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    • Hey all.  My wife is wanting to try and dominate me and try some simple bondage.  She is really nervous about it and I'm here looking for tips and advice on what we can do to ease her into it.  I'm incontinent but I'm also a sissy baby if that'll help with suggestions.  
    • I really liked this story. I was sad to see it come to an end. I actually thought there could be quite a bit more of it and that the ending came pretty fast. I guess you could also argue that it wasn't overdone and ended after the little pirates had been humiliated just enough. I will be watching for your next story. 
    • "Honey I promise, this is not a big deal, it's just where you sit. Now you don't need to like it but I expect you to do as I ask ok baby, I just want to keep you safe honey, now that I have my baby I will do anyone I can to keep him safe"
    • I would normally change the sheets also, but this time she told me I have to wait until our normal day to change sheets which is Fridays. So I have to sleep on the same sheets for the rest of the week. They were dry by the time I went to bed but they did smell lIke my diaper pail. Woke up soaked again this morning but the sheets were dry.
    • Aaliyah: I get it but will she still be able to get another job. dr Pretorius: yes I can swing it that no one but a few people will know of this