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Sander on a summer vacation ch1

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This is my first time posting here. This is a story I wrote many years ago, but I have tried to make it better. I'm not so good in grammar, so hope you can see past that. Hope you like it. 


This is the story of a 19-year-old boy who had to accompany his aunt and cousin on a vacation to their summer home. The boy in question is named Sander. He had hoped to be home alone while his folks went on a cruise. Sander is a little short for his age; he is 5'1", and has dark hair, and blue-green eyes. He had an extremely feminine build and face. Many people initially believed he was a young girl. Heidi, his mother's sister, and Hanna his cousin. This is how it began.


Chapter 1


I was still in bed when the door to my room opened. I felt a hand touch my hair.


"Hello Sander."


I turned to my mother. She grabbed the duvet and dragged it off of me. "Hey, stop!"


"You have to get up now; we're leaving in a few hours!"


"Oh yes, go away." I became irritated as I thought about what I was being punished for. Imagine being punished simply because you were cheeky at a party. Is this that bad? Maybe it was silly to be drunk and flirt with the daughter of my father's boss, but I was penalized for not being alone when my father was abroad. I got up and dressed. Downstairs, my parents awaited me for breakfast.


"Hey, Junior! You finally got up! Make sure you have some breakfast; we are leaving soon."


I went to make myself some breakfast and sat down with them.


"I see you're still annoyed by your punishment, Sander. But, after your little stunt at the party you attended, which caused some friction with my boss, I expect you to understand. Since we're in difficulty, your buddies will be urging you to do more nonsense, therefore you'll be living with your aunt Heidi."


Mom smiled before she spoke.


"Yes, you'll have a wonderful time with Aunt Heidi, it's a long time since you've seen her, years I think. From what I've heard, your cousin Hanna will also be present. Imagine how cozy it will be. Hanna is a little older than you, but do you remember how fun it was to play with her before? You used to play house together. So sweet! I believe you had a small crush on her."


Oh my god, Hanna! Will she also join us? Yes, I had a small crush on her. We always played house together, but I was only about six or seven years old at the time. She wasn't especially friendly to me, but she was incredibly attractive! She always made me dress frilly and other such things. "No, Mom. Please. I promise not to have any house parties."


"No, we don't trust you; it's happened too many times in the past, and that's final."


My mother was a little furious. The way she stated it made me feel uneasy, even afraid. Then Mom simply grinned. I was still shivering just thinking about this excursion.


"Hello! Earth is calling Sander! I'm trying to get in touch with you."


"Oh yes, what is it, mom?"


"After you've finished eating, go to your room and pack a baggage. Remember to pack wisely because you'll be gone for three weeks.


After quite a while of packing, my mother came into my room and asked if I was ready. "Yes, I am."


We got in the car and started driving to Aunt Heidi's. After a long drive, we arrived at her home. She was already outside packing baggage into her car.


When we came out, I saw Heidi clearly. She approached me and was about to offer me a hug. I was paralyzed because she was surprisingly attractive for a woman in her late forties. She was neither slender nor overweight; she wore trousers and a blouse. I thought she was in good shape, but I couldn't put it into words. Her breasts had a wonderful curve, and the blouse had a great neckline. The bra she was wearing resulted in the most stunning breasts. I felt tingling in my body. Maybe this will be an enjoyable vacation.


"Hello, Sander. It's great to see you again; it has been a long time. But you art that much bigger than I so you last kiddo. I know now why your mother needed a babysitter.”


Heidi just gave me a somewhat mischievous look. I couldn't respond; I was stunned, but suddenly my mother grabbed my arm.


"But Sander, don't you say hello?"


Mom murmured, "Hi Heidi," and hugged her sister tightly. They stood and talked for quite a while. Dad, furious, honked from his car.


He shouted, "We have to go now!"


Mom kissed me on the cheek before getting into the car and departing. Heidi walked up to me and circled me.


"Yes, then, it's the two of us little one."


I grabbed my bag but was unable to lift it; Dad had carried it in and out of the car and was so heavy. Heidi noticed I was struggling, so she came over.


"Shall I help you?"


"No, I can do it myself; thanks!" I said, a little annoyed. Heidi was standing next to me, and I could see her little smile.


"No, this takes too much time," she said.


Heidi nudged me away and lifted it like a pillow. I was astonished; she must be powerful, I figured. At the same time, her lips parted.


"Yes, it's good to exercise a little; I can see you should try it a bit."


