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Alice. Life, Diapers and humiliation (Ch 1-5)

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Chapter 1


This is the story of a red panda with pink fur. Her name is Alice. She was not supposed to live past the age of 2. Her parents are both also red pandas but with normal fur. Her mom's name is Jane and she is 5 foot 6. Her dad's name is Cree. He is about 5 foot 9. They were both normal in height and both lived normal lives. They quickly fall in love after meeting at an archery contest. Jane and Cree made it to the semi-finals. Both of them have hit all their shots right on the bullseye, all they had to do was not miss or get distracted.


Jane smirks at Cree giving him a cheeky wink. She yells over to him.


"Hey, tell you what you beat me and I might let you get to know me better. But if I win you are going to buy me lunch." 


Jane says and blows a kiss at him. His mind was racing. He was never much of a lady's man. He just liked archery and kept to himself he never had a girl come on to him like this. He took a deep breath In and out. He shook his head and took aim. She might be hot and a girl but she wasn't going to take it easy on her.


"Don't miss cutie~" 


Jane yells at him giggling. This makes the man panic and let go of his arrow pointing straight up. The arrow comes back down, landing right through his foot. Cree screams as Jane runs over to him. 


"Oh no! I didn't mean for that to happen! Just relax, this might hurt a bit sweetie." 


She says yanking the arrow right out. This causes Cree to scream trying not to cry in pain. He didn't want to look weak in front of someone so cute. He watched as she took off her sleeved shirt leaving her only in an undershirt and rips it up and ties it tight around his foot. 


"Let's get you to the hospital, I think I owe you that at least. Then maybe you can buy me that lunch." 


She says smiling at him. His voice cracks as he goes to speak. 




He says blushing but still in a lot of pain. She giggled but looked confused. 


"M-my name that is…" 


Cree says in a panic. Jane smiles and hugs him. 


"My name’s Jane, nice to meet you cutie. Though I wish it was better circumstances." 


This was their first time meeting; they were both about 22 years old at this point. They grew closer and closer before eventually getting married a few years later. Though it had to be said Jane never let Cree play the dominant one. She loved him but also loved to be on top. This might have caused the problem where Jane got pregnant. It was another year later but after some casual sex and wearing out the red panda boy Jane found out she was pregnant. 


She screamed from the bathroom. She had no intention of having kids. At least not yet. She couldn't believe how badly she wanted him the other day and didn't get off him letting him go full load in her. Cree runs into the bathroom. 


"What's wrong?!" 


He asks. She just sighs again. 


"Looks like we are going to have a kid…" 


Cree was overly excited but Jane not as much. Maybe secretly, over the next few months, she got more and more excited about the idea. Then after finding out it was a girl she was even more excited. She couldn't wait. Her belly grew more and more. Before one night they laid down to go to sleep her water broke just before she was out. 


They rushed her to the hospital where she screamed and cried as she gave birth to their new daughter. They named Alice this was Jane's idea she was named after her grandma. But something was off her fur was not red like her mom and dad but pinker. She was taken away by the doctors to get the normal check-up and cleaned up. 


Cree held Jane's hand. 


"Pink fur huh? What could cause that? My whole family was red I believe?" 


Cree says. Jane looks down thinking then looks up nervously. 


"I remember my grandma telling me of a story that she had a boy with pink fur but…" 


She says then covers her mouth beginning to cry. 


"B-but he didn't make it…" 


She continued. Cree tears up. 


"Surely not! She will be fine… I-" 


Just then the doctors walk into the room and hand Jane the baby. Alice just cries till she sees her mom before she just smiles reaching up at her. Jane smiles letting the newborn play with her fingers. The doctor then sighs. 


"I have something important to say. I'm sorry but she… will be lucky to make it past the age of 2. She has a very rare sickness, it has to do with a rare mutation that causes her fur to turn pink. I have never seen a child live past the ages of two but I hope I'm wrong, I'm sorry." 


They both broke into tears hugging her tight. They wanted to give her the best life they could before she could leave them. They took her on trip after trip, almost never spending time at home. They took her to theme parks and just all over the world, they spent all the money they had on her. But one day on Alice's first birthday all this stress and going out every day for so long put Jane into a heart attack. Cree rushes her to a hospital straight to the emergency room.


She was lucky she made it through but she will have to stay at home and try not to push herself. Anything crazy, exciting or stressing on her heart again might kill her. Alice was about a year old now and the family was celebrating her first birthday. Alice was sitting In her high chair looking up at her mom and dad. 


"Happy birthday princess!" 


Cree and Jane yell. As they cheer and laugh. This makes Alice laugh and hits her tray with her hands excitedly. Jane and Cree both give her a big cake saying we love you on it. Suddenly Jane begins crying. 


"Eat all you want baby girl… w-we might not get to do this next year." 


Cree Hugs her and she begins to bawl. Alice looks excited by the cake and begins to make a mess while eating some of the cake. After a while of playing she looks up at her mom and dad crying then also begins to bawl not knowing what's wrong but knowing something is wrong. The rest of the year was spent as peacefully as possible to make sure Jane didn't go through another heart attack. This was rough on the family after the last year but they made it through.


It's been a decent year but no changes are seen by Alice, no worse condition or anything. They ended up taking her to the hospital to be re-tested after hours and hours of waiting as the doctor walked in. Alice was playing with some toys in a small playpen while Cree and Jane watched. 


"We got good news! We don't understand how but she doesn't appear to have any of the symptoms anymore but there's still some strange things going on. She might be ok if only a few defects later on in life, But keep a very close eye on her." 


They both looked excited and hugged laughing and crying. But suddenly the strain of this excitement hit Jane as she screamed and held her chest. She was quickly rushed to the hospital. Cree grabbed Alice. He was crying and hugging her so worried about his wife as she was rushed to a different room. Alice was worried about her dad just playing with his shirt and chewing on it looking up at him. They sat out in the waiting room for nearly 8 hours then the doctors walked in looking down. 


"Cree… we are so sorry but Jane has passed from a heart attack. We did everything we could, we are deeply sorry." 


Cree hugs Alice tight and cries like crazy. Alice also begins to cry because her dad was crying. Cree knew he was losing someone this year but his wife was not what he expected.


Many years pass after this. Alice is now about 10 years old and 4 feet tall. She was oddly short for her age but it wasn't crazy. Cree comes into her room while she sleeps and shakes her awake. 


"Time to wake up princess and get ready for school. I got to work too. I probably won't be home when you get home so I'll have a babysitter for you when you get home." 


Cree says. Alice grones and sits up. 


"But daddy I don't want a babysitter. I'm 10 years old now and I'm not a little girl anymore…" 


She says rubbing her eyes. Cree smiles and hugs her. 


"I know sweetie. But I just don't want anything bad to happen to you. I couldn't stand losing you after losing your mom about 8 years ago today." 


Alice hugs her dad. 


"I'm sorry dad… I wish I remembered mom. What was mom like daddy?" 


He smiled and rubbed her head. 


"Honestly she was a lot like you. Stubborn and going to have it her way. But she was loving and caring. She loved you so much. I miss her so much." 


Cree says. Alice frowns looking down.


“But I'm just happy to have my little girl!”


He said as he tickled her. Both him and Alice laughed and she smiled at him after he stopped.


"Now get in the shower. Make sure you get clean this time." 


Cree says as he walks out of her room. She giggled.

“Ok, daddy!”


She jumped up and grabbed some clothes that were normal for her age. They looked about normal, maybe a little more childish than she wanted but it wasn't crazy for a 10-year-old. She goes to the bathroom and takes a shower and puts on some blue shortalls on then puts on a cute blue hat heading down to the kitchen. Her dad was already gone but had a pb&J sandwich sitting out for her. 


Alice smiles and takes walks outside and sits on the porch waiting for the school bus. She swings her legs happily and eats her pb&J. She had a pretty decent life. They might not have tons of money or a perfect house but it was a better life than living on the street or something. Suddenly the bus honks. Alice jumps down off the porch and runs off to the bus with her backpack on, She gets on the bus and looks around. 


There were a few people that stuck out to her. One was a young boy in the front; he always sat up straight holding his books and smiled at Alice. She gives an awkward smile and waves back. He was a human that wore a shirt with Eevee on it. They were playing tug of War and wore some aqua shorts. He was always super nice to her and she pretended to be nice to him. She didn't hate him, he was just a little weird and always talked about protecting her and stuff. It was kinda creepy to her. 


The next was a little lion, his mane hasn't grown in yet but he always teased Alice. He wore a camo shirt and jeans. He smirks as Alice passes. 


"Hey Alice and here I thought you wore pants to school, not just underwear!" 


She jumps and quickly looks down but she did put on clothing. Why was she tricked by that? She stomps her foot.


"Dang it, Ram! I hate you so much, you are such a jerk!" 


She yells going to the back of the bus and sitting embarrassed. Suddenly the bus driver yells. 


"Stop fighting back there!" 


A few people around ram laugh just mocking Alice. Alice sits thinking to herself. 


"I hate this stupid school… Why can't daddy just get me out of it? They told me I technically don't have to go. Something about… my symptoms might come back eventually, that when I'm grown up I'm going to be set for life apparently?" 


She sighs and looks out the window watching as they drive away from her home and slowly to the school. Later she's in class, and the bell was about to ring for the next class. The teacher is talking to the class. It's a Female Cow in a long blue dress.


"Ok class, tomorrow is bring your mother to school day! So don't forget to have her sign that paper so she can come in to talk about her work and other activities." 


