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  1. JE PUNK

    Magic Pjs

    Rei was a small 10 year old girl sighed as she entered her room and opened her drawer to grab her pjs to get ready for bed “Huh what are these I’ve never seen these before
  2. Hello All! It's been a while since I've posted a new story, but I'm back with a project I'm very excited about! "You Know What They Do to Girls Like Us in Brighter Days?" is the story of Rei Akiyama, a young girl trying to navigate through life in a near future dystopia where the age of majority has been raised to 28 for girls and regressive behavioral therapy has become popular to help girls adjust to these new laws. The world this story is set in is very strongly inspired by/based on the world building of Alteredstates, so a lot of credit goes to him! For those unfamiliar with Alteredstates, he does world building through ad copy and other cultural artifacts. While you don't need to be familiar with his work to understand and appreciate this story, I strongly recommend you check it out! Not only because it will help you immerse yourself in this world, but also because it's genuinely really good! You can find him on Tumblr, Twitter, and Patreon! Without further ado, I give you the prologue and first two chapters of "You Know What They Do to Girls Like Us in Brighter Days?" Prologue The night of Wednesday, October 4th, 2028, was unseasonably cold in the city of Greenham; snow was in the forecast for the next day in a city that rarely saw a snowflake until at least January. By 7:28PM, there were already flurries dancing through the cold wind that whipped through the dumpsters behind City Hall, where John Bennet, the head of City Hall security, stood with his foot propping open the emergency exit of the east stairwell. He blew out a lungful of smoke as he dropped his cigarette on the pavement below and crushed it beneath his shoe. John was nothing if not a creature of habit; so much so that, if one cared to be so observant, they could predict exactly what time John would take the last smoke break of his shift before he did his final sweep of the building. He would then go home to his shabby apartment. That night, however, was different. That night, John wouldn’t be going home; he would be meeting a 28-year-old girl he had met on the internet. That night, John’s phone rang just as he was about to go back inside. He fished his phone out of his pocket, smiling when he saw his date’s name on the caller ID, and swiped his finger across the screen as he raised the phone to his ear. “Hey, baby girl,” he said, trying to sound smooth, “I can’t wait to see you.” On the other end of the phone, a young-sounding voice poured honeyed words into his ear as he turned and walked back into the building. Another night, under less distracting circumstances, John would have almost certainly noticed that the door never clicked closed behind him, but the telling silence was lost amongst the words that sent his blood pumping. In a bar a few miles away, Edward Cook was ordering a drink for a girl who looked too young to be there. The girl blushed as she slid her ID and emancipation card across the counter at the bartender’s request, brushing her blue hair behind her ear to look coyly at Edward out of the corner of her eye as she did. Edward never even noticed the girl on the other side of him, or her hand as she slipped a hard plastic card at the end of a black lanyard out of his suit jacket pocket. The card, printed with Edward’s picture and the seal of the Office of Juvenile Affairs, disappeared into the girl’s clutch purse as she quietly slipped away from the bar. She checked the time on her phone as she stepped out into the frosty night: 7:34PM. Elsewhere, the number 9 county bus was pulling over for an unscheduled stop due to a disturbance on the bus involving three young girls. The driver, Richard Lawson, broke up the altercation with the help of another passenger and removed the girls from the bus. That taken care of, an exasperated Richard reported the incident to dispatch, who noted the number 9 bus was running ten minutes behind but was resuming his route at 7:47PM. Back at the courthouse, John, having finished his final sweep of the building and found nothing out of the ordinary, put the finishing touches on his security logs for the night and leaned back in his chair, eyes sweeping over the bank of CCTV monitors that showed snapshots of the interior of the courthouse. It was, however, the clock that John was truly focused on, his eyes constantly flicking between it and the monitors. The moment those numbers turned from 7:59 to 8:00PM, John pushed himself out of his chair and jabbed his finger at the button that caused all of the monitors to wink out simultaneously. Had he waited just a minute longer, he might have seen the black garbed figures slip in from the emergency exit in the east stairwell. He could have watched as they crept up that staircase and slipped into second floor hallway. Another camera would have shown the figures slink down the hallway, past the Permits Office and the Office of Parks and Recreation. On a third camera, the figures stopped in front of a frosted glass door with Office of Juvenile Affairs printed across it in thick, black block letters. One of the figures swiped a card by the panel next to the door, the light turned from red to green, and the figures quickly disappeared through the door. Later, security logs would be pulled showing Edward Cook had accessed the office at 8:04PM; the subsequent investigation would find Cook was not guilty of any direct involvement but would still lose his position on the grounds of gross negligence. By 8:15PM, Greenham City Hall was silent and empty. At 8:17PM, the number 9 county bus blew past the empty bus stop at the far end of the City Hall parking lot. On an ordinary night, Richard would typically idle at this station for a few minutes, but he was working hard to make up for lost time. The next few stops were just as empty, which wasn’t unusual for this time of night on a weekday. It was 8:34PM when the bus pulled up to the stop at Greenham Community College, where three girls and four boys boarded the bus, all of them in their late teens and early twenties. Richard Lawson wouldn’t even think to mention this to investigators later, though they likely would have made nothing of it if he had. By 8:50PM, the city of Greenham, a suburb of the nation’s capital city, was settling into its slumber. A few bars and restaurants were still pouring drinks for late night clientele, but curfew was quickly approaching and all those affected were either already home or else rushing to get there. At 8:54PM, the electric engine of the number 9 county bus was humming along through the streets of one such sleepy neighborhood, empty but for Ricard Lawson and a small handful of passengers: a young girl with black hair and tawny skin carrying a bookbag tight to her chest, two boys with their feet on the seats laughing raucously in the back of the bus, and a mother and a daughter riding together. Richard glanced up at the passengers in his rearview mirror and caught the eye of the daughter. She