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The Brat's Punishment - Part 2 added 13 Jan 2024.


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This is the first part of a story. It wasn't going to be multipart, but it got a bit out of hand.

Next part coming once I've written it. If people like this enough for me to write the rest, I guess.




You knew my history. I’d explained everything to you early on. How I’d woken up to a soaked bed every morning, and come home every night smelling of poop as I couldn’t get through a day without making a mess in my underwear - more than once most days. How every time someone told a joke I’d end up hiding the huge wet patch that I’d left on the seat and my clothes, and you knew how traumatic the hand-wringing and the chastising from my parents was. Nappies would have made things so much simpler and easier, but every time the suggestion came up, I’d argued and protested, and the subject was dropped.

You knew how long that went on for. Daily accidents, and daily recriminations through to my teenage years. Better-hidden accidents, less major, less frequent, but still too obvious throughout the rest of my life. Concentration. Effort. Constant awareness all the time to stop me embarrassing myself. And the endless trips back and forth to the toilet, at the slightest urge.

You knew about my kinks. You helped me put two and two together, and  - to understand that having accidents in a ‘safe’ way was helping me to relive the memories without the recriminations, and without the unrelenting humiliation and trauma. To not have to stop doing fun things because I needed to hide what I’d done. And you helped me realise the accidents weren’t laziness, and weren’t because I wasn’t trying hard enough, but that they were caused by things that I just couldn’t control.

It was your suggestion that I wear all the time. It had always felt to me like I was LARPing incontinence, but you told me to try for a few weeks, and after that I realised how much work I’d been putting in to avoid accidents, and what life was like for everyone else. No more constant worry, no more anxiety, no more trips to the toilet every 20 minutes, and so much less shame.

That initial reluctance and my push-back against you fed into our power-play dynamic. That night when I came home, standing in the hallway, trying to hide to mess in my underwear and the stain on my butt. Your tone when you told me to turn round, and the comforting hug and help cleaning up. I definitely played into the brattiness that night when you tried to put my nappy on me. I wanted it, but admitting that felt wrong. There was no way I could let you put me in one without fighting back. I needed the spanking that night. Not just because I was a brat, but I desperately needed to feel some pain to allow myself to enjoy the pleasure I was receiving for doing something that I shouldn’t have done.

And then there was the day after. Being woken up with you checking my wet nappy, and changing me into a clean one. My little protest that we were going out, and that I couldn’t wear a nappy, and you making it very clear that no matter whether I wanted to or not, I was going to be in one. I decided that I had to fight back a little there. So I made sure to have lots of milk with my cereal at breakfast, and lots of milk with my coffee. You’d made it clear I wasn’t to change myself, so you were going to have to take me back and forth to the toilet so I could poop. You’d soon get bored and just take the nappy off.

We got on the train. Our day out in the city was something we’d both looked forward to, and it made sense to avoid driving in. That was going to play into my plan perfectly. Those toilets were so small that you’d give up right away, regardless of the big change bag you brought with you. I’d be free of the nappies right away. 

I felt my tummy rumble as soon as we got on the train, and whispered in your ear, “I think I need to poo”.

Your response shocked me, “well poo then. I’ll change you when we get to a station.”

No taking me to the toilet, no telling me to take my nappy off, not even a “hold on as long as you can”, just a simple instruction.

The journey was going to take an hour, there was no way I wanted to stay stinky for that long. Definitely not in public. But there was also no way you’d let me do that. We’d end up getting off so you could change me as soon as you smelled me. I felt my tummy grumble and cramp again, and without even trying to help it along, I felt mess leak into my nappy. 

I sat there, completely still. The train wasn’t busy, but it wasn’t empty, and there were going to be more people getting on as we went along. I began to smell myself, and knew other people would smell me too. “I think a bit has leaked out” I whispered to you. Your seemed surprisingly casual, “I’m sorry Honey, but it’ll be a little while before I can do anything about it. Good job for telling me though.”

It might have been what you said, it might have been the tone, but I saw red. Now I wanted you to feel like you had to do something, even if it meant I was going to humiliate myself in the process. The next time my tummy rumbled, I lifted myself up off the seat, perched on your lap, and gave a push. With a bubbling squelch I filled my nappy with stinky mess as I sat on you.

I thought you’d be furious. Or at the very least, shocked. “Aw, do you feel a bit better now?” certainly wasn’t the response I expected. I stayed sitting on you, the hot mush in my pamper making me feel utterly humiliated, as you cuddled me. “It’s OK, Honey. It won’t be too long before we get to our station. Why don’t you close your eyes and try to dose for a bit”.

I did as you told me. I tried to relax, tried to sleep, but the stink from my nappy kept wafting into my nose, and the movement of the train kept squishing the mush against my butt. I wanted to fall into a hole. All the while you seemed so calm. Like me having stinky pants wasn’t an issue at all.

I felt the train slow as we came into the first station. I started to stand up, ready to get off, but felt your arms pull me tight. I couldn’t believe you’d let me stay like this all the way through the journey, but you didn’t relent. “Are we going to get off?” I asked.

“No,” you said, a firm tone to your voice, “We can’t just drop what we’re doing every time you have an accident. That’s why you’re in a nappy. I’ll change you when we get to the station”.

I blushed as you mentioned my nappy. It didn’t seem like anyone heard, but you made no effort to moderate your voice. Much like the accident itself, and the clothes you’d helped me pick out - which didn’t show the nappy off, but weren’t the usual baggy outfit I’d have picked, everything was just so matter of fact. I had accidents. I wore nappies. It didn’t affect anyone else, and we weren’t going to go out of our way to disguise it. I closed my eyes again and eventually managed to drift off to sleep.

I woke up to you kissing my neck. “Time to get up” I heard in my ear. “I think you peed in your sleep. I felt your nappy get warm”. I blushed again, gently repositioning myself to allow me to stand up. I could feel my nappy bulging between my legs. I’d definitely not been this wet when I went to sleep. I waddled a little as you guided me off the train. The carriage and the platform were really busy, but in my drowsy state I wasn’t paying attention to everyone around me. Probably for the best, as at least a few people were probably staring at me, pinpointing me as the source of the smell.

You ushered me towards the accessible toilet, reaching round and unbuttoning my jeans as soon as you closed the door behind us. I felt your hand on the back of my nappy, pulling it back. “You definitely needed to go” I heard you say, “do you think you’re all done?”

I nodded my head. 

“Well, I’d like you to try to go a bit more for me anyway.” you said. I tried to protest, but it was a very half-hearted effort. I bent my legs a little and strained right there and then. No more mess, but the hissing noise betrayed me losing what was left in my bladder. 

“Good kitty” you said, as you caressed my back. Let’s get you changed.

You reached into the change bag and pulled out my pacifier, slipping it into my mouth, then unzipped the fly of my jeans, tugging them down to my ankles. “Step out please” you said, and I slipped my socks off and stepped out of my jeans. “From the state of your nappy I think it’s going to be best if we take all your clothes off” you say. I catch a glance of the nappy in the mirror and you’re right. It’s destroyed, and there’s slight brown staining around the leg holes where it’s beginning to leak. “Arms up”.