I felt pitiful. When all the luggage was inside, she came over to me, looked at me, and gave me a little smile.


"Yes, we will just wait for Hanna. Isn't it great that she will also join us? It is perfect! You and her will have a great time together, just like in the old days."


I looked up and saw a red car. I became focused as the vehicle came to a halt, the door opened, and those long, lovely legs appeared. When she got out of the car, a tight top made beautiful contours around her figure. Her full-size breasts strained against the tight top, and you could tell she wasn't wearing a bra since her nipples pressed against the cloth. As she stepped out of the car, I noticed tight-fitting shorts rubbing against her bum. I couldn't help but struggle to keep my dick calm. She was extremely beautiful. The thoughts quickly shifted into a blissful trance; perhaps this wasn't such a bad vaction after all.


Hanna was 24 years old, a little older than me, but we played a lot together when we lived side by side. She thought it was great fun playing with me, especially when I had to wear girl clothes, and she had a way to always make me wear diapers. I always got the feeling she just did it to humiliate me to the max. But she's probably outgrown that by now.


Hanna proceeded to say hello to her mother before turning and looking at me. She looked at me for a moment that felt like an eternity before her eyes tightened and she began to smile. She approached me, wrapped her arms around me, and gave me a great hug. I felt her breasts press against me, and I closed my eyes slightly in pleasure, before she released me and smiled.


"I'm glad you'll be joining us, Sander. This will undoubtedly be an amazing journey, as you shall see."


She eventually retrieved her stuff. When everything was ready, we went to load the car. Heidi opened the door, and I noticed the car seat was a little unusual. It was protected with plastic covers. Heidi gave me a sneaky glance.


"You see, I generally bring a few special friends with me to the cabin. There have been some mishaps in the car with them."


Hanna giggled slightly at the expression I made.


"Maybe he should have had a car seat for baby’s mum, I guess he must be right on the border of what is legal."


Aunt Heidi looked at me seriously and smiled slightly.


"You're probably right, Hanna, but I don't have the opportunity to get it now, and Sander is a big kid now, aren't you? Not a little boy in diapers like when you were younger. I remember he always had wet diapers when I played house with you Hanna.”


I became so embarrassed of what day said, that I just looked out the window.

We started driving, Hanna and I talked about all we'd done and what had happened since they moved several years ago. Hanna had some water bottles in her purse and asked if I wanted one. "So nice, thanks."


Because it was so hot outside, the water was perfectly ordinary—and quite good. The summer vacation has definitely begun. She told me that she had done a lot of studying over the past year. She was relieved that it was summer vacation, that she would have more freedom, and that she would be able to visit her friends again.


I realized we were approaching a gas station, but I didn't think much of it and leaned against the window to sleep. I awoke suddenly, and my body became utterly stiff. Hanna looked at me with big eyes and then a slight smile on her face. She looked down and noticed a dark line between my crotch and my pants that got bigger. I didn't understand why or what had happened. No, I have not… She smiled slightly, but I didn't understand why or what had happened. I have not wet myself since I was in diapers. Hanna suddenly yelled out.




"Yes, what is it?"


"Sander wet his pants."


I turned red; I didn't know what to say.


"I that you were a big boy now Sander?

We'll be there soon; he just has to wait until we arrive; there's only 5 minutes left."


We pulled off the main road and onto a private drive; there were no houses to view, just trees all around. I could see the sea; the car took to the right and came to a stop shortly after.


I stepped out of the car and stood, admiring the beautiful view of the peaceful big lake. The summer house was a large, gorgeous structure that was near to the sea. It featured a spacious entryway and a huge balcony overlooking the lake. There was a large annex next to the original home, as well as a floating jetty into the water. Heidi approached me.


"Isn't it nice here?"


"Very nice," I mumbled.


"But Sander, is it something I should know about?”


My face came on fire, I became red. “No Aunt Heidi, it was just an accident.”


“Ok kiddo, you'll have to come with me so you can change; you're soaking wet."


I looked down. I completely forgot I had peed myself. We stood at the main entrance, which she had opened so we could simply walk in. Inside, there was a huge hall where you could hang jackets and put on shoes; further in, there were three doors in a row. I went in and stopped at every door.


Heidi then said.


"The first door is my room, the second is a private room, and the third is yours. The bathroom is next door; you can take a shower while I collect the luggage. Hanna will sleep outside, in the annex."