had bright blue eyes, a practical waterfall of golden curls, and looked to be in her early twenties. Richard smiled at the girl in the mirror; he had to admit, she was adorable in her pink shirt and plaid skirtall. She smiled back at him from behind the shield of her pacifier. The mother turned away from the book in her hand and leaned over the girl, slipping one hand up the girl’s skirtall. Richard quickly averted his gaze, suddenly feeling like he was invading their privacy. “Oh, Rebecca,” the older woman sighed quietly, but still loud enough to be heard easily on the otherwise silent bus, “your pull-up is soaked; did you even know you had to go?” The girl’s smile disappeared into her blush as she mumbled some words from behind her pacifier. The mother chuckled. “It’s alright, sweetheart,” she ruffled her daughter’s hair, “we’re almost home! Then we can get you changed into your nighttime diapers and feed you a nice bottle before bed, would you like that?” She booped her daughter’s nose and sent the girl into a fit of laughter. The black-haired girl shifted in her seat across from the mother and daughter, obviously trying to avoid looking at them. She glanced at her phone, 9:52PM. Richard Lawson shifted in his seat and tried to ignore the cooing and giggling going on behind him. Little single-family homes passed by as he made his way down Ridgemont Street, and only more in sight as he turned right down Wrighton Square. The bell dinged and Richard slowly pressed the brake, bringing the bus to a stop at the corner or Wrighton and Central Lake Drive. Richard wished his passengers a good night, stay safe, as they all got off. Glancing back in his rearview mirror to confirm the bus was empty, Richard slowly accelerated into the night. Peter Grant watched the bus pull away from the front seat of his Greenham Police Department Cruiser. He scanned the passengers leaving the bus stop. Two young men cross the street and kept walking up Wrighton Square while three women started walking up Central Lake Drive and toward his cruiser. He checked his clock: 9:56, damn near too late for young women to be out alone. “Let’s check it out,” he said to his partner, Dave Clusky, as he stepped out of the cruiser and started crossing the street towards the trio. As Peter approached, the women were backlit by a streetlamp, but he could make out the vaguely feminine shapes of three women. Two of them walked side by side as the third, at least a few inches shorter than the other two, walked a couple of feet behind. Peter raised his flashlight, “Excuse me, ladies,” he called out officiously as the beam of light cut through the night, bringing the slowly drifting flakes of snow into heavy contrast. The three ladies stopped in their tracks. The shorter of the two in front whimpered behind her pacifier and clung to the older woman next to her as they both blinked against the light. The girl behind them gasped inaudibly and stared ahead like a deer in headlights for a moment before raising a hand to protect her eyes from the worst of the light. “Evening, ma’am,” Peter nodded to the older woman, “these your children?” The woman glanced behind her, then back to Peter, “just this one,” she replied, squeezing Rebecca close to her. Peter nodded, “Sorry to disturb you, ma’am. Best get your little one inside, it looks to be about her bedtime.” The mother laughed politely, “yes, we’ve had a very long day, thank you, officer.” She tugged on Rebecca’s hand and quietly urged the girl on. Peter swept his flashlight over a few degrees to focus his beam on the girl in the white button up shirt and plaid suspender skirt. “Could you lower your hand, miss? How old are you?” “Uhm, nineteen,” she replied nervously, “I know it’s—” “It’s almost curfew,” Peter interrupted her, “you allowed to be out past curfew?” “Um, no, sir, I—” “Yeah, didn’t think so. What’s your name? What are you doing out so late?” “Um, Rei, sir, and I’m coming home from college, sir, I was—” “College?” Dave chimed in, “you got parental permission for that?” “Yes, sir, and I—” “What were you doing at college this late?” Peter asked. “You go to Greenham CC?” “Yes, sir, I was studying—” “Studying,” Dave scoffed, “yeah, right.” “I was, sir, I have—” “You got a pass from your professor?” Peter asked. “Yes, sir, it’s—” “Well?” Dave said impatiently. “Let’s see it,” Peter demanded. “Yes, sir,” the girl reached into her backpack and produced a folded sheet of paper that was immediately snatched out of her hand. “Professor Lewis? English?” Peter read key words off the piece of paper before handing it off to Dave. Dave looked the sheet over, made an annoyed sound in the back of his throat, then handed it back to Peter. “Looks legit” “You know it’s almost curfew, kid?” Peter turned back towards the girl, thrusting the paper back at her. “Yes, sorry, I was—” “Yeah, you were at college, you said. You live close by?” “Yes, sir, I—” “Where at?” “Just up the street,” she raised her hand and pointed behind Peter. “Uh huh,” Peter sounded skeptical. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and checked the time: 9:59PM. “Think you can get home before curfew hits, little girl?” He smiled maliciously. The girl’s knees went weak; she clutched her bag to her chest as if it could protect from him the malice in his smile. Her vision tunneled in on the face of Peter Grant and the world around her sounded like it was moving through water. Tick. 10:00PM. As curfew went into effect all over Greenham and it’s surrounding townships, the eastern wing of the Greenham City Hall exploded outward, raining fire and rubble into it’s expansive parking lot. The sound of the explosion tore through the still night air, audible as a low rumbling miles away on Central Lake Drive. A portion of the horizon of the night sky lit up. “The fuck…?” Peter cursed. “Fuck me!” Dave swore. The girl let out a quiet yelp and resisted the urge to make a break for it. Silence filled the air in the aftermath of the explosion, and then the radios on Dave and Peter’s shoulders started squawking. They completely forgot about the girl as they scrambled back to their cruiser. Chapter One Snowflakes were melting in Rei Akiyama’s hair as she slumped against the front door of her house. She was still shaking and trying to steady her breath. “You’re late,” a voice said from the living room. “I know, I’m sorry, Mom,” Rei said, still panting slightly as she took her shoes off before entering the room. “The bus was running late; I ran all the way here from the bus stop.” Ms. Akiyama made a sound in her throat as she looked her daughter up and down. “You were studying? Let me see your pass.” “Yes, Mom,” Rei said as she pulled out the now slightly crumpled piece of paper out of her bag and handed it over. “You’re working too hard in school,” Ms. Akiyama said matter-of-factly. “Well, whatever, I’m glad you’re home,” she discarded the paper on the end table, “I was starting to get worried when I heard that rumbling. Did you hear that?” “Yes, Mom,” Rei nodded and chewed on her lip, unsure what else to say on the topic. “Rei, stop chewing your lip, it’s a bad nervous habit.” “Yes, Mom, sorry.” Rei forced herself to