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    • That is interesting. What keeps it in place from slipping into the bladder? Are you done trying after that first experience? I'd like to hear more on what happens. Like you, I have wondered what would happen if you stent "just one" of the interior/exterior sphincters. I'd be even more interested to hear what happens if the controllable interior is stented, while the external to the bladder is allowed to shut. Has anyone been able to engineer this? My main goal would be to try to simulate bedwetting. How often does the external sphincter open? Is it only when the bladder has filled enough that you need to void? I suppose if a cath was held in place to the prostate, we could find this out pretty easily.
    • Robert shook his head. "What are reaching for?" he asked her.  "In my house, if you are sick, you don't drink coffee in the morning.  Coffee will prevent you from getting the sleep you need, and it has no vitamin C to help you get better.  Please put that cup down and sit at the table.  I'll get you some orange juice or some apple juice.  You are in my care right now, so please, let me take care of you."
    • Brenda nodded and smiled. "Well, school work doesn't have to be hard," she said.  "How about we do something fun.  We'll start with learning to read, but before we actually use any letters, how about we just work with some sounds.  For example, can you run over and touch something that starts with the 'b' sound?  You know... Can you find a b... b... banana?" (sorry, real life had me busy)
    • Carl smiled. "It's okay, honey.  We gave her a present, and her daddy isn't telling her not to give the book away, so it must be okay."   Brooke smiled. "You are quite a shy one," she said quietly.  "Don't you have any other friends you talk to?" she asked her.
    • I've seen them on Amazon and the like for around $100-150 or so. Maybe I'll get one sometime, but not right now.