The class cheered excitedly. Alice just frowns and lays her head on the table the teacher looks worried and as the class was leaving she stopped Alice. 


"Hey, Alice? Can we talk?" 


She gulps and panics. 


"I didn't shoot the spit wad at Ram! He started it!" 


The teacher looked confused and sighs. 


"That's not what I was talking about, but good job incriminating yourself." 


She said giggling. Alice looked surprised then puffed out her cheeks and crossed her arms. 


"Not fair…" 


She smiles and rubs Alice's head but she smacks it off. 


"So what do you want?" 


Alice asks, the teacher leans down, getting face to face. 


"Is something wrong with your mom? You seem to get upset when I talk about it?" 


The teacher asks. She looks down. 


"My mom died when I was young… i-i wish I knew her…" 


She tries to keep talking but she begins crying as the teacher hugs her, Feeling awful. They gave her off mom's day to stay home with her dad. Unfortunately, her dad got called into work too so she had to be with a babysitter. She loved her dad but she wished he could stay home more and be with her.


Many more years later Alice is now 16 years old. She has not grown one-inch thanks to her strange illness. She's still 4 feet tall. Just like a normal day her dad walks into her room. 


"Alice, time to wake up. You're going to miss the bus." 


She sits up quickly only wearing a bra and panties and jumps out of bed. 


"Shit! Why did you let me sleep in so late?!" 


Her dad sighs. 


"Alice, please watch your mouth. You know I don't like that language." 


She shakes her head and shrugs. 


"Dad, I'm 16! I might be small and only 4 feet tall but I'm still 16! You got to let me grow up!" 


He laughs looking down.


"Sorry, I know I know. You are just so cute. I'm happy to know you won’t die. Your mother's probably so happy. But being so small forever is a shame. I know it's been hard with school."


Alice got dressed in a similar outfit when she was 10 years old.


"I wish normal clothing would fit me at least… I hate wearing such childish clothing. Can’t we order special order clothing?" 


Her dad sighs.


“You know I don't have that kinda money. As much as I would love to.”


Suddenly there's a honk. 


"Shit the bus! Got to go, dad, love you! We can talk later!" 


She hugs him and runs out of the house just catching the bus. In the front there sat the same boy but definitely more Older. Everyone on the bus was 16 now. Even ram he had a bit of a mane now looked like a mean lion now. But oddly she sits right beside him. He throws his arms around her and she smiles. 


"Wow, cut it close huh? You didn't even comb your hair." 


She blushes and puts her hair down with her hands. 


"Oh shut up ram. My dad woke me up late." 


She sighs and lays against him. 


"You are nice and comfortable." 


Alice says, he smirks and leans down, and kisses her. She blushed and covered her face. 


"Love you." 


Ram said. Alice smiled back. 


"Love you too." 


Turned out Ram used to tease her because he liked her. It took her a while to fall for him but he was the only boy that seemed to like her. He was still kinda a dick but she was loved, right? After the bus ride, they got off and waved as they went to their classes. She was suddenly stopped by her three girlfriends. 


One was a squirrel she only wore skirts and dresses. Today it was a yellow summer dress. She was a foot and a half taller than Alice. Next was a mouse. She was white-furred and kinda a bitch but she was kinda nice to Alice. Then last was a cat she was striped with black and orange. 


"Hey, Alice! Are you still coming over today after school?" 


The mouse asks. 


"Hey Brittany, uhh ya I think so? We are staying all night right? I might need to get some clothes to sleep in but definitely." 


The squirrel smirks. 


"Oh ya, she needs clothing for a toddler because she is so small." 


Alice blushes and glares. 


"I'm not that small Cali!" 


The cat speaks up next. 


"Oh, Cali don't tease her. She can't help it if she still needs to wear diapers." 


The group laughs and Alice blushes like Crazy. 


"Sam! Ahhh! I'm going to class. I'll see you all after school! Or maybe I won’t, it might be nice." 


She goes to her class and the group laughs more before smirking at each other. It seemed the group had a plan for her. 


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  • 9 months later...

Chapter 2


It was near the end of the day Alice sat in class with a sigh as she looked up from her notepad. She looks up at the clock, only 5 more minutes till the end of class. She looks back down at her notebook going back to drawing a big strong lion holding a pink panda in his strong arms. She giggles and smiles. She loved it when this big strong man held her and kept her safe. 


She would think about him for a while before the bell rings. She bends down and grabs her backpack, shuts her notepad, and puts it away. She zips up her pack and heads out the door. There was Brittany, Cali, and Sam all waiting for her at the door. 


"About time slowpoke what were you doing, drawing pictures of your boyfriend again?" 


The squirrel tease, Alice blushes stomping her foot and waving her arm around. 


"How do you know about that?!" 


Cali giggles. 


"Did you forget I sat right behind you? I can see you daydreaming all day. You are so weird." 


Alice grumbles and crosses her arms then smirks. 


"At least I have a boyfriend, but hey you and Sam make a great couple!" 


Sam blushes along with Cali who gets upset. 


"Eww! No! She's a girl… friend! Not my girlfriend! We are not gay let alone dating!" 


Cali explains grossing her arms and getting in Alice's face. 


"Ya! We… are like only friends!" 


Sam says a bit nervously. Brittany grones and pushes both Alice and Cali apart. 


"Seriously can you two not fight? You can't do this at my house. If my mom hears yelling you will all be sent home and I'll be grounded."


Cali sighed looking down. 


"Sorry, Brittany…" 


Alice sighs as well. 


"Whatever… She started it. Why are you 3 err… 2 being so nice anyways?" 


Cali's eye twitches as she goes to charge at Alice when Brittany holds her back with ease. 


"Because you are our good friend Alice!" 


Brittany says in the least genuine tone. 


"Mhm, then tell me what changed from last year to this year? Last year you 3 were just Bully's." 


Brittany smiles with the fakest smile. 


"Look you started dating Ram, he's part of the cool kids and in turn, you are one of us now. You can either try to get along or we can go back to throwing you in a locker. I thought inviting you to my sleepover would be a good way to get to know each other." 


Alice grumbles. 


"Ya ya… I'll play nice. I'll try and be friends with you freaks. So, I guess I'll meet you at your house after school Brittany." 


Alice says walking off before she's stopped. 


"Oh and Alice!" 


She rolls her eyes and looks back at Brittany. 


"Don't get the wrong idea we don't like you, we just tolerate you." 


Alice sighs and shrugs then continues to walk off. The girls just giggle among themselves. Alice gets out to the bus preparing to get on when suddenly a large anthro alligator grabs Alice by the shirt and picks her up. It was one of the strongest boys in the high school, a few grades ahead of her. She begins to panic. 


"Alright kid, hand over all the money you got now! Or you might not make it home alive, understand?" 


Her eyes were big and her breathing heavy. She was scared for her life. When she hears someone yell. 


"Put down Alice you big meanie!" 


Before a weak punch hits the alligator. Alice looked down and saw Kryon. She takes a deep breath and yells. 




He smiles up at her with no fear. 


"Don't worry, I won't let you-" 


Suddenly he's kicked and goes flying back hitting the ground. The boy sits up and just begins to bawl. The alligator panics then drops Alice. Knowing he was about to get in trouble or jail again.


"Shit! Got to go nerds! You got lucky you had a big cry baby!" 


He says running off as they hear a bunch of people crowding around Kryon helping him up then to the nurse. Alice wipes her eyes watching the boy get taken away. She couldn't do anything but sit on the ground in tears.


"... Stupid kid…" 


She says sniffing that's when someone comes up behind her and she feels herself being picked up again. She screams then falls back in his arms. She was crying as she looked up at Ram. She quickly tried to stop crying, giving him a smile and a hug. 


"Ram, thank God! I was so scared!" 


He raised an eyebrow. 


"What just happened? I come out and some kid is being rushed to the nurse. He looked in bad shape." 


Alice sniffs fighting back the tears. 


"A big strong 9th grader just came over and threatened me to give him money or kill me! Then Kryon that kid saved me by… getting hit then crying that made him run away." 


He gets on the bus and sits down with her. He shrugs. 


"Oh well better him than you. Don't worry about that nerd!" 


She frowns, really feeling like she's gotten with the wrong crowd. 


"Don't say that… he saved me. I need to thank him…" 


Ram grones. 


"You don't need to do shit. Who cares about the brat. " 


Alice growls and jumps out of his arms. 


"But I do! I'll… I'll go say thank you! I'll see you, Monday Ram!" 


She says running out. Ram goes to the door. 


"Alice! Get back here now! You will regret this!" 


She was almost inclined to listen, stopping before she continued to run to the nurse's office. There were a bunch of kids outside. Alice runs inside the office. There laid Kryon all hurt and bleeding. Alice looks down at him. 




He gives a small smile before cringing in pain. 


"Ow…Hi Alice…" 


She looks down at him. 


"Why would you do that, you idiot? All I had to do was give him all the money I don't have…" 


He just smiles the best he can. 


"Because you are a friend…" 


Her eyes get big tearing up. A friend she thought? She never felt like anyone has ever truthfully called her a friend till now.


"You idiot… but thanks. You are a good friend too. But I can never say how thankful I am. " 


He keeps smiling. 


"That's all the thanks I need. Ahh owie…can't believe I cried. I'm such a baby…"


She thinks for a moment before looking around, going to the office door and shutting and locking it. Kryon looks a little worried. She goes up to him and takes a deep breath in and out. 


"Tell anyone about this and I'll kick your ass." 


She leans down and kisses his cheek making him blush like crazy, she blushes and goes to the door.


