ‘mommy.’ Now though, I felt like it was all a lie and that I had now been almost kidnapped in a way to another strange world. From my single moment of defiance to her, Samantha seemed more stunned than anything else and there was just a moment of silence between us for a moment afterward. It was quickly broken however when both of us could clearly hear someone clearing their throat. Samantha and I looked to the culprit nearby. “I could help if you wanted, sis,” Chelsea slyly offered with her still-sinister eyes staring at me up and down like a predator would do to their next meal. “I wouldn’t mind taking this one in and showing them the rules of this world. You know how I am with Lit…” “I’ve got this!” Samantha quickly spoke up, silencing her sister. “Now, just attend to your own. You’ve already done enough by bringing your own Littles along in the first place. I don’t need you mucking up another Little.” Her words were cold and calculating and I could still sense the tension that I had witnessed between the two before we left. ‘What was going on between them now?’ I wasn’t sure what to make of it, but Samantha swiftly turned her attention back to me. As soon as she met my gaze, her frown then quickly evaporated. “Sorry about her. She can be a bit… much. I guess I should know having lived with her and all when we were little… Oh boy, did we have some fights…” she chuckled to herself. She was clearly trying to ease the tension that I was giving off, but I wasn’t having it. I was terrified in my own way, but I didn’t want to show this vulnerability to her… this… giantess. With my mind clearer now than before, I wanted to punch her squarely in the face. Sure, I had some desire to be treated like this… there were even a few stories I had read that played out this very scenario… but that’s all they were. They were just my fantasies. To be here now staring up at this woman, even when she was crouched, who seemed to now be nearly twice my height… I wasn’t amused or swayed by her efforts. I guess my poker face wasn’t up to snuff and that all my feelings were highly evident to her. As such, Samantha’s own smile soon faded. “I’m guessing that you’re definitely all you then… am I right?” I swiftly nodded and she sighed deeply. “I was afraid of that happening. It’s always a risk we take when we bring any of you all back, but in an odd way… I’m kind of glad.” I thought I could see something else behind her eyes… like the gears of her mind were already turning, but I still barely knew this woman in hindsight. She was amazing at the con, but now, all that had changed. She hadn’t exactly lied to me, but now, I felt that anything that I knew about her before all this, couldn’t be trusted… doubly so with what she told me. With my mind back, I felt like we were starting all over. Still though… I couldn’t help but feel an odd connection with her. That being said, Samantha started back up before I could dwell on those thoughts any longer. “You know, this way, we’ll actually be able to talk to each other,” she said, clearly trying to smile her way back into my heart. Frustratingly, it was working a little. “It means a few other things might be a bit more difficult, but this could actually help with everything…” She then trailed off a bit. I almost wanted to know what was running through her head right now, and what she meant by ‘help,’ but the sound of approaching footsteps quickly broke my thoughts. Samantha immediately stood back up and seemed to take an almost defensive position in front of me. Looking behind the rest of our group, from the thud of boots on the ground, I could see another group rapidly approaching us in formation. They seemed organized and nearly flawless in their appearance, but each also carried an intensity of coiled-up power that could have struck at any moment. To be honest, even beyond their size, it alone definitely intimidated me a bit. Once they got right in front of us, they all stopped at the same time and the person at the front of the three columns of these new giants stepped forward. “By the authority of the Academy of Extra Dimensional Travel, I want to welcome you all back, or for some of you, here for the first time. First, before anything though, you need to go through decontamination.” She then clapped her hands and the ranks behind her began to disperse and descend upon us. A few of the more intimidating members of the group in dark uniforms stayed behind though. As the members drew nearer, the man spoke once more and now directed himself to both Chelsea and Samantha directly. “Also, you two will be briefed as well. Be sure to tell them everything. And I mean everything.” I felt a tiny spark of fear travel up my spine, but, neither Chelsea nor Samantha looked shocked at all by all this, so I guessed this was probably just protocol. Still though, I didn’t want to be separated from the one grounding force in my life. She may have lied, omission or otherwise, but she was still a stable figure in all this madness and chaos. So, maybe out of instinct or something more in the back of the lingering feelings for her in my heart from the con, I edged closer to Samantha’s side. At first, she seemed shocked by my near childish actions, but she only looked down on me tenderly when I bumped into her leg. “It’s okay, Percy. These people just want to help you out… make sure you’re not sick or that you’ll get others sick here. We’ll see each other soon. Promise. Just go with them and do what they say.” Her words were just that at this point with how I was feeling, but it was still a promise that I could bottle up and hold onto for the time being as the masked and gowned individuals rapidly approached all around us. Acknowledging what she just said, and to ensure no one thought that I was going to be a problem, I just nodded my head and waited for further instructions. The last thing I needed was to insight insurrection or rebellion in an unknown world without any means of escape. So, as I figured, the gowned and masked figures soon separated our group cleanly into three sets. Luna went with one set of the masked and gowned figures, Chelsea and Samantha with another, and Ditzy, Derek, and I went with yet another. It was the first time I could see the separations of our group solely by our height, but it definitely wouldn’t be the last. To my utter chagrin though, my group was the shortest and it immediately became clear to me what our new captors of a sort thought about us. Coming only up to their stomachs at best, I knew we likely appeared to be children to these giants, but I hated the assumption. Still, I felt pretty confident that I was in what I could assume to be a hostile nation, so I still remained quiet and non-threatening. See, I had seen plenty of TV over the years to know that being in a hostile nation, one had to think about the enemy constantly. Samantha seemed like a good person, but I also