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This story is one of the sequels of the Happy Family. It is Johnny’s story after closing the Happy Family.

 Part 1:

 Johnny was sitting in his stroller and his adoptive mother Alice was driving the stroller. They were approaching their house. There was a letter in the post box and Alice read the sender: ‘The district court‘, She was a bit surprised; Alice didn’t pay too much attention to the local news and she enjoyed taking care of Johnny. He was a very good baby due to the fact he often was in his adult mode. Anyway at that moment he was not.

 Alice entered her house, put the letter onto the table and focused on the small boy. He was smiling at her as usually. Alice checked his diaper and put him onto the changing table. His diaper was soaked and Alice still was a little confused about the changes in his behavior. Nobody told her about the adult mode and Johnny himself couldn’t speak yet. When he was in adult mode he always notified Alice of his urge and she could put him onto the potty in time. He sometimes wished he could be without diapers in these periods. However the adult periods were not regular and Alice didn’t understand why he sometimes notified her and sometimes not:

 “Johnny, you are all wet,” she pretended being strict, but the small boy laughed at her. Of course, she wasn’t angry, cleaned him and carried him into his room. She put a lot of effort to building a home for her desired child and his nursery was beautiful with a comfortable crib, a small cabinet and many toys. The walls were painted in pastel colors and there were pictures hanging on them.

 Alice put Johnny on the floor and went back to the kitchen to open the letter. She opened it and a cold chill ran down her spine. Her idyll was over suddenly. The investigators had found her and her husband and they had to give Johnny back to his biological parents. Alice had to read the letter several times until she broke into tears and called Henry, her husband. He was still at work, but he promised her to come home immediately.

 Johnny didn’t understand what had happened, but he felt that it was something bad. He started crying as well and Alice ran to him and lifted him onto her arms:

 “My little boy, your mom has to give you away. It shouldn’t have happened.”

 Henry came half an hour later, read the letter and fear appeared in his eyes: “Oh my God! Hopefully we won’t be charged of kidnapping.” Alice startled; she didn’t think of this possibility.

 Later in the evening when Johnny was asleep already, Henry hugged his wife: “My dear Alice, what have we done? I don’t regret the money, but imagine the poor mother. We have to try to make up for our deed.”

 Alice nodded: “I hope his mother will understand us. Henry, I love Johnny and I don’t know what I do if he is away.”


Johnny was scared when his mom was crying and he didn’t understand why. He was sad and couldn’t fall asleep for a long time. His sleep was restless as well. The next morning he awakened and realized he was in the adult mode. He tried to remember what had happened yesterday. However Alice didn’t read the letter aloud and he didn’t know about it exactly. Johnny could read, but the letter was far from his reach on the kitchen table.

 His bladder was quite full, but he didn’t want to disturb his mom after yesterday. There was no watch in his room, but it was early in the morning and she was probably asleep. Johnny reached down to his crotch and checked his diaper. It was thick and not very wet. He probably wet only once in the night. Although he often was in adult mode, he wet his diaper every time he was asleep and didn’t like it. Now he was wet and had to pee. The adult in baby body had to decide what to do.

 He checked his footed sleeper and found out he would be able to unbutton it, but the diaper was taped shut and it was a problem for his tiny fingers. Moreover he couldn’t get out of the crib without risk of an accident. Johnny had to choose between calling his mom and wetting the diaper for the second time.He stood up to call when the pressure in his bladder grew too much and a hot stream of pee soaked into the diaper. Johnny sighed and lied down.

 Alice woke up about half an hour later and came to check on Johnny. Tears were running down her cheeks when she was lifting him from the crib: “My little Johnny, your true mom has found you and we have to give you back.” This time Johnny realized what had happened yesterday; he smiled at Alice and stroked her cheek. He wished he could tell her some soothing words. Alice stared at him in an utter surprise: “Johnny, do you understand me?” He nodded and Alice almost dropped him.

 While she was cleaning him on the changing table, Alice asked Johnny: “You sometimes notified me of your urge to pee or poop. Will you do it now?” He nodded again and Alice didn’t put a diaper on him. However she was curious about how long his state lasted: “Johnny, how long can you notify me?” Johnny closed his eyes and pretended a sleep. Alice nodded.