"There, one word about that, and I'll make you wish he killed you. But…thanks again." 


Then runs out the door. Kryon had a stupid look on his face with a smile. Being the first kiss from someone. Alice runs outside seeing the bus gone she grones and spits. 


"Gross I can't believe I did that… he's a good kid but that was maybe a little far…Disgusting. Ram would kill him if he found out…" 


She pulls out her phone and calls her dad. He picks up


"What's up Alice? You are lucky I had off today."


Alice laughs awkwardly. 


"Well I might have missed my bus, can you pick me up? Also, I'm going over to a friend's house later. Might have forgotten to mention that heh." 


Her dad sounds confused. 


"Wait, ok you missed your bus but why didn't you tell me sooner you were going to a friend's house? I didn't even know you had friends…" 


Alice sighs.


"Wow, thanks dad… glad you have so much confidence in me to make friends."


He laughs. But he wasn't far off was her thoughts.


"Sit tight, I'll pick you up in a bit." 


They both hang up and Alice sits on a bench in the school parking lot. She looks through her phone just spaced out when suddenly a car horn goes off making her jump and drop her phone. She looks up and sees her dad laughing. She got really angry, grabbed her phone then gasped going to the car getting in and slamming the door. 


"Look what you made me do to my phone!" 


Her whole screen was cracked. 


"Oh… crap. I'm sorry I was just having some fun. Look, I'll get it sent in to get you a new screen." 


She gives it to him and she lays back and crosses her arms. 


"Great, now I won't have my phone when I go over to Brittany's." 


Her dad puts the phone in a compartment of his car then looks confused.


"Brittany, one of your little friends?" 


He asks, beginning to pull out of the drive. 


"Why would you need your phone while there anyways?" 


She rolls her eyes and looks out the window. 


"I'll probably get bored… how am I supposed to have you come get me Sunday if I can't call you?" 


She asked, he thinks for a while.


"Well how about I'll pick you up at 9 am on Sunday ok? So you got today and all of Saturday to play with your friend." 


She sighs and Lowers her crossed arms. 


"Ok… I'm sorry." 


He was very confused. 


"For what?" 


She looks at the floorboard then up at him. 


"For yelling at you… I just didn't have a good day today. I nearly got k… robbed but a kid came in and tried to help only to get hurt. He didn't deserve that." 


Her dad smiles and puts out one arm and keeps one hand on the wheel he puts it around her pulling her into him. 


"You are definitely related to your mother. Did you at least tell him thanks?" 


She blushed. 


"Y-ya I guess… It was the best I could do at the time. I'm sure he got the picture…" 


He laughed and messed up her hair. Making her glare and fixed her hair. 


"That's my girl. Not a single bad girl bone in her body. She might act tough but she wouldn't do anything bad without a reason. I love you, just like your mother." 


She smiled looking down. 


"I… love you too dad." 


The rest of the trip home went fast, Alice jumps out of the car and rushes to her room. She grabs a backpack and puts some panties and bras in it then she looks through her clothing to find anything the least childish she could. But unfortunately for her, that was the only clothing that fit her. She grones just grabbing a few shirts and pants and some pj's. She puts the backpack on her back looking around her room for anything she might need over there. Her room was pink, the sheets on her bed were pink, and the curtains were also pink. Her room was very pink. She had a desk with a small laptop and a dresser that looked like it was for an 8 year old. Having the same one since she was 8. 


It was covered in stickers of unicorns and stuff. It just had that childish look to it. But she never minded it till recently. It was cute to her she never thought much about how childish something was till she was about 15. Then she started to get picked on for it. Also, a reason she's never let anyone in her room. She couldn't ask her dad for better stuff as they barely had the money to get by. She leaves her room and goes back out to the car jumping back in. 


"Ok, I'm ready! She lives on… uhh, 118 north corn street." 


Her dad nods and they take off down the road. Half the ride was pretty quiet till Alice spoke up. 


"Hey, dad?" 


He looks over. 




She rubs her arm. 


"Can we upgrade my bedroom? It's far too childish for me…I know we don't have much money but I'm sick of being mocked for looking like a kid." 


Cree sighs going silent for a while. 


"I'll see what I can do…" 


Alice perks up. 


"Really?! You promise?!" 


He smiles the best he can. 


"Ya, I'll try ok?" 


Alice jumps up and hugs her dad making him jerk the wheel. 


"Alice! Careful!" 


She laughs. 


"Thank you, daddy!" 


She smiles big. It wasn't long before they reached Brittney's house. Alice grabs her stuff and runs out of the car. 


"Have fun!" 


Cree says. Alice gets out then she runs up with her three friends going inside. Tears begin to run down his face as he begins to cry. 


"Why did you have to leave us, Jane… I'm doing my best to be an amazing dad but I'm doing an awful job! I can't afford to get her anything she wants! She's always getting picked on! If you were here you would make sure she got what she wanted even if you had to rob a bank! She can't even get her money till she's passed school!"


A flashback starts to happen. Cree and Alice are sitting in the doctor's office waiting on some results. When finally the doctor returns.


"Hey, Alice! How about you go outside and play in the playground while me and your daddy talk ok?" 


The doctor says. Alice smiles big. She's about 9 and jumps up and down. 


"Can I daddy?!" 


He smiles and nods, she runs out and the doctor frowns. 


"That's as tall as she will ever get…" 


Cree eyes go wide. 


"But… What about later on in life?! How will she work? How do I know my little girl will have a good life later?!" 


The doctor sighs. 


"She will receive disability money. Over 2,000 a month till she's out of school she will receive all that at once then be paid 2, 000 a month. She will never be legally allowed to hold a job like she is. But she will be set for the rest of her life." 


Cree cries. The doctor pats his shoulder but in the far back Alice is peeking in and hears the end. 


"Set… for life? What's that mean…?"


The flashback ends and Cree wipes his eyes and slams on the steering wheel of the car. 


"Damn it! I wanted to give her a good life. I couldn't even do that right! If only I didn't get fired from my old Job we might be ok. You take one damn day off to be with your child and they fire me… Jane, if you are still around please be with our little girl… make sure she comes to no harm if possible ok?"


He sniffs and drives away. Inside Alice walks into the house beside her was Brittany. On the couch were Cali and Sam fighting over a bag of chips. 


"I opened them first there, mine!" 


Sam growls. 


"I just want some! Stop being a pig! I thought you were a cat!" 


Cali yells. Brittany growls as Alice laughs awkwardly. This was her first sleepover. Is this normally how they go? She walks to the kitchen, pulls out some bowls, walks back to them both and takes the chips. 


"I'm borrowing these!" 


She says they both yell and growl as she splits the chips into two bowls and gives them to each of them. 


"Here, now both you shut up." 


They both take them then look at Alice. 


"We didn't need your help!" 


Cali says, looking away. Sam smiles at her. 


"Y-ya didn't need help at all…" 


Brittany walks up to them. 


"They argue like my mom and dad. You would think they are married." 


They both blush not acknowledging that statement. Alice looks confused. 


"Do parents argue a lot?" 


Brittany grones. 


"Like all the time, they fight like cats and dogs." 


Cali nods. 


"So do mine. I can hear them fighting from my room, moms normally screaming. Sometimes dad. What about you Sam?" 


"Y-ya my dad's fight all the time!" 


They all give her an odd look. 


"Dad's? Wait, you have 2 dads!?" 


Brittany asks. She gets nervous. 


"J-just kidding!"


She says awkwardly. 


"Oh, had me worried for a bit." 


Brittany says. Cali nods. 


"Ya, that would be weird." 


Alice looked confused. Just thinking to herself. Why would it be weird? Can boys not like boys and girls, not like girls? Why does it matter, she wondered? Brittany knocks her out of this thought. 


"Anyways Alice you can put your crap in my room in the closet. You best not mess it up either!" 


She takes her to her closet and opens it. It was huge. She had so many clothes and so many things she was awestruck. 




Brittany's eye twitches. 


"Would you hurry up?! You act as if you've never seen a closet before!" 


Alice shakes her head and puts her backpack down in it. 


"Sorry… I have just never seen a closet with so many clothes. Not only that, they don't look like they belong to a child." 


She gives her an odd look before shutting the door. 


"You are a weirdo… you are lucky you are Ram's boyfriend. Or you would not be here." 


Alice sticks her tongue out when a phone goes off Brittany pulls out her phone and reads on it before her eyes get big. She looks at Alice then back at her phone then smirks, locking her phone and putting it away. 


"Anyways let's go have some fun! My parents are out for the weekend and they won't be back till Monday!" 


Alice's mouth drops. 


"Like, they just leave you alone? Not because they have to work? Just because?"


Brittany smiles and puts her arm around Alice. 


"Oh Alice, we have so many things to teach you. You are going to enjoy this weekend I think and we might even become best of friends, you and me!" 


She says with a laugh. Her tone completely changed. It was like suddenly she was super nice and caring when before she was just a bitch. What did she see on her phone to make her change her mind Alice wondered. 

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  • Little Rie changed the title to Alice. Life, Diapers and humiliation (Ch 1-2)
  • 2 weeks later...

Chapter 3

They head back to the front room where Cali and Sam sit on the couch eating chips and watching TV. 


"Ok Alice, do you mind watching some TV while I talk to Cali and Sam? I want to do a bunch of stuff with our new best friend! But we can't let you know what I have planned!" 


She says with a smile. Cali and Sam looked very confused. Brittany was acting way too nice. Not her normal bitchy self. They were almost worried they might be in trouble. Alice shrugs and grabs the bowl of chips from Cali. 


