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Three Trains
By Sophie & Pudding

I'll be releasing this story over the next few weeks.  It's about 5 chapters long, and all of it is currently available on SubscribeStar: www.subscribestar.adult/sophieandpudding

Premise: Campbell and Harlow have been talking online for months, but they have never met in person.  They plan to meet up at the train station in Harlow’s town, but disaster strikes when Campbell misses the stop.  Is this a bad omen, or will Harlow find a way to salvage the date?

Disclaimers: m/m, diapers, wetting, sex


The First Train

People often talked about seasickness. Even car sickness was a thing! And general motion sickness to boot. But train sickness? Campbell had spent the last hour doing everything possible to try and stave off the waves of nausea and discontent. 

Clicky clacky. Clicky clacky. Clicky clacky.

The scenery seemed to go by slowly.  Campbell was full of anxiety: meeting someone for the first time in real life.  It was such a stupid idea; online had so much more protection!  Two screens at least. And some phone lines.  Did the internet even still use phone lines?

Campbell was so busy with the whole train sickness thing that the person who sat down across from him went completely unnoticed. Until they talked.

"You know, Policy St. Station was the last stop?"

"That's nice," Campbell mumbled, not looking up.

"You look even cuter than in your pictures, you know."

Pictures?  Campbell finally looked up to see a familiar face.  Familiar, like when you walk around a stranger's house and recognize people from one picture in the others.  His heart skipped a beat.


He was taller than Campbell expected.  A little stockier, around the shoulders and the ribs.  His dark wavy hair was mostly hidden by a beanie, speckled with tiny dots of snow.  He must have just gotten on the train.  It really was him...

"I knew you'd forget to get off at the station, you goofball. Probably had your head so deep in your phone that you didn't even notice. Probably worrying about something-or-other~"

Campbell looked at Harlow. Then Campbell looked down at his phone, out the window, and then at his own lap. 

"I got trainsick… how did you even know I was actually on the train?"

"I didn’t," Harlow shrugged. "You don’t seem like the type to stand me up though, so I figured there was some other explanation.

Campbell stared dumbfounded; Harlow had put a lot of trust in him, boarding the train like that.

"It sucks that you got trainsick," Harlow said. "Let’s get off at the next station."

And then, just like in the movies, the announcer came over the train speakers to let everyone know that the next station was almost an hour away.

"Well, that sucks," Campbell sighed, but his traveling companion didn’t seem fazed.

Harlow had a presence about him that Campbell had only seen on TV.  He went around the car asking for motion sickness medicine until he managed to find an older gentleman who had some left over from his flight last week.  He gave Harlow two pills, who in turn gave them to Campbell.

"It's remarkable how you can just go up to strangers and ask for things," Campbell said in awe.  He took the two pills and put them in his mouth, drinking a swig from his water bottle.  He never left home without his water bottle.  How long until the medicine kicked in?

"It's no different to when I said hello to you the first time on Discord. Or when I slid into your DMs," Harlow said with a wink. "Sometimes you just gotta ask for the things you want."

With that sentiment hanging in the air, Campbell had no choice but to extrapolite. Harlow wanted him. It was a weird feeling to have; like sixty-three butterflies in his stomach arguing over whatever-it-is-that-butterflies-argue-over. Something worth getting all aflutter about.

"Hah. You're even cuter when you blush," Harlow said, sitting next to Campbell once again. "I knew you would be. Nobody who uses blushy emojis as often as you do does so without having a super cute blush."

"I don't think there's a strong correlation between the use of blushy emojis and actually blushing," Campbell argued, but in his case, the correlation was extremely strong.  It was nearly 1.

Harlow looked out the window, watching the scenery go by. 

"This is a little unfortunate," he siad. "I had ideas of places we could go, and now we are stuck on this train."

"Oh, I'm sorry," Campbell said quickly. "I should have been paying more attention to the stops.  This is all my fault."

"Well, it is your fault you didn't get off at the right station," Harlow agreed, "but I'm here with you and the people mean more than the venue. And by the time we get to the station, we'll probably have gotten past the awkward phase, right? We’ll be all laughter and kissy kissy."

Campbell didn't understand how people like Harlow existed in the world; hadn't he ever heard of anxiety? Did some people just go around being all normal? Wild. 

"Harlow, you know I've never..."

"Kissed anybody, I know." Actually Campbell had kissed people, but it was never on his terms. It was pushy girls or social expectations, so they didn’t count to Harlow. "But we're gonna fix that little shortcoming; I promised that we would."

A first kiss on a train was pretty romantic, Campbell thought.  But the notion of kissing this man he'd only just met today... and what if he wasn't a good kisser?  What if Harlow didn't want to see him anymore, after such an awful kiss.  Campbell grew quiet and looked down at his phone.  44 minutes until the next stop.

"I see you thinking! This is like when we roleplay, and you write these big long internal thoughts - but ah! This time I have the upper hand, because I've been writing with you for months. So let's take a guess!"

Harlow tilted his head and pursed his lips, leaning around to look at Campbell’s face.

"You are thinking... what if you're not a good kisser? Or worse, what if Harlow - and by that I mean me - isn't a good kisser? Am I close?"

"The first one," Campbell laughed nervously.  The thought that Harlow wasn't a good kisser didn't even cross his mind.  Upon seeing him, Campbell knew without a doubt that Harlow would be a good kisser.  Nonetheless, his skill at reading Campbell's mind was impressive.

"Well, you have the home-field advantage.  You got on the train first, so I think that’s how it works.  Admittedly, I’ve never watched baseball, but that sounds right." Harlow grinned. He had a damn pretty smile for a boy. It kinda made Campbell melt a little bit.

Harlow was just as stupid in person as he was online, but that seemed to put Campbell at ease.  There was something very disarming about playfully stupid men.  By the time the meds started to kick in, Campbell was feeling a lot more comfortable with Harlow.

"Are you still feeling sick?" Harlow asked.

"Less so," Campbell admitted.  He checked his phone again.  35 minutes.

"Rad. Because..."

Harlow peered at Campbell’s phone with an analytical look and then moved his lips right to the ear of the latter; speaking in one of those 'kind of loud for a whisper, but still functionally private tones.'

"That means I have 35 minutes to kiss you, and convince you that I'm just as smooth and dreamy in person as you say I am online."

As time ticked on, Campbell wondered exactly how sincere Harlow's words were.  Every movement Harlow made, every touch Harlow gave, every glance Harlow shot... each was dripping with intention.  But none of them were a kiss.

But they were holding hands.  Or rather, Harlow was holding Campbell's hand in his, running his thumb along the back of it.  Campbell checked his phone again, like he did every few minutes.

9 minutes.

There were three minutes left on the clock when Harlow made his move. And it wasn't motivated by the time until arriving at the station.  No, it was triggered by the passengers at the front of the carriage getting up and moving into the vestibule compartment in preparation to get off at the station.  Harlow waited until the two of them were alone, because he knew full well that Campbell would be so much more comfortable with some relative privacy. 

Harlow put a hand on Campbell’s cheek to guide his face, and then he pressed his lips to Campbell’s. And with one smooth motion, he pushed him down onto the bench seat, and continued to kiss him.

Kissing was a lot like it looked on TV, Campbell thought.  His head was swirling with things he thought he should be doing, but each thought was buffeted away by another crash of Harlow's lips to his.  One after another, until his thoughts were a senseless little puddle and there was nothing but the tingling on his lips.

When it was over, Campbell's cheeks were pink and Harlow was hurrying him off the train.  He stumbled behind Harlow, trying to keep his footing, until they were on the station platform and Campbell's labored breaths made puffs of misty fog in front of his mouth.

