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(This story is a commission from PinktheDinosaur on DeviantArt, who plans to edit it and use it as part of a larger world)

"GO! Shock him!" Azai shouted as the monsters fought in front of him. He clenched his fist and leaned forward. The fight was nearing the end. Both were on their last Pokémon, and both Pokémon were near unconscious. Azai was desperate, he HAD to win.

His opponent, Lord Nobunaga, was infuriatingly calm. He barely even seemed to care. He sat in a massive chair, flanked by armed guards on each side, and watched with a borderline disinterest. If anyone had just walked in, they'd assume it was a complete stomp in favor of Nobunaga, rather then the near one for one match it was.

"Zekrom, hit him back with the same," Nobunaga said. He leaned on his hand and elbow, and spoke in a bored voice. 

The giant black creature rose up on its hind legs and spread its wings to the side. A yellow blast came from it, forming a massive electric wall that crashed onto Azai's Raichu. The Raichu shot backward, flew through the air and crashed into the wall behind Azai.

"Rai..rai.." Azai tried, but couldn't bring the energy to shout. It was over.

"No," he said in disbelief. He had worked almost 20 years to get there, starting at age 10. He had dedicated his entire life to one thing, and now that was over.

"It seems you're beaten Azai," Nobunaga said.

"I..." Azai began. "Yes, I will... ahem." He swallowed. He knew what they agreed, but he couldn't go through it. "Thank your the match. I will be heading out, and see if I can take them to the hospital."  He started backing up slowly toward the door.

Nobunaga laughed. "I don't think that was the agreement, Azai." He sat up straight and snapped his fingers, and the guards beside him began to move forward.

Azai turned and ran. He didn't bother arguing further, he didn't even bother collecting his bag, he just ran.

He didn't get far until he had to stop. Guards in all black uniforms appeared out of the doorway, with their own Pokémon beside them. They advanced slowly toward Azai. Azai turned to run again, but more guards and their Pokémon appeared around him. He turned toward Nobunaga. "Lord Nobunaga, please, we can discuss this."

"What is there to discuss? You challenged me and agreed to the terms. I now own you, and you will serve me for the next six months."

"We can come to some other agreement. You don't want to do that to me, what would you even get from it?"

He smiled. "What would I get from it? The satisfaction of seeing you beaten. The joy of seeing you're shame every day. The knowledge you will spend a year serving as a warning who anyone who dares challenge me like you did."

"But.. but... this isn't fair!"

"Fair?" Nobunaga rose from his thrown in rage, suddenly angry. "YOU came here, YOU challenged me. You claimed you were going to take me down, and said I was a coward if I didn't agree. If you won, I wouldn't be arguing- I'd give you the money and Pokémon I promised. What's not FAIR is thinking you can do something like that and get away with it. Grab him!"

The guards pounced on Azai. He tried to struggle, but they held him tight, and forced him to his knees.

He looked up at Nobunaga. "What are you going to do to me?"

"As I said, you are going to be a warning to everyone who ever dares to challenge me. They are going to see you humiliated, degraded, and punished, and know that is their fate if they do the same." He waved at the guards. "Enough of this. Take him down to the dungeon."

"What?! DUNGEON!? HEY! WAIT! NOBUNAGA! MY LORD!" he cried, but Nobunaga just stayed in his throne, waiting for the next person to enter. A blind fold was pulled over his eyes, and he felt himself get lifted into the air.

Azai's feet hit solid ground and the guards let go of him. One of them tore his blindfold off, and he was left staring at the strangest room he'd ever seen.

"What the..."

"Like your new room? Lord Nobunaga thinks it will drive the point home better then a classic dungeon, Mr. Wannabe Tough Guy."

"Yeah but..." Azai looked around the 'dungeon" with his mouth open. he had to admit it did seem more comfortable then he expected, but in other ways, it was far, far worse.

