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Babies Always Help With Marital Problems! (Open)

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Anya hummed happily as she cooked a meal. This was finally one of the nights where her husband didn't have to work late, and so she could make him a nice dinner, eat with him... and ask him for what she had been wanting for a very long time. She made him his absolute favourite meal, set the table with candles and fine China and expensive wine that she rarely splurged on... She even dressed up nice and put makeup on! By the time this was all ready, she was just staring at the front door like a puppy. Their relationship had been fraught lately, and she had some suspicions that he was cheating on her... But hopefully once they settled into this nice dinner, he would open up and be the man that she remembered so fondly. Once he walked through the door, tired and grumpy as usual, she quickly ran up to him and kissed him on the cheek. "HI honey! I'm so glad you're home!" She said cheerfully. She decided that she would hold back all of her feelings of anger and sadness... She just wanted him to love her the way he used to, and maybe even agree to give her the family she had been dreaming of. She gestured to the table which was set up all nice, and flashed him a seductive look. "Why don't you join me, big boy? It's been so long... far too long..." she whispered and gently unbuttoned the top button on his suit. She was confident that if he would just agree to have a kid with her, everything would be fixed! He wouldn't leave! Little did she know... He had other plans, and she would need to figure out a different strategy for dealing with him. 

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Anya frowned at her husband. "Well no..." she whispered. "That's sort of what I was hoping to talk to you about. I was wondering if perhaps... You would like to give me a baby?" She asked softly. "I know things have been rough between us... But I think this would help!"

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She growled as he walked out, then she broke into a sobbing fit. She knew her marriage was doomed! But what could she do...? She slowly went and cleaned up the dinner that nobody had really touched, and then she went to her room to brood and think... Until it was 2am, and her husband came home... literally piss drunk. 

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The woman was, for a few moments, disgusted! This man was cuddling up against her with a hot piss stain on his pants, and reeking of vomit and alcohol! She pushed him away and scowled at him... Until she realised that he was in no right state... So her anger passed, and she gently helped him to his feet. "Come on..." she muttered. "You big baby..." her eyes then widened a bit. "Big baby... That's it!" 

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"Yes dear?" She cooed and dried him off with a towel. "Sh... Relax... Nevermind anything, just relax... Mommy will be right back..." She left him there naked while she ran to a nearby drugstore. She returned with a big package of diapers... And put one on him. 

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"Yes I'm sure I do." She whispered and carefully pulled him to his feet, walking him to their bedroom. He was too big for her to hold... for now. She laid him down, and tucked him in. "Sleep now my dear... We'll talk tomorrow okay?" She placed a kiss to his forehead. 

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