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Little looking for an online caretaker

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Dear caretaker,

My name is Velan and I’m 30-something going on 10. I'd really like to find a caretaker but I can't find any behind the curtains or in my closet and I'm all out of hide and seek locations to check. I can totally act big but I'd really enjoy having a little help now and then.

Like all the cool kids I wear diapers. They keep my overalls dry every day but ONLY if I remember to change them. And sometimes I forget to. Especially if I’m busy with Legos or video games. Sometimes I try to wear undies but that usually doesn’t end well.

See, that’s why I sometimes need somebody to help a tiny bit.

I love stuff like:

  • Cartoons
  • Movies
  • Stuffies
  • Outdoors adventures
  • Legos
  • Cowboys and samurais (they are very cool)
  • Sauna
  • Cooking
  • Foxes and squirrels and bunnies
  • Yellow
  • X-mas

I don’t care about your gender, looks or anything else. I’m looking for someone to remind me that maybe I’m not always as big as I think I am and that I don’t forget things like diaper changes, bedtime, diet and exercise. I want somebody to check on me that I’m doing and being good.

It’s okay if you live somewhere else than me. I mostly want to chat online (Telegram etc) but of course if we both feel like it we can meet in person! That would be awesome! Talk to you soon!

Okay bye!

EDIT: Whoah huge font-size! Making it smaller.


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