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Alpha Beta Upsilon

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Oscar, Ryan, Jackson and Sam sat in the back of the third van as it made its way down a long gravel road. Trees stood tall on either side, creating an eerie, dark tunnel through the forest as the van shook and rocked as it drove down the poorly kept road.

The destination was the fraternity lake house. A place that the four had yet to see as they had only just taken the fraternity pledge before jumping into the vans several hours ago. A whole week out at this lake house was meant to help get each of them closer to their new brothers, ultimately kick starting their college careers and they were excited for sure.

Minutes passed as the van continued down the bumpy road, while older members reminiscing about old memories from prior retreats until finally, the van rounded one last bend revealing the massive house on the lake that had been rented out for the new pledge retreat. A semi annual tradition that happened after each rush period for the fraternity that had predated back for longer than any of the current members even knew. The lake house was owned by one of the founding fathers, who happily lent it out for retreats to keep in the spirit of the fraternity, creating the ultimate hang out spot for everyone to have a good time.

“Yoooo,” Oscar started, staring out the window as he looked at the house.

“This is sick!” Jackson added as the four of them quickly leaned over to get a few from the window.

The van rolled to a stop before one of the older members quickly opened the van door and jumped out. “Pledges, you wait in the van while we set a few things up, the rest of your on me,”

The 4 pledges looked at each other, nervous for what was to come. Like most fraternities, they knew there would be some kind of hazing mixed with wild parties but it was worth it to them. A fraternity meant having a solid group of guys from day one of college. Wild parties, girls, social connections. It was probably one of the best ways to start college once you were in. They were here for five whole days and they planned to make every second of it count.

“Who’s ready to get our cheeks clapped?” Ryan said sarcastically.

“Yooo, what the fuck!?” Jackson shot back.

“Don’t fucking say it like that, bro,” Oscar added.

“What? I can literally see one of the guys carrying in the fraternity paddle,” Ryan said, pointing out the window at one of the senior members.

There was an audible gulp from Sam, but he said nothing.

“No way, that shits just for decor or something,” Jackson said. “I’d be gay as hell if they just started wailing on us with that thing,”

“Well, what do you think they're gonna make us do?” Ryan asked.

“I’m hoping it just involves a fuck ton of drinking,” Jackson said with a laugh. “Dues ain’t cheap,”

“Yea, I mean as long as I don’t have to like cut myself, I’m cool with whatever,” Oscar said.

“Fuck, why do you guys think its gonna be something crazy like that?” Sam asked. “Can’t we just like, join a fraternity without getting treated like shit?”

The other three let out a laugh. “Dude, you better start expecting something awful to happen tonight. That way you won’t be as surprised when it happens,” Jackson said, practically grinning. “Fuck, even if it is awful, we only have to do it this once. Then at the next retreat we don’t have to be the new guys!”

Sam shook his head. “Right, because I want to be abused just so I can abuse others later,” He said sarcastically.

“Is that not the point?” Ryan said with a snicker.

“Pledges!” They heard the president call out, standing in the door of the house as a few final senior members rushed in behind him, carrying the remainder of the bags from each of the vans.

Oscar, Ryan, Jackson and Sam shuffled out of the van, grabbing their bags as they quickly made their way to the door. There was a crazy amount of commotion inside as they heard things shifting around and whispers being passed between the other members.

“Welcome to the lake house! Each of you has made the pledge to Alpha Beta Upsilon, and we are excited to welcome you to join us in a week of our traditions! At the end of the week, we will welcome you as fully initiated members of our fraternity, and will happily call you our brothers!” The president announced.

The four pledges nodded their heads, smiling with excitement as they thought about the wild week that lay before them, not to mention getting the honor of joining one of the largest fraternities on campus.

“As tradition states, we are going to start with our welcoming of the pledges ceremony which will ultimately do two things for each of you. Firstly, it will assign each of you with a Big Brother. Their job is to help you transition and fit into the fraternity. They will be your guide, your friend, and work to best support you in any way you might need! Secondly, it will help lay the ground rules for this week.”