It was still a dungeon. The walls were stone, there were chains on the wall, and a separate cage on the ground. Behind him, he could tell the door would bolt shut, and a camera recorded his every movement. This was all what he had expected, and even experienced in past dungeons. 

However, most dungeons he had been in, and escaped from, were drab, black or grey, and ugly. They were made as cheaply as possible, with no comfort afforded to the inmate. This, on the other hand, was the opposite. 

The walls, rather then being unpainted stone, were a bright pink. In fact, almost everything in the room was pink. The bed was piled high with soft pillows, and blankets, the ground had a thick carpet, and even the cage contained a matt and cushions, all in the same pink. There was a tall chair in the corner with a table in front of it and hand cuffs on the sides, and a table with more cushioning ran alongside the wall. From the looks of it, he even had a deep closet for clothes. It was far more luxurious then any dungeon he had seen, but at the same time, the idea of it being his own made him blush. Though far nicer then he expected, it was also far, far worse.

"Was this meant for someone else?" he asked. 

A guard stood in front of him. He wore the same uniform as the others except for golden stripes on his arm which Azai guessed made him in charge. "No. Lord Nobonaga is sick of you wanna be tough guys coming here, challenging him, and after they fail, using their punishment as proof of their "toughness." So, he has tasked me with ensuring that will never happen again. Instead of letting you look strong and powerful, we are going to humiliate you every day, and the entire thing will be live streamed for the amusement of your enemies," he pointed to the camera. 

"But why?"

"Two reasons. First, even if you ever escape, you will never be able to show your face to your opponents again. Second, no one who sees it will ever think to challenge Lord Nobonaga again. Now, lets get started, shall we?"

"I..." He considered his options. He could try fighting, though he was outnumbered. He could try running, but he had no idea where to go. His eyes looked along the walls, searching for an answer.

The guard saw his wandering eyes. "If you're thinking of escape, don't bother. I can have this room filled with a dozen more in a moment," the guard with the stripes said. "My name is Herald, but you will call be Sir as long as you stay here. I will be running your punishment. Lord Nobonaga tasked me with ensuring no one would follow in your footsteps, and I pride myself in my ability to complete his tasks. Now, moving on, send in the Pokemon."

Two Alakazams stepped in, walked to the guard, and turned to face Azai.

"What are you doing?" he asked in a panic.

The guard smiled. "Don't worry, you will find out. Now, put him under the spell."

The two Pokémon raised their spoons. Azai felt his mind scramble, as if filled with static. 

"Now, take your clothes off."

Azai wanted to shout out. He wanted to argue and fight, but instead, he obeyed the command. He took off his shirt, then his pants and underwear. A moment of compelled movement later, and he was standing naked in front of the guards. He heard snickering behind him, but he was unable to turn his head to see who it was.

"Good boy. Now, walk to the closet and open it up. And my name is Sir," the guard said.

Once again, his own mental arguing failed to stop his body from obeying the orders. He marched to the closet and flung the doors open.

"Good boy. Tell me what you see."

What he saw made him feel sick to his stomach. However, the strange hypnosis still kept him obedient. "I see dresses, stockings, diapers, shoes, and hats, sir." He said. They weren't just any dresses. Each one was short, with a skirt that flounced out far to the side. They were in the same disgusting pink as the room, and worse, were piled high with frills and multi colored lines. Each had an insult written on it in glitter, from "Loser," to "Sissy," to "Cry Baby," seemingly made just to humiliate him. The rest of the clothes followed suit. The stockings were knee high and had pink bows at the top, the hats looked like bonnets. The thought of wearing a diaper was bad enough as it was, but these were even worse then he would have expected. Much like the dresses, they were pink, frilly, and with multi colored accents, all covered with the same written insults and tiny pictures of himself, diapered and in a dress, crying.

"Good boy. And can you guess who those are all for?"

"Myself, sir." The thought made him shudder inside. He wasn't sure if the hypnosis allowed him to blush, but if it did, his face would be beat red. 

