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  1. I wear very thick cloth diapers. I am looking for the thickest disposable diaper available. I have diaper liners but they don't add that much padding. Who knows what the thickest disposable is?
  2. More diapers

  3. Oregon Diaper Lovers?!

    I live in Central Oregon, Terrebonne.
  4. Tyler

    I feel like I am there watching this twosome enjoy life all over again. Great job!!
  5. What Are Other Using For Cloth Diapers?

    I enjoy very thick cloth diapers. I use 4 adult 36x36" single layer diapers with 5 toddler prefold diapers as soaker pads and also 3 baby prefold diapers as liners in my diaper. I change twice a day. As you can imagine my diapers are very noticeable but I have never been bugged about them. I am diapered 24/7 and have been since 1982. I even spent the last 5 years before military retirement diapered 24/7 except for the few field training exercises I participated in.
  6. Accidents Happen

    An excellent story. I feel like I'm sitting in the middle of the room and watching it unfold. I like your metaphor. The one I use is - If you like a car you see, does that mean you want to molest the driver? The only problem with this story is I WANT IT ALL NOW!!! AND I DON'T WANT IT TO END!!! Let's see how you handle that problem--
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  8. Cooler Weather = Thicker Diapers?

    No matter what the weather, I wear very thick cloth diapers and thick vinyl pants.