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    From the album mehhhhh

    My modified atn. I cut the top some and the sides. Now I get the perfect fit
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    Part 5 "Let me just find the switch..." Veruca said, when her mind could work again. Her hands nervously patted at the mirrored wall behind her, trying to remember how she'd gotten out before, but this time, her hand went right through her reflection. She gasped and fell forward, hands slamming against the mirrored floor to keep herself from cracking her face against it, and it rippled beneath her like a solid puddle. Frank pulled her to her feet and turned her around as the others started to edge past her. "Look at the walls," he instructed, and while it was hard to tell where any of those began or ended, she could see areas in the endless reflections that seemed to be melting, almost, falling away as the room expanded infinitely outward. "What is going on?" "Did you slip us all something?" Diane demanded of Scruffy, but he was frozen in fear, clutching the dog desperately. Only for another second or two, however. "Let's get outta here!" he yelled, out of nowhere, making Veruca jump in surprise as he took off, running right into what should have been a wall, but, of course, wasn't anymore. A few of the ghosts - one in a bloody butcher's apron, a cleaver wedged in his back, another in a fancy suit, with half his face gone from what Veruca guessed was a gunshot - chased after him and the dog, who had followed obediently. "Scruffy!" Frank called after him, and, a moment later, Scruffy and the dog reappeared from the other side of the room, skidding to a stop as he saw the ghosts in front of him. "Scruffy, wait!" "What are you doing?" Diane hissed, grabbing Frank's arm as he moved toward his friend. "We can't just leave him alone!" Frank declared. "We have to help him!" He hurried after him, barreling through the collection of spooks and pushing Scruffy out of the way of a whip, cracked by a rather large woman in leather. Instead of propelling him backwards, however, they sank through the floor, with more ghosts stomping after them, vanishing downward as if they were stomping across a pool from the shallow end to the deep. "Frank!" Diane screamed, moving toward him. Some deep recess of Veruca's mind was conscious enough to reach out and grab her before she could get too far, while the rest of her brain was too busy trying to process what was happening, and how her plan had gone so very wrong so quickly. Her head wasn't screwed on quite well enough to come up with a justification for stopping Diane that she could actually tell the other girl, but it didn't matter, since, by the time Diane was turning to give her a dirty look, the remaining ghosts were coming after them, and she was dragging Diane away. "Stop it!" Diane protested, pulling away. "I'm not just leaving him!" "You can't go back there!" Veruca pleaded, but clearly she was wrong, as Diane went running towards the collection of ghosts on their tail. A man with one arm torn bloodily off, and held in his other arm, and a woman whose skin had a blueish color, even as a ghost, went after her, while another woman, in a white dress and apron, with a rather large bosom and blood staining the bottom of her dress continued towards Veruca with an air of fierce determination in her dead eyes. Veruca cursed under her breath, then turned and ran in the opposite direction of Diane. Since they didn't really need them to move, she wasn't sure if there was any direct correlation to the tallness of a ghost, and thus how long their legs were, to how quickly they moved, but the speed at which she sensed this one getting closer to her compared to how slow she was moving would seem to indicate that she was significantly shorter than it, like comparing the gait of an adult and a child. That, combined with her diaper, made her feel quite small and helpless, which only scared her all the more. After a few moments, she took a quick turn, and found herself nearly running straight into Diane. Determined not to lose her again, she grabbed her and pulled her back in the opposite direction, as her two ghosts were advancing rather quickly on them. This time, Diane cooperated with her, running alongside her. The whole place was disorienting, hard to figure out where you were going, or where you'd come from, since everything was mirrored, but they just kept going. Every once in a while, they'd catch a glimpse of the guys and go towards them, but almost as soon as they did, a ghost or two would seem to appear right in front of them and they'd have to backtrack, or turn and head another direction. No matter where they went, they never seemed to run out of room, the reflections just stretching on further and further away. But it didn't seem to make any difference how long they ran, or in what direction. The ghosts always showed back up sooner or later. It was inevitable that they were going to get caught, Veruca knew - it was only a matter of time and luck. And their luck ran out as they turned away from one group of ghosts and ran straight into the man in the suit. They split, but his arms seemed to grow as he enveloped them. Everything went dark for a moment, and then they were in an office. It was still in the mirror world - the windows looked out into the endless sea of reflection, and the ceiling and floor were mirrors as well, making it seem like the four walls were floating freely, not really attached to anything - yet inside that world was a large office, decorated sparsely but elegantly. "What do you want?" Diane demanded, backing away from the man with the hole in his head. "I need you," he replied. His voice was different from Carol's, more hollow, more desperate. "I need your flesh..." "What are they, zombies?" Diane asked, scrambling away. Veruca couldn't think of a way to explain why she knew that they were "simply" looking to use them as hosts to fulfill whatever obsession they'd had that had kept them as ghosts rather than letting them move on, so she kept quiet. She was a little slower than Diane, and the man managed to grab her. She screamed as she felt her skin harden beneath his ghostly fingers, and as she looked down, she saw it turning into gold where he'd touched her, an undead King Midas. She tried to pull away, but his grip only tightened as she squirmed. Then, from the mirrored ground, the woman in the apron burst forth, smacking the man aside. Veruca gasped as he let go of her, rubbing her skin and watching it turn back to its normal color and hardness, glancing up every few seconds to see the woman chasing the man away. "They're mine!" she was screaming. "I need them more than you!" The walls of the office began to quiver as she beat on the man, kicking and screaming otherworldly shrieks, eventually shattering as he sank into the floor. In their place rose the walls of a nursery, and the usual furniture one would find there, much to Veruca's embarrassment, especially as a huge crib rose from beneath her, bars rising far above her head before she could try to escape, while, as she watched, a playpen similarly captured Diane. It was Veruca the woman went to first, however, seeming to grow taller with every step. "I