When I appeared from the bathroom, wrapped in a large towel, I entered the room assigned to me. It was square, with a large bed with steel bars in the front and back. My suitcase was open, so I found a t-shirt, boxers, and sweatpants. I was going to put on a pair of boxers when Hanna walked in.


"Hi, pee-boy, I believed you were a big boy now that you are 19 years old.”


She gave a mischievous smile. Her expression made me nervous, so I responded with annoyance. "Haven't you heard of knocking?"


"No, I am enjoying myself. Sweet little Sander. Yes, you would still look beautiful in some cute feminine outfits. More now than ever. I see that the name Sandra fits better as you've grown older."


She vanished. I walked out and spotted Hanna resting on a sunbed. She was quite hot, lying on her stomach. She was resting with her top off, wearing only her tight shorts. She was really attractive to look at. I couldn't help but glance at her, even though her acts angered me slightly. Her body was extremely sexy! Suddenly, I heard her voice.


"Come on, Sandra, lie down next to me."


We both lay on our stomachs and started a small chatter again. It was really nice to hear how she was doing. After a long time on the sunbed, Heidi called out to us.


"Let’s eat, kids."


After supper and a lovely evening together, it was finally time for bed. I walked to the bathroom to brush my teeth and then entered my room. Hanna walked in and said good night, as did Heidi. I was tired and fell fast asleep. Someone shoved me, and I awoke slowly. It was Hanna.


"You have to wake up your sleepy head."


I stroked my eyes and shifted slightly. I came to a halt and developed an odd expression on my face. Something was seriously wrong; it was freezing in bed. Hanna saw it. She grabbed the bedcover and took it off.


"No! You've peed yourself again!"


She nearly giggled, then called her mother before I could respond. Aunt Heidi came in.


"What is it?"


Hanna pointed to the bed between my legs. Heide approached and gave a slight sigh.


"Yes, get up, then, Sander, take a shower, and get dressed; I'll fix the bed."


I walked out of the bathroom, completed dressing, and was on my way into the room. Heidi had just finished changing the sheet.


"Hi Sander, are you better? Was the shower good?"


"A little."


"Good, I have secured your bed with a plastic cover over the mattress."


That terrible plastic sound.


"But we need to do something about these accidents. You've had two accidents already, but we'll solve them tonight."


We went outside, and the sun was shining.  Hanna sat at the breakfast table, eating as I sat down to have breakfast with her. The morning passed, and we went outside to swim and enjoy the sun. We had a great time together. I believed the day was slipping away from us. When the evening arrived, Hanna and I planned to watch a movie on television, while Heidi went to bed early because she had a few hours away the next day. When she finished the bathroom, she exited the private room and called my name. I went to meet her in my room. "What is it?"


"Come here and sit."


I did as she said.


"You have had two accidents. I don't have much bedding here, so I can only see one option."


Heidi brought out a white object in front of me that created crackling sounds. I then realized what it was, a diaper! "No!"


"But you've had two accidents, and it just doesn't stop."


She held my arm a little tightly, but in a calm way, she looked at me.


"It will only be this one time if you are dry tomorrow morning."


I thought about it. "Well, one night should be okay."


She asked whether I knew how to put on a diaper. She began to unfold it, and I noticed it had tape on both ends. I had only used up-and-go nappies for nighttime accidents when I was younger, so this was new to me.


I said, "I don't know if have I done it, but I'll probably figure it out."


"No, I can't take any chances that there will be any leaks; lie down, my little one."


I did just what she instructed; I didn't dare to do otherwise. I lay down on the bed, carefully lowering my pants. She quickly grabbed them and pulled them all the way down. She pulled down my underwear before asking me to lift my bottom. I was so naked and embarrassed! "Please no!"


"Now you listen."


She spoke in a sharp and forceful tone.

She grabbed my bottom with her hand and slapped it five times. I tried to get free, but she spanked me harder. No matter how hard I tried to break free, it just grew tougher. My muscles gave out, and tears streamed down my spine. I was now utterly still. She asked me to elevate my bum, so I did. She placed the diaper under my bum, wrapped it in front, and fastened the four tapes in front.


"I guess that wasn't so bad, my little one."


She was stroking my hair.


"Get up, Sander; I must see how it fits."


I stood in front of her, and she moved around me, feeling the diaper to ensure it fit correctly. She patted my diaper back to say good night. I was standing on the floor, having just pulled up my boxers. As I tried to pull up my sweatpants, I felt a hand grab the boxers! The elastic in the boxer crashed into me. I jumped and whirled around; there was Hanna! I hurriedly pulled my pants up. She grabbed her hand and slapped my ass.