I do as you instruct, and feel you pull my top over my head. Standing in nothing but my destroyed nappy, I feel utterly helpless. You’re in charge now, I have no will of my own, and no control over anything to do with my accidents at all.

I watch as you pull a bath towel and a disposable pad from the bag, and lay it on the floor. I know I should lie on it, but my mind is hazy. I wait for your instruction, shivering a little from the cool air on my skin. 

“Lie down please.” 

I do as I’m told, sitting first. I feel the mess that until now had been hanging between my legs squish to the front and back of my nappy, causing another waft of the stink to come out of my nappy. With my paci filling my mouth, and no clothing to mitigate it, the smell seemed far worse. As I lay down I feel the mush continue to push up the back of the nappy, seeping out the top. Without thinking, my hands come up to my face, as you bend down and begin the change. 

I feel your gloved hands gently stroking across the front of my nappy, and moving to the tapes. I know what’s about to happen, and I brace myself for it. You remove the top tapes. The smell gets worse. Then the bottom tapes. I feel the air hit my crotch as you pull the front of the nappy down. The smell is terrible now. I whimper behind my pacifier, utterly humiliated. Then I feel your hand on my face, your lips on my forehead, and hear your voice, “it’s OK, nothing to worry about. Your nappy held it all, and we’re getting you clean now”.

My quivering lips ease into a smile, and I feel you take the front of my nappy and use it to clean a big chunk of the mess off my bottom. Then your hands lifting my feet up, raising my legs and bottom. “Can you grab your thighs for me please” you ask. I do as I’m told, then suckle on my paci as you use wet wipes to clean the pee and mess from my thighs and around the front, before moving down towards my bottom. The cool wipes feel wonderful, and the freshly wiped, clean skin feels so nice compared to the claminess of the pee and mess.

You push my legs back a little further, and raise my butt up higher, pulling the nappy out from under me, then continue cleaning me, taking a big handful of wipes and cleaning my butt cheeks. I feel you go over the same area again and again, then move inwards. I barely feel the first wipe that touches my butt hole, because there’s so much mess, but as you clean it I begin to enjoy the sensation of the wipe on my sphincter. Caressing the tender skin. Cleaning it. Soothing it. Then slipping into my hole. I whimper again, this time from pleasure rather than humiliation. You penetrate me with the wipe again, twisting your finger around a little, and I writhe as I enjoy the sensation, suckling harder on my paci. You get a new wipe and make one more pass, once again penetrating my hole and twisting your finger around. Once again it makes me writhe from the pleasurable sensations. Then you stop. “Not now, baby kitty” you say, “I’m just getting you clean before we go and enjoy our day”. 

I sigh, and pout, but it falls on deaf ears. You lift my butt up and slip the clean nappy underneath my bottom, then powder my butt before you let it drop slowly onto the clean and dry padding. Then you take some rash cream and gently rub it in, taking care to cover the crevices and cracks, making sure my skin will be safe until my next change. A kiss on my belly as you close the nappy up, and the four tapes sealed shut, and I’m all clean and dry. For now. 

I sit up just as you’re rolling up my used nappy, and get a look at the entire packet of wipes that you’ve used to clean me up. I go a little shy and nervous, and watch as you take the heavy nappy, seal it in a nappy sack, then drop it in the bin. I stifled a giggle at the thudding noise it made as it hit the bottom. Then remembered I needed clothes. I raised my arms in the air waiting for you to help me put my shirt and jumper back on. You took the hint. In a few minutes I was dressed and ready to go. And now I wasn’t feeling quite so ashamed, I remembered I was trying to be a brat and get out of this silly nappy.

Stepping out onto the concourse I was a little nervous. We’d been in the bathroom for a long time, but so many people had seen us go in, someone must still be around. I felt my cheeks flush with heat again, and reached for your hand. “It’s OK,” you said, a calm tone to your voice, “you’ve had an accident and had your nappy changed. That’s all. Nothing out of the ordinary.” Once again your matter of fact attitude put me at ease.

The next step of the journey was largely uneventful. A short trip on an underground train. You led me across the station to the correct platform, and we waited for the train to arrive. When it did it was packed. You ushered me on first, and followed right behind, both of us squeezing into the packed carriage. I decided to have a little fun, and rubbed my padded butt against your body, trying to turn you on. It seemed only fair after what you’d done to me during my change. I smiled to myself as I did. Not that you’d see, given there hadn’t even been room for me to turn around.

After a few moments you smelled something. At least you decided that you had. I heard your voice in my ear, a little too loud for how busy the train was, “Have you had an accident Honey? Something smells stinky”. I blushed hard and shook my head. Then I felt your hand on my butt. “I can’t really tell here. I’ll have to find somewhere to check you when we get off”. That put an end to my teasing you. 

A couple of stops down the line the carriage emptied out a little, and I was finally able to turn around and pout at you. Of course, with the delay, it didn’t really have he effect I was hoping for, but I knew why I was pouting at you, even if you thought I was just pulling a silly face. Three more stops and it was our turn to get off. You guided me onto the escalator in front of you, and as we went up I felt a tug on the back of my diaper. I decided to not turn around, to avoid drawing attention to what you were doing, but as we got to the top I gave you a look of disapproval. “It’s OK, Kittenface, you’re not stinky” you said, a cute smile on your stupid face.

I wanted to pout, but I felt my nappy grow warmer as I peed. I hadn’t even realised I needed to go, and right in front of you, looking you in the eyes, I’d wet myself.

“Straight to the aquarium?,” you said, “Or shall we get a drink first?”

I don’t know if you hadn’t noticed, or were just trying to remind me that my accidents weren’t an issue, but your lack of reaction meant that all of a sudden I didn’t care that I’d wet myself. “Drink please” I said.

You led me out of the station, and towards a bubble tea shop. As we got inside and I started looking at the menu, I realised that I was kind of hungry too. “Is there time for food?” I asked. “There’s time for anything you want,” you replied. “Then can I have a bubble waffle and ice cream?” 
The last time I asked for something like this, you wanted me that the milk in the ice cream might hurt my tummy. This time though, you just gave me a smile when you said, “of course”. I honestly wasn’t sure what had changed, but I liked this new you. You let me do what I wanted, and didn’t make me feel bad for it. 

I went and grabbed a table as you got our food and drinks. As I sat there waiting for you, I felt a little twinge in my bladder. It wasn’t strong, but I knew I needed to pee. So I did. There and then. Just as you arrived with our drinks and my bubble waffle.

“I need to check to see if you need a change after this,” you said. I couldn’t tell whether you’d noticed my pee face, or just wanted to knock me off-balance again, but once again you momentarily set my brain to ‘smol’. I gave a nod, then began tucking into my waffle. 

“So, I’ve got a nice day planned for us” you said, “we start at the aquarium, then stop off at the arcade. Have some lunch, then go on to the museum and the theatre”.

