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  1. Hi I am not new to wearing but reasonably new to the site. Cloth nappies are my things and I am a woman in UK
  2. Good afternoon Fluffsters I often find myself in a big padded cloth nappy, laying on my tummy, squirming and enjoying the feeling of that bulk and fabric over my bottom and bunched between my thighs. I get lost in the joy, the feeling of when I can't hold pee and have to let go and then that warmth with a hint of humiliation as I am 48 years old and toilet trained. I have enjoyed this feeling since I was about 13 years old where I used to fold duvets and make stupid big nappies and then when I was alone I would use towels but never wet. this love has never waned. When I got my own place and When I worked at an old folks home I would often steal one or two big pads and net knickers and wear them. One day I decided to wee on that and it was such a thrill. The next one I messed. Oh that was fun. i even began to be brace and go for walks in them and wet while out - it felt exciting. so now I am enrobed in thick comforting 3 layered towelling, I cannot close my legs and feel so delighted. It's not sexual but it's a thrill for me. This is clean on and although I dont poop anymore I am sure I will have that warm wet feeling soon. my idea of heaven would be to wear for a whole day and night a nappy I cannot escape but life gets in the way. Have a nappy Tuesday:) and tell me all about your loves likes and desires
  3. Nappy New Year

    Hello and hope you all had a good Christmas First day where I am alone and can enjoy my nappies again. I used to be on this site but somehow lost my sign in so have rejoined as this is my safe place to be in my nappy and talk freely about how much I love it.