"Now, my little friend, did you miss being a baby again, as I used to do with you? Sandra, it appears that you are wearing the wrong color. You should have worn pink.


"Can you stop Hanna? It's not funny!"


She had a small laugh. "Stop it; it's not funny; if I'm not wet tomorrow, I don't have to think about it anymore."


"Okay, sorry, Sander. Here, take one of my water bottles, it’s good and cold for the movie.”


We sat up, talking and laughedas the movie went on. When it was finished we walked to bed. Hanna was looking at me and smiling.


“Good night Lille one, well see if you are dry tomorrow Sandra.”


She vanished, and I went to sleep. “She will realize that I am not a pee boy.”


My eyes became tired, and I fell asleep. The next morning, I awoke with the sun shining on my face and started to mmove. I suddenly realized I was wearing a diaper. When I took my hand down, it felt swollen. I also noticed that the boxers had grown little damp. I stood up straight, with the diaper hanging like a thick lump between my legs. It was very wet. I stood there, wondering why these things had happened when I heard Heidi remark,


"Good morning."


I wasn't sure what to do. I stood there in a sticky, wet diaper with urine stains on my boxers. Heidi came over to see.


"It's ok, Sander; it's probably better to have a wet diaper than a sticky, wet bed."


Yes, I thought, maybe she had a point there. She studied me a little more closely.


"I think I should put a thicker diaper on you. Go to the bathroom and take a shower, then throw away the diaper. I'm leaving immediately and will be gone for a few hours. Hanna will be in charge because she is the oldest. You to have fun."


When I returned to my room, Hanna was sitting on the bed, waiting for me. I had at least thought to bring boxers into the restroom this time.


"What are you doing in here?" I said.


"Come here and sit, little one."


I sat down next to her and said, "Yes, what’s up?"


She smiled a little.


"You know, my mother has said that I will be in charge here, so then I am the boss, right?"


She had a slightly authoritative voice.


"Yes, I know. So what?"


"From now on, you must do exactly as I say; if you don't, I will punish you!"


"What are you talking about?"


She took out her mobile phone.


"Look here."


I leaned against her and gazed, and my face became scarlet. I was in full shock! She had taken numerous shots of me while I was sleeping with the diaper on. She also recorded video of me wetting the diaper.


"I have another video."


She found a video where I was sleeping in the car on the way to the cabin. You could see it suddenly turned dark on my trousers and down the crotch.


"I'm the one who made you pee yourself, you little pee-boy. Good thing that they make a good medicine to make people wet fast where I studied. All I needed to do, was to get you to drink from my bottles with the blended medicine and a little slipping medicine too. All night I have made you listen to wetting hypnosis, just in case.”


She began laughing as I just gaped. I attempted to take the phone from her, but she was stronger than me, and she simply pushed me down on my back and held me down on the bed. She gazed at me determinedly.


"Now that I am the one making the decisions, you must follow my instructions properly. If you don't, I'll post all of these photos on your social media page and other sites where you have profiles and friends. Oh, and there are several duplicates of these photos on my phone, so deleting them is pointless!"


Tears began to slowly run down my cheeks. I didn't know what to say or do. I let go and just laid there.


"Good girl. Now you come with me."


She got off me and looked down on me.


"Get off the bed and go down on all fours and crawl after me, diaper boys belong on their knees.


I felt embarrassed, ashamed, and degraded. I just followed her to the private room. She unlocked and opened the door. I got inside and was completely paralyzed! It was a fairly large room. Inside, the walls were blazing crimson, and everything else was jet black. I observed a red leather sofa with a lovely table next to it that appeared to be expensive. Other things I noticed included a large bench and an x-shaped crucifix with multiple attached cuffs. There were shelves on the wall that held a variety of equipment and stuff. This was definitely a BDSM room. I had never seen something like that in real life, only online. She pointed to the bench and told me to get up on it. I was so frightened that my body did not respond. She slapped my ass hard, causing me to scream in pain. I was ready to shove her away and shout at her, when she grabbed my arm and twisted it around my back. She only pressed harder, and I shouted in anguish.


"Now listen, if you give me another negative attitude, I'll make sure you have a miserable life. Who do you think would want to be friends with a pee boy?


Her arm released mine, allowing me to be free. She removed my boxers and stood looking at me with a giggle. She pointed to the changing table and I just lay down. She fetched some wet wipes, started washing me, and applied a lotion. I noticed that it was some form of hair removal cream. My body was smooth but I had hair on my dick, which should be gone now. With all of her movements around my cock, I started to become a little erect. It felt so amazing as she stood there and took around my dick.