I looked up from my waffle, somewhat surprised by the packed itinerary. 

“Oooor,” you said, drawing out the syllable, “we could have a slightly less busy day, where we do the aquarium, then go for lunch and see how we feel after.”

“that one sounds better,” I gently spit crumbs across the table as I reply, “The other one I don’t think we’d have time to enjoy any of it.”

“You’re a very wise kitty,” you reply, “even if you do talk with your mouth full. How’s your waffle?”

Learning from my error, I stick my thumb up as I finish my mouthful, “want a bite?”

You dive in, taking a big mouthful. “It’s good” you say, spitting some crumbs back at me, and making me giggle. “Is there anything else you’d like to do today?” you ask.

“Comic shop?” I say, “and the board games store?”

You nod. “That was always going to happen. Anything else?”

I lean in and whisper, “Maybe we could have some play time when we get home?”

You smile. “I’m sure we can make that happen.”

I finish my waffle and my bubble tea. 

“Right, Potty Pants, time for a nappy change” you say. 

“You don’t want to check me first?” I smirk
“I know you’re soggy” you say, “I watched you pee your pants twice.”

I blush.

“Now before we do that, I want you to try to make a pushie for me.” you say

“Here?” I ask, surprised.

“Here” you say.

I lift myself slightly off my seat and do my best to poop. After a minute or so you stop me,”Anything?”

I shake my head.

“Well done for trying” you say. You grab the bag and usher me out of my seat, then take me into the bathroom. 

Its small. Much smaller than the one in the station. “We’re going to have to do this standing up” you say, already unbuttoning my jeans. You look at my yellowed, pee-soaked nappy. “Good thing I decided to change you now” you say, before turning me around and checking the back for a mess. 

“OK, no mess, let’s get you out of your soggy pants” You say as you untape my nappy, and let it drop to the floor. 

You begin wiping me down. Once again the cool wipes feel good as they clean my skin. Although this time the clean up is much quicker. Once I’m clean you take a thick nappy from your bag, and hold it up against my butt, then gently guide me to the wall so that you can use it to hold the nappy up.

“Not sure how easy it’ll be to get you changed at the aquarium” you say, as I stare at the thick nappy a little surprised, “so I thought I’d put you in this in case it’s an issue.”

“But people will notice” I pout. 

You shrug, “They’d notice leak marks on your clothes and a puddle on the floor much more” you say. 

I can’t fault your logic, but I definitely don’t like it.

Safely taped in you pull my jeans back up. In spite of how thick the nappy is, it’s still not too obvious, but as I move the crinkling sound is much louder than from my other nappy. 

“You ready for the fishes?” you ask.

I nod, grinning, then you lead me back out, the thick nappy making me waddle a little as I follow behind you.


The entrance to the aquarium is busy, and theres a security screening arch with a bag scanner. I squeeze your hand as I relaise the guards are about to see my nappies. “It’s OK,” you say, reassuring me, “you’re in nappies for a reason, and the guards don’t care.”

That’s not entirely true. As the bag goes through they pull us aside. Rather than give a longwinded explanation for the contents, you gently lift my jumper up, giving the guard a glimpse of the waistband of my nappy. I blush, and squeeze your hand harder, but in spite of the little embarrassment, you probably made the right decision. Anything else would have involved them pulling the nappies out while you explain that I’m padded. This way the only person who knows about my secret is the security guard.

The other side of security are lockers, and a sign asking people to store large bags to avoid overcrowding. 

“We’re going to have to leave this here” you say. “Do you want me to take an emergency change out?” 

I nod.

“The only problem is we’ve not got anything to carry it in”. 

“No then” I say, mortified by the idea of openly carrying a nappy as we walk around the aquarium. 
“Good thing I put you in a thick one then” you tease.

The lighting in the first room of the aquarium is dim, and the air is cool. There’s something slightly dreamy about being in a dark room where one whole wall is a giant fishtank. I rush up to it and stare at the fish. I have no idea which ones are which, but I don’t care. This is fascinating. From high up in the tank a huge fish comes swimming down, swooping through the water. I’m so engrossed in it all that I don’t notice you behind me until you wrap me in a hug. “Enjoying yourself?” you say. I nod and grin, “shall we go into the next room?”

We walked through into the next area, open-topped tanks filled with rays, sharks and dogfish. I climbed the stairs to look from above, stumbling a little as my nappy made me waddle. I felt your hand on my arm, helping me stay upright, “You OK?”  you asked. I nodded. 

Your hand moved down to my crotch, and you gave a subtle squeeze of the front of my nappy. “I think you might need to be a bit more careful on stairs” you say, “your nappy’s swelling because it’s soggy”.

“I’m not soggy” I protested. Then prodded the front of my nappy. It had definitely swelled since you put it on me. I’d peed myself. When did that happen? You’d changed me less than an hour ago. You saw the look of confusion on my face. “It’s OK, you had an accident. That’s not a problem, is it?” 

I shook my head, and gave you a cuddle. “I guess not”. 

You led me down the stairs and into the next room, There were only small tanks here, but there was a series of interactive displays with screens and games and puzzles. One of the games involved downloading an app, then being given a list of fish to ‘collect’ by running between the tanks and photographing the correct one. I couldn’t resist. 

I was onto my fourth fish, an elusive little panda guppy, when I felt my tummy grumble. I thought about letting you know, but I was enjoying myself and didn’t want to stop. I was also worried, given the bag was at the entrance, that  you’d make us cut our trip short. So I just kept on with my hunt. A little bit more searching, and I’d bagged my guppy. Next up the harlequin rasbora.My tummy cramped a little. I glanced around. You were sitting at a screen, playing one of the games, and no one else was in the room. I braced, gave a little push, and felt some mess slip out into my nappy. I patted my bottom, and sniffed the air. It didn’t seem that much and not that noticeable, so I went back to my search. 

It took me another ten minutes or so to find the last four fish. At the end of the search walked over to the screen where I’d downloaded the app, scanned the completion code, and watched all my fish appear on the screen. It then congratulated me and told me I could collect a prize from the gift shop at the end. I got really excited and ran over to you to show you the screen. I’m sure I saw you sniff as I came near you, but I was too excited to worry about that. You gave me a little hug, then got up. Before I realised what was happening, you turned me round and checked that no one else was in the room, then pulled the back of my jeans and nappy. 

“Thought so” I heard you say.

I blushed. “Are we going to have to leave to get me changed?” I said, my voice tinged with sadness and disappointment.

You shook your head, “no, it’s OK, it’s not very noticeable, you’ll be fine a bit longer, but If you realise you’ve had another stinky accident I’d like you to let me know, so that if it is bad we can deal with it.”

I nodded. “Uh-huh”.

“Shall we go onto the next area?” you asked. I nodded.

You led me through the doors into the next area. It was a tunnel, a long, glass one, cutting through an enormous water tank. Fish of all sorts swam through it, and i was incredible. A ray sailed over our heads, and I stopped to watch it. 