 At the breakfast Johnny took a small spoon and fed himself easily; his bib was almost clean. He notified his mom of his urge to poop and Alice put him onto the potty in time. The small boy surprised her again when he took a children book and started reading.

 Suddenly the bell rang and a police officer along with a couple was standing on the porch:

 “Good morning. Mrs. Dotson; you probably know why we are here,” the officer started the talk: “Let me introduce Sean’s parents Mr. and Mrs. Swanson. Their son has been captured by the Happy Family and you bought him. His true name is Sean  Swanson.”

 Alice almost collapsed and tears were running down her cheeks. Johnny/Sean crawled to her and hugged her legs. Mrs. Swanson caught Alice and turned to the officer: “Would you be so kind and wait outside until we get our Sean. I think your assistance isn’t necessary just now.” He nodded and went back to his car. Mrs. Swanson turned to Alice: “Can we go in and do everything in a friendly way?” Alice nodded and invited them to the living room. Sean was following them. Mrs. Swanson lifted him on her arms:

 “Sean, do you remember me? I’m your mom Helen and you have a sister Susan.”

 At that moment Sean recalled everything. The names of his mom and sister were enough to give him his memories back. He nodded and hugged his mom. All of sudden he realized he considered Alice his mom seconds before. Alice was a good and loving mom during the few days. He tried to speak: “M-m”, he pointed at Helen: “M-m” he pointed at Alice.

Helen smiled at him: “Sean, can you have two moms?” and he nodded. His adult mind wanted to find an optimal solution. If his mom did an agreement with Alice, they wouldn’t hurt Alice that much.

“Sean, do you really want we both be your moms?” The small boy nodded and smiled happily.

Alice cried: “I … I … love him truly. I’m barren and we considered the Happy Family a legal institution. They promised us to perform everything necessary and provided us all documents. Sorry for being that naïve. I really didn’t want to steal a child from his parents. I’ll do everything and I give you all you need for the small Jo … Sean. Can I see him once a month at least?”

They sat down at the table and Helen turned to her husband: “Adam, what do you think?”

He nodded: “Helen, this lady seems to be sincere and Sean probably loves her too,” Sean smiled and nodded immediately.

Helen realized Alice was really a desperate woman who couldn’t have her own children and did a mistake instead of a regular adoption. She loved Sean and Sean loved her:

“Mrs. Dotson, I don’t mind if you come to see Sean whenever you want to. However I don’t know if I can ask you for a favor. Do you know anybody who can babysit Sean while we are at work?”

Alice’s heart jumped: “Mrs. Swanson, I’m willing to do it personally and for free; it would be a pleasure for me to be with him every day. I gave up my job when we adopted Jo … Sean and my husband is a manager in a big company; so he is able to earn our living without problems.”

Helen smiled: “It is a good idea for you as well. Let’s take Sean home now. Would you be so kind and give him some clothing?”

“Of course, you can have everything,” Alice stood up and left for packing Sean’s clothing and toys.

Sean poked Helen: “E -e,” he pointed at his crotch. Helen realized he wasn’t wearing any diaper and turned to Alice:

“Is Sean potty-trained already?”
“Not exactly. He seems to have periods when he understands me and he is just in this state.” Helen remembered the news articles about Happy Family experiment and the adult mode. Alice showed her the bathroom and Helen sat Sean on a potty.

Half an hour later they were ready to leave and Alice gave them the car seat for Sean. Before leaving Helen turned to Sean: “Sweetheart, we have a longer way ahead. I should put a diaper on you.”

Sean sighed, but he nodded; his bladder was small and he wasn’t able to hold his pee long; he also could fall asleep and get back to the toddler mode. Helen lifted him onto a couch and put a diaper on him again.

Alice was standing in the doorframe and waving at Sean while Helen put him into the car seat and Adam sent the police officer away. He didn’t want to do any accusation against the poor woman.

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Part 2:

 Adam drove off and they were heading back home. Dotson’s lived in the neighboring town and they have to drive for about an hour including the traffic jams. In that morning a traffic accident happened and they had to wait even longer. Sean hoped he wouldn’t have to use his diaper; he preferred using potty in his adult mode. However he felt the urge already when they stopped in the jam and started fidgeting in the car seat. His legs were held slightly apart in the seat and he couldn’t press them together. They were still standing when his bladder muscles gave up the fight.