stop and instead just looked down at her shoes. “Well?” Ms. Akiyama asked expectantly a moment later. “It’s almost bedtime; shouldn’t you be getting ready for bed? The news said we were supposed to get a few inches of snow, so school will probably be cancelled tomorrow, but I want you in bed on time just in case, okay?” “Yes, Mom,” Rei replied. She tried her best not to turn and run up the stairs, but instead walked casually up them as if it had just been a normal night of studying. Her mother watched her go, sensing something was off about her daughter, but she was unable to put her finger on what, exactly, she was sensing. Rei stopped briefly at the top of the stairs, turned back, and gave a small smile and wave when she saw her mother was still watching, then disappeared around the corner. Ms. Akiyama sighed quietly: what was she going to do with that girl? She was worried what kind of ideas her school was filling her head with, and Rei being out all-night studying didn’t do anything to allay that worry. Picking up the pass Rei had given her, Ms. Akiyama turned and settled back down on the couch. According to the pass, Rei had been working on her midterm essay for English with Professor Lewis. Sighing once more, she set the note aside, making a mental note to ask Rei what she was writing her essay about (maybe that would give her a clue on exactly what kind of idea’s the school was filling Rei’s head with), and turned her attention back to the TV where a mature looking woman was smiling back at her while holding a colorful package. “That why I decided to try new Pampers Overnight Diapers! They are expertly designed for girls who wet the bed,” as the woman delivered the line, she reached her free hand out the side and pulled a young girl of about eight or ten into the frame and into a side hug, “and those who don’t,” the camera pulled out and panned over to reveal an older girl about Rei’s age staring distractedly at her phone seemingly oblivious to her surroundings, “yet,” the mother added after a beat and punctuated it with a wink. Upstairs, Rei leaned against the wall, just out of sight, focusing on getting her breathing back to normal. The night hadn’t gone exactly as planned, but, so far, nothing had gone terribly wrong. She could only hope it stayed that way. Rei pushed herself away from the wall and made her way down the hallway towards her bedroom, closing her door behind her just as downstairs the TV alerted her mother to breaking news. As Ms. Akiyama was stunned to hear of the bombing just a few miles from her, Rei was tossing her backpack on the floor next to her desk and throwing herself face down on her bed. She was slightly dazed and more than exhausted. Part of her couldn’t believe the events of the night. Yes, they had been making plans for weeks now, she had known this night was coming, but now that it was done…it felt surreal. She was terrified of what would come next. Still, there was one more thing she had to do before this night was over. Rei crept back to her bedroom door, listened carefully, then cracked the door ever so slightly. The distant sounds of the TV still drifted up the stairs and the hallway was empty. Closing the door silently, she rushed across the carpet in socked feet to her desk, which, looking back over her shoulder towards the door, she inched away from the wall. Kneeling down, Rei reached behind the desk and pried off a piece of the baseboard to reveal a small crevice between the wall and the floor from which Rei produced a cell phone at least a decade old. It was black with a silver lined screen and a numeric keyboard. Rei brought up the messaging app only to be greeted with over a dozen texts; each was from a different number, but they all said the same thing: “home safe.” She sighed with relief, painstakingly typed out her own missive (“home safe”) on the numeric keyboard and pressed send before immediately replacing the phone in its hiding place and putting everything back in order. Now, Rei thought, it was time to get ready for bed. Chapter Two “It was confirmed early this morning that there were no casualties or injuries in last night’s explosion at the Greenham City Hall, which occurred at exactly 10PM and destroyed most of the building’s eastern half. While authorities have yet to make any statements regarding the cause of the explosion, many are already speculating that this was an act of domestic terrorism committed by the radical leftist feminist group Rebel in response to recent social policy legislation restricting the rights of women under twenty-eight. Supporters of this theory have been quick to point out that the offices of the newly established Office of Juvenile Affairs, which was formed to enforce these new policies, was located in the eastern wing of the Greenham City Hall. We’ll be sure to bring you all the breaking details on this story as it develops. Back to you in the studio, Steve.” As the news switched back to less interesting stories, Ms. Akiyama turned her attention away from the tablet propped up on the kitchen counter and back to the cast iron skillet in front of her where the pancakes were beginning to form bubbles along the edge of the batter. She flipped them with the kind of perfection that only came with years of practice and shook her head, it was just terrible what had happened. She knew some people thought the new laws were going too far, but surely bombing buildings was going just as far, if not further. No, it wasn’t the proper way to go about voicing dissent at all. And if this was the kind of stuff feminism was preaching these days, maybe there was some sense to these new laws. Certainly they didn’t teach girls to behave that way when she was younger. Ms. Akiyama just prayed Rei’s head wasn’t being filled with this kind of stuff at that college she had begged so hard to go to. Maybe it wasn’t too late to put her in a vocational school; with a little discipline, Rei could make an excellent secretary. Or maybe she could get Rei a job working at a daycare; Rei always liked children, and maybe tapping into Rei’s maternal instincts was just what was needed to make sure she stayed on the right path. Or, there was always… No, no, Ms. Akiyama shoved that thought away. Rei was a good kid; a bit headstrong, but a good kid, surely that option was too drastic. Ms. Akiyama sighed as she stacked the pancakes on the steadily growing pile; she just wanted Rei to be safe and have a nice, happy life. She didn’t want her daughter falling in with the wrong crowd and getting herself in trouble. It wasn’t easy raising a daughter in such complicated times. Ms. Akiyama was still musing on such matters when Rei shuffled sleepily into the kitchen, almost instinctively following the smell of pancakes. “Pancakes?” Rei asked hopefully. “Does that mean school is canceled?” Mom typically never made pancakes on weekdays. “It sure does,” Ms. Akiyama replied cheerfully, trying to hide the somber mood the news had put her in. “Have you looked outside? We got quite a lot of snow!” Rei grinned and rushed out of the kitchen and into the living room and its bay window overlooking their front yard and the street beyond. Everything