“There was no way I was going to let you miss out on this” you said to me, “no matter how bad an accident you’d had”.

I giggled. “I’d have been very sad if you had”. Then I turned to you and gave you a big kiss on the lips. As I pulled away I looked in your eyes and smiled, “I still owe you a teasing for when you were changing me”,

We continued on through the tunnel, going slowly as we marveled at the fish swimming above our heads, then emerged into the next room - another activity room. There were a lot more people in here than the last one, and most of the activities were taken up. I made a beeline for one of the empty ones, which had a screen at the top of a wall with various pictures and buttons on it. You walked around the room, looking at the signs on the wall, while I played. 

The game was OK, but was nowhere near as fun as the fish-finding one I’d played in the other room. The screen would display a fish, then I’d have to find the area of the world it lived in, and how deep it lived. The buttons were in rows and columns, with the columns representing a sea or ocean, and the rows showing the depth - shallowest at the top, deepest at the bottom. It started out as fun, but as I went on i found crouching down and standing up over and over was getting kind of tiring. It was also making my tummy feel grumbly again. I crouched down again, pressing the deepest button to show where the blobfish lived, and as I did my tummy cramped. Without much thought, I gave a push. Unlike the last mess, which was more like a lumpy fart, this was a big, semi-solid poop - the result of the ice cream I’d had earlier making my tummy go haywire. It also smelled pretty awful. 

I panicked. I knew there couldn’t be many more rooms left, and we’d already been here a good couple of hours, but I didn’t want to have to rush through and leave before we’d done the aquarium properly. I finally stood back up, and kept playing the game. After a few more fish I’d finished. I looked around the room, and saw you were still walking around looking at signs. I gently brushed my hand against my butt. The seat of my jeans was being pushed out by the poop. 

There was no way you wouldn’t realise what I’d done the minute I came back to you. If you didn’t smell it, you’d definitely see it. I spotted a hard stool in a corner of the room. That would help. I waddled over to it, and sat on the stool, doing my best to smoosh the poop and hide the bluge. I had no idea whether that had worked, but it definitely made the smell worse. To a point where people were looking round trying to work out where it was coming from. There was no way I could stay here. I decided to go find you, and hope that you wouldn’t notice what I’d done. 

By that point you’d stopped walking around the room, and were standing in the centre, watching me. I came up to you, a little unsteady on my feet as my nappy was now extremely bulky and pushing my legs apart. 

“What were you doing there, Kitty-cat?” you asked.

“Nuthin’” I said, as innocently as possible, “My legs hurt after playing that game, and I wanted to sit down for a minute”.

“OK” you said, a tone of disbelief in your voice “Is that why you were crouching down while you were playing it as well?”

I didn’t realise you’d seen that. Now would be a perfect time to come clean about my accident like you’d asked me to do. You did say you’d get it sorted, but that would definitely involve going to the entrance to get the changing bag, and then we’d have to leave.. 

I nodded. 

“No other reason?” you asked, probing. 

I moved my head towards you to whisper a reply, then thought about how much I wanted to see what was in the next rooms. 

I shook my head instead. “Nope”.

“Come on then” you said, taking my left hand in yours and ushering me towards the exit. I wondered why you’d chosen to do that, until I felt your right hand on my bottom. You had positioned it slightly underneath, so that it was exactly on the area that was messy, then you put pressure on it, making the mess stick to my butt, reminding me exactly of what I had done. You whispered in my ear, “I think someone has had a very stinky accident?”

At this point there was no sense in lying any more. You knew. You’d always known. You even watched me poop my nappy. 

“Nu-uh!” I whined, “It’s just that the room is smelly”.

“Oh? OK” you say as we get to the door. “So it’ll smell better in the next room then?”

I shrug, “I don’t know. I’ve not been here before. Maybe?”
“Let’s find out” You say as you lead me through the door.

The next room has pictures of most of the fish we saw previously on the walls, acting as a bit of a summary of what we’ve seen. From what I could tell it served as a build up to the next room, which must have been the crescendo of the experience. It certainly didn’t seem like people found this room particularly interesting, as it was completely empty. 

“Nope,” you say, “it definitely doesn’t smell better here”. 

There’s a tone of frustration in your voice, although from the look on your face it seems to be more for effect rather than genuine. You stop me, just as we’re far enough through for the door to close behind us, and I feel your hand move from my bottom up to the top of my jeans. There’s a slight rush of cool air as you pull back the waistband of my nappy, and the smell gets worse. “ 

“For someone who hasn’t had an accident,” you say, “there’s an awful lot of poo in your nappy”.

You spin me around so I can see your face. You look calm and amused, and your eyes have a wonderful mix of kindness and concern.

“Being serious for a minute,” you say, a measured tone to your voice, “I’m not upset you’ve had an accident. Remember, it doesn’t matter, and if you want me to just make it better and make the embarrassment go away, all you need to do is ask”.

I nod, my eyes welling up as I try to fight back tears. I wrap my arms around you in a tight hug, Squeezing hard and not letting go for a minute or so. Then I let go, and step back, my head bowed a little. I have no idea what’s coming next, but I know you’re usually pretty creative with my punishments, making them fit the ‘crime’.

You take my hand. There’s an accessible toilet in one corner of the room. You lead me into it and close the door.  It takes a moment for my eyes to adjust to the light. It’s much brighter in here than in the rest of the aquarium. When they do, I realise you’re unbuttoning my jeans. 

“Did you manage to bring a change?” I say, hope in my voice.

“No.” you say, the stern, matter of fact tone to your voice that you’d had earlier coming back. You let my jeans drop to the floor. As I go to step out of them you stop me. “You’ll keep those around your ankles, please”, you say. It’s not a request.

You then pull my tshirt and jumper off, leaving them dangling around my wrists. “Don’t let that come off of your wrists under any circumstances”. 

I nod my head. Your tone, and the situation, has stopped any hint of bratiness. 

“Now tell me what happened, please” you say, sitting on the closed toilet lid and watching me intently.

There’s a slight hissing noise, as without warning or sensation, I lose control and wet my nappy. When it stops I begin to speak.
“I didn’t know I needed to poo, then I needed to poo. And it just. I felt a cramp, and then I pushed. I didn’t realise it was going to be so much, and I didn’t want to have to stop having fun just because I’d pooed my nappy. So I tried to keep playing. Then when the game ended, i realised that you might see that my nappy had got bigger at the back so I sat down to try to squish the poo. I didn’t mean to be bad, I just didn’t want to have to leave” 

The words had started coming out slowly, but sped up as I spoke. Until I got to the bit about sitting down, where the emotion overwhelmed me, and I had to choke out the last bit through tears. By the time I finished speaking I was sobbing uncontrollably.

“Come over here please” you said, and I shuffled across the floor, my gait restricted by my nappy and my jeans. You take my hand and begin stroking it reassuringly. “Do you know why you’re being punished?”

“Because I didn’t tell you that I’d had an accident? And I tried to hide it from you?” I sniffled.

You shook your head , “Because you knew you’d had an accident, but you lied to me. Again and again.”

