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Julie and I got into the limo after the man with the driver's uniform put her bags in the back.

My friend Tad was already in back of the limo waiting for us

“hey guys”, he greeted “Jacob! …. nice to meet you Julie!... a drink?

We had flown to San Francisco on an invite.  I knew Tad from College. Thaddeus Collinsworth II…. He was a “silver spoon” boy with a trustfund and no inhibitions. He had started a few “very” kinky sex clubs during and after college. And was quite a notorious character  -with many “legendary” stories that enhanced his mystique.

I had bumped into him on a business trip in Chicago and, after a few drinks in the loop that night, he had invited me to come out to San Francisco and try his “new thing”. I laughed and said I’d give him a call – never intending to. But I must admit it did very much intrigue me and it stuck in the back of my mind.

Julie and I had been together for 5 years and we both realized that our sex life needed a little spicing up. Julie was a bit frigid and hadn’t really explored any kink or out there thing sexually. We had tried inviting friends for threesomes – a very embarrassing endeavor -and putting an Ad on a couples sex hookup site. We tied toys and discussed visiting a dominatrix, but we always chickened out or felt it was too silly or embarrassing – so things got very stale.

After a near breakup – and recommitment to each other – Tad’s invite came back to me.  I felt we should try letting a lifetime professional at curating sexual fantasies(Tad) have a try. He may be able to do something for us. We committed to try and I contacted Tad to take him up on his offer.

In the weeks before we left we were very excited and nervous about the trip and wildly speculated about what it could entail…. We both got in very good shape and had shaved our privates bald to look as sexy as we could… we were having quite a bit of sex in the lead up to the trip- which encouraged us that we had made the right choice. We both looked so good to each other and were very excited about the trip. In one very hot session - we both orgasmed intensely – this hadn’t happened in years. We resolved to be open to anything Todd proposed – and be completely open sexually.

“I guess you’ve been wondering what the whole “premise” is for the club”, Tad said as we cruised from the airport in the stretch limo. “Its this:”

He pulled out a small brass box and took out a couple small yellow pills. “It’s a drug I’ve been working on with a Japanese pharma company. Its not FDA approved yet – but also not strictly “illegal”. It kind of acts as a sexual enhancer”

“Like Viagra?”, I asked… I had to admit I was a little disappointed that this was all it was… I could see Julie’s excitement fade a little as well.

“Haha… no not at all… just drops your “inhibitions” a little and gets you kind of euphoric and feeling sexy”

“Oh, like ecstasy, MDMA?” asked Julie.

“Yes, its closer to that… but your not all high and foggy and hallucinating… just euphoric and intensely playful and relaxed and “sexy” – it enhances some feelings and dulls others”, Tad explained.

In the contemplative silence he asked, “Do you wanna try?” and held out the pills. ”Don’t worry – its completely safe, I, and the other friends you’ll meet when you get to the club, have done it 100s of times”

We had promised ourselves we would be fully open to trying new things when we signed up for this trip and had been too excited and intrigued to say no  - also I had known Tad for many years so I had a certain level of trust.

So, after some tentative looks at each other… an intense swallow and shoulder shrug we looked at each other, smiled, and swallowed the pills from Tad’s hand.

Tad laughed, “Haha, great guys, you are going to have the greatest time of your lives here this week. Trust me. You won’t want to leave!”

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Chapter 2 The House.


Ten minutes later, we were pulling into the driveway of a massive Victorian mansion on a quiet wooden grounds.

“Wow, Thaddeus, this is stunning…Is this yours?”, I asked.

“Ya! Can you believe it? …My great aunt left it to me 10 years ago… I’ve made a few “unique” modifications to the inside since..”, he replied.

We parked and started walking through the main entrance way. The front foyer didn’t look as I expected it to – it was quite small - there was a large door to the right, a smaller door to the left and a staircase directly in front of us.

