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A note from the author:

A number of years ago, I worked on a small number of diaper stories that never got posted anywhere (I think), but some of them are finished and it's kind of stupid not to share them. So here's one of them. I hope you enjoy.


Some people are lucky enough to have the best possible friends, to whom they can trust all their secrets, no matter how intimate or weird those secrets are. Sam was such a lucky person, though to his misfortune, his best friend already had a boyfriend and had no romantic interest in him whatsoever. Still, Jo cared deeply about him and always while she had no desire to indulge in his fantasies, she always had a listening ear and once in a while she had a suggestion to give.

Sam's desires were definitely unconventional. Ever since he could remember, he had a desire to be in diapers and while the specific context in which he would've liked it to happen had changed over the years, the basic desire had not. Once it had been all about domination, at other times humiliation, and sometimes it was all about getting some personal time and de-stressing. And while Sam had always enjoyed his desire, it had never really been a positive in his social life. Well, with the exception of Jo perhaps, because the intimacy created by sharing secrets can really strengthen a friendship.

That friendship made Jo offer to organise his birthday one year. Sam agreed with a hesitant "ok". It seemed out of the norm for their group of friends to organize someone else's birthday party. Parties were not really a thing, usually they would just go out for a drink, so Sam had no idea what to expect. Well, a vague idea maybe, because Jo had shared that she would do it at her place.

When the day came, it was Jo's boyfriend Charlie who came to pick him up at his house. With the excuse that this meant Sam would not have to drive and thus could drink. That might have been true, but it still felt odd. He decided to shrug off the weirdness. Charlie and Jo were some of his best friends, and if they wanted him to celebrate his birthday this way, then he'd just have to trust them that they were doing this for a good reason.

During the drive, Charlie talked about music, but Sam couldn't really follow. While they had a rather similar taste in music, Charlie really cared for the instruments and techniques, while Sam was more of a passive listener, letting the music wash over him. It was hard enough keeping track of what Charlie was saying while his mind kept wondering what was in store for him.

A number of cars were parked around their apartment building, but it was impossible to tell how many of them were from guests. Exiting the car made Sam's heart beat louder, ascending the stairs made it beat in his throat. That was stupid. These were his best friends who just wanted to celebrate his birthday, what did he have to be nervous about? At worst this would be a pleasant evening with friends, at best this would be his best birthday party ever. Okay, so the worst case seemed more likely, but that would still be on par with his usual birthdays.

There was no need to knock on the door, the door was already opened a crack, though it was dark inside. Unsurprisingly, when he entered the lights flicked on and every jumped up to yell "SURPRISE!" in the most cliché manner. It actually put a grin on his face, cliché or not, it definitely felt good to be on the receiving end of it.

Around Charlie and Jo's living room stood a sampling of his friends, though not all of them, and a few people he did not know, who were eyeing him curiously. Jo was the first one to come wish him a happy birthday with a hug that could only accurately be described a lethal strangling that forced all the oxygen from his lungs. If he were not so distracted with trying to breathe, he would have paid more attention to Jo's breasts on his chest. Charlie was of course next, coming from behind and giving him a hug at least as good as his girlfriend's. Minus the breasts. A row of friends followed, first Hannah, then Dex, Ron, Lils, Melanie, and Alim.

After all the felicitations from his friends, one of the strangers walked up and Jo introduced her as Mira. "She's going to give you my present," she added after taking a look around the room. Sam could only look at her slightly disturbed because that sounded entirely wrong. Jo just giggled at him, "just eh, bathroom's off limits tonight for you," blushing honestly wasn't strong enough a word for the shade of red that Sam became at those words. Sure, she knew his secret, but to say those words here among people...

And then it hit him. "Wait, what?"

Jo just nodded, "Yup. Mira will take care of your diapers all night. Well, as soon as she's convinced you actually need one." She had the gall to wink at him.