“I just didn’t want to leave” I said, once again sobbing harder.

“I know, kitten-face,” you say, using my hand to pull me across your lap, “and you won’t be yet. Not until I decide.”

I’m just processing this when I feel a firm slap on the bottom of my nappy. It doesn’t hurt - it would be difficult to hurt me through the padding - but the combination of the thudding, and the sensation of my mess being moved around my nappy with every blow makes me zone out, my brain slipping into a little-ish headspace. After ten swipes you stop hitting. Instead you rub my back, soothing me. You reach into your pocket and pull out my pacifier, slipping it into my mouth, then help me stand up, before guiding me to sit on your lap so you can hug me.

I don’t know how long you spend cuddling me, but it’s soothing. At some point I’d stopped sobbing, and was contentedly suckling my pacifier and smiling a little. 

“OK, stinky-butt” you say, “time to get your clothes back on and get moving”. 

I stand up, still in a bit of a daze, and let you slip my tops back over my head, and pull my jeans up. They barely fit over my nappy, and the waistband is now very obvious above them. Although the smell of my mess is pretty obvious even if people can’t see my nappy. 

Before you open the door, you pop the pacifier out of my mouth and slip it back into your pocket. Then you lead me out into the boring room.  

“I meant what I said about staying until I decide we’re done, by the way” you said, that firm tone back to your voice, “as you don’t seem to care about everyone knowing you’ve messed your nappy, we’re going to keep looking around here until I decide that we can go and get you changed.”

I try to work out what you mean by that, but before I can ask any questions, you’ve led me through into the next room. Which again is absolutely full of people. My grip on your hand tightens unconsciously. It won’t be too long before people start to notice that there’s a smell. And that I’m the source.

I’m so worried about the people, that I don’t notice the room we’re in. Like the first room, it’s dark, and there’s a whole wall that’s an aquarium tank, but this one is monumental. It’s at least two stories tall, and it’s curved, stretching around the room so we can step inside the curve and be surrounded by the tank on nearly all sides. 

You lead me towards the curve. Although it is busy, it’s not so bad that we can’t get a good spot. You wrap your arms around me again, and we stand, just looking at the fish, enjoying the moment together. People may well have noticed my messy nappy, but right now I’m completely absorbed by us  and I don’t care at all. 

“How are you feeling?” you ask.

“Really happy” I reply.

“I was never going to interrupt what we’re doing just to change your nappy.” you say, your voice soothing and calm, “the whole point of them is that you get to enjoy things. To have fun, without having to worry about accidents. And it’s not your fault you’re stinky. It’s the aquarium making it hard for you to be able to change.”

My eyes begin to well with tears again, and I give you a big kiss.  

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This just became one of my favorite stories. The way you craft perspective is wonderful - it puts my imagination right into the setting you’ve created, and the characters are so sweet and genuine.

Thank you for making this ^.^

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  • 4 weeks later...

Here's the second part. I have an idea for a part three, so if people like this one I'll get on with it. 


We’d been standing still for at least fifteen minutes, and I had become very conscious of how badly I stank. I tugged at your arm, “Please. I’m sorry for being naughty,”

People were glancing at us, but it was hard to tell whether that was because I was pleading with you, or because of the smell.

You smiled at me, which instantly calmed me down a little, “We can move on” you said, “but I think we’ll have to walk through the gift shop before we get to the lockers. Do you still want to claim your prize from finding all those fishes? You did work hard for it after all”

I nodded. I didn’t want to spend more time around people than was necessary, but I really wanted my prize. And besides, as you’d pointed out earlier, this was the aquarium’s fault. I took your hand, and waddled to the exit door.

As you had guessed, the next room was a gift shop - brightly coloured, well-lit, and filled with shelves upon shelves of stuffies and toys, t-shirts and hats. And lots and lots of people, crowding around and blocking every passage. I felt my lip start to quiver and my throat get dry. I squeezed your hand tight.

“It’ll be OK” I heard you whisper in my ear, “we can grab your prize and go straight out to the locker, then get you changed”. 

I nodded, gulping back tears and doing my best to compose myself. 

“Would you like to grab a stuffy to remember the trip by?” you asked.

I got a little excited at this, until I glanced around and saw every single table with stuffies absolutely surrounded by people. “It’s OK,” I said, a glum tone to my voice. 

You put your hands on my shoulders and gently turned me around to face you, then looked me in the eyes, “If someone noticed you had an accident, what’s the worst that might happen?” you asked,

“I don’t know?” I replied, “they might be mean.” 

“But no one has been so far?” you pointed out.

I nodded.

“Then stop letting something that probably won’t happen stop you having fun”.

I nodded again, forcing a smile. Then I turned around, waddled to the table with octopus stuffires and grabbed a big orange one. Just holding it made me feel a bit happier and more comfortable. I brought it back over to you.

“Found your new friend then?” You asked.

“Yep” I grinned.

“Did anything bad happen?” 


“Shall we go pay and get your prize?”

I nodded again, already forgetting my worries.

At the checkout I put the octopus on the counter, then pulled out my phone, showing the worker the app with the winning screen. The worker congratulated me, then grabbed a small stuffie of a panda guppie. I grinned as soon as I saw it, thanking them for my new friend.

After you paid we made our way out of the gift shop and back to the lockers. I stood there feeling increasingly uncomfortable as I waited for you to get the bag out. It didn’t actually take all that long, but it felt like forever. Particularly as my nappy got warm as I wet myself again. 

Once you had the bag you led me towards the toilets. Much like the rest of the aquarium they were clean and modern. Beside the accessible cubicles was another door with a sign that looked like a disabled toilet sign, but also had a person standing behind a platform on it. You opened the door. It was huge, even compared to a normal accessible toilet, and had an bed-sized changing table attached to the wall. After ushering me in, you shut the door and locked it.

I began to panic a little. “I don’t think we should be using this one” I said a slight quiver in my voice.

You glanced at me, your eyebrow raised.

“What if someone else needs it?”

“They’ll just have to wait,” you said, as you unbuttoned my jeans and let them drop to the floor, exposing my very wet, very full, and very stinky nappy.

“But it’s for incontinent people” I protested, as you led me to the changing table and pulled it down.

You glanced down at my nappy, “I think that qualifies you” you said, giving me a gentle pat on the butt, and ushering me onto the table. 

“I mean really incontinent people. Not people playing a kinky game.” There was a petulant tone to my voice I hadn’t intended.

You gently took my chin in your hands, and tilted my head so I was looking in your eyes.

“How many days in the last month have you wet in your sleep?” you asked.

I shrugged. “I dunno. A few.”

You took your phone out and tapped the screen a few times, “Every night except one.” you said, “you also woke up stinky nine times.”

I was about to protest, when you showed me the phone screen. On it was a potty training tracker app, showing all of my accidents over the last month. There were a lot. 

You turned it back towards you, “Do you know how many times I noticed you’d wet yourself during the day?”