was white and brilliantly bright in the morning sun, covered in what must have been at least five or six inches of snow. Even the road was covered; it seemed like the snowplows hadn’t made it to their neighborhood yet. Rei couldn’t help but stare out the window in wonderment; she had always loved the snow. There was just something magical about it. Behind her, Ms. Akiyama leaned against the door frame and grinned. When it came to snow, kids were always kids. “Come on,” Ms. Akiyama said after giving Rei a few moments to take in the wintery spread, “the pancakes are getting cold.” She turned and headed back in to the kitchen without checking to make sure Rei was following her. The news was once again talking about last night’s incident, so Ms. Akiyama quickly turned it off as she grabbed the plate of pancakes; she didn’t want to upset Rei with such terrible news first thing in the morning. “So,” Ms. Akiyama said as she set the plate of pancakes on the table and Rei settled into her seat, “you were working on an essay with your professor last night?” She grabbed the syrup from the fridge before settling into her own seat. “Um, yeah,” Rei responded simply as she loaded her plate with pancakes, “my midterm essay,” she added after a moment. “Oh, that’s nice,” Ms. Akiyama passed the syrup across the table and took a couple pancakes off the stack for herself. “What’s it about?” “Um,” Rei was drenching her pancakes in syrup, “well, it’s…well, our professor gave us some articles to choose from and we just have to like respond to one of them.” “Interesting, what kind of articles?” “Just, you know, current events stuff.” “Uh-huh, and what article did you choose?” Sure, Ms. Akiyama was testing the waters, trying to see what kind of stuff Rei was learning at school, but, to her credit, she was genuinely interested in her daughter’s life. Rei, on the other hand, was getting nervous. Her mother didn’t usually ask her this many questions about her schoolwork. Rei liked that her mother didn’t ask her about her schoolwork. Rei thought the less her mother asked about her schoolwork, the better. Why was her mother suddenly interested? She thought about lying, but if her mother asked to see the essay, she’d be caught immediately. “Well, just about…about the passing of The Hayes Act…” “Oh, I see.” Rei shoveled a too large bite of pancakes into her mouth to avoid having to respond. Oh, I see? What did that mean? Rei tried to smile around the bite of pancakes, but her eyes were searching her mother’s face for anything that might hint to her true reaction. Ms. Akiyama worked to keep her face as passive as possible, raising her cup and taking a long, slow sip of coffee to help her efforts. She had barely discussed the act with her daughter since its passage six months ago. She hadn’t needed to much, and it had always felt like such a…touchy subject. “Why did you choose that article?” Ms. Akiyama asked, trying hard to sound casual but interested and definitely non-confrontational. Just a mom interested in her daughter’s schoolwork. Rei speared a hunk of pancake with her fork and cut it away from the rest with her knife, “Um, I just thought the article was interesting,” she spoke with her head down, giving her voice a muffled quality. “What was the article about?” Ms. Akiyama knew Rei had strong feelings about The Hayes Act, and she couldn’t blame her. Rei had turned nineteen a month before the law had passed; she had been an adult for thirteen months when she once again became a child in the eyes of the law for another nine years. Of course, Ms. Akiyama understood why her daughter felt so strongly about it; she respected Rei’s passion, but she wished Rei could accept that there was nothing that could be done. She wished Rei could just accept that the world wasn’t what her mother had promised it would be she told Rei she could grow up to be whatever she wanted. “Just,” Rei shrugged, “I guess the author was talking about how it shouldn’t have passed and stuff…” The two were in a minefield; they both knew it. Neither wanted this to end in an explosion, but one couldn’t leave, and the other couldn’t leave well enough alone. “Oh,” Ms. Akiyama said, “do you talk about that kind of stuff a lot in school?” The last time they had discussed The Hayes Act had been when it had come time for Rei to enroll in her second year at Greenham Community College. With Rei then legally a child, she needed Ms. Akiyama’s permission to continue attending college. Ms. Akiyama could have stopped her; she had certainly been tempted to do it. Rei shrugged, “What do you mean ‘that kind of stuff’?” “Stuff like The Hayes Act? Politics?” “I guess, sometimes.” “What kind of stuff do they teach you about it?” Rei shrugged, “I mean, they just like…explain how it came to be. Historically, you know?” “I see.” Ms. Akiyama could sense her daughter getting…defensive? Evasive? She was certainly becoming something. Maybe it was time to pump the brakes. “I just worry,” Ms. Akiyama said, genuinely thinking it would help defuse the situation. “Worried?!” Rei said a little too loudly, “there’s nothing to worry about, Mom!” “It’s just…I hear a lot these days about what kinds of things colleges are teaching and—” “Mo-om!” “—and I don’t want them filling your head with the wrong kinds of ideas, that’s all!” “Mom, they are not…brainwashing me, okay?” “I didn’t say brainwashing, okay? I just hear what kinds of things colleges teach these days, that’s all,” Ms. Akiyama repeated. Rei slumped in her chair. Her mom had managed to ruin pancakes. “I just want you to be happy,” Ms. Akiyama said after a long, awkward pause. She reached across the table to take her daughter’s hand. “College just makes things harder for most girls these days, and, besides, you study so much, it’s not good for you.” “But I like school, Mom. It makes me happy.” “Well, why don’t we sign you up for one of those extended high school for girls programs?” Ms. Akiyama smiled, genuinely thinking it would be a good suggestion. “Ugh, Mom,” Rei withdrew her hand and shot her mother a withering look, “those are just housewife classes.” “There’s nothing wrong with that, Rei!” “I’m not saying there is,” Rei protested, “it’s just not what I want to do.” “I know, you want to be a teacher, but I just don’t…well…you can’t be a teacher for another nine years, what if by then they don’t let women be teachers anymore?” A silence fell over the room as both mother and daughter felt the weight of that thought. It was a legitimate concern. “I don’t know, Mom,” Rei said at last, sounding crestfallen. “But what am I supposed to do?” Ms. Akiyama frowned. Like most mothers, deep down she just wanted her child to be happy. Part of her really wished her child could have her dream, but most of her knew it simply wasn’t meant to be and there was nothing that could change that. Most of her just wanted to help Rei find another way to be happy. Without a word, Ms. Akiyama rose from the table and cleared their plates. Breakfast was clearly over. On her way out of the kitchen, she lightly ruffled Rei’s hair, “Go on,” she said, “enjoy your snow day, okay? But just…think about the extended high school program?” Rei nodded.
