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Pull-ups man

A Weekend With My Little Sister Parts 1,2

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I am posting the remake of my story... hope you like it better than the original one.

A weekend with my little sister (part 1)

Ah Friday at last, I thought as the school bell rang. It was 4 p.m. and I had still one obligation to fulfill. Knowing that my parents had left for the weekend and had gone to Prague, I made my way hasty toward the bus stop around the corner of my school. I had to wait only 2 minutes before the bus came and I rode toward the daycare center. As I was riding along Beech Street, I noticed a big group of people heading along the street. They all wore orange clothes and sang some strange song as they strode along the street. Not even 10 minutes and I got off at the station and made my way some 5 blocks away to the daycare where my little 3-year-old sister was waiting to be picked up. I think I should introduce myself to you all in the first place before we get into the story. My name is Paul and I’m 17. Three years ago I got a wonderful gift from my parents - A little cute sister. Now three years later I’m in high school and she is in kindergarten.

So as I came up to the door and walked through into the air conditioned daycare center, my sister, Suzie, was already waiting with her teacher for me. I only greeted the teacher and asked her how the day was. “The day went by fast today. Suzie was a good girl, we only had to change her diaper once and she behaved also very well.” The teacher told me. “That’s great. Well see you on Monday.” I said and started along the long corridor towards the main entrance door. I held the door for Suzie and she walked outside under my outstretched arm. She then grabbed my left hand and we both started walking to the bus stop that was about 5 minutes away. Pretty much the entire time that we were walking, Suzie kept talking about the whole day, what she experienced and so on. We came to the bus station and waited for the bus to come. As we were waiting for the bus, I noticed Suzie start to rock from side to side. I asked her what she was doing and she replied, as I thought she would, that she had to pee real bad now. “Are you sure you won’t make it till we get home?” I asked her as she squatted. “No, I can’t hold it any longer.” She sobbed. “Well ok then. You do have your Pull-ups on, don’t you?” I asked her.” I do.” She managed to say only before she pulled up her pink skirt with yellow circles on it and I saw the purple pictures on her pull-ups fade away as she was wetting her training pants. “There you go. Good girl.” I told her.

The bus came about a minute later and we both got on and drove off home. When we got home I unlocked the door and we entered the cool house. As I took off my shoes I helped Suzie out of her shoes as well. In the meantime I noticed her touching her crotch as she wetted her diaper once more. She ran up the stairs to the second floor of our house and sat on the colorful small chair that was in her room waiting fro me to arrive. I threw my backpack on the floor in my room, which was next to Suzie’s room. “Go to the bathroom. I’ll be right there.” I said as I was talking off my shirt. I heard her running to the bathroom. I got up and walked to the bathroom as well, which was two rooms away. “Well you’ve got one wet diaper on you Suzie. Let’s get rid of it and put a nice dry one instead.” I said as I picked her up under her arms and lay her on the changing table. She already had her pink skirt taken off and now she only pulled up the white T-shirt she was wearing still from her kindergarten. I tore off the side of the Pull-ups, she lifted her bum and I gently removed the wet training pant from between her crotch and from under her. I took out some wipes from the pack and softly cleaned the area around her lower parts from the few remainders of urine she had. Then I threw away the used wipes into the garbage bin under the table. “So you’re clean now Suzie.” I said as I was looking in her face. She was looking at her dry area now. “Do you want me to give you a diaper or a Pull-up?” I asked her. “Uh” She thought for a few seconds, “I want a diaper for now, please.” She replied. So I shuffled in the drawer and pulled out a cute Pampers size 6 diaper.

We followed the “standard” procedure of diaper changing as I laid the dry clean diaper under her bum and pulled the diaper up to her waist and fastened it from each side with the stretchy tabs. I then helped her off the changing table and put the wet diaper in the garbage bin. “There.” I commented as she waddled off to her room. She just giggled and kept on waddling. It was already getting quite dark outside and so I knew I had to put my little cute sister into bed. I came up to her room and she was already lying in her bed covered in her blanket. I sat down on the soft bed next to her and started to read her favorite book – Snow white and the seven dwarfs. But I didn’t even get to the 5th page and she was already sound asleep sucking on her tiny thumb. I gave her a good night kiss on her forehead and sneaked out of the room, closing the door as I left. Then I also got into bed and fell asleep shortly after my sister. My weekend babysitting had begun.