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  • Sophie ♥ changed the title to Three Trains (Updated: 2/14)

The First Stop

Campbell realized three things about Harlow on the station platform:

1) Harlow was taller than he was. He knew that, but standing side by side gave him a different perspective on it.  It felt more real.

2) Harlow was carrying a bag over his shoulder. It had a black and white checkered pattern, single strap, with a large compartment. On one end, something was stuffed into one of the sleeves and Campbell could see a familiar baby blue plastic disk filled with holes.

Baby Powder.

Which meant...

3) Harlow had brought diapers with him.

"Well, we've got an hour here at the station before the next train arrives," Harlow said, "So let's get inside out of the cold."

Harlow took Campbell by the hand and led him into the train station building.

The station was warm, but it was barren.  There was nothing to do.  Thankfully, the station was two streets away from a shopping center.  Harlow was following a map on his phone, heading that way, still holding Campbell's hand in his.

"Where are we going?" Campbell finally got the nerve to ask.

"Somewhere warm," Harlow said, pulling the smaller man closer and kissing him on the top of his hair.  Campbell melted like the snow as it touched his cheeks.

"You know," Harlow whispered, "in the cold air, with your cheeks pink; little flecks of snow in your hair, your eyes all glassy and cute and wanty like that? You look adorable, Campbell."

The sliding doors opened with a quiet whoosh, and then a louder one from the heat above washing down over the gap to keep the cold air out. The shopping center wasn't empty, but it was a quiet time of day.

For a long time, Campbell didn't know what to say.  Every time he thought about how quiet he was, he thought about how he must look to other people.  How he was holding a taller man's hand as they walked through the food court of the shopping center.  How Harlow ordered him an iced coffee and a donut from the cafe.  How he was prompted with little questions in a tone that was just a little too unnatural for one adult to use with another.

Finally, Campbell thought to check his phone.  The train would be there in 38 minutes.  Had they already been walking around for that long?  Then Campbell thought of something to say.

"Do you want any coffee?" he asked, holding up the straw from his cup.

"No, no," Harlow laughed. "It's a bit too cold for iced coffee, in my opinion."

"Oh." But Campbell only liked iced coffee.  Hot coffee was always too hot for him.  It dawned on him that Harlow had remembered that little bit of trivia, and he blushed again.

"But you know," Harlow said thoughtfully, "all that iced coffee... and you never do know with those train bathrooms. Sometimes they're in order, sometimes they're out of order. And it's an awfully long train ride back."

Harlow was clear with his implication. He watched for Campbell's reaction. If he had to be less subtle with his intent, he would be.  But the blush on Campbell's cheeks took on another few shades of pink.  Campbell had been roleplaying with Harlow online for quite some time, and that little speech echoed an online one almost verbatim.

"I'm sure it'll be fine," Campbell said, which is what he would have said online.  In truth, he wasn't sure how he felt about any of this.  Harlow brought a diaper bag, and they had discussed the possibility of something like that, but this was a random shopping center in some other town.  There weren't any variables to control for.  And hey, they just met!  It would be weird to expect anything like that... right?

"I think for the young man who missed his train station, it's fair to say that a lot is on your mind. And with me by your side the whole way back, I'm sure you’ll be distracted. I think it's best we take some precautions, don't you my Little Bell?"

Little Bell. Ding Ding. Campbell. It was a stupid nickname that Campbell had hated at first, but after months of getting closer and closer online, Campbell hadn't just come to like the nickname - he treasured it. And hearing it from Harlow's lips the first time in person almost made him shiver with delight.

"Well, that was... because..." Campbell hesitated.  His thoughts were sticky from the silly little nickname, the absolutely stupidest nickname anyone had ever given him.  But he'd never had someone like Harlow in his life.  He'd never even had a real boyfriend before.  Every time he thought he was getting close to someone, he'd sabotage it.  Why would anyone like him, anyway?  His interests were so... absurd.

But Harlow had reached out to him.  Harlow had prompted again and again until Campbell told him the truth.  Harlow didn't laugh at him or shut him out; he asked more questions.  Harlow got to know a part of Campbell that Campbell had never told anyone, not even himself in the mirror.

Campbell looked up at Harlow with glossy eyes and felt close to crying.  But he knew that if he started crying now, Harlow would comfort him and the whole game would end.  Campbell didn't want the game to end.  So he looked down at his feet and swiveled the toe of one of his shoes in embarrassment.

"Don't you worry, I'm going to take care of everything," Harlow said, a signature line that he would use online. But in person, with sincerity, it felt like he really could take care of everything.

Harlow squeezed Campbell's hand and led him to the back end of the food court. There were several bathrooms, but the family bathroom was where Harlow was leading his charge. He'd been to this mall once or twice, and knew that the family bathroom had a large sofa against one wall that would suit his needs perfectly fine.

"Harlow, I... I'm not sure about this..." Campbell argued half-heartedly, as he was led by the hand.  They were just outside the family restrooms, and Campbell's head spun around - snapping left and right - to see if anybody was watching.  If anyone would notice two adult men walking into the family bathroom together, without a kid at their side.  Sure, there were people, but nobody seemed to pay them any attention.  That fact didn't quell any of Campbell's anxiety.

"I know you’re worried, and you know your colors, right my Little Bell? Yellow and Red? And what's the other color, do you remember?"

He pushed the door to the bathroom open and stood in the precipice; a man acting as the gateway between two worlds.

Campbell looked around one more time.  Nobody was watching, but standing there with the door propped open wasn't inconspicuous.  So Campbell made a snap decision, one that he would ordinarily talk himself out of.

"Green," he muttered, and hurried into the restroom after Harlow.

Harlow smiled that brain-meltingly confident smile and led Campbell into the bathroom. He knew that Campbell would be hyperfocusing on every little detail, so his actions were decisive. Click went the lock on the door. Then Harlow pressed his lips to Campbell’s, kissing him firmly and passionately. As he broke the kiss, he grinned and added:

"I've got your favorite diapers, the one that one model on Twitter wears. And you are going to look so much cuter than they do, just you wait and see."

Campbell looked sheepishly up at Harlow with red cheeks and tried to argue.  Obviously, there's no way a guy like him could look as cute as those guys on Twitter.  But before he could get a word out, Harlow kissed him again and the words melted like ice cream down his throat.

Campbell found himself sitting on the couch while Harlow leafed through the diaper bag, fishing out one thing after another.  A changing mat.  Baby powder.  And finally, one of those thick diapers.  One of the diapers that Campbell had never even worn before, because they were just expensive enough to triumph over his wants.  Campbell's entire body tingled in anticipation, but when Harlow came back over, Campbell grabbed his wrist.

"You don't have to do this," Campbell said shyly. "I know you want to make me happy, and I know we talk about it online, but... but I know it's weird, and I'm not a little kid, and... and we can just have a normal date, like normal people..."

"Wait wait wait, are you saying other people don't diaper their incredibly gorgeous boyfriends on the first date?" Harlow asked with mock surprise. "What the fuck is wrong with those people? Well baby boy, they might squander their opportunities, but not me - I'm going to diaper you, and the entire way home on the train you can sit in my lap and crinkle while we make out cowgirl style."

That was Harlow's biggest strength: his confidence, his determination. He knew what he wanted and he wasn't afraid of that.

Campbell laughed a little.  He finally let go of Harlow's wrist, but he didn't seem completely assured.  For his entire life, the idea of some guy diapering him was all he'd dreamed of.  Now, it was right in front of him, and... well, he thought it must be a dream.  It had to be, right?  He'd wake up any moment now...

"Campbell," Harlow said softly, dropping down to one knee. "I promise, I want to do this."

"I know, you say that..." Campbell muttered. "I believe you..."

"But?" Harlow prompted.