Almost as bad as the clothes themselves was how clearly customized they were to him. The size was perfect, and they even seemed to have gotten diapers with his own image on them. It told him how very little of a real threat they had seen him as, that all the while he was training, calling them out in public, and getting ready to challenge them, they knew he was coming and already planned for his failure.

"Good boy. So what will you be wearing while you are here?"

"I will be wearing dresses, stockings, diapers, shoes, and hats, sir."

"Good boy. And the entire competitive world will you see you in them. They will see you prance around at our command, fill our drinks and your diapers, and when we are done, no one will be threatened by you again. Now, pick one of each, and hand them to the guards." 

Azai felt tears forming in his eyes. He imagined his friends, his enemies, and everyone he knew seeing him mindlessly obey humiliating commands for months on end, all because of a bad bet he made and a battle he lost. He remembered all his bragging, about how he would take down the dreaded Lord Nobonaga, and how he was invincible, and thought of how ridiculous it would all seem now. However, all he could say was "Yes Sir." He picked out a "Loser" dress and a "Cry Baby" diaper, an handed the clothes to the guards.

"Get on the table, and lie back to be diapered."

"Yes sir." The ridiculous, humiliating command rang in his ears as his body responded. He watched himself walk to it, lie down, and wait.

The guards stood over him. They lay the diaper under him and spread powder on him.

Every inch of him wanted to fight. He wanted to punch and kick, then run for the annoyingly open door. Instead, he rolled from side to side to let them powder him, then watched unmoving as they lifted the front panel up between his legs and taped it on snugly. They followed it by by his stockings and black, wide healed shoes.

"Good boy. Now stand up and put your hands over your head."

"Yes sir," he said. He obeyed, and blinked tears away. He could see himself in a mirror on the closet, wearing just his stockings and diaper, hands in the air, waiting for someone to pull a dress over his head, and tried not to think of how it looked on the camera.

The dress came a moment later, followed by the bonnet tied under his chin. He stared at himself in the mirror. The outfit was simultaneously feminine and infantile, and the most ridiculous thing he had ever seen. As if to add insult to injury, he noticed that the flaring of the skirt deliberately left his diaper visible up to the tapes, leaving even the tiniest bit of dignity impossible. If he met himself on the street, he'd be tempted to bully himself. 

The lead guard stared at him. "Aww, don't you look cute. Not a brave champion at all. Why don't you spin around and give the camera a look?"

"Yes sir," Azai responded and did his best ballerina twirl. He stumbled, got back up, and did it again.

"Good boy, very cute. I think Lord Nobunaga is going to be VERY happy with what we are broadcasting. Now, do you know what will happen now?'

"No sir," he said.

"Lord Nobonaga isn't going to need you for a while. So, we are going to march you to those cuffs on the wall and leave you strung up with your legs wide," he pointed at the chains behind Azai. "Then, since you'll be nice and secure, we will release you from hypnosis. We want to see you whine and squirm for the camera as you new reality sinks in. When it is time, serve drinks to your new Lord and his guests, who are thinking of challenging him like you. When they see you in your pretty widdle dress and soggy widdle diaper, I'm sure they will send you running. You will then end the day standing in front of his house as a warning to anyone who may try the same, and if your lucky, you will be allowed to sleep in your cute bed tonight. Sound fun?"

"No, sir," he said.

I didn't just sound "not fun." It sounded horrible. It sounded like all his worse nightmares, and things that were so strange and awful they didn't even appear in his nightmares, combined into one. Worse, he knew there was no way to fight back.

He chuckled. "Well, too bad. You do know there is no way to stop it, right?"

"Yes sir." 

"Good boy, now, first hting first." He waved at one of the guards, who approached and handed him a gigantic baby bottle full of water. "I meant it when I said you are going to be serving them in a soggy diaper. You are going to drink this so you learn that they aren't just for show."

