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Recession Regression

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"What are you wearing?!" she asked, or more demanded. She glared at Alex up and down.

"I um..." Alex blushed and looked away. "I don't know..."

"Answer my question. What. Are. You. Wearing?"

Alex blushed deeper. "My normal clothes."

She faked surprise. "Those are your normal clothes? Look at me."

Alex glanced up to meet her eyes and nodded. "Yes, they are."

"Oh really? Doesn't seem like they should to me. What kind of underwear are you wearing?"


She looked at him sternly. "What kind of underwear are you wearing?" She repeated.


"Oh? So you aren't wearing pretty pink panties? Or a diaper? Or anything like that?"

Alex blushed at the question. "No!" he said.

"Why not? And where is your collar?"

"I... ummm," he looked down. "I don't know."

Normally, the answer should be easy. Why should he, a grown adult man, wear anything like that? Here, however, it was different

"Mhmm. Just as I thought. And what else are you wearing?"

"I'm wearing boxers, jeans, a blue t shirt, and running shoes."

"And what the fuck are you wearing that here?"

"I... I don't know."

The question may have seemed strange in any other location. He was wearing his normal clothes, the clothes he would normally wear in any normal event. However, this wasn't a normal event at all, at least until a few weeks prior.

This was more emphasized by woman asking him the questions. She wasn't dressed in anything that might be seen as "normal" elsewhere, but here she fit in perfectly. Her tight black pleather corset, thigh shorts over fishnet stockings and knee high heeled boots, and long black rod in her hands all matched the dark room he stood in. Alex glanced nervously around at the dog cage, wooden X cross, and waist high stocks that filled the room among similar, equally frightening implements, and wondered which he may end up in if he wasn't careful.

The only thing not matching stood at the far end of the room. It was a large camera, facing toward a bare corner with a mirror, and attached to a computer at a desk. Though it was perhaps the most "normal" part of the room, it was the part that made him blush the most, especially knowing it was there for him.

She glared at him again. "Take them off. Now."

Alex gulped and obeyed. He reached for the bottom of his shirt and lifted it slowly over his head. He then looked at her.

"And?" she asked.

He reached down for his belt buckle and slowly began undoing it.

She let out an annoyed sigh. "Alright, let me do it." She walked up to him, and pushed his hands away. She then undid it herself and forced his pants down, leaving him in just his boxers with his pants in a pool around his ankled.


Alex gasped as the strap hit him across the thighs, taking him by surprise.

"I don't want to see you dressed like this here again. Is that understood?" She hit him again, and he gasped.

"YES! I'm sorry, I won't AAA!"" he stopped as she hit him.

"What made you think you could dress like that here, knowing what you were coming for? And you didn't even bring a change of clothes? Are you that stupid?"

"I just, I uhh... You didn't specify."


"You didn't specify, so I dressed as I normally would," He explained. 

It was partially true. The reality was, being new at this game, he was still nervous about it. Her not specifying was a solid excuse to avoid a long bus ride worrying about a bag full of embarrassing clothes.

WHACK! She hit him harder then before, and he yelped loudly. 

"So its MY fault?" She hit him again.

"No! I just didn't know!"

She reached for his underwear, and with one hard tug, tore it off. She then took the scraps and shoved them into his mouth.

"So you couldn't figure it out? Is that what you're telling me? That you're too much of a dumb little sub to even figure that out?"

"Mmph," he said, unsure if he should talk.

She whacked him again. "Answer!"

He yelped and reach his hands to his thighs, and felt tears forming in his eyes. "Yes!" He said. The sound came out muffled, but she seemed to understand.

"Then say it. And take those naughty boxers out of your mouth to answer so I can hear it clearly, then replace them."

Alex sighed.

A week ago, that question would have meant nothing to him. A year, what he was doing wouldn't even have crossed his mind. 

However, things had changed. Or more, they hadn't at all. Not long ago, he had been working a stable job with a solid income, and had no issues affording what he needed. Now, he worked the same stable job with the same income. The problem is everything ELSE had changed: mortgage, gas, groceries, everything cost more and more, and the same salary felt like less and less. 

So, he had to make a decision. He could reduce his spending, penny pinch, thrift, live off of KD and baloney... or he could turn to his other talents to make extra money. After too many bills and too many weeks of issues, he settled on the latter.

And now, because of it, he had to answer a ridiculously embarrassing question for someone he barely knew. "I dressed this way because I'm too much of a dumb little sub to even figure that out," he replied.

"Oh? And what else?"

