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New to scene , Tryin to find my mumma or daddy ! im in N.D.  USA, about 45 minutes south of fargo and i really wanna find a dominant mumma whos into ABDL with a baby boy, im single no kds no exes no baggage! im 36y.o. but look mid twenties,im told. red hair green eyes, women typicaly tell me my best features are my chest, and piercing green eyes. im a bigger boy , muscular and curvy 6'3'' *240-250******lbs. im bi or pansexual, but if i had a woman who was into anal for me id NEVER cheat. im a non smoker (i vape) and drug free for the most part, except for marijuana and club drugs on certain special occasions like concerts and venues, the pot helps with night terrors which is one of the 2 reasons i wet, the other is my medication i take for schizophrenia, it knocks me the F out. i was wearing depends since i only wet at night, but they wouldnt hold and would leak on my mem. foam mattress, after getting sick of washing bedding i started shopping for other brands and came accross an abdl website where women were changing thier boyfriends and teasing them about it, i thought it was hillarious, had to be embarasing, and hott for some strange reason too! i wanted a mumm all of a sudden, i havnt had a girlfriend pretty much ever because my mother was a feminist and beat it into me that women are to be respected. i think its both cute and sad what these girls into ABDL go through, cute cause thier taking care of thier baby littles, with no judgement, and also because they go into mamma bear mode , and start nesting for thier littles,some even set up whole nurserys in thier house, WTF?! how cool !!! where do i find one of these women? any woman that is willing to change me at age 36 is obviously judgement free, as well as nurturing (hello wifey, need those feet rubbed, and toes sucked? just give your baby the command and watch him execute or risk punishment) but it was also sad to later learn alot of these women were infertile and couldnt have childeren, this was so sad to me but also cool to see these mommies resilience ! but i only wear at night and never have messys (not my future wifes job but im honered youd deal with that shit, literaly!) what was even cooler was to learn alot of these women also sold abdl stuff on the side of thier regular work as a really good hustle! BOSS bitches ahead! lol. since im disabled i can pay my own bills but nobody elses, and when everythings said and done i only have like 100$ left for fun and that usualy goes towards pot. but the good news is i dont have to work, so i could help a mumma sell her stock while shes at work, and where do i sign to become the house slave? that means on days she has off i have all day to rub her back and suck her toes amongst other tasks and punishments she has for me... HOTT!!! i enjoy watching my partner getting off and this is crucial so that i do as well, im into cunninlingus, curious about getting pegged, and my biggest fetish is getting my ass rimmed when im clean and fresh out the shower, i trim myself with a manscape and shave my testes bald as well as my butt its a hygeine thing for me as i never wanna stink for anyone. im usualy clean shaven and dont grow much hair on my butt back or chest, any hair i do have is usualy blonde/strawberry blonde, and just not that visible. as long as we have a 50/50 understanding of dominance in public, butt when we get home im more than happy for you to be the boss 90% of the time cause i love a partner that leads with intimacy so i know what to do next... the other 10% is every now and then when i need to release some T and i go primal on your ass (not literaly, unless you want that ,and still prob no.i like to recieve anal not give) like lift you up and fuck you all around the house while i beat your walls up, eat you out, lick you from tits to taint, untill you squirm, then fuck you some more till you cum puddles for us. hott! also if were doing the ABDL roleplay i would like my mumm to be at least 5 if not 10 years older than me. and as far as the diapers go i love a fresh one put on then fill it with just enough warm water to get it to swell to capacity, then pick a fight with mumm untill she pushes me over with two fingers cause i could barely waddle in it and (to think of walking or running would be impossible,)then she laughs when i fall on my ass with an audible SQUISH! then i fake cry, turn into a brat just for fun to frustrate mumm and earn spankings and discipline from her, (for laughing at you you gave me six weeks in diapers, doubled up sometimes if necessary due to my behavior , and no boy cummies for 3 days, i still however must tend to mumms pussy if she requests it, if she asks twice, im in trouble probobly time out, if she has to ask a third time i might as well waddle away from home since shell probably give me 6 months in diapers, doubled up, and time out is now done in an adult crib (no escape) or restraints