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  1. Diaper Question

    Interesting! Does the confidry have soft plastic?
  2. Diaper Question

    Hey, So first of all, im not sure if this is the right forum or if its legal to post this at all. Ive been watching a pornvideo alot, and i was wondering if anybody here knew what diapers they are using in the video? Ive tried to do some research myself, but i cant seem to find out what brand or type they are using. I would really apriciate any help, as i would love to get em! Here is the video, its from xhamster.com so trustworthy: https://xhamster.com/videos/diaper-girls-2930200
  3. Cloth-Backed diapers

    Hey guys! So i am looking for a diaper that is thick, cloth backed and most important has tall stiff leg guards. Ive tried 4 different adult diapers. Ive tried: Tena Flex, Attends flex 10 medium, SDK and Tena Slip plus. And the best ive tried that satisfied me the most was the Attends Flex 10 medium. And i suspect the reason is for the tall leg guards, cause it kind of pushes the diaper away from your skin which makes the diaper fill up with air. Therefor you get a nice bulk, just like on many baby diapers! And this is kind of what i am looking for, just in a simple classic diaper design with tapes on each side. I feel like if i find a diaper like that, ill get the full sensation of how it used to be wearing a baby diaper.
  4. ABU Diaper Help

    Yeah, unfortantly.. But if you ask me, Cushies cloth backed and SDK are two legendary diapers! I think they made exactly what people wanted, when they wanted a adult version of the baby diapers. Just that there is something odd about the designs on most adult diapers, that isnt the same as the modern baby diapers no matter how hard they try.. Especially how adult diapers tends to be very slim fit or tight on the ass, while baby diapers tend to have this big bulk.. Like adult diapers needs to be cut more, and shape the filling in a better way and with taller leg guards or something which i think is important. Then finish off with a sweet design.. Hopefully they'll make more diapers in the future that is more like the baby diapers! Or else i might start my own company haha xD But sure thing, i am definitly down to write a campagne!
  5. ABU Diaper Help

    Thanks! And yeah, i actually discovered the cushies that were cloth backed yesterday.. But do you know why they didnt continue making these? Do you know if they will return in like a better version? But thanks! I think i will go for the preschool as its the only abdl diaper that is cloth backed Thanks again for help!

    Is this diaper all plastic? Cause it looks like it has more of a material like on modern baby diapers? Think its called cloth backed, but im not sure.. :S
  7. ABU Diaper Help

    Hey! So i am looking for a diaper that is very similar to the modern baby diapers, just for adults. For example pampers, but that isnt a plastic diaper and more the material they use on modern baby diapers. Ive looked at two diapers from ABU, Kiddo by ABU and PreSchool Cloth backed. Kiddo diapers looks very improved and very alike a baby diaper, but it says its "Plastic Backed". Does this mean its the same plastic as on Super Dry Kids? Second is the Preschool Cloth backed.. I read about these, and they say they made these to be discreet.. Doesnt that mean less bulk? :S Dont think i understand what "cloth/plastic backed" means, so would love is somebody could explain this aswell! Would love recommendations and reviews on one of these two diapers with pics if you guys know about any!
  8. Diaper Help!

    Thank you so much for a detailed reply! I havent though about ordering to the hotel, but maybe i should! And yeah, the next diapers i buy except for in florida might just be the dry 24/7 as ive heard alot of positivity about them! But if i dont order online, ill just try to deal with either Attends, or Tena which i know is acceptable
  9. Diaper Help!

    Okay, thanks! We have Tena, attends, abri form/abena mostly.. Or i order online. But i think i want to go for attends in america.. Thing is that the products are different in america, than in norway/europe. In norway/europe we have 1 type of diaper, for example with tapes. But u can choose the absorbency level and size for that type of diaper. But in america there are like 4-5 different types of tape diapers.. Thats why im so confused. But a question you maybe can answer, whats the difference between overnight diapers and regular? And what is a poly brief? xD Thanks! But tranquility might also be an option, is it recommended?
  10. Diaper Help!

    Hello, guys! I really really need help with a big issue i have! Im from Norway, but im going to Florida for vacation and i need to get myself some good diapers when im there cause i refuse to go through the embarassment if they check my baggage. Here home, i have two favorites diapers depending on my mood and what i prefer about them. One of them is Super Dry Kids from ABU, because it doesnt sag, sits very firmly and snug, is loud and bulky. Then my other medical favorite diaper is the Attends Flex 10 Medium (I think i would also like the normal with tabs). Because i like the puffyness and the stiff leg guards and the big ass you get cause the diaper fills with air. I have never been to america ever, but when i go there i will most likely go to: Target, walmart or Walgreens farmacy. Ive checked out their sites, but what i found was disappointing and i cant find reviews on most of the diapers.. I also noticed that Attends are different in america, and when i found a review of them it looks like they removed half of the ass on them.. Probably to make them less visible which annoys me.. But i have good experience with attends, but there was 4-5 different diapers from attends at walmart. Which one is closest to the Attends slip regular 10? So a good bulky diaper is basically needed.. Hopefully someone can help! I am completly lost :S :S