He sighed. "I am a dumb, helpless subby, too stupid to think of things myself, and who needs someone to think for me. I am too stupid to take care of myself and should obey smarter people like you."

"What people like who?"

"Smarter people like you."

"Undies back in your mouth, now."

He obeyed, and shoved them inside.

"Good boy," she said, making him blush even deeper.  "Then lets get you dressed appropriately, and since I am the smart one who gets to make decisions, I'm going to decide, ok?"

He nodded, and let out a muffled noise that stemmed from "Yes mistress."

"Good boy. Now, lets hurry, the cameras are rolling."

Alex sighed. Even that one phrase- "good boy," was something that shook him. He didn't know what he was more embarrassed about- how much he hated it, or how much he enjoyed it.

She took him by the hand and helped him out of the jeans and shoes. She then led him to the centre of the room and pointed her rod at a mat, and hey lay down.

She left, and returned with his clothes. Alex sighed when he saw it, but nodded. 

First up was a bright pink diaper.

"Lift your butt," She said, and he obeyed. She lay the plastic garment underneath him, spread powder liberally into it, then taped it on snugly.

"Feet up," She commanded. She grabbed each of his feet and pulled knee high stockings onto them, then followed them with high heeled shoes.

"Good boy. Now, stand up." She reached down and dragged him up.

Alex wobbled in his heeled shoes. He was more used to them then most men, but he still had issues with balance.

"Good boy. Here I'd have thought you'd have mastered the heels by now," She smiled. "Now, arms up."

Alex sighed again, and put his hands in the air. She reached up over him and pulled a light pink dress over his shoulders and down to the bare top of his thighs, leaving plenty of skin, as well as the bottom of his diaper, exposed.

She patted him on the bottom. "Good boy, what a good, dumb little sissy sub. You are going to look so cute for my cameras."

Alex blushed and looked down. "Thank you mistress," he mumbled from behind his ruined boxer.

"And finally, since this isn't a drag show, but a BDSM one," she grabbed each of his hands and put them behind his back. He heard a clink, and she backed away. 

Alex's hands struggled, but he found they were securely locked in handcuffs. The dominatrix walked around to the front of him, holding the coup de grace- a pink leather collar, with two parts held together by a golden heart, and a long leash attached.

She looked him in the eye. "You having second thoughts, or are you ready? Isn't this what you said you wanted? "The best possible advertisement," you said?"

Alex met her eyes and nodded. She reached to his neck and clipped on the collar. She looked him up and down, admiring her work.

"Good boy. What a good, dumb little pampered sub, ready to please his mistress. You want to see how you look?"

He shook his head.

"Too bad, you are going to anyway."

She pulled him through the dungeon to a mirror and pointed at it.

He cringed at what he saw. Himself, bound and tied, wearing the most humbling clothes the professional dominatrix had in her arsenal. Each step- from his high socks, to the printed diaper, to the pretty dress strong over his broad, masculine shoulders, to the collar on his neck, all made him blush deeper.

"Are you ready for your add?" she asked.

Alex sighed again. Think about the money, he told himself. Its all for the money. It was all for the money of course. The thing was going from writing for fun to writing for money meant sacrifices on topic matter. He nodded.

She took the underwear out of his mouth and turned him to face the camera. Think of the money, he said again.

She smiled at him. "One more thing for your outfit."

She walked back into the dungeon, and returned with a silver crown. She placed it lightly on his head. "Do you feel like a princess, little sissy sub?"

"I don't think princesses normally need to do this sort of thing for money," he replied.

She laughed, and walked behind the camera.

Some lights turned on, and she cued him to speak. 

He gulped. Think of the money, Think of the money,

"Hello. This is ABAlex speaking. I am an online kink writer who does short stories and longer works for pay. I'll write BDSM, ABDL, sissy, or anything else you want, as long as anything dirty is solely with adults. I'm here to tell you my patreon and commission pages are now open."

He kept his smile on through the small speech, and held it afterward. The camera was still on.

He glanced behind it, at the woman sitting cross legged facing him.

"Good boy," she said.

The smile became harder to force as she took out a handful of bills and started ruffling through them.

"Now, what else do you think you'd do for money?" she tossed some bills in front of him.

Alex looked watched them fall. It was already more then he expected to make for the add. What would she want?

He kept his smile on through the small speech, and held it afterward. The camera was still on.

He glanced behind it, at the woman sitting cross legged facing him.

"Good boy," she said.

The smile became harder to force as she took out a handful of bills and started ruffling through them.

"So what exactly would you do for money?" she tossed some bills in front of him.

Alex looked watched them fall. It was already more then he expected to make for the add. What would she want?


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