 It took almost another hour until they could continue and the urge appeared again; he could watch Helen fidgeting in her seat as well. As they were approaching the house, he had to pee into the diaper again. Sean was uncomfortable and wanted the diaper removed, but Helen ran to the bathroom first. He had to wait in the car seat, but Susan appeared first and lifted him from the seat: “Welcome home, my little Sean.” She hugged him tightly and gave him a kiss on his forehead.

Sean was taken aback by her behavior. Susan was younger than him and they were arguing constantly. Sean was a typical teenager, loved bikes and rock music while Susan loved beautiful clothes and endless talking with her friends. The siblings even fought several times and their mother often had to reconcile them.

The Susan who was holding him in her arms was a different girl. She showed him a true love. She put him to the floor, took him at hand and took the diaper bag from the trunk: “Let’s change this nasty wet diapee on your behind,” she carried him to the bathroom and put him on the large towel. Sean waited until Susan cleaned him and put a new diaper on him even if he didn’t want it. When she finished, she tossed the used diaper into the trashcan and lifted Sean: “You are hungry, my little bro, aren’t you? Sean was hungry indeed after the long morning and journey.

The whole family met in the dining room; Alice gave them the high chair and Sean was sitting in it. He didn’t like it as well in his adult mode, but he had to admit it was comfortable and safe. He was able to eat even if Susan wanted to feed him first. However Helen reminded her of Sean’s adult mode and explained her about it. Susan stared at her mother:

“How is it possible, mom?”

“I don’ t know exactly, but the regression machine failed somehow.”

“Okay, mom. Does it mean he has his adult mind now?”

“I think yes.”

Susan grinned: “Bro, it is quite interesting; I have my older brother in a baby body. What would you say if I babysat you?” Sean grinned as well and nodded.

Helen turned to Susan: “It would be nice of you. When you are at school, the adoptive mother promised to help us. She loves him very much.”

Susan was taken aback by her mother’s words, but she decided not to ask more. However she realized another problem: “Bro, we can’t argue now; you can’t speak.” She started thinking of a way how to communicate with her baby brother. She was looking forward to taking care of him, but she missed the arguments.

After the lunch Susan lifted Sean from the high chair and put him on the floor. He was crawling slowly and exploring the house again. Susan took him at hand and led him to his former room: “Sean, we have to re-arrange your room a little.” Sean nodded and yawned; he needed a nap. Susan checked his diaper and finding it dry she put the footed sleeper onto him. She often babysat and liked it very much; particularly if she could take care of her own brother: “Good night, bro,” she kissed his forehead and covered him.

Susan walked to the kitchen and helped her mom at dishes. She was curious about the adoptive mother:

“Mom, did the adoptive mother really want to babysit? Do you trust her?”

“Susan, Sean was cuddling to her when we came to get him. She was crying sincerely. I’m sure she would be a good babysitter and she is looking forward to see him again.”

“Okay, mom. Anyway I’d like to take care of him as much as possible. He is cute and we can’t argue anymore. It is a strange situation; I babysit my older brother.”

Helen smiled at her: “Looks like Sean will have three loving caretakers; he is a lucky boy now.”

Sean woke up two hours later and he was in his baby mode. The diaper was heavy and wet between his legs, but he didn’t mind it, crawled down from his bed and towards the door. Helen noticed him and opened the door: “Come, my little boy,” she smiled, lifted him on her arms and carried to the bathroom. Helen and Susan managed to unpack all his clothing, the changing table and stroller. Alice promised to bring the crib later in the afternoon. Now Helen put Sean onto the changing table and grinned: “How are you, Sean?” His reaction revealed his baby mode; he smiled and laughed when she poked him gently.

As soon as he was clean and dressed, Susan appeared: “Mom, can I take Sean to the park?”

Helen nodded: “Of course, but don’t forget his diaper bag and bottle. Give him some tea just now; he probably is thirsty.”