knew you were meant for me," she cooed. "All I ever wanted was to be a mother... And here's my baby, at last..." "What? No, I'm not a baby!" Veruca protested, trying to scramble to the far side of the crib, but stumbling on the soft mattress and falling onto her diapered bottom with an especially loud crinkle, one that echoed from both her clothes and the plastic sheet on the mattress. By the time the woman was reaching down for her, she was the size of a giant, and her arms, as incorporeal as they were, felt strong and inescapable as they wrapped around Veruca's squirming form. "Of course you are," she said, patting the seat of Veruca's wet diaper. "You're my little baby... And I bet you're hungry, aren't you?" Before Veruca could answer, she was shifted to one of the woman's gigantic arms so the woman could use her other hand to slip her shoulder out of the dress, pushing it down, exposing one huge breast. Veruca started to struggle, knowing with a sick certainty what was about to happen, despite how disturbing and unreal it felt. "No, no," she shook her head as she was readjusted again, held in more of a cradle in the woman's arms, one hand rhythmically patting the back of her diaper as she was brought closer and closer to that phantom nipple. "No, please, I'm not a baby, I'm not hungry, don't!" And then her protesting mouth was shoved around the breast, and filled almost instantly with milk. Her eyes went wide, and she tried to spit it out, but there was just too much, and while she managed to get a small stream of it trickling from the corners of her mouth, she had to swallow the majority of it to avoid drowning. It felt sweet and thick going down, and brought a pleasantly warm sensation to her tummy that made her instantly drowsy. Her eyes began to droop, and it was a struggle not to let them close entirely as she kept automatically sucking down mouthful after mouthful of the stuff. It became all she could concentrate on, though she could faintly hear Diane in the background yelling at the woman to stop. After a minute, that pleasant warmth began to grow a little warmer, and then a little more, turning into a raging liquid fire in her guts. Her eyes opened again as she began to wriggle, only for the woman's arms to lock tighter around her, push her mouth further around the mound of ghostly flesh. Her brain began to buzz, as if she were drunk, but she could tell it was different, could almost feel the milk sloshing through her memories, her thoughts, everything that made her her and erasing them. She looked down at herself and saw her belly bulging out, saw her scrawny limbs start to plump out, her baby fat returning. She tried to gasp, to scream, but that just let the milk in all the more quickly. Weakly, she tried to kick at the woman, but her legs just hung there limply, out of her control now, and while she got a few lame flails out of her arms, they soon fell still, too, as she watched her fingers puff outward into a chubby baby hand. She looked down at her own chest, which had never been particularly impressive, and saw her breasts seem to melt beneath her sweater, redistributing themselves across her torso, making it fit in with the rest of her now infantile body. The world was starting to get dark around the edges now, and Veruca knew she didn't have much time left. Rapidly running out of parts of herself she was still in control of, and with a mind that was just as quickly getting hollowed out, like a pumpkin about to be cut into a jack-o-lantern, she desperately tried to come up with a plan. Only one thought came to her, and she had no time to second guess it. She bit. She bit down into the ghost woman's breast, and kept biting, hanging on even as she felt the milk continue working, as it kept pouring into her, mixed with the irony tang of blood, making her teeth start to recede into her gums. She was sure she'd waited too long, that it was all for nothing, but, at last, just when she was certain all was lost, the woman pulled her away, giving her a sharp smack on her thighs before returning her to her crib, laying her on her back. "I guess I'll start with the other one," Veruca thought she heard her say, but her vision was still blurry, and her hearing not much better. She couldn't even get off of her back, and could only do the barest of wriggling there. It took a significant amount of concentration to even remember who "the other one" was, and while she knew she should try to help her, or at least warn her, she couldn't even sit up. "I told you not to do it," another woman said, suddenly standing beside the crib. Veruca had to squint to get her face to focus into anything but a blur, and work even harder to remember her name was Carol. With all her concentration and strength focused there, there was nothing she could do to stop the sudden invasion of something warm and thick and mushy working its way around her bottom, and only the feeling of discomfort it brought to make her think she should even try. "You just wouldn't listen," Carol shook her head. "With us gone, the room attracted any ghosts in the area, and it made them stronger... After spending so much time as just ghosts, they'd lost everything that made them human, reduced them to thoughtless animals. If you'd just left them alone, you would have been okay." Veruca tried to open her mouth, to respond, but only incoherent babbling came out. Deep inside, she knew all this was wrong, and the thought filled her with fear, but there was nothing she could do about it. "You silly, silly girl," she shook her head, reaching down to pick her up. Gently, she put her over her shoulder and began patting her back. In Veruca's addled mind, she couldn't figure out what was going on, not until she felt a burp escape from her lips, followed by a cascade of milk. As it flowed from her, she began to feel more and more embarrassed about it, and about the fact of throwing up on this woman's shoulder, which, she realized happily, meant she was becoming herself again. When she was done, Carol set her down on the floor, and, though she was still a little shaky, her legs held her. She could feel her full diaper all the more acutely, but after the past few days, it didn't bother her as much as it could, or, really, as much as it should have. "You have to get out of the box," Carol told her. "You have to escape, or your friends are doomed." "But I can't," Veruca shook her still-clearing mind. "The shelf... I don't know where it is anymore." Before Carol could reply, Veruca heard the other woman roaring, "What are you doing with my baby?!" She turned around right in time to see the woman put Diane on the floor, the girl slumping forward, glassy-eyed, like a rag doll. "Get her and get out of here!" Carol instructed, pushing Veruca out of the way and intercepting the raging mother. Veruca clumsily scrambled towards Diane, trying to pull her to her feet to no avail. Even in the best of times, Diane was enough bigger than her that she couldn't have drug her out, and now, still weak from her ordeal, there was no chance. She tried to drag Diane across her shoulder, to burp her as Carol had done for her, but, not being a ghost and thus able to change her size, that was just as useless. "Damn it," she groaned, slamming her fist angrily