"But... I'm scared..." Campbell admitted. "I'm scared that the things I like... they make me unlovable..."

"I understand baby boy, I promise I do. You think that just because I'm all confident and assured that I was always this way? I had to come to love myself too. And I'm going to show you how to love yourself, because you deserve to be loved - by yourself, and by everyone whose day you make brighter with that little smile of yours."

"And you want this...?" Campbell asked nervously.

"I want this," Harlow reassured him.

"And you won't see me any differently?"

"Oh, no promises there," Harlow teased. "Once I see my little boy in a diaper, maybe I won't be able to see him as a grown up ever again."

Campbell rolled his eyes, but his tummy was fluttering.  Maybe this wouldn't be as terrible as Campbell imagined.  Maybe it might even be as wonderful as he imagined.

Harlow motioned to the sofa with a big goofy smile and gestured for Campbell to lay down. They both knew how this went; they'd both written this scene together a hundred times or more. But having it actually happen? Harlow was better at hiding it, but he was just as excited as Campbell. 

The sofa wasn't an ideal changing table, but Harlow could stand at one end, and Campbell could lay back with his butt on the soft arm of the black leather, and it would do just fine.

"Unless my baby boy is too little and needs to be lifted up onto the sofa?"

Campbell laid down on his back and looked up at Harlow.  He was even taller, and Campbell blushed a little deeper.  Harlow leaned down and unbuttoned Campbell's pants and the both of them had the same thought at the same time: 

Usually taking a date's pants off for the first time isn't for a diaper change.

Harlow hardly hesitated, stripping off Campell's pants and underwear all in one motion.  Campbell quickly looked at the ceiling and tried to steady his excitement, which was wholly unsuccessful.  His arousal was obvious, and the embarrassment of his first-ever diaper change only seemed to add to it.

Harlow had all kinds of smooth comments in mind - like how if this wasn't the first date, and they had more time, he could take care of that arousal for Campbell. But that moment was about making Campbell feel comfortable. 

"You're doing so great, Little Bell."


Once the diaper had been laid out, Harlow lifted Campbell by the ankles - both of them in one hand, such was his physical prowess. Harlow stood up and leaned around to one side to make certain that he'd gotten things straight and centered.

"Like wrapping a gift, Little Bell; and you're my favorite present."

Harlow grasped the bottle of baby powder, twisted the lid, and began sprinkling a large amount of scented cloud all over Campbells diaper area.

"Now try not to squirm too much, alright my little diaper boy? I need to rub it in now~"

"That's really not necessary," Campbell tried to assert, but with the softness of the diaper under his butt and the fuzzy feelings in his head, his assertions weren't very strong.  The sensation of Harlow's large hands between his legs, against his bare skin, touching his most intimate places... Campbell's breathing grew labored.

"There's a good boy," Harlow cooed. "We just need to make sure we get the powder into every nook and cranny, just to make sure my baby boy doesn't get a rash on the long train ride back."

Harlow's movements were soft, but tender. Firm, but gentle. Campbell couldn’t sit still as he rubbed in the powder. 

"Someone's a squirmy little mister. I should have brought a pacifier with me, huh?"

"Mmm... Harlow..." His name felt wrong on Campbell's lips.  He didn't call Harlow by name online, not unless things were particularly serious.  But they had just met, and Campbell didn't want to freak him out.  But Harlow was one step ahead of him.

"Come on now, that's not what you want to call me, is it?"

"Mmmm..." Campbell quivered at Harlow's touch and the aroma of far-too-much baby powder filled the air.

"Be a good little boy and use your words," Harlow prompted.

Campbell closed his eyes in embarrassment and his mouth fumbled for the word they both wanted to hear:

"...Daddy..." Campbell whispered.

"There's Daddy's good boy."

Harlow rewarded Campbell's good behavior with the pull of the diaper up between his thighs. He undid the tapes, one at a time, and a tightness wrapped around Campbell’s hips. 

Harlow helped Campbell sit up, and the diaper was so much thicker than Campbell had ever dreamed.  It contoured perfectly to his body.  It taped perfectly around his hips.  It was soft and warm and crinkly, and everything Campbell had ever wanted.

He kept waiting to wake up from the dream, because there was no way reality could be so perfect.  The way he felt was something he had only read about in fairy tales.  That feeling of "happily ever after", when everything is right and perfect.  Even the embarrassment didn't take away from his first real diaper change; it only added another layer of mystification and excitement.  Campbell truly felt like a submissive little diaper boy.

Campbell looked up at his Daddy with shining eyes, glossy with excitement.  He had never been so happy before.

It was really hard for Harlow not to ravish the young man in front of him, the gorgeous little baby boy in just his t-shirt and diaper.  After Campbell stood up, Harlow settled instead for pressing his hand to Campbell’s rosy cheek, reaching around to squeeze his padded butt, and kissing him with all the passion he could muster. 

Unfortunately that kiss had to come to an end.  Campbell and Harlow had a train to catch.

"They can tell," Campbell whispered nervously, holding Harlow's hand tighter than ever before.  They passed by another couple on the way to the station platform.

"They can't tell," Harlow reassured him.

"I'm waddling like a duck," Campbell hissed. "I look like a toddler taking his first steps."

"Nobody pays attention to how someone walks," Harlow said. "Do you?"

Campbell did not pay attention to how people walked.

"I'm crinkling," Campbell muttered. "I sound like I'm smuggling grocery bags onto the southbound train."

"Trains are very noisy," Harlow insisted. "And why would anyone think that crinkling is from a diaper?"

"Shh!!" Campbell shushed, louder than someone should shush. "Don't say that word!"

"Diaper?" Harlow whispered in Campbell's ear. "Like the thick diaper you're wearing between your legs?  Like the diaper that's making you waddle?  Like the diaper that brands you as my little boy?"

Campbell fell silent, blushing deeply.  And not from the cold.

"Your pants aren't too tight, and your coat covers your butt," Harlow reassured him. "They can't tell."

"I guess..." Campbell muttered shyly.  His grip on his Daddy's hand loosened a little.

"Besides," Harlow added, glibly, "that's stuff for Daddy to worry about. Your job is much more important: Daddy is seriously in need of some kisses."

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  • Sophie ♥ changed the title to Three Trains (Updated: 2/21)

The Second Train

Harlow and Campbell caught the train with ten minutes to spare.  Harlow led Campbell by the hand through train car after train car, until he found one that was mostly empty.  There was an older woman asleep on the far side of the cabin, and a young couple about their age looking at their phones.  Harlow pulled Campbell into one of the bench seats and tried to sit him on his lap, but Campbell squirmed off.

"I can't sit on your lap in public," he whispered nervously, looking around the train car like a bunny in the forest.  Scanning for danger.

"I don't think it's a big deal, Crinkle Bell, but I won't push if this is a red for you. Is it a red? Or is it a yellow?"

Harlow was very well versed on his colors, and he'd been the one to teach Campbell about the notion when they'd first started playing online.

"I dunno... yellow I guess..."

It took Campbell a long time to get used to the safe word system.  He knew about it, of course, but using it was a different story.  If someone was roleplaying with him at all online, he felt indebted to let them do it their way, even if it made him uncomfortable.  But Harlow was very strict about it.  And actually, Harlow was kind of sexy when he was strict.

"Well, there are no more stops between here and where we get off," Harlow said, "and I don't think anybody else is going to come down this end of the carriage."

Harlow stood up as he was talking, and he peered around the cabin, trying to figure out what spot was most private.

"How about I sit down on the floor here," he gestured with a smile, "and you can sit on my lap? That way we're not in anyone’s line of sight."