Susan nodded, got a baby bottle and gave it to Sean. He was able to hold it and drink even in his baby mode. Susan refilled the bottle, put Sean into the stroller, took a couple of diapers and left for the park. Sean was sitting in the stroller and looking around curiously. The surroundings were not familiar to him; in the morning he remembered everything in his adult mode, but now he has to discover it again. Meanwhile the tea passed his body and his bladder filled. His baby mode let him relax the muscles and pee into the diaper before they arrived at the park.

The girls were awaiting Susan already and they were enthusiastic about the small Sean and he kept smiling at them. Susan was talking about his adult mode, but unfortunately she couldn’t demonstrate it: “Girls, hopefully we are lucky tomorrow.” She lifted Sean from the stroller and held him in her arms. The small boy seems to be comfortable and he didn’t mind when she passed him to another girl.

Susan took the bottle and let Sean drink the tea again. He apparently was thirsty and drank all tea. At the same moment the girl holding him felt the warmness in his diaper: “Hey, Susan, we should change him.” She grinned, put Sean onto a bench and pulled down his pants: “Susan, give me a clean diaper; it is fun to change your older brother.”

All girls seemed to have fun at taking care of Sean and they stayed with Susan until it was time to go home for dinner. Sean enjoyed the time as well even if he wasn’t able to understand them. He even cried a little when they had to go home. However his mood improved instantly when he spotted Alice. She just arrived and brought the crib. Sean stretched his arms towards her and she lifted his in her arms. At that moment Susan realized Alice loved him indeed.

Alice stayed for an hour and took care of Sean; she put him into the high chair and fed him dinner. He was a content little boy and ate everything. Alice smiled at him and she looked happily. She waited until he pooped in his diaper and changed him. Sean kept cuddling to her and she left only when he had fallen asleep. Helen and Alice made a schedule and Alice should come on Monday in the morning. It was Friday and they had the whole weekend ahead.


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Part 3:

On Saturday Susan got up and hurried to Sean’s room; she was curious about his actual mode. The adult mode was welcome, but she liked the baby mode as well. This mode provided her lot of opportunities to take care of him and even playing with him. Susan often babysat and she loved little children; she always asked for toddlers or even babies. On the other hand she wanted to do an experiment and the adult mode was necessary for it.

Sean was asleep and his face expression was peaceful and content. She leaned down and checked his diaper; it was soaked to the leaking point. At the same moment Sean opened his eyes spat out the pacifier and smiled at her. He apparently was in his baby mode. Susan lifted him and he hugged her tightly. She carried him to the bathroom and unbuttoned the sleeper. Sean waved his tiny legs happily while she was cleaning and changing him.

Susan spent a pleasant morning with Sean, but she couldn’t wait his nap in a hope he would wake up in the adult mode. Finally she put him into his crib, covered him and hurried up to her room. Her plan was quite simple. Sean wasn’t able to speak, but his motor skills allowed him to type on the keyboard. She carried the high chair to her room and arranged her computer in a position where Sean would be able to reach the keyboard. As soon as everything was ready, she made a coffee and sat down in the kitchen. Her parents left for a visit and she was alone with Sean.

Two hours later Sean opened his eyes and he was in the adult mode indeed. His diaper was heavy and his bladder almost full. He stood up in the crib and tried to call his mom: “M-m, m-m”.

Susan came immediately: “Sean, mom has left for a visit, we are alone here.” He nodded and his look revealed the mode. Susan lifted him form the crib and carried to the bathroom. When she undid his diaper, Sean tried to notify her of his urge: “E-e,” he pointed at his crotch. However Susan didn’t understand him correctly; after all she was use to babies:

“I know; you peed in your diaper. Let’s put a clean one on you.”

Sean sighed; he wished he could explain Susan what he wanted.Susan diapered and dressed him and she carried him to the high chair. At that moment Sean realized her intention and nodded. It was a good way and he finally could talk to her. Unfortunately it was too late for the potty. He peed into the diaper before the computer booted.

When Susan opened a text document, he leaned forward and his tiny fingers moved on the keyboard quickly:

“Hey, sis, I wanted you to put me on the potty. I don’t need a diaper when I’m in adult mode.”