against the floor. What was she supposed to do?! She looked around the room, noting that the only door had its knob set too high for her to reach, anyway. How was she supposed to get out?! She hit the floor again, staring down into her reflection, seeing the tears dotting her eyes, the drying milk around her mouth and the front of her sweater. "Of course!" she shook her head, hardly able to believe it had taken her this long to work it out. She got to her feet and ran past the two feuding ghosts, grabbing her bag and pulling it out from between the bars of the crib. She returned to Diane with it, throwing open the front flap and digging through it. Her hand brushed against the box she'd prepared, and she glanced back at the ghosts. She probably had time, didn't she? And since it was what she'd come here to do, it was almost wrong not to do it, after all they'd been through. "I'm sorry," she told Diane. "I was going to do this to Scruffy... I mean, it's not like he does anything, and maybe he'd just leave us alone, you know?" Still, she had to admit she felt a certain amount of satisfaction as she cast the spell on Diane instead, tempered by a sharp pang of guilt as soon as it was done, thinking back to when Diane had helped her out, bought those diapers for her, even if she hated wearing them. "It's not like you mind now, anyway, is it?" she asked, trying to make herself feel better. She stared into Diane's blank eyes for another moment, then grabbed her flashlight, the big, heavy thing, and slammed it against the floor. At first she didn't think it was going to do anything, that there really was no escape, and then, at last, a crack began to form. She began banging the flashlight against it, harder and harder, faster and faster, watching it grow, lines forming and growing along the floor like a spiderweb, crawling along the floor, and then up the nursery walls and across the ceiling, until at last the whole thing shattered. For a moment, she felt like she was falling, and then she realized it was the glass falling, huge slabs of it slamming down, forming the fours walls of the devil's toy box. All her friends were there, at different places in the room, shocked and horrified, but slowly growing relieved as they realized it was over. Veruca heaved a sigh and sat back, wrinkling her nose as her diaper squished beneath her, staring down at the small crack she'd made in the floor beneath her, enough to break the symmetry of the room. She crawled straight, until she hit a wall, then simply began working her way around the room until she found the right wall, the right spot, and the shelf began to slide open. Nobody said much of anything as they quickly fled the house, Frank carrying Diane. They went to the hospital first, though they could find nothing wrong with Diane. Veruca couldn't help but feel guilty as she stared at her - also feeling rather like her, as she stood there, naked beneath her skirt, having taken the first opportunity to change her diaper in the hospital bathroom, wishing she'd thought to bring along a spare pair of panties, though thinking that only made her feel more guilty - wondering if the spell had even been necessary. She hadn't really known what would happen when she broken the devil's toy box. She hadn't even known for sure it would work, only that it seemed to be her only option. Still, since Carol and the kids were attached to her, surely they would have kept existing, wouldn't they? They weren't linked directly to the box anymore. And since she could only do the transference inside a box, she'd really had no choice, in the moment, but to use Diane, even though it was only her insistence in returning to the house that meant she was there at all, and that the other ghost had put her in a coma. That didn't do much to ease her conscience, though, so it would a blessed relief when, the next day, she got a call from Frank telling her Diane had woken up, and was fine now. It didn't last for long, however, as she remembered the spirits attached to Diane now, knowing she'd sentenced her to the same diapered fate she'd suffered through, and with no end in sight. She tried to look on the bright side - perhaps, like the plan had been with Scruffy, this would keep her from wanting to go on investigations with the team. Of course, she might also insist Frank didn't go either, but maybe she'd change her mind by the time he, or even Veruca, was ready to get back into action. And Diane really could be a bitch to her sometimes, especially when they'd both still been in high school. The thought of her in diapers did bring her a certain satisfaction, but every time she tried to gloat too much about it, she recalled that trip to the store after their first trip to the house. Later that day, as she lazily browsed the Internet, she heard the doorbell ring. She wasn't expecting anyone, so she assumed it was a deliveryman and ran down to answer it, still in her PJs, and wearing her glasses, only to find Diane herself standing on the other side of the door, looking just as stylish as ever. "Hi," she blushed, somehow managing to feel like a kid in her presence, despite knowing that, most likely, she had somehow hidden a diaper beneath that stylish purple dress of hers, or she was going to need one soon. "I'm glad you're okay." "Yeah, yeah," Diane said, pushing her aside and walking in. "Look, I need to talk to you about something." "Okay," Veruca nodded, closing the door and following Diane through her own house, nervously wondering if she'd figured out what happened and was going to beat her up or something for sentencing her to a life of incontinence. "Sorry about how I'm dressed, I was just... Well, I wasn't expecting visitors, and it was a long night last night, and..." "This is your room, right?" Diane asked, walking into it. "Uh-huh," Veruca answered, following her in. "What..?" "Did you go through all of those diapers I bought for you?" Veruca couldn't help but blush as she shook her head. "Do you still have them?" "Yeah, I haven't gotten around to getting rid of them. Why, do you... umm..?" Diane nodded that time, though it was still only Veruca who was blushing. "All right, I'll get them." She went to her closet and pushed aside the piles of clothes she'd hidden the package beneath, picking them up. "I can loan you some sweatpants or something, too," she offered. "I mean, that dress is kinda tight, I don't know that these will fit under..." She stood and turned back around, only to find Diane right behind her, one side of her dress hanging down, exposing a pert, shapely breast. "What are you...?" Veruca started to ask, but before she could finish, Diane reached out and grabbed her, pulling her face into her chest. Almost instantly, she felt her mouth filling with milk. "Don't you worry, I'll get you in a nice, comfy diaper just as soon as you're done feeding," Diane cooed at her, patting her back. "There's my baby..." Veruca's eyes darted around the room as she struggled against Diane's strangely strong arms, stopping only as she caught a reflection of the pair of them in her mirror, showing her, as she was, suckling, once again, at the breast of the ghost woman she'd only barely escaped. "Now I can take care of you forever," she said, patting Veruca's back again as the girl struggled and whined helplessly, the warm milk in her tummy already starting to work its magic. "Forever..." The End
