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Lila nodded and smiled. "As happy as I could be." She said and sighed as she held Tony's hand.

Lauren smiled as she took him in her arms and kissed his cheek. "Mommy should start potty training you, my darling." She said


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Tony kissed Lila's hand. "I love you and our lovely little angels"

Zack looked to his mommy with a confused look. He didn't really know what the potty was/

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"I love you too.." Lila said as she nuzzled his neck a little. She then looked over at Max. "Maxie. How's about we get your diapee changed into a fresh one and have some milky and cuddles hm?" She said as she gave him a soft smile

Lauren smiled softly. She got Zack into a clean diaper with some new pants and then brought him to the bathroom. "This is a potty, honey. It's where you go pee-pee and poo-poo when you don't need diapers anymore. But since you're still little, you use little potties like Max and Skye does." She explained as she showed him the toilet as well as the little potty chairs. 

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