I blushed, and my lip quivered a little. “Some”

“Eighty four” you said, that’s nearly three times every day. And that’s just the times I noticed. Your tone softened a little, “You also didn’t make it to the potty in time to poo a single time. Even on days when you didn’t have a full accident you had bad enough skid marks that you needed clean underwear.”

I blushed even harder. “I’m trying. I’m sorry” my voice cracked. 

You stroked my hair and spoke softly, “you’ve got nothing to be sorry for. It’s not your fault, and you don’t need to worry about it anymore. I wasn’t doing this to embarrass you, just to make it clear that you don’t need to feel bad about using somewhere like this. You’re as entitled as anyone else.”

I nodded, trying to stop myself from crying. 

“You being cute and little and bratty is the game.” you continued, “. You having accidents and needing nappies is just a fact of life. Even if it does make you look cute”. 

I tried to fight the smile that creeped across my face.
“And smell cute” you said, gently guiding me to lie down, “even when you’re stinky”

You eased my top up and blew a raspberry on my belly. I coudn’t help but giggle. Then you took my pacifier from the bag, popped it in my mouth, and gave me my octopus to hold. I used him to cover my face, and closed my eyes.

I felt your hands on the top of my nappy, and heard a ‘pop’ as you removed each tape. You started with the top two, then moved down to the bottom two. As you eased the nappy open I got a full blast of how bad it smelled, and realised how bad an accident I’d had.  I whimpered a little behind my paci. 

“It’s OK,” you said, “you’ll feel all better in a few minutes”

I felt the front of the nappy rubbing against my butt as you used it to clean off the worst of the mess, then I felt the cool, damp wipes against my skin as you started wiping me down. It’s incredibly soothing, and I felt myself calming down and starting to get a little fuzzy-headed. I suckled on my paci, and moved my octopus from in front of my face down to my chest, cuddling him tight. I barely noticed when you lifted my legs up and slid the nappy out from under me, or when you slipped the clean one in its place. 

By the time I realised what was happening I felt much cleaner and less uncomfortable. It was only when you taped me up that I started to come back to my senses and notice you smiling down at me with a slight look of concern on your face.

“Is everything OK?” I asked, sitting up.

“Yep” you said, “did you notice you were having an accident when I was changing you?”

 “I didn’t.” I said, shaking my head to emphasise my lack of awareness, “sorry. I didn’t mean to pee on you”.

“It wasn’t pee”.

I blushed again, and buried my face in my octopus. This wasn’t the first time this sort of thing had happened - dairy tended to make me ‘leak’ small amounts without noticing - but that didn’t make it less embarrassing. 
“It’s OK”, you assured me, helping me step back into my jeans, “I’ll just have to make sure I keep checking you and get you clean as soon as anything is noticeable.”

Nobody was waiting outside when we left the changing room. The ten minutes it took to make sure I no longer smelled like a sewage works didn’t cause anyone else any inconvenience, I did get a slightly odd look from an older lady who was walking past the entrance to the toilets, but I felt a little more confident and better about myself, and so I pulled my top up a little, and flashed her the white waistband of my nappy. She soon glanced away, embarrassed at her misjudgement. 

I didn’t think you noticed at first, then I saw the little grin on your face as you turned towards me, “What shall we get for lunch?” you asked? You needn’t have, we both knew the answer, but I said it anyway:


The noodle place was a short walk away, only about 20 minutes, just the other side of the river, but after the aquarium I’d already built up an appetite, and was ready to fill my face with ramen. Annoyingly, there was a queue outside the restaurant as other people had the same idea. 

While we were standing, waiting, I felt your hand on the back of my jeans, and a little tug backwards. It seemed subtle, and don’t think anyone else noticed, but I blushed. Then you leaned forward and whispered in my ear, 

“You’re already a tiny bit stinky, but it should be OK for now. If it’s not too uncomfortable”.

I felt my cheeks get really warm, and I swear they glowed red.

“I’ll be fine” I mumbled.  As I said that, I felt a trickle of pee escape into my nappy. I was wetting myself, and I hadn’t even noticed. 

“It’s so busy” I said, trying to distract myself a little.

“Yep. Because it’s so good.” you replied. “But they won’t be long, I’m sure.”

I felt you take hold of my hand.

“Are you tired out after the aquarium?” you asked

I nodded, “a little bit. But I think I’ll be good after food”

“So you’ve still got energy to go shopping after then?” 

“Yeah” I said, excited for the comic shop.

It wasn’t long before we were let into the noodle bar, and shown to a small table. It was cramped and crowded, and smelled absolutely amazing. 

Apart from the slight warmth, I hadn't really been aware of my nappy when we were outside, but as I sat down it squelched against the seat. I wasn’t just a bit soggy, I was soaked. I also felt the mess that had leaked out sticking to my butt cheeks. It wasn’t too uncomfortable, but it was certainly hard to ignore, and if I hadn’t been padded, I would have had a big stain on my jeans. 

You started looking at the menu, “Any idea what you’re having?” you asked.

“Tonkotsu” I replied, in a flash, “with extra noods.” 

You chuckled to yourself. “Just that?”

I looked at the menu properly. “Karaage too. And sparkling water.”

“I’ll get us a big portion we can share” you said, “and some takoyaki.”
You pulled out your phone, placed the order through their weird online ordering system, and within a few minutes our drinks and chicken had arrived.

I dug in, grabbing some chicken and devouring it. It was amazing. Crispy, juicy, slightly spicy. I had to stop myself from gorging on the whole plate, but I had ramen on its way, and was also meant to be sharing the chicken with you. I stopped myself after four pieces, and took a swig of my drink. 

“You’re enjoying it then?” you said, a little surprised at how quickly I’d eaten the chicken.

“Yep”, I grinned.

Our ramen arrived shortly afterwards. It might have been my imagination, but I’d have sworn the waiter paused and sniffed the air a little when he put it down in front of me. I would have worried, but I had noodles in front of me,and was too excited for it. 

The way I dove into the ramen made my chicken eating seem restrained. I slurped and guzzled, and splattered soup all over myself. If I had any dignity left after my morning of humiliation, I’d have definitely left it all over the table. And my top. And face. 

After a few moments I looked up to see you chuckling to yourself.

“Shall I order you some extra noodles?” you asked.

I nodded. Saying anything else in reply would just result in covering you in half-chewed food, and that might make you less inclined to order me more noodles.

Just as you placed the noodle order, the waiter came back over with a plate of takoyaki. I paused my noodle demolition to snarf down an octopus ball. Then I immediately regretted it as I realised how hot the damned thing was. I quickly took a swig of water, which helped cool my mouth down a little. 

“You know,” you said, that sly grin still set on your face, “it may be utterly chaotic, but it's really cute how much you're enjoying your food’.

Twenty minutes of munching and gulping later, and we were paid up and ready to leave. As we wandered through the packed restaurant and toward the door, I felt your hand on my back, a gentle tug on my jeans, and a slight pull on my jumper, then heard you whisper, “just tucking your nappy back in. The waistband was peeking out under your top.”