Susan was taken aback by his first message and stroked his hair: “Sorry, bro; I didn’t understand you.”

Sean smiled and typed: “It’s OK, but you could remove the diaper now; I had to pee in it. We can continue afterwards.”

Susan nodded and lifted him from the high chair; she removed the wet diaper, cleaned him and put him back onto the high chair: “Sean, do you remember anything? I’m quite curious what happened in the damn company.”

“Sorry, sis. I don’t remember how I got to the villa, but I remember several babysitters; two of them were very kind to us and their names were Charity and Joan. Do you have any idea what happened to them?”

Susan shook her head: “No, Sean, but we can ask mom when she comes home. What should we do until then? We have a whole afternoon ahead. What would you say to a walk in the park? We were there yesterday.”

Sean shrugged; he had a foggy memory of the park from yesterday. Susan’s friends were blabbering and they had a big fun with him. It was a bit strange to him. He would prefer to date one of them, but they were babysitting him instead.

“Are you going to talk with your friends and babysit me like yesterday? Sis, I was taken aback by your behavior. We usually didn’t have the best relationship and argued often. When you spotted me in the car seat, you seemed to be another girl. Can you explain me it?”

Susan hesitated; she realized the sudden change of her attitude: “It was an instinctive change, bro. We girls have something like maternal instinct. I often babysit and always prefer the smallest children. It is a fun for me to take care of your baby form.”

She made a short pause and grinned at him: “I was afraid we couldn’t argue anymore, but my idea with the computer blew away all my worries.”

Sean had to laugh: “Are you really missing them, sis?” his fingers were moving quickly on the keyboard. He suddenly stopped when he felt wetness on his crotch; his bladder let loose while he was laughing. Sean blushed and reached down to the wet spot.

Susan noticed it quickly and laughed as well: “Bro, your bladder seems to be weaker than you think. I’ll put a diaper on you better.” She lifted him from the high chair before he could reply; she had the upper hand in their argument. Sean couldn’t do anything but let her clean him and put a diaper on him.

Susan put Sean into the stroller and strapped him: “Well, bro, we are ready to leave for the park. You are thirsty probably.” Sean nodded and she gave him the bottle of tea. He drank it all, but he realized the consequences. Susan would have to change him before they come back and it would be embarrassing. He wished he could hold his pee as long as possible, but that task was quite tricky due to his tiny bladder.

Susan refilled the bottle, took several spare diapers with her and set off. While she was walking and pushing the stroller, she was thinking of her intention to show the adult mode to her friends. However it seemed to be difficult; she didn’t have a computer with her. Suddenly an idea hit her mind:

“Sean, would you be angry at me if I wanted to show your adult mode? I could ask you questions you could answer yes or no. Is it acceptable for you?”

 Sean sighed; he felt like a trained monkey. The image of a little boy talking with adolescent girls was quite odd and the diaper between his legs was embarrassing. What if they lifted him on their arms and felt the diaper? It was still dry, but the tea was filling his bladder already.

They were approaching the park and Sean was fidgeting in a vain effort to stay dry. Susan spotted her friends and at the same moment Sean wasn’t able to hold his pee anymore; he blushed when his bladder gave up the fight and the garment between his legs grew warm and heavy. It wasn’t soaked yet, but they only arrived at the park.


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I'm enjoying this sequel. The idea is very interesting.

I don't remember reading the first part on DD before is it still there

to read? 🙂

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19 hours ago, Eagle0769 said:

I'm enjoying this sequel. The idea is very interesting.

I don't remember reading the first part on DD before is it still there

to read? 🙂

It still is here. Here you are:


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Part 4:

 The group of girls was waiting for Susan and Sean could hear their blabbering already. As they spotted him, he could notice the glimpses of enthusiasm in their eyes:

 “Hey, Susan, is Sean in his adult mode? Can we talk with him?”

 Susan nodded: “Yeah, he is in his adult mode, but he can’t talk. You can ask him questions he can answer yes or no.”

 Sean tried to stay calm; however it was a challenge for him. He had to face a tide of impertinent questions and comments:

 “You are that cute; a teenager in baby body. Are you really in the adult mode?”

 “He could be a good boyfriend. He couldn’t cheat on you or go to the pub with his friends.”

