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Spanked By Your Teen Baby Sitter

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I was just think how many of you male or female has been spanked by your teen baby sitter??



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I recall it happening once when I was very young. There was a plant my mother had, an impatient if I recall correctly, that often dropped flowers. I had picked one up when the babysitter and her friend in question came into the room and accused me of having plucked the flower from the plant. I tried to explain that the plant normally drops flowers and that I had picked one off the floor, but they wouldn't have any of it. We eventually got into such an argument that they decided to spank me. I put up quite a fight, as it took the two of them to do it, but they eventually got done what they set out to do, the little bitches. I remember that incident quite bitterly. Grrr...



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Hmmm, I have to think about it. I had many teenage babysitters over the years and I hated to go to bed early. I'm sure more than once a babysitter had to swat me.

Oh, yeah! One time I was under a table and happened to get a good look up an older babysitters skirt. She was wearing the cutest blue nylon panties. Now I wear them, oh well... Yes, she did catch me and she did give me a good hard swat on the butt. I deserved that but I'd do it again anyway. I like looking at that sort of thing...blush...I have a serious panty fetish. blush. well, they are nice...

Another annoying thing I'd do is I always have had the need to gt a drink of water later on. I still drink alot of water before going to bed, hence diapers are not wasted on me now. But back then I was a bed wetter and my parents didn't give me anything to help. Back then all that was available were pampers or cloth training pants, which is what my brother got. Lucky guy... Anyway, getting up and asking for a drink didn't sit well with some of them, especially if I was supposed to be asleep. I'm sure I got angry swats on the hiney.

Now I "love" being spanked by a female authority figure. Mommy doesn't spank but she does swat sometimes.

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I never had a babysitter that spanked me. My dad spanked me when I was littler, but I hated it and I hated him for it. Spanking I didn't really get into until I was older, and by then I didn't need a babysitter. I like to roleplay with one though...


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Never spanked growing up, though I probably should have been many a time ;-)




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I wasn't spanked by my parents nor by any teenage babysitter but I did have my bottom reddened by an older child minder. Her name was Helen and she was a no nonsense housewife who looked after kids while their parents worked. I can recall several memorable trips across her ample lap.

Emily in Diapers

Emily in Diapers


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I did have a have a certain baby sitter spank me when I was like 6-7 I think. Mostly because she was a control freak, and I never listened to anyone. :P This girl was crazy though, usually I would just be "making too much noise" or touching something in my own house and she would tell em to stop. I would usually just ignore her or say no, which resulted in her grabbing me, holding me down and spanking me. I never told my parents about it because I didn't know what to say, and by the time I did, my mom had stopped working evenings and I didn't need a baby sitter anymore. :)



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I've never had a teen baby sitter.

When I turned 13, it was decided I could look after myself.
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