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vintage grey pajama jumpsuit?

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Hi all,

Anyone have any pictures/info on a mid 90s vintage pajama jumpsuit for elementary age kids? It was probably made by Carters or another brand like that. It was grey fleece, with a zipper to the crotch, blue cuffs, and an applique of Saturn on the breast. It also had, if I remember correctly, some kind of moisture wicking mesh on the inside.

I may still have it somewhere as my younger brother hung onto it long after we both outgrew it, for some reason.

I’m looking to get a replica made at some point and would like a picture for maximum authenticity.


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I wore footed Pj's back then, I still wear them nightly, I bought most of mine at different discount stores in the area where I live.

Most of mine were blue for the body and gray sleeves, with variations in the way they  were made.

I do remember the interior as a scratchy window screen like looking material on some, that wasn't pleasant feeling.


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