"Do what you want, doesn't bother me." 


She says taking a chip and eating it smirking at Cali. She glares when Brittany grabs Cali and Sam's arms and pulls them away. Alice watches them go to Brittney's bedroom. 


"... She is beginning to give me the creeps… What's with that attitude change? "


Alice says, grabbing the TV remote. Changing the channel to find something to watch. She was going through every channel twice. She snacks on more chips then looks at Brittany's door and sighs. 


"What the hell's taking so long? This is so boring I wish I had my phone… I miss strolling on pawbook." 


She drops the remote on the table and lays back on the couch. Watching some boring comedy that has more laugh tracks in it than words of dialogue. She grones at the show when Finally she hears Brittany's door open, her head peeks up from behind the couch and her ears perk up. 


"We are back!" 


Brittany says, stepping out with Cali and Sam. They were both giggling. 


"Anyways we will run to the store and grab some more SNACKS. Right, Sam?" 


She nods and smiles. 


"Yap! The store for snacks and only snacks yum yum! Oh, what're your favorite snacks, Alice?" 


Alice scratches her head. Very confused by how nice they're all being.


"Uhh...I guess chocolates? Anything chocolate really?" 


Sam nods and Cali and Sam rush out the door. Brittany smiles and sits by her. 


"Ok you 3 are creeping me the hell out… why are you suddenly being so nice?" 


Brittany shrugs. 


"I'm not sure what you are talking about. But we are curious, are you interested in drinking some alcohol?"


Her eyes get big. She's not even allowed to have alcohol for quite a few more years. But she has always been curious.


"I-I don't know… we aren't old enough, but I am curious…" 


Brittany giggles and smirks. 


"Don't worry, no one's home, and it will be just the 4 of us. We can drink all we want! Come on, don't chicken out on us!" 


Alice looks down thinking for a while before chuckling a little. Then shrugs.


"You know what? Why not let's have some fun! Who's going to know or care." 


Brittany raises her hand for a high-five. 


"That my girl!" 


As they high-five. Hours pass before Cali and Sam get back. 


"Great! Take the stuff to my room because tonight, we drink!"


Brittany yells. As the other three cheer. They grab two large bottles of some kinda alcohol. Brittany pours 1 drink from one of the bottles and then 3 from the other. She passes them out to giving Alice the first one then the rest to Cali, Sam, and herself


"This is to the new friendship with Alice! Our new best friend!" 


They cheer again and everyone takes a drink except Alice like they have done it before. Alice smells it, she wasn't sure about the smell. But everyone started to cheer for her. 


"Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink!" 


They said it over and over. This kinda embarrassed her a bit before the per presser got too much and she downed the cup. 


"Ahh, that burns!" 


Brittany giggles. The others look kinda surprised but also laugh a bit. 


"That's how you know it's working! Ohhh I got a fun idea. How about we play spin the bottle?! If it Lands on you, you have to take a drink and do a truth or dare." 


Cali and Sam instantly agree. Alice shrugs. 


"Sure, why not? It could be fun. Man, this stuff's already making me feel odd." 


Might have been the alcohol talking already but she was definitely feeling something just from the one drink. Sam goes off and brings an empty bottle. They all sit around it. 


"My head's spinning." 


Alice says. Brittany smirks. 


"Wow, you are such a lightweight. I bet you want to quit our game huh?" 


Alice shakes her head. 


"No no! I'm not weak! I can do this!" 


Brittany, Cali, and Sam all smirk at each other. 


"Ok Alice, you spin first if you get yourself you only have to take a drink." 


Alice nods and spins the bottle it lands on Brittany who appears to take another drink of the alcohol. She sat everyone out a bunch of cups of it. But Alices came from one bottle. The rest got the other.


"Ok Brittany truth or dare?" 


She sighs. 




Alice thinks for a bit before smiling. 


"Are you jealous of me and ram~" 


She blushes glaring but fighting it. 


"Yes, I am… anyways my turn! 


Brittany says, Alice giggles. Brittany holds the bottle for a bit then spins it and lands on Alice. 




Alice takes a drink. Really feeling it hit her hard. 


"Ok, Alice, truth or dare?" 


Drunkenly she gurgles her spit. 


"Oh, truth!" 


Brittney smiles. 


"Tell me why you are so small! If you can?" 


Alice nods. 


"Right, that has something to do with a birth defect? Same with my pink fur, a red panda shouldn't have pink fur. I'm lucky to be alive."


Sam and Cali both. Say whoa at the same time. Brittany just shrugs and looks like she was hoping for something more fun. 


"Makes sense to me. Not sure what I was honestly expecting…hoping for something more… juicy." 


Alice giggles drunk. Next up was Cali who holds the bottle for a while then spins again it lands on Alice again. 


"Huh? Damn, that's unlucky…" 


Alice says, taking another drink. 


"Truth or dare!" 


Cali says Alice thinks for a while. 


"uhh dare!" 


Brittany and Sam look at Cali. 


"Ooo fun ok… I dare you to hold using the restroom for ohhh… 2 hours!" 


Alice smirks. 


"Is that all? Easy! Uhh, I don't feel great…" 


Cali giggles being hit by Brittany. 


"Sam it's your turn!" 


Sam nods and spins the bottle not holding it or anything it lands on Cali. She snaps her finger and winks at Sam and drinks. 


"Ok, truth or dare Cali!" 


She shrugs. 


"Truth I guess? This wasn’t-" 


Sam smiles big then interrupts Cali. 


"Umm do you have a boyfriend?!" 


She asked, Alice and Brittany both go. 




Cali blushes. 


"N-no! unfortunately…" 


She says Sam looked excited wagging her tail. 


"Ok, your turn Alice!" 


She nods and spins the bottle accidentally holding it for too long then somehow getting herself. 


"Nooo! Boo!" 


Alice says and takes a drink. 


"Ok Brittany… your turn." 


She goes to spin holding the bottle and then it lands on Alice again.


"W-what up with my luck…Is this thing broken?" 


She goes to grab another cup but finds she's out having drank it all. 


"uhh, I'm out…" 


Brittany laughs. 


"That's fine, that's probably all you need, don't need you getting sick." 


Alice shrugs. Brittany smirks. 


"Truth or dare?" 


Alice smirks back. 


"Dare, bitch!" 


Brittany laughed. 


"I dare you to undress down to your underwear and bra." 


Alice blushes. 


"What but…" 


Brittany smirks and sighs. 


"You hear that ladies. Alice is a chicken and can't play our game." 


Alice growls and stands up undoing her shortalls and letting them fall to the ground and takes off her shirt kicking them off to the side smiling proudly. Sam was blushing like crazy covering her eyes and both Cali and Brittney are laughing their butts off. 


"Holy shit you did it! Damn who would have thought!" 


Alice grones and lays her head down. Sprawling out on her back.


"Stop spinning…" 


She said, groaning. Suddenly she stopped talking and began snoring. Brittany got up and touched her on her legs, her stomach then her face. 


"Hello? Alice?" 


Brittany said out loud. No response. She smirks at Cali and Sam. 


"Time for utter humiliation, girls. Get me the stuff." 


They giggle like crazy going to grab everything from Brittany's room and bring it out. They dump it all out. Inside the bags were a package of diapers. A pacifier, mittens, booties. There was baby food and baby spoons. Baby wipes and baby powder. Just anything they would need to take care of a toddler. 


"Time to knock this girl down the line at school. She will never be looked at the same ever again!" 


Brittney says laughing she gets Alice on her back and begins to pull off her panties. She giggles. 


"I think I remember having panties like this when I was like 9!" 


Brittany says. Cali and Sam laugh. Sam was just watching, intrigued and blushing. 


"She's nothing but a little baby. Before too long that's all she will be known by." 


Brittany pulls out a diaper. They appear to be for ages about 10 year-olds and undoes it putting it under her butt. 


"Wow… how can she be small enough to fit in diapers? This is unreal. Make sure you take all the pictures you can girls. Cali and Sam were both taking pictures of everything she grabs baby powder and puts it on her crotch. They couldn't stop laughing as they put the diaper over and taped it on. Alice just grones but stays asleep. Cali smirks, grabbing the pacifier and putting it in Alice's mouth. It sits there for a while but falls back out. No reason she would start sucking at her age but they hoped they could get a picture of it.


"Guess, it's not a surprise. But it would have been funny." 


Brittany says. She puts the booties and mittens on her. This will make sure she can’t use her hands to take off her diaper. Or the mittens themself.


"Ok girls help me lock her in the spare bedroom. It's basically empty except for a pillow and a cover. Can only be unlocked from the outside and no windows." 


They nod but Cali grabs a bag of toys. 


"Wait, she can have these too. I figured the baby girl would need toys to play with hehe." 


Brittany laughs. 


"Holy shit that's amazing!" 


They drag Alice to the empty spare room. Dump out the toys, lay her head on the pillow, and then cover her up. Sam speaks up. 


"Can't she use her teeth to undo the mittens? Making it easier to undo her diaper. We don't want her removing it right?" 


Sam asks curiously. Brittany smirks and walks off coming back with handcuffs from her mom's room. She gets Alice's hands behind her back and cuffs her. 


"Now she can't remove it. Without begging us of course. Now let's give the baby time to sleep. Maybe she will have her first accident." 


The group laughs as they leave the room. Leaving all the baby stuff in there as well. Alice sleeps somewhat comfortably. Mostly because she's black-out drunk. Hours go by, it's about 2 am when Alice's eyes open wide. Her bladder was full.


"Gotta pee... Bad." 