Tad led us through the smaller door and into a sitting room with several wood wardrobes some wide comfortable looking lounge chairs and a small table with a chilling bottle of champagne. There was a maid laying out towels by a large luxurious looking shower in the corner of the room with see through glass doors on all sides. She held out a red velvet smoking jacket with a ridiculous family crest on the breast pocket that he slipped into…. “Uh boy!”, I thought…”Frickin’ Heff himself over here!...”

We sat on the lounge chairs by the table as Tad poured the champagne.

“So before you meet the others  - we sort of have a club “uniform” here that I’ll get you to change into before we go into the main room to meet everyone”, he explained.

“The rules here will become pretty self evident to you in a short time… I realize you’ve brought luggage and personal things but you won’t really need them - I’ve put aside a wardrobe for you where you can put all of your stuff - including what you have on now….”, he smiled.

Julie, who was half finished her glass of champagne giggled…I looked over at her and she was smiling… I felt really good seeing her sitting there… I felt happy and in love with her, so very warm and content and it occurred to me maybe this drug was kicking in!

She suddenly got a slightly surprised look on her face – looked a bit puzzled, and then giggled again louder this time.

She looked down at the crotch of her jeans and kind of puzzlingly said… “oops!... haha… I peed my pants a little…?”

We all laughed and I thought it was strange that she just came right out and admitted that in front of everyone in the room, it was very unlike her.  Again, it occurred that the drug was doing its work.

“Haha… that’s ok sweety “, Tad Laughed.. “You guys can take those cloths off now and leave them with the maid – you can have a shower over there and she’ll have laid out some new things for you both to wear when you’re done.”

Much to both our surprises  - we willingly and unabashedly started taking off all of our cloths in front of them. I think we both realized it was be the pills at this point and I said, ”Wow ,these things are really something!”. Tad just smirked and nodded towards the shower.

 I REALLY wanted to be with Julie in that shower. She took of her freshly wet jeans and panties and I could see she was ecstatic to be naked in front of us…. I felt the same… I was normally very shy of my small cock – but I let the little shaved guy free and shuddered with electric sexual energy.

We walked into the running shower giggling, and the warm water poured over our smooth naked bodies. It felt so amazing… We rubbed against one another once wet - and my body felt electric with pleasure. Julie was feeling it too and was breathing heavy and moaning a little.

One thing I noticed is that I wasn’t getting hard… I had never been this horny and not had a boner… as I thought about the strangeness of this I looked down at my cock and noticed I was peeing – it felt orgasmic. Julie and I were facing each other and my pee stream was hitting her right on the smooth mound of her crotch. She noticed it, as I noticed that she was finishing the pee that she had started on the couch. Her hand went absently minded down to her bald pubic area…She was rubbing both our pee together on her pussy and breathing heavily, eyes closed.

She looked a little puzzled” I can’t really feel anything on my clitty.” She whispered, “Its strange, but everywhere else on my body feels incredible”.

I agreed, ”Ya I’m not getting hard but the whole rest of my body feels electric”.

As we were whispering to each other and rubbing our bodies together, I pushed the last of my pee out on her and felt like I almost came. Julie felt it and pulled my closer too her and reached around my ass with her hand, grabbing. One of her fingers entered my bumhole and I almost came again.

“Ok you two, shower time is up”… It was Tad, He was standing outside the shower watching everything holding two towels.

“We giggled completely unashamed and said “OK”… I realized I almost said: “OK Daddy”, and thought it was weird – but was in too much of a blissful state to worry about it too much.

We took the towels , dried off, and saw that in addition to some t-shirt looking garments arranged on the lounges – two adult size disposable diapers were open and laid out for us.

“Wha?”, Julie giggled. “What are those for?”

Tad laughed, “Well as you’ve probably noticed, Going to the bathroom in the potty is nooot quite as important to you as it was about a half hour ago….hmm?”, he coochy cooed Julies belly as he said this and she laughed, a little pee dribbled from her pussy and patted on the tiled floors. “ooopsie!” she said and giggled more.

I loved thinking about Julie’s little peepee dibbling from under her towel – and shuddered again with happiness.