“Wooo!” The pledges shouted, trying to hype themselves up.

“Now, if you could each leave your bags right where you're standing, and follow me inside,” The president said, stepping inside the house.

The pledges looked at each other confused, but quickly did as instructed and dropped their bags before walking inside the house. Inside, they were quickly greeted by a large entryway full of the rest of the members, gathered around in a half circle just against the main door. In the middle, just in front of some large doors that they could only imagine led to a deck of some sort sat a rather large, cardboard construction with 4 doors.

“Pledges! Welcome to your first ceremony. Your job is really simple, but can have a very large impact on what the rest of your week will look like. Each of you will pick a door and step inside, closing the door behind you. Behind each door is a bag. You are to completely strip all of your clothing, and wear only what is in your bag. All of it, and nothing more. Easy enough, right?”

The pledges looked around. Everyone was maintaining a straight face and staring forward, making no eye contact with any of the pledges.

“Shit. Sounds easy boss,” Jackson said, confidently stepping towards one of the doors.

“Failure to wear the contents means you're out of the fraternity, and only fraternity members will be staying in the house this week. All others can walk home,”

Jackson slowed his step, feeling himself get a little nervous. The others followed suit, slowly approaching their doors and stepping inside.

“What the hell!?” Jackson shouted loudly, ultimately being the first one to open his bag.

“Silently!” The president shouted.

Each pledge proceeded to open their bag, pulling out its simple contents. A large adult sized diaper with various childish prints on them, a pacifier, and a graphic tee.

“We’ll give you five minutes!” The president shouted, sensing their hesitation.

5 long minutes passed, all while the senior members stood in silence, watching as the cardboard shook here and there from the movements inside.

“Alright! Pledges! I hope you are ready to meet your big brothers!” The president said as the members erupted into cheer. Silence came from the box, as none of the pledges were too happy about the contents of their bag.

“Behind door number 1, we have pledge Sam who will be assigned to Brother Jose!” The president announced, whipping open the door to reveal Sam, sitting awkwardly in his diaper and tee, pacifier in mouth as was expected as the members erupted with laughter as another member quickly knelt down and began to rapidly take pictures.

Sam’s face was flushed red. He felt humiliated, forcing himself to tone it all out as Jose reached his hand out, ultimately pulling him off the ground with a smile.

“Welcome Sam!” The president said.

“Welcome Sam!” All of the members chanted back, immediately ceasing all laughter and returning to their quiet state as Sam continued to look at his feet, too afraid to look up in case of meeting someone's eye line.

Jose stood proudly next to Sam in front of their door as Sam remained bright red.

“Behind door number 2, we have pledge Oscar who will be assigned to Brother Nick!” The president announced, now swinging open the next door, revealing Oscar in his diaper and tee, but no pacifier. The crowd let out an audible gasp as if on queue.

“Pledge Oscar , I do believe I was very clear with my instructions. All of the contents, or you walk!” The president shouted.

Oscar was clearly over it. He felt mortified, and couldn’t believe this was the initiation. He let out a sigh, and placed the pacifier in his mouth.

“Welcome Oscar!” The president said with excitement, followed by the crowd of members as they cheered.

Oscar quickly got up and stood next to his big, looking over at Sam who he quickly realized was wearing the same thing which ultimately made both of them feel better about it. They met eyes for a brief second, almost as if they were looking at a reflection of themselves before looking forward again, trying to figure out what the least awkward way to stand was.

“And behind door number 3, we have pledge Jackson who will be assigned to Brother Brady!” the president announced, opening the third door to reveal Jackson standing with his arms crossed, still in the clothes he arrived in.

“Boooo,” The crowd cheered.

“Pledge Jackson, are you looking to walk home this week?”

“No, but I’m not a fucking baby,” Jackson said. “Like, what the hell?”

