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  1. Blanket

    Who Was The First Person You Came Out To?

    I first came out to my wife (and never came out to anyone else).
  2. Blanket

    Can'T Wet The Bed - Gah

    I started standing up. And as soon as it goes, ly down again. That sure worked for me.
  3. Blanket

    Hey Babies!

    Be welcom, fellow diaperer.
  4. Blanket

    Good Day

    Nice to hear you wife is supportive too. When she is at home, she will allways change my diapers.
  5. Blanket

    Hello Everyone Out There

    See my avatar? That's a sweater made of blankets (by my wife )
  6. Blanket

    Sex In Diapers

    When I've wet my diapers and my wife is at home, she mostly wants to have sex with me afterward.
  7. Blanket

    These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things!

    I like soft clothes. Made of fleece/blanket materials. Like they sell on Privatina or at adult-baby-shop.de. The more cosey, the better. And lots of baby blanket. (I have 30+ blankets.) No wool. My mommy loves to let me wear those.
  8. Blanket

    Hello Everyone Out There

    Hello, Let me introduce myself. I'm a adult child/baby. Bit of both. I like to wear diapers, but I do not want the 'ootsie tootsie' talk. I'm realy lucky to have married a 'mommy'. (It's true!). I allways use soft blankets when I play. Also, I sleep with blankets. Anyone out there who also loves blankets. I got lots of them. Greetings, Blanket.