A weekend with my little sister (part 2)

I slowly opened my drowsy eyes. In the dimness of the room I made out the shape of Suzie trying to bring me to be fully awake. She succeeded all right. But as I rose to sit on my bed, she looked away and didn’t say a word for some time while still standing. “What’s the matter?” I asked her as I moved my white blanket away. She still didn’t say a word at all, she only looked at her crotch and suddenly I got what she was trying to tell me all this time. I moved my right hand towards her crotch where her diaper was (We mostly put Suzie in a diaper because the Pull-ups tend to leak while she is asleep). I saw the bulkiness around her crotch even though she was wearing her light purple pajama pants with the light blue top with small moons and stars all over it. I slowly touched her crotch and immediately felt the wetness of her diaper. “You had an accident, didn’t you?” I asked in a calm voice, even though I already knew her answer. She only nodded with a slight sob. “Well no big deal, ok? This can happen to anyone at your age. It’s really nothing.” I comforted her, although I noticed earlier that she was quite disappointed with her peeing herself still. I stood up from the big double bed in my room, lit on the light that was on the table next to my bed and rubbed my eyes.

We went to the usual place where we changed diapers. The bathroom door opened with a slight crack as Suzie went inside. I was right behind her. As I closed the door behind me, I saw Suzie already trying to crawl up onto the changing table, but she was too small to get up there. I approached her, and she turned around to face me. “You’re still not tall enough, Suzie.” I told her. “Why don’t I pick you up instead, ok?” So I picked her up from the floor under her arms and lifted her up onto the table. She then sat there for a few moments with her legs over the edge of the table and slightly spread to the sides. I pulled down her pants and she lay down on the table on her back. I made the changing process rather quick. I unfastened her wet diaper straps and pulled the wet diaper from under her butt while she lifted her soft bottom from the pad of the changing table. I folded the diaper and placed it on the side of the changing table. I then pulled out a cute dry pink Pull-ups pant and she slid into it like a pro Big Girl. I put her down again and she just winded up the rest of the training pant up to her waist. Suzie then went to the TV set in the next room on the right and I went back and threw away Suzie’s wet diaper that was still lying on the changing table. I glimpsed at the clock that was above the small mirror opposite the table. It was almost 8 a.m. I made my way downstairs to the kitchen and prepped some quick cereal that I found. It was a matter of five minutes for me to make a piece of bread with peanut butter and a bit of butter for myself. I then went into the kitchen and pulled out a bottle of milk which I then poured into a glass and the rest into Suzie’s bowl of cereal. “Suzie, come down, breakfast!” I called. “I’m coming!” She called back. I sat at the table and heard her running along the hallway and down the stairs to the kitchen. I sat down on the wooden chair and started to eat the piece of bread on my white plate with blue and white stripes. I heard Suzie walking down the stairs and an instant later she, too, entered the kitchen and sat down opposite me by her bowl. She started to eat her Kellogg’s cereal, occasionally smacking while she ate.

I ate my first piece of delicious peanut butter bread and started with the second one. Suzie was almost finished with her food so I stuffed the piece of bread into my mouth and ate it fast. “Did you eat enough, sis?” I asked Suzie as I was cleaning the two dishes. “I did.” And with that she scurried away and sat on the sofa in the living room. It was really quiet in the house, so I heard her pull-up crinkle as she sat down. I finished washing the dishes and sat down on a grey chair next to the sofa Suzie was sitting on. “So Suzie,” I asked her as she was playing with her fingers, “since it’s getting quite warm outside, why don’t we take a walk to the park to get some fresh air?” I suggested. She raised her head from her fingers and said: “OK.”

So with that we got up. I got a pair of pants and a khaki T-shirt on and Suzie dressed in a cute red dress with white dots all over it. I locked the door of the house and got her stroller from the shed that was on the corner of our small garden. Suzie sat into it and we started the walk around a couple of houses towards the local community park with all kinds of fun things for kids to do. They had swings for toddlers as well as for babies, a big sand pit with lots of toys that the kids could play with, a lot of benches that the parents and caretakers could sit at while they were watching their children play and the whole area was surrounded by a vast green rectangle-shaped park with a fountain at the center where kids came to cool down when it was hot in the spring and summer months. As I was pushing Suzie’s stroller ahead of me, she kept on humming a tune of hears. I couldn’t decipher what it was, but it sounded really sweet. Then suddenly she stopped humming and as I looked to see why that was, I noticed, even though Suzie didn’t know I was looking, Suzie touching her crotch with her left hand. “Paul?” Suzie called, a bit of tension in her voice. “Yeah?” I asked back, “I peed myself.” She announced as she looked at me from the stroller. “Well, you have got your Pull-ups on, haven’t you? I’ll change you when we get to the park, ok? It’s not far away.” I told her in a gentle voice. “Ok.” She said and we continued in our walk.