Tad and the maid took the towels off of us and guided our bare bums down on the open diapers.

We both immediately lifted our knees up to our chests and spread our legs a little exposing ourselves willingly.

“There you go…”,Tad said as he grabbed a bottle of baby oil, squirted a generous amount on his hand and stated rubbing it lovingly, all over Julie’s crotch, bum and lower regions.

The maid was doing the same to me and the amazing smell of baby oil filled the air – Julie and I were cooing in ecstasy at this intimate rubbing although I STILL did not get hard - and Julie’s clit did not bring her to orgasm.

When they had saturated our pink privates and bums with the baby smelling oil, they fastened up the diaper tapes snuggly, and sat us up.

It felt so good to be enclosed in a nice warm puffy diaper and to be all oiled up underneath… I let a little pee go in the diaper and it felt almost like cumming… I could see that Julie was in the midst of this same experiment as her tongue stuck out a little and her eyes rolled back slightly.

They pulled the soft cotton t-shirts over our heads and we realized they were baby jumpers that buttoned at the bottom under the crotch like jammies. Mine was blue and Julies pink with little animals on it. Todd had put Julies dark brown hair in two pigtails with pink scrunchies. We looked at each other and a wave of love and naughty electricity ran through both of us, we were in a haze of absolute contented(and excited) happiness we hadn’t felt since we were little. I smushed my penis and bumhole against the amazing slightly damp warm padding and a bolt of joy shot through me.

Tad was glowing at us. “OK my little cuties, lets go meet the others.”

Chapter 3 – The Nursery

We stepped through the large door to the Nursery. It was a huge open area room, different levels – some sunken some raised around the sides. Covered in fuzzy carpet… vinyl padding, soft lighting. There were several “areas” for various purposes around the space. And maybe 15? Maybe 20 boys and girls all dressed as Julie and I had just been. There were so many things going on it was hard to focus on just one of them!

There were groups of these “babies” cuddled together in various places… there were a couple that seemed to be riding these giant stuffed animals in the middle of the floor… they had these long pink and blue tubes coming out of the back of their jumpers connected to an attachment just above the diaper line at the back of their cute baby jammies. I reached my hand around the back of mine, and felt it had the same plastic attachment.

There was an obvious eating area with a few babies eating spaghetti and hamburgers and other “kid” food. There were areas with cushions with some huddled together sleeping babies. There was a diaper changing area with a large change table, stacks of fresh diapers and jumpers, and all the supplies you’d find in a nursery. Behind that a few babies were naked and sloshing around in a huge in floor jacuzzi/ bubble bath surrounded by colorful fish tiles, floaty toys, baby shampoo and towels.

“So we’re gonna be little toddlers and babies??” I asked to no one.

“Isn’t that what you feel like?... So happy and relaxed and carefree?” Tad chimed in.

“But I’m so horny … and everyone looks so sexy and turned on…”, I mused.

“Ya, that’s the only difference” replied Tad, ”being a fully sexual adult but with the carefree abandon, energy and happiness of a toddler…best of all worlds… trust me I didn’t plan it like this… this is just what it naturally evolved to”

“We found that the drug just regressed us to this…. This is what makes us happiest… its in its purest form here….almost beyond sex or sexuality…. Just pure orgasmic happiness”.

“My dick doesn’t seem to work now tho” I said.

“Yes that’s a side effect that, trust me, you will not miss”, he turned to Julie, “You feel it with your clitoris as well, yes, not really doing anything for you anymore?.... We don’t have any intercourse between our babies here…so no need to worry about contraception or anything like that.”, he looked like he was holding something back though.

A smell hit you when you entered the nursery… There was some lovely incense type smell being piped in from the air filtration system, and a strong baby oil/baby powder smell…. But under that, a pungent poopy smell that couldn’t be hidden. Smelling this combo, I felt like I had never smelled anything more wonderful and homelike and sexy in my life. I could see Julie smelling it, she wafted it in like a fresh baked blueberry pie… closed her eyes inhaled deeply..