  3. So my OC finds a footie sleeper on her dresser that she’s never seen before and decides to try them on and she wakes up finds her panties replaced with a diaper and that her mother thinks she was never potty trained
  4. First story I’ve ever written here are the first 3 chapters of The Chart. This is completely fiction. The Smith household was busy on this cold Monday morning. Wendy was getting ready to go to work while her husband Mike was getting there son ready for the new nanny to come watch Mason while Mike worked from home. The doorbell rang and Mike opened the door and felt a chill down his back as the new nanny, Madison was standing outside the door. Mike said hello and Madison smirked knowing full well her mission here. She was hired by Wendy not only to help potty train Mason but also help him gain a friend or sibling in Mike. Wendy greeted Madison and smiled thinking of her first meeting with Madison a few weeks earlier at a coffee shop. A few weeks earlier….. Wendy walked into the coffee shop and saw the young women sitting in the booth waiting for someone. She knew she had to be discreet to make sure no one heard the conversation she was about to have. She smiled and walked over to the women and said, “Hello, I’m Wendy. You have come highly recommended for what I am needing help with.” Madison smiled introduced herself and said although her practices may seem extreme they are very effective. Wendy sat in the booth and began to explain that it was time to start potty training Mason, however as much as she loved her husband, she had always wanted another child. Mike couldn’t do that though. They struggled after Mason was born only to find out Mike could not produce any more children. This broke Wendy’s heart, and that is when she was recommended Madison’s services. Madison got excited and began to explain what would happen. Madison stated, “No worries, Wendy. Mason will be potty trained in no time but he will soon have the sibling you are wishing for to give him. My process is simple both will have a chart while Mason’s will be introduced first he will fly through his potty training but as Mason will find success, Mike will soon begin to have failure.” Wendy’s eyes lit up as she heard that she would soon have another child and sibling for Mason that she was yearning for. “By failure do you mean potty issues?” asked Wendy. “Yes, very much so and so much more Mike will begin to regress as well. Have you decided on what gender you want Mike to be before we start?” Wendy didn’t even think about that you mean you can make him a girl if needed. She thought she always wanted a daughter maybe Mason can have a sister. She responded, “Well I didn’t even think about that but maybe a daughter, it would be a dream and I can just picture Mason protecting her when he gets older. Yes, she said smiling let’s make Mike be my dream daughter.” Madison was overjoyed this just got better she replied, “Perfect Wendy. Have you thought about how young you want to take her?” “3 months old, is what I was thinking for Mike even before I knew we could change his gender as well,” advised Wendy. Madison wrote all this down and said ok everything is set we will see each other in a few weeks to begin. I can’t wait to start. Wendy could’t contain her excitement, said her goodbyes to Madison knowing she would have her little princess in due time. Back to the present: Wendy stated she was off to work and that she would see Madison later, she gave Mike a kiss and told him to enjoy work. Mike didn’t think anything of it and said his goodbyes and began to log on to his work computer. Madison went over and greeted Mason smiling saying are you ready for some fun and begin potty training. The 2 1/2 year old smiled and cheered, “Yay, Potty Potty!!!” Madison got her famous chart out of her bag where Mason’s name was listed and hung it up in his room. She explained, “Now Mason this is your chart and we have these dinosaur stickers that will be given for all the times you make it to the potty.” Mike could overhear the conversation and laughed at how this was going to work. He’s seen this before and it didn’t work. Little did he know this was just beginning of his day. Mason couldn’t contain his excitement he loved dinosaurs and Madison told him he would get a special surprise for his success. He loved surprises. Madison took him to his potty chair that Wendy and Mike had bought for him and sat him down. She started, “Now Mason this is just your first time so if you don’t go, it is no big deal we will try again in a few hours.” Mason sat on his potty and after a few minutes there was a flow heard in the potty. Madison was surprised and smiled knowing what would happen next as she didn’t expect a success on the first try. She took the little boy over to his chart and helped put a sticker on the chart. Mason excitedly said, “Yay, Potty, I get surprise now?” “Not yet but you will see soon,” Madison told the excited toddler. Meanwhile in the other room, when the sticker was placed on the chart, Mike felt a sudden tingle but didn’t think anything of it and continued to work on his book. Mike was a writer and was working on his next book. He felt he was successful after writing 3 other best sellers. He did feel bad though that Wendy worked so hard but he couldn’t give her the second child she wanted. The change was subtle but Mike at 32 years old suddenly looked a little younger but no one would notice because he certainly didn’t. After the success, Madison brought Mason in to share the good news with Mike. Madison just wanted to see if her chart had started its work. Mason ran over to his dad excitedly, “Daddy, I potty.” Mike smiled good job buddy and looked at Madison approvingly. “I must say pretty good for the first time,” Mike spoke to Madison. “You’ll be shocked at just how effective my practices are plus little Mason here was told he would soon get a surprise once he’s potty trained.” Mike looked at Madison confused but figured it must be something Wendy had spoken to her about. Madison stared at Mike to see the changes as although Mike couldn’t see any changes, she certainly could. She saw that his skin had already become softer and a little younger. She placed his age around 30 she knew the true fun wouldn’t begin for a while she would just have to concentrate on helping Mason succeed only then would she truly see the changes in the future little princess. She smirked knowing the fun was just beginning. Chapter 2 The day went by quick Madison and Mason played and every few hours she would take him to his potty chair to try by the end of the day Mason went on the potty a 2 more times but did have a few accidents in his pull ups. Mike meanwhile saw another few years drift away while he was working. He seemed to have a renewed energy writing his new book but had no idea what was going on that he was regressing every time Mason went to the potty. Madison put Mike’s age around 26 which made her happy after the first day. Wendy got home after a long day at work and met Madison at the door. Madison advised the successful first day for both Mason and Mike. Wendy was excited to see the changes in Mike. She asked Madison to come back early the next morning as she needed to head off to court early. Madison obliged and made her way home knowing if Mason made it to the potty while she was gone Mike would still feel the changes. Wendy walked in the door and saw Mike and Mason playing she could see Mike was already younger and couldn’t wait to see him regress more. She loved Madison’s method of the chart and how Mike would not notice anything different