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    Chapter Nine: Are You Sure You Belong Here? I woke up and around me all the girls were sleeping. At least I didn’t see anyone moving around. It was light enough with the moonlight shining in the windows so that I could see. I looked around. Bets snored. She lay in the bed by the door, but I could tell she couldn’t know who was coming in or out. Melody sucked her thumb and hugged her teddy. Darla had her mouth open as she slept. I only saw the lump that was Veronica curled up under her sheets. Bella just slept on top of her bed. She was rolled over on her stomach. Her shirt rode up and I could see her entire diaper on display. However, I didn’t see Cassie. My diaper sort of started to feel clammy, so I wanted a change. I changed as quietly as I could and then walked to the trash can to throw away my used diaper. As I passed the door, I heard a noise coming from outside. I stepped out to investigate. Right away things were different. There were usually crickets cricketing and other night sounds but everything was still. We were away from the city and away from electric lights, or at least most electric lights. The only artificial light I’ve seen was in the cabin and it was off. However the sky was brilliant. It seemed covered in stars. I was used to only seeing a handful of stars, but they were clouds of stars. They ran in streaks and patterns around the sky. I was staring so hard at the stars that I almost forgot why I was out here, until I heard a pattering sound coming from behind a tree. I walked over to investigate and Cassie almost walked into me. She was adjusting her shorts, but when she saw me she got frightened. “What are you doing out here, Nora?†“I heard a noise,†I said. “What were you doing over there?†I wondered what caused the pattering sound. If we weren’t all diapered, I would have thought she was peeing, but that didn’t make sense. “Oh, um,†she started. “The stars were really bright so I went to investigate. You know if you wait long enough you can see a shooting star.†“No you can’t. Stars are just big gaseous balls of hydrogen. If one fell to earth, the planet would burn up. No. The whole solar system would be destroyed.†She grabbed my hand and dragged me across the meadow to a clear spot. Her blanket lay in the grass and I watched her lie down on it. “Lay beside me and we can watch.†I decided to play along and got down on the blanket beside her. I looked at the brilliant star field and tried to find the big dipper. That was the only constellation I knew. “There.†Cassie pointed at where the streak was. “Did you see the shooting star?†“It was a flash,†I admitted, “but I doubt it was a star.†“Of course not, you dolt.†She punched me lightly in the arm. “It’s a meteor. Just a piece of space rock. It’s just called a shooting star. The basically fall all the time.†“Meteors land on the earth constantly? You’d think you’d be able to find meteors everywhere if they are constantly falling.†“Meteors don’t land. If they did, they’d be meteorites. Besides, most are the size of sand and just burn up to show the streak you saw.†She pointed at the sky. “Ooh, another one. They are not all over the place.†“So how do you know all about this?†I asked. “When I lived with Felix and Elisa. Felix was an astronomer and he took me to the observatory all the time. I got to look through an eight inch telescope a few times. I really like that family a lot. Well he taught me a lot of astronomy stuff.†“What happened?†I asked. “Did they lock you in a cage too?†“No, they weren’t like Lorraine. I screwed this one up.†She looked at me and smiled. “I sort of beat up another girl in high school pretty bad, so I had to live in juvie for six months. They didn’t want me back when I got out, so CPS assigned me to another family.†She slurred the last few words as she started to cry. I put an arm around her. “It’s okay,†I said. “No it’s not. I wet the bed every night and then they made me wear diapers.†She cried even harder. “The other girls made fun of me and I got beat up all the time.†I held her and patted her back. “No one is going to make fun of you for your diapers.†“Thanks,†she said. She sounded a bit sarcastic. We were bonding and her tone just kicked me out of it. I thought maybe I was imagining it and I didn’t want to think bad of her after she opened herself up to me. Was Cassie a trouble maker? Would she hurt any of us? “We better get back to bed before Bets thinks we are breaking more rules. I don’t want to lose my scholarship,†she said. “Yeah, go ahead. I will follow you in a little bit. We shouldn’t come in at the same time. If we wake someone, they’ll notice both of us.†“Good idea.†She picked up her blanket and walked toward the cabin. When she went inside, I listened but didn’t hear anyone stirring. I turned and walked a different direction to the place I first saw Cassie come from behind the trees. I took out my cellphone and used it as a light to find what was making the splashing sound. There was wetness beneath the tree trunk. I knelt close enough to smell if it was pee and it was. Cassie was peeing back there. I walked slowly back to the cabin and tiptoed back to bed. No one except Cassie was awake. She looked at me. “You don’t tell anyone,†she hissed. Did she know I suspected her? That I discovered her pee puddle in the woods? She slid beside my bed and held one of my hands. “I don’t want the other girls to know about me being sent to juvie. They already hate me.†She looked me in the eyes and moved my hand so our pinkies were interlinked. “Pinky swear.†I was surprised she used such a childish gesture, but she had a look of panic on her face when I hesitated. “Pinky swear.†“And don’t tell them about me crying.†She turned and scooted off to bed. I lay back and stared at the bunk above me. Cassie was a girl of contradictions. First I thought she was going to beat me up for discovering that she was peeing outside. However, she thought she got away with it, so that was not what she was hiding at all. Instead of beating me, she did that little girl pinky swear thing. I was seven the last time Kara and I pinky swore. She had beaten up another girl in the past, so why was I different? Maybe her meanness was just a cover for her being afraid. I still had to worry if she was a threat to me. She was in juvie for hurting someone. Six months must mean she hurt the other girl bad and I wondered if she would do it again. However, she seemed to like me. She confided secrets that I wouldn’t have had the courage to tell. If she was really incontinent, could she have been able to pee outside? I doubted it. She had to walk quite a way from the blanket she lay out in order to pop a squat. It wasn’t right for her to fake this just for the scholarship. However, I was a faker and who was I to judge Cassie? I couldn’t see the splinter in her eye with the plank in my eye. I rolled onto my side. Experimentation had shown that wetting in this position meant a leaky diaper, but I was not going to sleep on my back or stomach. It was more comfortable and I was in no danger of wetting in my sleep. I closed my eyes and relaxed.