 “He would stay with you all the time.”

 “Sean, isn’t it comfortable to wear diapers? You needn’t look for toilets.”

 “Could you imagine changing your diapers instead of having sex?”

 The girls were unstoppable and the seemed to have lots of fun; Sean tried to ignore their questions and comments as much as possible, but it was almost impossible. He was strapped down in the stroller and couldn’t go away. His worst nightmare came true when one of the girls unstrapped him and lifted him, holding his diapered butt. Of course she felt the wet garment and turned to Susan:

 “Hey, Susan, should we change his diaper? He is wet.”

 Sean blushed deeply, but the girl was oblivious and she passed him to Susan. Susan put him back into the stroller; she realized his embarrassment and didn’t want to tease him. On the other hand an argument was inevitable as soon as he would have the computer available and Susan was looking forward to it:

 “It isn’t necessary; the diaper isn’t that soaked.”

 Sean escaped the humiliation, but the teasing was going on for another hour until Susan decided to go home. However he noticed a girl who didn’t join the group and stayed away from the unpleasant activity. He made a mental note to ask Susan about her.

 As Susan headed home, Sean’s bladder was full again. He had to pee in his diaper, but he was lucky; Susan would change him at home and not in public. When they arrived at home, Sean couldn’t wait to get rid of the wet garment and Susan put him onto the changing table. To his unpleasant surprise she put a clean diaper on him. Sean wanted to protest, but Susan shook her head:

 “Sean, you peed your pants lately. It would be better for you to wear a diaper while arguing with me.”

 Sean sighed; Susan had the upper hand. She carried him to the computer and switched it on again:

 ‘Susan, it’s been terrible. Your friends weren’t too polite.’

“Sean, you also weren’t polite; you didn’t want to reply at all.”

‘It was very unpleasant; their questions and comments were almost rude. Try to imagine yourself in my condition.’

 Susan was taken aback and she realized Sean was right. His condition was embarrassing indeed; a teenager in baby body and wearing a wet diaper:

 “Sorry, Sean; I didn’t realize it in time.”

‘Okay, sis. Could you help me? I noticed a girl who didn’t join the teasing. Who is she?’

Susan nodded: “You probably noticed Cathy. She really is different from the others.”

At that moment the door opened and Sean’s mother peeked into the room. She stared at Sean and the computer and needed several seconds to understand what was going on. Sean looked at her and gestured; she walked over and Sean typed:

‘Mom, do you know anything about the other regressed children? It would be interesting to meet them.’

“Sorry, Sean. I don’t know anything, but I can contact the police. Hopefully they provide me some information. I do it on Monday. Why do you want to see them?”

Sean shrugged; he wasn’t sure about an exact reason; it was his curiosity only. For a short moment he imagined the entire group together again in the villa, but he didn’t want to share this image.

Helen interrupted the discussion: “Susan, Sean, let’s have our dinner now. It is getting late.”

The dinner and evening passed uneventfully. Sean was able to eat by himself and when he pointed at his diaper, Helen understood and put him onto the potty. Sean was glad and felt more adult. Unfortunately he was tired and he knew his adult period would be over soon.

Helen put Sean into his crib and he fell asleep almost immediately. In the morning he woke up as a happy baby. Susan took care of him and she liked it; she also felt little remorse for the humiliation and didn’t take him to the park anymore. She remembered his words about Cathy and called her. The girls met in a small café and Susan had Sean with her as well. Cathy smiled at him and he smiled back. Sean was in his baby mode, but he had a foggy memory of Cathy and a good feeling.

Cathy started the conversation:

“Susan, yesterday I watched Sean and a crazy idea hit my mind. I study law and I’d like to know about his legal status.”

“What do you mean, Cathy?”

“Sean is an adult, but he is unable to perform adult activities and he is … I’d say … a part time adult.”

Susan nodded; she didn’t realize this issue and Cathy was right. Of course Sean couldn’t drive, but he still could read, write and maybe he kept his knowledge. He could be entitled to do legal acts, but he was restricted by the adult periods:

“Cathy, you are right. It is a problem indeed. Anyway, I’m not able to give an advice to you. Ask your teachers.”

