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  1. Andromeda

    bowel incontinence with tunnel butt plugs

    I personally really enjoy a hollow butt plug. I use the smallest from Huse and it works perfectly. I have to say that I eat lots of fruits so my fecal matter is always very soft. The plug itself you only feel really when sitting down, but else you stop noticing it's there. I then will be the smell then that tells you that your diaper is being filled, and there is nothing that you can do to stop it. Even changing diapers is not so easy because you are leaking constantly. I can only recommend it, get used to wearing a butt plug, change your diet and you will feel truly anal incontinent.
  2. Andromeda

    messing in public

    I love the risk that you might have an accident in public. So today I had some fun. I froze a banana and inserted it coated in liquid soap. The soap helps getting the banana in, but will also cause cramps, and of course a frozen banana doesn't help either. Then I
  3. Andromeda

    Messy Self Bondage (True Story)

    I have always enjoyed using dulcolax suppositories to create that uncontrollable feeling of having to go. In the past I used self bondage a lot so I would have no choice then to mess myself and then to have to sit in my diaper until my release let me loose. Today I decided to do things a bit different. First I drank a lot and waited until I really had to pee. Then I started my preparation. I had frozen 2 ice-locks that normally would last about 1h30. This time I wanted a longer wait however. So I placed the 2 ice-locks next to each other and then put them in a wine cooler sleeve that was also frozen. This I insulated a bit and taped it all into a nice small package. I had never tried this before, but I knew that I would stay bound now for at least 1h30, but more likely for several hours. I then put cuff around my wrist and ankles that I locked. Then I inserted just one dulcolax suppository. But this time I didn't put on a diaper. Instead a got some used cloth diapers I had laying around that needed to be washed. Out of these used diapers a made a small pillow. I placed the diaper pillow in my bathtub and closed the drain. I then got in myself, placed myself on my belly, and hogtied myself with my ice-lock. Laying hogtied in the bathtub I could not move up or down, so my face was all the time in the dirty diaper pillow. Already after a few minutes I was getting uncomfortable and tried to find a good position, but I could only put my legs to the left or the right side of the tub, and turn my head also only left or right. I tried pulling on my ice-lock, but it was not budging and I knew now for sure the long uncomfortable wait had begone. And of course, after about 30 minutes I felt the dulcolax starting to work. I forced myself not to mess, but laying on your belly this is not so easy. Wave after wave of cramps in this uncomfortable position. And finally, I gave up and I started messing myself. It was coming out and coming out . I felt the poop sliding from my but onto my legs, slowly going in between my legs. And with this release I started peeing as well, I already had to go like mad 30 minutes ago, and with all the extra drinking just before locking myself, it was like someone opened the faucet. Remember that I closed the plug, so slowly there was piss all over the bathtub. First it felt kind of nice being warm. But quickly the piss started to mix with the poop, and me turning from left to right to find a comfortable position didn't help. Now the smell was getting really bad, and those who used dulcolax know, it empties you completely. So I was now 40 minutes bound, and already covered with piss and poop in places I didn't believe was possible. I wanted out, but all my pulling was of no use, the ice-locks were holding. From time to time I could feel a few drops of ice water. The insulated ice-lock was laying on my lower back, so the drops reassured me that I would not stay bound forever. After a while my own piss I was laying in started to cool. I was cold now, extremely messy and my muscles were hurting all over. My face laying in dirty diapers didn't help as well. And then it happened, a little after 2 hours, first one, and a bit later the other ice-lock opened. I was no longer in hogtie, but still my hand were bound behind my back. I had to do some gymnastics to get my hands in front so I could get up and get the keys for the locks. Of course these gymnastics made that the few spots that were still clean got messy as well. The cleanup afterward was a punishment by itself, and I was very happy that I did this self bondage in a bathtub, else it would have been a real nightmare to clean everything. But it was worth it, it was a real trip and I never felt so helpless and completely incontinent.
  4. Andromeda

    Hollow Butt Plugs

    Well I have been using the Huse plug a lot and I can tell out of experience they are not like a solid plug. You will with a hollow plug continuously mess your diaper.
  5. Andromeda

    Abu Fabine

    As requested, here are some photo's
  6. Andromeda

    Abu Fabine

    Well I finally got the Fabine Exklusiv. I got them from Buntewindel and I must say they are amazing. They will last you 24 hours, the advertised absorbency is really there. I ordered 4 packs and they came in a big brown box with no markings, so I will be ordering from them again, but with them lasting so long, it will be a while before I need more, lol. I hope that the wait for you guys in the states will be over soon.
  7. Andromeda

