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Video chat on KIK?

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Hiya Everyone!

I would  love to video chat with someone and I would love to do it right here on DD, but getting video to work - on my phone no less - is a challenge.

I've been to kik and can't say I love the experience, but kik is easy, and it's not linked to any of my 'straight' 

I would love to video chat with someone else in a diaper - to wet, to talk about our mutual love a wetting, while wetting, and maybe a little more.  And yes, it is sexual for me, but I would be happy to just wet with a nice person.

PLEASE, if interested, message me or email [email protected]

Born male, identify female, 'gender fluid, sissy in a diaper' is a close approximation of what I'm about.  I have no identity preferences. 

hugs, and thanks in advance.


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