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  1. skulls&diapers

    Need help with finding the right diaper

    There is someone on ebay who modifies diapers. They take an adult sized diaper and insert the decorative sheet from children's diapers/pull ups.
  2. skulls&diapers

    Anyone Have Any Real Diaper Change Memories?

    I remember once when I was about 3, my mom called me into the living room. When I got there she had a Huggies diaper laying open right in front of her. When I saw it I refused to move forward. I was terrified because I had just gone through potty training and was told only babies wear diapers. Anyway, my mom told me to come to her or she would come and get me, and I wouldn't be happy if she had to get me. I remember crying hysterically through the whole diapering process. When she finished, I wasn't allowed to wear pants. I had to spend the rest of the day in just a diaper and t shirt. I remember being extremely embarrassed,