"But," Sam stammered, still red, "I can't... I mean... this is too private and intimate." His eyes darted all around the room to see if anyone had heard what they had said. Or were even paying any attention to him at all.

"Your friends won't hate you for doing what you love," Jo whispered into his ear, "but you have to make the leap to make this happen."

Sam's face turned warm. Not because of deciding to go through with this, but because he was embarrassed that he didn't actually have to go. He told Jo as much, but she just smiled and grabbed him a beer. He immediately knew he didn't want to be drunk for this, but a few beers wouldn't get him in that state, especially not if he interspersed them with tea or water.

After Jo's "present", his other friends walked up together with a box of familiar size in Ron's hands. "Happy birthday, man," he said, "we're pretty sure you'll love this."

Sam nodded his agreement before he had even accepted the package, he knew exactly what they had gotten him. When he tore the wrapping paper, the box art of Takenoko was revealed just as expected. That one was hard to have gotten wrong, since it was the only thing his friends would even have known to get him. Still, it was a wonderful gift, if for no other reason than that his friends had been willing to get him a present at all. Sam gave his thanks with a group hug.

By the time he needed to actually pee, they were all sitting around the table, playing the game. Not exactly what Jo had planned, but it worked out well enough. They had divided themselves into teams because the game only allowed a small number of players. Sam had forgotten all about his first present, but when he got up and excused himself to the bathroom, Jo got up along with him and said: "Where are you going? Did you forget my present?"

Lils had gotten loose enough by now to actually ask "what IS your present, Jo?"

Jo only answered with a "you'll see." Lils obviously didn't like the vague answer, but her eyes were now glued to Sam, because she didn't want to risk missing whatever was going on.

Sam could only blush as the situation came back crashing down to him. Jo did say the bathroom was off limits to him, but would she really enforce that restriction physically if he went anyway? No, that was not the important question. Was Sam really going to pass up the opportunity to get the perfect birthday present because he was too scared? That was the right question. And the answer clearly had to be "no!" Exclamation mark included.

Determined and mortified all at once, Sam didn't move while he tried to let go. He stood there, legs somewhat apart, still locked in that first step toward the bathroom. And then it happened. Forgetting all the people around the room staring at him, he could only feel the warmth in his urethra, which promptly began spreading to his legs. Gasps brought him out of it, though they were quickly muffled. Too late, his bladder was shut tight with embarrassment. His pants were half-soaked anyway. His friends around the table were all staring, Jo's hand covering Lils mouth, probably in response to the gasp. Melanie sat with a little smile on her face, Alim seemed contemplative. The others were not in his immediate field of view.

From behind him, the still unfamiliar voice of Mira said: "aww, did the birthday boy have an accident. Come, I'll take care of you." She led him off toward Charlie and Jo's bedroom. Sam didn't look back at his friends, but the second the bedroom door closed behind him a murmuring started in the room they had just left.

"Do you need me to ehm... strip?" Sam asked as he observed the preparation in the bedroom. There were two large towels spread over the bed, various washing supplies were stalled on the nightstand, with a pack of adult disposables positioned right next to the stand. It had already been torn open and one was lying on top of the pack.

"No," she said almost distractedly, "I'll take care of everything, naughty birthday boy." She began by unbuttoning his pants and then having him step out of them. Together with his wet boxers, they went into a plastic bag. She directed him to sit on the bed with a pat on the towels that were spread there. Using a wet washing cloth, she cleaned first his legs and then his intimate area. She was thorough but mechanical, like she had done this a hundred times before, which she probably had.

Sam hadn't given it any thought before, but Mira was likely a nurse just like Jo. That explained why she went through this so efficiently. Before he even knew it, he was powdered and diapered and helped off the bed. And then the second half of his bladder decided to seek its freedom.

Mira inhaled sharply. "You're not getting a new diaper right away, mister. That looks like it can take some more..." She hesitated just long enough to show her own doubt, but then continued. "Not a lot, mind you, so you pee the first sign you need to and we'll put you in a fresh one."