She says sitting up, her arms stuck behind her back and an unfamiliar crinkle as she sits up. She looks down and is horrified to see she is in only her bra and a diaper for a child. She was blushing like crazy.


"I knew them bitches were up to something…fuck… no no no…hold it damn it!" 


She says crossing her legs. 


"No, don't give them the satisfaction… your not a baby Alice… you are not…" 


She says tearing up and standing up. She goes to the door and tries to open the door with her back to the door being the only way to grip the nob, but it won't move. She couldn't even grip the nob with her mitten hands. She slams on the door. 




There was no response for a while. Then footsteps could be heard running to the door.


"Oh my God, she's awake!" 


She hears Cali says. 


"So Alice, and here I thought you were all grown up but turns out you do wear diapers under your clothes!" 


Alice blushes. 


"I-I do not! You assholes did this to me! I'm a grown woman, you can't do this to me!" 


Brittany laughs. 


"Oh really? Are you sure? All these pictures say otherwise." 


She panics. 


"W-what? Pictures? Oh God, no, please! What do you want just please don't do this!" 


She says starting to cry. Brittany smirks and leans against the door.


"Tell you what, till your dad comes and gets you. You will let me, Cali, and Sam all baby you. No, if ands or butts. Make one wrong move and all these pictures get uploaded to pawbook, understand?" 


Alice begins crying. 


"F-fine… you are all monsters! I-i… Ahhh! No no no no!!" 


She yells as her bladder was at its max. 


"You gotta let me out! I have to pee!" 


The group laughs. 


"You are wearing the bathroom. Get used to it, that will be your bathroom the rest of the day baby." 


They all laugh like crazy as Alice slides down the door and cries like crazy as her bladder explodes and her diaper begins to grow warm and expand. She was so grossed out and ashamed. Then the door opens. Alice looks up at Brittany with tears in her eyes. She bent down and touched Alice's diaper and recoiled in disgust. 


"Oh my god, she pissed herself! Make sure to get pictures of this too! Holy shit Alice you really are a little toddler who needs diapers!" 


Quickly multiple pictures of Alice in her weak crying and wet state were taken. This was it, her life was over. She would forever be known as a baby. Probably will be blackmailed to be Brittany’s ‘baby’ for the rest of her life.


"Now get back to sleep baby. Mommy doesn't feel like changing your piss-soaked diaper. Maybe If you were a big girl you wouldn't have pissed yourself. I trust you won't remove it if you do. Well, you will never live this down. Not like you will be able to use your hands in them mittens." 


She undoes the handcuffs and lets Alice bawled, hugging herself in her own piss-soaked diaper. She never felt so violated and humiliated. It was bad enough being called a baby but being put in a diaper really wasn't good for her mental health. They left locking the door on the way out and heading back to Brittany's room. She put her mittened hand down on her wet diaper. 


"This has to be a bad dream… I can't be in a diaper, not only that, a wet one… please be a bad dream…I'm begging you." 


She said as she continued to cry. She eventually fell asleep in a deep deep sleep. Where she begins to dream. Or what she believes to be a dream? She's standing in a white room of nothing. She's wearing a diaper just looking down completely broken. No one to help her. Only to be mocked and shamed for something she wasn't. She couldn't change her size? This wasn't fair. She takes a deep breath in and out and just screams into the air. Her eyes closed. Suddenly she feels some arms hug her. She doesn't know why but she leans in and hugs back crying. 


"Shhh shhh shhh it's ok Alice. I know you are upset. I know you are humiliated. But mommy's here." 


Alice pulls back ready to scream at whoever dared declare themselves her mother. Her breathing goes heavy. She covers her mouth as it opens wide. There she saw a beautiful red panda woman. She looked rough but exactly as dad would explain to her. She rubs her eyes as her mom smiles, taking her hands. 


"Hi, Alice? Can you say hello? Or… no you probably don't know who-" 


Alice pushes into her, hugging her tight. 




The woman looked surprised then smiled and hugged back, patting her back. 


"Hey princess. I missed so much of your life. I remember when I was changing your diapers uhh… maybe a bad time sorry…" 


She sniffs and shakes her head. 


"How… why?" 


Jane, let's go thinking for a moment. 


"I'm not sure myself. I have been right beside you all day but… I couldn't leave you like this. I had to do something. The least I could do was comfort you. Then suddenly I was here?" 


Jane said with a smile. 


"But I have to admit you are cute. I don't care what you look like. To me, you will forever be my little girl. Even if I can't be there with you. Remember I'm always with you." 


She said with a giggle. Alice blushed. 


"M-mom… God, I would wear diapers my whole life if I could have you back home…I would do anything to have a mom again." 


Jane frowns. 


"I love you so much… That means so much to me but unfortunately, I can't come back. We might not get another chance to talk ever again. But I need you to stay strong ok? One day you can get your revenge on everyone. Just take it one day at a time." 


Alice nods. 


"I'll kill them for this…" 


Jane laughs. 


"Damn you are my daughter! But please don't do anything illegal… I can't stand the thought of you being in jail. Think of a revenge plan if it takes you years to do it safely. Do it with a smile on your face. Don't do it because of hate. I was happy to the very end. You were always such a happy little girl. Back when we thought you would be the one dying and I go and die… but I would give up my life again so you can live. "


Alice glares and slaps Jane. She was very surprised.


"If dad heard you say that he would… he would be very sad. Please don't upset dad, he's doing his best." 


Jane holds her cheek in surprise then smiles. 


"I'm sorry… your dad would have been heartbroken no matter who died. He's a wonderful man. I couldn't ask for anyone better. Well, maybe one that was rich, maybe I wouldn't have had a heart attack."


She said with a laugh. Alice smiles rolling her eyes.


"Well, now I see where I get my attitude." 


Jane laughs and grabs her. 


"Get over here you!" 


Giving her daughter a noogie they both laughed before the images slowly faded. 


"I love you, Alice, be strong for mommy." 


Just slightly waking up and mumbling. 


"I love you too mommy…" 


Suddenly there's laughing from Brittney, Cali, and Sam. Great, she thought. She just made her situation just that much tougher. 

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  • Little Rie changed the title to Alice. Life, Diapers and humiliation (Ch 1-3)

Chapter 4


She grones and goes to sit up but is pushed back to the ground. 




Brittany smirks. 


"Oh whoops. Well diapered girl we got some rules for today. So are you going to listen to us? Or are you going to get dressed and leave and have us post all these pictures and videos of you being diapered and in your wet diaper?"


Alice blushed insanely. She would be crazy to leave and be humiliated by more people than these 3. She glares at them. 


"I'll do anything you ask… just please don't show anyone these videos and pictures." 


The other two girls laugh and Brittany just stands over Alice proudly. 


"That's a good girl. Now let's get some rules down." 


She snaps and Cali puts a pacifier by Alice's mouth she fights it away and Brittany glares. She sighs and accepts the pacifier and holds it in her mouth feeling more embarrassed. But she was done crying. She was strong. She was going to make it through this and someday get her revenge. 


"Aww! Alice, I didn't know you loved pacifiers so much!" 


Cali says Alice growls. She wanted to punch her so punchable face.


"Anyways, for the rules. Number 1 You will use your diaper just like a little girl no matter what." 


Brittany said. Alice gulped hoping she can just hold it in till tomorrow. 


"Number 2, You will ask me, Cali, or Sam to change your diaper." 


She says. Alice glares. Like hell, she would rather sit in a soggy diaper. Even if she was getting a bit itchy. 


"Number 3. If we tell you to do something you do it. No matter what." 


Alice just rolls her eyes. Brittany smirks big. 


"Let's put that to the test, Alice shit yourself." 


Brittany says. Fear goes over Alice's face as she looks up at Brittany. She couldn't be serious right? 


"I'll let you stand up. You got oh 10 minutes before we upload all your pictures and video. That diaper better be sagging worse by the end of the 10 minutes." 


Brittany says. Alice sits up. 


"yu cawn't be sewious!" 


She said with the pacifier In her mouth. The girls laugh. Brittany looks at her phone. 


" That was cute but only 9 minutes to go~" 


She stands up in a panic. 


"Ok ok! Just… wait pwease!" 


She stood there for a while kinda crouching over pushing. She couldn't be really doing this, she thought. She just gets laughed at as she keeps going. She was feeling something, something nasty. 


"5 minutes to go~" 


She grunts one last time when a little fart escapes as the back of Her diaper begins to droop more and more. She was so disgusted and ashamed she couldn't believe she had just done that in front of anyone. Everyone bursts up laughing at her. She just looks down when suddenly she is pushed and she lands on her butt all the mess squishing into her she gags as this happens. 


"Y-you bitch! Ahh, this is so disgusting!" 


She said as the pacifier flew out of her mouth. 


"Oh my god I can't believe it, Alice seriously shit herself! Please tell me you were recording that!" 


Her eyes got big and looked back to Cali nodding. 


"Got it all!" 


There was no way she could sit in this all day. She whips the tears from her eyes looking at them. 


"C-can I at least change now…?" 


Brittany smirks. 


"Maybe if you ask nicely! Oh I know we can bath you!" 


She shakes her head. 


"P-please no…" 


Brittany sighs and shrugs. 


"You hear that girls she loves sitting in her shitty diaper just like a baby. But we might help you clean up if you ask just like a baby to her mommy." 


Alice sits there for a while before sighing. 


"M-mommy… can you please clean my stinky butt…" 


Alice said so ashamed. She wanted to die. She wanted to cry. But she had to stop showing weakness or they would take advantage of that and she just had to make it through today. If she just played their game they would get bored eventually, Right?


