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  1. Flbabygirls

    FLBabyGirls actually started as "Aunt-Elli-2" in about 2007 or so. It became FLBabyGirls within a year or so after that.
  2. Sissy orgasm

    I've had many dry orgasms in my life and find they are just as good if not better than regular orgasms. The two ways that I've had them is through using self-hypnosis files such as those found on warpmymind and through using my Aneros. A prostate orgasm for men is (mostly) dry as there is no ejaculation and it lasts a long time.
  3. Where To Buy Diapers In Canada

    caredownthere.ca is (almost) shutdown now. They have transferred their license for Dry 24/7 to b4ns.com according to their website.
  4. Canada!

    Both Care Down There and B4NS are very good. I have ordered from both several times and never had an issue with shipping or service.