We walked across the main busy street that connected our neighborhood with the quieter park area. As we approached the gravel road that winded through the park, I immediately headed toward the toilets where there also was a small wooden hut for changing diapers. We came to a stop in front of the hut Suzie hopped out of the strolled and went inside. I quickly parked the strolled on the side of the hut and then I walked in to it as well. Inside there was a metal sink with some paper towels and soap on the side and to the right of the sink was the changing table itself. There were small stairs that Suzie used to climb up unto the changing table and lay down on her back, as usual. I washed my hands first then I approached the changing table where Suzie was. I gently pulled up her red dress and simply pulled down her wet bulky warm soft Pull-ups training pant. She giggled a little as she reacted to the wetness from the wet training pant but didn’t fidget much. I pulled out of my backpack a dry Pull-up and gave it to her. “Now you’re a big girl already,” I said as is I was handing her the training pant, “You just put it on by yourself and I’ll throw the used one away in the meantime.” She then slid down the side of the plastic table (I didn’t use the safety straps) and slowly landed on her feet. I held out my hand just in case she needed assistance. But she was a big girl so she managed just fine on her own. I threw the Pull-ups diaper away into the plastic bin under the changing table and we headed outside into the hot air. Since we already were inside the park, Suzie didn’t want to ride in the stroller anymore. She liked walking in stead on the soft grass. I, of course, had only one option – I had to take care of the stroller. But luckily not for long, since there happened to be a few lockers, where the strollers could be stationed and safely fastened to a metal ring. It was about a 10 minute walk to the fountain where this ring was. There were already many parents and kids, naturally also some strollers of various sizes, attached to the metal ring. I did the same and pulled the fastening cable from my backpack, put it around the stroller construction and locked it with the metal ring next to all the other strollers. Suzie, in the meantime, ran off to the playground where I found her digging into the sand pit with a shovel she apparently found. I sat on one of the brown wooden benches they had installed around the playground. I put my backpack on the bench beside me and opened the zip. I lifted my eyes casually from the backpack to see how Suzie was doing. She was still shoveling sand onto a pile that started to look like a very simple castle. I lowered my eyes again and shuffled inside the backpack until I finally found the book I was looking for. A gust of wind blew around my face as I pulled the book out. Again I looked up at Suzie. She was now waving at me, smiling. Once I started to read my book, I became engulfed in the story that I almost didn’t notice Suzie standing before me and jabbering to herself. I raised my head and put the book on the side of the bench. I looked at the time and it was almost lunch time. Time really flies when you’re taking care of a little sister, I though to myself as I looked at the watch on my right wrist. I then noticed Suzie rubbing her crouch with her left hand and starting to suck her thumb at the same time on the other hand. Suzie was wet and tired and so I decided to head back home. I placed my book back into the backpack and stood up throwing the backpack over my shoulder. I took Suzie by her right hand, the one she was sucking her thumb on, and we started to walk toward the stroller that I had left locked at the metal ring for strollers. As we were walking along the gravel Suzie said: “Paul, I’m wet. I need a dry diaper.” “I know, but I don’t have any more here with me, Suzie.” I told her in response. “You’ll just have to wait until we get back home.” I finished.

We reached the stroller parking and I let go of my sisters’ hand and pulled out from my pocket the key for the lock. I then unlocked the stroller, Suzie sat into it, again now sucking her thumb, and we started off toward the exit of the park and home. Even before we got to the corner of the park, Suzie was already dosed off. Probably because of the sun, I thought to myself. From the park it was again about 15 minutes to our house and Suzie’s diaper change. Until we got home, however, Suzie was awake again, this time rubbing her crotch as well as her bottom. I started to fear that Suzie had actually messed her Pull-ups and even before I finished this line of thought, I heard a feint voice as Suzie announced: “Paul, I pooped into my training pants now.” She said, sounding alarmed. “That’s ok Suzie, that’s why you’ve got your Pull-ups on, so that when you have an accident like this one you don’t have to worry about getting your clothes dirty.” I explained her. I opened the front door of the house and my little sister waddled inside. I, in the meantime, parked the stroller again inside the shed and also walked inside the cool house. I locked the door behind me, took my shoes off and headed straight for the bathroom in the second floor where Suzie had already gone.