I should have felt humiliated. Particularly as the slight smell of my leaky butt had become more noticeable while we ate, but I'd already gone through so much today that I was beyond caring. So much so that without lowering my voice I replied, “do you think I need a nappy change before we leave?”

At least one person glanced over at that. I didn't care though. If anything, I was pleased. 

“Not here” you said, there wouldn't be room to change you properly in the toilet.”

The comic shop was a two minute walk from the noodle place. That didn't give us any options for a place to change before we got there. I hadn't thought that was much of an issue, but as we got inside you stopped me and pulled me in for a hug. As you did I heard you sniff, and felt your hand touch my butt. 

“I think we're going to have to get you changed pretty urgently” you said, “you're wetter than I thought, and it's pretty obvious that you've pooped too.” 

I nodded. “Then can we come back?” 

“Of course” you reassured me, “I’m sorry I had to interrupt fun, but I think you'd rather be clean and dry, wouldn't you?” 

I shrugged. I'd already had so many embarrassing moments today that at this point I was broadly indifferent.

“I don't mind,” I said, much more confident than I had been most of today, “besides, it's not like last time where we had to leave and go home because I had an accident”.

“Very true,” you agreed.

The last time we'd been here was pretty bad. I'd curled up in their reading area with an indie comic while you browsed through every box for one specific X-Men back issue, and without much notice I'd felt a really bad rumble and cramping in my tummy. By the time I'd found you to tell you I needed to go to the potty, I'd had a really bad messy accident. We left right away, and worse than that, I had to ride all the way home on the train with poopy pants. Delaying our comic hunt for ten minutes while we found somewhere for me to be changed seemed like a big improvement on that.

It turns out finding somewhere to change during the lunchtime rush wasn’t as simple as we’d hoped. Most of the restaurants, pubs and coffee shops we walked past were packed and most of them looked like their toilets would be too small anyway. After a little trek down the street we saw a cinema that was just opening its doors and ducked inside. We’d hoped the toilets would be in the foyer as we went in but it was clear from a quick look around that they were in the area after the ticket check.  I was about to turn around to leave, but you approached one of the staff,I didn’t hear quite what you said, but I definitely heard the words ‘incontinent’, ‘accident’, and ‘change’. I blushed a little, but didn’t have time to think much about it as you beckoned me over and we were ushered toward the toilets.

As we got inside the accessible cubicle and you locked the door behind us, I asked what you’d told him to get him to let us use the toilet.

“The truth” you replied, “that you’d had an accident in your nappy and that we needed to get you changed as soon as possible.”

I nodded. 

You unbuttoned my jeans, then laid a changing mat down on the floor of the room. The smell was nowhere near as bad as before, but my nappy was incredibly soggy. So much so that I felt a rivulet of pee run down my leg as I was clearly having another wetting accident which had pushed it over the edge of leaking.

You saw the liquid glistening on my thigh, “It seems we’ve got here just in time”.

You gestured for me to lie on the changing mat. I sat down with a squish, then laid on my back. I felt a slight dampness as the nappy leaked a little more.Without much ceremony, you popped the tapes. A slight smell of poop permeated the room. Nowhere near as bad as before, but still a little stinky. Without thinking I let out a giggle. 

You looked at me with a slightly quizzical expression on your face, “something funny, stinky butt?”

“Yep, but I’m not even sure what. I think I’m just happy?”


“This is, what, the third time you’ve cleaned up my messy accidents today, and you’re not making a big deal of it. It’s kind of nice. Even if it’s a bit embarrassing.”

“It isn’t a big deal. You have accidents, so I’m helping you cope with them.” 

I giggled again, “Thank you”.

I felt you pull the dirty nappy out from under me, and wipe me clean. Because the mess was so much less bad than the previous ones, the change was much quicker. You slipped the clean nappy under me, and taped me back in. In a few minutes I was clean, dry and ready to get back to our adventure. 

Trying again, we entered the comic shop. In all honesty, ‘comic shop’ did it a bit of an injustice. . There were comics, of course, but there was also a small gallery of art, including original comic pages, and a coffee shop with a reading area. I knew you were going to want to spend time hunting down ancient back issues in their second hand bins, so I beelined for the indie comics, grabbed a graphic novel and a handful of small press titles, then went to the cafe to read them. I decided to have a hot chocolate as well. I knew what that would probably mean - a big chance of another messy accident before we went home - but at this point I was kind of past caring. So far today I’d had some of the most humiliating accidents of my life, and things had worked out OK. Also, I really wanted a hot chocolate. At the same time as buying my drink I paid for my comics, and in a few minutes I settled in a big comfy chair ready to enjoy a nice relaxing reading session. 

I sipped my drink and read my comic. Got completely lost in my comic, in fact. It wasn’t until I’d read through the whole thing that I realised we’d already been in there nearly an hour. I glanced around to see what you were up to. As expected, you were still going through the comic bins. I then picked up another book and started reading that. When I was about half way through the comic I felt a grumble in my tummy. I ignored it and kept reading. By the time I finished my book I realised I was going to poop. I raised myself off my chair a little and let it go. 

It didn’t feel like I let a lot out. Probably about twice as much as had leaked out before you last changed me, but it immediately smelled kind of bad. My cheeks felt a little hot as it occurred to me that people would be able to smell it if they came near, but then I remembered how you’d helped me make things better all day, and I went back to my comic. As I read, I had a slightly naughty idea, and started squirming around in my seat, feeling the mess moving around inside my nappy. I enjoyed being changed by you, and this would make the next change longer and more relaxing. As I wiggled around, I started to get excited. I also noticed the smell was becoming worse. That made me even more excited. I finished my comic, then glanced around to find you. 

From the looks of things you had found what you wanted and moved along to a different section of the shop, an area that was a little busier. Coming over to you would mean I’d have to be around quite a few people who would undoubtedly notice the smell and realise I had pooped myself. I heitated for a moment, then got up out of my comfy chair, picked up my collection of new comices, and walked towards you, sneaking up and pouncing with a hug.

“Hello you” you said, a little hint of surprise in your voice, “are you done with your reading?”

“I think so,” I replied, “I could read another book, but I wanted to check how you were doing before I started. I didn’t want to get interrupted by you wanting to go.”

You chuckled. “Speaking of go,” you whispered, “I think you might have a stinky nappy”.

I grinned at you. “Yeah. I kind of couldn’t hold it. I didn’t think you’d mind”

You gave me a big smile and an even bigger hug, “I’m glad you’re feeling a bit more comfortable about that. Shall we go pay then get you cleaned up?”


I decided to wait outside while you paid for your comics. It seemed only fair to the shop. It was one thing to have an accident in a quiet corner away from people, but it was quite another to stand in the checkout queue making everyone else uncomfortable. 

You came out after a few minutes. When you did you had a slightly concerned look on your face,

“So the games cafe is only round the corner” You said, “We could take a walk and and find somewhere to change you before we go in, but I don’t know where to go and it might take a while to find somewhere. And right now we probably have just about enough time for one game.”