“Ok my little ones”, Tad cooed,” I leave you now… go down there and meet the other babies!... they’re all very lovely…”, he smiled at us patted our padded bums and left back thru the door we came in.

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Chapter 4 – Sally and the Ponies


We walked in to the room completely amazed, trying to take in all the activity and everything we were seeing.

As we stepped forward a cute petite girl with pink hair in pigtails waddled up to us in her pink jumper.

“New Babies, New Babies!”, she squealed happily, took our hands and let us down to a lower level were it was soft and padded and then pulled us down almost on top of her. “I’m Sally, Welcome!” We melded into a three person cuddle ball as she hugged the both of us passionately.

Another boy and girl who were close by crawled over and hugged us. “This is Jacee and Tim!”, giggled Sally.

I peed in my diaper more as I hit the ground and thought how nice it felt to have the warm pee filling my soft diaper. The feeling of the tight jumper pressing it against my privates…I squirmed in it during our baby hug-ball and shuddered at the amazing coziness.

Julie and I just seemed to be accepting all this as it came. I felt very pliable and willing. We could probably have been talked into anything. “This drug!”, I thought, then just went with it again – enjoying the amazing sensations I was feeling.

“I’m sweepy..”, Sally yawned cutely, as the other two babies crawled away and continued what they were doing. “Can you hug me till I fall asleep?”.

“Sure little sweetie”, I said softly.

She smiled and started squirming around between us to get comfortable. Her little warm shifting body felt amazing and it was making Julie and I even hotter than we were. I looked at Jules and could see she was enthralled with the pink haired little baby girl, and put one of her legs over Sally’s thigh to snuggle her closer.

Sally closed her eyes and seem to relax… then her face started to scrunch up and her cheeks turned a little pink. We could see she was straining and she grunting softly and raising her bum off the soft floor a bit. We herd a couple of soft puffs coming from her diaper and then heard it crinkle as it expanded under her. The poopoo smell wafted up to us - and I don’t think a smell has ever made me tingle more with horniness in my life.

“Aw, did baby to a poopies?” Julie cooed in her ear.

“yeah, I did my messies, mmmm”, Sally whispered, her eyes still closed. She strained one more time – a cute little fart came from her diaper as the last bit of soft poo mushed into her full padding. Then she relaxed, smiled and almost immediately fell asleep between us.

Julie and I started caressing the stinky sleeping baby between us. We rubbed her body, her breasts and nipples under her jumper, her belly. We both slid our hands under her cute little bum and felt the hard lump of her poop jutting out from the back of her diaper. We were completely mesmerized by it. She sighed in her sleep when she felt us pushing her big mess against her.

Julie and I were both instantly in love with this beautiful little girl. We would have loved to fall asleep entwined with her, drifting off to the smell of her stinky girl diaper poo between us. But we were too excited and curious about what was going on around us.

We turned to the big stuffed ponies in the middle of the room. There was a girl on one of them startling it like a real horse. Her face was turned away from us but we could see her legs and arms straining hard against the pony. She was red and sweaty.  We could see the attachment that we noticed earlier coming from the back of her jumper just above her bum was vibrating a little with a mechanical sound, and one of the tubes had some clear fluid pumping into her diaper.

We watched as her breath turned into soft desperate moans as she started bucking against the stuffed animal she sat on. She tensed up hard and spasmed for almost a minute and a half. Then the attachment stopped whirring and she slumped against the pony breathing heavily.

A boy baby waddled up to her and gave the attachment a half turn until it clicked. He pulled it out of the attachment hole on her jumper revealing a 15” long shiny, slick, pink attachment with what looked like a buttplug shape on the end. There was a hole in the end of it that was dripping with wat looked like slime or lube. He helped the girl off the ponie, who crawled away slowly and languidly and plopped down on the floor on her side.

He noticed us watching. “You guys want pony rides?”, he asked us smiling.

We we far too curious about the strange attachments to say no. We untangles our selves from our stinky little sleeping baby girl and crawled over to the ponies.

