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    • "No, I don't." she saddened. "I am sorry, Gabby. I shouldn't force you to choose so quickly. Forgive me. I think I just got too excited. It's your choice and I want to make sure you will pick what YOU want." she hugged her little one to heart. "How about I tell you about what it's like to be fairy?"
    • Gabriella looks scared and confused and is taking wayvtoo much at once. "Now wait a moment dear. The poor girl is having a hard time. Let her take in this information you waited so long to tell her" Mari says with just a pintch of sault. Unlike most mothers in this situation depicted by media. Maribell didn't blame the young human for taking her poor daughter's heart and baring a child together. She blames her sometimes stupid daughter for seducing a poor human boy and making a child. That being said she is still very excited to finally have a chance to be around her grandbaby "if you force it on her at once with little information she is going to think this is strange and choose to be human and do you really want to outlive your daughter?"
    • As we get to the apartment door I unlock the door with the key and carry you inside. "Ok little one I've had enough of that attitude." I walk you over to your bed and bend you over my knee
    • (Edited) "Oh yes, it was much too long. And yes, she already know. She was a bit shocked at first but now we need to wait for her big decision who she want to be." said Ana with smile and took Gabby in arms. "Well, sweetie, mama and grandma really want to know, who are you gonna be? Fairy or human? Pick wisely, you can't return it anymore."
    • (Its her 13th birthday) Ana's mother Maribell or Mari for short is an acting member of the Fairy Commitee, the governing body over the fairy world Danu and has been in her seat of power for the past 1200 years. "Oh my dear Anastasia it is so good to see you. Who knew 13 years would feel so long? From little Gabriella's reactions i assume you've already told her?"