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Finally joining the community

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After years of hiding that i enjoy wearing Pullups ive finally decided to join the community as id like to meet other people similar to myself.

My whole life ive always had a fascination with wearing diapers. When i was around 14 i began wearing Drynites at almost evey opertunity i could. I recently began researching into ABDL and i am very much not a fan of the ageplay, I just enjoy wearing them as they would always make me feel comfortable. i would like to chat with people that have the same interest in Pullups as i do and possibly indulge in them together eventually.

Im 27 and live in Scotland and would love any advice the community can offer me.

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Hi and welcome to DD. Nice to meet you, glad to have you join us. Come in and get comfy, there’s lots of likeminded people here. Relax, have fun, and enjoy!

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