“Here climb on!”, the boy said to Julie. She climbed up on the pony giggling and strattled it. He took the appendage – slid it into the attachment on her jumper slowly – clicked it into place and hit the pink button on the side of it.

I watched as she started suddenly, her eyes popping open wide, and uttering an involuntary “ooo!”. The mechanism then started whirring mechanically. Julies eyes rolled back in her head-  she immediately tensed and leaned forward clenching the pony with her arms and thighs. She was moaning loudly.

As I was completely transfixed watching Julie, I felt the boy pushing the attachment down the back of my diaper. It was still slick and slimy from the girl before me  an slid easily down between my butt cheeks and extended further into my diaper.

The boy pushed the blue button on the machine and I felt it whir to life. The end of it did a 180 degree turn in my diaper. I felt it splooge something warm and viscous all over my shaved pink bumhole then push its way deep into me.

“ah!”, I squeaked, I had not done much ass play in my life there was a pang of pain – but the drug was still active, relaxing me, so it was not that bad. It expanded itself, pumped more gooey juice into me and nestled against my prostate. There was a hidden strap around the belly of the jumper that tightened – holding the mechanical dildo in place. Then it started vibrating and rubbing against it slowly up my ass.

I immediately tensed with pleasure and leaned against my pony as Julie had done. It must have had some kind of electrical stimulation as well as I felt waves of pleasure through my limp cock and balls.

An indeterminate amount of time went by and I heard Julie moaning even more loudly. I turned towards her. She was straining and bucking against the pony intensely. She was almost screaming now..

“ooohhh, OHHH!, oooooohhhh”, she cried, “OOhh I’m cuuuumming, ooh, I’m gonna, oooh, poop myself, ooooo”.

The machine was whirring at a fever pace. Julie suddenly tensed, her neck muscles straining as her head rolled back. I could hear the hissing as she sprayed girl cum into her diaper. Then the gurgling, farty, noise as she filled the back of it up with hot poop. Just after this, her machine stopped and she slumped down on the pony going completely limp.

My own orgasm was getting closer and I could concentrate on nothing else. It was the most intense I’ve ever felt. I raised myself up on the stuffed animal as if trying to get away from the pulsing machine in my ass, then sank back down pushing harder into me and riding it.

My orgasm was like fireworks in my brain and body. I could feel my limp cock spasming streams cum into the front of my diaper padding as the machine pumped me as its max intensity.

I saw stars, felt the room spinning, and everything went black.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Chapter 5 – Changing Time


I woke up groggy. I was lying in a small alcove with Julie, Sally, and the boy that had helped me on the pony. The maid from last night was shaking us up.

“Wake up little babies…Pee yew! Time for changies for all of you. Let’s go now..”

The poo smell het him as well, and as I shifted I felt the load in the back of my diaper as well. My diaper was still warm indicating I must have peed myself recently and in the front he felt the sticky mess of my cum from the pony ride.

The others were stirring. Sally moaned, “Noooo. Sweepies!... I like the poopies inside…”. She squirmed around and pressed her mess around to prove this point.

Julie was up and groggy. She looked at me and simultaneously realized her poopie state… she shifted in her jumper and I could see her nose wrinkle with the smell that wafted up to her.

The maid coaxed the 3 of us up. Julie and I started to waddle towards the kitchen alcove following the maid. Our diapers were very full and we could feel the mess rubbing and sloshing making us bowl legged. The jumper kept the diaper snuggly against me so it didn’t sag… but this made sure that all the pee and poo and stickies smushed against me with every step. Julie was having the same struggle.  Her cheeks were red and embarrassed, and her face went through all kinds of contortions as each step pressed her mess against her sensitive parts. We shuffled, shameful and stinky, past the other babies who were giggling at us.

We reached the kitchen table where the nurse poured us 3 sippy cups of some pink liquid in a pitcher with ice. Julie and I were very dry so we stated drinking these greedily as soon as she handed them to us.