"You're being ridiculous," Campbell sighed.  But Harlow's persistence was charming.  He just wanted Campbell to be happy, to experience something nice.  But this was the first time Campbell had done anything like this in real life: it was already nicer than he could have ever imagined.

Campbell checked his phone.  52 minutes until the train arrived at Harlow's station.

"What if you sat sideways, and you could put your feet up on me?" Harlow asked. "That's a perfectly normal thing, isn't it?"

Campbell couldn't think of a single time when he saw a man put his feet up on another man's lap, but it was the kind of thing a girl would do with her boyfriend.  And Campbell was a little petty when it came to gender stereotypes.  So he nodded his head.

He turned so his back was to the wall, facing away from the window, and put his feet up on his Daddy's lap.  Under his jeans, the thickness of the diaper forced his thighs apart and the position felt a lot more vulnerable than Campbell anticipated.  Color crept up to his cheeks.

"You're such a good boy. You know, when you visit, we'll have to do this on my sofa. Except you won't have pants on then, and you'll just have your crinkles all visible and available for," and Harlow did lower his voice progressively during this little fantasy, "Daddy to see and touch and play with however he pleases."

"Haaarlow," Campbell whined, under his breath.

"Ah, ah.  Try again."

Campbell pouted and shook his head.  No way, absolutely not.  But Harlow put a hand over Campbell's thigh and inched it forward, between his legs.  He gently brushed his palm over the denim jeans, along his inner thigh, only a few inches from the diaper concealed beneath.  Campbell sunk lower into the seat and looked away.

"Try again," Harlow insisted.

Campbell glanced around.  At the sleeping woman.  He couldn't even see the couple anymore, with how he was sitting.  Finally, in a voice that was so quiet it was mostly just mouthing the word, he said: "Daddy..."

"Good boy," Harlow grinned.  He reached up and patted the front of Campbell's jeans to reward him, and a slight crinkle echoed between the two men.

"You know, we have to savor these moments," Harlow teased. "It won't be long before this is just the norm for you, after all. At first, maybe you’ll just forget what you're wearing, and when Daddy touches you, you'll blush and remember."

Harlow was so good at the 'from now on' narrative.

"I doubt I will ever forget this feeling," Campbell admitted with a small smile.  It was heavenly.  His first real diaper.  His first real Daddy.  It felt like all his dreams had come true.

"Maybe not forget," Harlow said, deciding to rephrase his teasing. "But it'll be normal.  Your baseline."

"That... doesn't sound so bad," Campbell blushed. 

Harlow knew it was a long trip on the train, and he wanted it to be entertaining; one of Campbell’s biggest fears was 'awkward pauses and silences' and the two didn't have the natural rapport in person just yet to completely stave that off with natural chemistry.  So Harlow said: 

"Do you wanna play a game? Do you know how to play Fortunately/Unfortunately?" 

Campbell shook his head.  He'd never heard of it before.  Harlow grinned.

"Okay, the rules are really simple! One of us starts by saying fortunately... and then something fortunate. And then the other replies with unfortunately... with something unfortunate and related. And we go back and forth until one of us messes up and then we swap who does which role. It's really simple and really fun."

"Alright... but you'll have to start, because I still don't think I understand." And Campbell had the sneaking suspicion that he would be better at the unfortunately side of things.  Not that he was intrinsically pessimistic, but skepticism came naturally to him.  Self-doubt.  That kind of thing.

"You got it, Crinkle Bell."

Harlow was beginning to really like that as a nickname for his little diapered baby boy; it had a nice ring to it.

"Unfortunately, we can’t play the Alphabet Game because you’d have to sit up," Harlow started.

"Wait, so I'm supposed to do a fortunately now?" Campbell asked.  His Daddy nodded.

"Mm... okay... fortunately, this game seems easier?" Campbell said it like a question, wanting to be sure he was playing this game right.  Harlow nodded in acknowledgement, but didn’t say anything because he didn’t want to stunt the flow of the game. Instead, he replied with:

"Unfortunately, I’m not sure if it’s easy enough for a baby as little as you are, squirt~"

"Fortunately, I'm a grown up!" Campbell shot back.

"Unfortunately, your attire says otherwise."

Campbell blushed. "Fortunately, I'm capable of a lot of grown up things to offset anything I'm wearing."

"Unfortunately, I haven't seen any examples of that," Harlow teased.

"Fortunately, I can prove it." Campbell swung his legs off his Daddy's lap and leaned forward on the seat.  He leaned up to kiss Harlow on the lips, but hesitated at the last second.  His eyes flickered around the train car.

The moment of hesitation was all that it took for Harlow to seize the opportunity and flip this one to his own advantage: in Campbell’s hesitation, Harlow leaned closer and kissed himl, instead of allowing the smaller of the pair to take the initiative. And it was a good, firm, wonderful, hot, very Daddy kiss, too. 


A possessive kiss.

After it melted away, Harlow smugly smiled and whispered directly into Campbell’s ear:

"Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure your diaper just got a whole lot less dry~"

"F-fortunately... that's not... true..." Campbell managed to mumble, but the kiss had slowed his thoughts to a halt.  The game was hard to keep up with, and all he could think about was the pressure on his lips that was no longer there.  He had to take a deep breath.

"Unfortunately, I don't think refuting my statement counts as your own statement," Harlow laughed. "I win."

"...fortunately..." No, unfortunately!  Campbell shook his head and leaned back again. "Yeah, okay.  You won that one.  But I think you cheated." 

"Feet," Daddy said, patting his thighs.  Campbell obeyed, putting his legs back up on Harlow like they were before.

"There’s Daddy’s good boy. Now it’s your turn, and you get to start with an unfortunately."

"Unfortunately, this game seems rigged," Campbell said sourly.  The lingering feeling of that kiss was still heavy on his mind.

"Fortunately you look so cute when you’re pouting like that, Crinkle Bell."

Campbell had a truly adorable pout, because his whole face got soft and slightly pink when he did. It was one of the cutest things about him, and one of the things that Harlow had been attracted to from the beginning.

"Unfortunately, that is the worst iteration of my nickname so far," Campbell said, sticking out his tongue.

"Fortunately, you’re going to look even cuter when we get your tongue pierced for Daddy."

The topic had come up a few times when discussing gender stereotypes.  Tongue piercings were such a slutty girl thing in movies and lewd stories, and Harlow had suggested (or playfully threatened - was there a difference?) that given the opportunity he’d take Campbell to get his done.

"Unfortunately, needles freak me out," Campbell sighed wistfully.  He had wanted to get his ears pierced in high school too, but never built up the courage.  There was something freeing about letting someone else make all his decisions, but the fear never quite went away.

"Fortunately, little kids often grow out of those fears."

When Daddy said this one, he made sure that his hand was resting on a part of Campbell’s pants where he could feel the subtle bulge of the diaper. Just a gentle reminder.

Campbell shuffled in place and looked down at Harlow's hand, curled around his thigh.  Fortunately, there was a part of Campbell that believed him.  Unfortunately, he lost another round of the game.  It seemed like, with his Daddy around, it was hard for Campbell to find anything at all unfortunate.

"Next stop, Policy Street Station."

"Oh, that's us!" Harlow nudged Campbell's feet off his lap and grabbed the diaper bag from the seat next to him.  Campbell hurried to follow suit, making their way to the sliding doors.  Before the train came to a stop, Harlow turned to Campbell and took his hand.

"It's getting late," Harlow said warmly. "I think the only thing we can really do from here is go back to my apartment.  So if you'd like to end our date here, I understand.  It's been a wonderful day."

Campbell stood frozen for a moment.  He hadn't thought about any of that.  It was almost dark out, and there was still an hour-long train ride back to his town.  But now that he was standing there, at the end of his time with Harlow, he really didn't want it to end.  Was that too much?  They had only just met each other...