worried that Chelsea could be more of the usual type around here with their species. So, as such, I needed to keep my mental abilities a secret for now and just comply with everything that they threw at me. With any luck, it could throw them off balance when I decided to strike and escape, or, if nothing else, my more passive state could allow me to gleam information from them when they thought I was no more mentally aware than my companions. Even if I did slip a little bit, even hiding half my natural mental so psychological abilities could prove useful in the long run. Speaking of my companions, as the masked and gowned personnel escorted off to one hallway, a few in front of us and a few behind, I tried to get either Ditzy’s or Derek’s attention. Curiously enough, while Ditzy seemed to just be enraptured in the moment, Derek just looked more confused than anything. Ditzy didn’t seem aware of what was happening in the slightest, but Derek… he almost seemed like he knew something was wrong, but just didn’t quite have enough mental power to be able to comprehend it all. So, I tried to talk with my friend to see if I could move his thoughts along to become an ally over here. “Derek… Derek…” I whispered. I didn’t want these giants leading and following us to hear that I had the ability reason or command others… at least not yet that is. “Derek… you okay buddy? You in there? Come on, man.” He looked at me quickly but then almost fumbled over his own shoes in his distracted state. I quickly caught my buddy, but besides his accident there, the subtle hiss I heard from nearby alerted me to the fact that he could do little else for him now beyond those types of small things. It was now clear to me that, at least for the time being, I couldn’t rely on him. Sighing, and determined to at least view all my options, I then turned my attention to Ditzy. I hoped that maybe there was something I could get out of her… some hidden spark of life in her head, but instead, she just cooed and smiled at me. At one point before the people in front of us stopped, I saw her make an angry face, and I thought that maybe she was coming to her senses, but I was only rewarded with a small fart coming from her rear… or at least that’s all I hoped it was. “Hold here,” the head of our new group announced as he stopped along a corridor. Ditzy and Derek didn’t seem to warrant his words and only stopped when a few of the other gowned and masked people around us stopped them physically. Derek looked confused and Ditzy just giggled. “Right…” the man said before then heavily sighing. “Not sure if you Littles even know what I’m saying, but just follow those who help you out and be prepared to be processed through these doors.” He then nodded to the rest of those around us. “Cleaners? Go to work.” Immediately, the gowned and masked ‘cleaners’ around us then split us up individually. Derek whimpered and Ditzy whined sadly for a moment, but the cleaners seemed to be used to this type of reaction and quickly distracted them both as they were then each guided into their own separate rooms. Then, the cleaners nearest to me swooped in and started to guide me forward as well. While I couldn’t see their mouths due to the masks, I could see the look of tension immediately turn to relief when I didn’t cry out or put up a fight against them. ‘Should I have?’ I wasn’t sure if that would maintain my cover better or not, but regardless, the two cleaners then escorted me into my own room. Inside was mostly tile with a large box-shaped glass shower in one corner. A few nozzles and a drain made up the rest of the shower while storage bins lined the walls next to it. With some appreciated gentleness on their part, the man and woman cleaner guided me into the room. Seeing the shower, I guess it should have been obvious, but I was still surprised when they began to strip off my clothing. “Oh? It looks like one of the recruiters might have claimed this one, Jimmy,” the woman remarked as she viewed my diaper, one which I couldn’t now clearly see wasn’t one I recognized at all from the numerous sellers back at the con. “Why do they always do that? I mean, claim them before anyone else?” Jimmy shrugged. “Who knows, Nance? We’re cleaners and not recruiters, so we only see the aftermath of all they or the hunters do, even when we go over there. Still though,” he paused and looked me over, “this one is a bit of a cutie. I mean, look at this thing.” Jimmy then pulled out my stuffed tiger, Stripe. I didn’t want to be that person here, but I also really wanted to give him a squeeze. It could have been viewed as a weakness or giving into how they likely already viewed me, but in times where one is stripped to nothing but their diaper and socks and staring at a shower, which could only mean one thing next, one tends to want the small comforts in their lives. “Very cute,” Nancy replied. “Put it back though. All this needs to be decontaminated officially. Down the hatch like usual, Jimmy.” I didn’t want to, but I just couldn’t help it. A tiny whimper escaped from the back of my throat. Both instantly looked at me. I wished I could say that’s all that happened, but my emotions were still in flux, so I was realizing just how little control I still had over some of my actions, feeling so vulnerable and even maybe still being affected a bit by whatever Samantha had given me at the con. “Please… not Stripe.” “Ah,” Jimmy began as he smirked a bit, “so you can talk. I was wondering that, but don’t worry little one. He just needs to get cleaned. Just like you.” Nancy then put a foreign but oddly reassuring warm hand on my shoulder. “Yeah. By the time you’re on your way out of here, he’ll be right there with you.” I still didn’t want him to leave, being one of the seemingly last tethers here in this new world to my old life back on Earth, but I just nodded. “Perfect,” Jimmy noted as he put Stripe back in my backpack. He then walked over to the side of the room and opened what looked like a mail slot chute and dropped my clothing and backpack down it. After the chute clanged shut, he turned back around and began to walk toward the shower and popped it on. Steam soon began to fill up the room. Nancy then used her still warm and comforting hands to face me toward her. “Now… Percy, right?” I nodded, quickly wondering how this virtual stranger knew my name. “Good. I know all this must be a little scary, but we just need to clean you up and make sure you don’t get anyone over here sick or anything, okay?” “Okay…” I said quietly. ‘Why was I so shy around everyone now? I wasn’t exactly the social butterfly back home, but I could have at least put up some resistance to these people… was I still changed from whatever Samantha had given me?’ I didn’t want to think about it, so I just turned back to the reassuring smile of Nancy in front of me. “Alright then. Take these first.” She then handed me a few pills, and oddly enough, I took them without question. Nancy only smiled back. “Very good, Percy. They’ll help with your inside cleansing. Now, we need to get your outsides cleaned.” She then bent down and looked directly into my eyes. “I know some of you might be a little shy around some of this still, but just take a few breaths for me. I promise… I don’t want to hurt you.” Still nervous, I did as she asked, but I also wondered why she was asking me to do tha… ‘Oh!’ With clearly practiced precision, Nancy quickly ripped off my diaper in nearly one large pull. My hands immediately shot to my front and Nancy and Jimmy just chuckled but still said nothing. I blushed about as hard as I could, but just complied and steadied myself against her when Nancy then removed my socks and backed me up toward the shower. “Okay. In you get now.” I looked behind me and it honestly looked just like any normal high-end shower, though slightly peculiar as the two near-giants before me flanked it on either side. I still wasn’t sure what to make of all these people’s heights compared to mine, but with the water fully steaming now and looking ever-so inviting, I stepped in. Both Nancy and Jimmy smiled and closed the door to seal me inside under the relaxing waters. The glass walls of the shower were quickly fogging up, but I could still make out the forms at my eye level of both the cleaners outside. “Okay. Now, we need to give you a good scrubbing with some special suds. It’s tear-free and all but it will get down into your pores,” Jimmy announced from above. I wanted to ask so many other questions, but the water slightly drowned me out and two large scrub brushes soon descended onto my body and began rubbing me everywhere. At first, it almost felt luxuriating, but the brushes did their work well… almost too well. My skin became extremely sensitive under the hot water and somehow, I could feel the soapsuds almost seeping into my skin in real-time. It wasn’t altogether unpleasant… just uncomfortable in some strange way. Soon, however, the scrubbing stopped and after a moment of being soaked once more by the hot water, Jimmy turned off the shower. Nancy then opened the door and held a giant fluffy light blue towel open in both her hands. “Okay, sweetie. Let’s get you dry and dressed, shall we?” I was still very conscious of my naked form, so I practically dove headfirst into the towel, much to the amusement of Nancy and Jimmy. Then, after a brief toweling, I felt almost miraculously dry, and I was soon guided to another door in the room. Entering through, I couldn’t believe my eyes over what I was witnessing before me. I guess I should have guessed a room like this was coming eventually with all that I had seen, but a nursery seemingly built to your size as if you were an actual toddler… it was something else to behold entirely. Sure, the con had some amazing stuff, but baring a few outliers, almost everyone was within a foot height-wise of each other. Here though, with the giants all around me and the nursery being just about my size… it was nearly overwhelming. “Keep going, Percy. We need to get you dressed and all,” Nancy coaxed my stunned form, guiding me further into the room. Then, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised either when I was quickly led to a changing table, where I then noticed that both Ditzy and Derek were also lying on their own now. I wanted to call out to them, but Derek still seemed confused from this angle as a thick diaper was pulled up between his legs, so I thought better of it. Ditzy fussed for a moment herself, but then was quickly distracted by a set of dangling multi-color plastic keys. So, once again, I knew I couldn’t be too reliant on my compatriots for any measure of comfort or even simple interaction. Nancy then righted herself to the changing table and faced me. “Alright, up we go!” she cheered. Then, without any other warning, she tightly gripped me under my armpits and hoisted me right onto the changing table. If this wasn’t a tiny part of some fantasy of mine coming true, I’d be lying, but I also would be massively lying to say that I wasn’t scared at the same time. Still, as Nancy pushed me down and secured a belt over my naked chest, I had little time to ponder such opposites. “Jimmy… how about you go get the pre-prepared Little clothing ready. I’m thinking the blue stripe romper for this one and the rest will just be the standard outgoing.” Jimmy nodded and went to the other side of the room. Nancy then switched her attention back to me. “Okay… you just lie still, Percy, and all this will be over really quick, okay?” I nodded and prayed silently that she was right. The next few minutes then became a series of me shutting my eyes really tight until Nancy started some new process and would cause my eyes to bulge open and a whimper would escape my mouth. First, it was when she pulled the towel away. Second, was when she started wiping me down. Third, was when she hoisted my legs up in the air. Fortunately, true to her word, the change was soon over, and I was face-to-face with another thick diaper taped about my waist. “Geez, you here what they did, Pepper?” one of the other cleaners asked. “No. What, Trevor?” Pepper asked, clearly intrigued. “These Littles…” Trevor continued. “Their mommies stole them from the Academy’s possession quota and went over their designated standard recruitment numbers. I heard the field cleaners today had to do a lot just to accommodate their screw up. Mark my words, heads are going to roll. You think…” “I think you all should mind your own business,” Nancy quickly interjected between the two. “This one might still be with us mentally and all. You know how Littles are here… you never know what they might say back to anyone here. Including you-know-who…” Pepper and Trevor’s mouths hung open for a second before they then quickly snapped back to Ditzy and Derek as they finished their own changing process. The room then remained deathly silent with the thinly veiled threat that Nancy had made. “Here you are, Nancy,” Jimmy said, breaking the silence after coming back over with my new clothing. Nancy quickly took them. “Yes, thank you, Jimmy. How about you go check on his other items we sent to decontamination, and I finish up here?” Jimmy only nodded and scampered off out of the room. Nancy once again turned her attention back to me, and in only a few minutes, she was attaching the last strap of my shoes across my feet. Nancy then helped me down and led me out through yet another set of doors. This time, they led to another corridor and then out to a massive lobby. The ceiling shimmered in reflective glass and marble columns interspersed the area between accents of cooper and brass. It was all very impressive and a smidge intimidating. While walking before all that though, I couldn’t help but wonder what Trevor was talking about from earlier with