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    From the album adult BabyGirl 2015

    Now I'm double diapered:)
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    Lily ran out of the restaraunt and ran to the side of her parents truck. She sat there and cried. " I'm not selfish." She said to her self. Meanwhile her mother was looking for her and decided to check by the car. As she went to check the passenger side she heard crying. She went around to the side and saw lily there. She quickly lifted her into her arms and started to comfort her. " sweetie don't worry about what your father said he was wrong. I know I told you that things would be different but what your father did was unacceptable. You deserve just as much attention as the babies do." Lily's mother continued to console her daughter. Soon the crying stopped and all that was heard was a rhythmic breathing. Lily's mother looked down at her daughter and found her sound asleep. " just like when she was a baby." As she said that she thought about when lily was younger and had an idea. " maybe I can treat her like a toddler. She's still small and I'm sure she can still fit in pampers." She thought about the idea but didn't want to act to fast. " maybe I can slowly get her to act younger until I get my baby back." She opened the car door and got a pacifier out of the glove box and popped it into Lily's mouth. She waited to see what would happen and in a couple minutes she saw it start to move as lily used it. Her mind was made up now. She smiled and headed back to the restaurant. Her baby in her arms. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lily woke up the next morning refreshed. She got out the bed and headed for the bathroom. As she walked in she saw her mother running bath water. Her mother turned around hearing the door open. " morning honey." " morning mom I can come back if your about to give the twins a bath." " sweetie they had their bath already this is for you now come on while the waters warm." "Thanks mom." " no problem sweetie I'll go get you a towel while you get situated." Her mom walked out of the bathroom and lily quickly undressed and got in. As she felt the warm water against her skin she relaxed and let herself enjoy the sensation. After s but of relaxation she started to wash herself and her hair and soon enough she was done. She unplugged the tub and stood up to get out. As she did she felt something soft and fluffy cover her body and felt herself being lifted up. " just in time huh baby." Her mother said smiling Lily smiled and nodded enjoying the warmth. Her mother held her for a moment before starting to dry her off. When lily was dry her mother wrapped the towel around her and smiled. " go ahead and get dressed sweetie." " thanks mom." Lily headed to her room to get dressed happy as can be. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Konv
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    Chapter 7: Interventionism ______________________________________________________________________ As I made my way into the classroom, I sat down in the same seat I did last time, to the right of Matt and the left of Mikey. Molly, Erin, and Connor had yet to show up. Shawn was there early; however, and he continued to write some stuff on the board. It was 10:28am. “Alright class, I figure we’ll just wait for the next 5 minutes for the rest of the class to show up before I begin our lesson.†Shawn announced before he went back to drawing stuff on the whiteboard. Finally, Molly and Erin showed up, which brought us to 6 kids, but Connor was still missing. Without skipping a beat, Shawn started teaching, “Alright, we’re gonna get started. Today, we’re going to be talk-†Molly interrupted him, “Aren’t we going to wait for Connor?†she asked. “Connor will be back. He’s been taken of for bad behavior.†Shawn replied, and Erin’s face turned red. He continued the lecture. “So, can someone read what’s on the board please?†Shawn asked the 6 of us. “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.†Molly said in monotone. “Does anyone know what song this is from?†Shawn continued. “‘Imagine’ by John Lennon.†Matt replied. “Correct! Symbolism takes many forms, and as you well know, art is one of the main places symbolism exists. Music is a great form of symbolic expression, and I do consider John Lennon to be one of the greatest artists of all times. But now, can someone tell me what they think this means?†Shawn continued. “It means if we all just enjoy peace and non-violence, we can all live together as a calm nation.†Matt again spoke up. Shawn continued the lesson, as scheduled, but I would continue to peek over my shoulder to see if Connor was coming back. He surely must have gotten in trouble after last night’s incident. I started wondering if he was going to be kicked out of here, but I could only assume this is what he wanted, not to mention that fact that he was recommended here. When it was apparent that he wasn’t going to show up, I payed more attention to the lesson, but still was curious about his consequences. At 12pm, Shawn let us go on break, and we all went to the break room. Inside the lounge, were 2 couches on either side, and a large screen TV facing the door. Next to the couches were 2 vending machines; one with food and one with bottles of water. Neither required money to activate. Also, in between the two couches in the center of the room, was a large pool table, where Matt would play pool. “So what do you guys think happened to Connor?†Erin broke the silence. “I’m not sure, maybe he was just forced to wear a bigger diaper?†Matt joking responded with a laugh. But Erin didn’t laugh. She looked genuinely worried about him. “Why do you guys worry so much about Connor anyways?†I asked with skepticism. “Well, I don’t. He’s a nobody.†Matt spoke up in return. “Yeah, he called me and Alex gay!†Mikey spoke up as well, while he was laying down on the couch. “Well he’s still one of us!†Molly piped in, “He’s in this program like the rest of us, and you should respect him.†she continued. Things started to get heated here, as Matt put the stick down. “I don’t care about anyone, and the hell if I’ll care about Connor.†Matt angrily shouted back at Molly. “Matt, you’re being an asshole!†She snapped back. “I’m an ASSHOLE? YOU’RE THE ONE GIVING ME SHIT FOR NOT-†I interrupted Matt. “GUYS!!! SHUT UP!!†I shouted above Matt and everyone stopped talking. “So long as we’re here, maybe Molly’s right, that we should all be a team. NONE of you liked diapers walking in here, ‘cept for me and Molly, and you’re certainly not going to like the rest of the 4 months here if you hate everyone else too!†I said. Matt calmly picked back up the stick and continued trying to get the 12 ball into the pockets. A long awkward silence followed my speech, until the 10 minutes was up, and we returned to class. No one spoke as we sat back down. “So... I heard what you guys said in the break room, and I think it’s time we took some time to learn about teamwork instead.†Shawn casually said as he strolled back and forth in front of the whiteboard. “Alex was the only one who had a point in what you had to say. Is it true none of you like each other?†Shawn asked. “Nobody likes Connor.†Mikey timidly said in a proud little voice. “Is that so? Well first impressions aren’t always the greatest. Matt, what would you say if Erin didn’t like you?†Shawn said, pointing out Matt first. “I wouldn’t care.†He responded within half a second. “Well, what would you say if I didn’t like you?†Shawn continued to pick at him. “I still wouldn’t care.†Matt, again said, still looking at the ground. “Hmmm.... sounds like you have some trust issues...†Shawn continued. “Hey! I do NOT have trust issues!†Matt snapped at Shawn, but instead, Shawn ignored him. “Well, seeing as how you ALL have trust issues, perhaps all you need is some time together... alone... We’re going to end class a little early, and I’m going to take you upstairs. Follow me.†Shawn said, as he walked outside the door. The rest of the class continued upstairs to Floor 5. But instead of going to any of our rooms, Shawn took us to Room 20, which was a room about twice the size of mine, and featured two twin beds. “The 6 of you will be staying here until tomorrow morning, with no other interaction except for food and diaper changes. If any VIOLENCE occurs, which it SHOULDN’T, dial 888, and someone from the services on Floor 1 will have you escorted to where Connor is being dealt with. Good night.†Shawn said, as he closed the door, and pressed a button on the handle which locked the door with a beep. The six of us sat in silence as we continued to think about what we have done. ______________________________________________________________________
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    When I told her last time she said, "Yeah, I have heard of it. Isn't it when...Oh wait. Why don't you tell me about it?" So at first, I thought she was messing with me. However, when she started quizzing me earlier today about AB/DL, I noticed that she took a genuine interest in it. I felt flattered. She was even supportive of me wearing in public. She quizzed me quite a bit about that.