Both girls continued talking for another hour until Susan left for home. Cathy headed towards the park and found an empty bench. She wanted to settle her thoughts. It could be an interesting topic for her semester project.

Helen prepared the dinner; Susan fed Sean, gave him a bath and put him to his crib. Sean fell asleep instantly; Susan was sitting at his crib and thinking of the big change in their lives. The last weekend was a big challenge and she learned a few lessons. She was curious about Sean’s future life; what would happen with him? Susan didn’t know about the regression machine and its effects and thought Sean would grow again.

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Part 5:

On Monday in the morning Alice arrived to start her first babysitting shift. Helen and Susan told her about the weekend and Susan explained her how she was talking with Sean. Alice was enthusiastic; she could use Susan’s computer to talking.

Sean woke up and he was in his adult mode; he remembered the humiliation in the park and the girl who stayed away. Who was she? Susan mentioned her name. Sean also had a foggy memory from his baby mode yesterday when he noticed her. Susan talked with her about … the baby Sean didn’t understand it. He wanted to ask Susan.

His bladder was full like usually in the morning. He checked his diaper and found it dry. It was a big surprise. Was he in his adult mode in the night? Sean stood up and called: “M-m, m-m.” Seconds later he experienced another surprise; Alice entered the room and lifted him on her arms. He hugged her tightly and wishes he could talk with her. For now he pointed at his crotch and announced his urge: “E – e.” Alice got the message and carried him quickly to the bathroom. She put him onto the potty and let him pee. When he finished, she lifted him and wanted to put the dry diaper on him. Sean shook his head; he could spend the adult period without diapers. Alice looked at him in surprise:

“Sean, don’t you need the diaper? Do you tell me when you have to go?” Sean nodded.

Alice dressed him and carried him to the kitchen for breakfast. After the breakfast and a potty break she put him to the computer and they could talk for the first time.

‘Mommy, thank you for trusting me. I tell you when I have to pee.’

Alice smiled at him; she was surprised by the title: “I have to thank you for calling me mommy, my Sean,” tears appeared in her eyes.

‘I know you wanted to be a good mom for me.’

“Sean, I did a big mistake and I have to apologize to your family. Is there anything I can do for you besides the babysitting?”

‘We could try to find the other children from the Happy Family. It would be fun to be together again. Do you know what happened with the villa?’

“Sean, I don’t know, but we can try searching on the internet. After all, you are sitting at a computer.”

Sean sighed; it was the obvious option and he almost forgot his adult abilities. He nodded and typed the term ’Happy Family’ into the searching engine. Several minutes later he was reading the results and was quite surprised.

The villa was still closed, but the local parliament was considering a plan of opening a child centre there. They were willing to provide the building, but the money to cover the operating costs was still missing.

Sean also found a blog written by Ellen. Ellen was a journalist and she revealed the criminal background of the Happy Family. She was captured, turned into a toddler and spent several days in the Happy Family under the name Sally; Sean remembered her instantly and wanted to contact her. He wrote her an e-mail and described his fate.

After writing the e-mail he turned to Alice again and typed: ‘It would be a wonderful idea to meet in the villa.’ He didn’t like his actual condition and the Happy Family, but the image of him and more children in the centre was pleasant much more than Susan’s friends in the park: ‘Mommy, how would you like the idea of the child centre? I could meet the other children there.’

Alice nodded: “I think it is a wonderful idea, Sean. We could contribute to the operating costs and I could work there.”

‘I asked my mom to look for the other children. Ask her when she comes home. I probably won’t in my adult mode then. Tell my sister about the e-mail and Ellen.’ Sean grinned when he realized he’d just mentioned his mom while talking with Alice.

They continued talking for almost an hour and Sean was glad he could talk with Alice. He really loved her and enjoyed the time spent with her. It was an odd situation; he had two mothers and loved both of them.

Alice made the lunch for him and put him to his crib for the afternoon nap. Sean smiled at her and he fell asleep almost immediately. She was happy and kept thinking of the child centre. Hopefully the other adoptive parents would be willing to take part in the project.