"No wrong answers," Harlow gently reminded Campbell, because he knew full well from their conversations that Campbell often got lost in his own head, trying to figure out what the ‘right answer’ was. Harlow had reassured him time and again that, with him, there weren’t wrong answers. Everything was the right answer.

"Is it weird?" Campbell asked. "I mean... I want to spend more time with you, but... is it weird if..."

Harlow shook his head. "It's not weird.  I want to spend more time with you too."

Campbell nodded.  Then, if he got to choose... what he really wanted... 

"I want to get off at your stop."

Harlow was kissing Campbell when the train came to a stop at the platform; there was nobody else in the vestibule, but Harlow would have kissed Campbell either way. When the creaking, squealing wheels finally piped down and the doors slid open, he took his diapered baby boy by the hand and led him off the train and onto the platform: the platform that Campbell was supposed to have gotten off at in the first place. 

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The Second Stop

"Let’s sit on the bench over there," Harlow said. "I’ll let you to take a picture of my ID so you can send it to a friend and they’ll know where you are."

That kind of precautionary measure was hardly the topic of sexy online stories, but Harlow was a stickler for making sure that people engaged in safe habits.

Campbell read through the ID with roaring curiosity.  He wanted to know everything there was to know about Harlow, details nobody ever thought to ask about because it never really mattered.

"Your middle name is Emery?" Campbell asked. "What kind of middle name is that?"

"I mean, my first name is Harlow..." Harlow shrugged.

"Good point." Campbell took a picture and sent it to a friend online, another one of the friends he had never met in person.  Then he gave Harlow his license back.  Harlow tucked his ID into his wallet and put his wallet away, then he took Campbell by the hand in a firm embrace and began to lead him down the train platform.

"It’s about a ten minute walk to Daddy’s house, buuut… accounting for your waddling, and you probably needing Daddy to piggyback you half the way, it’ll probably be close to fifteen. Are you warm enough? Do you wanna wear Daddy’s hoodie?"

"I'm alright," Campbell promised.  The sun was still out - just barely - and the temperature hadn't dropped yet.  

The pair walked along a busy street for a little while, then turned onto the sidewalks of some side-streets.  Harlow didn't live in a very busy neighborhood, much to Campbell's relief.  But by the time they turned on Harlow's street, Campbell was starting to realize that Daddy's teasing wasn't unfounded.  Without the anxiety of people around, his attention turned to his own waddling.  The diaper really did make it harder to walk, and he found himself lagging behind once or twice.

"You know, maybe I should get you a stroller if we’re going to go on longer walks together?" Harlow suggested. "I know you’ll be a bit blushy at first, but once people see your diaper I think they’ll all understand why you’re in a stroller."

"I don't need a stroller," Campbell pouted, but with every step that resolve seemed to falter.  A stroller sounded kind of nice to Campbell right then...

Harlow and Campbell stopped outside a house.  It was a picituresque bungalow, with a veranda that ran from the front around the sides.  Not a huge place by any means, but Harlow lived alone and it was plenty enough for that purpose. His Vespa-style motor scooter sat around one side on a part of the veranda that he’d built a little ramp up to so he could store it outside.

"What do ya think?" Harlow asked, somewhere between proud and anxious.  His house wasn't the rich-ABDL-Daddy aesthetic, but it was his.  Truthfully, a small part of him was worried that his lifestyle might not be enough for Campbell.  But for Campbell, just about any lifestyle was enough.

"I like it a lot!" Campbell said happily. "I like it even more that you live alone."

"It does allow for a lot of freedom, like bringing cute boys home."

Harlow unlocked the front door and motioned Campbell inside. His house smelled really nice, like blackberry scented candles. Although Harlow wasn’t what anybody would describe as a neat-freak, he did keep things tidy.

"Living room is to the left," he prompted, closing the door behind the two of them. 

Notably, the living room didn’t have a TV; it did have two very nice matching leather sofas, and a perfectly sized oval oak-stained coffee table. But probably most surprising for a man his age was the fact that he had decor, and it was all tasteful. Pictures, shelves, accessories to bring it all together. Maybe, given the gay boy stereotype, it wasn’t surprising. Harlow didn’t know - he was pan, anyway. But this was his house, and he was proud of it. 

"Jeeze, you own all this...?" Harlow was only three years older than Campbell, but he had made it a lot higher up the ladder of life accomplishments.  Campbell was immediately relieved that he didn't invite Harlow back to his apartment.

"It’s mostly from thrift stores and college dorm sales, honestly," Harlow laughed. "Shop smarter, not harder, right? I used to do that kind of thing in MMOs and doing it in real life is pretty much the same."

Harlow wasn’t the sort to brag, though, and so he shifted the topic away from his possessions.

"Take a seat! Do you want something to drink?"

"Oh, uh... water, I guess?" Campbell never knew if "something to drink" meant alcohol or not.  He didn't drink anymore, not after one too many bad nights in college.  And it was probably too late for coffee.

Campbell sat awkwardly on the sofa, kicking his feet against the carpet.  It was a little demystifying, seeing Harlow's home.  Not in a bad way, but... everything suddenly felt more real.  Like Harlow was a real person, and not just a guy on the internet he happened to have a crush on.  A guy who had diapered him in the family bathroom at the mall like this was a kink story.  Sitting on the sofa, all that banter felt miles away, like it was with a different person.

Harlow was only in the kitchen for a minute or two, and when he came back to hand the drink to Campbell he had that silly proud smile as he watched Campbells face.

Processing. Loading. Processing.

Campbell was holding a blue sippie cup with sharks printed on the blue-tinted plastic.

"I dun need a sippie cup," Campbell argued, because he always argued online over silly stuff like that.  And because it was really unexpected that Harlow even had a sippie cup!  It was certainly purchased for Campbell, just like the diaper bag, just like the diaper.  It wasn't hard to see how invested Harlow was in Campbell's little kink.

"Oh, you need a baba instead? Here I was thinking that my little diaper boy was a big kid." Harlow was really good at teasing. 

"No... I am a big kid..." Campbell pouted and reached for the sippie cup, but Harlow pulled it away. 

"Ah, ah.  What do you say?"

"Daddy..." Campbell whined. "That's not fair.  You probably don't even have a baby bottle!"

"Do you want to take that chance?" Harlow smirked.

Campbell crossed his arms and took a moment to think about that.  Online, Campbell would fold.  Obviously there was always a grown-up sized baby bottle in an imaginary space.  But this was different... this, Campbell might actually be able to win.  He just had to gamble that Harlow hadn't over-prepared.

And why would he?  What if he didn't like Campbell?  What if the date was a bust?  Harlow would be stuck with all this baby stuff and nothing to do with it.  So Campbell took his shot.

"I dun need a sippie cup," Campbell said again.  Then he held his breath.

"Alright little man, Daddy will go make you a baba instead."

Harlow didn’t even skip a beat. There wasn’t even a moment of hesitation. But as he walked away, toward the kitchen, he counted silently in his head for how long it would take Campebll to get up and waddle after him.

One… two… three… four…

"Wait!" Campbell stumbled to his feet and hurried after his Daddy.  He couldn't be entirely sure that Harlow had a bottle for him, but his confidence shed a lot of doubt on Campbell's gambit.  Harlow turned around and tilted his head.

"You wanted something?" Harlow asked sweetly.

"...that," Campbell muttered, pointing at the sippie cup.

"Hm?  What was that?"

"I want... my sippie cup..." Campbell blushed.

"But I thought you were a big boy who didn't use sippie cups," Harlow repeated Campbell's words back at him.  Campbell shrunk down into himself and shyly looked at his feet.

"I'm not... um... I'm not a big boy..."

