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  1. Ok this enema thing really grossed me out. Don't want to be rude but to me it's just plain wrong. Good stroy though, keep it up.
  2. Warning: No errors detected Great story. Can't wait to see what's next
  3. Good story Error: "Neither!" Felicity barked. Shouldn't it be Robin barked instead?
  4. I have a few ideas if anybody would like to hear them. Reply or pm me if you're interested
  5. another error it says thorn instead of torn Other than that really cute chapter, can't wait for the next one
  6. Really looking forward to your next chapter. Also you're welcome
  7. In your story Sanjay is spelled Sanji Also I really like this story keep it up
  8. I'm interested in the second one
  9. Still open
  10. I may have a few ideas for an rp with you
  11. I'm looking for an roleplaying partner who's willing to do a machinery type rp. Let me know if you're interested
  12. I'm interested
  13. sure
  14. Sure