Sam wanted to protest loudly that she couldn't possibly send him back out there among his friends in a wet diaper, but he wasn't sure she would play along. But then he noticed that something obvious was missing. "Wait, don't I get some new pants?" He asked.

"Oh, sorry, but you shouldn't have ruined your only pair," she said mockingly, with a real sting too, "besides, I need to keep an eye on how much you need a change." She opened the door the the living room back up and gave him a pat on his bottom to get him moving.

Over half a dozen stares at his wet diapered crotch made Sam freeze in his tracks. His face burned with embarrassment and his heart felt like that of a shy little boy who had been either naughty or too shy to tell his babysitter that he needed to go to the bathroom. Silence hung in the room for a good while, apparently nobody comfortable to speak. That was until Ron spoke up, "Sam, you're fucking weird, but I want to finish this game because it's awesome, so come on let's play." And then, over the others' affirmations: "besides, your choice of underwear is none of my business."

Jo was hugging Sam before he took more than a few steps. He had not even seen her approach, but she was there nevertheless. "Well done, well done," she said in his ear, followed by a kiss on his cheek. "And again a happy birthday." She had the broadest smile he had ever seen on her.

Sitting back down at the table was rather awkward, the squishiness between his legs became a squishiness beneath his bottom and made an audible sound. Lils did her best not to laugh, but her face said more than enough. And she might be laughing now, but in the game she was losing horribly. Well, as much as you could be losing in Takenoko. And then it was obvious how to get back at her. "Shall we make this game more interesting?" Sam asked, "the losing team has to put on diapers as well."

Lils glowered at him, but some of his friends immediately agreed. Those were Melanie, Hannah, and surprisingly Charlie. Dex and Alim were more hesitant, but agreed "just for once". Ron and Lils wouldn't budge at first. Applied groupspressure made them give in anyway, with the argument that it was in fact Sam's birthday. Ron still didn't look like he was going to let it happen, but he also clearly planned to make sure it never got that far. He was already eyeing his cards and strategizing.

The game went on, a new beer in Sam's hand while Jo and Charlie made their turn. Sam's bladder filled up again quickly and he just let it run through him and into his diaper. All thanks to the alcohol, he thought, because at home he had a tough time going while sitting.

Remembering that Mira had told him to ask for a change first thing after using his diaper, he tried to be as casual as he could about calling her, which was not very. "Uhm, Mira?"

She didn't exactly sigh, but Sam could tell she was a bit annoyed by how fast he needed another change. "Okay, come on birthday boy," she said, loud enough so that everyone was well aware what was going down. He was pretty sure they were all staring after him, but he didn't have the guts to look back. This situation was entirely too awkward, but deep down he was loving it. Having someone take care of him was one of the best feelings in the world to Sam.

In the room Mira was even more swift about changing his diaper, if that was even possible. It left Sam without any time to actually enjoy the experience and he was back to the living room so quickly that it left him feeling empty and disappointed. At least one of his friends shouted: "your turn, Sam." They were all visibly trying to act normal.

Sitting down was less squishy than before and ironically slightly less comfortable. They were getting close to the end of the game. Ron and Lils had made up their earlier lack of points and had enough cards and bamboo bits to probably finish the game when their turn came around. That left just Charlie and Dex' turn, Jo had gracefully offered to step aside to play hostess, and after that came Alim and him, and then it would all be about who could scavenge enough points not to be the losing team.

There was little Charlie and Dex could do for points, but their score was looking good, so they drew some cards for options. Sam let Alim do his turn for him, because he was pretty sure he had missed the last one and had no idea what their current strategy was going to be. Their points did look decent, they were quite a bit ahead of Melanie and Hannah, and just ahead of Charlie and Dex. Things looked good.