to the bed somehow, FUCK, looks like i might be using them during the day for #1 at least if not messys, and mom will be pissed if im covered in pooh!, this (defication) just bought me another 6 months in diapers with no pull-ups for public but instead of my daily jockstraps under my clothes at the mall im now wearing (mumms demands) you guessed it, a bulky loud crinkly diaper, one things for certain i might as well stick my ass with mumm and the diaper BS since talking to other females at the mall would be to embarrasing as they stare at my bulging slightly wet pants ! what makes it even worse is when were in public at JC pennys and mumm requests a diaper check...am i wet ? or is it worse, if im wet its spankings on my bum when she changes me, if its worse then my punishment is once again, another 6 weeks in bulky hot diapers. well att this point one things for certain mumm your baby boi aint goin knowhere without you and at this point his feeble male brain figures out that mumm is the best thing for me , which is what she had been telling me since day one when she first introduced me too you guessed it her DIAPERS ! lol life can be so hard for a little when they dont listen to mumma butt eventualy they learn or at least theyre (mine) cherry red ass does, which is basicaly what mumm told me on day one! i look at mumm with tears in my eyes as i realize im not going anywhere shes in complete control of my life! are you about to cry she asks ,... no i reply , she says if i dont tell her the truth its another 6 weeks in you guessed it DIAPERS! yes mumm i concede, im just so happy to be with you ! you take such good care of your baby boys needs and wants your the best mumm ever! maybe if we cut your bottles off at 8pm ill give you one night of sleeping in a cool pull up instead of doubling your cute butt up in 2 bulky diapers to sleep in when you go to bed at 11 . that is of course if you do what i ask of you the first time i ask it when we get home. understand? yes maam i say, she corrects me maam? am i your mistress or am i your mumm? your my mumm mumm. thats what i thought , because you called me maam no movies or legos when we get home, i need you to wash my back, and rub mumms feet cause mumm has cramps, something youll never know about ... yes mumm. (the conversation continues as mumma does a quick diaper check in the mall entrance as she grabs my ass, three teenage girls behind us point and snicker, i turn beat red in the face as mumma notices and chuckles...) ahh the life of a little aint easy butt niether is toilet training a 36 y.o. man who already knows how to use the bathroom in the first place. if this obsurdity sounds fun to you as a female , then your probobly very close to what im looking for, but you must relize, #1. money is tighter than my butt so dont ask for any even gas, and no i aint selling drugs again. #2 i aint paying for sex, i never have and never will, besides its against my christian religion, (im very old fashioned) and #3 i will not register in a database of ABDLs for you , im probabaly in enough databases as it is from being a federal felon (non-violent/sexual) it was a weopons charge. #4 if your selling designer diapers that go for as much as 25$ a piece, thats what my ass better be in and that pamper should be suede with gold leaf on the fucking carebares faces and butts, and espescially if im helping you distribute, you need to be cash apping me 50$ every so often cause im the one whos schizo remember? not the other way around. if you understand these things and you still wanna be intimate with my pasty ass , now i must ask you are you of age? like not just 18, but within 10 years of mine? and if your doing all this stuff please explain why? before i wonder if your bi-polar yourself...(which is also fine) just be honest and im sure we can vibe like a tickle stick at 54000 RPM. which if you use on me in my diaper, ill use on your vagina and panties if you like. see its all about compromises and settlements, if you do all of this and your still interested in me and you can deal withthe fact i like stuff in my butt sometimes (i have a prostate,women dont ask ******* it) then i will treat you like a true queen and if you can just make me your prince , not a lazy king, ill eventually treat you like the goddess you always have been... anything else anything at all , just ask me, i promise im an open book, i promise i wont waste your time, and i promise im worth it... i just need a woman to motivate me and occasionaly beat the brat outa my ass. i cant think about anything else so for now im signing off. 

sincerly queens, 

your loyal boy slave for life,

lil boi blue




generics MINE!.jpg

messy happy hair.jpg










blue baba.jpg

bored baby blue.jpg

dry kitty baby!.jpg

happy pampy.jpg



see im dry.jpg

thinkin bout daddys pattys.jpg

thinkin' bout stinkin'.jpg

tired brat.jpg









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