Azai picked it up with both hands. He put it to his mouth, and began drinking.

"Good boy. Remember, this is so you can wet your diaper on the camera, and humiliate yourself for our audience. Also remember are broadcasting that humiliation to hundreds of people, and there is nothing you can do about it."

Azai listened to the words until he was done, then held the bottle out. "All done, sir."

"Good boy," he took the bottle. "Walk to the chains and put your hands in the cuffs."

Azai walked to the wall, then turned to face the door. He stepped up on the platform and lifted his hands to his sides. 

Two guards walked up to him, and chained his hands up. They then bent down to his feet, set them on separate platforms to his sides, and locked them in place.

"Good boy," the head guard said. "Now, time to wake up."

Azai snapped out of his hypnosis and stared around the room. "What are you doing to me? This is insane! I can't spend this time dressed like this!"

"Ohh yes, we can. In fact, there is nothing you can do about it. Have fun soaking your diaper!" the head guard said.

"NO! I CAN"T DO THAT! HEY! YOU #(($@ )@(#! LET ME GO! I WILL GET YOU! LET ME GO! HEY...!" he kept shouting, but the guards ignored him. They only laughed, walked out, and closed the door.

Azai looked around the room in panic, searching for some way out. Solid, sickeningly pink stone walls looked back him, and the locked steel door gave no sign of weakness. Even if it did, his hands were chained in place.

Still, he knew he needed to get out. If those videos were released before he escaped, the consequences would stick with him for far longer then then the agreed upon six months. He pulled at the chains, but they refused to budge.

A whirling sound came from in front of him. He looked down, and saw a small toy car with a camera on it drive up to the center of the room.

"Oh come on," he said. He rolled his eyes as the camera focused on him, and in particular his diaper, from below. "I'm not going to wet this thing!" he shouted out, though he wasn't so certain himself. He had no idea how long they'd leave him there, and in his hypnotic state he had already drank a full bottle of water. Realistically, it was only a matter of time.

The hours dragged on. His arms began to ache and chafe in his chains, and his legs got sore from the awkward position.

However, worse of all was the pressure growing in his bladder. He moaned and twisted, which only made the pain in his arms grow.

He shook his hands in them. "Ok I'm sorry! I won't do it again, just please don't make me wet this diaper!" 

Azai wasn't sure, but thought he could hear mocking laughter outside the door. He cried, then cried harder when he knew it only made him fit his clothes better.

His bladder ached, and he got desperate. "Pleas I'm sorry I'll do whatever you say just don't make me do this on camera!"

More laughter, and the camera buzzed and rotated as it zoomed in.

"No," he said, and his bladder finally released. The warm liquid poured into his thick, plastic diaper, and he felt it grow warm and damp around him. He felt sick to his stomach, but there was no way to stop what was happening.

"OK fine," he said. "I did it. Can you at least get me down?"

He waited, but there was no response.

Unmoving in the windowless room, it was impossible to tell for sure how quickly time was passing, but he was sure it was at least another hour before the door opened. A guard walked up to him and shoved another bottle in his mouth, and despite himself, he drank from it greedily. Standing in place with his hands in the air was tiering work, and left him thirsty.

"Good boy. You put on quite a show for us, and Lord Nobonaga is going to LOVE seeing you soak your little pampers on camera."

Azai groaned and looked away. 

"Now, untie him."

The guards undid his cuffs, first on his feet, then on his hands.

Azai's thoughts immediately went to fighting and escape, but as soon as he was out of the bounds, he collapsed on the ground. His arms ached, and pins and needles ran up and down them. He reached for them and began rubbing, all while plotting how he could overcome the three guards and their Pokémon.
However, the moment ended quickly. "Alakazam?" the guard said, and a second later, Azai was once again in a trance. 

"Come on wanna be tough guy, time to serve in your new role," the guard said.