We waddled past an in ground jacuzzi tub filled with bubble bath. Two beautiful naked boys were playing in the tub together and laughing. Beyond the tub were 2 raised adult size baby diaper change tables with shelves of fresh diapers, wipes, powder, baby oil, fresh jumpers, and all things necessary for diaper changes.

“OK Sally, you take care of young Julie, and I’ll change this stinky young man.”, she patted my dirty bottom as she gestured for us to mount the changing tables.

Our mess squished against our private parts for one last time as we hopped up and landed on our butts before we laid back on the slick vinyl of the changing tables. We were both still groggy and dazed…we really hadn’t absorbed what was happening this morning – the drug had worn off and we were partly amazed and partly ashamed of the events that had happened since we arrived at the mansion. We didn’t have the wherewithal to protest or question what was happening right now… and we had very poopy soggy diapers… we needed a change regardless.

They unsnapped the bottoms of our jumpers and rolled them up to our chests. They then pulled the tapes of our disposable adult diapers and folded the fronts down, exposing our nasty messies .  I shivered ad the air hit my wet stinky peepee and my mess was fully visible to everyone who wanted to look. I realized why we were given our drinks like this and sipped my sippy cup while laying on my back.

“Peeee yew!... what a messy couple of babies, eh Sally?”, the maid said.

“Stinky Stinkies! Phew!!”, Sally giggled as she bent over and sniffed Julie’s open diaper, Julie was embarrassed (but I could also see she was getting wet and this was turning her on). This turned me on and I started getting hard – the drug side effects no longer preventing it. A couple of the other babies had gathered around to watch and were whispering and giggling at this as they got an eyeful.

“tsk tsk… are our little sweeties enjoying themselves?”, Julie and I blushed and closed our eyes turning away… this turning us on even more for everyone to see.

They had started wiping Julie’s pussy and my peepee with wetwipes when we both started moaning quietly.

“hehehe…They want morning rubbies, Ms. Delilah!”, Sally said mischievously.

“Yes they do Sally, Shall we oblige these new little babies on their 1st change?”, said Delilah.

“mmm hmmmmm”, Sally cooed and kissed Julie’s tummy. Julie shuddered hornily.

They picked our legs up to we were fully exposed with our knees to our chests. They covered their hands and our genitals with copious amounts of lovely smelling baby oil and started to work on us.

I looked over at Julie. Her legs up and Sally staring at her face while rubbing her exposed clit. Her bum was still smeared with her mess and her little pile of poo stood up between her slightly spread legs. I could smell the poo smell and it turned me on so much. We were on changing tables side by side … legs up with poopy diapers, being masturbated vigorously with baby oil.

I saw Julie moan loudly and squirt hard while looking into Sally’s eyes as she furiously worked on her clit. I came hard as Delilah stroked me with her finger up my poopy bum.

We relaxed with our eyes rolled back in our heads as Delilah and Sally cleaned up our fresh cummies and messy diapers with wet wipes. They oiled us up lovingly and put us in fresh diapers, refastening our jumpers.

“There we go babies”, Delilah said as she hastened us off the tables. “Ok you dirty little brat… get up here… and after you are going straight in the tub…. Phew you stink!”, she said scoldingly to Sally as she gestured her pouty butt up on the table.

Julie and I were dazed and comfortable in our fresh diapers. We wandered over to the kitchen area and spooned ourselves dome of the spaghetti and salad that was there… we couldn’t remember the last time we’d eaten… what the hell time was it anyway? It was impossible to tell in the perpetual soft lights and soothing incense and music of this all encompassing room. We ate our fill and drank another glass of the pink liquid.

We started feeling the tingling feeling of the drug again and realized that the drink was laced with it… when it hit us in full…. Everything was a whirlwind.. we had cum harder a than we ever had in our lives…. The warm snug feel of the diapers was bliss …. I squirted a little pee in my fresh warm diaper and it was bliss…..We felt too good to protest being dosed against our will and plopped down to play with the other babies.

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