LL Medico Diapers and More Bambino Adult Baby Diapers

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    • "Yep and enough diapers to sink a ship haha" i say.  "8 diapers for Freddie. 6 diapers for finn and 3 pull ups. 6 diapers for Aurora. And 7 training pants for Ana. You cant be too risky and money in case they need more. Ive also packed lots if clean clothes and cleaning products. We jump in and drive 
    • Ephraim and Kathy had another appointment with Doctor Adams, when he got to the part when he asks about her toilet in problems he said let's just skip that one, which one is that Kathy asked? Where I ask you if you've experienced any loss of bladder control or bedwetting? He said. All the time doc Kathy said. Yeah I know Doc Adams said, it isn't anything new, now if you was getting dry at night now that your pregnant that would be something. I could clame a new miracle procedure to cure bedwetting, pregnancy! Kathy said, Sorry doc but don't write your paper up for the AMA yet. Besides think of the ramifications of 11 or 12 year old girls getting pregnant, the treatment would be worse than the problem. Perhaps your right the doctor said, but how would we cure the boys, they can't get pregnant? You know I love it when you two come in you have the best outlook on bedwetting I've ever seen. Of course with your family history, I guess you can either be sour or sweet, I'm glad you opted for sweet. I'm also glad that that I've got to bring all of your kid's cousins into this world save one. Uhm doc Ephraim said I think that's two. Two he said which other one was that the only one I didn't know was the one born in Massachusetts. Ephraim said my sister Hermione had hers at home and she was delivered by Dr Susan Abbot. Hermione sister in law. I didn't know that Hermione's Sister in law is a gynecologist! She's not, she's a Urologist. Then why is she delivering babies then? Ephraim said Dr. Susan just happened to show up as Hermione thought she was having indigestion. When she was in active labor. 
    • "Mommy i didn't poop. It was a fart" 
    • I go into my room and sleep. Listening to you on the baby monitor