Samantha and Chelsea. From my almost Swiss cheese memories right before we stepped through whatever all that was to come here, I knew that Samantha had been upset at Chelsea about something. I couldn’t remember what exactly, but I knew an angry tone of voice when I heard one. As we then waited in the lobby for a moment, I pondered this exact thing further. It was strange almost with how I felt about Samantha. On the one hand, she had drugged me and taken me without my complete and sober consent, but on the other… she was someone who had at least seemed to care about me. It might have all just been her own caring way or simply have been a way to get me here I will admit, but at the same time, my options were limited in the number of people I could actually rely on. As Ditzy exited first, her fingers partially exploring her own mouth with the utmost glee, her whole presence and even the short pink dress she was wearing essentially confirmed that my allies were slim to none around here… particularly if you counted those who could still speak. I didn’t have to fully like or submit to Samantha mind you, but as far as allies went, I knew she was my best bet of maybe eventually going back home… or at least not getting snatched away and making this whole situation even worse than it already was. I mean, that’s how these things always went. Stupid main character gets in over their head and winds up kidnapped and regressed. It was me almost verbatim, except that I had already been ‘kidnapped’ of a sort. I didn’t want to repeat the whole thing with someone I didn’t even know, so I just moved awkwardly out of the view of a few of the more intense giant lookers. Since I had come here, I had noticed them, but here in the lobby, I was getting very uncomfortable under their stares. Fortunately, after all that, our wait didn’t last too much longer, and we were soon joined by the rest of the group and the cleaners soon departed back into the building. As soon as Chelsea and Samantha arrived though, our crowd grew exponentially, and the pair were bombarded by a hoard of questions from other giants in the lobby. “How are you two?” “How was the trip?” Did Shitake… no, Shawshank… no, shish kabob… you know what I mean… did it go okay?” “Are these your Littles?” Which ones are yours, Chelsea, or yours, Samantha?” “Why do they seem so… wait, did you perform a Code Zero on them already?” Did you all break the rules again?” “What about the rest of us?” “Don’t we deserve our own Littles as well?” It was all frankly almost too overwhelming. With Samantha, my one coherent even remote semblance of an ally nearby, I soon shyly and yes, even childishly hid behind her legs for some measure of comfort against all these giants. She too was wearing something different, this time sporting just some slacks and a blouse, but her comforting presence remained as strong as ever. Fortunately, right as I could tell that the crowd was definitely getting to Ditzy and Derek, two more people entered the fray. “Alright, alright. Back it up!” Luna announced. “Yes!” the red head followed. “I know you all have several questions for two of our most esteemed recruiters, but that will need to come later.” The crowd audibly groaned. “Yes, yes. Big disappointment I know, but we will let you all know when you can ask your questions later. For now, just go back about your business.” The crowd seemed visibly frustrated, but then quickly dispersed after that and the two nearly twirled back around to our group. “Thank you, Luna. You were very good,” Samantha praised. “Thank you, Samantha, but Harriet here should get the real credit,” Luna said, gesturing over to the red head beside her. “She did the real moving. You all know how that’s not really who I am.” The red head blushed a bit. “Oh stop, Luna. You’re just as good. I just wanted to help out Samantha and Chelsea. Nothing anyone else wouldn’t do.” Samantha smiled back at her. “Perhaps, but you are a very good assistant to us, Harriet. You’ll make an excellent recruiter one day when you graduate.” “Better than me at least…” Chelsea scoffed, now currently playing with Ditzy’s hair, much to my friends clear and drooling delight. “Hmmm…” Samantha said, clearly still not amused with her sister. “You know… you could at least try to act like…” Everyone then stopped and turned back around as soon as we heard the thudding of multiple footsteps once again. I was half expecting it to be more cleaners, but instead, only a crowd of very forceful individuals were now marching our way, now all dressed in the dark uniforms I had seen earlier with the cleaners group. Two were dressed in judges’ robes while the rest just wore some type of professional attire. “Recruiter 99 and 108?” “Yes?” Chelsea and Samantha asked nearly at the same time, both clearly looking a little nervous to whoever this person speaking was. The uptight woman then moved closer and stared both of them down, being at least half a foot easily over both of them. “It is my duty today to take you both into custody. Judge security… arrest them.” To my horror, several security guard-looking people descended onto both Chelsea and Samantha. Chaos then ensued. Luna and Harriet tried to defend the two and demanded an explanation of the charges. Ditzy and Derek began to freak out over losing their caregiver so abruptly. Chelsea may not have been my favorite person, but in their regressed states, she was practicality Ditzy’s and Derek’s whole world now. As for me, I watched as my one true confidant and person most likely to help me, was taken away in cuffs. To say that I began to panic in my own way was a massive understatement. “What are the charges?” Luna pleadingly asked as their friends and mentors were taken away. “Tell us right now,” Harriet demanded. “I’m part of this Academy and I know our rights. They are both recruiters and deserve to know why they are being detained by your forces.” There was a hushed silence amongst the group. Both Chelsea and Samantha looked surprised by their assistant’s sudden declaration, but seemingly also relieved as well. Finally, the lead guard stepped forward. “Maybe for graduated members,” she sneered at Harriet, “but you aren’t one of those, are you?” Harriet’s head dipped and shook back and forth. “That’s what I thought. I might have made an exception for you lot, given the family history and all, but, not today. They pushed it too far this time.” Luna stepped up, and despite them being at least over a foot taller than me now, unlike Harriet, they still had to look up at the lead guard. “Please… will there be a trial at least? For the Littles… and their mother…” Curiously, as soon as they finished their plea, the guard seemed to quickly soften. It occurred right about as Luna said ‘mother,’ but it had to be her sympathies for us… right? And not just some outside lady connected to them? Regardless, the lead guard sighed. “Very well… I can