until it was too late. Mike in the meantime greeted his wife and advised that dinner was almost ready. That would be one thing she missed once she got her little girl but it was so worth it. Maybe she could hire a new nanny to come in once Madison’s work was complete unless of course Madison wanted to stay on. The family ate dinner and little Mason excitedly told his Mommy about his day and how well Madison said he did potty training. Wendy obliged and smiled, “Mason do you need to go potty now you are making the face you make when you need to poop.” Mike was oblivious and wasn’t listening but saw that his wife and son were gone from the dinner table. In a short while he heard excitement from Wendy and Mason. His wife explained how Mason had went number 2 on the potty for the first time. She wanted Mike to see Mason put another sticker on the chart. When this occurred Mike grew shorter and younger losing about 4 years off his previous renewed agent of 26. Unbeknownst to Mike he was now 22 and was getting younger. He lost muscle tone and what little facial hair was now gone. He had no recollection of the books he had previously written and had just graduated college recently. He was no longer Wendy’s husband at this age but her boyfriend. Wendy saw this and was elated she had no idea this change would occur but she assumed it was due to Mason going number 2 in the potty. She noted it and would talk to Madison in the morning about it. Right now she had to make love to her boyfriend Mike for probably the last time as tomorrow he would be too young for this he would be her son by then. Mason was put to bed and Wendy and Mike had an eventful night of love. Mike was exhausted after the fact and passed out in bed. Wendy lay awake with adrenaline and excitement knowing all well what was happening. She knew in the next few days she would have her little girl she always wanted and she knew she needed to get everything ready. She fell asleep knowing tomorrow she had to get to work early maybe Madison could assist in getting the nursery ready. Wendy woke up with excitement she noticed that Mike was still passed out in bed next to her. He didn’t even look like he moved at all. She quickly got dressed and ready and by the time she was done Madison had arrived. She advised her of what happened when Mason went number 2 last night, Madison smiled and stated this will occur anytime this happens so she is anxious to see what happens if it occurs today. Madison also gladly accepted getting the nursery ready while Mason was still sleeping and when he napped today. She had a feeling it was going to be needed sooner rather than later especially if she thought was going to occur when Mike woke up. Wendy was off to court and Madison began to prep the nursery in the guest room. She worked quietly as she didn’t want to wake Mason or Mike up she also grabbed an adult pull up to prepare as since Mike had regressed again she knew he may wake up wet. The room was a beautiful girly pink, Madison set the bassinet up and stocked the changing table with diapers they were so tiny but with how young Mike was going to get they were needed. She put all the princess decorations on the wall and then went to check on Mike and Mason. She opened the bedroom door and saw Mike passed out and noticed sure enough the wet spot on the sheets. She rustled Mike awake, “Wake up sleepyhead, looks like someone had an accident.” Mike awoke groggily and confused as to why Madison was in his bedroom. “Where’s Wendy?” asked Mike. “Wendy had to get to court early remember she told you this yesterday,” said Madison. “First things first Mike I think we are going to have to watch today and lets get you cleaned up. Why don’t you go take a shower while I go get Mason.” Mike still confused at how this could happen listened to her and went to shower. Madison smiled knowing full well if Mason went potty Mike would be needing assistance real soon. She walked in Mason’s room with a smile, Mason was just waking up and he saw his nanny looking at him. “Morning Maddi,” squealed Mason. She asked if he would like to sit on the potty knowing full well he must have a full bladder from sleeping. He may have a wet diaper but that didn’t stop him from releasing his bladder into the potty. She clapped for him and said lets go put a new sticker on your chart knowing what would happen next. They put the sticker on the chart and just as that was done Mike had walked past the room he was now 20 years old and just as he was walking by he suddenly lost control and peed himself on his towel and on the awaiting floor below. Madison and Mason looked in wonder, Madison knowing this was going to happened and Mason in shock. Mason yelled, “Daddy went pee pee, he need diapers.” Madison had to control her laughter, “Oh Mike its ok go to your room and I will be right there.” Mike just didn’t understand how this could be happening and went to his room. Madison let Mason go play and went to the bedroom she grabbed her bag, it was time to put Mike’s chart up. Madison entered the room where Mike just stood in shock waiting. “I just don’t understand why this is happening, Madison. I can make it to the potty on time I swear,” Mike exclaimed. He has no idea why he just called it the potty. Madison’s nurturing extinct came out, “Don’t worry Mike I’m sure this is nothing, why don’t we just put this on to be sure. Mike was astonished there was no way he was wearing the same protection his son was wearing. “Why do you have a bag full of things and why is there a second chart with my name on it,” Mike asked scared of what the answer would be. “Oh, Mike I always have these as a precaution and the chart I think will be good for you to help Mason,” said Madison’s reassuringly. Mike looked at her pleadingly hoping she wouldn’t put the pull up on him. For some reason Mike was feeling very submissive and suddenly felt like he should listen to Madison. He lied on the bed and Madison got to work. First she grabbed the powder and the wipes and made quick work. Then she slid his legs through the holes of pull up and pulled it up to his waist. “See that wasn’t so bad, was it?,” Madison said to the frightened adult. Mike just looked down and felt even more babyish now that he had a pull up on. “Madison do I really need a chart too?” said Mike. Madison started pinning up the chart and stated, “Its for the best don’t you want to help Mason succeed in potty training. I’m sure you will get all stickers so there is nothing to worry about.” Mike sulked already feeling like it was going to be a long day, he walked out of the room forgetting his past life of working and went to watch TV. As he passed Mason saw him and said, “Daddy you have pull up on just like me.” Mike just kept walking into the the other room. Madison walked into the play room and sat down with Mason. “Now Mason can you keep a secret,” asked Madison? The boy nodded. You see your dad is having some issues with making it to the bathroom and may not be as big of a boy as he used to be. You shouldn’t probably call him dad anymore but think of him as your brother,” whispered Madison so Mike couldn’t hear her. “So is he like my baby brother since I make it to the potty and he don’t,” Mason said excitedly. “Kind of but don’t make fun of him ok,” smiled Madison. “Otay Madi” replied Mason. Mike sulked watching tv for the next few hours, he felt he should be doing something but couldn’t remember what. Madison popped in a few hours later to check on him to see if he had to go potty. “Mike, how about we try and go potty, you haven’t gone in a few hours,” said Madison. His pull up