"That’s right, Crinkle Bell, you’re not a big boy at all. You’re Daddy’s little baby boy. And I think now that we’re home together, we need to make a little adjustment, don’t you?"

Harlow handed his baby the sippie cup, but then once his own hands were free, he pulled the boy close to him and began to unfasten his jeans. It was a crime for a diaper to be covered up inside the house, after all. Those were Campbell’s words from a conversation that they’d had online, and the diapered boy had a lot of opinions and fantasies that Harlow had committed to memory.

"Um... that's not really necessary..." Campbell tried to argue, but admitting he wasn't a big boy had already dropped him into a submissive headspace.  He held the sippie cup with both hands while his Daddy unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down to his feet, prompting him to step out.  Once he was pantsless, Harlow folded the jeans over his arm and led Campbell back into the living room.  In nothing but his shirt and a diaper, Campbell's resistance was shattered.

When Harlow got to the living room, he put the folded jeans on the arm of one of his sofas, and then he sat on the other. When Campbell looked from one sofa to the other, with blush red cheeks and a diaper that wouldn’t stop crinkling, Daddy made his wishes clear.

"Come sit on Daddy’s lap, Tiny Bell. Daddy will hold your sippie for you; you’re too little."

"I dun... um..." Campbell tried to come up with some excuse, but Daddy waved him over.  With a bit of resignation and a lot of anticipation, he toddled over to Daddy.  Harlow lowered Campbell down onto his lap, causing his diaper to crinkle, and took the sippie cup from his hands.  On Harlow's lap, Campbell was actually taller than him.

Harlow had, admittedly, never fed someone a bottle. Or a sippie cup. But he’d roleplayed it a lot with Campbell, but there were some things that didn't translate perfectly from the internet to real life.  It seemed like sitting on a grown man's lap and letting him feed you a sippie cup was one of those things.  Harlow tried to cradle Campbell in his arms a few different ways, until finally he found a comfortable position.  Campbell was a little slouched down, and his bottom was almost entirely off Harlow's lap, but his head fit perfectly in the crook of his arm and holding the sippie cup felt easy and natural.

As they worked their way through different poses, Campbell's anxiety began to rise.  He felt like maybe he was too big to be a little boy, or that their online games weren't things they could do in real life.  But once he found that spot in Harlow's arms, everything felt right again.  It felt good.  It felt easy.  And he felt small.

It wasn’t only Campbell who’d been anxious, either. Harlow - to whom this was a new thing - was worried about his own ability to perform in the role. But things had worked out well. Harlow stroked Campbell’s hair with his free hand, and shared some praise out loud.

"There’s a good boy. It’s hard to find a good spot on a new sofa, but you did great. Daddy’s proud. This is where you belong. In diapers, in my arms, and all mine."

Campbell mewed behind the spout of the sippie cup, but he didn't argue.  He didn't say anything at all.  His eyes fluttered closed and he sipped his water until the whole cup was gone.  When Daddy sat up him up again, it felt like the whole world was underwater.  Like he was at the bottom of that sippie cup, after Daddy had filled it.

"You’ve had an awful big day, for such an adorable little boy. Let’s go to Daddy’s room and we’ll cuddle up so you can take a well earned nap."

No question marks. No questioning infections. This was what Daddy said and what Daddy said was what good boys did. Campbell was a good boy.

"But... um..." A nap?  Campbell didn't want to take a nap!  He didn't want to waste any time with his Daddy!  But Campbell knew that a part of being a little boy was listening to Daddy.

Harlow helped Campbell up and led him to his bedroom.  It was well-decorated and very clean, almost as if it had been picked up in anticipation of something.  The whole house was cleaner than usual, and it wasn't a coincidence that it lined up with Harlow's date.  He started to turn down the bed, unfolding the blankets at one of the corners, while Campbell swayed awkwardly in just his diaper and t-shirt, shifting from foot to foot.

It had taken Harlow a few moments longer than he’d have liked for him to notice his boy swaying, and he thought a lot about online roleplays.  Harlow figured that Campbell probably needed to pee, but in the end, he simply decided to ask.

"Is everything okay, Crinkle Bell? You can tell Daddy if something’s on your mind."

"Huh?  Uh.  No.  I mean... uh.  I just..." A blush came over Campbell's cheeks.  Things were so different in real life, and they also weren't different at all.  If he asked to use the bathroom, Daddy would say no.  Or, he would if they were roleplaying online.  What would he say now?  And wasn't that kind of weird, peeing in front of a guy on the first date?  Campbell played shyly with the hem of his t-shirt.

"Use your words, Baby Bell. Do you need some pajamas? It’s only for a nap, but if you like you can wear one of Daddy’s pajama tops?" No bottoms, of course. Those weren’t for little diaper-wearing baby boys.

"No, um... I mean..." The idea of sleeping in Daddy's shirt sure was appealing to Campbell.  It wasn't even something he'd fantasized about before, but it felt like unlocking a new achievement in his brain. "You don't think this is too much, right?  Or too fast?  I mean, I'm in your bedroom..."

Immediately, Harlow shifted his tone. He stopped what he was doing and sat on the edge of the bed with a smile.

"I don’t think so. If I’m going too fast for you, that’s okay - we can talk about it. I want you to be comfortable. My goals were maybe for you to fall asleep cuddled up with me, maybe wet your diaper if you want to. And then I’d make dinner while you slept, and wake you up, maybe change you into a fresh diaper if you wanted, and see how we both felt after that."

Spelling it out like that did take away some of the mystique and romance, admittedly, but it also took away the ambiguity and that was way more important in the moment.

"How do you feel about my intentions? I wanna make you comfortable and happy."

"Um, I like all that... that sounds good... I just, I think I'm just anxious." 

Campbell laughed a little and ruffled his own hair.  He didn't know how to do this kind of thing, and it felt a little selfish to be getting everything he wanted so quickly.

"Is all this okay with you?" Campbell asked. "Like, you don't have to rush anything... I really do like you, so I'm not going to ghost you or anything. I don't want you to feel pressured to... uh... perform..." It wasn't the usual kind of performance one expected on a date, but to Campbell, it was comparable.

"I don't feel pressured at all. I hope I'm not making you feel pressured, either. I don't think any of this is outside my comfort zone, and I think it's all pretty appropriate for a first date. When you want to do something like mess your diaper, those are bigger talks to have. But I don't feel rushed, or pressured, or outside my comfort zone. This is all genuine want from me."

Harlow smiled and tilted his head.

"Penny for your thoughts?"

Campbell shook his head.

"No, no... I think I'm alright now.  I just wanted to make sure, that's all.  And, um... I don't know if I'll be able to fall asleep?  I mean, this isn't my bed, and you know how hard it can be for me to sleep."

"That's okay," Harlow smiled.  He reached out and took Campbell's hand in his, pulling him close. "You can just spend half an hour in here and relax while I cook."

Campbell nodded and Harlow wrapped his arms around him in a hug.  Then Harlow kissed Campbell gently on the lips.

"And," Harlow whispered, "it gives you some privacy to use your diaper."

Campbell's cheeks went crimson. "Hey!  I don't... that's not..."

"Mmhmm, I'm sure that potty dance of yours is just a coincidence," Harlow teased.

And right when Campbell thought he couldn't be any more embarrassed.

"Let me get you one of my pajama shirts," Harlow said as he went over to his drawers. He only wore one type of pajamas: warm, woolen, button-up shirts with long sleeves, and fluffy pajama pants, never in matched sets. He got a dark purple and black top out from the drawer, tossed it on the bed, and approached Campbell.

"Arms up, tiny boy. Daddy’s gonna get you into jimjams, okay?"

