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Mary Janes, Interesting day

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This morning I was walking across the job site where the ground had froze over night. With just the top crust frozen my boots were making a "click clack" sound and my mind immediately thought of my Mary-jane shoes on the hard wood floor. It must have put a little spring in my step and a smile on my face because the project manager, whom I was meeting, commented "someone is in a good mood". I thought to myself "If he only knew why".

Giggles and Smiles Always,

Little Baby Becca 

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I have a pair of shoes that I wear for house slippers, they are black patent with a dark brown pompom. I do not know if they are petent leather or patent vinyl. I would love to recolor them white and replace the brown pompom with a pink satin bow. They do have "tongue" not a cross stap like MJ's I found them in the mens' shoe aisle. At one time, they had white pantent shoes. I should have gotten them and attached a pink bow but I never got around to it. A girl like me should have a pair of white Mary Janes

We should take this opportunity for someone to post where we could reliably get Mary Janes

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17 hours ago, DannyJoe said:

Those shoes are beautiful, Becca. Where did you get them?

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Hi DannyJoe,

  I'm glad you like them?. I bought them several years ago at of all places, Target. The were even on sale, I payed $8.99.

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