"Ooo, see, there's a little thing here that's starting to grow and get hard."


She laughed. "I can't do that now." She snapped at my dick head, which blasted in me but instantly softened. She walked up to a drawer and opened it. She rummaged about and closed it, she returned with a bulky diaper in her hand. She unwrapped it, and I instantly noticed that it was a different style of diaper; it was much thicker, and it was pink with princesses and unicorns! She instructed me to raise my bottom so that she could place the diaper below me. "Wait a minute," she said. She returned to the drawer, fetched something else, and grinned at me.


She found some cream and spread it over my anal hole while softly playing with her finger outside. I was shaking somewhat, which was unusual. I started to feel stiff again! Suddenly, I felt her put something into my anal hole. It exploded somewhat before sliding into place. I assumed this was an anal toy of some type. She pushed, slipping the bulky pink diaper under my bottom. She slowly drew it up to the dick, which had begun to harden. She simply pushed it down and pulled the diaper over it and the four tape fastened in place.


"OK, Sandra, you now have the proper diaper on. "Get up!"


I stood there, unable to keep my legs together; it was so thick.


"We're missing something; stay put; I'll go get it."


She returned, carrying something pink in her hand. My eyes widened as I realized it was a pink Hello Kitty panty! She instructed me to lift my legs so she could fit both legs into the pink pants she had brought. She pushed it up and strained to get it over the bulging ball in the front and back, but it fit wonderfully!


"Oh, how cute you are now, little baby Sandra."


I flushed hot in the face. She returned and grabbed a pink bodysuit. I could tell it was unique since it had a V form with a white border. The bodysuit slipped down and between my legs. It buttoned up in the center of the crotch. I didn't have any pants, so I figured I could use my sweatpants. She grabbed my arm and forced me stand up straight. She bent down and requested me to raise my legs. There appeared a pink skirt with two white lines. She watched me again before disappearing inside the drawer to look for anything else.


"These are perfect! Sit on the bench."


She knelt down and lifted my foot. She tugged a sock on me, but it only went up my leg and thigh; it had to be stockings, and they're pink with white stripes!


"Now you're done, little sissy. You are perfect."


She laughed as she studied me. I just glanced down at the floor, ashamed and embarrassed. Her hand moved towards mine, dragging me towards a giant mirror. Her fingers lifted my head, allowing me to see myself in the mirror. It was terrible! I could obviously see the skirt pull up in front and behind. The bulge made it more obvious. I felt humiliated. She remained standing behind me, her hand still holding my head in place. So I had to study by myself.


Her other hand reached down my pants. She slowly rubbed my bum. Again, I felt the wonderful breasts against my back, braless nipples thrusting into me. I felt myself becoming hard and horny. It was humiliating and unpleasant, but it was incredibly delicious. Her head lay against my shoulder. She withdrew something from her pocket. She moved it in front of the diaper. I noticed it began to vibrate, which got me more horny. She started talking into my ear.


"Is that good, little sissy? Come on now, little slut, show me you're a little sissy slut."


The vibrator just buzzed against the tip, which vibrated all the way to my dick, and my cock became increasingly hard. She pressed her deliciously hard breasts on my back.


"Is it good, little sissy? Is little Sandra horny? Tell me how horny you are. Little little one."


I was so horny now, I couldn't answer properly. Whispering, I got the word out. 

"Yes. I'm coming now; I'm coming!"


She simply went on and on. I had a massive orgasm! I squirted my diaper, which was full of warm cum.

"Mmm, was that good, little sissy?"


I was so tired. "Yes. Are you going to take this diaper off me now?"

She just laughed out loud.


"Why should I do that?


I was embarrassed. "Because it is full of hot sperm".


"No. Sissy likes cum. I've always known you were a little sissy. I'm going to have a great time with you this summer. So I'm not going to change your sticky diaper simply because you feel horny from wearing diapers and being dressed like a sissy boy and can't keep it in. No, little sissys get to walk about with delicious hot cum in their diaper. Come on, diaper Sandra."


I followed her out into the sunlight. Why would she do this to me? I was embarrassed and humiliated by the sensation that the thick diaper between my legs gave me, and it was pink! I had never seen a diaper this thick before. It didn't help that the thick diaper was now filled with warm sperm, and I began to feel erect again!



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