seemed a little wet but he figured he would try. He sat on the potty and not even realized he released a stream in to the potty. Madison clapped and said good job now lets get you into a new pull up cause this one seems a little wet. “Did you even feel wet, Mike?” asked Madi. Mike was silent he had no idea. They walked into the bedroom where they walked over to his chart. Chapter 3 Mike looked at his chart with disgust, he didn’t need to be potty trained. “I don’t want the same dinosaur stickers as Mason, I want my own,” sounding very childish Mike stated. Madison was in shock but she didn’t think the next transition would be so easy. She smiled, the only other stickers I have are these Disney Princess stickers,” said Madison. Without giving him a chance to fight she put one of the princess stickers on the chart. With that another chill ran over Mike, as changes began to occur. HIs muscle tone became less defined and skin became softer. His hair started to grow just a little bit longer. Mike was oblivious to the changes. Madison smirked on the inside knowing the fun was just beginning. She left Mike and went to check on Mason. Mason ran up to Madison stating he had to go to the potty. She placed him on his potty chair and out came the poop. She knew Mike would be regressing at least another 4 years in the other room. He would be a teenager now but she was sure he also would have another accident. Sure enough she heard crying in the other room. Mike looked to be about 16 and his pull up was soaked and had tears running down his face as he was sobbing unintelligible words. Madison ran over to console him, “There, their sweetie its ok, it’s just an accident. Why don’t you come with me and we will get you changed.” Mike was still inconsolable as Madi guided him over to the bed and laid him down. She got her bag out and pulled the only thing out that she could think of that might calm him down, a pacifier. She slipped it into his mouth and natural instinct went into effect as Mike started to suck on the pacifier. Madi made quick work and changed Mike for the 3rd time since he woke up. Mike finally calmed down but continued to suck on the pacifier as it was really calming. Madison guided Mike into the play room she thought it might be better if he played with Mason while she got lunch ready. Mason didn’t even say a word about Mike sucking on the pacifier but was happy to have a friend to play with. Madison went into the kitchen to get lunch ready mac and cheese and chicken nuggets. She questioned whether she should serve MIke’s food just like Mason’s, she ended up serving it on the same type of plate but would test a regular cup with Mike. She proceeded to go get the kids for lunch. She strapped Mason in his high chair and put a bib on him and then told Mike to sit at the table, he was just standing waiting looking frightened and still sucking on the pacifier. As they ate lunch it was clear Mike was becoming a very messy eater getting mac and cheese all over his face and his clothes. She walked over and said Mike, I think someone needs this as she clipped a bib around him. Mike was speechless but started whining. “I don’t need a bib, why are you treating me like a baby.” “If you keep whining I will feed you myself, now be a good boy and finish your lunch. Make sure drink your milk as you haven’t had anything to drink yet,” said Madi sternly. As Mike went to take a drink from the glass of course he tipped it too much and the milk emptied all over Mike and the floor. Madison knew she should have put it into a sippy cup. She cleaned Mike went over to her bag and grabbed a new pink and sparkly sippy cup, poured milk into it and handed it to Mike. “I’m not a girl,” Mike said reputedly. “Do you want a baby bottle instead,” Madi replied knowing full well what the answer was. “No,” Mike said dejectedly. After lunch she brought Mike to the potty. “I think we better at least try and go potty just to be safe and I think someone needs a nap afterwards,” said Madi. She placed him to sit and she waiting and waiting. “I can’t go, Madi under pressure.” said Mike. Madi obliged and left the room and sure enough she heard a tinkle in the toilet. “See I knew you could do it, sweetie.” said Madi, “Let’s go put a new sticker on your chart.” They went to the room and put another princess sticker on the chart and Madi watched more changes occur. Mike’s hair grew even longer and his hips widened, his chest blossomed to that of a 16 year old. He didn’t think anything of it as it just seemed normal. Madison guided Mike to the bed and said let’s take a nap you’ve had a long day. Mike suddenly felt tired and went to sleep. She went to get Mason ready but first put him on the potty again before his nap. Her method was quick and Mason was becoming quickly potty trained he would get his surprise soon and Mike would become Mikayla, Mason’s little sister. In the meantime Mason went potty again and it was time for another sticker before his nap. They placed the dinosaur sticker on the chart and in the other room sleeping away Mike regressed to 14 years old. Mason was put down for his nap and Madison went the nursery to finish up her work. Hopefully the rest of the story will be done soon.
  5. Usagi felt absolutely ecstatic tonight. It was going to be a great night that was for sure! Her parents were currently out with friends and said thst they weren't going to be back until around midnight or so. She had the entire house to herself. The blond Odango haired teen, finished picking out her favorite romantic DVDs to watch with her friends. Usagi had everything her friends would like, potato chips, poki sticks, soda and numerous other choices of junk food to snack on. She currently wore a pair of matching pink pajama bottoms and pink top with white polka-dots. A knock at her bedroom door made the leader of the Scouts turn around and that's when she saw Rei Hino, one of her closest friends, standing in front of the slightly ajar door. Her soft, pale skin tone made her stand out in a crowd. Her rich, black locks framed those brown doe eyes perfectly. To top it all off, she wore a loose, white laced, sleeveless pajama top, showing her belly button and a pair of loose fitting pajama pants. Her bedtime attire looked absolutely adorable on her. "Hi, Rei!" Usagi smiled holding a few DVDs." "Don't tell me that all we're going to do is watch TV." Rei wondered aloud. The pigtailed Senshi sweat dropped. "Umm, no. I mean, we'll do other fun stuff besides watch movies." Before Rei could reply she was interrupted by Minako and Ami who were in the middle of a conversion as they walked into the room together. "I just got dumped yesterday. So, I really need this. Hopefully, Usagi picked out a good romcom with a cute lead." The blond scout wore her hair in short bangs in the front and left it long and flowing in the back. She sported a baggy, collared pajama top with matching bottoms. Both featured blue stripes running vertically down them. "You've gone through more boys than I have read books, but I hope you're right. I hope tonight is fun." Ami smiled as she followed behind her friend. She wore a matching light blue top and bottom that made her short azure hair stand out. "Minako, Hoshi dumped you?" Usagi asked. "Yeah, but I don't want to talk about it. Can we watch a movie?" The blond with the red bow in her hair asked, hoping to take her mind off of her latest break up with a good movie. "Come on, girls. We can do better than that. Who wants to go up against me in Tekken?!" Makoto announced as she held up the newest copy of the game. The night was filled with girl talk and