"Good girl Alice!" 


Brittany helps Alice up and walks her to the bathroom. 


"Yuck… new plan I'm not touching you, you are disgusting." 


She removes Alice's mittens and booties. Gives her baby wipes. 


"Clean yourself up then tell me when you are done, then we will bath you. Don't try anything funny or you know what will happen. Make sure to throw your diaper away too. We don't want to touch your soiled diapers." 


They leave and Alice sighs, un-taping her diaper over the toilet disgusted as her mess was stuck to her fur. She throws the diaper away getting to work cleaning herself. Wiping away the tears. She takes off her bra and covers herself best she can. 


"I-im done, unfortunately…" 


She says as Brittany, Cali, and Sam walk in on the now nude Alice. Brittany starts the water leaving it on cold. 


"Get in." 


She looks at it. It was still super cold. 




Brittany turns. 


"Time to post her pictures!" 


Alice quickly gets in. 


"Ahhh! Burrr!" 


She says hugging herself shaking. 


"That's what I thought." 


Brittany says as the girls got to work not leaving this girl untouched all over her whole body as they cleaned her up. She felt so violated. She's never let anyone touch her like this let alone see her naked not even her boyfriend. She was so mentally weak from all this. Sam was a little more touchy than the rest of the girls. They Finally get cleaned. 


"Alrighty Alice, stand up." 


She holds her head down in shame and stands up. She steps out of the bathtub and they begin to dry her off. Her mentality just kinda breaks she doesn't fight it but she is furious and embarrassed. 


"Aww, who would have known once you are knocked down a bit you look even more like a child. How about you thank us, Alice? Can you do that? Do you understand that?" 


Alice makes a fist then looks up. 


"T-thank you… mommy's…" 


Just calling someone mommy sent a load of anger. The girls all laugh at her and Brittany pulls her to the front room she keeps her head held down and blushing as the windows are wide open. But she wasn't going to speak unless told to. She couldn't risk everyone seeing diapered pictures of her. 


"Lay down. I'm going to get you Diapered. Like the baby you are." 


She sighs and lays down; she keeps her hands over her crotch just wishing this would end or she would wake up. Brittany grabs a diaper from the package. 


"Alright, little Alice, move your hands so mommy can get you in your diaper." 


Her anger flows more and more every time she calls herself 'mommy' but she moved her hand up to her face not wanting to watch. She felt her ass lifted up and placed on this diaper. She was powdered and then the diaper was taped on. 


"There we go! Now hmm we need to feed Alice. Maybe she could breastfeed off of Sam. They both blush and Alice sits up. 




Alice says Sam looked like she was about to agree to, before both Brittany and Cali laughed like Crazy. 


"It was a joke, you baby! Sam couldn't produce milk anyway. Only adults who have had a baby can. At Least from what I've been told?" 


Cali grabs a bunch of jars of baby food. 


"Don't worry I got her food! All the most disgusting things I could find. Hehe." 


Brittany and Cali smirk Sam just kinda sat off to the side. Alice gulps as they grab a jar of mushy green beans and a baby spoon. 


"Ok open up baby!" 


Brittany says Alice just glares and opens as she brings the food to her mouth and makes her eat it. She gags at the texter mostly but swallows it. 


"Oh, God… I almost puked." 


Brittany shrugs.


"Don't you dare if you do, you will clean it up and you won't get a diaper change the rest of the day. Or cleaned up." 


She growls before she goes to get another bite. 


"Open up for mommy!" 


Alice's anger finally hit that snapping point she slapped the food out of her hand. 


"That's it bitch!!" 


Brittany's eyes get big as Alice punches her across the face. 


"Fuck you! Fuck this! Fuck all of you! How dare you use my mom's name! You are not even close to her! She was a beautiful nice woman and you are all nothing but a bitch! Go fuck yourselves!" 


Alice gets up and heads to Brittany's room. Everyone looked surprised they just stared at Alice. Brittany held her face. 


"You fucking whore! I'll ruin you! Get the hell out of my house! Girls throw her out! I don't care what the fuck she's wearing! We are uploading all these pictures and videos, I hope you enjoy naked pictures and videos of you along with diaper ones going up!"


Alice goes and grabs her backpack and is grabbed by all three of them pushing her to the door. 


"Let me go, you idiots!" 


Alice says as they get her closer to the door and push her out In nothing but a diaper. She blushed insanely, getting in her bag quickly and throwing on her shirt and shortalls worrying about the diaper later. But she couldn't find her panties anyways. She could tell some people saw her a couple walking past and they walked up to her. She didn't know what to say, she just felt humiliated. 


"Oh my goodness… are you ok? What happened in there? Why would they kick you out like that?" 


The woman said. She was a black and white panda. She was quite cute but her way of speaking to Alice was embarrassing. Very child-like.


"L-look it's none of your business… can you just forget what you saw?" 


Alice said. She looks at her boyfriend who was also a black and white panda. They both frown. 


"Is this your home? Or do you live somewhere else?" 


Alice sighed. She hated to be mean as she was being so nice. She might think she's younger than she is but this might work to her advantage.


"I live elsewhere… i-i was kicked out of a sleepover by some bullies!" 


They both frown.


"Can we help you home? We don't mind?" 


Alice nods. 


"That would help a lot… as I don't have my phone to call my dad." 


They smile and take her hand, making her blush. It was embarrassing but less than what Brittany and the group did. At Least this lady felt like she was just helping a lost girl. She was too scared to say she was actually 16. What if they end up treating her the same. They bring Alice to the car and open the backdoor. 


"Jump on in. Where do you live?" 


She gets in her diaper crinkling the whole way and once she gets in. This was so humiliating but they didn't mention a word. 


"I umm live at 130… uhh oh North Street!" 


Alice replied nearly forgetting, only able to focus on the diaper between her legs. The couple giggles and they get in the car the male was driving. 


"Let's introduce ourselves. My name is Sandra! And my boyfriend here is David." 


He smiles and waves. 


"Yo. What's your name?" 


She rubs her arm uncomfortably, not sure if she should lie. 




They both smile. 


"Nice to meet you, Alice. How old are you? Like 16?" 


Her eyes got big and covered her mouth. The woman just giggles. 


"Don't worry about the diaper. Or your size. We know a child when we see one. You are not a child but you just needed help all the same. Though you also don't appear to be a Dl?" 


The guy looks at his girlfriend. 


"Really? So you think it was the bully’s huh?" 


His husband asks, she nods. 


"I do. But…is that true Alice." 


She tears up and nods. 


"They threatened me… blackmail…they got me to drink. I'm pretty sure their drinks were water now but I was so in the moment! I thought for one moment I really had friends!" 


Sandra frowns. 


"I'm so sorry…" 


Alice fights the tears then tilts her head. 


"But what's a Dl? You said something about that?" 


She perks up and reaches in her bag and pulls out a card and gives it to her. Alice looks at it. 


David and Sandra's caretaker business. We love all little's big or small. If you are an ABDL and need some love, call us now! Prices start as low as $100 for a day. Alice just looks more confused. They both laugh. 


"You probably wouldn't understand. But we take care of adults that like to wear diapers and pretend to be children. So when we saw you it honestly wasn't very surprising we saw all shapes and sizes of people in diapers. Not to be rude but you are quite cute. I know someone of your age might not understand. Though… I suppose that is inappropriate of me."


Sanda says. 


"You are still a teen. If you are ever interested, call us back in a few years. But we don't expect much." 


She winks at Alice and laughs. Alice thinks long and hard. 


"I got a question umm Sanda?" 


The panda smiles big. 




She sighs. 


"This might sound stupid… but is there a way you could get people in diapers and force them to be babies? I want revenge…I don't know when or how but ill find a way and do it without getting in trouble." 


Sarah smirks. 


"Well actually… we could probably work something out but we only accept anyone over 18 so tell you what call us back in a few years we will help the best we can. Never been involved in a revenge plan." 


She giggles. David sighs. 


"You can be scary sometimes. You shouldn't promise things years away." 


Alice smiles, this Sanda was really nice. Kinda reminded her of her mom from her dream. 


"You are very nice…Thank you both so much… " 


She giggles, smiling big. 


"And you are just adorable! Yes, you are! I bet you are your daddy's best little girl!" 


Alice couldn't help but giggle. What was it about this person that just made her feel so young, relaxed and special? She bursts up laughing and so do the other two. They Finally make it to Alice's home. 


"Here we are kiddo. Oh… sorry force of habit." 


David said. Alice shakes her head. 


"No, it's fine, thank you both so much. I hope I can meet you again…" 


She says getting out of the car. When Sanda stops her. 


"Hey! Just a second!" 


She reaches down. Alice goes to her window waiting and Sanda pulls out an adult diaper and hands it to her. 


"Take this to remember us! I know it's probably bad memories… but try something new. Diapers are a fun way to relax and stuff. They are super cute too." 


Alice blushes insanely, looks around then takes it, putting it in her bag. She stands there awkwardly. 


"Well… umm thanks again…" 


Sanda gets out and hugs Alice. 


"Good luck sweetie." 


She hugs back and begins to cry. She knew this was it, her school life was over. She cried into this woman for a bit before stopping. Backing up and waving.


"Thank you both!" 


Alice goes to her door as they waved and drove off, she knocked. No one was home. To be expected. Her dad works a lot. She tries the door and it opens, she growls. 


"Damn it, dad… you forgot to lock the door!" 