at least inform you all of a trial.” She then reached into her jacket and pulled out a single red envelope that she then handed to Harriet. Harriet took it with hauntingly trembling fingers. “Read this later. It will explain it all… and your role in it.” Harriet and Luna suddenly seemed devastated, but both still nodded. Seemingly satisfied, the lead guard snapped, and the guards began taking Chelsea and Samantha away. Chelsea seemed to just struggle, but Samantha turned around as she was being escorted out of the lobby. “Stay strong and safe,” she called out back to us. “Listen to Harriet and Luna. They’ll keep you safe!” Then, just like that, she disappeared behind a large bronze door. It quickly slammed and the lobby filled with its terrible thunder. Then, there was nothing but silence and the continued whimpers coming from both Ditzy and Derek. Luna seemed to notice this and shook off whatever the red envelope meant and began to console both of them, which quickly evolved into a full-on hug. To be honest, I felt a little left out, but I don’t think I was quite ready to forgive Luna for their deception of us quite yet. Though, from their saddened and panicked face, I felt like at that moment, they needed the hug just as much as the two regressed individuals before them. After a moment, Harriet then placed her hand on their shoulder and Luna broke the hug. Both stared at the red envelope, but Harriet’s watch soon dinged and broke both of their heavy and concentrated faces. Harriet’s eyes bulged out as she looked at the message on her watch. “Oh! That’s her now. We need to get out of here and explain everything right away. She’s going to want to know everything!” Luna nodded. “Right…” They suddenly seemed hesitant. “How do you think she’ll take the news?” Harriet sighed as she began to shuffle us all out of where we were in the lobby. “Not well on one hand I think, but she’s also a professional and a realist. Once she sees and hears what they did, she’ll understand on one level at least… especially given her… history.” “That’s a fair point,” Luna nodded before getting behind Ditzy and pulling her away from another, us-sized individual. Regrettably, they seemed much more like Ditzy and Derek than of my own mental awareness. It wasn’t a good sign of the world I was now about to fully enter. Before leaving the lobby, we all then passed by a single almost coat check-like area by the entrance. I wondered why we were there of all places in a moment like this where everything seemed to be in utter chaos and a worst-case scenario type of situation. After a panicky moment though, I then saw the backpack I had brought with me in coming to this world. To my relief right then, I knew that we were getting our stuff back, but more importantly for my own sake, I was also about to get Stripe back as well. It was at that point that I realized something big that shook me to my core. In essence, I had just lost the one person who could have helped me escape back home. I wasn’t ready to trust Luna quite yet, I didn’t know Harriet at all or had even seen the person we were about to meet, and for all their charm and apparent happiness, Ditzy and Derek were about as helpful to my returning home as Stripe was. Still, as we waited for our items to be checked out and I saw more of all these giants staring at me, I made do with what I had at the time. Luna was shorter than practically everyone else of the upper height category of beings, but I knew I was in desperate need of a protector of some kind around here in this strange land. Maybe Harriet could be that way one day, but for now, I just edged behind Luna’s legs in safety. They weren’t much, but they were something in a land where I had almost nothing now. The clerk chuckled at my actions, but I paid her no mind… I had much more serious concerns on my hands now. In moments, we would meet another person in all this mess and leave the very building that could get me back home. I was on a new and foreign planet, and while such wonders could lie just outside the doors behind us, as another giant looked at me rather uncomfortably and dragged their own glazed-looking me-sized person behind them, I could only worry with great unease over what my future was to be now for the foreseeable future. Distressingly, something told me that I was about to embark on a very rocky road ahead.
  3. A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy by brucejedi Numerous posts on omorashi.org inspired this story. The most immediate is Noface’s “An Inconvenient Entanglement” that imagines a world where all women are assumed incontinent. Readers will notice many similarities between his “green” world and mine, though also some important differences. A second inspiration comes from stories where girls must wait until adolescence to toilet-train, and thus experience it as a rite of passage. Satyr’s magnificent “Developmental Biology” is the best example I know. Both story types normalize female incontinence, allowing the characters to experience it without the customary stigmatization and without ABDL undertones. In that sense, the story I present here answers Tits’s call to combine omorashi and omutsu, where “a full-grown woman is…struggling with keeping her pants dry” and ends up “failing toilet-training”—or does she? Chapter 1. Diapers and Panties Courtney hit the search button once again, not expecting much from the bizarre string of terms she’d entered. Her literature review on women’s athleticwear essentially complete, she was merely checking for anything she’d missed. She was about to close the program when a strange title caught her eye: “Wolcott, J. (2020). A self-fulfilling prophecy? An environmental theory of female urinary incontinence.” Intrigued, she clicked on the link. <Access Denied> Weird, Courtney thought, never had that happen before. The creak of her boss’s door shook her back to reality. She clicked off the window and looked up from her screen. “Good morning, Mr. Mills,” she said in her most cheerful voice. “How’s your work going?” “Well enough. Did you finish the lit review?” “Just now I did, yes. Shall I send it over?” “Yeah, I’ll need it for my 10 o’clock.” “Certainly, sir.” Courtney took a deep breath to calm her nerves. Now was her best chance. She’d rehearsed the words all morning, but still she felt her pulse quicken. “I also…wanted to ask you something?” “Can you make it quick? My meeting’s in five.” “I was wondering, do you think I could give Monday’s presentation myself?” He seemed to consider it briefly but then said, “You know, Courtney, I better handle it.” “But…I’ve worked so hard on all the prep, and I feel like I know it so well…” The corner of his mouth turned upward. “I’m sure you do, but…could you make through the whole presentation?” “Of course! I mean, I’d have the slides to fall back on, and—” “—No, that’s not what I meant. Could you make it through?” Courtney’s