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Where has all the crinkle gone?

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All of my favorite diapers have turned to the soft non-crinkle outer layer. So many brands that were so good have decided to do this. I am all about the crunch and crinkle along with the fluff but it's so frustrating these days to find a product that I like. From super dry kids to fabvine, so many are disappointing these days. The only one left these days with the best crinkle is aawww so cute and even they don't compare to the others and their previous design. Any lesser known brands out there that are all about the crinkle???

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I just wanted to say that the second I read the title of this thread I immediately thought of the song "Where Have All The Cowboys Gone" by Paula Cole only replace the word "Cowboys" with Crinkles! :lol: anyways I've never really noticed a difference in crinkle sounding material in the diapers I buy. Tykables and ABUniverse's diapers still seem super crinkly? 

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