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  1. After a long absence I find myself back to the forum. I still have bowl issues as well some urinary issues, I however been very busy career wise and dropped off the forum for a while. Well I got a new job out in Maryland, new job, new state/town, same old issues. Still not sure how I am going to handle my issues at the new job. And what options are best for me. Anyway, so...I am stepping out and in a way stepping in.
  2. I been cathed a couple of times before. Not so bad going in, some discomfort/pain going out. What was maddening was while it was in, felt like I had to pee all the time but all I could do is let it do its thing. That was the worse part for me.
  3. Starting new job in the area, and moving into the area. Like to meet anyone in the lifestyle that may live in the area. Coffee, etc. Perhaps make some friends.
  4. Basically what I have been doing. But wanted opinions so thank you.
  5. Thanks for this post, helped answer some of my questions too.
  6. I bought a few pin on cloth diapers a while back and while I like them, it is a pain to try to change and re-pin them while at work. And have switched back to disposable while at work for ease. I have though about picking up some pull on cloth diapers for use while at work and was wondering if anyone would share their opinions/experiences on them.
  7. I do feel better about it hearing from someone else. Thank you for your reply.
  8. Been dealing with OAB and urinary incont, along with IBS so have fecal incon ranging from mild to not fun. Had cystoscopy, flow tests, PVR and nothing was found physically that would cause my urnianary issues, which is good I suppose, so basically at this time seems like they do not know what is causing my issues but all the usual suspects were rules out. For mental sake almost wish they had found something, now its back to I have no clue why stage. Doc suggested adding Flomax to my other meds for the issue, but more I read on it, seems can have the opposite affect of what is wanted, i.e heard it can cause urinary incontinence, not sure if its true or not. Nothing much can do at the moment other then to keep pushing on and dealing with it
  9. How much you asking for the card?
  10. I have ordered sample of the Wellness brief and prob will order couple others here in a short bit.
  11. Not a newb but so much conflicting info and kinda in a frustrated place at the moment. Used cheaper ones in the past but really never a good quality one in the past.
  12. Thanks for the recommendation
  13. I been trying the cloth diaper route, have mainly went that route for nighttime. However it is not always convenient and am considering going to a better quality disposable for daytime and occasional nighttime use. I am tired of having to change a diaper frequently and want something that I can go longer without changing. I prefere plastic backed and do not mind a thicker diaper. What is your opinions between the Abri Form x-plus, the Wellness superio, bambino (all white) any suggestions? All about the same?
  14. My wife made a comment yesterday that pull ups and diapers for babies don't crinkle, why don't they make them for adults, I told her they did, and the biggist issue I have with them is I don't feel comfortable in their ability to hold fecal material as that is my biggest issue is FI. I said that I also heard they don't hold the smell in as well. She said well adults would be changing them soon as they can. (Valid point) but I just don't feel as secure. BTW she does not have a problem with me wearing a diaper for my issues, her problem is that a 32 y/o has issues, she is concerned. That said I think she is beating around the bush and trying to imply that at night the crinkle bugs her