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  1. Need help with finding the right diaper

    There is someone on ebay who modifies diapers. They take an adult sized diaper and insert the decorative sheet from children's diapers/pull ups. They might just offer the designs she likes. http://m.ebay.com/itm/Build-Your-Own-adult-baby-diaper-nappy-4pack-/262867389402?nav=SEARCH Here's a review too.
  2. Anyone Have Any Real Diaper Change Memories?

    I wet the bed a lot, but I think the kicker was wetting during the day. I had some bathroom phobia issues, and I would basically hold it until I just lost control and peed. I remember that happening in the kitchen sometime before I was put back in diapers. I would also hold my poop in, but that just led to constipation, and eventually a whole lot of prune juice and fig newtons (still hate them to this day). To add to my tale, I remember when my father got home on that first night I was diapered. He asked my mom "did you get them?" She said "yes" and then he said "good." In my head I made this out to be about the diapers. My mom was big into creative punishments, so that could have been what was going on. Who knows though...
  3. Anyone Have Any Real Diaper Change Memories?

    I remember once when I was about 3, my mom called me into the living room. When I got there she had a Huggies diaper laying open right in front of her. When I saw it I refused to move forward. I was terrified because I had just gone through potty training and was told only babies wear diapers. Anyway, my mom told me to come to her or she would come and get me, and I wouldn't be happy if she had to get me. I remember crying hysterically through the whole diapering process. When she finished, I wasn't allowed to wear pants. I had to spend the rest of the day in just a diaper and t shirt. I remember being extremely embarrassed, but my sister read me a Sesame Street book, and that calmed me down. I think that was the event that triggered my fetish. I do remember having to wear them often after that, and I think it might have become obvious that I enjoyed them. After a while I was only put in cloth diapers (much like pipsqueak). I too was not a huge fan of those, and eventually that broke my interest.