    Hollow Butt Plugs

    Personally I love the Huse plug. Here is what I said about it before; http://www.dailydiap...showtopic=16627
  8. I have always enjoy the feeling of having to go without any possibility to control yourself. There are many ways of accomplishing this, like laxatives, and they all have the result that you will have an uncontrollable bowel movement. As fun as this is, you will also get the smell and the bulk in the diaper. So when you are around people like at work or when shopping in the mall, this may not be ideal. So I was trying out some things to get this uncontrollable feeling of having to mess yourself, but without the smell or the bulk, so that you could continue to work or whatever. The way I was able to get this feeling is very simple. I gave myself a milk enema with about 1 liter of milk, just milk, nothing else in it . This I kept inside for 1 hour. They even say that this is good for your because the enema will clean you out, and the nutrients in the milk will be absorbed by your body. But anyway, after 1 hour I released myself until I was completely empty. Got showered and dressed, and put on a thin diaper. Like this I went out. My intestines were empty, but still lined whit the milk residu, and the bacteria inside started to produce huge amounts of gas. Now this gas was rather sweet smelling, but the result was a continuous bombardment of wet farts. The gas kept giving me cramps that gave me the feeling I had to go, but being empty already, my diapers had no problem whit the little wetness . So for many hours I had the uncontrollable incontinent feeling, without bothering other people whit the smells that normally comes whit being incontinent.
  9. Andromeda

    Becoming Incontinent, Just Do It.

    Waw, what a lot of interesting posts. All these advises sure are great. And also the warning from the ones that really are incontinent should be listened too. I however believe that it's all in the mind. When I put on a diaper, I become so relaxed that I will wet and mess whit out even thinking about it . Sure if I would concentrate 200% I could be continent in a diaper, but why would I, or would you ? When I am at work, I don't wear diapers and have no problems whatsoever staying dry. It was adjusting in the beginning, but I am convinced that your body will know when it can let go and when it can not just by the feeling of a diaper. Now out of experience I would say stay dry 50% of the time at least, or you will get true incontinence. It is one thing fantasizing about it, but the day you wet yourself in public without control can be very scary. There have been enough warnings here, so I would like people to know it is possible, you can be part-time incontinent. There have been discussions about creating a Pavlov reaction to wet yourself, and I guess that is how I conditioned myself to use the feeling of a diaper as a trigger. If I could do it, so can you.
  10. Andromeda

    Best Bondage Gear For Diapers?

    Well this is a segufix style lockable diaper cover; http://zwangsjacken....engl/pantse.php . And this is another lockable diaper cover, more types on the site; http://www.bizarre-l...p-lockable.html
  11. Andromeda

    Diaper Rash Desire

    Well Mooglelove, you have convinced me. I see now it was a bad idea and could have been harmful. But this is exactly why I love this forum. I do learn new things here and next time I might try ammonia instead. As for the Tabasco sauce, I find that a very thin layer of chilli powder, in your diaper or even your panties, will give you a very hot glow without any dangers I know off. Not as messy as Tabasco sauce, and lot easier to apply. Just put it on the diaper, give it a tick upside down so the excess will fall off and you only have a slight reddish color remaining, else it will be to hot. But yes Moogle, bleach was a bad idea, I guess I was lucky, to result on my skin is now like a sunburn, red skin peeling off.
  12. Andromeda

    Diaper Rash Desire

    I know a lot of you find it strange to have a diaper rash desire, but the hot burning sensation just does it for me. For me it has never been easy to create a rash. Some will say lucky you. And I know a real bad case might not be fun, but this place is about desires. So I continued me search to create a diaper rash, and even staying 24 h in a soiled diaper would not create a rash for me, only a slight hint of the burning sensation. This was until I read an article about diaper punishment with bleach. Let me start by saying that doing this to a child is criminal. But with an adult its different. So I tried it and put bleach on a diaper and then put the diaper on. I could immediately feel my bum starting to burn, and every time I wet the diaper, it would even start to burn more. Then when the diaper was finally completely soaked, and the burning was getting very intense, I removed the diaper to find a very nice rash. I just think this is great fun. It feels like you are in a wet dirty diaper even when you are just in panties at work. Its a constant burning feeling and I love it.
  13. Andromeda


    Thank you justagirl4fun and Marcus, I will first try freezing a suppo and then coat it with melted dark chocolate. Freezing should stop the suppo from melting itself will its getting coated with the chocolate, which on its turn I will freeze as well. This should be an interesting experience, :-)
  14. Andromeda


    I love using Dulcolax suppo's from time to time. You know that when you use them, that whatever you do, you will mess yourself within 30 minutes. I find it to be a way coming close to being anal incontinent. But the thing I don't like so much is that you can almost time it to the minute. My question now is if someone knows of a way to coat the suppo's, so that you will not know when the coating will be dissolved and the Dulcolax starts working. It then will be a real time bomb that will go off and you will mess yourself, you just don't know when, and the feeling of being incontinent will be so much more intense. Thank you all for your input.
  15. Andromeda

    Diaper Rash Desire

    It might seem funny to some , but I was still missing something when I am in diapers. When I put on a diaper I become immediately urinary incontinent, this happened just by conditioning myself to relax. Bowel incontinence I get sometimes when I am very relaxed, or I use a Huse anal ring or a Dulcolax suppo. But I was missing something, I can simulate more or less being incontinent, but I didn’t got that feeling of a developing rash when you are in dirty diapers all the time. So I started experimenting and of course one way off getting a rash is being in diapers 24/7 but for those of us the can’t, I get that burning hot feeling with a few drops of Tabasco on my bottom . The heat and burning sensation will last for hours, and will get even worse every time you wet your diaper. And of course unlike the real diaper rash, all is gone the next day. I was wondering if some of you also use homemade remedies to simulate being incontinent?