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    So, when I first gave in to my desires and decided to let myself wear diapers after thinking about it for literally years (which was the best decision I could ever make btw) wearing a pull up or a big baby diaper was okay because it was the first time i ever felt the feeling of wearing a diaper and I couldn't really wet myself anyways. Now that I got the feel for an adult diaper because I ordered some.....that's all i want. pull ups and baby diapers won't cut it for me anymore. Hell, I can't even wet myself in some baby diapers because I don't trust them anymore (roots back to a few days ago when I wet through in my sleep wearing a pull up). So adult diapers it is. but this is my BIG problem. I'm a very small person 5'1" 95 pounds, very small and these diapers I ordered are a size small and I can't find any different brands, they are all pretty much discontinued so it's leaving me rather disappointed. What am i supposed to do? I'm running out of my adult diapers and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for me of what to order next. Thanks.
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    From the album diapers

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    I love wearing a diaper no matter what but, but when I am wearing I do make sure that I at least wet it to capacity. When I wet and mess though it makes me feel complete. There is no better feeling in the world than wetting a diaper and then squatting down and dropping a nice warm load into the seat of it. It just feels so perfect and makes everything right for just a while.
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    From the album adult BabyGirl 2015

    Was crying so I look like shit
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    Yes, discretion first, and honesty if discretion fails.
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    From the album Me

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    Lily was in her bathroom washing her hands. She was thinking about how nice her mother had been to her so far. She was starting to feel happier em from the interactions. She dried her hands off and walked back to the table happily. As she made it to the table her mother stood up and allowed her to get inside. She took her seat and looked out the window. " lily." Her father said She turned around and looked at her father. " when we get home this little game is over. It's time your grew up and took some responsibility. Your going to be cleaning the house and helping with the babies more often. When you come home from school I want you to do your homework when you come in and then come ask me what needs to be done. You had your fun time now it's your brother and sisters turn. You can't stop them from getting what they need because your selfish." Lily couldn't believe what her father was saying. She could feel the tears starting to form in her eyes. She got up by her mother didn't move. She went under the table and ran out the restaurant. Her mother stood up as she ran. " lily wait." She looked at her husband. " I can't believe I even thought you were right this is all your fault and you need to make this right with her." She said before running after her daughter Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lily's mom continued to watch her baby play until she came out the play pen. She lifted lily up and smiled. " you have fun sweetie." " yes mom." Lily said happily. " let's get your shoes back on ok." She lifted her daughter and placed her on a chair as she grabbed her shoes. " ok let's get these on.". Lily's mom put her shoes on one at a time taking time to tickle her feet and toes to get a giggle out of lily. After the shoes were on she lifted her into her hip and kissed her on the forehead. As she looked at her daughter she knew her idea was perfect for her. But she still had to convince her husband. She went back to the booth and saw her husband with the babies. She say down and sat lily next to her. " hey honey were back." Lily felt the need to use the bathroom and turned to her mother. " mom I need to use the restroom." " ok sweetie do you know where it is." " yeah mom I'll be right back." Lily's mom lifted her up and put her on the other side of her so she could go. As lily walked off she looked over to her husband. But before she started her husband did. " How long do you plan on making that girl lazier then she already is. We have 2 babies and I can't give both of them attention if your trying to make her happy. She's old enough to do stuff on her own, we can't baby her anymore she comes second now." Lily's mom thought about what her husband said. " I can't just stop giving her attention." " honey she's going to be in junior high in a couple years. She has to get used to not having all the attention. She needs discipline and responsibility. When I was her age I had a job and lots of chores, she's getting off easy. She's not passing her classes, going to summer school she doesn't need fun she needs to be studying and preparing herself." " maybe your right." " believe me honey this is what she needs. Just follow my lead." Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lily's mother opened the door to the playroom and let lily look around a bit. " do you wanna go in the tunnels or play in the ball pit baby." Lily looked around and had to admit the ball pit did look a little fun. " can I go In the ball pit." " of course baby." Lily's mom walked over to the ball pit and sat lily down she took of her shoes and smiled. " ok go have fun sweetie mommy will be right out here ok." Lily nodded and headed into the ball pit. She jumped in and started to make her way through the pit. She started to have fun tossing the balls. From the outside of the ball pit Lily's mom watched her baby play and started thinking to herself. She hasn't seen her daughter so happy and open for a while. She thought about how little time she spent with her daughter after she had the twins. She wondered if she would ever Be able to make it up to her daughter. She had an idea if what to do but had to talk to her husband about it first Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    After all Lily's food was gone her mother put her drink where she could grab it. Lily's mom started to eat her own food and looked down at lily. " you want to try some of mommys food baby." Lily looked at the omelette she was full but felt one bite wouldn't hurt and nodded her head. Lily's mother cut a small piece and fed it to lily. " you like it baby." " it's yummy mom." Lily's mother smiled and continued eating. When she was done she looked back down to lily. " you wanna go play a bit sweetie." Lily looked over at the play area and thought the situation over a bit. " no I'm fine." " ok baby but if you change your mind just tell me ok." " ok." Lily took another sip of her drink and looked at all the other kids having fun. She looked over at the playroom one more time and wondered if it would be as fun as it looked. She looked up at her mother and was about to say something when her mother stood up and placed her on her hip and started to walk towards the playroom. " I knew your change your mind." Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Konv
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    Lily drank her lemonade while her parents finished up feeding the babies. Once they were done they used baby wipes to clean their faces and gave them both bottles.not soon after the waitress came back. " your foods almost ready about 4 more minutes ok." " ok thanks." Her father responded. The waitress made her way to another table. Lily's mother got some toys out of the diaper bag and put one on both high chairs to keep the babies busy. She looked over at lily and moved closer. She looked at her daughter and could tell she was upset. She looked at all the other parents feeding their kids and smiled. The waitress was soon at the table with the food. As she dropped off everyone's plates she told them to enjoy and left. Lily was about to grab her plate when her mother lifted her and placed her on her lap. Lily's mother smiled down at her daughter. " don't think I forgot about you." She said before kissing her forehead. She cut up Lilys pancakes and bacon and poured and generous amount of syrup over everything because she knew that's how she liked it. Lily watched as her mother cut up her food surprised that her mother knew she liked her bacon in bits with her pancakes. After her mother was done she reached for a fork. "No no baby let mommy feed you." Lily was about to object when her mother out the for in her mouth. At that point she decided to just let it go and enjoy it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Konv