plenty of snacking while Makoto handed out a digital ass whooping to any scout who attempted to play against her. Only Usagi could come close to give the girl in green shorts and a tiny green t-shirt a challenge even though Rei was the one with a background in martial arts. Sadly, that knowledge didn't translate into the video game and she couldn't match Jupiter's martial arts prowess. However, Usagi was giving Makoto a damn good match as the two fought diligently, Usagi was mashing the controller with everything she had, but before the match could be decided, the television went black. "Hey?! What happened?!" Makoto looked around the room and noticed that the windows were filled with a blinding white light. "I was about to win!!" Usagi whined. "What's going on out there?" Minako asked as her fellow scouts ran over to the window. The scouts looked out the window, searching for the cause of the disturbance when everything started to feel weird. Time suddenly stopped to a stand still as the light enveloped the scouts and caused each girl to pass out simultaneously. A lone figure, originally obscured by darkness stepped out of the shadows and grinned as they watched each girl fall to the floor. "Phase one, complete. Now I just need to enact the spell on them and mold them to the master's design." To Be Continued... Read the rest on my fanbox. Can't be posted on Patreon https://daymare.fanbox.cc
  6. Author's Note: Hello there, and welcome to the second entry in a series of ABDL-themed superhero stories. This is meant to be connected to my previous story, Real Heroes Wear Diapers: The Diapered Avenger. ..... To be perfectly honest, I'm still not entirely used to this. Recently, I've been through some... changes, for lack of a better word, and I'm not sure how I feel about them. On the one hand, I've been able to do some great things, and I feel like I'm making the world a better place. The only problem is the downsides are kind of... okay, they're really embarrassing. My name is Katie Mystikerin, and this is my story... An Unusual Magical Girl: Princess Padding I guess it all started three weeks ago. I'm just your average girl with dark skin and curly hair, and I had just started my senior year of high school. It was in the afternoon, and I was in the middle of some homework when I heard my little sister Alice come into my room. She had a few tears in her eyes. “Sissy, I had an accident...” She mumbled, pointing to the faded print on her Pull-Up. Alice had been potty training for a while, and even though she was almost four, she was still struggling. I got out of my desk and went over to comfort Alice. “Hey, don't worry. It's only one accident. You've been doing a lot better with staying dry and making it to the potty.” I said reassuringly as I took her to the bathroom. “You'll make it to big girl underwear like me someday.” I added while I tore off the sides of Alice's Pull-Up and cleaned her up before taking out a dry one for her to step into. Alice smiled as soon as she was in a fresh Pull-Up. “Thanks, Sissy!” Even though she was having trouble with it, she still didn't want to give up. It was kind of admirable of her. And dealing with her wet Pull-Ups was still better than changing her poopy diapers. Before I could get back to my homework, I noticed a faint glowing outside in my backyard. I made sure Alice stayed inside while I went to check on it. I followed the light and saw it was coming from a... baby rattle? Specifically, a baby rattle being held by a white teddy bear wearing a bow. Looking at the rattle, I noticed some kind of pink rock or gemstone on top. I decided to pick them both up, before I walked back to my house. I was planning to post a picture of the bear and rattle on social media to see who lost these, thinking their kid would be worried sick. I realized it was getting late, so I decided to go to bed. I had to get up early for school tomorrow. Although the rattle kept letting off that bright pink light, I still slept peacefully through the night. When I woke up the next morning, I noticed something was... different. For one thing, the room smelled like baby powder, which I only recognize thanks to Alice and some of the other kids I've babysat in the past. I got up to see if anything else was different, but I noticed something underneath my legs. I thought I had a pillow underneath me, but when I reached underneath my covers, I felt something... plastic instead. I took off the covers, and gasped when I saw what I was wearing. Instead of the panties I was wearing last night, I was wearing a big pink diaper with baby block designs on the front. Why the hell was I wearing this? Was this some kind of prank? Who would do this? I looked at the front of the diaper and noticed a yellow spot. I poked the front and... yep. I had used this thing. I had so many questions to ask. I brushed that thought out of my mind as I got out of bed and walked (though it felt like more like I waddled) over to my dresser for another pair of panties. When I opened the drawer, my eyes widened as I only saw pairs of socks and bras and not a single pair of panties to be seen. Before I could think about my situation any more, my dad came into the room. “Morning Katie.” He said as he walked over and placed a hand on the front of the diaper I was wearing. I naturally slapped his hand away. “Dad, what the hell?” I asked, understandably pissed. My Dad just looked confused by what I did. “I'm just... checking your diaper, like your mother and I do every day. Are you okay?” “Why am I wearing a diaper?” I asked the obvious question. My dad still looked confused. “Because you need them? This wet diaper sort of answers your question.” He added as he poked the front of the diaper, only making me feel more uncomfortable. “Let's get you changed.” He said as he pointed to a changing table in the corner of my room. I'm honestly surprised I didn't notice that earlier. Before I could really protest, my Dad managed to pick me up and laid me down on the changing table. He untaped the diaper and I instinctively covered my... you know. My Dad simply moved my hands away before he took out a couple baby wipes to start cleaning me up. I was caught off guard by how cold the wipes were. It really made me realize why Alice used to squirm around a lot when I had to change her. My Dad then took out a container of baby powder and started to sprinkle it all over my rear and privates. I really didn't get why he was being so casual about this. All I wanted was for this whole process to be over. My Dad took out a new diaper with unicorns on the front and unfolded it before sliding it underneath me. He soon taped it up and ran his finger through the legholes to check for leaks. After that, he playfully patted the front to signify he was done. “Alright, go get ready for school. Breakfast is almost ready.” He said as he left the room. With that, I was left alone, naturally confused by what just happened. So somehow, I'm wearing diapers again, and my Dad thinks I need them. I really couldn't think this would get any weirder. And that's when the teddy bear I found yesterday started to talk. “Hello there, Princess!” “WHAT THE FU--” ..... What did you think of the first chapter? I wanted to start with a different approach than my last story, which is why there's more focus on the diapers to start with. Next time, there will be more exposition by the talking teddy bear in question, and it'll definitely be longer than this chapter. Any kind of feedback on how I can improve is welcome. I hope you enjoyed this chapter!
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