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Melbourne Australia: Several packs of Crinklz (large) & Bambinos Dinosaurs L / XL

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Hey guys,

I've got an obscenely large collection of ABDL diapers, and my wife is putting pressure on me to reduce the amount of storage space these take up. So it is with great disappointment that I'll initially offer 2 Packs (sealed and unopened) of Crinklz (large) and a single pack of L/XL Bambinos dinosaurs (again, sealed and unopened), completely free of charge for pick-up in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. You'd also be free to rummage around in the rest of my collection and take whatever I don't desperately want to hold on to. If you're not in this area, we can ship them to you at cost. These are great nappies, however we're literally running out of space to store them. This is a trial run to see how much interest we get, but there are a LOT more where they came from. All have been stored in ideal conditions, and to be honest it's sad to see them go. I just hope they make someone happy :)

In addition to this, I have 3 commercial grade Ozone generators which will completely disinfect and purify the air and surfaces in the stinkiest of places. (WARNING: These devices are extremely hazardous to use without proper precautions, however when used correctly, will remove any malodorous remnants of wet or dirty nappies in 20 minutes). They are used by professional cleaning companies to decontaminate murder scenes, night-club owners to remove the smell of stale vomit, beer and urine, and in scientific clean rooms to maintain aseptic conditions. So if you've got a musty room, a stinky diaper pail, or a bed that's been wet a few too many times, these will do wonders with a single treatment, however they aren't toys and can cause serious harm if used incorrectly. Full safety instructions provided (in English).

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Terry1996: If you really want me to, I can get back to you with exact pricing, however in my experience, shipping from the US to Australia always costs me more than the value of the actual diapers themselves if sent by traditional couriers (FedEx, DHL, UPS, even USPS). So I imagine it would be the same going in the opposite direction :(

 I hope I was clear when I mentioned Melbourne, Australia, not Melbourne in Florida.

If sent by sea, it'd be worth you looking through my entire surplus inventory (provided you're my size) to make sure you're getting the best value for money, as sea shipping is geared towards higher volumes. I have a background in logistics and can arrange for sea shipment to your door at a price that may make these "free" diapers better value than simply purchasing them locally, however it will take 6 to 9 weeks door to door.

My advice would be to simply purchase them locally. Whilst I do have a large stockpile, it isn't enough to really warrant a sea shipment and will most likely cost you the same as buying them locally, but be a major headache for me to organize. I'm sorry my friend, I really wish I could help you.

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Yeah I know it’s Australia I was just not sure what the cost was. Lol. But I do understand logistics. Thanks!

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By way of example, a case of North Shore Megamax cost US$86.99. After trying these I simply can't go back to anything else for overnight. Even using a shipping agent that my business does high volumes with, it costs me roughly US$140.00 in shipping fees to get it to Australia. If they could possibly ship direct (or if dreams could come true and they could Drop Ship from China), it could cut out a lot of the cost of shipping and handling of goods going backwards and forwards across the globe (hint hint) and if possible when their production issues are solved, I may be able to buy in bulk and ship by sea, but we'll see if they let me. For now, I'm just glad they let me buy their products as they have been life-changing.

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