confidence deflated like a struck balloon. “I mean…I assume so…I—” “—Right…but what if you couldn’t? What if you wet yourself in the middle of the presentation—in front of all our best clients?” As if on cue, she felt warmth spread between her thighs. The image he conjured must have triggered something in her subconscious. Keep it together, Courtney. He can’t have noticed it. Did he notice? She scanned his face for a sign, then stuttered, “I mean…I’d be wearing protection…” “Sorry, Courtney. Listen, you’re a fine research assistant, one of the best. But I think you can understand why the answer must be no. Have my slides ready by noon, okay?” And with that, he left for his 10 o’clock meeting. “Kettle’s hot!” she called after him. Then she reached under her skirt to the symbol of her subservience. Her diaper was bulging badly, almost to the point of leaking. Like her boss said, maybe she was better off behind a desk. * * * As she entered the changing room, Courtney caught glimpse of her friend Krystal. The young receptionist was sprawled out on one of the padded benches, wet-wipes in hand. A low divider hid her naked crotch from view. “Oh, hi Courtney!” she said. “Hi,” Courtney replied solemnly, lying back on the adjacent bench. “Someone’s having a bad morning.” Courtney hiked up her skirt and lifted her fanny. She undid the tapes and carefully folded her sopping wet diaper. She sighed a deep sigh. “Your boss, again, huh?” Courtney took a wet-wipe from her purse and began dabbing her crotch and butt. “Maybe it’s too much to ask,” she said, “but a teensy bit of respect would go a long way.” “Tell me about it!” said Krystal. Courtney fished around in her purse. “Crap!” she muttered. Krystal peaked over. “Oh no—all out? I’ve got plenty. You want pink or flowers?” “Whichever is more absorbent. I almost overflooded mine just now—too much coffee.” Krystal laughed. “Flowers, then. I love this brand—they’re almost like overnights.” “Thanks,” said Courtney, fastening the thick diaper around her hips. It felt comforting, especially after the stressful morning. “I’m sorry about Mr. Mills,” said Krystal. “He can be a real douchebag.” Courtney glanced at the toilet stall in the corner, her mind flipping between the exchange with her boss and the strange title of that article. Out of the blue, she asked, “You think we’d gain more respect if we weren’t in diapers?” “Wait, what?” Krystal looked confused. “How would wetting our clothes gain us respect?” “No, silly. Like if we didn’t need diapers. Like if we had…control down there…like men do.” “Oh, I see what you meant!” Krystal laughed. “Yeah, that would be awesome. Keep dreaming, right?” Courtney sighed again. “Wait, you’re serious, aren’t you?” Krystal suppressed another giggle. “Didn’t you pay attention in health class? We don’t have penises, remember? Control isn’t possible without one—everyone knows that! Fun to imagine, though, huh?” Krystal touched up her makeup before waving goodbye. * * * That evening, Courtney sat at her laptop, entering in search after search, but nothing more than the mysterious title ever came up: “Self-fulfilling prophecy”—what could that mean? A twinge between her legs caught her attention. Often she didn’t feel it coming, but this time she did. She rolled her hips around, hoping to maybe suppress it? But the feeling only intensified. She pressed her thighs together. Nope, that didn’t work either. A trickle emerged, erupting into a spray. Changing her diaper could wait, though. That was one nice thing, at least—using the bathroom at your own convenience, not when natured called. She tried a new idea. “Wolcott, J.”—what could that stand for: John? Jake? James? Still no hits. Ah ha! How about this? She typed in, “Jane Wolcott female incontinence.” And there it was, the top hit: A video of the woman being interviewed by some obscure local news channel. Courtney leaned back and clicked play. ~ ~ A balding newsman stared into the camera. “We end tonight with a heartwarming story about a medical researcher chasing women’s equality. Over to you, Kate.” The screen switched to a young redhead with impeccable makeup. “Thanks, Bob. My guest tonight is Jane Wolcott, who believes she’s uncovered a vast conspiracy targeted at women. I know I’m all ears. So Miss Wolcott, can you tell us about your theory?” “Thank you for having me. It’s Dr. Wolcott, by the way.” Kate the newscaster smiled politely as her guest continued: “Did you know that boys’ and girls’ urinary tracts are virtually identical at birth, save for the final portion?” “I didn’t,” answered Kate, “that’s so interesting. So then, why are women naturally incontinent?” “Well, that’s just it,” Jane replied, “I’m not sure we are. We possess all the necessary anatomy—the urethral sphincter, nerves around the bladder. We just need to learn to use it all. I see no reason why females cannot toilet-train like males can.” “Wow,” said Kate, “you mean I could be saving a whole lot on diapers?” Jane smiled. “And that’s not all. Think of it: Freed from diapers, women could finally gain equal status. A lot of the excuses for excluding us from sports leagues, leadership positions, and high-powered jobs, begin to melt away. No one could claim, ‘But what if your diaper leaks in the middle of [fill in the blank]?’” “We’ve all heard that one!” laughed Kate. “So I hear you brought something to show us?” Dr. Wolcott held up a strange garment, similar to men’s briefs but without a fly. A hint of lace adorned the waistline. “Those are pretty,” said Kate. “What are they?” “Female underwear, patent pending.” Kate felt the fabric. “They’re so silky and delicate! I’d love to wear those—not that I could, but…” “What makes you so sure? Like most women I’ve spoken with, I imagine you’ve never once tried to end your dependence on diapers.” “Well,” said Kate, “there was that time in tenth grade. Vending machines were out, friends were out. It was the end of the school day, and I thought I could make it home in just a skirt. We’ve all been there, right?” “Did you make it?” “This may be TMI for cable television, but as I was walking home, I didn’t even feel it coming.” Kate laughed. “It went all down my legs. I can still remember the squishing sound my shoes made the rest of the way. When I got home, my little brother watched me flee to my room in a wet skirt. Since then, I’ve never been so careless.” Jane nodded. “Every woman has a story like that. The level of self-doubt I see is enormous. But consider how young boys potty-train. It takes time and effort, with no shortage of mishaps. What if the same were expected of young girls?” “Fun to imagine, isn’t it? In the meantime, is there any hope for the rest of us?” “Well, that’s where my research comes in. The goal, of course, is to get to these”—Jane held up the silk underwear again—“but we start with these.” In her other hand, she displayed a slightly thicker pair, almost