When I entered the bathroom Suzie had waiting for me by the changing table. “Well sis, since you’ve pooped in your diaper, I won’t change you on the changing table like I do when you’re just wet.” I said as I looked at the bulky Pull-ups around her crotch. From a shelf under the changing table I pulled out a large rectangle-shaped piece of cloth. It was a changing mat that we used in case Suzie pooped herself. I unfolded the mat and placed it on the floor of the bathroom. “Now Suzie, lie down on the mat so that I can change that messy diaper of yours’.” I said. Suzie complied and lay down on the mat as I instructed her. “Ok, pull up your dress so that I can take a closer look at what happened.” She did so and I bent down above her. I carefully started to un-strap the right Velcro zip. It went off easily and so I did the same on the left side of her pink Pull-up. I then gently griped the waist side of the diaper and slowly started to pull the diaper down Suzie’s crotch. I expected the Pull-up to be really soiled, but it turned out that my little sister had only made a small mess so I didn’t have to clean real hard. I took out the cleaning wipes from the box and cleaned the area around my sisters’ crotch from the poop and the small parts of pee. I then pulled the back side of the

Pull-up from under her and made a nice ball out of it, fastening it with the straps the diaper had. After I made sure Suzie was properly cleaned and dry I took the dirty Pull-up and put into the bin by the door. I turned around and saw Suzie yawning and stretching while she was lying on the changing mat. I came to her, squatted beside her and said: “Suzie, you look tired.” She slowly blinked at me and I knew that she truly was getting sleepy. I was too lazy to put a new diaper on her so I told her that I would put the changing mat under her when I put her too bed so that if she had an accident, the mat would absorb the moisture and the bed should stay dry. “So get up now Suzie and hurry off to bed. I’ll be there in a sec.” So she scurried away to her room. I took the mat into my right hand and started my way towards her room as well. I came inside her room and placed the mat on her bed. Suzie lied down and slowly closed her eyes and put her right thumb into her mouth. I didn’t care much, even though she still had her pacifier beside her bed. I didn’t even cover her with the soft blanket for it was way too hot outside. I still sat on the colorfully striped chair in her room and waited until Suzie fell asleep completely. The room was quite messy with lots of toys and all kinds of thing scattered all over the red wooly rug in the middle of the room. The wooden bed where Suzie was by now sound asleep was in the left corner and extended all the way to the middle of the 6 meter long room. I and my sister both have the same size rooms. Along the opposite wall of the bed was the closet where Suzie had all her clothes and also a cute little Barbie doll house on the shelf. Next to the closet was another box about 1x1 meter where Suzie kept all her dolls and toys in general. The wall of her room where painted a light pink with a white ceiling covered with stars that glow in the dark. I got up and walked to Suzie, who was now soundly turned on her left side and sucking intently on her thumb. I leaned down and gently kissed my little cute baby sister on her cheek and caressed her on her brown hair. She just fidgeted and kept on dreaming. I slowly walked away but left the door open in case Suzie called. So now a finally had some time, possibly even a few hours, for myself. I went to the living room and sat down on the gray sofa. Exhaling slightly, I thought about what I would do in the free time that I had. I finally decided that I would go up to my room and continue reading my Star Wars book. I had only 5 chapters till the end, so it felt like a good decision after all.

Time flew by and after 2 hours of intense reading I finally finished the book. It was almost 5 p.m. and Suzie was still sleeping in her room. I put the book back into the shelf where I had all my books and went to the second living room with the TV set that was on the second floor. It was a bit smaller than the big living room we had in the first floor, but it was quite fine nevertheless. I turned on the TV on started to watch the news on CNN. There was nothing new and so after about 15 minutes I turned on the DVD player and began to watch Star Wars: A New Hope. I haven’t seen it for a very quite some time so I liked to review it again after such a long period. Another half and hour passed by and I headed Suzie walking toward me. As she came to the living room I looked up at her as she yawned with an open mouth and stretched. “Well, at last you woke up, sis. I thought you would sleep forever.” I commented as she sat down on the chair beside me. “Look Paul!” She jerked out, “I have put panties on!” “Wow, that’s great! You’re a big girl already.” I told her condescendingly. We then didn’t say much during that 1 and half hour long movie that I still had playing.

