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  1. puddles

    Another girlfriend story.

    What do you mean by bigger problems down the road?
  2. puddles

    Another girlfriend story.

    Hey everyone. I have a huge problem. Me and my girlfriend have been together for around 2 years now and I told her about my diaper thing around 1 year mark. At first she was shocked and then she slowly tried to understand it but now when I brought the topic up and said that I would like to try to maybe make it into a sexual kink which I have wanted for a longest time she went 180 degrees and this morning she couldn't believe it and said that it is not normal. We've been together for 2 years, but half of it she has spent time in china where she studies and I have been back home. She hasnt seen my in a diaper and the whole situation freaks her out. She said one time that this results in
  3. puddles


    Awsome. Do you know anybody else from here?
  4. puddles

    First time in diapers in public

    4 hours ago, rusty pins said: Borrow a pair of pants from M.C. Hammer.
  5. puddles


    Hello, everyone. Anybody from Latvia or the Baltic states?
  6. Hey everyone. Today was my first day in diapers in public. It felt great. Only problem is that I have to think of away to avoid the problem of the diaper sticking out. I was wearing the only diaper I can get here the is half decent, but I still hate them