like a woman’s diaper with no tapes. They vaguely resembled something a little boy might wear. “The techniques we use would sound familiar to anyone with a male toddler—for example, setting a timer to remind yourself to try peeing on the toilet.” “Wow,” said Kate. “Sounds really annoying and difficult. Had any success?” “Well,” said Jane, “the results are still preliminary. But I’m quite confident that if—” “—What do the results show?” Kate cut in. “Unfortunately, the grant agencies haven’t funded a long enough trial. A few subjects start to show progress, but then the funds run dry. It’s quite frustrating.” “Speaking of which, that’s all the time we have. Thank you for sharing your fascinating work, Miss Wolcott. To all the ladies out there, how would your life be different if you weren’t reliant on diapers? Share your thoughts on our website! Back to you, Bob.” “Thanks, Kate,” the balding man replied. “It’s fun to hear divergent views, isn’t it—no matter how far-fetched. So Kate, would you wear those—what should I call them, ‘panties’ maybe?” He smirked. “I’ll stick with diapers, thanks. I prefer my clothes to stay dry.” “And there you’ve heard it from our very own Kate Kovac! Good night, everyone!” ~ ~ Courtney sat staring at the screen. “Crap!” she muttered, noticing the time. Her boyfriend would be home at any minute, and she hated greeting him with her diaper this wet. She retreated to the bathroom to change. * * * An hour later, Courtney lay naked next to her lover, a broad smile across her face. A plastic lined towel beneath her protected the sheets and mattress. “That felt awesome, babe,” she sighed. “Could you hand me my diaper? Don’t worry, it’s dry.” “You mean this one?” Kyle dangled it just out of reach. “Hey, stop! Can I have it, please?” “Whoops!” He tossed it on the floor beside him. “You’re mean,” Courtney said with a pout. She reached across him to grab it. “Wait. What if you left it off for a bit?” A chill ran through her. “You serious?” “Like, how long do you think you could last?” “Without making a mess? I have no idea—it’s totally random.” He touched her arm gently. “Do you ever feel warning signs?” “Sometimes.” “Suppose you felt one right now. Think you could make it to the toilet?” The thought scared her. She gazed down longingly at the diaper on the floor. “Why are you asking, sweetheart?” “I’m curious.” “Um…honestly no, I don’t think I could.” He hugged her from behind, clutching her naked chest in his arms. “What does it feel like when you wet?” “Well, this is getting rather personal…” She glanced at her exposed crotch. “Are you sure you want me in your lap like this?” He pulled the towel up around her bottom, shielding himself and the bed—but not her legs—from a possible accident. “How’s that, better?” He brought his hand down close to her sex. “So what’s it feel like?” She considered the question. “A lot of times, like nothing. If it’s just a leak, I feel a bit of warmth in my diaper—that’s about it.” “You don’t feel when it starts to come out?” Courtney shook her head. “But if it’s a larger wetting, I do. A sudden pressure builds…and then releases.” As she spoke, something hard pressed against her back. “Oh my gosh, this is turning you on, isn’t it?” A lot of men had wetting fetishes, but she didn’t know that about Kyle. He seemed embarrassed, so she turned the conversation in a new direction. “What’s it feel like for you?” “Hmm, I guess like that pressure you describe, but building much more slowly. I hardly think about it until I know I have to go.” “How do you know?” Courtney asked with genuine curiosity. “It’s instinctual, I guess. As a girl, I’m sure it’s hard for you to understand.” He retrieved her diaper from the floor and held it up. “I like the lace details on this style,” he said. “Cute, right? Honey, I really need it back now. I’m getting nervous.” He smiled and placed it in her lap. Relief washed over her as she fastened it. She had not yet had an accident in bed with him, and she intended to keep it that way.
  4. This short story shows a day in the life of Amy, a 14-year-old girl in an alternate world where children stay in diapers until they’re 16. “Wake up, Amy, otherwise you’ll be late for school”, said Amy’s mom as she gently nudged her 14-year-old daughter awake. “…mmph, five more minutes mom” replied the groggy young girl, unwilling to get out of bed on this cold winter morning. “We can’t do five minutes hon, we both know you’re never going to get out of bed today if you go back to sleep now” said her mom as she pushed the blankets aside, revealing her daughter curled up in her pyjamas. The pyjama bottoms had a bulge, a telltale sign of what was to be found underneath. Her mom then pulled down Amy’s pants, causing the young girl to wince at the cool air touching her skin. With Amy’s pyjama pants pulled off, her diaper was now on display for her mother to see. As usual, Amy had once again given her diaper a good soaking overnight, which now had a yellow tinge all the way to the back. Thankfully, the diaper seems to have held everything in, successfully keeping her bed dry. “Gosh, you’re soaked again this morning. We’re going to have to get you some thicker diapers if you keep peeing this much” lamented her mom as she grabbed the wipes, powder and a fresh diaper for her still sleeping daughter. Placing her tools on the bed next to Amy, her mom proceeded to get to work: she untaped the diaper, causing the front to plop heavily on the bed. Next was the wiping - she grabbed a wipe, first placing it on her own thigh for a couple of seconds to warm it up, before applying it to Amy. She gave the front a couple of wipes, making sure it was clean, then she asked the young girl to lift her legs so she could wipe the back too. Once that was done with, she placed the fresh diaper under Amy’s bum, applied a liberal amount of powder, and taped the diaper in place, making sure it wasn’t too tight around her waist. “We’re done, kiddo” said her mom, who was rolling up the old diaper before throwing it into the diaper bin. “I’ve already prepared breakfast so get yourself ready.” *** Amy grimaced as she felt her diaper once again getting warm as she emptied her bladder during sixth period. She didn’t mind the feeling of a wet diaper, in fact she liked it quite a bit, but this was her fifth wetting and she could feel that the dampness inside which meant her diaper was approaching its capacity. She could have easily approached any of the nurses at school for a change, but for shy Amy, the only one who was allowed to get close to her diaper was her mom. She didn’t know how to change herself yet, so the only thing she could do was to hope and pray that her diaper would last her until she got home. Much to her relief, class let out before her diaper did, and the girl quickly bid her goodbyes to her friends before rushing home. “I’m home, mom! I think I need a change” said Amy the moment