She says walking in and shutting the door and locking it. She sighs and runs to her room and takes her clothes off down to the diaper she goes to rip it off but stops and looks in the mirror she blushes and moves around a bit then checks out her butt. She smiled a bit. 


"Well… maybe they are kinda cute… I can't believe I just said that!" 


She said ripping the diaper off and throwing it to the ground. She grabs panties and some pajamas to put on then lays on her bed. She yawns big and relaxes on her bed. 


"I'm terrified of going to school Monday…maybe Ram will at least comfort me. Hold me in his arms like his-" 


She blushed and shook her head. 


"What the fuck is wrong with my head? God, what did they do mind control me?! That's the only way to explain how I might slightly like these diapers, it's weird!" 


She lays there and pulls out the card from Sandra. Abdl? People that like to wear diapers and stuff it was just too weird for her to believe. She sighs and stands up going to her laptop. Puts the card down and sits at her desk. She turns on her laptop. 


"I can't believe I'm even thinking of looking this up… I'm already going to be mocked for being a baby. But I don't care anymore. I'm done dealing with shit. At Least Ram will keep me safe." 


She smiles and opens her internet browser. She types in Abdl. Suddenly a bunch of overly sexual pictures of boys and girls in diapers. Wearing diapers, getting changed, a bunch of other stuff, her face goes bright red looking at some of these boys, not just small skinny boys either. Some of them were buff. Some fat. She couldn't believe it.


"Why the fuck are such sexy guys wearing diapers and stuff?! God… that's kinda…. Hot." 


She quickly closes the browser as she hears someone come in the front door. Her face was bright red and quickly turned off her computer. She peeks out and sees her dad heading to the bathroom. She smirks and goes to the door and waits. She hears the toilet flush and the door opens then Alice tries to scare him. 




Cree jumps screaming. 


"Ahhh! Alice?!" 


Alice bursts up laughing and hugs her dad. 


"Hi, dad. Uhh, surprised?" 


He was very confused but hugged back. 


"What's going on? Are you ok? Why are you home early? How did you get home?" 


Alice just stays in the hug before she begins crying. Cree rubs her back just trying to comfort her. He lets her have her moment before she finally let's go and wipes her eyes. 


"I-I just really missed you, dad… you know I think I had a dream about mom." 


He was surprised. 


"Y-you did? I wish you could have known her better." 


Alice smiles. 


"She said you were doing absolutely amazing raising me. I think so too! That's why I think… we should go on vacation! For a very very long time… maybe never return here ever." 


He smiles hearing the first part then gets worried.


"Please tell me you didn't kill anyone?" 


Alice sighs and shakes her head. 


"I wish…" 


Cree puts a hand on her shoulder. 


"Do you need to talk?" 


Alice again shakes her head. 


"I would rather not… but know I'm probably going to be mocked for the rest of my life. I'll have no friends. At least I got a boyfriend…" 


Cree coughed. 


"Wait? You have a boyfriend?! Why haven't I seen him?!" 


She grones. 


"Oh… shit, uhh I wasn't sure you could handle it, but maybe someday after school? If you ever have time off… that reminds me? Why are you off so early today?" 


Her dad gives his normal smile. 


"Don't worry… I'll figure something out." 


He said just walking off. She covers her mouth. Oh no he lost his job again. 


"Don't tell me. You got fired?! For what?!" 


He keeps his head down ashamed he couldn't keep it. 


"I asked for a raise… so I could fix your phone. So I could get you all the stuff you wanted for your room. They… said we can do better and give you a permanent vacation… and fired me right there." 


He started crying, making Alice start crying. This was all her fault. If she didn't get mad then ask for so much. She runs up and hugs him. 


"I'm so sorry dad! It's all my fault! I'm a horrible daughter! I wish you still had mom and not me because I'm useless!" 


Suddenly his mood changes quickly and pulled her back. 


"Alice! I will not hear that talk in my house! You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I loved your mother, yes I did! But… she would never let you take her place! You are here, you are alive! We might not have much but damn it Alice I'm going to do the best I can! And… I'm sorry I can’t give you the life you deserve."


She wipes some tears while still crying. 


"But I'm happy! Happy as I can be anyways… but that's not your fault! A lot is mine! I fall in with the wrong crowd and just mess up my own life. Whatever happens… It's not your fault. I love you, dad. Please don't do anything crazy. We will find a way if I have to sell my laptop and stuff!"


They had a long talk about each other. And how much they cared for each other. It was nice to talk like this. She rarely got this intimate with her dad. He was rarely home to talk to, always working to give Alice the best life. Just like he promised Jane he would do all the years back. After they had a full day to themselves they Finlay say goodnight as they head off to their rooms. 


"... I need to grow up faster, so I can help dad. He's got so much stress on himself with work. Then again school is just as hard on me. We both have something that's hard. But all I got is a few more years of wasted time. Learning about stuff that doesn't matter. I can't get a job anyways… I can't own a car. Can't even have a license. I'm going to always need someone to-"


She shakes her head. 


"No! No I won't! I'm done being taken care of. I'm done beating myself up for being small and thinking I can't do anything! I'll learn to be my own woman from now on! No one will have to take care of me again!" 


She says covering up and slowly falling asleep. The stress and anxiety washing away for today at least.

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  • Little Rie changed the title to Alice. Life, Diapers and humiliation (Ch 1-4)
  • 2 weeks later...

Chapter 5


Alice whines in her sleep rustling back and forth on her bed having a nightmare about being back at school, but Alice is the class's baby. No matter how much she begged and cried nobody cared. It was just so normal to her that nobody cared about her. Just when she was about to give up, two shaded figures helped her and hugged her tight. They both speak at the same time. 


"Don't worry Alice, mommy and daddy will always love you. We might not be able to protect you forever but we still love you." 


Then suddenly her dad talks. 


"Alice? Sweetie, it's time to wake up." 


Alice opens her eyes and looks around her taking a sigh of relief it was all a dream. She sat up rubbing her eyes. 


"Well, morning sleepy head. Uhh did you sleep well?" 


Alice shakes her head. 


"No, Damn nightmares…" 


He sighs looking at the ground. 


"Sorry to hear that. I got to ask…. Why is there a baby diaper on the floor?" 


Her face went red as she looked down. It was the diaper she was in yesterday. How could she have forgotten to throw it away?


"I-it was a stupid prank by my friends they put it in my backpack to embarrass me. I just took it out last night and forgot to throw it away." 


She said awkwardly not wanting to tell him the truth about her 'friends' 


"Oh? Well… ok? Are you doing ok? You don't seem well this morning." 


She nods, getting up. 


"I hope so… I'll talk more if things go bad after school. Ok?" 


He frowns but nods. 


"Alright, Well I'll just… start job hunting again… sorry we won't be able to change your room for a while." 


Alice smiles and goes over and hugs her dad. 


"It's ok daddy relax. It could be worse I… don't care anymore it's kinda cute honestly. I was just scared of being mocked but… that won't help me. Not anymore." 


Her dad hugs her tight and kisses her head. 


"Alice, whatever happens, know I love you." 


She giggles and smiles. 


"Love you too daddy, now I got to get ready for school. A little privacy please." 


Her dad gets awkward nodding and leaves, making Alice giggle. Her dad was never very good at girl stuff. He barely knew anything. Most of it came from his wife. Alice undresses from her pj's and gets in her normal shortalls with a pink shirt on. She grabs her backpack and dumps everything out onto her bed as it was clothing from the sleepover. But also a larger adult diaper falls out. 


She blushed, forgetting about this completely. The next thought to go through her head was seeing her boyfriend in this, she blushed deeply a strange feeling between her legs excited her before there was a knock at her door. 


"You ok Alice?" 


Her voice cracks a bit as she puts the diaper in her pantie drawer. 


"I-im fine dad! Shesh give a girl time to look good!" 


He laughs. 


"Your mom always said the same thing…" 


She smiles and mumbles. 


"I bet she would have been a wonderful woman…" 


She gets stuff in her backpack and puts it on heading to her door and opens it up. She expects to see her dad but he wasn't there. She was confused as she walked out. 




She said when suddenly the floor creaked behind her and someone grabbed her and began to tickle her. 




She screams busting up laughing. Her dad laughs from behind. 


"Payback for last night! Now say, uncle!" 


She laughs harder trying to push his hands away. 




They did this for a while longer before Alice yells. 


"Ok ok!! Uncle!" 


Her dad stops and she catches her breath. 




Her dad laughs and hugs her. 


"I love you. Have a good day at school ok?" 


She nods. 


"I'll try… love you too dad." 


That was when the bus honked and she ran out to the door to the bus and got on. Creepy it was empty except for one person. The same person who's sat in the front row forever. Kryon, the one that saved her from the bully. 


"Oh hey Alice hehe" 


She sighed remembering the kiss she gave him. 


"Hey, Kryon. Where is everyone else?" 


He blushes shyly looking down, shrugging. She takes a seat on the bench across from Kryon. 


"Hey, thanks for last week again… So umm you doing well?" 


He nods and they sit there for a while not talking as the situation gets more awkward before she hears Kryon say something. 


"Huh? What?" 


He shakes his head blushing. 


"Nothing nothing!" 


At this point, she was getting annoyed. 


"Come on man up if you got something to say. Say it!" 


He blushes more and gulps. 


"The videos and pictures of you being diapered and stuff were really cute… I can't believe you used them too…" 


She blushed insanely glaring at him. 


"What did you see?!" 


He looks down, blushing more. 




She blushed more covering her body. 


"Oh my God… bus driver! You got to take me back home. I don't want to do this!" 


She yelled standing up. The bus driver yells. 