The movie finished at about 7 p.m. and both of us were getting to be really hungry. So I went down to the kitchen and made a good portion of scrambled eggs and ham for my self since Suzie doesn’t like ham or much meat for that matter I didn’t put any on her plate. I came into the living room and put the tray on the small table there and we both began to eat our meal. Since Suzie was already a big girl by now I didn’t have to slice the food for her and she ate it by herself. As we were eating our food, I noticed Suzie start to fidget and look at her crotch. “Paul, I have to pee.” She announced and started to run for the bathroom. But just as she entered the bathroom she squatted and I only saw the pee pour through her purple underwear and onto the blue tiles of the bathroom floor. She looked at me after a few seconds with tears in her eyes. “I didn’t make it.” She sobbed and started to cry a bit. I came to her and cradled her in my arms for a few moments until she stopped crying. Then I wiped away the tears from her face and lifted her back up onto her feet. She then went to the changing table and pulled down her soaked panties. I pulled out of the box again some baby wipes and wiped the pee from around her recently wet area. The cleaning went smoothly. Suzie put the panties beside her and I handed her the fresh and dry Pull-up that she slid into a second later. I softly rubbed across her crotch and decided that she was ready to go to sleep. She probably felt the same thing. “We you’re dry now for a while so come and we’ll just finish off the good food and I’ll put you to sleep.” I told her as she started to walk towards the door leading into the hallway again. We then both walked into the living room and finished eating our meals. It was a matter of a few more minutes and the food was gone.

After that Suzie went and brushed her teeth while I went off to her room and prepared her bed. She came into her room a minute or so later all clean and sleepy-eyed. “It’s time for bed, Suzie. Get undressed and slip into your sleeping clothes.” I said as I saw her come into the room. She did so and when she was almost undressed I looked down at her crotch and noticed that her Pull-up was still dry. She put on some loose white pants and a pink T-shirt with the picture of some sort of princess on it. She then lay down into her bed and I covered her with the blanket. She fell asleep almost instantly and I slowly walked out of her room shutting off the light as I went out. Then I, too, went inside my room and prepped myself for the next day.

Write comments and suggestions... always welcome

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D_Rainger    18

Hi Pull-ups man,

I must admit I'm a sucker for a story about kids in diapers, especially a girl in diapers. Years ago someone wrote many, many chapters about a little girl going to school named Ariel. I wonder if anyone remembers them? The writer finally had to admit she had run out of steam. Of course, there are many other tales of children and diapers.

Something I have to work on from time to time is getting carried away in descriptions. It is easy to burden your readers down with unnecessary details. Some one once told me to "just cut to the chase." That is pretty good advice for a writer. For instance, in my Maya story she is wet from school and getting off the bus:

" I get up from my seat next to the girl with the nighttime pants on and I wave to her as I step out into the isle. I can feel the trob of the bus underneath me as I walk by the driver. He glances at me in passing. I wonder if he read the back of my pants where it says 'diapers?' I can see my Mommy coming up the sidewalk. She has her hair tied back in a bun. She is swinging her arms. I wonder if she's going to be mad at me for wetting my pants? I get to the steps and start to make my way down, dragging my back pack behind me. The diaper is so fat between my legs that I can't walk very well. As I get to the bottom of the steps, the doors slam shut behind me. There is a whoosh of noise as the bus drives away.

"Maya, what happened?" my Mommy says.""

Sounds maybe like a seven course meal when all you wanted was a little snack? I try to cut it down and make it lean and mean:

"What happened Maya?" Mommy asks as I jump down from the bus."

That's all that's necessary to a story. Forget all the details that bog the reader down and just say what happened, short and sweet. Sure, maybe it takes longer to write just one sentence than to disgorge "War and Peace." Maybe I have to revise two or three or more times, but I like to make every word count. There is a time and a place for lengthy narrative.

Keep up the good work!

-D Rainger

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