Of course, as expected Ron and Lils ended the game, adding a glorious ten points to their score. Unexpectedly, both other teams managed to scrounge up a surprising amount of points and blocking Sam and Alim in the process. There was just nothing they could do.

Alim PALED. White as a sheet, which was saying something. He had never expected to lose. He never lost and he certainly hadn't expected it with the birthday boy in his team. He had only agreed because he never expected it would be him.

Lils came back with a vengeance. "So, the losing team has to wear diapers, but one of them already is! He shouldn't get to avoid the embarrassment just because he wet his pants." She was rubbing it in, but not out of malice. She was just relieved that she had escaped, and now she wanted to tease Sam about it.

It was Melanie who took it seriously, with a naughty twinkle in her eye. "We could double diaper him," she said. Lils suddenly wasn't smiling anymore, but Jo was staring so intently at Melanie that no-one noticed.

It was like Jo had never really seen Melanie before. "Wouldn't that second diaper be useless," she reasoned.

"Yes. Unless we prick holes in the outside of the other one," she came up with on the fly, "it would all soak through then."

"You know what," Sam dared suddenly, though he regretted his words even as they poured out, "I'll take Alim's diaper on top of it." That was quite enough to make everybody stare at Sam and he could only blush furiously. Triple diapered in front of his friends. Stupidest challenge he had ever made, but he couldn't go back now.

Melanie still had that twinkle in her eye. "That would be a bit much," she said, "but we can still give you Alim's diaper. We'll just double diaper you twice."

It didn't seem like anyone dared to say anything, until suddenly Jo pushed Mira forward. The latter sighed deeply, but nevertheless went "well, come on then, that second diaper isn't going to put itself on you." It didn't seem really necessary to go back to Jo and Charlie's room, since little Sam wouldn't be on display this time.

Still, that is where Sam found himself, though this time he and Mira were not alone. Melanie was there, right behind him and then pushing him onto the bed. Before Sam had figured out what was going on, she had pulled something sharp and was pricking holes in the plastic layer of his diaper. When she was done, she looked at Mira and gestured at Sam's crotch. It took some tightening and shaping of the diaper he was already wearing, but they managed to fit it on snugly.

After Melanie helped him up, she asked "think you could try it out?" A second after that her cheeks colored red, as if she had only then learned shame.

Sam felt too embarrassed to go, he thought, but just looking at her he was all of a sudden aware he was letting go. And it was a lot. He didn't remember drinking that much since last time, yet it all came out. He wasn't soaked, of course, not with two diapers there to take it all in.

"Good boy," Melanie whispered, still red as a beet.

Mira had already mosied on out, but that didn't really matter. Sam had no idea how to proceed right then and there. Here was this girl clearly getting off on the idea of him wearing diapers and he was too insecure to actually go for it.

After a few moments of silence, Melanie suggested they should go show the others and Sam didn't really have the guts to protest it.

In the living room, Hannah and Dex were sitting on the couch playing some fighting game on the playstation. The rest was lounging around the kitchen island and were curious enough to take a look at Sam's double diapers. A few eyebrows were raised at the state it was in. Afterall, if Melanie had been able to tell he had wet, it had to be showing on the outside. Sam didn't dare to look himself.

"You really look baby Sammie now," Lils taunted, "I'm surprised you don't have a pacifier in your mouth."

Melanie bumped into Sam's back trying to step forward to defend him, but he stopped her just by stretching his arm. Instead, he stood up for himself. Which was as surprising to Sam as it was to the others, under the circumstances. "Are you teasing me because you're jealous, Lils? I mean, we can still put you in a diaper if you want."

"Pff, I didn't lose, birthday boy!" She tried to sound nonchalant, but her voice betrayed her nevertheless.

"Oh," Sam smiled, "but if the birthday boy allows it, I'm sure someone here would be willing to put one on you." The thought didn't occur to Sam right then and there, but it should have been obvious that Melanie was nodding right behind him.

Lils paled a little. "Ok ok, I'm sorry."