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    The waitress came back with the drinks and placed them on the table. " one coffee." She said as she placed it in front of lily's father." One tea." She said placing it in front of her mother." And one mango lemonade for the little cutie." Lily blushed and took her drink." Thanks ." The waiter smiled." No problem now do we all know what we would like to eat. " I'll take your ultimate omelette." Her mother said " I would like your steak and egg skillet." Her father said " can I get the chocolate chip pancakes with the maple bacon please." Lily said. " no problem I'll go and put your order in and I'll come back when it's ready." She said as she walked off. Lilys father got out the diaper bag getting out some baby food and bottles for the twins. He put bibs around their necks." " honey can you help me feed the twins." " sure honey give me one second." Lilys mother hugged her tight then sat her on the inside of the booth. She then moved closer to the twins and began feeding them along with her father. Lily watched as her parents fawned over the babies. She knew it was all too good to be true. Her parents were gonna go back to loving the babies more than her. " I knew I couldn't believe them." She thought to herself. She sat looking out the window not wanting to see what was going on in that direction Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Konv
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    The car finally stopped and Lilys mom and dad got out the car. Lilys father set up the stroller while her mother got the babies situated. Once the stroller was ready she placed the babies in a seat. She looked in the car and saw lily was still asleep. She carefully lifted lily into her arms and rested her head against her chest. She the. Motioned to the door. As they made their way inside the restaurant it was sort of crowded. It was a restaurant for families. There were kids playing in the playroom in the back of the restaurant with their parents watching as well as some just sitting down and enjoying their meal. A waitress approached the family and lead them to a table. " do you need high chairs." " 2 please." Her father replied. The waitress went to go get the high chairs and soon was back at the table setting the two close together. " what would you like to start off with to drink." Lily started to wake up and yawned. Her mother looked at the girl with a smile. " hey there sleepy head we were just about to order drinks do you know what you want." Lily looked over at the waitress and blushed she had to look like a toddler. " umm can I get a mango lemonade please." " no problem what else would you like." " coffee for me please." Her father replied. " I'll take tea please." Her mother said. " ok I'll be right back with your drinks." Lilys mother switched her so that she was sitting in her lap and gave her a hug. " have a good nap sweetie." Lily blushed and nodded. Her mother held up the menu so they both could read it. " see anything you want." Lily scanned the menu and saw the chocolate. Hip pancakes with maple bacon and pointed at it. " that looks yummy mommy." Her mom looked where she pointed." Ok baby if that's what you want." she held lily close to her and waited for the waitress to come back Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Konv
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    Lily got dressed deciding on just a dress for today. She headed downstairs for something to eat. As she made her way down the stairs she saw her father playing with the twins. " morning dad." Her dad turned around. " morning." She made her way into the kitchen and went to the cupboard to get some cereal. As she got the box she put it on the table and went to get a bowl. " how about we eat a real breakfast today honey." Her mother said looking at the cereal box. " you don't have school today so how about we go somewhere for a good breakfast." " that sounds great mom." " ok sweetie let me to tell your dad and get the twins ready ok." " ok mom thanks." " no problem honey." Her mother made her way into the living room and told her father the plan they both took a baby and headed to the nursery to get them dressed and ready. Lily headed into the living room and sat down on the couch to watch some tv. Blues clues was on the tv when she sat down. She grabbed the remote but before she turned the channel a clue was discovered. As they broke into song lily giggled and kept it on the channel for a bit longer. As they set off on their way to find another clue she turned the channel. Her parents came down not to long afterwards. Her father had both babies in his arms while her mother was getting the strode ready to go in the car. " ok sweetie lets head out. The family made their way to their truck and Lilys father quickly had both babies in their car seats buckled up. Lily got in and put her seatbelt on and her mother and father got in. Her mother turned around and placed the diaper bag on the seat and soon the family was off. As they drove her parents turned on the tvs in the headrest so the babies had something to watch. As the ride become smoother lily drifted off to sleep. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Konv
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    So, a bit of an explanation... this story is going to be a lot more upbeat than I thought it was. I finished this Chapter, and really enjoyed writing it, but I wanted to write it into a more upbeat, growing up kinda story, contrary to my other stories, as well as October being a dark month. Also, look for symbolism. This will be kind of a long story, but if you stick with it, (I sure do hope) you'll enjoy it! Chapter 3: Paradise, or Prison? ______________________________________________________________________ I was given a shirt, which was completely white, but had a bright green plus sign on it, and was about to put on my pants. Robbie told me to leave my pants; according to the rules at Diaper+, cellular communication is prohibited, and my wallet, keys, and phone would be kept locked away until I left. With me sulking, Robbie then walked me out of the office, and to the elevator. Robbie and I then rode up to the 5th floor. We got out, and I was staring down a long, closed, hallway, with doors on both sides, and the numbers starting at 1 and ending at 20. “Okay, Alex, you’ll be staying here in room 11. If you have any questions, or want to call someone or need anything, there’s a phone directory on the desk. I’ll leave you be while you gather your thoughts, then they’ll be expecting you down on Floor 2, room 5 at precisely 10:30am for orientation. Have a nice day!