I gave you a big grin, “I don’t mind, let’s go to the games cafe”.

“That’ll mean that people we walk past on the way to get you changed will be sitting next to us after.” You said, making clear that I’d likely have to be around people who knew I’d been in a messy nappy a few minutes earlier.

I took your hand in mine, “I know” I said, giving it a squeeze, “but you’ve looked after me so far, and I know you’ll make me feel OK when that happens too”


It only took us a few minutes to get to the games cafe. As we stood outside we saw how busy it was though the window. 

“Are you sure about this?” you asked. 

You’d been holding my hand since we left the comic shop, it felt incredibly reassuring, “yeah, I am.” I replied, squeezing extra tight.

The pace was packed. There was a row of tables between us and the toilets, and every one was crowded with people. The walkway was jammed too. Getting through was going to take quite a bit of pushing and jostling, and as we stood in the doorway I realised I smelled worse than I thought. I was beginning to regret my escapade mushing my mess against the chair.

Fortunately, you took the lead, gently guiding us through the crowd. No one said anything, but I definitely saw a few twitchy noses, and got some funny looks. Eventually, After what felt like an age, but was probably less than a minute, we'd made it through the crowd and were safely shut away in the accessible toilet cubicle.

Then a thought occurred to me, “A load of people just saw us walk in here together. What if they think we've come in here for sexy stuff?”

“You mean me changing your messy butt isnt sexy?” You teased.

“It's the sexiest thing I can think of right now” I assured you, a wryness to my tone, “but you know what I mean. I don't want to get banned from here for them thinking we were banging in the bathroom.”

“Well half the people in this place almost certainly also smelled your messy nappy” you pointed out, “but if it reassures you I could always ‘accidentally’ tuck your shirt in to the top of your clean one, so everyone can see it and there's no doubt about why we came in here.”

This was clearly a joke on your part. I gave it a moment's consideration. “Sure. Let's do that.”

You seemed a little taken aback by this.

“Where did this confidence come from?” 

I shrugged, “ I guess you, really.” I said, “and knowing you're looking after me.”

You reached into the change bag, and pulled out one of my really thick overnight nappies. It was still plain-coloured, but it was so thick and bulky that even dry it made my jeans bulge out, and it also made me waddle a little. Most mornings after I soaked it, I’d end up toddling along like Tommy Pickles in the intro to the Rugrats. My eyes went wide.

“Maybe, as you don’t mind people knowing you’re in a nappy, it’s worth putting this on you” you said, “that way I won’t have to change you until we get home.”

“What if I have another messy accident?” I asked.

“Then we probably need to call the Guinness Book of Records,” you joked “and a doctor.”

I gave you a withering look.

“But if you do, we’ll play it by ear. If it’s bad we’ll get you changed, and if it’s not I’ll keep you feeling safe and looked after until we get home.”

“OK”, I said, a cheeky smile on my face.
“Let’s see what I’m dealing with.” You unbuttoned my jeans, letting them drop to the floor, then turned me round and look down the back of my nappy, causing a waft of poo-smell to fill the room, then you glanced down at my thighs. 

“It doesn’t look all that bad” you assured me, “but it’s gone everywhere. How on earth did you get it to the top and out the leg bands?”

I blushed,

“It’s leaked out the legs too.” you continued, “this is going to be a pretty big clean up”

You took the changing mat from the bag and laid it on the floor, “Right, stinky pants, lie down let’s get you clean.”

I did as I was told, carefully laying myself down on the changing mat to avoid it leaking any more than it already had. Without my asking you popped my pacifier in my mouth and gave me my octopus to cuddle, then you untaped the nappy and set to wiping me clean. 

It took several minutes of careful wiping to get me clean, and I enjoyed every moment of it, giggling and squirming throughout. I wasn’t trying to make the change difficult for you, but now I had overcome a lot of the nerves around my accidents, the sensation of being wiped clean while we were in a public place felt so naughty and cute that I couldn’t help but enjoy myself. 

Once I was clean you held the thick, overnight nappy up once again. “Are you sure about this?”

I nodded. 

You pulled a thick stuffer from the bag and held it up alongside the nappy, “What about this?”
I hesitated for a moment, then nodded again. If it was going to be obvious that I was in a nappy, I might as well go all-in on it. 

You knelt down once again and slipped the nappy under my bottom, adding the stuffer underneath. Then it was time for rash creme, then baby powder, and finally you closed it up and taped it shut. I tried to close my legs. It was impossible. There was no way I was going to be able to hide the nappy now.

Once you got my jeans and top back on me, you turned me around again, and adjusted my top, before gently steering me so I could see myself in the mirror. The bottom of my jumper was tucked into the waistband of my nappy, revealing it to anyone who so much as glanced at me. There was no question of why we were in the toilet together now. 

“Ready?” you asked, your hand on the door handle.

“Ready” I said. And much to my surprise, I was.

I toddled back into the cafe, following behind you. There were long tables with bench seats, where people were playing communal games, and we sat down across from a group of people who were just setting up for their next go round. We’d both played the game before, so we joined in. 

The people we were playing with were a really friendly group, and we found ourselves completely sucked into the game, so much so that when the waitress came round to take our drinks order, she had to ask us twice before we responded. We made sure to pay attention when she came back though, so that she wasn’t wasting time waiting for us. I’d gone for another hot chocolate, with whipped cream and marshmallows, and you had coffee. At one point during the game the nice woman sitting next to me leaned in close, 

“Your jumper’s ridden up a bit”, she explained, “want me to help adjust it?”

“Sure,” I replied. 

I felt her hand on my back for a moment, and then my nappy was once again hidden away from the world. I blushed a little when she mentioned it to me, but it was only for a moment. I was having too much fun to care about silly things like being embarrassed for having accidents, and she’d not made a big deal of it at all. 

The game took about 90 minutes in total, and by the time we were done, the cafe staff were beginning to close up for the night. There was part of me that was disappointed by this. I was really enjoying myself, but I was also starting to realise how tiring our day had been. I got up to leave, and nearly fell over. My nappy had become even thicker than it was when I sat down. I must have peed quite a bit while we were playing, but I didn’t notice at all. I grabbed onto your arm to steady myself as I climbed back over the bench seat, and waddled to the exit. 

“Slightly soggy?” you teased, as you watched me walk.

“I think so, yeah.”

It took me a few steps to get used to the bulk between my legs, before I got used to walking with my legs so far apart, but I managed to get there.

“Is it just wet?” you asked

“I think so. Do you want to find somewhere to check before we get the train home?”

You shrugged, “It’s not going to make much difference. If you are stinky, it’s not bad enough to smell yet, so not much point in changing you. Besides, you’d probably just poo yourself again before we get on the train anyway”, there was a big grin on your face, as you teased me. 
“Hey!” I replied, also smiling,

“What? It’s true.”

“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean you need to say it.” I giggled as I said this, then gave you a hug. “Thank you for looking after me today, it’s been lovely.”

“It really has.” you said, putting your arm around me and guiding me towards the train station.

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