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    • Dan loved his life. He was married to his high school sweetheart. At 16 he discovered he would become a father.  Now, at 25, he's a father to two boys and two girls. He works full time which means he doesn't spend much time with his kids. But he's planned a vacation so he can dedicate his time to his family. Liam is the eldest sibling. At 8 years old, he loves being a big brother to his brother and sisters. He tries to be helpful if he can. His parents want him to have his childhood and relax a bit. He potty trained quite late. Sometimes he can get jealous if he's not given attention.  Harry was a happy, energetic 4 year old. Sometimes he could get into trouble as he doesn't like nap time and will do anything to try and avoid it. He does wear night time diapers as he's not fully potty trained yet. When his younger sister was born, he felt jealous because he was no longer the baby.  It's a sunny weekend morning, just two days before they were due to leave.  Dan had got everything ready, they were heading down to the seaside. He headed downstairs to make breakfast. 
    • Hehwhhhehe I think someone gonna be drink a nice baba with his pampers very soon hehehe 
    • Sam babbled softly, watching his Daddy pick out the crib with Sesame Street bedding and a high chair with a bouncer. "I wike Sesame Stweet, Daddy." He exclaimed happily, sucking on his thumb as Daddy placed the chosen items into the shopping cart and pushed it away. When Daddy called Sam his baby, cooing at him so sweetly, the baby boy just cooed and made a babyish sound in agreement. 
    • I'm looking to do a roleplay set in the fictional world of My Hero Academia i am looking for a partner or partners to do this roleplay with. When i say set in the world that means we create original  characters in that world not use existing  characters. 
    • Romeo gets dressed and comes back down and goes to the freshman toddler "baby do you know why dada spanked you?"