â€. Robbie handed me a lanyard that had a small black LED light that glows green, a green plus-shaped metal keychain, a name tag that had various boxes that could be checked off, and a keycard that I would use to open my room’s door. With this, I put it in, opened up my door, and looked into my new home away from home. The room was very well furnished. It had a large screen TV, a queen sized bed, a changing table, a small closet, a desk and chair, a personal bathroom, and small refrigerator. It literally looked like a suite from a cruise ship, minus the private balcony. I walked in and let the door close behind me, and peered out the window. The window that looked over Maisefeld took up the whole wall, which made me wonder if anyone could see in. However, to my right was a sticky note that read, “this window is layered with one-way reflective film†which relieved that worry. I turned around and looked over at the desk. On the desk was a package of clothing items, newly wrapped in plastic. All the sizes were all large, which was one size bigger than what I usually wore. Included in the package were; 4 t-shirts that had the green plus symbol, with my name on the back, and the number 5309 on it, a long sleeve hoodie that came in a bright green, that again had my name and number in black, a knit beanie that just had the symbol on it, and 3 pairs of socks, even though I wasn’t allowed to keep my shoes. As I was going through the desk, I found in the drawers; 4 sharpies, red, green, blue, and black, 3 notebooks, and a pack of ball-point pens. On the desk itself was a lamp and an LED clock, but with green LEDs. While searching through the room, I also found the Holy Bible in the nightstand drawers, and 10 disposable bed-mats that appeared to be absorbent. After that, I went through the entire changing table, and saw everything I’d need to change. This included; baby powder, baby oil and rash cream, 20 Diapers, more bed mats, and 2 boxes of Pampers baby wipes. I was really shocked at how well they’d be taking care of my needs. Next to the table, by the window, was the refrigerator, which was stocked with generic plastic bottles of water. Each water bottle was exactly 8oz, and they were numbered. I grabbed one and drank it, then put the bottle on the desk, indicating there was one less. Finally, I walked into the bathroom, which had everything I would need for hygiene. Of course, another list; toothpaste and toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, a comb, soap bars, and other hygiene necessities. When I walked out through the bathroom, I heard a knock at the door, and opened it to see Thomas. “Good morning, Alex, how are you on this cloudy day?†he asked with a smile. “I’m actually excited and a bit nervous, and I have a bunch of questions for you!†I said as well. Thomas walked in and sat on my bed while I sat in the chair. He handed me some paperwork that would hopefully explain a lot. “Okay Alex, so you’ve gone through the health and diapering orientations, now it’s time for some ground rules for your stay here. The school is just the smaller end of this building. It’s more of an opportunity for us to conduct a 24/7 health observation. You won’t be wearing pants for your stay here, as scientists will be walking in and out of your classes and room to make sure all your diapered needs are tended too, and to record your display levels.†My mouth was open wider than it has been in a while, and I started to sweat. I felt almost betrayed. I was not in a special institution! I was a guinea pig, but Thomas kept going to break more bad news to me, “Seeing as how this program is necessary to keep data consistent, you will be here until August of this year, and will not have time to go home. You see, Alex, we have a business to run, and we really do need you to provide us crucial data to our records, to provide a better understanding of health care and needs.†He stopped there, and allowed me time to talk, but I was speechless. “... I... wh... why didn’t you tell me this before I signed the documents?†I asked. “ You want to turn down being apart of a huge company? Believe me when I say, there won’t be a single thing here that will actually damage your health, nor will you be in a classroom where you’ll be bullied. Your mom is getting paid salary for sending you here and it’ll be somewhere in the six-digits!†he said as his smile continued. “You can say no to staying here, but would you want to go back to your old school?†he said. He made a very important strong argument there. This was supposed to be a home away from home, and so long as my mom was getting the money, and I was in a safe place, being fed well, of course, I guess I understood that I would have to stay here. “In a few years, you’re going to be attending a university, right?†he said, as his smile shined on. “Yeah, I sure hope so.†I looked back up at him. “Just think of it as a university. You can make all new friends with the 6 other students here, and you get PAID to wear diapers, just like at home.†His argument was so strong at this point, I would have to turn my back on my friends back at my old high school. I never thought of that before I left home. In hindsight, I never truly got to say good bye to my friends or my mom. The feelings sunk into me and I started to cry. Thomas got up and hugged me while I wept for a few minutes. “You’ll be alright here, Alex, I promise. I’m sorry I was a little harshâ€. His words consoled me, but I said nothing as I wiped my eyes. He passed me a tissue, and he started to walk out of the room. “It’s 10am now, we’ll be expecting you downstairs in one hour.†Thomas added before he walked out and let the door close behind him. I got up from my chair, and heard the lanyard jingle as I moved. I wiped my eyes with the tissue, and looked to throw it away. Bizarrely enough, there was no trashcan, but instead, there was a neat little trash chute that can be opened, and stuff thrown down. I assume it went in into a trash bin outside. Instead of laying on my bed, like I wanted, I grabbed another water bottle, put on the green hoodie, and left my room. As the door closed behind me, I thought I’d go exploring. I looked to my right, which led to the end of the hallway, where there was a desk and a painting on the wall. I walked down to the end, and observed the painting. It was a beautiful picture of a single sailboat on the ocean, with a sunset behind it. The plaque at the bottom of the picture read, “You’re in an ocean of knowledge, swim!â€. I gazed at the sailboat and saw the small green plus on the sail, but I wasn’t focused too long before I heard a someone close the door to a room. Right behind me, a kid, roughly my age with spiked black hair spot me. He walked up to me, and gazed at the picture too. “I’ve always loved sunsets.†he said with a pre-pubescent voice. He turned to me and looked at my hoodie and stuck out his hand, “I’m Mikey†he said. “Alex.†I returned his handshake. “So why are you stuck here?†he asked. “I was actually offered to be apart of this company by Thomas and Issac.†I replied. “You actually wanted to be here?†he scoffed, “My parents sent me here. Things aren’t going too well at home. They figured this place would discipline me. I didn’t want to be a baby.†he said with disgust. “Wait...†he turned back to me, “You’re that kid on the news! The kid who’s been in diapers all his life! Oh.. that makes sense now...†he went on. “Well, that shouldn’t matter.†I snapped back. “Sorry, Alex... You’re practically a hero, though. I mean, that demon took a few of my friends, actually. I miss them...†he said as he hung his head down. There was a few seconds of silence. “What’s gotten your parents to mad at you?†I asked, hoping I didn’t overstep his boundaries. “Well, I started my freshman year, and I just didn’t care about my grades. I HATE school, and most of the people around me were complete assholes. I started to ditch school and hang out at home all day, until my I started getting truancy tickets. I must have gotten like, five or six, or something. But I just never wanted to go back, and kept deflecting talking with my parents.†He explained. “So instead of getting a job, which I CAN’T, they sent me here, and they’re going to use the money to pay off my tickets.†Mikey continued. “I understand. School isn’t easy. After the media got into my personal space, everyone at my school started bullying me and teasing me. Issac and Thomas approached me with this position. I knew it was the way out. Plus I could wear diapers and my mom would get paid for it!†I said with a growing smile. Mikey didn’t return the expression. “I HATE diapers. I’m 14, I shouldn’t have to wear these!†He said, lifting up his shirt revealing a similar diaper as mine. “They’ll grown on you. Trust me. I’ve been wearing these all my life, and I just can’t stop looking at the connivence.†I said with enthusiasm. “But what if I have to.. ya know.. poop?†He said, almost cracking a smile. “Then just go. When your body will need to poop, then just... poop.†I said, starting to laugh. “Poop.†He said, laughing. We laughed together, before I realized the time. “Oh hey, it’s 10:15, should we get heading downstairs?†I suggested. “Sure, might as well.†he replied, and we walked down the hallway to the elevator and pressed the button. I’ve always liked elevators. ______________________________________________________________________
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    From the album diapers

    sorry love my gerbers