Harlow pulled the shirt up over Campbell's head and then Campbell was completely naked except for the diaper.  He felt so exposed, so vulnerable... he covered up his chest like a girl because he didn't know what else to do with his hands.  He was standing in front of another man in just a diaper, and Campbell knew they were not equals at that moment.

Harlow was a little taller than Campbell, but not by much. However he was quite a bit broader and stockier, and that meant that when he wrapped his pajama shirt around Campbell and pulled the boys arms through, it looked positively huge on him. Which had the knock-on effect of making Campbell look positively diminutive. The top came down almost all the way past his diaper, and the sleeves had a good 3 inches past his hands. It was a very cute look.

"I'm gonna need to keep an eye on my hoodies, aren't I? You seem very much the Boyfriend’s Hoodie kinda boy~"

"I am," Campbell admitted, blushing a little and playing with the long sleeves.  With clothes on again - clothes that were actually more concealing than his other ones - Campbell was feeling less nervous.  Of course, he still had to pee.

"In you get," Harlow said, ushering his charge into bed.  Campbell didn't hesitate to follow the instruction.

Campbell crawled up onto the bed, diapered butt up in the air, and then shimmied over to the far side, reaching for covers that were out of his grasp. Which was perfectly fine, because Harlow got into bed next to him and pulled the covers up enough for the two of them.

"Who'd have thought Daddy would wind up with the cutest boy in town in his bed tonight? I'm very lucky, aren't I, Baby Bell?"

"If you say so," Campbell blushed.

He leaned up and kissed his Daddy on the lips, and Daddy kissed him back.  And one kiss led to another, and another, and another.  Daddy's hand wrapped around the boy and pulled him close, tracing lines down his side to the wing of his diaper.  Making it crinkle.  And Campbell found himself pressing closer and closer to Daddy's body as Daddy pressed their lips together.

After a while, Campbell didn't care that it was their first date.  He didn't care that they just met today.  He was the happiest he'd ever been.

But Harlow pulled away and put a finger to Campbell's waiting lips.

"Nap time for my little boy."

"Noooooo," Campbell whined, trying to pull in for another kiss.

"You aren't acting up, are you?" Harlow warned. "I'd hate to punish my Crinkle Bell."

The word punish echoed in Campbell's head.  Punish.  Like a spanking.  Or a show of ownership.  Force over him.  Campbell wanted that very much.  But then Harlow said:

"Bad boys don't get rewards.  Only good boys, who take naps when they're told and wake up in a wet diaper."

Campbell hesitated.  He didn't want to be a good boy!  He didn't want delayed gratification!  He wanted Harlow, and he wanted kisses!  But the promise of a "reward" was powerful.  When they roleplayed, sometimes that was a sexy thing.  Usually, it was a sexy thing.  In that moment, Campbell was so wound up that he wanted a sexy thing.

"I'm not gonna have an accident," Campbell argued, but his tone was pouty and small.

"Then you'll have an on-purpose," Harlow teased. "Once you get used to being back in diapers, your on-purposes will become accidents and then surprises, and Daddy is very excited for that day. Now you snuggle in and take your nap. Daddy will wake you up when your diaper needs changing and dinner is ready."

Harlow was incredibly fucking turned on; there were no two ways about that. He was comprised of approximately 176% lust in that moment, so not ravishing his boy was extremely hard.

And so was he.

In the kitchen, Harlow remembered reading once that breakfast cereal was invented to stop people from touching themselves and getting off. And he hoped that cooking would have the same outcome for him, because his head was buzzing with arousal. 

It wasn’t the plan to have Campbell come home with him, but he'd anticipated the possibility and made sure he had enough food in his fridge. It wouldn't be fancy; he was, quite literally, a steak and potatoes kind of guy. But his steak was excellent. And his potatoes were pretty good, too. Neither made a very baby boy meal, but he figured if he cut up all the food into pieces and only gave Campbell a fork or spoon, then it would be close enough.

So Harlow cooked. He made steak, he made potatoes, and he eyed a bottle of wine atop his fridge in a neat diamond shaped rack. He eventually decided to maybe open it after dinner. And by the time he finished cooking, by the time he finished plating up, by the time he finished cutting Campbell’s food into bite size pieces, Harlow's arousal...

...had not diminished in the slightest.

Damn you, Mr. Kellogg, he thought. You don't know shit, apparently.

All the while, Campbell laid in bed, looking up at the ceiling of his Daddy's room.  A stranger's room, before today.  Campbell wondered how many times he would see that ceiling again, lying on his back in Daddy's bed...

For the first time since he was diapered, Campbell was alone.  He quickly threw off the covers and lifted up Daddy's shirt, inspecting the front of his diaper.  It had cartoon teddy bears on the landing zone, and colorful patterns on the wings.  They were modeled after a baby diaper, with a wetness indicator between the legs, but these ones were plastic and crinkly.  They were embarrassing.  They were adorable.  They were everything Campbell wanted in a first diaper.

And gosh, were they thick.

He pulled up on the waistband, tugging a little bit at each tape.  They were on pretty tight, but all the walking had loosened the fit around his waist.  He put his hand between his legs like he did at home and pressed his fingers to the plastic.  It felt so different from the cheap ones on Amazon.

Campbell's brain pulled him in two directions.  The first was primal and needy.  His Daddy left him alone, and he was so turned on.  He wanted to rub his diaper until he came.  But it felt disrespectful, touching himself while he was on a date.  He should at least wait until he got home.

The second urge he had was to use the bathroom.  To feel the relief of giving in, of being a good little boy for his Daddy.  To feel the heat on his skin as the diaper grew heavy and wet.  But Campbell had only wet a diaper a dozen or so times, and they had leaked more than once.  If he leaked on the bed, he would absolutely die of embarrassment!

In the end, Campbell decided to test fate.  He got out of bed and stood awkwardly in the middle of his Daddy's dark bedroom.  The sky outside was almost black, and the room was heavy with shadows.  It took him a while - maybe five or so minutes - but he did indeed have an on-purpose.  Then he crawled back into bed and rolled onto his stomach to keep his hands from finding their way to the front of his soggy diaper.

Campbell was just about to fall asleep, or maybe he'd been asleep for a few minutes, when Harlow opened the door.  Without a break in his stride, Harlow came over to the bed, gently peeled back the covers, and slid a finger into the back leg band of Campbell's diaper.

"Oh!  My!  God!" Campbell shouted out of embarrassment.  His sleepiness disappeared like the flick of a switch.  Surprised, Campbell quickly rolled over and tried to cover himself up with the blanket.  His cheeks were burning, but the room was still too dark to notice.

"Not God, just Daddy," Harlow said. "But I guess at your age there isn't much of a difference. And you made Daddy proud, Baby Bell; you soaked your diapers just like I knew that you would."

How long would a diaper change take? Harlow wondered. 5 minutes? Food was a little too hot, and he needed to give it time to cool off anyway.

"Daddy should get your diaper changed before you eat, huh squirt?"

"Um... y-yeah... that's..." Campbell blushed furiously and looked away from Harlow.  Every word his Daddy said to him sent Campbell further and further into submission.  Soaking his diapers.  Needing a change.  The soggy diaper between his legs sent shivers up his spine.  Campbell had been such a good little Daddy's boy.

Harlow figured this change would be easier than doing it in a public restroom. He put the diaper bag on the bed and motioned for Campbell to pivot about so he was facing the edge of the bed.

"That's right, Baby Bell, just like that. Now lay back down for Daddy, so we get this wet diaper off you and get you into something fresh and dry... for as long as that lasts."

"Daddy..." Campbell mumbled, looking at the ceiling with embarrassment.  He couldn't even meet Harlow's eyes.

