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  1. Even if we try to meet up no one lives up to their word -.- i ask for numbers so i can plan a little's meet up. Im not gonna do it on a site for all to see and have people crash it. Use a text app i really dont care. If you are all willing to meet the hell lets flippen try. We dont know one another but once weare out and about (preferably not diapered lol) we might find out to be good friends in the end. So would u rather get together with ppl that are willing or ppl who u might not even know and ask at randome.
  2. Some one inbox me @[email protected] if anything we can all try to plan a meet up
  3. Why not someones house o.o
  4. Lol well message me ur number.
  5. Toxicpuppy


    Hey where are da furrys at x3
  6. Also ik a few abdls ^^ so if we put this together lets make it a big baby sleepover hehe
  7. Well hey if you live in sac send me a message and ill try and get us together ^^ message me and ill send out my number :3
  8. Really.....come on man im in californa. This is just you being a smart ass lol.
  9. Is there anyone living or near sacramento