“Jackson, I can only give you one more chance. It's either change into the clothes, or walk,”

Jackson rolled his eyes, stepping out of the box to see Sam and Oscar who reluctantly looked over at him. Jackson quickly stepped back into his box as his expression changed to a rather worried look. He hadn’t been expecting the others to be in the same boat.

“Fuck, fine. Give me a second,” Jackson said, quickly moving his hand to close the door.

“Ohhh, sorry bud. Once the door is open, it can’t be shut,” The president said.

Jackson rolled his eyes. He just wanted to party, not whatever this shit was. “Fuck it,” He said outloud, beginning to strip in front of everyone. He ripped off his shirt, and quickly dropped his pants and underwear before giving a good spin for everyone, trying to convince them that he wasn’t embarrassed by any of this.

The members burst into laughter, which quickly caused Jackson to turn away from facing them as the humiliation set in.

“Yea, yea. Real fucking funny,” Jackson said, sliding on the tshirt before unfolding the diaper and staring at it. It took him a minute, but he figured it out and got it taped on before plopping the pacifier in his mouth and giving a sarcastic smile as he threw his hands in the air.

“Welcome Jackson!” The president announced, followed by the members.

“Finally, behind door number 4, we have pledge Ryan who will be assigned to Brother Jake!” The president announced, whipping open the final door, the show Ryan quickly sliding the shirt over his head, as he had only just started to change when he heard Jackson being forced to strip in front of everyone.

The crowd erupted into a big cheer as the final pledge was welcomed and all 4 stood next to their bigs, completely mortified and humiliated.

“Now!” The president called out. “Before we can begin our action packed week, let us remind our newly formed Big Brothers, and introduce to their new littles the set of rules that will govern their week here at the lake house,” He started.

“What is rule number one?” The president called out.

“Littles must use their diapers at all times!” The crowd chanted back from memory.

The four pledges looked at each other in horror.

“Secondly?” The president called out again.

“Bigs must attend to their littles every need!” The crowd chanted back.

“And finally?” The president called out.

“Failure to care for their little results in them returning to their little state!” The crowd chanted back.

“Great! So let's give our new guys a little more detail. Yes, we really do expect you to use your diapers. Not only are bathrooms off limits, so is anywhere else. No sneaking out to the woods, the lake, wherever. Because of this, your newly assigned Big Brothers are going to make sure that you stay clean, and that your needs are met throughout the trip. That means they will be changing your diapers, feeding you, etc. If they fail to do so, they end up just like you,” The president said.

“So, what? If I ask for a sandwich and by big doesn’t get me one, he gets put in diapers too?” Jackson said, already trying to find a loophole.

“Yup. You can ask for food or drinks, and they’ll have to feed it to you. Limited to what we have with us that is. And if your diaper overflows or starts to leak, that's game over for them,” The president said.

“Shit, sounds more like a challenge than anything,” Jackson said with a cocky attitude.

“It is sort of a game, yes. It's been proven that the fastest way to form deep bonds with people is through shared trauma, or mutual embarrassment. So, ultimately the goal of this week is to get you four acquainted with everyone, and truly feel like you belong,” The president said.

“So, if I’ve got to pee, I’m supposed to just…go?” Sam asked.

“Yup! You’re allowed to ask your Big for a change at any point, as many times as you’d like... Just know that changes happen right there on the spot. On the floor, in front of everyone around you. Of course they can decide when to change you as well…”

The small bit of hope that had entered Sam’s face faded as the president finished the end of the sentence.

“Any other questions?” The president asked.

“Are we allowed to wear our own clothes?” Ryan asked.

“That's up to your Big Brother! Since their job is to care for your every need this week, it's ultimately up to them to decide what you are, and aren’t allowed to do,” The president responded.

Ryan glanced up at his Big who was trying to conceal a smirk.

“Right then, let's get this party started!” The president shouted, eliciting a loud cheer from everyone as they broke formation, dispersing through the house.


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