Sam couldn't help but still smile. "That's ok, Lils, you can tease me if you want."

Right then, Jo dumped a plate of hot snack in between those standing around the kitchen isle, followed by two pizza's. "Get it while it's hot," she chimed cheerfully.

And so the night progressed some more, with people standing around talking. Noticeably trying to avoid talking about Sam's diapers at times. Lils slapped his butt a few times though. Until someone finally had the nerve to ask why Sam liked to wear diapers. He answered the only way he knew how to, by asking Ron why he liked to kiss girls. They thought that was a false simile, of course, but it was easy enough to explain that it wasn't. You can't really discuss taste.

Sam's bladder had quite thoroughly managed to empty itself before, so even after over an hour of hanging around and talking to his friends, he still didn't need to pee again. But there was another feeling starting to make itself know. Slowly, subtly, but it was growing and when he became aware, his heart shot into his throat. Nevertheless, he had no choice, he had to take Jo aside to tell her.

When they stood far enough way from the others not to be overheard, she tried to pre-empt him by saying "you're welcome." Sam must've still looked nervous though, because a second later she rephrased with "what is it?" in a more concerned voice.

"I uh... I need to use your bathroom," he said.

She looked slightly confused. "You're wearing your bathroom, sweetie," she reassured him.

A wave of annoyance crashed through Sam, but he pushed it out of the way. It wouldn't help. "No, I mean, I need to... you know... number two."

Her face made an 'oh' but still she said: "you're still wearing your bathroom."

Sam shook his head. "Jo, no, not here, not in front of everyone. I usually don't even like doing that."

"Well, then this will be very embarrassing to you, but the bathroom is off limits to you tonight. That's what your present is, remember?" Jo didn't sound entirely convinced, but Sam had once told her that he sometimes liked being forced. He was pretty sure if he pushed she would budge on this, but maybe he just had to go with it.

His nerves and the alcohol in his system decided for him. Normally he could hold for a long time, but his nerves added pressure and the alcohol made him a little looser and well, it wouldn't wait any longer. He was going to go right there and then, but seeing his friends still standing there, he fled. He fled into Jo and Charlie's room just on time before it practically ran out of him. It was a very squishy and sticky mess, and he could feel it sticking to his bottom even without having sat down.

Mira and Jo walked into the room a few moments later, closing the door. Mira didn't wait a second to raise her voice. "You said I had to change wet diapers, Jo, you didn't say anything about him shitting himself like a little kid."

"I'm sorry, but you can't just leave him in a mess!" Jo retorted.

"Look I'm taking off, if you think he needs his diaper changed, you change it." She stormed out and slammed the door.

In a second all their friends were there in the door opening. "Uh, everything ok?"

"Looks like little Sammie made a stinky," Lils flapped out, heading off any remarks about the smell. "Are you sure he doesn't need some corner time?" She added after a few moments of silence. It didn't actually sound like a tease, it actually sounded genuine, as if she really wanted to play into his fetish. No-one reacted to that.

Jo sighed. "I guess I'll clean you up, Sam, if that is what you want."

Before he could think it over, Melanie interrupted. "No, I'll do it." For the second time that night she became the center of attention. She didn't seem to care about that one bit, her eyes were glued to Sam himself.

"I'm... fine with that." What else could he say. She clearly had an interest, so he'd be an idiot if he didn't take this chance as it as presented to him.

"Could we have some privacy?" She suggested at the others who were still staring as she stepped forward into the room. There weren't any spoken confirmations, but some cheeks colored red and everybody headed back to where they had come from. Jo closed the door behind her. Melanie counted to five after the door was closed and then said: "so, should I put you in the corner first?"

"Eh, why?" Sam asked. Not that he would really object. If she told him to do something, he would likely do it. It was so easy to just do as he was told.

"Because you've been a naughty boy, of course. Look at you, you're wearing double diapers and you've thoroughly used them. You've made quite a mess and you won't even clean it up yourself."