Azai was marched up through the fortress. It was long walk, past dozens of corridors filled with rich decorations. They passed servants, guards, and guests, all of him snickered and laughed as the "Loser" passed. Normally, he'd quickly turn to face, and fight, anyone who dared laugh at him. However, the hypnosis kept him walking forward.

He was lead into gigantic chamber, built around a huge, solid wooden table. Lord Nobonaga sat at one end, and around it, sat teams of other Pokémon trainers. Some of them were people Azai recognized, and his breath caught as they met his eyes.

"Ah, yes, are servant, and entertainment is here. Azai, my little loser, please serve the tea to our guests."

"Yes lord Nobonaga," Azai said.

His body walked forward. He found a tea kettle in a corner of the room, picked it up, and began walking around.

All eyes in the room were on him, staring at him in shock. "Is... is that Azai?" a voice asked. Azai didn't recognize the person, but assumed they were a fan.

Nobonaga smiled. "Yes, it was. However, I think his new name for now will be "The Little Loser." Alright, Loser?"

"Yes Lord Nobonaga," Azai said.

"And what is your name? I want to hear you say it" he laughed.

"My name is The Little Loser, Lord Nobonaga," Azai said. His face burned as blood rushed to it. His knees shook and wanted to collapse, but the trance compelled him forward.

He began to pour tea in each cup. Some of them mumbled out stifled "thank yous", other's just stared with fear in their eyes. More then a few focused on his diaper, which he knew was blatantly yellow stained, and obviously used. 

"Our little Loser here was another challenger. Like many of you, he thought he could come here, all brash and bold, and overcome me. He also decided to make a bet, and wagered six months of service against a small fortune from my reserves. I'm sure he didn't think this was how he'd end up, did he, eh Loser?"

"No Lord Nobonaga, the Little Loser did not," he said.

"Good Loser. When you are done, go stand in the corner like a good boy, and wait for one of your superiors to call you over. Everyone, if you want anything, just wave to him. He is compelled to obey."

The others quietly nodded and thanked the lord. Azai walked to the corner, turned to face them, and waited perfectly still.

"Now, we were discussing which of you wanted to challenge me, and which of you wanted to join me?" Lord Nobonaga asked with a smile, and leaned back in his chair. The rows of panic struck faces all quickly called out to join him.


Once again, Azai was tied up in a cross shape. Once again, his hands were chained to the walls, and his feet chained to small platforms in a semi split. And once again, he was in the air.

However, this time, he wasn't in his new "bedroom." Instead, he was outside, by the front door of Lord Nobonaga's fortress. He faced a long, busy road. Some of the traffic stopped to laugh at him, others turned away, too afraid to look. Lord Nobonaga was feared through the city, and if wanted to publicly punish his rival, no one would stop him.

He was still wearing the same outfit. He was even still wearing the same soggy diaper, now, after another embarrassing order in front of the other trainers, more soaked then before. Worse, a sign stood directly over him, with "Little Loser" written for the entire town to see. Below him, another plaque was hammered into the ground, with a picture of his face.

A team of Pokémon trainers came up toward the door. They looked up at him, and he stared down at them, tears falling from his eyes. They looked down and read the sign in front of him, detailing his mistake of challenging the great Lord, and walked away. He wanted to call out for aid, but his mouth was shut with a pacifier shaped gag.

Azai wished he had had the same level of forethought. Six months of this- going from serving his new Lord under hypnosis to being left outside as an example to others, all dressed in his twisted, humiliating outfits. If he had known that was what service would entail, he never would have agreed. Tears began to pour from his eyes.

He looked up. There was a loud, deep sound in front of him. At first he thought his eyes were blurring from the tears, but he blinked them away, and nothing changed.

Colors were spinning in front of him. They made a whirling sound, and opened to a portal. It slowly moved toward him.

Some instinct told him to fight, but he doubted wherever the portal lead could be much worse then his current state. He closed his eyes, and let it consume him.

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