she reached home. “Welcome home, dear” said Amy’s mom as she lifted up the girl’s skirt to get a view of her diaper, which was saturated and on the verge of leaking. “Jeez, you’re right, this thing is soaked. How many times did you pee?” “...five, I guess?” replied Amy. While she wasn’t potty trained yet, she could tell that she was peeing whenever a new stream of warmth entered her diaper. “Well that explains the state of your diaper. You really should get the nurse to change you sometimes you know that?” her mom said. “But then again it’s a good time to give these a try” she said, as she showed Amy the new pack of diapers that she just bought: “Pampers Max: our most absorbent diapers yet for growing kids and teens - designed for whole-day absorbency!” “Since you were pushing your diapers to their limits I went shopping today to see if there was anything better. These are pretty pricy, so I hope you like them!”, she said as she began changing Amy into the new diaper. And as Amy was changed into the new Pampers, she found that she did like them. The Pampers was thicker than her previous diaper and the padding was much softer to her skin. And unlike the rough paper-like exterior that the previous diaper had, her new one had a silky smooth plastic exterior. “Thanks mom, I really like these” she told her mom as she fiddled around with her new diaper. *** Amy was in her room. She’d just finished working on the last of her homework problems for the day, and was now lying on her bed playing with her phone. It’s been five hours since she was changed into the Pampers, and she’d given the diaper a couple of good wettings along the way. Despite that, however, it was no where close to leaking. The white of the diaper has since been replaced with a light yellow at the middle and back, and it was much squishier now, but it was dry inside and Amy was confident that it could absorb a whole lot more pee. Her body, however, had other ideas. She felt a dull ache in her stomach, and she knew what was to come. Although Amy couldn’t control her pee, she could tell when she was about to poop. However, she can’t hold it for very long, so she still uses her diaper to go number two. She went to a corner of her room, right beside her bed, and squat down. A habit she developed from when she was a toddler, Amy would always go to that same place to do her poo. It was her “safe spot”, so to speak. She gave a small push, and felt the soft warm mush slowly expel out of her insides into the seat of the diaper behind her. Along with the poop came a steady stream of pee, that was quickly absorbed into the welcoming diaper. The smell started to waft out of the diaper into the room around her, but Amy wasn’t done yet. There was still a slight twinge in her belly, so she lifted her diapered butt a little and gave another push, pushing another sizeable load into her Pampers. After that second push, the twinge was no more, and she could tell that she was finally done. She stood up and felt that her diaper was saggier and heavier than before, and there was also an obvious bulge at the back containing her mess. Feeling relieved, she lied back on her bed, allowing the poop to squish around her butt, and picked her phone back up to continue where she left off, while enjoying the warm, mushy feeling of the Pampers. *** “Amy, it’s time for din...” Amy’s mom had just finished preparing dinner and had entered her room to tell her, but the lingering smell in the air caught her attention. “Smells like someone’s stinky” she said teasingly to her daughter. “Uh-huh” was her reply. From her lying position, she turned around to her sides, with her back facing towards her mother, her standard position for a poopy diaper check when she was too lazy to get off the bed. The smell made it pretty obvious, but her mom would always make it a point to check anyways. She first placed her hand gently on the back of the diaper and felt the mushy squish, which confirmed her suspicions, then she pulled the waistband of the Pampers back and glanced inside to assess the damage. “Wow, it’s a big one this time. You’ve really soaked it too.” she said as she pulled down Amy’s pants to check for leaks. “But it looks like the Pampers held everything in very well. I guess you really get what you pay for!” Satisfied with the diaper’s stellar performance, she pulled her daughter’s pants back up. “Dinner’s ready, so why don’t we do that first. I’ll change you after that.” Amy was hungry, and she rather enjoyed the comfort that a warm mushy diaper provided, so she was happy to go along. *** Dinner was uneventful, despite there being a girl with a stinky diaper at the dinner table. Everyone in the family had long gotten used to the smell of Amy’s messes, and didn’t mind it much, but would tease her about it from time to time. Once dinner was done with, Amy retreated to her room, while her mom was still cleaning the kitchen and the dishes. She’d been in a poopy diaper for a while now but the diaper remained warm and squishy, thanks in part to another fresh stream of pee that she released while eating dinner a moment ago. This was a feeling that she greatly enjoyed, and she lied on the bed to bask in the comfort of her soiled Pampers diaper. Unfortunately, her comfort was short-lived as her mom entered her room shortly after and began the diaper change routine. Her pants were swiftly taken off and her shirt rolled up slightly, revealing the Pampers that was now swollen and discoloured with a mix of yellow and brown. Next, the tapes were undone and the diaper opened, uncovering the mess that had smeared over much of Amy’s rear and some over the front. After many wipes and a sprinkling of powder, the young girl was once again put in a fresh Pampers diaper. “I really like this diaper, mom.” said Amy at the end of the change. “I’m glad you like it, hon. I’ll put in an order for a case then. Don’t stay up too late!” she said to her daughter, dimming the lights as she left the room. “Thanks! I love you mom!” she replied. She was delighted to know that she’d have more of her new favourite diapers coming in. She picked up her phone and went on Twitter to brag about her new diapers to her followers. Several conversations later, sleepiness took over, and Amy found herself slowly drifting off to sleep... but not before releasing one more stream of warm pee into her comforting diaper. End Endnotes This was something that I wrote on a whim for my own enjoyment. It's a silly and cliche premise but one that I found interesting nevertheless, so please forgive the lack of realism. I haven't had a language class for a very long time, so I'd appreciate feedback on grammatical/formatting errors. I'm sorry if this entire story reads like a Pampers ad. I swear this isn't one. I hope at least some of you enjoyed reading this story as much as I did writing it.
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