Sam's cheeks burned. That was entirely too perfect and despite this being his desire, it still felt embarrassing. Normal people did not wear diapers and they did not mess themselves.

"Or maybe I should spank you. Spread that mess all over your bottom," she taunted.

"It already is," he swallowed.

She giggled. "Well then, maybe we should just get you cleaned up. Lie down," that last bit she said as she gestured at the bed.

Opening up his diapers were as messy as they felt. It was spread all over the place and Melanie even waved her hand in front of her nose at the smell. That didn't help of course, not with this. It took a lot of wet wipes to clean him up, yet she did it quite expertly. She wiped top to bottom and she wasn't afraid to grab on to anything to get a smooth surface to wipe. It didn't take any time at all for Sam to get turned on, but Melanie just ignored that. Normally, he would have taken a shower afterward, however, that was not option here.

Done with cleaning him up, Melanie shoved the dirty diaper aside and grabbed two new ones while Sam had his bottom raised off the bed. Placing both under his bottom. She did up one first, then proceeded to give it the same treatment as the previous inner diaper he had worn and then taped up the other one. She was not as expert at doing it as Mira, but she still did a fantastic job.

"There you go," she said, "all freshened up."

"Thank you," Sam returned, "that was wonderful. Really thank you."

Melanie blushed a little and seemed to have trouble with what to say next. "Do you, uhm... I mean, would you... would you think it's disgusting if I wanted wear those dirty diapers?" She asked rather quietly.

Yes, he would. Could he say that, given what she had just done for him? "I... uhm... yes, actually, to be honest."

"I do too," she said, "but I still want to try it."

Sam was quiet for a while. "It's only fair," he said after. "But, I'm not taking it back off you immediately if you change your mind. You're stuck with it until you can convince me or someone else to take it off you. Deal?"

Now it was Melanie's turn to look... well, Sam couldn't really be sure what face she was making. There seemed to be entirely too many emotions at play at the same time. "Deal," she swallowed. She began removing her pants, but Sam pushed her hands aside and began doing it for her. That only seemed fair as well, and she didn't protest.

She was wearing cute blue striped panties beneath her jeans. Sam pulled them down gently, careful not to accidentally poke her vulva. She was clearly as turned on as he was, but he was supposed to put her in diapers and not have sex with her. And quite frankly, someone to play diapers with didn't come around as often as sex did. So he threw her jeans and her panties at the pillow end of the bed and gestured for her to lie down where he had lain.

She pulled up her shirt a little and then raised her legs and bottom nimbly off the bed. Much more elegantly than Sam, at least. Sam carefully tugged at the heavy double diapers lying a bit further on the bed, careful not to accidently make it tumble, because that would make a mess he really didn't want to clean up. He didn't bother with all the wetwipes that were now added contents of the diaper, he really didn't want to play around in there.

When he had positioned the diaper under her, Melanie slowly lowered her bottom, giving Sam a little time to make some adjustments on the positioning. As she finally touched the diaper she said: "this was a mistake."

"Too late," Sam whispered. He took the front of both diapers and raised them both at once, causing Melanie's eyes to almost pop out of her head. He taped it all shut carefully but well and then grabbed Melanie's jeans. "You should wear these to make sure everything holds. Used diapers could come loose."

She nodded her consent. She had to actually stand up to get her jeans on. Her diapers were also very clearly visible and stuck out the top of them. She didn't seem to mind, because at Sam's last tug on the jeans, she practically rammed her tongue down his throat. "Thank you. Sort of," she smiled at him, "you should try this sometime." She stuck her tongue out at him, then pushed him onto the bed and crawled on top. "You're mine now, you know that right?"

"I'm yours?" He tried to be aloof. "How about you are mine?"

"That's fine too."


A while later, a long while later, a voice came from the direction of the door: "darling, there are two people in diapers making out on our bed..."

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