"Sit down and shut up! Damn kids have no respect." 


She falls back in her seat shaking. 


"I'm sorry… but wasn't it something you agreed to? That's what your friends said?" 


She shook her head trying not to cry. 


"No! Don't you understand?! They forced me to do these things! I'm going to be humiliated for the rest of my life…" 


Kryon's eyes go big. 


"W-what, they did? Then… oh no…" 


Alice begins crying. 


"My life is over. Maybe Ram will protect me! Ya, I'll just go stay by him." 


Kryon began to panic. 


"Wait Alice, I need to tell you something very important!" 


Suddenly the bus stops and she looks at him before the bus driver yells at them. 


"You two need to get off now hurry up!" 


Alice and Kryon get off the bus. 


"Alice you need to go… I don't know where but you-" 


Suddenly the large high schooler from the other day grabs him covering his mouth and picking him up. Alice looks freaked out, not moving as Kryon was taken away; that's when she sees Brittany, Cali, and Sam. They surround her, Cali behind her and Brittany and Sam by her sides. Both Sam and Brittany grab her by the arms, her eyes go white trying to pull away.


"Let me go! Hey, what are you doing?!" 


Brittany smirks. 


"Payback for punching me you dumb bitch."


She begins to scream and panic and cry. They drag her inside kicking and screaming. They drag her to the girl's bathroom. 


"Please, I'm begging you I'm sorry!" 


Alice cries as they handcuff her hands behind her back. Brittany pulls out scissors as she begins to cut Alice's clothing off her. She cries and begs but they don't care. Cali hands Brittany a new diaper. This wasn't a baby diaper but looked like one she was given, they quickly diapered her. They then stand her back up. 


"Now let's show the baby to the whole school." 


Brittny asks. Sam speaks up. 


"We are so getting suspended for this…" 


Cali shrugs and so does Brittany. 


"Who cares! This is so worth it." 


Alice is super embarrassed but completely broke. They pull her out of the bathroom there Ram stands. Alice looked hopeful. 


"Ram! You got to help me! Please!" 


Ram smirks looking down at her bends down face to face. 


"Oh sorry Alice, I only date big girls. Not babies that piss and shit themselves!" 


He laughs walking off as she pushes to the ground and the girls laugh at her. Suddenly a teacher walks up. 


"What in the world is going on?! You 3 principal office!!" 


They laugh as they head off and the teacher helps Alice up who's just bawling and crying mentally broken. She helps her to an empty office and gives Alice a towel to wrap herself unable to undo the handcuffs for now.


"What happened Alice? Tell me what happened?"


This teacher was very familiar to her. This was an early teacher. Her name was Miss Preen, she was who she talked to all the time about her mom she never got to see. Her dad and money problems. She went up in the ranks to become the consoler Alice laid her head on her and just cried. 


"They forced me into diapers because I'm small! They got me drunk at a sleepover and made me use them! Not long after that, my dad loses his job because of me asking for stuff! I hate this school. I give up on this shit! I'm so done! Now my boyfriend thinks I'm nothing but a baby! I want to die!"


She cries, Miss Preen pets her head and sighs. 


"Jesus… I'm so sorry Alice. I think we can work some way for you to get private lessons so you don't have to deal with this. Once the principal gets back to me hopefully we can undo these cuffs and get you in some clothing… As for the diaper, we don't normally have underwear for kids- I mean young adults your size… "


Alice just keeps crying. 


"W-whatever… I'm so done… "


She frowns and hugs Alice tight. 


"I'm so sorry… you haven't had the best time at this school." 


All her moving around makes her diaper crinkle a lot. But Alice just relaxes into her, finally stopping the crying and just relaxing when Miss Preen's phone rings. 


"Hello? Oh my goodness. Ok. Ok, can you bring it down? Poor Alice has had a rough time. I would prefer not to take her out of this room like this. Yes please also have him bring some clothes. If you can't get ahold of him being clothing from extras… yes, please. Ok bye. "


She sighs. 


"Good News is we can get the handcuffs off. The principal has some keys… a bunch of keys apparently and the girls wouldn't give up what one unlocks the handcuffs." 


Alice sniffs. 


"Ok… I'm sorry I'm nothing but trouble…" 


She frowns. 


"You're not trouble… others just want to trouble you. Poor girl… you just want to have a normal life and these dang kids put you in… a diaper. They are horrible. If you were my daughter I would keep you home and home school you. But that's not a choice with your dad I know… "


Alice wipes her eyes. 


"I wish I had a mom, someone to take care of me… make me. Feel safe like you… I wish you were my mom." 


She blushed but smiled, tearing up. 


"I'm so sorry Alice…" 


She cries as they wait a while before someone comes into the room. 


"Here's the keys. Her dad's coming in a bit" 


He says before giving privacy. Miss Preen unwrapped the towel from her leaving her diaper exposed. Her eyes get big. 


"My dad… no he can't see me like this!" 


She hugs her. 


"Shh shh relax Alice it's ok… he's bringing you a change of clothing that's all he knows don't worry. This is between us. I know your dad, he would freak out if he found out this was happening." 


She lowers her head as Miss Preen begins to look for the key to unlock the cuffs, spending way too long before Finally, they come off. Alice stands up and hugs her making the counselor smile. 


"Thank you so much for your help." 


She pats her back. 


"No problem Alice… but uhh sorry but you are very cute in a diaper. I wouldn't know you were 16 if I didn't know you. But I hope your dad gets here with clothing." 


She blushes a bit then her eyes get big. She had a diaper in her underwear drawer. She prayed he wouldn't find it. That was till a knock was at the door. 


"Alice? Are you in here?" 


Miss Preen runs to the door Alice grabs the Towel and covers herself. Blushing insanely. Alice says back letting her peek out seeing Alice's dad. 


"I brought clothing but what's going on? How did her other clothes get messed up." 


She hands the clothing behind her to Alice. 


"Mr. Cree, please don't ask about women's problems, that's quite rude." 


His mouth drops blushing. 


"I-im sorry I didn't know…" 


She smiles and looks back at Alice as a chance into a new outfit; the diaper was removed and thrown in the trash; she smiles and gives a thumbs up. 


"Ok come on in." 


She says opening the door Cree rushes in and hugs Alice. 


"Oh, thank goodness I was so worried." 


Miss Preen nods. 


"We got a lot to talk about… first off I want Alice in private studies. Not because she's dumb or anything but just because of stuff." 


He looked confused. 


"Girl stuff right?" 


He asked. Alice and Miss Preen giggle and nod. 


"Ya exactly. At least for the rest of her time schooled her. Is this ok?" 


Cree nods. 


"Yes, anything if it helps my little girl." 


Alice sighs. 


"I'm not a little girl anymore dad…" 


He laughs awkwardly. 


"I know… sorry" 


They all have a long discussion about her new schooling to go on before sending Alice home today with her dad they get in the car and her dad looks at her. 


"Can I ask you something, Alice?" 


She tilts her head. 


"Well today I needed to borrow your laptop to find a job. I didn't mean to snoop but there were uhh… pictures of men and women in diapers…" 


She blushed insanely, going to say something. 


"Then when I got the call you needed clothing I found a strange large baby diaper in your underwear drawer… do we need to talk about something? Is this some kinda… fetish? You don't have to talk about it but I'm just worried." 


She blushed insanely. 


"D-dad! No! It… I…" 


She calmed herself down then explained everything to him. His eyes were huge and he comfort her with a hug as she began to cry again. 


"I'm so sorry Alice I didn't know… but that is very embarrassing. I'm so sorry. I hope you can get through this. Honestly, if anyone can, it's you. But I'm going to make sure you get the adult-looking room and custom-made clothing to make you look like an adult for one. "


He said with a smile. This only made Alice cry more. She thanked him and they went home and just had a good father-daughter talk. It was nice for them both and relaxing. This was the last time in the next few years she had to deal with diapers and stuff. But a year after this all happened and Alice was 17 her house's door was broken down and cops charged in and grabbed her dad taking him to prison. 


Apparently the past year after getting a job at a bank he's slowly been stealing money to give Alice nicer things. His sentence was life and he was never getting out. This was the last straw for Alice losing her mom and her dad in jail she had no one to rely on. No friends, no family. Just a terrible life she didn't want to be a part of anymore but when she Finally graduated school and got out on her own a huge amount of money appears in her bank. 


She was easily set on money for life. She could Finally live the adult life she wanted. Except she couldn't have a car. She couldn't work a proper job. But she had to carry a special ID to show her age. She was able to drink and everything like normal at 18 years old now. She bought a nice home. It was very modern and looked much like a grown woman's home. She had what she finally wanted. Well except the custom-made clothes. 


She had grown very attached to her childish clothing. They were super cute. After growing up she learned she just loved cute things. She even began to learn and experiment with fetishes. This was the first time she learned she might be a big of an ABDL. She didn't know what parts she would like or didn't like but she knew that side had traumatic issues but maybe she could use this to her advantage.


She remembered her friends that helped her a few years back. Maybe today was Finally the day to begin getting revenge on all the school kids that tormented her. Maybe she would even enjoy herself. The thought of doing all this did excite her but she knew one thing the very last person to get her revenge on was Brittany. She wanted to make sure she suffered for what she did to her. She undresses down to her underwear and lays in bed removing her glasses and closes her eyes to sleep. 


This was her time to start her new life, make friends, Enemies, and maybe even try to love again after her heartbreaking breakup. 

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  • Little Rie changed the title to Alice. Life, Diapers and humiliation (Ch 1-5)

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