Susan arrived at home before Sean woke up and Alice explained her everything about the child centre, Ellen and the e-mail. Susan nodded and checked her e-mails. There was an answer from Ellen in the inbox. Ellen explained she was in the adult mode permanently and she also knew about the child centre. Susan replied her and promised her to tell Sean as soon as he is in his adult mode again.

Sean woke up half an hour later and he was in his baby mode; Susan lifted him from the crib and he cuddled to her happily. She was about to take care of him, but Alice stopped her: “Susan, I take care of him now. Do your homework and you can play with him then.” She took Sean from Susan; Sean hugged her and she carried him to the bathroom to change his soaked diaper.

Susan was taken aback first, but she realized Alice was right even if it was a strange feeling. She went to her room and focused on her homework.

Alice spent a pleasant time with the little Sean. She was glad he had called her ‘mommy’ earlier and talked to him: “Sean, we could call you ‘The two mommies’ boy’, couldn’t we?” Sean laughed as if he understood her.

When Helen arrived at home later, Alice and Susan told her about the child centre and Ellen. Helen was enthusiastic by the idea; the children would have more fun when they were together in the centre. Sean had a willing babysitter, but not all regressed children would be that lucky. The centre could help all parents and all children affected by the regression.

Alice arrived at home and she told her husband everything about the child centre. Henry listened to her and he liked the idea as well:

“Alice, what if we built a foundation to cover the operating costs. I know several local deputies and I can talk with them. I think that more adoptive parents could contribute as well. We needn’t pay everything alone.”

“After all, I can contribute by my babysitting job there,” Alice grinned at him and hugged him. She felt she had found a new goal in her life; her original mistake was about to turn into her new meaning of life.


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Susan wanted to talk with Sean about Cathy and Ellen, but she needed him in his adult mode; it was a little tricky due to the fact he often was in the adult mode when Susan was at school and Alice was babysitting him. She asked Alice to talk with Sean as soon as possible. Alice agreed and she talked with Sean the next time he was in the adult mode. Sean was enthusiastic about Ellen and he wanted to contact her immediately. He sent her another e-mail and got a reply instantly. They also established a chat connection to be able to talk together quickly.

Sean proposed Ellen a visit. Ellen agreed with it; she was looking forward to a meeting Sean in person after a longer time and she wanted to talk with him about the centre. Sean also told Ellen about Cathy and her project. Ellen was even more interested in the project as she was in her adult mode permanently. She could write her blogs and the book, but she had problems with the authorities and her mother had to help her.

The next Saturday Sean woke up in his adult mode and Susan called Cathy immediately. Cathy promised to bring Ellen and Sean e-mailed her. Ellen answered promptly.

 “Sean, I was talking with my teachers. They are quite interested in this case. However we need more regressed children to have complete information.”

‘Of course, Cathy. I’ve found Ellen and she is in her adult state permanently. She would be much easier to contact because she has been regressed to an age about 3 when she can walk and speak.’

“Oh, it’s great, Sean. Your mommy is trying to find more regressed children.”

‘Cathy, I think both my mommies are trying,’ he grinned. After all it was true. Both Helen and Alice were looking for the Happy Family ’clients’.

Cathy told Sean about the first answers. A regressed person in their adult mode could be considered adult; anyway some restrictions were given by the physical condition. Cathy’s project should be used as a basis of the later analysis.

Later that evening Helen came home and she had news about more regressed children. She knew about Charity and Joan. Unfortunately neither of them could help. Although Charity was in her adult mode, her mother wasn’t aware of it and she told Helen that Charity was a baby. The only person who knew about Charity’s true condition was Mrs. Brown and they didn’t contact her yet. As for Joan, she was regressed indeed and couldn‘t help at all.

Cathy stayed with Sean until he went to bed; Helen invited her to dinner. They were talking about the child centre and the next meeting. Sean was listening mostly and he answered only yes or no; he wasn’t sitting at the computer.

On the following days Henry Dotson visited the local deputies and talked with them. They affirmed him the child centre plans and agreed with the foundation idea. However, they didn’t know about the other parents and gave him the advice to go to the police.

The police investigation advanced slowly; they didn’t find much useful information, and the adoptive parents weren’t willing to report themselves in many cases. The child center would start with few children and will be ready to admit more of them later.


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