Harlow turned on the bedside lamp so he could see what he was doing, then unfolded another diaper from the diaper bag.  The same kind, Campbell's favorite.  Campbell would often glance down and look at it, just to remind himself that he would be wearing that soon.  That he was already wearing one, and he'd already wet it.  The diaper felt tighter around Campbell's hips.

Harlow untaped the diaper and peeled it down between his legs. The inside was sodden, and he was pleased to see that his baby boy was just as turned on and he was. He used baby wipes to tenderly start to wipe down Campbells skin; his thighs, between his legs, and then he turned his attention to cleaning up the boy’s cock. He was gentle with his motions: slow, methodical, and deliberate. 

Swipe. Swipe. Swipe. Lift his ankles. Slide a new diaper underneath; just to rest him atop of, not to fasten yet.

"Remember your colors, Crinkle Bell. You remember for Daddy, don't you?"

"Y-yes Daddy..." Campbell muttered.  Ever since the wet diaper was untaped, Campbell had been unable to quell his arousal.  Even as the cold wipe slid up his shaft, it remained erect and eager.  The crinkle of the fresh diaper only fueled the fire, and the soft dry padding beneath his bottom sent a shiver up his spine.  But Daddy didn't tape his diaper on; he took out another wipe and wrapped it around his cock.

"You're such a good boy," Daddy said warmly.

Without even thinking, Campbell nodded his head.  He was a good boy.

Daddy was a polite man, and a well dressed man, and a man who made a good steak to boot. But he was also only a human, and he could contain his arousal only so much. He'd wrapped a fresh baby wipe around Campbell’s cock, and wrapped his fingers around the wipe. It was cold to the touch, but Campbell didn’t shrink away.

With all the expert of a man who spent his high school years in other boys’ beds, Harlow began to slowly, and oh-so-intentionally, stroke Campbell’s pretty, needy, hard-as-a-steel-girder cock. 

"Daddy just has to make sure that his baby boy is nice and clean." Harlow’s words were honeyed, but his breath was short and catching. "By the time Daddy is done, you're going to permanently be Daddy's little  boy, because only... only Daddy's little boy, only my little boy would be so turned on right now."

"Mmm... y-yeah..." That made sense to Campbell.  What kind of grown man would be so aroused getting his diaper changed?  He had to be a little boy.  Daddy's little boy.

"And this feeling, this arousal," Harlow said sweetly in his low voice, "this is what it's like to wet your diapers for Daddy.  Doesn't it feel so good?"

"Mmmmm... mmhmm..."

"What was that?" Daddy's tone was suddenly sharp, and Campbell replied instinctively.

"Y-yes Daddy... it feels so good..." Campbell's body seemed to move on its own, twisting its hips and gently thrusting his cock into the baby wipe.  Already, the coldness was gone and it felt warm and pleasant.

"And this is how Daddy conditions his little baby boy to love his diapers," Harlow said warmly. This particular fantasy was an ongoing one for Campbell, and Daddy was all too happy to play into it. "To need his diapers, and to only ever want the pleasure that comes from wetting his diapers."

Harlow was gentle and slow and purposeful with each motion; it wouldn't do to have Campbell getting off too quickly. The boy would cum when Daddy said he could cum.

"Tell Daddy you want to be in diapers all the time, Baby Bell. Tell Daddy you want to feel this way all the time. Tell Daddy what a little Daddy's boy you are."

"I... I wanna be in diapers all the time, Daddy... I'm your baby boy..." Campbell quivered under his Daddy's words, like waves of arousal through his mind.  He thrust himself into Daddy's hand, but Harlow pressed down on his hips to keep him steady.

"My my," Harlow teased, running his thumb along the underside of Campbell's cock. "So eager, so impatient... you don't seem to have any control over your body, hm?"

"Mmmmmm..." Campbell whimpered and his body once again tried to grind against his Daddy's hand.  This time, it failed.  He was helpless.  He couldn't control himself, and he was at Daddy's whims.

"Daddy is in control, my sweet submissive little diaperslut," another word that Campbell had dug his own grave with by sharing with Harlow, "and Daddy decides when... or if... his baby gets to cum."

Harlow’s voice was firm, his grasp tender. His authority absolute. Campbell wasn't just drowning; he was at the bottom of the ocean and Daddy was his only light.

Campbell had never been in this position before, not in real life.  He'd never had someone control every part of his body, every part of his mind.  He'd never been so submissive, so helpless, so needy... it was like opening a door to a whole new world.  A new Campbell, the kind of little boy he always wanted to be.  A little diaperslut with no control.

"Please, Daddy... please... please, lemme cum... I'm a good boy... such a good boy..." The words spilled automatically from Campbell's mouth.  The humiliation came like a hurricane, but not even it was enough to censor his truest feelings.

Daddy had a lot more experience with sex than Campbell did, and it showed in everything he did. It showed in the way he teased, it showed in the way he expertly brought Campbell to the edge and eased him back, over and over, and over and over. And it showed in his final move: he slid his hand - and the baby wipe - all the way down to the base of Campbells cock... and kissed the head. Just once. 

But once was more than enough to give Campbell the push he needed.

Campbell wiggled and squirmed on the bed as waves of pleasure pulled him under.  As all his feelings of embarrassment and helplessness stirred themselves into a perfect storm.  As Daddy's lips touched his cock and he felt himself explode.  Warm, sticky cum ran down his shaft, pooling around the base, and oozing down his bottom.  It soaked into the diaper underneath him as he whimpered and moaned, trying to grab hold of his body like a bucking horse.  But it was hopeless.  He was helpless.  He let go of the reins and surrendered to the orgasm.  The orgasm Daddy gave him.

Campbell was still shivering and moaning when he felt Daddy pull the diaper up between his legs.  The soft padding pressed down on his cock, squeezing more of his cum out onto his skin, only to be absorbed into the fresh diaper seconds later. 

"Come on, Baby Bell, Daddy made dinner - I bet you've worked up an appetite."

Daddy grinned cheekily and stood up, stretching his back, and admired the beautiful boy before him. 

It was one heck of a first date.

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  • 1 month later...

The Third Train

Campbell stood on the station platform and looked down at his phone.  4 minutes until the train arrived.  He was wearing his clothes again - all of them - but the cum-soaked diaper was still taped around his hips.  His day with Harlow was better than anything he could have ever imagined.

"Thank you," Campbell said, because he thought it was only fair to show his appreciation.

"No, thank you," Harlow said, and put a hand on his cheek. "I didn't know how wonderful it would be to have a baby boy like you in my life, and now I'm starting to understand what I've been missing all this time.  You have nothing to be ashamed of; I love this part of you."

Campbell nodded shyly.  Ever since he started talking to Harlow online, he kept wondering when he would get bored of it.  When he'd get tired of taking care of another grown man.  When he'd start finding diapers gross.  But that was the first time that Campbell considered: maybe, never.

"Next week, same time?" Campbell asked.

"Of course.  Get off at the right station this time."

"Oh no!" Campbell smacked himself in the forehead. "I forgot to get more motion sickness meds!  This train ride is gonna suck!"

Harlow reached into his pocket and pulled out a little bottle.  They were from his medicine cabinet back home, but the expiration date hadn't passed.  He put them in Campbell's coat pocket.

"Keep 'em." 

"Thanks.  You're such a good Daddy." 

Campbell checked his phone again.  2 minutes.

"I hate this part," Campbell said.

"Me too," Harlow sighed. "But we can talk online all week.  And hey, next time bring a backpack so you can take a few diapers home."

Campbell nodded.  He took a step forward and grabbed onto his Daddy's coat like a little kid.  He looked up at Harlow and Harlow looked down at him, and they shared one more kiss.  The last kiss of the first date.

In the distance, the sound of a train whistle blew.


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